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o ovit stock or
EmblemPins and Charms
Sonsof St. George
Bootsand Shoes
Tobe comfortable, should fit^just right. We have the stock^to make everyone feel perfectly^at home in that respect. It^will only be necessary for you^to call on us to be suited ex^^actly in price and quality.
Andmany new ones, too, hav^^praised the appearance of out^remodeled store and our way^of displaying the stock. If you^have not been to ace us lately,^come in ; it will be pleasure foi^us to show you through the^store.
Gentlemenwill find us able to^supply their wants as usual,^but the attention of the ladies^is especially invited to our new^stock, in all styles, of ladies'^fine shoes, just received.
THERHD HOOT,^36 North Main St., Butte, Mont
Thereb Once lore Fret Gold in toe^Treisirj.
HeavyShipment! Expected Thla^Walk Nobody Is Alarmed-De^^partment No tea Prom^Washington.
Washington,April ^.-Wbeu the day^closed the treasury department bad to its^credit mllchUj. over tTOO.OOJ in free gold. It^is expected that this will be increased^Monday, as there is a disposition shown^by western baukers to help toe treasury^to swell Its gold balance. Several banks^in N *^w York, loo,are stated lobars turned^,r* ^oW tar greenbacks. There Is a better^feeling, temporarily at least, and the fact^that no bad result was occasioned by dip^^ping into the greenback gold reserve,^leads to tbs belief that none will occur if^^ U found necessary to repeat (be pro^^ceeding. It is anticipated here that large^^hipments of gold will be made next week.^In case the shipments are made, there is^nothing to indicate that Secret say Carlisle^w ill not do ss ho did yesterday, via: Invade^the gold reservo in order to meat all de^^mands.
Theexpenditures so far this month,^hero been heavy, exceeding the receipts^by over Sj.uOO.U/J. This has bad the effect^of reducing tha net cash balance in the^treasury, which to-day was t24,^B,O0O. (If^this amount Jlo.GOD.ouo is In subsidiary^coin and *U.000,1 wo in national bank de^^positories. The exaggerated stories which^gaiued circulation last night and were^widely published to-day, to tha effect that^at tha cabinet meeting during the after^^noon. President Cleveland and Secretary^Carlisle hntl a serious misunderstanding^Vlnch might lead to the resignation of^Carlisle, are officially deniod by the tnom-^liers of the cabinet and the officials of the^treasury department. The. relations which^oxist to-day between .Secretary Carlisle^and President Cleveland are as cordial aa^they have ever been.
Whattoe future policy of the treasury^may be regarding the finance*^is still a matter of conjecture,^for a definite course lias nut^been decided upon. The department will^wait developments and, as emergencies^arise, it is believed they will be fully able^to meet them. One result of the gold^scare has been to cause a good deul of^quiet discussion among congressmen^about an extra session. It is undeniable^that some of them feel that such a session^is probable, and at an earlier date, even,^than that predicted by Vice President^Stevenson, namely, September next.
ThereIs a question as to the authority^of the secretary of the treasury to issue^bonds under tha present circumstances,^although the decided weight of opinion^lies in favor of the proposition. It should^also be borne in mind that if the secretary^decides in the affirmative ha is still bound^to issue only bonds at the old rates,^namely, 4, ty. and 5 per cent., instead of^3 per cent, bonds.
SecretaryMorten Decides That the In^^quisition ahall Proesed.
Washi.nc.ton,April 22. Mark W. Har^^rington, chief of the weather bureau, in a^letter to Secretary Morton, protests^against the continuance of the investiga^^tion into the management of the bureau^under the charges made by Assistant At^^torney Geueral Colby and notice was given^to him thereof. Harrington objects to^General 1 olby on many grounds, and re-^s|xitids seriatim to tho charges preferred,^denying the statements that are made^therein, and defending the management^oi the bureau. Secretary Morton was^asked if he would say anything in regard^to the letter from Chief Harrington. He^replied: ^General Colby most assuredly^will continue to conduct the investiga^^tion.
Employesef tlis Agricultural Depsrt-^aseat Plant a Tree.
Washington,April 22. Arbor nay w as^appropriately celebrated by the employes^of the agricultural department to-day. A^majority of them assembled in the grounds^where, after a speech was made by^Assistant Secretary Willett, a white oak^tree was planted in honor of the secretary^of agriculture. Secretary Mortou was^^ ailed upon for a speech and responded^briefly, reciting tho benefits of tree plant^^ing to mankind.
TheDsadly Asa ttsseeads en the Am*-^trur llrokrr or the Bureau.
Washington.April 22.- Secretary Mor^^ton to-day dismissed R. E. Braunon, cap^^tain of the watch ill tha weather bureau,^who was louud guilty of loaning money to^the employes in too bureau at usurious^rales, and various other infractions of the^rule*. Thomas P. Ellsworth of Indiana^was appointed to the vacancy.
NoWeed or Jadd^Washington, April 22.- No confirma^^tion tins reached the state department of^the rejection by the Austrian government^of Judd. as consul general at Vienna, as^reported in last night's dispatches.
ThaSuspended I'ouasylvsnla steel Com^^pany Satf.Aes tho Employes.
HAKitisnTRo,Pa., April 22.-^^rer $100,.^OOU was distributed among 4. 1^^0 employes^of tho I'ennsylvan'.a Steel company at^Stcelton to-day. The prompt payment of^the men has restored confidence in the^ubility of the company to recover from its^present embarrassment. A brief run on^the Steclioti bank occurred, but when the^cashier paid every check presented with^^out delay, and stated that the bank would^remain open until 6:30 this evening to ac^^commodate all who came, the run ceased.
t'unfl'lelic1 1 1 r.^Xmv Vouk. April 22. Stephen W. Bald^^win, manager of the office of the Pennsyl-^vania Siecl company, in Wall street, laid^i, -day that he felt positive that the pres^^ent trouble of the company would be only^temporary' aud that the company Wtpld^come out all right and quickly.
LOT6OF BANOINO.^It Was a Croat Day at Portress Monroe^Yestsrdsy-lively Seeaes.
rOBTKexs Monroe.April jaV4
Bang!Bang! Bangt wont the gun* of the^Italian warship Etna ^^ ^ o'clock this^morning.
Boom! Boom I Tl-Boom-Boom-Boom I^echoed the heavy cannon at tho fort
Crack!Crack! TM^ack-t rack-CrackA ^BUILDINGS WILL BE READY^lie three-pounders on board too
loiUni'sCoMlsjloners fill Bt Able^to Do StBelbtcg This Week.
nappedthe tbree-poundci^Philadelphia, while the gnus of all the^ships In the fleet triad to see which could^make the roost noise.
Atthe same moment the ships began to^blossom out in variegated flags until thay^ware as radiant aa a rainbow. At tha^mainmast of ovary ship the gaudy colors^of the Italian flag caught the braese and^floated side by side with the colors of other^nations.
Allof this glory of ships was in honor^of the 25tb anniversary of tha marriage of^King Humbert. At noon there was an^^other interchange of salutes, the brisk^cannonading again startling the crowd o|^excursionists and guests. At 0 o'clock the^salute was repeated for the last time and^the ships were undressed.
Thefantastic attire of the ship* was not^the only thing that gave piquancy to life^at Fortress Monroe to-day. Secretary^Herbert arrived this morning upon the^Dolphin. It was fully 10 o'clock wben the^while hull of tho president's yacht pas^sighted, and as soon as it waa abreast of^tho easternmost vessel, 17 dull rumbling^sounds and clouds of smoke came from^the fort. Instantly the guus of the Dol^^phin replied and then, as the pretty vessel^passed down the line, it was thunderously^greeted. The caravels, which leave to^^morrow morning for New York, were sur^^rounded to-day with a fleet of little boats.
Againthe flag of England went down^to-day before the rod, white and blue. A^doarn barges from nearly all the ships In^the harbor started to-day in the race for^the international trophy offered by tho^oitiseus of Norfolk iu a handsome silver^case. The course was a mile and throe*^quarters. With three-quarters of the dis^^tance covered the Britishers were in tho
SuperintendentYoung In Charge^of tho School Exhibit Tho^Horticultural Display -^Montana Women.
Ittassof lalsresi
DIspatchto the Standard.^Chicago, April C^^At last wa havs^succeeded in finding our carpets,'* said^Commissioner Hickford to a Standard^reporter to-day. ^They were shipped 10^days ago from Detroit, and we have boon^searching for them ever since.^ This is^but a sample of the general confusion that^prevails in the shipping department at the^fair. Trains loaded w ith exhibits am ar^^riving three times as fast as they can be^handled and commissioners and geueral
exhibitorsare wading around in ^be mud ^^ rguaon. 11; F. l^^trying to get some knowledge of their be-^% ,aW^ja^ ft 1. eV,*^Stj^t K-M.
longings- The carpet, in question were *'^u^'4:t- K'tFtf'w: d: *5 j*VP'^Partridge A Gamble. 11^ I W: Dr. Parsons, 95 F. P. Kern. 3; J. P.^Montana Menard, 10
S|ieclalDispatch to the standard.
Missoii.a.April 22.-Clty Marshal Proa-^rot t U Ailing a long felt want in cleaning^up and, to some extent, grading tho streets^In tlte business portion of the city. Main^street from the city baU to Madison street^bears evidence of bard work by the chain^gang, and tha other streets will bo cared^for in a similar manner as rapidly aa^aible.
PostmasterMyers Is advised^Washington that on tho SStb Inst. Mis-^souls will become a depository office for^the postal service. The volume of busi^^ness at this office will, in coo sequence, bo^largely increased. The only other deposi^^tory office in the state is at Helena.
TheMissoula Bod and Gun club bald Ha^second medal shoot of the sssson at too^elub grounds at South Missoula, tola^afternoon. The weather waa excellent^for good shooting, but the scores made^were, in the main, vary poor and show^lack of practice. The conditions wore U^blueroeks each from traps IS and 1*^ yards^Tho score was aa follows:^A. Stephens, 10; W. H. Mace. ^: A.
,7;Sid Coffee,
trait,snd are designed for the^etate building. A company of Detroit^workmen arrived to-day and are busily en^^gaged In stretching and tacking the heavy^fabrics to the Georgia pine floor of tho^Montana parlors.
Therewere several important arrivals^among the Montana people who registered^at the rity hotels this morning. Mrs.^Clara L. Mr Adow of Maiden, Mont., came
R.Mentrum, ft; Dr. Ellis. 2;^N. Piummer. 11; Thomas Evans, 4; C. A.^Searles, 7; T. Bursttn, 8; W. W. White, 1.
Insnooting off Ibe lie five birds were^sprung, Piummer securing three and^Ferguson none. Tho medal therefore ba^^ronies the property of Piummer until the^next mooting, while the leather medal will^adorn tho breast of W. W. White.^The nop board of school trustees held^c The
onfrom Detroit, where she has been for I ^^^ *^^^^^. meeting last ofcbt^some time, 10 Join Mrs. Governor Rick-I ^^^^^^ committee reported something^aids of Hutte and Mm. Laura E. Howry^of Helena, in representing the Montana
Theyin Orguixiug for tko Colli,
GeneralElections in Germany.
NoProspect of tho Emperor Yield^^ing- The Recent Contersnos^-Ahl wardt's Down^^fall.
hoardof lady commissioners at the meet'^ing of the national hoard. The business^for which the meeting waa called has not^yet been made known.^Prof. K. G. Young of Helena is hero to
lead.As the end of tho rourse, opposite take charge of thu Montana educational^the San Francisco was neared, the San; exhibit. Considerable dissatisfaction is
Franciscocrew, which was a close second,^gave a magnificent spurt and, amid a yell^that ran like an electric current along tho^entire ships, passed tho English rivals. Tha^Ch icagos t be second crack crew of our navy^bent their backs and quickened their^stroke so that when they tossed their oars^at the finish they were second in the rare,^just behind the San Francisco, with the^white shirted Englishineu third. The^Germans came in fourth, ami the Dutch^^men, in their quaint boats, were next.^Thu other foreigners came trailing in a^long procession. This afternoon a dance^was given on the Philadelphia. Secretary^Herbert remained on the Dolphin during^the day and this evening gave a dinner to^the flag officers of the fleet.
rnlllpsbarg's Caaaell Meets - Sheriff
Colo'sI'esltiea.^Special Dispatch to tbs standard.
Philipkblbo,April 22. A meeting of^the town council was bold Thursday even^^ing and tho petition for tho light^^ing of the streets by tho Electric^Light company was read. On motion of^Alderman Wilson the petition was tabled.^The reasons given worn that the subject^bod bean fully discussed at a previous^meeting and a rata for one year offered^the light company, which, however, the^company would not accept.
Acommittee was appointed to confer^with the fire department in relation to^the hiring of rooms for the use of the^council in the building which the fire de^^partment proposes 10 erect.
Twoapplications were received for the^office of register of voters, one from Hate^Simmons and one from Dave Puer.^Simmons was appointed.
TheGranite county commissioners hsve^returned from Deer Lodge, where they^have been in session with the Deer Lodge^commissioners for the purpose of adjust^^ing tha financial relations between tho^two counties. Granite county starts out^with a debt of SIT.OUU.
Sheriff^ ole lias declared it his inten^^tion to put a atop to the light w Inch takes^place at Granite to-morrow tSundayl^evening. This is the match which was 10^have taken place bare to-day between^McLeod and Freeman.
LeoWhips ttoblaaea In Five Rounds -
Allftquare.^Special lUspateh to the Standard.
LlviNosTON,April 22. - The twrniy-^routid glove contest between Paddy Lee^and Diek Kobinson wss won by Lee in the^fifth round. The fight was a hot one from^start to finish, Robinson doing most of the^rushing and Lee fighting on the defensive.^When time was called for the fifth round^Lee landed two pivot blows on Robinson,^and with a stiff uppercut sent him to the^floor. Robinson gained bis feet and Lee^rushed him all over the ring, landing right^and left blows on him. Robinson turned^and started to run to avoid punishment^and Lee landed a terrific right-hand swing^on his neck, that sent him to the floor and^out. He waa carried to his corner, w here^he vomited and bled freely. The light waa^ou the square and gave good satisfaction.^Tom Spaiu was the referee.
manifestedat tho delay which the eon-^tractors havo caused ill erecting desks^and cases for the reception of the exhibit.^They promised to begin work this morn^^ing and it is hoped that everything will lie^I completed before the end of next week.^1 The exhibits are all here and will be 1111-^I packed as soon sk Ibe cases arc ready for^I installing.
Inthe horticultural building the same^state of affairs exists. The exhibit Is all^I here but there is no place in which to in^^stall 11. However, the commissioners are^hopeful. They at leasi have the satis^^faction of knowing that Montana is not^behind in the race with Ibe other states.^Ada Return iu silver is to bo well pro^^tected from any insults which a too ad^^miring public might be Inclined to put^upon ber. Her guard arrived to-day. J.^TkCalmttan of Helena will d-vote his^whole time 10 guarding the valuable spec^^imens of Montana's gold and silver which^will be 011 exhibition in the Mines and^Mining building. Although the ex^^position company provides a strong force^of guards. It was thought to be a belter^plan to send a special policeman, w hose^whole duty It would bo to watch thu Mon^^tana exhibit, and Mr. Callahan was se^^lected fur the position.
Theman to whom Montana visitors^will perhaps be mora Indebted for their^pleasure and comfort than any other^person in tho city, also arrived to-day. D.^O. Becker, so well known to Montana^travelers as tho genial clerk of the Hotel^Helena, will act as host at the statu^building, and as soon as the carpets aru^dow n and he lias a chair to offer, he w ill^smile a kindly grueling to any and ull who^may find their way into the Montaua re^^ception rooms.
AssertsThat It
TheLocal Co in in Is lonrr
IsAll Might.
Ciikaoo,April 22. The annual report^of thu health commissioner was published^to-dny, and declares that tho general^health of the city of Chicago was never as^good as at tho present time. The water^supply, lie stales, is better than at any^previous |ieriud of the city's existence.^Thu city's death rate is now lower than^that of any city in the country or in Europe^which has over half a million inhabitants.
over$8,000 in the treasury. The committee^on buildings was instructed to build^fences and sidewalks around the South^Side school bouse and place hydrants and^hoae In both the North and South Side^buildings. It was decided to immediately^take atops toward toe erection of a build^^ing on the east side, to contain two rooms,^and so arranged that additional rooms^may be added when necessary. This will^tend largely to relieve the condition of^the Central and North Side buildings.
GeorgeSchults Is hard at work putting^on the finishing touches for his contest^with Tommy llogau at Philipsburg next^Friday evening. Scbulti Is barely dow 11^to weight, and it will be necessary for him^to continue his work up to the hour of^weighing in. in order to tip tbs beam at .^the stipulated weight. The Interest M I^this contest is increasing dally, and It is ! ^ ^,n lu'1J ^'^likely that a large amount of money will !^be wagered on the result. Schults is ,^naturally the favorite among sports in^this city, but Hogan is not without his ad^^mirers, and plenty of money can be bad^on either end without odds. Tha final de^^posit of (100 a side of stake money will be^mado Monday. Scbulti will leave tor^Philtpaburg on Thursday morning, and^iMilgpa his training at that city. He^will BOaVonsod in tbeflghl by Jim Bales,^bis traltter, and Charley Johnson, who la^matched to fight Dannie Need bam at^Butte, oa Wednesday night. From tho^present indications about ^0 local sports^w ill run over to Philipsburg to witness the^Schulta-Ilogsn contest, which. It Is gener^^ally conceded, will be the greatest light^^weight battle ever fought in Montana.
PassengerPates Keeelve Tholr First Cat^by the Atchison Read.
Chicauo.April 22. Trouble is already^beginning in world's fair passenger rates.
TheAtchison to-day not I hod ita competit^^ors that the Denver 4 Rio Grande ware^selling tickets to Kansas City at consider^^ably reduced rates. The Atchison an^^nounced that if these ttpkets were not^taken off ibe market by May 1 it will im^^mediately make similar reductions In its^regular rates. The boards which opposed^the Atchison in its fight against the Rio^Grande are not particularly favorable to^tho rate of fl'JO announced from Califor^^nia by the Atchison. They say that it will^not bold and this, coupled with the trouble^at Denver, is ominous of a general up^^heaval.
hlce-from^2, in
A flrrmsn Mark Abandoned In^Ocean-His l ate or Ilia Crew.
London,April 22.-Tho steamer^trioian. Capt. Tester, at Liverpool^New Orleans, reports that on April^Latitude 33 depress north, longitude^degrees west, she rescued Alof Hoeja. a^seaman belonging to tho German bark^Jobann Wilhelm. which was abandoned^while on a voyage from Darlen for Ant^^werp. The rest of the crew were drow ned.
l'.rk..lI p In She Norlh Sea^t-'rnm An*^tlier Ve.scl.^London. Apt .1'-2. The vessel t .^unco,^which arrive 1 at New castle to-day re|*^rts^having picked up iu the North sea ^ l^^nt^containing the ludics of five men. The^supposition that the boat belonged to the^Naronic proves to be without a basis. It^came from the Xorauside, a coasting^vss^el.
ImmenseAudleaeo Idstess le^uf t.ladsten*.^London. April 22.- Albert hull waa^crammed to-day with 10.iui people, the^occasion being the anti-home rule demon^^stration planned by the unionist alliance^The whole first tier of boxes was tilled^with Indies In bright summer costumes.^The front of the plat form was decorated^with palms, masses of flowers snd ban^^ners. 1 he vast aMemblags displayed^great enthusiasm und sang ^Rule Brit-^tania^ and the national anthem. Among^the distinguished unionists wero: The^Marquis of Londonderry. Karl of Arrau.^Karl of Barodoii. liaron Aehhourn. and^nearly every Irish lory |suer. The Duke of^Abercorn presided. He said that they^were entering U|k^ii a struggle- ^Was^everything that they held dear to be aban^^doned at the command of the dictator,^Gladstone^
Heretlie speaker was interrupted by^groans for Gladstone and cries of^^traitor^ and ^barabas^. The duke pro^^ceeded to say tbst the verdict still re^^mained with the British people w ho caul 1^be trusted to finally rej^ et tbs abboreiit^measure. Resolutions were adopted by^the meeting denouncing Irish home rule.
Moeovort on
nagMan Did Bat^selnusaoss.
Bt'TTt:.April 22. -George R. Ilensley.^one of tho young men who had the dread^^ful ex|HTienee w ith escaping gas, iu the^I^xrbange hotel last Wednesday night,^died at 4 :50 this afternoon, without ever^having recovered consciousness. l^eath^was cuu-ed by u-phvxiatioti. the gas stop^^ping the ventricles from feeding the brain.^The !k*:.\ will be taken to Deer Lodge on^the 7 o'clock iram Monday morning, and^the fuucrul will occur from the Methodist^church there at lu. ^K Tee two younger^sisters aud brother of the deceased arrived^this afternoon just a few moments befotu^be died.
AMooting Pill tie II. Id la Hutte, Tun-
litrtBt April 22. The regular monthly^meeting of the Young People's union will^be held iu M. E. church, south. Tuesday^evening, April ^ at 8 p. iu. The following^programme will be rendered :
U;'inni| Sengt'oogragatloa
II.^ ( na We Win Our Community her^1 hristH A Mnlth
KeeliatmiiA. II. Ihown
uiiHIs 111 ItUmelf Our ^-lelles are hpiritu-^all^ toadJ. J. Williams
I)i t Mrs. Willis sad Miss MclKiasai
Therew ill be tlut u-miuute discussions^on the paper.
gpgPMPelltleal Society.^Hi m, April t ^ The Butte People's^Party club at its last n gular meeting^resoivcd itself into a branch of ilin Na^^tional Industrial legion, aud elected the^following officers: John Gllllgan, cap^^tain: W. II. Hotcbklss, adjutant; C. M.^Colruuti.quarferma.ter: Patrick Maailey,^rvcru.tiiig olllter; Joseph Benedict, senti^^nel.
Thenational constitution of the legion^relates that its objects are to ^carry out^politically tbe measures embodied in ibt^^declaration of principles aud to secure^free speech, s lrej ballot and a fair^count. All voters, and women and^minors over tbe ago of It are eligible to^membership. Tbe legion is a new name^for People's party clubs, aud converts^them into secret societies, snd meet inns^Will be secret or open at tbe option uf the^lodges. The new society willboorganiied^all over the country into slate and local^legions. The Hutte legion to-night also^appointed A. K. Bray as a delegate to the^trams-Mississippi cougross 10 be held iu^ilgdenneM Monday. A brunch of tbe^legion is to be started at South Hutte next^week. M. J. F.lliott anil John Gauble are^the organisers for Silver Bow county.
Tbemors Cbsmberlain's Cough Remedy^is used, the better it is liked. We know^of no other remedy tbut ulways givus sat^^isfaction. It Is good w hen vou first catch^cold, li is go.nl w ben your cough is seated^and your lungs arc sore. It lagood in any^kiud of a cough. We havu so.d 2ft dosen^of it and every bottle has given satisfac^^tion. Stedman eV Friedman, druggists,^Minnesota Lake, Minn. B0 cant bottles^for sale by ail leading druggists.
Brxin. April 22. -The reichstag now^baa interest in nothing except in calcu^^lating what the result will be in tbs divi^^sion on the army bill. Nobody doubts the^defeat of tbe government; tbe question^is bow many votes baa Caprivi. after long^intriguing with the center and national-^liberal parties, been able to secure^ Tho^house comprises at present 394 members,^three seats being vacant. Out of these^tbe chancellor relies upon getting the sup^^port of ^S conservatives. 18 free conserva^^tives. 41 national liberals. 17 Poles and 19^reicbspartel, a total minority vote of I'd,^against a compact opposition that amounts^to 243 votes and is made up of centrists,^frelsinnige. soclslists and other factions.^Eve* should the chancellor be able to se^^cure tbe votes of a small number of tha^Catholic dissident following of Huene,^they would not suffice to avert the defeat.
Pattyleaders are accepting dissolution^as inevitable, and are assiduous in tbeir^preparations for tbe election of freisin-^nlge leaders who will enter tbe contest^thoroughly united, and will Issue a decla^^ration as soon aa tbe reichstag rejects thn^bill. Tbe socialist committee is first la^tlie field with an appeal toelectors. Tbeir^appeal says tbe party will demand from^tbe new reichstag a revision of the law^fixing the period of the legislature at five^years. Tbe committee Is hopeful that tho^country will return a largely increased^number of socialists, and it calls upon^tbe adherents of the party to put forth^their whole resources, to organise^rapidly. to subscribe liberally to^party fuuds and to appoint candidates^in every likely district. Tbey point out^the necessity of avoiding the appointment^of two socialist candidates in a district.^Thu manifesto is snot her instance of tho^readiness and completeness of tlie socialiat^organigat ton.
Ablwardt'alast chance of reelection^through socialist support is gone. Herr^leaders having become^convinced ol Ibe bad faith of tbe man and^tuo worthless character of his documents.^So Ahlwsrdt w ill fall back upon tbe Polish^group, who do not encourage his ap^^proaches.
Thepapers abound in glowing accounta^of Emperor William's reception in Rome.^Despite the official con 11 lis lice in the suc^^cessful conclusion of tbe Huaso-German^commercial treat), tbe negotiations lag.^It is certain tnat, if Caprivi should retire,^nothing more would be beard ol them.
Animportant conference was held at^Vienna to-day. between Emperor Francis^Joseph. Dr. Werkele, the Hungarian^prime minister, and two other members^of tbe Hungarian cabinet. Tbe confer^^ence did not result in reconciling tlie ems^perer to the prime minister's policy. Dr.^Werkele asked the emperor to assent to^certain Austrian generals and leading^officials attending the unveiling of tho^Uolved monument on the anniversary of^tbe storming of Buda In 1848. by tbe revo^^lutionists. The emperor flatly refused to^give tbe desired permission. Tbe differ^^ence has also widsned on the Hungarian!^politico-religious bills, with whicb the fat*^of tbe Hungarian government is bound up.
AaImportant finding.^Nr.w York, April 22.-A decision baa^been handed down by Judge Townsend in^tbe United States court which effectually^stops the further publication of the Ency^^clopaedia Bntannica iu America. This de^^cision was reached In the protracted suit^of A. C. Black, publisher, of Edinburgh,^against Funk A Wagnell. Henry G. Allan^et el., of Ibis city, for tbe piracy of their^publication, and it is in favor of tho^plaintiffs and permanently enjoins tbe de^^fendants from manufacturing or selling^reprints.
Tbedefendants published what hi^known as the Scribuer Britannica. In tho^F.dinburgh edition there were articles^which were copyrighted and the same)^were embraced In tbe American edition.^It was the production of tbe copyrighted^articles that led to tbe controversy.
JudgeTownsend holds that tbe copy^^right was infringed and that tlie Injunction^must stand against tbs defendants. This^decision leaves the edition published by^the Werner Co, of Chicago practically^alone in the field as it is now recognised^by the courts as tbe only legal edition In^America.
LOCKNO^The Chanaos
efMrs. tVatsoa'a^Are UrlgkUr.^gems, April 23.^In the opposition to^the appearance of an heir or claimant to^the money belonging to tbe estate of^James Watson, tbe strongest argument^made by the administrator against Mrs.^Wstscn. tbe ok! woman who claims to bo^the tlead man's mother, is that tlie man^waa only 24 years old when be died, while^she says that be was 40 if be was her son.^Aa sn answer to this w eighty show ing that^the woman la an imposter. the following^letter which was recei\edb^ the Standabd^is of some interest:
riitMPsmiKi. Mout., April St, IMtL^Edi/xr N'malarJ:
Kegsriiln James Watson. I hsve worked with^him ^u the Wslsei vllis lull iiiti.- fall of imf.^lauiik 1 reck. Juliu Muiuli). now iu Hutte. or^at'lcst I 1 rt I ilia there ast m-tuner. where ho^wss werslti* oe toe stieet car track, was lu^cliame of the ir ti-klayuig gait* fur the M.sitaaa^I'nlon. I ^l^lted Watsoii a few days l^ef,^re he^died, ia the sisters' Hospital at Inacouda, sad^am imsit.Ne tual the old I.ij^ i^ oirivct regard^^ing Ids age. as he was onlv a (^^^ viNirs ^uuu_er^than myself. I a in now i\ I h:\ve never heard^him as} auytlituK as tu Ills family or retstloas.^I am not .tn\lous to tiav* m* name In 1 1- paper,^but If this will Help the oA iudy to her ruhts I^would be ulaU of 11. Uc^| e-tfulty.
Mrs.Watson is still slopping in tho^county jail and Mr. Paschal, w 110 volun^^teered to take her case, is awaiting a 1^ply from Albert Watson, the sou In ^^York, before proceed mg fart bar.
Ih.OUbuys a^U. J. Bluma.
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