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Tkt^SUfldard^ Believes In Far-Reach-^log Plans.
Til* Boy* and Girls of To-Day^Will Soon tie the Doclalve^Factor* In the Business^and Social World.
Surelynothing rould happen inoreccui-^durivt* lo tho welfare of a pommeiis/salta^than (hi* ^linlesale tliitribuiton the^siorld** hcsl literary work, the. Kucyclo-^pardia Hrituniiica, fur a tvell-iiiinriiierl^people always make tin- most of their ^*^^port unities. The St'ANO.vitn I here fore,^by thin movement w hich il hns m.iiiiriir-^atril. Is not only satisfying tll^^ lner.tr^^taste of its many patrons. lull Ih Ik'HoIIi-^ing (he rttming conoratiniis. Tin* Iri.vh
ml girls ^ho in-day in Montana Itoiiiea^^re prrpnring themselves for tin* active^respunsihilitte* of tho coming ilc^wili*^, are^now enalilcil in ilo B* \t uh the at.l ol the^most profuse .in.I Herniate einlNsliiiient^of the world's information t hi I has over^been piihliahetl. Tlioeffeet pi uluretl upon^a developing ininil h^ iho eiiviroiiiin^nl of^aurli valtinlilo IsM.ks ol ai-i'iirtitu infornsa-^tion rannol In* nvorosi hnatcil. The aelf-^ao*|inrcil halm of lollotvm^ every problem^si Inch presents Itself lo a |ho,iIihi solu^^tion, ia a orth more to a Is.y or girl than^any amount of schooling least fails to^bring about this result.
Amiwhen the Liietclop.icili.i 'liitnnliira^Is in a home no ipieslion can roiue up^either in the realm af histort. wienre.^philoeopht, art or litct.itnre to which an^exact anil |^*e.itive answer cannot be^found, provided bum in wis.loin has at^^tained lh.lt know Icilge.
Aebilil is naturally ttie most nnpiiailive^of creatures, and with tho proper ciicour-^ageinent atitl sM in learning hot* lo draw^from this storehouse of know ledge, his^natural tlesim i^^ know the w by of things^v ill lead bun to mako the most of the op-^pot11.ii ties furnished MM ^^^ this lllirory
^f univeraal knowleilge. \.i parent should^let pass ihia opportunity for obtaining^this choice library, and it should Im^ re*^inenlberefl that the MtNlnRll'e, spoei.il^Introductory nITi r. u Inch un cs tins ureal^library to Sianiivijii MMMH at re^^duced prices ami himui such remarkably^easy terms, will soon M an opportunity of^the past.
laterestliig linns I rem tin* 't hriving
Tnsn hi tit ill a.^h|**!al l'orre*|^onili lire of tin* standard.
I'mA11 M ^^. Idaho, Juno .'^. I). Ke/ein-^liart, proprietor of ihe I'.irlncil l.leelrie^l.iglit works, to-d it beg an suit in tho dis-^trict court against some 4') citisena of^I'oratelln who own property along Ihe^Portncuf river, asking thai enough of^their property la* cntiilemued lo allow- him^to construct a levee along the east batik ol^the stream from the dam site M the city^limits, a distance of about a mile. Mi.^rascinhart bad a d im about I leel bi^b in^the I'orlneuf, from which point lie look^out a flume that furnished tho power for^running the machinery of his plain. This^^lam caused the stream to Hood the river^lots mid on sun of a uuinticrcf the prop^^erty owners an injunction was issued anil^he was compelled lo tear out the ilatn.^This leaves Ins plain w ilhotil power and^be is lr^ mg to tin I a way to rebuild his^dam.
TheI'ocatello Hardware X Illinium*^roiii|Miiy has Im'cii closed on ailai bmeiits^Ba^regatlng about Ijn.fiui. This la one of^lie- largest business llrms in Ihe city itid^ill^ t'lily furniture house. limine, Ihe past^summer Ihev eritMetl a J-'.mi liuililitio.^llle ftllesl business blis'k ill til^ loan.^They MNty a Block of als^tlt i,HI.'H^J. The^failure tt ,e caused Ihro'iuh slow collec^^tions and a big stis-U stBSSr**1 on crislit hi^the face ofgeuer.il Iriixl times.
ItiivckKing, a bl.i.-k lii^tli loller, was to^^day saintcm-ed lo Ihe county j.nl fur ka^months for assaulting and breaking Ih**^arm of u woman **i i in* .^^\\ n natn^**l ll.iitte
lloll. lins'l, had Ii drinking end made
miultogetli'T uiiproiolosl assault upon
Ihewoman, w lei was inxtrcitiolt ddi.
catccondition, bating li^ auto a nioilier^onl.v n few d *\ s nret i ui-ly.
JamesII. wailla. editor of tiie Mottt-^peber /V*'. sraa t^^- l ^ * I' dii to low n iii^charge of a paM. lliee m-isstor on a^i'harge of sending lotiery adt **rt tseiiieuta^Ihroilgh the I'nited S' lies m tils. ||.* was^taken Is-fore I tut* il Slat *s Commit tiotier^Hlickeusdorfer and Issitid otor lo Iho^l'nite*l Htale* gr iikI |liry in lb** sum of^Mil. Il se*'ins thai Wnlbs,ill a desperate^effort l*i get his Ntibsei ds'fs |*^ pay up, nr.^fcrcd every delinquent who would a*l-^vatl^*e ami ^l**posii the cash a cli.tnc* in a^sowing machine ehieli w as to Is* ratfl *d^off on a certain ilatc. He was a*lt eriisinj^this sele-me in Ins p ipe;- and thereby got^intn Iroutilo. Hi* was advised to ph*ad^guilty leit declined and express oil lu^ in^^tention of making a lest case of the mat^^ter.
Maor Stein lias be. u \* i^u.g an active^cainpaigh against the gentlemeepaj leisine^know ii as *'seerotrtries,^ w Ito toil not nor^spin, and who vol wear g*s*d clothes and^hask in the smiles of the siren*. Tttem^.^five of them w ere recent ly suiillil ^lie*| in^work ,i their cily road tax on penalty of^being tagged. I'm* of them is s|siiidcd^anil 11 skipiK**l the tow n.
Tin-count.*commissioners ol llautiock^coumy Met in s|sh t il session Satunlay^evening, and dm-ideil to seh*f*i plans (or n^rounty conn house anil (ail. to cost nltout^^*.(^^1. at the July session, l ie* building^will Is* two slorii*s Willi a bascmetil and is
10lie of stone. It is NWM ltd MM work on
11w ill conimence early in inly.
TherP^.t^^l issue of schisil bauds by the^city ol I'oeaielln voted a couple of mouths^a* i|iatelM*en sold lo Tiiies A Harrow of^S|m^kaue for flii.UKtl. The lion b. are i'. |^e r^cent '.*i year Im*ii*1s nu*l the sal.* i^ eon-^s'd'icd ii gissl one. With Ihe MMMf^derived from Ibia sale a school liou^e w ill^be creeled on Ihe cast side at once. It fs^ilie itiieniion tn build it of native stou^*^from a ipiarry on tiM reservation ah.mi a^half mile east of the city.
OavoMurray, manager of the Itoeky^Moiltituill Hell Telephone company nt Salt^Lake cily. was in the city yesterday. Hi*^company haa a franchise lor a telephone^plant In thie cut and he said Mat wmild^be at work oil it in a lew weeks. He said^lliey proposed councciing all tin* Snake^river towns, Hlaekfisit. liubmsc. Idaho^Falle, Market l^ike, Kexburg mid Si. An^^thony by telephone lines.
ASoda Spring* corres|s^n,lent of tho^Inhvnr says thai there will lx* als.ul Is*)..^Illl aheep shearod at that place this sea*^son. The clip wilt Is' unusually light,^much of ihe wool having Is-eu -i raped IT^M^ Um tvviaU ^Uc(t) the shct-p i.ivo wvro
compelledto run the sheep early in the^spring. The average will hardly reach six^pounds of wool to Ihe sheep.
Theresidence of Col well and Met ^on-^m il at I Jigo was burned to toe ground last^woek and every thing in liio houae con^^sumed. The men were at work fire miles^away, and when they returned in the even^^ing found Ihe bouse in ashes. The elable^w ith its contents, consisting of harness,^^addles, a young calf, all went up in^smoke. Nothing was sat oil. The lose is^fe,AtX No Insurance.
Relativeto Imsalgratloa frees lllljia
Pereonsintending to eend lo Europe for^their friend* or member* of. their familie*^will do well to call on ua at once and ar^^range for their tlckote, aa wo ean save^ibein tint* and money.
Itupiioars evident dial the preeenl con^^gress will pass some very stringent mens^Uies lo restrict emigration, and possibly^emigration may be entirely prohibited for^one year longer. Even if emigration it^no*, directly prohibited, audi rules and^regulations may be adopted and enforced^as will make it practically impossible for^prepaid pas-enters to land, and husbands^^ tid fathers already located in thiacountry^mat lie unable to semi for their w ivea and^children unless they can furnish heavy^money guarantee. Tickets should be ar^^ranged tor at once or it may be too late to^bring your friends lo this country for at^least a year, and pnasibly longer.
Forfurther information, call on or^wr.te,
W.M. Tfoitr.^Gen'l Agi. X. P. H. R..^^ East Hroadwai. Hutte. Mont.
TOTHE WORLD'S FAIR^^heapi via Hi* Orrat Marlnera Railway.^The (.real Northern it selling tickets tc
Chicago and return at fTu.fll with stop^^over privileges west of St. Paul, good to^retiiri tat any direct linn until November^1Mb.
Iteineinherthat (hi* road makes .pecker^lime than any other, using only two night*^to t 'hicugo.
I'.legantnew dining curs, luxurious^^!ee|s^rs uiul handsome day coaches are^run on through trains.
H.II. L^Mii.KV, t.. T. A.
J.E. Dawson, fienerul Agent, Untie.
WhichI* the Short Line 4* Chi^^cago^ -The* Northern Pacific la I I 9^mlloa shorter to St Paul. Chicago^and all aaatern points than any^other Una.. I rain No 8 taavea BuMe^nt U:IO noon, arrives at St. Paul at^12:16 noon, on the second day, and^at Chloaito at e:4S a. m. on the third^morning, malting oloati connection^with tha faat train* for all Eaatarn,^Canadian and Southern points. If^you are contemplating a trip to St.^Haul. Chloago. St. Loula. C n clnnatl.^Boston. New York or any Eaetiurn^Ovty. baforo selecting your routs,^compare tha tlms of dapartura and^urr.vul of the above train with other^bchadulea and remember that tha^North m Pacific la tha only Una^running through oara to Chicago^without change.
W.M. I UOHY, QetVI Ag't.^3d baat Broadway. Butte.
World'sPletorlel I.las.^T'ie Union Pacific uses only boo '^uiia***^cfnj ^ for the trip from llulte to Chicago,^^i'line in money.^ Then what, if any,
fissireason I* there for anyone going via^ne* using three day* to make this trip^'.lien il can lie made via the old reliable^t'meti I'acillc in two daya and always at^^ s low rate* as any and w ith arcoimnoda.^lions excelled by none. I all atl'mmi l'a-^r ifle office. corner of Main and llruadwny,^lluttr, liefore piircbasing your ticket fur^Chicago or other |toint*. 'I ho llnnujh C^i-^rogo /miih /rotes Jiutte ntW n, in. rueadiijis^Also unoiber train loaves Untie at 1^o'clock a. m. each day. The only lire^running two through trains iu and out of^r.utle each day.
iitvi inn*Aiiinvr. MsMaM)
.HI11. III.
MiiiifayMonday ....^Inesilay^\\ adseieaf
i'riilay.....^kaluittay ....
iMa. m.^Weilui sday^Tbitrsilal
..Mr.iunlay^. ... Kumlay^Mooilay^1 uai'.ay
IseSS i ii all*- IsMMtSSSS Kales Nui^l.llei . In.in -Molilalia I'nliils.
Tn( hicago ami return, account
World'sfair M
ToSi. Louis and reiiirn UK
Tnall Missouri river putnts ami ro-^uirn en
Allloiind ti tt* tickets In I tin ago are^liiiuted |f) Nov. la, Willi transit limit of in^day* in each direction west of Mtstouri^^ iter, an 1 are good ndurniug various^routes, lo St. Louis and Missouri liter^r-rfglf. '*^ days, with transit limit of til^^ kit sin each direction wesl of the Mis-^souri nt ei. and an* goo.I returning vari^^ous routes.
tillthe l.'ith of each month excursion^tickets are Hold In I'l.ih and California^points us follow s :
ToSan Kruueisen and return *7.%
ToLos Angeles and return Kit
TnSalt Lake and return M
Tvtaatsto California palats are linnnsi^to six iiioiiibs, and to Suit Lake *S day*.
$7,11 ^ hlrago and Kelura ^70
Seventydollar* In Chicago and return^Via the Great Northern railway, on se-^ctHUit *^f Ih* I oluinhiail e^|*osiiion. Kf-^fecttt e Muy t. For lull puriioulnr* call at^the Ureal Northern ticket office, 10* Main^^(reel.
Persale or Knit,^A gissl paying buiclier kliop, widl^isptipped w ith a new refrigerator.slaughter^bouse, viable*, dwelling Louse, nuthouses,^elc. Iiiuufrt* oraad.)ix*ss Joseph lloos, llur-^lington, Mont.
IIslhsail Kings.
I.i.ivesItatalb etery Monday. Wednes^^day and I'ridiy. making ^ ^^uucciiuiis with^^MaMSf Mat* of Molilalia, and lelurns (o^RavalU on same day*, making connections^with trains on Northern Puclllc railroad.
I'.A. Si it.lis*.i t:. Prop. ;
AddressKatalll. Mont.
AwayItehinil.^Lag all rumih*iuars with the i lilcigo. '^I'liinn Pacific A Nnrth-Weeiern line.^This is the popular route for passengers j^destined to the world's bur.
V^T1^'FTO CHFIMTQRa-Vitate of Mlritls^1^ llrsiwr. deee*^ed Notice Is lieteti)'glisu
'ttie itailerslnneif. ndtnintsttater of the estate^D.nil** lliapcr tkiu'WU u* lllnll^ Mii.ei .lis^f' s-isl lo the *-re4ltor^ of. ami all person*, har-^lng ^'^aim* asainst the s.ilri drrrasad, te exhiMI^liisni with the iirse^sry voitrlieis. wllliiD four^Dioutlis sftrr tin- srsl puhUeatwii of this notti e,^to the sain admtnlstliter nt liarrtson. ei In W,^II ThYpet. th* atloiney for saM ratal*, at IK .-r^L*sa;e. the same t*rtn4 th* pl.vee lor Ihs trans-^ai-tien of the husaiela of said estate is ins^ceuuly of l eer Lodg^. stale of Mi'iitcna.
II.I . UKOWN.^Ailniuontratnr of th*e^iat* ol blrdi* Draper,^ais cats,I.
bated.Aoril I. lain
XerllirraPaelgr Ksearsteas,^^6^^St. l^ui^ and rstura^Cnm-^menoing May *. end until further notice,^Ilie Northern PociHc will sell round trip^ticket* to St. Louis at Itlt. going over lbs^Northern Pucillc. returaing all routes-^Transit limit in each direction weal of Mj.^Paul or Ihe Missouri rtver, I'l daya; final^limit, M^ days.
Tt*AOttrVwn fmpHv*npKlly orulrkK ^ no*^UiirrvutM ^ n^. b v ^nd Itto mi*^wWg stt*iH^*Ulb**)^Ur*t r*^n^rl/ ; A!|^ti.'f-': IT^ -i^^i^ 4;. ot Butter, r*.,^^wi^i*r^ Ihnt f^!i.-n Ciin fttMi^|i*H*rhlr*sS fit^nft
HlVliut' D*n. f, Dr. Ml^os' Crtat ^^^torativ^^M*^rvin^rurr*i iitm. Mrs. J. it. Min^ r,of Vnipar^eVlM, Intl.. J. D. 1*t^ I'T, t.f I. '^UiHitfirt. Inn., ^^m*||^M^n^Miatypiiun^lii from taking it. Mik H. A. '.*fd-^nvr, of V|#ttuIn, Irit].. w^ rurcd of 4o t*t M ^v^nvu|.^^loot K rtsy, mnti inurh li^tuiavhet, illralscM, itttrk.^*V'h^, Aiii n*rvr*ijs pr^w nii^^'M. t,y on* ^..uU^.^l'uniH M,v*r*. jtttK^ki^n, HWl iBBfl hij d^UgibUM^MMtrurcdcf Insanity off. p ^ .^drs'nuuillDg.
Ihave bad ) vi ry tln^ lra^li^ u|M^n I^r. Miles'^Rtnpt.irarlre Nervine ami * Htttr; ^ ur*. an*1 tbe^uitslit imt, bave ti\i:i utnvi-rul Mtlafaeiton. I^liave bad on*case In purtu tiiar, a ladjr 7^^^***reot
*We,^till LsUf t*TH a \ .i-i of tbo tifrfthtne /loAi|
formany years l att r Htag ^'* mm| of your^A*^ft^rat*rm AVri ffte ^lie was eornplro*ty rurtMt, so^t'.at fr^r lb^ past y*ar ^^h*^ baa Me.-mi no in -nhm*^wtsaierae, ami b nriaurkably wall mid at t.v* far^v( Uer*-x.
W..1. YV:YIS, naxatltua. Mo.
Holdon a po-i it o ctiarnn*4*c.
Flnfl-r.k of ranrvvitu;r-. |^|| EI^ af druMtlla,
TMiH'nietly r ^.nn no o| lat^-n.^%*. MltKft'MEOIOAL CO., Elkhart. I-Ml.
Ho'rtl^| tin* Kaarbro l^ 113 Co., Iiutto, ami tha^th l^ru * ^ o.. Anar ^io*H
TureHTouifhs, Hi .irscne*H, Sure Throjt.Croiip,^WbonpinR Couch *^nd Aathtna. F t Cvmmm^^tie* itna^ no rival j has cured tli'U*.arni^ wherf^all others taile.1; will cure y- u il taken In lime.^Sold hy I^rucuists on a Buar.inlre, h r J-ain^llaxkt rChcsuu^SHItJlil SFLAbTER. rscta,
lureyou t**t*arTHT Tti'.*riimxty lamssraav^teej toeuit^ vo ^ -^^ fa.is. in'ectorzrea.^For sal* hy th* I mlbi l^nigt'o , Ansci sss^IX M Kewlini I rug (*^.. Hull*
!'*M tO bTa C rWt M I ^v Tfl tO i*C ^m ^^for l**lse^llsn. Hlltsusarss,^His*si kr. I .ssllfsUss, ^mi^Cs-slc ^lss. HI*.* ^ Kr.sl^,^sn I ^ll ili*Tdi- . of Uic Biumsia.^UW sail Dost Is.^_ ripan* VaBOLCH^STi (mill; t^I pminiilly. Psrfsrt^nlgr.ltcli fi'llos. Itii-lrusr. (tela^tiy de*s-sii4s or i.-sl Iit s^slt. Bn*^^ rials i.;.^'. I ^rli * ft)' I Iivsmi, $L^For fr.N. s^inpl,^i sddiv***
IsssH^'Ass'' i,''s,,,,i*^i^0.^ ^aJllS^. 1
Kill f Kl* Hu . 7 ,^to^1'
All AH M M Mt ins - Htate of M nt.iii.t,^coiiiilyof l^e*r l^i;i. *. . in lu*tic*c*Nirt,^Aiiaconda tesusUiu, helore J. A. R ^. .. vl . pa^^dre 111 if.tr.ii^ V. J. 1 :mi^. nlsintllT, TrrsUS^II. II. .*oiuerlieuser. delstidani. Hie s'sli* of^Montana lo Ilie above naitird ile entlan:. ^l il^^ia 1: Von are liereuy saininoii***rl to lie and ap^^pear before me, .1. A. Itiu kuall, |ni||c * t.iegtg-^(rat* of thucllf *f Aiucumla, county of P*er^I *uig^. at nit eui.- - in Ana nida, slihln im tit)^ila^s after Ilie *^etvl*'** of Itils iiinimoiis 1')' i*titt-^UiMtinii, t en ml MSVS te make an^wer ti the^i ni|..a nt of K. J. Clan*, t le shut ^ uame.l^liluiotltf. lii a chit aetina ie reesesr tn* .uni of^two huudrrsj eiglit) ami TsVMJ iloltars. for wo. k^unit laeer prrfeniiej for ilefemlaat sv |' iu II^In lb* yens lOj auJ istu. ami for an aeceunt^due C. W. Kreucii from ilef,*nitaD(, an 1 ^old^ami Iranslerreit tn plalulllT. and In default^tln raal iudftin 'ii: will t*s ri*ndered AKalnst vou,^II. II. Mmierlie ts*r, the BfatM MM del end^sut. for the sum of two hiuiilrai e.^h'y ami^TO-IOiidollars and eo.ttof .in., tu pUUstta'-i u*.
lilreuitiuler m hand tliit. /iml day tr Mar,^^WD. ISSJ. A KocKtt kll,
lo I e Maid-'tat ' City of Auaoanda. beer^Lodge Coeafy, M..i.taoa, and *y offlvla .lmt|*t^of the Teave. Tu-tw
SIMMONS -In tn* dl.trlct co trt of ths Thirl^Judicial in* r.^. staW of Moiitaui. I.^yeseaasli and Chsrlr* Koetuu. p.a m ;: ^ ***^Tlmni.is \|.*rtan. defeaaaul. rliestateot Mo'i^lana sen's ure-itnu to reaasM Mi.r.en, laf^ihnf.* naiiitd iltfsa laet: V*.u are herehf f*^^^ |iilr*tl IS a|M*Sf IMieHN in ought ag ibis^^on lit the i.hove ua nsil BlaletlM In tie* ill.-^tt let court of Id* i ii ii n jiiil.eial sMtiet ef tUe^stall* of Moutau*. In and f*c tiieeount.t of I^. er^I o Iji*. an i to mi** ^i tln-i'oiii|iUint lie u t i. rc^ill aittiili ten d i ji-ru lusite ef tie- day ef^service altrt the serth e eg )*es *f taS t^uni-^uitn*. It sei veil tn tins i mint), timer* nes Ith in^forty data, or JudKinsii' l*y dc .u.lt \t| i pr^lakuu au iltisl yen. ariMirditii; tn Ilie |*ta^*-rul^Ma* eeeaalalat, Iim Mid sctiea I* hruugt.t to^lecetc ol ^ou the turn of Hi*.i'.. alii: inir^tlieri'aii at tl e r te ot in |mt cent. |s*t iiiinitin^tr.mi Ihe '5tli da) ef P*ee*sh*ti A. W I sat, SI^k'geil tehe gassnd oaiiu; i'r in you to |n uiritfi^fur in.met n c-.te.l b) deremlant lo sua fur the^itsenf |.i.i u In, and 'er m SSI paid i t plSa)'^liif^ to ana ti t * rfeodaat i ua*. sad at liii re-^i|ii. ^!, si d uis I i li'iii laida** count). Montana,^between Not i'.i. |*)j and bee I... lafr.', Tlial^deti'bdani lis* no1, pa'il ihi satno nor an* pari^thereof, .tl oi ivfn ii w.ti mure fell* apMsf^l^) refeieacii !^^ tin* euiiiul.-iint on fill* l.erela;^suit idso te recover pLtuiitll!*' e-*^t^ stnl itls-^biiisenients iuiuiled lii lliWactlrn An^t you^ara tieieay notir.rd tlial if ^ou fad to speeel^aad tmstver s.ud conip aiot. as alnne rsi|ti,rs I.^ihe sshl Btsi liltts *tiu 11 ,.^., luagaieul in dr.^laud splint yon tor said stini of fi it IS, a ith in^^terest 'lieiPnll at the late ef ii* per rent. |n-r^annum from s.uu i.vh nay of beeeinl i i, A. 1^^i**., sad lor *e*U of * lit.
tilvin under nit liaud and seal or tie* llslrirt^ee'irt of tlm Third ^ an In ^ f II * -lat ^^er Molilalia. In and lur tin* fount, of beer^lamin. tins lTlli day of AptII. Id the real nt nur^lord one Iheiisan I ed-'lll bliudre 1 and nlusly^tlir.e.
|SrAi.i,i.r,. Hps^xr,CtatL
UvW. I-'. HsiM.Kl. I ice .li U r...
NrrTH'Ris in:tcl:liV OIVH h. t:, ^^^aeasll or Ins ewir of Aaaemidi d^^ o.iiiiy ef Ueei lavage aad state ol ^: a'ana, m
Ilk*illleat ss t* make 11 e follnwllig .*..|ltMtl^llliprovenn iil* Ifltiadlll* an t is^.uri
slonslas fe leaag sassrs sti^si* t.. ^,t in^Mam strset,frost I tout sirssi^eutlmib mint^Sestbei i. tn r o st sssasar t . te eoai ^^ t un h^MSSessr no^ eatsMstM unsaid lot namiM-ril.
amid-ir.tv il , itieisef t.) * t...- ,i ^ass*s-
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SlonsIII^ Hue nf s.inl i n*)a tr.\. i Iwiiij.
Ihepreperlv.lots, r*ar;i ot I .r.t, i , ^.^itiomul stoi .'11 - llnesf sn^l srnisy. , isess]^tn he a need I ot Is'iirfll .1 hi said IHierun^in 'lit. SSSIrll \t 11 ., s, ^^, tn, ii i . |. '14 r^lit. 17 and It', tn luni k iiu:.iter .', I n, i , |^t^. il. 7. a. H to. II sad IS, III h|e k n i SltMH .rlrti^lots ;. s and iii p.nek uniili -r is sad lids i^^.^ as I s. la htues I
AI MesSSt* mil ehjre inns ss ths e rtftal^out of suen Hiteatloa lo makes i h min ,s,^ssi n - Must l^ etc sated Is ^t tins in t '* t^^clerk eu or bet or* the snl day o! 1 * i. . i*^lag the tlms sasa saM say ruusmi ^u imn^mi: I seaahtef mi.Ti oh)oet.oo^ as ins* he mule^111 : '..^.
It*order of til* city Pminell, ie^de tl.^4.1) ol Ma), isw.Ji-iim i . i s .i|.
illj ^ i^rx
yihiisjn r
Highlyl^ib'eetibl.taud Xutrltlous. Ma^le instiuitly with bolllne; watot^ m
EducationU an ornament in prosperity; a refuse In adversity.'
HuRBAxnMy dear, our boy Robert graduates Irom the public schools very soop. you^know. Have you thought what he had best do then
WifeWell, John, I'd like ever so much to send him to collcpje if you think we could^afford it '
IlusftAsn^I'm afraid that is out of the question, my dear. Do you know that it would^cost us at the very least $800 a year for him at any good college
Wi1 1 ^ Goodness, as much as that^ Of course we can't send him. But I do want to^give him a good start in tbe world, and I don't think a public school education is enough to^equip him for the battle ot life.
HusbandNo, it is not, to-day, when education is so general. Now, I've been set^a-thinking by an advertisement I saw in the Standard tho other day, and that is why I brought^up the subject to night. The trouhlc is, I think, that most young poisons stumble into busi^^ness, arc thrown into it by accident or temporary necessity, or arc drawn into it by misguided^ambition or a pcrvcrtcJ fancy, without any serious thought as to their real fitness for it When^the years lor learning the theory and practice of their trade ^^r profession arc passed they^often awake, with regret and dismay, to the fact that they have not only made a mist.ike in^their selection, but have wasted the precious years of early manhood upon a wrong pursuit.
Now,the chief thing for our boy's success in life is not education as much as ri*ori;k^education, that It, education along the line of his natural bent It's a year or two before he^graduates. I'm going to give him an opportunity ol doing a little study at home during this^time. I was looking at the Standard edition of the Kncyclopacdia Britannica to-day and it's^really a good thing. With these books in the house Robert will have information upon every^possible subject at his hand, and it is the most reliable information in the world. Whatever^his natural bent h he can find proper development for it in this KncyHopicdia. whether it's^the law, mechanics, engineering, literarure or any of the arts and sciences I think when he^is ready to graduate we will all have made up our minds what he is best fitted lor by his use of^these books. Besides, there he will find the life stories of all the grci*. men of the past and^he will know of their efforts, their struggles and their successes, and he may have a better^and more serious view of life. These books have in them all the in .miction he can get in a^^ college education. Honestly, the Standard has given us a great opportunity. Now, my dear,^what do you think of my scheme
WnK^lt's just splendid, John; but what will the books eost
HimiandWhy, that is the most surprising part of it. Wo get them lor only 10 cents^a day; just think of it !
vt) * y 3 ttv TyTr^pi^ who wish to give their children the aiiv uit ige ol this cxccl-^Jr/JTv JCLls-TNI. X v^^ icnt {fonty in the home should act at once, tor the Stand
ards introductory offer will last BUT A FEW DAYS LONGER.
IIyou arc a resident ol any town of 500 inhabitants or m mm f:i MoAt m i. or Um neigh^^boring states, drop a postal card to the Stam^aki\ and the tTANtUtO'l repiv . ,native will call^up in you with samples of the various bindings. Otheiwi.se cut out ihe .utaihed acceptance^blank ami mail to Smndakd, Butte or Anacondx
Oe*ha'f ^f the set iitvoluiued to say style of hireling MB
maiss ! a.11 l*e furasrilad in you (caur(^^^ ercinlili liamcili-
at I) ut^' ^i 1Ipl or nitau.-i! blank i A)^ proper.y tl.leil mil
s/HBsaYeetloa fm na-ltvrry, etc. We slso present you with our^n ivi-l in^ uiloii. iii^ l^tia* UcgisioitiK Calendar navius* It ink. Iu^whi 'li inn at* to diapad'tui* each ilay atct at th* snd of each^r :,tt .M v^ 1- i-'*n*cnts ifa on to ua ^r to sonic asssl Wuen^His Hist half of Um set ^ jssM lor wr will send the renin nlnx tl^volume*, to lie p ml III Ihe s,nne inai'U-l. llr ^e nil ship t oil the^luti^ vet Ui.ineilialely upon receipt of ^^A-ieptan^*o lllank i hi^^prnpert|t niie.t net,
Iftun would avail vouisnll of this oiler. ^ou must take a )*.ir t^sent ii|iiinii fm the Dam v srv^n*ao. tt per month, ithe pay^ini-ut* In lie included eaeli inentli tvllli tin* patmauts on Itrlinti-^Slraier the m sitAV si.t miaiiii. St per yesr In advstice. If ton^ars Ssrssstf ^ tuhseritwr |ef Iho Hail r MT a Hi i^ a mi, SM wniihl sue^1 ^-i thut )ou sen'l Ihe Siiiutay 1 IS'pssei .siltttoii to some friend^whoa ion wniihl like lo'.uleresl m Montana
Allsite's of Ma ling liate ilanlile Hinged ^^villi* hark^. *ei* ed^pncitelv use the i'vrnid le*. In i . Hlble, so tha' they ^ro terv^leraM* aid SSMSalSM I'llee per volume nU*rse^ pre|^ald to^suy ra.lea^ .Istlon tn the 1 tilted st.a- *
piarscloth, uifillnart i-*lendere^l Ii ms papri). tl
ninectotii.^u|m i si/e^l*iut i-Alenderist issik paivrri.. 13
'llslfsesl iniirnreo, isu|s*r tired aad caleoi|ece.l hook paper,
extrav*t*Ml ,i
lull sheep. Iu iary lilmllag. Hirer lueil aad ruieudered hnok
p| .*! e^t|^ welltlll sos
acceptance:blank (Ai
ToIh; Suadiid, ksWeaV
I.n^'^*f^p* ^* in n:tr^ il'i.'l.'i ^ ^^'.-^ff^i . PteesM (W*l^fsM m i^'.' lot IfiK*^tlnot betnu, uiti' li;*If ^^^**^U,lur^^^^ I'lt'ii iitl in .x*^il
tjrleot htmllnu; hImi a f ^p: ^^.'^,^viiur r^a.*'iUr ^^ntrr bi^Btsi MM T^^ttt^tcn.i:i^'^i:i! to ptv
5upttri .ii 11**1 M Uh^ Uk^k-.^uml liii^ MHsMM a* Ul^ r it^- ot \ i^rent* a Wtf, }^a^.iMe iii mttily. it^l^^*knj uudtTftt. o! thru (Im r*-^ma.nltv n vo*ulu**^ ari* to Ih* (iu*
Clab'HlAt tllff hstllit* Tsllf.
ACCEPTANCEblank (b)^Ts Tbe Standard, AaicoodL
Inivept your Introiluctory
tier, rie.'ise deliver lit per
linlriictl'-nsIsdiiw. one ccis*^pletc set, j^ volumes iu **:^uf
st-.ii*cf pin lini; (ek a.-* i^pfept.1.1:1 also a copv of^vo ir regular order B*SB*t*S*M
I Will e.^ll Silllte. .rfrec-
{Hk] to txsy f sf*a
,aiitv.il of the Do iks, em]^I Ihe lialunce at Iho rati^of f, pur mouth.
tl .i^ D ttttt lo.
...ii.II. .^stitlon
Itynu ^rr not acquainted with the business management of the Standard, pive some b jii-^iiest rcltrcncc, or cnclobc a small amount as a pledge oi good faith.

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