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TheRoyalists, However, Feel Confident^of Lily's Restoration.
TheSugar King Attacks tho Treas^^ury of tho Provincial Govern-^ment^Wild Human^Atlu.il.
HoNoLi'M*.May :^^. I'ohtieaJ nff.-iitn^have ,|iiieted considerably during the^past five da^s The NordholT ifT.ur MS^iioeu ilrop|M*l hv the prov ihloilnl eoveiii-^ment, and though tli^. usual ii'tiulwr of^nlnrminu ruiniMri liavi* boen m rirciibslinii,^puostlc have failed to give 1 hem tint i'Uk.^tomar.v credonee. lhk|^ati'lir* from Wash^^ington, staling Hi ^ Mount's re|^ort Ml^tiii.loiilite.il. oeuiii^t IMMMltN, aro hc-^*iv*.I by niviy people of both parties.^The annexationists now seem to bo Hatis-^te-il vv Itli a protectorate, insuring u Ntiihlu^government. Tho royalislM, on tlio eon-^irary, kay thai the claim which they liavo^made nil along Mini thorn Would lie no an^^nexation baa been vcrillod, and that tlio^tpioeu in io Im^ reinstated. Tnev nay that^Hlonnt vs ill ri'|i^M that riilMMMWl^from tho throne by tho power of tho^I'liiled Slate* through Minister Mum^ami no oihoi honorable coiii-ho romuilik^but to use tho nam.* pi.aor to put hoi MM*^t lulls Spreckels m-ciiim ihe iiiomI powerful^antagonist tho provisional government^has. Ho is m iking a vigorous campaign^usainat annexation. It ^^* generally ad^^mitted that tho rcsigtintion of Minister of^Finance I'oi ler was duo to lb ^ inlbionri.^uf Sprockol*. in iin Iio|m^ thai Iho govern-^men! would !^^^ emliarrassed. Instead,^however. Vice 1'rcsiihuit Hatiion, olio of^the stiongcsl iiicti of tho island*, aloppi.il^Kilo Iho broach and took rharuo of the^depart mem.
(InMonday. Spreckol* iiotillcd tho gov^^ernment thai ho wauled imin**diato pnv-
Ml of J1 ^.^ii worth of ii- hehl by
him.Damon said that the government^would have no i rouble in paving the debt,^although on taxes do noi eome in until^fall, the gov . i iiin. ni is embarrassed to a^certain extent.
(InMay lion. .1. S. Walker, for many^year* a prominent Hguro iit island |w.lilies,^tiled of aneurism. lie MM to Honolulu^^ ^ ^ ear* ago ami ^ is minister of In la nee^for ail year* under King Kalakau
Amongthe alarm.iiz rumors floating^nbout Houoliibi Is one to the effort that^the royalist* are sihtoiI.v arming and on^June II. Katni'haiuoha'.s birthday, w hich^in celebrated here as a national holiday,^will attempt a coup and will restore tin.^^Ml to tho tliroae. Although a few^tiimcl people profess u^ believe Iho tale,^most annexationists I nk on It as u hoax.
TALKlNi; I U. INesiSi.^The Reciprocity runvclitl.Ml at St. Paul
.^-uim.-la Wink.
Si. PUT. June Ill Mm reciprocity
eonxciitioii(onlay tlomnutlu rs-so-
lutionareported in lavor of reciprocity in^trade, eo|h.h*lullv- with I'anadu, which^m on Id, it ^;r held, be. of grca; nun ual ad-^Mintage; and m f.iv.t of liio improvc-^inent of walcr.vavs Iroiu (lie great lakes^to tidewater, soa . to bn:i ihe passage of^ocean steamer* o:id ^^peti coin}*.tin.^n Is*.^ttspeu the r.iiAvav ^ ol Im.iIi commies; .Mid^providing laf a ^^ u 11 n i. 11 co of 10, five i nun^the I'nited Maie . aid I've from l.vn.nli,^to In) the mailer before tlio remH'i'ti,.:^government* vvi.h a. v ic* to securing tie.^tMiaciiiictit of MMSMHJ laws to n u'li the^end Loiigiit. Mi'-r .1 !d:i s. ^s l.iv oritig lite^resoluiion. b\ IIimi. .loieph Martin and
H.xW. M. Kprincer of tlllst ^:^. I ha ,
Million look a rum
Atthe aftern.sci ar^ -'on I'resident^Jauic* J. Hill of tho Croat Northern rail-^nvad *|sike nt some length, lie said thai^if tho riiil'ini batjaaj nlo ig the border^were nbobs'ied it would naM a new^geographv, C' i .m.^i. i.i!!.. pc.iUing. of ihe^continent. (In both sides ..| the hound*^ar^ the |K'oplo ale cngav:. d in practically^the hame iM-eup.itivins. He kavv iin iv.ivuti^why the conum-ivo which now seek* an^outlet at llaliiin . e. Nr. York and Ho^-
tolli.hollld Hot Ii divided With M,.litre.,1.
Katerithatwill let the larmor live and^prvmper are necessary f ^.^ the Canadian^Northwest. All arrangement agreed ii|ioti^lietweeti Ihe two so 'mines w ill result i it^I^kJ to a |sirtion ol thin country and to^all of ( auail.i. He ihoucjii that it^will not do io ask lor no mud'^tl.at the people will feci that ^ .mad i is^getting all the advantage. If it wore |h^m-^klUa to build a ship eattal Io the liudaolt^it would never api^ro.,eh m elf.s'tivene^the natural highway b\ the lake* and the^Si. Ijiw renci. if the natural v^ a^ wasiiu.
I'(^\ ei|.
Ilr.i trtou. former MM mlior of the ('ana-^e .ti parliatiieut. J. A. Haw no of Muitie*^.ip ^ii^, and Mr. H ill of liratidon. Mintu-^so:;i. sp ^ke on ihe plalfotni, and S. A.^'I lavunpaoti of Ituiuth *i^oke at length on^.be deep waterway* to the *ea. After^) nrt I !^ t ^Iim iissimi ihe pl,,t lot ih was ii n a tie^luoiisiv adopli'd.
Illtlio evening a ma** meotinc waa held^in the Auditorium, Hon. William M.^.springer, riiniruiati of ihe wavs and^mean* comiiiiite*' of the last lion-vo of rep.^lesentative*. deltM n^l the che f atldreet^of the Maftpaja.
Freshranch fggi, ercamery butter and^home-made bread at ban Tewcy'a uow^beulheru hotel. MouU M ceut*.
IIill.* and f'rl^^^ nechleil f'pea-Team*^lint Will Kuler.
Bill K, June H.^ A laigii delegation of^driller* gathered at the Stand u:t. office^thi* evening In rouiieetion with tho tour^^nament which it U proposed to hold at^Colttmbia Cardena on Miiu r*' I'nlon^day. The following condition* wore^agreed upon :
1'.icli team to drill \h niinutua,go-a*-yotj.^pie;,se, J-, steel and 6-pound hatntiior* to^tie used. Tho drills must measure full^four inches from Ihe bit. The entry fco^will be *.^^ per teaiu, oxonpt for team* out^^side of (Silver Cow county, who w ill be^allowed to enter free and entries will re^^main o|icn until Saturday evening. Jinio^lu, at i o'clock. All etitrie* are to be^made at the STv.t|^Altn olUce and th^ fc-o^paid wlieo entry ii^ mailt*.
Tlioprues. a* now arranged, are us fol^^low*: First prize. ^100; second, J.V); third,^^^-^^. If llie tmnilsir of teams entered will^justify tl, the purse* will' bo increased^and real ranged to Ihe best satisfaction
OfIllO teams entered.
Thefollowing well known teams have^already declared their intention of enter^^ing! Ilavy and Tague; K reel hey and Tal-
lo:i;Kitto and lallon ; I'olkmghorn and^Jenkins.
HarryAyleshire has leased the ganlcus^for tho summer ami w ill give the resort^his |^crsonal attention. This means that^everything will Is-conducted in an honest^ami business-like manner and that the^popularity of Ihe garden*, as a resort for^lauic* and gentlemen, which lias l*-eu al^^lowed Io wane during the past few years,^w ill be greatly otihancod. The buildings,^and grounds aro uow being repaired ami^put lu llr*t class condition.
MorrltiPara Wtaiiers.^Miiri'Is Park. JiinoH. The track was^fair. First race. Five furlongs Assignee^won; OMMKV second: lllark Hawk, third,^'lime, 1,01 V^, Seeoml race. Five fur-^longs lliirlllighnm won; St. Julien sec^^ond; tInula, third. Time. I.OtM.. Tbinl^race, line mile and a sixteenth - Reckon^won; ('amlelabrn. sr-eond; Ramapo, third.^Time, 1:4^. Fourth rare. Six furlongs^Ikihhiu* won: Despot, second; Kir Kxeess,^third. No time taken. Fifth race, tine^mile Dr. Hue won; Rainbow second; Sir^Waller, third. Time. 1:12. Sixth rare.^Six furlongs Sioueiiell won; port Worth,^second; Monowai, third. Time, 1:1.1.^Seventh race. Seven furlongs Willie I.,^won; Lyceum, second ; speculation, third.^Time. 1
Racingat at. I.mil*.
St.Loi is. June ^. The liaee was good.^Kil-I race. Six furlongs -Mountain (,1111111.^won; llxford. second: Impress, third,^'l ime. 1 :ll^. Second rare. Seven anil a^half turbines Kclfast won: Roquefort,^second; I II Kuidig, third. Tune. 1:38.^Third race. Five furlongs May Thomp^^son won; Clara llatier, second: Clara^White, third. Time, 1 -mt^. Fourth race.^Six furlongs Kntrinka won; First Chance,^second; Cuclo Jim, third. Time, 1:17%.^Fifth race. (Inn mile Kenwood won;^Harhar.i. second . Sly Lisbon, third. Time,^1 II',. Sixth rare, l-'ivo furlongs (reorga^K., won; Hock Wick, second; Maud I).,^thud. Time, 1 iMIf
I.11.oil., Itare*.
Ivi.isiA, June ii.^The track was in^wretched condition. First rare. Seven^furlongs -Kay till won; Cadet, second;^Sit I harloa, third. Time, 1 :^K^. Second^race. Hue mile and seventy yards--1.into^George won; Indigo, second; W. l^. Mun-^son. thiiil. Tunc, I :.M*t^. Third race.^Fiee handicap. One mile and a sixteenth
t'hiiiic*won; Helen, second: Rook^1.1 id ley. third. Time. '.':0I. Fourth race.^Six furlong- Maid Marian v.oil; The^Srulpior. second; (i.isron, llunl. Time,^I:. ^-. Fifth luce. 1'our furlongs Mary^Mo..ie won; Leoiudl, s,h'otld, Ma.'adage,^third, 'i'liiie, !^:.'.'^.
C-ilrlesfor To-Day.
Hi11, June 11. 1 bo follow ing are Iho^entries and weight* for lo-iuoiTovv'* i.'ieos^ut ton leubiirg:
!h*( race. Fiair anil one-half furlongs.^Maidens. Selling Trophy, IO^: Co,age^I), ins; Straus. 10^; Con.|.lest. IKJ; l ake,^|tt| Moralist. |i^i: l.illie IE igeldiugi, Ini;^it.nij.,, 1^. UaJUaarn, f^r. Militia filly. HB;^t oiitrol. M; l*Ml 1 nil ^ Hlossom ;gcld-^lngi,.^i^: l.illie Morson Ully.DJ; Pol fill}',^tt
Sc-ondrate. Four furlongs -F.lite llllj,^11^. Kingara cob. 110; Clams, 11f^; Come-^bouir. Hi: John DutT.v, 107; S'isnn. sW|^Mamie S., |f*ij Dlosaom. 105: alariuclii,^lOSl Mamie Ii . tit); Flonnda. !^^.
'Thirdrace. Five-eighllis of a mile. Sell^^ing Poljdrra. Wfl Mohican, 11^; fagot.^IIO; Nativity. sW| llus-d Hurst, lilt, Beau^^tiful Cells. ^^''.
Fourthrace, line mile and a sixteenth,^('licrrv Diamond handicap -Sir Matthew.^1!^I; Dolero, ; The Iron Master, km;^Sleipner. HI: Pirknicker, 111; U^aiitaiika.^io.^; Mars, llli; Kildeer. Max
Fifthrace. Fivc-elghtli* of a 111 lie^Voleo. 110; Flirt, 110; Miss Lilly. 11^; lin-^pcria, 11^: Nahatna. II^: Cross Patch, ll^^;^Salvia. 11a; Nokoniis, tit| Soprano, 115;^Oil Tho Way. lift I Kenligoutis. 11a;^Glance, lift) Siratlillower, Bft| l.idy lvo^e^Mary, 115.
Sixthlace. One mile. Stilling \nnie^H., Hi ^s'r Anthony, M| la^paiito, H'l.
AtBrookl^n--T: ( btcago, tl.
AtBoston- 11: Cleveland. 13.
AtWashington !; Pittsburg. 1.
AiHaltimorr 7; Louisville, 10.
AtNew York^St. Louis game post^^poned on account of rain.
AtPhiladelphia-Cincinnati came post-^l^i'Kd on account of wet grounds.
TbeHirshberg-Jdcobs Wedding Was^a Brilliant Au'iir.
RabbiJaoobson's Dojiititti! Words^^The Bridal Party-Coremonv^In Hiibrow Sor.i j of iho^Guoste The Pal!.
Rittk,June ti. \ wedding ol surpabs-^ing brilliancy was the one which united^in holy wedlock Miss Carrie Jncobs, one^of dime's most popular .voting ladies, and^Julius Kirshberg, ono of the leading busi^^ness 1:1011 of Choteau, this evening. Curtis^inusie hall, where the ceremony took^place, resembled a bright liower with tbe^flowers and evergreens, tho streamers of^while silk ami resplendent lights. At one^end of the ball was built a large evergreen^arch, suspended Jrom which was the^wedding hell. It waa under Iho arch that^the happy wedding 1 .ok place.
Fully10^ guests, including the leading^people ..I liu.to and many from neigh^^boring cities, hail assembled in the hall at^the ap|m^iutcd hour, lad o'clock. 'The^ladies were all in costumes of great at^^tractiveness. With the first notes of the^well.lmg march from thu orchestra, the^wide door* were thrown open and fioin^the uiiteiiMiui Ihe bridal procession^man-hod in. Loading, were Ray Jacobs^ami Miss Sadie dans ; Simon Marks and^Miss Rosenfleld; Mr. Collins and Mi*s^Jonas: Julius Jacobs ami Miss lllauche^Morris, A. Harris and Miss Kva Stias-^burger; Mr*. Jacobs and the groom ; Si^^mon Jacobs and Ihe bride. 'The bride^was a picture of bewitching loveliness in^a cost nine of Ivory corded silk, beautifully^Irimiii'-d w it Ii duchess lace and diamonds.
'Tlieimpressive ceremony was per^^formed In Hebrew with Fliglisb mm sta^^tion by Rabbi Jacobson of Sail laike. The^ail.lres* of tbe rabbi was In part as follow^^:^^Children, you have eome into the pres^^ence of your near ami tlear ones to ex^^change your pledges of love anil your^pledges of truth to have vour lives' course^changed to tun hereafter ill otiti channel.^You are here that your pledges of troth^may bo sanctified by religion and hv tho^sweetest wishes of your many friend*.^The nffcction of every It .end v hispcr* the^hope and breathes the trust that the full^^est assurance of bliss shall be realized.^All mankind aro Io love one another.^A thing of beauty la a joy^forever. Tlio love of puriiy is the^nearest thing to heaven that oarth^can give. In Hebrew , purity and piety^aro tho same word. When Ihe soul finds^itself mirrored in another soul, when a^spirit gazos in rapture on a fellow spirit^and believes itself rapturously regarded^there, then does God smile on tiic union.^1/Ove Is pure; love is upright. Love 1- not^for a holiday but for the common day. and^it is over against the common day that^Hie divine consecration is required. Mar^^riage is not simply a union of hearis hill^a clasping of hands. When the Is-lovod^gives tier hand she gives her heart also.
Oh.(toil, let these two apprer-iai^ that^the highest good is not bore but up higher.^May Iho pure loves which now seel; each^oilier la^ a constant inspiration. So may^ihe consecration of this hour strengthen^with rich hours w hile life shall lam.
Tlieting was then presented to Ihe^brido with the words. ^By 1I10 presenta^^tion of this ring do I, lilt beloved, eonse-^craio myself unto thee by ih,. laws of^Moses and Israel.^ 'The ring w as accepted^with tlio asm ^^|tv the aecpaieoof^this ring do I, my lioloved. con cerate^myself unto thec by the law* of Moses^ami Israel.
'Theliappv couple were then r.mgtatu-^lalatd by Ihe Kahili, iho relatives and then^hv Iho numerous friends present. The^halt was tie*tt cleared for ,lancing, and^iho reccpiiou continued uti'il late m the^evening. A splendid bimiuet vvas.ervod^in the Melropol.ian.
Ihe w iilding gifts were of marvelous^hrnuty and richness, \motig the guests^from abroad were: Mr. and sire. L.^Marks. Mr. and Mr*. Dai id Mark . Mr.^and Mrs. Morris Sands. Mr. and Mrs.^Cans. Alderman Moses Morris. Col. W.^F. Sanders and Charles llrow tl ol Helena;^I. 1. llrow 11. Henry l.aclitnan ami Ferdi^^nand Frohmati of San Francisco; Mr. and^Mrs. D. Cohon. sr., of Anaconda.
Mr.ami Mrs. William ( opinu.-and Mr.^and Mrs. Albert ( opinus of tiur.iniU;^Carl Harris and Mr. and Mrs. losepb^llirshbctg of Choteau: Sam Kohlberg and^Sam Alexander of llelettu were other^gnosis from out of tow n.
lilt:h in'.'t t 1.
Thewedding batnptet was a brilliant^sc.|itel 10 the brilliant wedding cie uony.^Lachniati and Diiiistan of Itss M. tiopoli-^tau served one of the most elaborate and^carefully prepared feasts ever ssjrrsd ill^Fiat!*^^ When the tables were clc ired^after tbe sumptuous rc|va*t. Herman Caiia^of Helena acted as l^s^sliiiaster. Tho^rabbi. Moses, p. Jacobson of Rail l ike,^res|M^uilcd to the toa*t. ^The Hrule and^Groom.^ m a very happy maimer. He re^^marked thai those who were successful^in their choice of a life partner considered^that matches wore made in heaven. Hill^those vv ho were not so fortunate usually^come 10 ttie conclusion that marriages^were made in Iho other place.
ColonelSanders was then railed on to^res|K^tnl to the toast ^^'The 1 ivcasion.^^Colonel Sanders was very bapp^ in his^response. Ho said he bad thought to^saw some kind of a Baaaafc that would^adequately repsescnt tin- good wishes of^assembled friends, to the bappv In ulc and^gnsiiii. Hat he had scaivhcd the diction^^ary through and could not find word*^hearty and glowing enough, l or a gen^^eration he h.ed been railed on to attend^weddings of Hebrew friends ami ho^found tlicni among tlio plcas.-nte.-i recol
lectionsof his life. Tho rabbi had re^^marked that matches wore made in^heaven. But a disciple of Dr. Brlggs^sitting beside him at the table remarked
tohim sotto voieo that in heaven there^was neither marrying nor giving^in marriage. He felt some embar^^rassment in his remarks concerning^the brido antl groom, for lie noticed that^all 1111 tried couples present looked con^^scious and bridal-like and seemed to con^^sider that they were married, while all un^^married couples hoping soon to be inar-^1 ted, were blushing violently and thinking^that they were referred to. Tbe speaker^believed in improving all occasions of this^.'.tad to encourage all young people to^marry without delay. The colonel said^noticing his friend, V. Sirasburger, at a^table near hy, he could not chose more ap^^propriately than by repeating ihe same few^lines of poetry that ho did in attending^Mr. Strnsburgcr's wedding in Virginia^I ity. 27 years ago. The poem Is:^^^l-.very weihllug. snys ths pioverh. mnkM Itii-
oinersoon or Ute.^\'cvf^r yet was any iii;u-ri^^n entered an the
bookof fate.^Rut the name* weir there recorded of the MX.
Urolnifu th at wait.^^1.1. Brown of San Francisco was next^^ ailed on and inado an exceedingly grace^^ful response. He s|k^ko of tbe flowers^I bat bloomed in California, he expatiated^on the beauty of vegetation that he had^noted in 1 iregou and Washington on his^way to Montana; but while he bad fre^^quently been told that Butte was destitute^of flowers, bo was forced to remark that^ho had never seen flowers so fair as those^blooming about Ihe table to-night. He^hoped that as the years come and the^years go. there will lie the same look of^happiness beaming from tbe eyes of the^couple just married as pierces Iroin the^eyes to-night. He hoped that the mother^in return for her kindness and care in^bringing up her loved daughter would^always feel amply repaid in seeing that^daughter so happily married.
HenryLaehuian of San Francisco made^a brief reponse w hen called on, making a^pleasant comparison of tbe flowers of^San Francisco and the sapphires of Mon^^tana.
Afterthe banquet dancing was resumed^ami it was late in the morning before tho^brilliant hall, which was the scene of one^of the happiest and moat splendid wed^^dings ever seen in Butte, was darkened.
ForMiners' I'nlon Day.
Bittf.,Juno ii. W. t. Weeks and W.^F. Lloy d interviewed the business men of^the city to-day in regard In ihe observance^of Miners' I'nion day. They all agreed^to rlose their stores until after the parade,^w hich will give tho Clerks' assembly an^opportunity to turn out in full force.
Specialsale of ladles' and children's^handkerchiefs at ConnelTs this week.^Both all w bile and colored borders. These^are selling nt very low prices and should
notbe missed.
Ladies,go to Mrs. Armitage for sham-^pooing. ban -cutting, curling. Full line of^iiair goods, wigs, a specialty. Opposite
Tents!Tent*! Teal.-^For tents, wagon rovers and ore sacks,^go to M. J. ConnelTs. They keep the^largest stock and best goods and tho^lowest prices.
Ladies,go to Mrs. Armitage for sham^^pooing, hair rutting, curling. Full line of^hair goods. Wig* a specialty. Opposite^o|m-ra house.
Thelatest innovation by tho Council Co.^is Hie offer for ihe next 10days to makeup^for ftJLM any of their Novelty dress pat^^terns.
Dr.Gulelliis. dentist, oflice^Drtig ( o.'s store.
Iin portent,^All members of Cooks and Waiters'
unionare n-quencd to attend next meet^^ing. Wedne*da^. June 7. as business of
importanceis to be transacted- Hy order^of Assembly sVMft, h. of U
F.II. Fi.w.tt, Ree. Sec.
ChristianScience Dispensary and read^^ing it. mi at 114 South California avenue,
TheWell Known Specialist,
36N. Main St., Butte,
Wharohe can bo consulted FREE OF CHARGE, on all Special,^Privato and Chronic Dieea^t*s ol Both Sexes.
Catarrh,Throat, Lung and. Liver Diseases, Private DUeaseg.'^Gonorrhoea. Gleet. Stricture, Funlculltla. Varicocele, Hy^^drocele and Byph-ills in all the varied lorm3.
Fromall Impurities ol the Blood, cauutno Eruptions. Pimplee,^Blotches, etc , Diseases of the Nerxous System, such as^Seminal Weakness, Mfjht Losses, Loss of t-exuai^Power, Sexual Debility, Indigestion, etc., leading^to Soflf :un 1 of the Brain and Insanity.
Inflammations.DischargiRS. Irregularities, in Diseases of^Woman.
ATESTIMONIAL.^The uiimei. of i*'isons l ured are vvtthheal. hut In mttnv Inttanres t^hare pennltkloa to furnish the adtiicss 00 rouultiou of prirary. Ku letter or ii.j-i.-s vv.ni he pulw^Usfieff wUhout ths consent of the writer. Read the following mart ...
KtiTK. Marl., Nov 1ft. |aM
UBO. SCHI'LTs. (Ujn I tlrslrc to mske the following statement relative 10 my case in tlin^hone tliat other unfortunate sufft-rrr* Use mysslf max lav equallyr i.enellleit. \ had been sutler-^lug for about three years from seminal weitKn,^^, lost tnunlnioil ami nervous, ivostration, eausing^mrlanoboiiy and loss of sleep. My body was covsreu with ulcers ami my turntiesd being swollen^tti.t over tile eyebrow* so badly as to have the B|i|*-arancc or gresytag horns. I was unable to^obtain more than one hour'* uninterrupted sleep at one time. Ilir. terrible ltcuiug and mental^^ulfertus eaused by uty dltea*. maltlag It Imisissllile forme to sleeper rest. When my itlseas*^^rst aDBeared I nonsuited local physician* without r^!*-f 1 then attempted to cure myself l.y^uslne Detent medicine*, but again tailing I consulted and was tn-at.nl by several American spec^^ialist* who also failed to cure me. 1 was despaired of ever being cured, but a friend of 111 Ins^nconimendlns you 1 decided to Irv one* more and so put mysell under vonr earn with the result^that after only two week*' treatment 1 feel like a new man and am sble to return to my work. I^lake pleasure In certifying 10 this statement before a notary public aud will icuoinincad you pre.^saeanvto all m^ ftnend* and acquaintance*. .tsJ
(tuiiscrlbsdand (worn before me oa this tub day of November, lsM. ('. L CaMI tm I.
President.Secretary and Treasurer, Manager.
Manufacturersof and Dealers in
Lumber,Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds,
AFull Stock of
Etc, on Hand. Yards and Factory at South Butte. Sawmills
Yardsand Factory at South Butte,^at Thompson Falls.
MainOffice, 53 E. Broadway, Butte, Mont.
TelephoneNo.^100. 3 Rings.
J.CALDER, D. D. 5.,
FormerlyDemonstrator of Operative Dentistry and Dental Science In the Boston^Dental Collene. Post-Gradunte Chicago Colleae of Dental Surgery, Post-^Graduate Haskell's Prosthetic School of Dentistry.
Rooms39 and 40 New Owsley Building, Butte, Mont.
lamthe only D. D. S. iDoctorol Dental Surrjeryi and Post-Graduate practicing^dentistry In this building. Twenty-live years'practice. Credentials on exhibition^at my office.
ANYAND ALL so-called cold^eras given in Montana for the^disease liid'NKKWFSS and^other forms of narcotism are^base Imitations or genuine^^ LBsXll K sMCKUtV iiiwlniit.^IlL) Double chloride of Gold^Remedies THE GEM IN F KKKI.EY DOl'BI.K rill.oninU OK GOl.ll TREATMENT Is not^MM Ml where In the stste of Montana except In Butte, at THE KEt LEY INSTITUTE,^^oner ot Quart! and Alaska streets, snvl at Boulder Hot bprlnvs.
Wednesdayand IMoi. June U
SpecialLadies' Matinee^Thursday Afternoon.
Comfortalil-*chair Seats on raised put-^lorm In antphtthrater form, aflording a |^clear view to all
JACOHHCHAEFEP. and \VM SP1NKS^will give a match exhibition Schaefers1^fancy sh.v e*;hil^t'nn Is e.^uiethlng mar^^velous Hedoet-wh.it seem* Impossible^with the cue Thin is a rare chance Do^not faII to see the Wizard, champion^bUUardtal ol the worli.
Admtseion$100 Ladies Matinee. SCc
I.K. fve eth. H C Carney. C. H. Hind. ' 1
Sampleand buy Surer. Gold. Copper^and I cad Ores. p. o Box TTn. t^fnie^-. ^t: bu.M nc. cor. Ftsh and Uianlte mi^sml st won..-. ^^ :!i Ht.t e
Largestanrt Finest Stock of FIANOS. ORGANS and^other Musical Instruments in Montana.

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