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voi*v^no. 19.
Piattand Hoar Urn Schemes Which^ire Referred to a Committee.
VoorheesA*.in Asks Whan a Vota^May Ba Taken. But Ha Cat* Llt-^tla Satisfaction From tha^Silver banatera.
WASnwiTON,Sept. 21.^In the senate^Peffer Introduced a bill creating the bu-^f**u of loans, similar to his bill of 1893.^Piatt introduce! his amendm ont to the^rulas providing for cloture, and addressed^,u^ aenate in favor of its adopt ion.
Hoar,republican of Massachusetts, said^aome years ago be introducod a method of^dealing with cloture and be askej that li t^plan be referred with Piatt's resolution to^tha committee on rules as a substitute for^It. On Teller's motion the resolution and^substitute went over till to-morrow morn^^ing. White of California then addressed^the setiute in opposition to the repeal bill.
WhenWhite concluded, Gaorgo, who^was entitled to the floor, said he preferred^to go on in the morning, being ill. Voor^liees moved that the pending amendment^U'effer'si. be laid 011 the table and de-^tnaudod tiie- yeas and nays. Pending the^^notion Butler, democrat, of South Caro^^lina, moved an executive session. Teller^euggest^d the absence of a quorum, but^when It was disclosed he thon movod that^'ha aenate adjourn. The ayes and nays^Voro demanded and taken, and the senato^refused to adjourn. Butler's motion to^co into executive session was ulso voted^down.
Tellermovod that the senate adjourn^and Voorhees again asked for a vote on^tha pending amendment, but after somu^discussion both motions were withdrawn.^Voorhees asked whether there was any^time in the calendar when the opponents^of repeal would agree to take a voto oil^any proposition connected with tho sul^-^ject. The senator from Colorado said^^ bora were 15 senators who desired to^apeak. Would he agree that after 15^days' debate, one day to each senator, a^vota should be taken 7 Teller did not feol^authorised to speak for the other senators.^Voorhees then put it in the form of a re^^quest, to which Wolcott, of Colorado,^objected.
Morganof Alabama then addressed the^aenate on the pending amendment. Ho^^aid as a member of the committee he had^not objected to the bouse bill except to^the last clause pledging the good faith of^the nation to the maintenance of the^present ratio of our coins, and his only^objection to that was found in the phrase^providing that present legislation shall^not effect the legal tender quality of sil^^ver dollars ^heretofore coined,^ which^waa, be thought, by implication an impair^^ment of the coins hereafter to he issued.^At 7:15 Voorhees moved to go into execu^^tive session, and at I'M the senate ad^^journed.
HeedShows His Temper as I'susl, But It^boss Him No Oood.
Washikotow,Sept. 21.- An error of the^Journal clerk which incorporated in^Speaker Crisp's rulings yesterday refusing^to entertain certain motions the reason^that they were ^dilatory^ gave a good^deal of satisfaction to Read. After the^speaker examined the journal, however,^upon bis statement that they did not re^^flect his rulings, Heed made no objections^to a correction.
Againstthe protest of the republicans,^the democrats of the house committee oil^rules this tnoining decided to report an^order for two w eeks'debate on the federal^^lection laws repeal bill and then vote.^The republicans wanted to postpone tho^time of beginning and ending the^debate. On the assembling of tho house,^the order was reported and the previous^question demanded.
Reeddemanded the ayes and naye to^determine whether the democrats had a^quorum. By a good deal of effort the^democrats barely succeeded in mustering^a quorum and the previous question w as^ordered. The vote was 175 to 42. Thirty^minutes was allowed for debate. Instead^of devoting the tune to a discussion of the^order or the measure it pertained to, ex-^Spoaker Reed opened the debate on tha^correctness of Speaker Crisp's ruling yes^^terday. ^I know.^ said he, ^tho demo^^cratic party has no desire to establish ono^man power; but the proposition estab^^lished by the speaker's ruling yesterday^giving the committee on rules the power^to originate legislation and making it^nnamendable by the house has no parallel^except under tho first consulute in^France.
(rencralCatcliings in a strong reply^pointed out that Reed misunderstood the^meaning and intent of tho rules adopted^by the house. A vote was then taken on^tha adoption of tbe report and it was^adopted. Yeas, 17^*; nays, H.
Thehouse then passed to the report of^tho committee on accounts assigning^clerks to the committees. This was the^signal for the regular biennial effort in^the interest of economy and retrench-^meut. Tbe ciiairman's report gave \^ r^diem or annual clerks to all committees.^The minority had prepared a report^against all the committees nidi clerks,^but the report was not presented. A long^debate ensued, during which P.o liter^offered a sttbstituic to the majority report^ubolisliing clerks to the committees on ex^^penditures in the (Liferent departments^and tbe committees on tho alcoholic^liquor trafllc. education, emigration, lev^^ees aud improvements of tbe Mississippi^river, mileage, militia and ventilation and^acoustics. The substitute wss carried, 17J^to 7H. f rain of Texas moved to reconsider^the vote, but pending the motion the^speaker laid before the house the correc^^tions he had noted in the journal, an 1^after thej bad been made tho house ad^^journed.
Intt.r Is tree.^Boston. Sept. 21.--Aaa B. Potter's trial^is over. Judge Putnam i.r . i-.-ht it to an^abrupt end this afternoon by declaring^there was no evidence to convict hint. He^took the matter aw ay from the jury and^dismissed the case.
AOaring, Bloody uud Pasacesssfal At-^teasel Hear Centralis, ML^Centkalia, ill., Sept. 21.^ it goes on^record for once that a wall planned train
robberyfailed of success. At midnight^last night tiie New Orleans limited from^Chicago reached here. Three man had^secreted themselves ou top of tha express^car and wdien the train stopped at a coal^chute, a short distance further on tho^track, two of the robbers climcd down and^entered tha tender, calling on tho engineer^and fireman to throw up their bands. In^^stead of doing so t hey male for the rob^^bers who fired, wounding both severely.^The robbers then attacked the express car,^llring numerous shots through tha doors,^the express messenger and conductor who^happened to lie in the car replying in^kind till tbe doors were shot full of holes.^The robbers finally hroko open the door^with a sledge hammer and letting them^^selves down over the top of tliu car with^grappling irons, renewed the tight with^the messenger and conductor, who mean^^time had barricaded themselves behind^boxes and hamnors. Wlulo this was^going on a braUeniau warned tho passen^^gers, w ho proc ^o le I to conceal valuables.^Among the passengers was nil old-time^hrakeinan. Juku Sauders.of Duquoiii, w ho^had u shotgun, lie w ent at oncu to the^express car and succeeded in bringing^down one of tho robber, with a well aimed^shot.
Seeingthe game was up the other two^robbers tied, having secured nothing. It^is understood a largo amount of money^was in the express safe. It is thought tho^wounded robber will die. His name is be^^lieved to ba Da'.iiel !.. Jonas of Oxford^Mills, Iowa.
Inthe meloo Kngineor Young received a^bullet in the shoulder, coming out at the^elbow, another ill tho back, lolgiug m tho^hip. Fireman McDiuwell was twica^woundoj, once in the leg. and once in tho^neck. Conductor Oluin was wotiti lc I^sbglillv in the hand. Tho alarm was at^once given hero and a large posse turned^out to hunt tho robbers.
Aman named M n un of Duquoiii w as^in the plot though ho took no part in the^robbery. Charles Dwyer's house was im^^mediately surrounded and his surrender^demanded. His mother refused to sur^^render and the party watched till day^^light when Hivver gavo himself up and is^now in jail with Jones. Searching parties^uro scouring the country for the othor two.
Dwyerbears u hard name. Jones said^to tho associated press that Dwyer learned^it would b ^ the most prolitable ^hold up^^of any coming into the city. Arrange^^ments were made to meet at Dwyer's after^tho robbery to divide tho swag. Jones^was to have tho most. to give to his father,^w ho was poor. Jones was a switchman^and came from St. Louis on Monday with^other members of the gang. Jones was^hit with a monkey w rench by the fireman^and was so badly hurt ho soon fell ex^^hausted. The robber shot by Sanders es^^caped with tho others. It appears there^were four robbers instead of three.
Afterthe robbers dad tho train backed^up to the station and a now train crew was^put on board and proceeded. Tho whole^city was unused by the ringing of fire^bells and the capture of the bandit and^the tbreatctie 1 lynching unless he made a^full confession. Ho said the other mem^^bers of tho gang were named Charles^Dwyer of this city. James Harding of Dan^^ville, III., and that a man named Nichols^was also implicate I.
Thisafternoon Mayor Ames Bens ^xn was^notilled that a move was on foot to Ivuch^the two bandits immediately after sunset.^The prosecuting attorney and the police^magistrate accompanied the mayor to the^city jail and laid the matter before Jones^and Dwyer, who are waiting a preliminary^hearing. Thoy MM h itideiiffed aud ac^^companied by the officers hurried to a^carriage iu waiting, and before any one^was aware of what was going ou the con-^venance, closely followed by the mayor in^a buggy, was speeding across the country'^to Salem, the county seat. An associated^press correspondent held a private inter^^view with th ^ prisoners just before they^were spirited out of the city. Dwyer posi^^tively denied complicity in the crime, but^while he leaped from the train he dropped^bis mask and was recognised.
JamesHardin was overhauled near^Nashville late tills afternoon and brought^to this city at 10 o'clock on theChicago ex^^press. Mayor Benson went to tho train^w ith several resolute men to seo that the^prisoner passed through unharmed. The^prisoner w as tukeu to OJm uud from^there to Salem over the Ohio A: Mississippi^railw ay and landed in jail with Dwyer and^Jones.
I'shslugt pen Immigrants.
AVamiinlion,Sept. 21.^At a conference^at the treasury department to-day be^^tween Secretary Curlislo ami represent !-^lives of railroad and steamship lines, in^^cluding tho Canadian Pacific, it was de^^cided to ab.do by the agreement hereto^^fore made lor the inspection of immi^^grants landed in Canada but destined for^the 1'nitcd States. United States medical^officers will pass judgment u|h^ii who^shall enter the I'mted States uud will^issue passports to them as a means for^identification. The steamship compauies^guarantee the payment of .7) cents head^tax. Victoria, B. C. w as added to the list^of offices where iuimigrauts may be^lauded and inspected.
InItreuk tp Smuggl sf.
VsMBMNf,Sept. 21. In order more^effectually to break up smuggling opium^and iciest litis into the I'mted States in^tho vicinity of Puget sound, Secreiary^Carlisle within a few days will issue iiu^order directing Captain Tosier, of the^I'luted States revenue cutter (tram, and^Captain Fongar, of the I'nitod States^revenue cutter Perry, to proceed to the^vicinny relcrrcd toand lend their efforts to^the work id eradicating smuggling.
Secretarytarlislc to-day onlered the^final pa .-.incut of $ 1 ..^i out of tho Chilian^indemnity fund to Seaman Frecse of the^Tinted States steamer Haltimurc.
Iled a Itr1111a^i' Death.
Gvr.yn,Sept. 21.^The sham battle w ith^which the maneuvers of the Austrian^army were concluded to-lay was tbe most^brilliant s|iectacle of the week's opera^^tions. An officer of the rcg.meut of lan^^cers was knocked trom his horse and died^in a few minutes. Tho emperor's suae^aud guests left Gut-as this afternoon.
Roanoke'sBlack Brute Fonad by the^lob and Lynched,
Menand Women Participate In tho^Barbarous i cane^ Nina War*^Killed and 25 Wounded^Whan tha militia Fired.
HoA.-OKI. Sept. 21.^The negro, Thomas^Smith, who assaulted Mrs. Henry Bishop^last night, was lynched this morning.^After last night's fatal encounter with the^militia, the mob continued tbe search lor^the negro and found tha place where be^was secreted, dragged him to ilea h and^then in tbe presence of thousands of ex^^cited people on tho river bunk, cremated^his remains. The mob took Smith from a^policeman and hanged and shot him in the^residence part of the ci;v. At ono time^tho mob threatened to bury tho negro in^Mayor Trout's yard. Owing to tho bitter^feeling and tho throats agiui.l the mayor^and Captain Bird of the iniliiia. thoy left^tliu town. Excitement is running high^an I trouble is feired. O ily nino were^killod last night, as followt: S. A. Wick,^William Sheets. C. W. Whitmnver, J. H.^Tiler. George White, \V. K. Hall, W.^June, John Mills, George Settle.
CoronerCray and a jury repaired early^to the scene of tho lynching and after^view ing the body entered a verdict that^the negro camo to his death at the hands^of persons unknow n to them. After the^inquest oflirers were ordered to take^charge of tho body, but tho surging muss^of men assembled would not let them^touch it. A coal cart passing near was^pressed into service and the body throw n^into it. It was then hauled to Mayor^Trout's residence. It seemingly was the^intent of the mob to bury it in his front^yard. At this moment Rev. Mr. Cani|^^bell appeared and dissuaded them from^carrying out their plan. Then they took^the body to the edge of the river to btim^it. Fences were torn dow n, store Imxos^taken and some one with an axe cut down^several cedar trees near by. Dry wimkI^was laid in a large pdu und on too of tho^heap the negro's body was laid. Oil top^of all cedar iiotighs were throwu. Then^just before touching a match, two gallons^of coal oil were poured over all. Tliu^^natch was touched to it and the flames^shot rapidly up. It was an awful sight.^Not loug after the crowd dispersed, but^all tbe morning men, and sometimes an^occasional woman, were soon going to^^ward t ae place of burning. All that was^remaining of Smith at noon was a few^ashes and here and there a bone, bin the^lire was still burning, and those standing^around it said that it should burn till^there was not a vestige left.
MayorTrout, w ho was wounded ir^ his^foot, was carra-d to the Ponce Do Leon^hotel, bin owing to the threats of the mob,^he was moved from there in the country^where he still is. Acting Mayor Bucknrr^assumed control and suspended tho chief^of police and several officers. The cor^^oner's jury was in session all day investi^^gating the cause of the tragedy, but has^not completed its labor. The town is^quiet to-night and the street* almost de^^serted. Nino men were killed and 2*^ men^injured last night.
The for. in in Were i Nakrri Lime In^Ills t ip und Waa Men Were killed
WiuiKsnvmti;,Pa., Sept. 21. -By tho^carelessness of a mine foreman un explo^^sion of gas was caused in the Plymouth^mules tins afternoon, in which live men^were killed aud six injured. Tiie ile.id are:^D. M. Jones, William Jones, John Flan-^nigan, William P. Jones. Joshua Lightly.^The three tirat lived in Wilkcsbarre aud^tho others at Plymouth. J hey all had^large families. While tho men w. re at^work Assistant Mine Foreman Lightly de^^scended the main shaft to inspect the^works. He had not pone more than 20^yards when the naked lamp in his csp ig^^nited the gas and a ternlic explosion oc^^curred, killing and injuring the menus^stated. Tho concussion was fell through^the entire mine, und a rescuing party^which was quickly organized), entered thn^workings. The unfortunate men were^found under debris and taken at once to^the surface, where tho injured were cared^for. _
IowaUay st tlis Fair.
I'HltAiin, Sept. 21. This is Iowa day^at tho fan. Great numbers were present^from the Haw keyo state. There was a^parade, followed by speechnaking by Cov^^entor Hotcs and other prominent lowaus.^They were followed hy the ringing of the^new liberty bell in honor of the admission^of Iowa to the union.
Thefishermen continued their sports^t's l c. with a tly casting tournament.^Muni and Samoeii, two Javanese, aged^respectively 14 aud 15, were married to^^day at the fair w ith native rites in tbe^presence of the Javanese coloiiv and all^interested throng. Tim admission to-day^was 230,0t^^, of winch \ ^7,\'i: wore paid.
Ac i ^ in I: n Mir deary Act.^WashisuTon. Sept. 21.^The committee^on foreign affairs tu-duy considered the^MeCreary substitute for the F.verett bill^extending the tunc of registration for the^Chinese. Tho discussion developed tiie^fact that every iiiciiiIht favored the ex^^tension of time six months, with the pos^^sible exception of Geary . The latter gave^notice that he would offer uu amendment^providing for identification by sssXssts of^photographs. The committee adjourned^without action, but no doubt at the MM^meeting they w ill be favorably reported.
V.Hmila in Hl.'n.
St.Pacl. Sept. 21. ^On a writ of habeas^corpus Adolph Krug, the defaulting lasts^^tie treasurer, was released to-day. but a^proper Warrant having been secured ha^was immediately rearrested. Win the^habeas corpus case came up before .J idge^F.gan, it was shown that Krug was ar^^rested by Frank Catuptioll of Scan c wab^^out the formality of a (ompaint. File^Judge said such proceedings Brete m ire^agreeable to Kats.a than He Tuited^States.
Miningof Directors iu New Yark ^Ac^^tion of a Milwaukee Judge.
XkwYork, Sept. 21.^At a meeting of^the directors of the Northern Pacific this^morning, u resolution was adopted setting^lortli tho side of the case of tbe present
managementin connection with tbe re^^cent call for proxies by tbe opposition in^^terests. The committee appointed tore-^reive proxies has submitted the following^names to be supported for the directorate:^Johnston Livingston, Charles B. Wright,^( harlcmagne Tower, Jr., D. H. Hought-^Htig. K. C. Mastinct, C. T. Barney, T. F.^I lakes. William I. Bull. J. B. Williams, J.^II. Harding and William R. Merriam. The^ii lines of two others necessary to com^^plete the ticket will be presented in tha^near future. The committee submits^these names, it says, as such as should in^^spire confidence ill the Integrity ot tbe^company's management.
TheNorthern Pacific railroad directors^issued a circular to preferred and com^^mon stockholders, reciting tho condition^of the road under their management, and^appointed a committee to receive the^proxies of stockholders for use at the an^^nual meeting on October 19. Directors^agree that the receivership was the liest^way of conserving the property during the^present depression of business.
Mll.watKKi:. S.'pt. 21.^The Northern^Pacific receivers stated In court to-day^that the holders of si-curium given as col^^lateral to set uro th* Moating debt w ill not^release thoso securities and take receiv^^ers' certificates.
JudgeJenkins has granted tiie pet it ,ou^of tho Virilierii Pacific reci-ivors to have^the order for the issuance of ns-eivers'^certificates modified, because some of the
jNew York holders of securities have re^^fused to take rertillcates unless made to
!mature in April instead of September 1.
IThe court ordered the issuance of f :.4'^i.-^it^ ^ certificates to Is- known as series A,^ami $I.Mri,^^^l scries 11. All to lie taken at^once.
TltsyArt Meager, Hut They Indicate a^si,t|ihis stats of Affairs.
Lo.MHis,Sept. 21. -Private advices from^Kio Janeiro say the bombardment is ex^^pected hourly. Tho only reason the Imiii-^iMldmeut was not commenced yesterday^was that negotatious between the rebels^and the government were undertaken nt^the instance of tho foreign powers and^foreign warships who wished to save the^city from destruction. Ills not lielicvcd^they will amount to anything. In fuct it^is believed the government is merely pro^^longing ihem to allow the noii-coiubatants^to go! away an I merchant ; to save their^goods.
Tuestatements of yosterday wero con^^firmed from several sources. The at^^tempt of the Brazillian minister to belittle^the rebellion i ^ not accepted with any^credence ill London. The people of Hio^admit the rebellion has progressed to such^an extent that it is better to lot the city^fall into tha bands of tha Insurgents than^to bo shelled.
Thorebels of Rio are In communication^with the insurgents In tho south and all^are ucling iu unison. After the success at^Santos they pronoso to attack Porte^Allegro aud Hio (iraude do Sul. Ill fact^the insurgent vessels are said already to^have started on that errand. No doubt^the rebels are meeting with success. In^fart the report that they have occupied^Rio is in circulation here.
NewYiiKK, Sept. 21.^Business mes^^sages are received uninterruptedly from^Brazil. They mako no mention of the^political situation.
Autopsyen ths itndy ol* Mrs. Thoiuas^Results In a Iii.i sli ri
Pmi.AiihLt'ii!x. Sept. 21.-An autopsy^upon the Ixsly of Mrs. Kluabuth K.^Thomas, w ho lived with W. 1*. Morgan's^family near Willow grove, revealed the^lact that the woman l ad swallowed her^false teeth. Fur some nine Mrs. Thomas,^a widow, I ad been suffering from a^liervous disorder, which slightly unbal^^anced her mind. Lasi Sal unlay morning^she leaped from a second story window.^Her jaw w as broked and siio swallowed^her false teeth. A physician was called to^attend l or. The suffering woman do-^i 1 nod that she had swullowod her teeth,^bill it was thought that she had lost them.^Believing that tins was a maniacal whim,^little attention was paid to the woman's^tales. However, although the fractured^Jaw was set and dressed, the victim grew^worse and died. Thedoricr was piusa-d^hy tho death and tie made a |H^stmortein^examination. Iu the woman's throat^were her false teeth so ttghtlv wedged^that ihcv could not pass down or be^brought up.
IlrerkisrliliieMust I'.rod.
VaMMMLSept. 21.^The case of^Madeline Pollard against Congressman^W. C. P. Breckinridge of Kentucky, in^which the plaintiff sues for la'),^') for^breach of promise and seduction, came^tip to-dxy Isdore Judge Cox on a demurrer^filed by the defendant, alleging that the^declaration was bad in substance. Tin-^matter was briefly argued and Judge Cox^overruled the defendant's domurrer.^Lawyer Wilson, representing Miss^Pollard, thereupon prepared an order^which Judge Cox signed, requiring the de^^fendant to plea I to the declaration within^three days' time.
I'u'tlig li .nn Ho. Kebelitoa
|MWAVRF.M, Sept. 21.^The National^troop ^ in ' ornetit have joined the revolu^^tionary movement. The crews of the^gunboats Itepiiblica an I Bormejo also^declared sympathy with tho Tucinusli^rebels. The Argentine government or-^dered the National guard to be mohilired^throngi. lit the country aud detenu tied to^put dow n the rebellion if possible. Kvery-^lhing is quiet in tha capital. The authori^^ties still continue to arrest all persons^who are su^p^cied of giving aid to the^revolutionists.
TiieTd Men Shot by toe Crow Indian
PoliceGnilty of Ho Crinn.
OneWaa Osorgs B Hamilton, of^Dillon, and the Other Hla Neigh^^bor, Eugene Milliard -Creat^India-nation in till Inge.
Sp.n.v Dispatch to the Stauilar.l
Hillings.Sept. 21.- The ho lies of the^two white men killed by the ( row police^on the reservation having been brought to^town last night, an inquest was held to^^day. One is Ms* Identified as that of^George B. Hamilton, the adopted son of^Tbilip Thorpe of Dillon. His wifo and^brother are here, and will take Ibe body-^to Livingston for interment. He was evi^^dently shot in the hack, and the wound^on the back of his hoad looks as if he bad^been clubbed with a gun. The other man^was evidently shot while holding up his^hands abovo his head in a sign of sur^^render. Ho is thought to be F.ugene Wil-^lard, a tieightsir of Hamilton ill the Fish^Tail basin. Neither is known to have^Ix-cn guilty of any crime, and public feel^^ing is growing strong against tho Indians,^as theio seems no certainly that the wluto^had even tired a shot, and that Hamilton^hail suirendered his gnu before tho shot^was fired. District Atiorney Weed has^been wired to investigate the matter,^which looks like a bud piece of business
II*S^ys l^rryllung Is All Itlglit nail M*^U III It Kln in 11 a n al Oner.^Ni w Yokk. Sept. 21. Charles Mitchell^anil Judge New tun, representing tho Coney^Island Athletic club, lin-l to-night to settle^as to whether Mitchell would or would not^tight Cornell at Coney Island. After con^^siderable general talk, the Judgo and^Mitched retired. When they returned^where the rest were waiting one man^boldly asked Newton w hat he had decided
Oh,ex cry i lung is lovely,^ said tho^judge, ^I statist tho facts to Mitchell as^thoy are and he says they are perfectly^satisfactory to him.
Yes,^spoke up Mitchell, ^everything^is all right. The judge has given me a^copy of the articles Cornell signed, w Inch^I will examine carefully, perhaps making^a few scratches. To-morrow | w ill tele^^graph Nowton where 1 will moot him^Saiunlay in order that I may sign them.
Mucin11 says he will start in training un^Tuesday next, but he is not certain as yet^w here he w ill train.
Noth'ngHeart of Toss Uarn aiaee Hs^Drew ^3 OO0 From in. Bank.
Operls'I^lipsti-u to iu* v vi lar.i
Helena,Sept. 21.^Tom Bare, an em^^ploye of the assay department of the Drum^Lummon company at Marysrille, camo^here on July Fa last and drew all his^money from the Merchants' bank. The^oxact amount is not known, but it is re^^ported io be $^i,i^J or *S.(K^. Since then^nothing has been beard uf him. A woek^or so ago H. S. Amos of Marytville was^here and said he had written to Bare's^friends in Iowa and telegraphed various^places, but could get no track of him. Tbe^disappearance is very mysterious and foul^play is suspected, as some one may have^seen him draw his m -n ^^ from the bank.^B ire w as a sober man about H years old.^Manager Uayliss of tbe Drum Lummon^Hunks Bare may have gone off bunting.
TheMouatala Prssih^r H id father a^Fuavral or Conversion 1st l'roses^et.
Themountain circuit rider met me at^the foot of Hurricane Gap in tho Pino^mountains ami we rode along together,^says a writer in the Detroit rV*^ Press,^aud alio ii a mile from ^ here the roads^forkod we were stopped by a mountaineer^wiili a Winchester whom the preacher^knew. He presented me in due form and^when the native knew 1 was an ^outsider '^he didn't hesitate to talk.
1just stop|s-d yer,^ he said to the^preacher, ^ter ax yer to come up to tbe^house in the uiornin'.
Anybodvsick '.'^ inquired tho preacher.
No,^and the mountaineer hesitated.^^You know you have been a talkin' ter^me ler a long tune erhout gittiu' religion^an' I beeu a holdiu' off'.^'
'Ibepreacher nodded and looked^pleased, for there was a tone of penitence^in tho uatlie's voice.
Well,I i^ ortsmt made up my mind^: that I've go! torthe p'int wbousomethm's^' got ter lie tlone. Jim Gullitis camo by my^1 place this morniu' an' kdl -d one uv ray^1 dogs when 1 was aw ay, an'you've hoerd^tin say whit I thought of JunGul.ins^' many a time aforo this.
Thopreacher nodded sorrowfully this^tune.
Well,I'm goin' down to seo Jim now,^^continued th-- mountaineer, ^an' if I git^him I'll be ready tojine tho meetin' house^when you come up in tho inoruiu'. an' ef^Jim gits me you'll have a fuueral to^preach, so's you won't lose Iiotliui' by It.^: nohow. 1 must bo gittia* along; good^! by,^ and, swinging Ins Winchester into^I the hollow of his ana, he hurried away^I through the thicket, leaving the circuit^1 rider and me sitting on our horses in the^road completely kuocked out by tbe sud^^denness of it sll and tbe peculiarity.
esseso^ Mm m tuiid ^.
Ni:wYokk. Sept. 21. - Iu u letter from^Otto C. Floto, received tins morn in.- at the^otlico of u sporting paper, it is stated that^an effort is Is ng made to revive boxing in^San Francs o still that I'eter M iher.^chatupio-i of Ireland, aud Joe McAuliffe^of Sail Franco o would meet in a four^round contest ^ nuiti a day or two.
Ageulh Dakota sheriff; Pursues Horse^Thieves Into This Male.^HtLLroL'm it. S. U., toe pi 31.^On Mon^^day Hberlff Wallsby with a posse started^after horse thieves. This morning a mes^^senger from the Little Missouri country^reported that the sheriff encountered tbe^party and in a light one ^rustler^ named^I.opex was shot through the breast. A^man named Durhuerinc was raptured.^The shooting occurred in Montana.
Suffering'sof slilp w i erksd Sillers
Boston,Sept. 21.^The steamer Pala^^tine, which arrived to-day from Malames,^brought throe survivors from the wreck^of the British schooner Windunnero,^which was capsise.l by a squall Is miles^from Mobile. Those who perished were:^('apt. John Charlton, Mrs. Charlton. Mxte^Truomnu Holmes. Cook Heejry Sands,^and Sonmaii Daniel August. Mate Lecatu^and Soamen Clarke and Mittox, who^were rescued, toll a terriblo talo of hun^^ger and suffering while they wore on tho^upturned keel of the vessel for time days^before being rescued. They procured^drinking water hy catching ruin m Iheir^clothing and their fo ul consisted of birds^w Inch they caught and ate raw.
Del-galesto the Irrigation Congress.^Ki-ri-i.i. Dispatch to the Men l.u t
Heilna. Sept. 21. Governor Kickards^to-day appointed the follow ing delegates
toatloudthe irrigation'congress ut Los^Angeles on October 10: William A.^Clark, Silver II iw; T. II Kleinschiin.lt,^Christian Kenck, Otto Peterson. Prank L.^Singer. Lewis aud Clarke: Nelson Story,^Gallatin; /.. T. Hurlon. Choteau; O. Y.^Cuddard, Yellowstone. J. A llrowu.^Beaverhead; W. It. Sutherliu. Meagher;^G^orge Liclioru, Custer; Georg.- V. Field,^( ascade-
Iaion farlfli- t-ui|Mi^ys^.^Omaha, Sept. 21.-The Futon Pacific^employes have voted not to submit to a^reduction in aages. Oil t ie Nebraska di^^vision tbe men voted to mike a loan to^the company of in por cent, of their^monthly salaries until Jan. 1. Tho pro^^tective board of the system will meet here^Monday and maku final ai raiigenu-uts for^federation.
H-stmid Cnnirort.^As cold weather approaches wearo more^p iriicular alsmt our beds. And to those^who need new mat tresses this a inter the^sale of the stock of the Montana Furni^^ture Co. by M. J. Council o. wdl Ik- found^a great boon. They will save lots of^money by taking advantage of this oppor^^tunity. Sale commences Monday,
KooertiMM * I. lib- llelter^chicago, Sept. 21.^Tho score in the^R iboris-Ives billiard in itch at the end of^the fourth nighi's play is: Ives. MMl^Kaliens. 3.4tO. The play was moro even^to-tngbt than last, Hobcrte scoring ^^points before Ives m i le a thousand. The^highest runs were: lies, loti; Kobeits, ^L
I.as-in.d t.legenrr.^A good dresser can only Mud that ease^and elegance w hich he is accustomed to^enjoy ill his clothing by having his suits^made to order. And to him a high stand^^ard of excellence both m cut, style and^tit. w hich the M. J. Contiell Co.'s tailor^^ing department tniitita n is a boon aud a^blessing much appreciated.
IIs. h i t t ^^^^ rd ly.
AtCincinnati^7; Boston, V
AtPittsburg-lS; Washington, t.
AtCleveland 16; Br.siklyu, 5.
AtChicago 2; Baltimore, 13.
AtLouisville-1, Philadelphia, 1*.
GltAVr.si..ND,Sept. 21. The tight be^^tween tins track and Gutteiiburg and Clif^^ton Is ended. It.-presentatives from the^associations and western pool rooms held^I a rnnltrrn- ^ last night vith the result^, that the war was declared off. The tele^^graph aires into Gravescnd which had^formerly been cut out Just before tbe^horses weut to the p-mt for the tlrst race^remained in pos tu^u Ibis afternoon and^information was son! to pool rooms. The^weather and track wero good. Tbe re^^sults: line mile aud a sixteenth Strath-^meath won; Merry Monarch, second;^Territler. third. Time. l:i*Vi. Hive fur^^longs- Frog Daure won ;Wernberg,second ;^Torch Hearer, third. Time, 1:'^. Culver^stakes, six furlongs ^Dr. Hasbronek won;^Correction, second. Time, 1 .It's. Brook^^wool ban heap, o-i-y milo and tbree-sixs^teenihs - Daily American won; H-rald,^second; Saragiasa, thirJ. Tune. ^tOltj.^Five and a half furlongs -Wall Jim won ;^Tigress, second; Little Bdlv. third. Time,^I '^ V One unle an t a sixt^e^n.b^Now^or Never won: May Win, second: Decep^^tion, th rd. l'ltne. I :IS^.
Ineenillsryfn* n^ lliilea.
specialMs\MMfe to the Standard
Dillon.Sept. 21.- A small frame build^^ing on South Montana street ^^ discov^^ered to lie on Ibe shortly after n o'clock^this evening. Tho lire soon spread and^consumed two ui i- of the surround ng^frame buildiugs, s lide a third one sas^partially torn down. None of tho build^^ings were occupied save ^chulti's photo-^graidi gallery. The toial loss is betweea^I2.U0U and tja,0tiii with no insurauce. 1 he^tire is of ineoudisry origin.
TheTan* Mil.^Washington, Sept. 21. - A very promi^^nent democrat on the ways and means^committee says ihe new tariff bill will be^completed within a mouth, if congress is^still in session it will l^e tinuicdiatel) pre^^sented. Tho demo* tats on the commutes)^foel in vmw of the unrest among I usiuess^men ou account of ih^ pio;m sed rci sion,^tho new schedules utigln to be made^kiiotsu as soon as |mi-s.ino so that busi^^ness can sootier adjust itself to the new^conditions.
San- of Hi* Mou -y In sigh'.^MaUxji trir., Mich.. Sept. 21. -There are^no new devuluptu'-iits in tue express rob^^bery matter. If the PuiUertons know^where the money is tbev have kept very^qtuet about it here. So far as anv ono^here knows, uoue of the boon is in sight^or actually located yet. The olUeers, how-^ever, ai-o confident of recovering tiie^money. Tue hearing of tbe prisoners has^boon iiostpoucd uuul next wick.
Ilelpel9m I l^ the (iirl's Itody.^S\n FnvMisin. Sept. 21. ^Dr. West's^mts'ross wxs arrested to-day charged with^being all accessory to the murder of Addle^Gtlmore. Tue police say tho Staley wo^^rn 111 saw West perform tho operation ou^MM G Itujre aud after the girl's death^assisted iu cutnug up the body.
11.1Bliss to Hs Keatersd.
SanFb^!^i'Isco. Sept. 21.- Notice has^been given by the Southern Pacific com^^pany that on Oct. 1 the rates will bo re^^stored by that company to the old figures.^Fins means that the $15 cut out of Los^Angeles will be done away with.
Kalesto sau t rauciseu.
Chic^ih^, Sept. 21.^The westorn lines^are be^t!iiuiiig to consider the question of^rates to the California midwinter exposi^^tion. Tho probability is the world's lair^rate w ill be maintained.
Scrihner'sMa.-aa.;io bound at the SrajiD-^A^U uHice.

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