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TKAIJT*arm ye
ll.teA. -if - Mixed train from J^ott*. IMM^1 ult* at ^ m am: SHrer Bnw 0 Hum,^Qregsos lo.nia; siu^it 10.37 a n
U ^^ M-Kroro Butt*. Lea*** t-uttalJ.St pra^Hitar Bow 1 uo n in, Urtssen 1.*, Muart^I M: lwrMUuT^iQlM^pa; DMrLodn^u.t-o p m; Warm oprUit*. 1.10 p a. IK out
l.'Jfip In.
.ISI', m Prom nuts* l^im Butt* voo pm;^Mirer How'.18 pm; Biuar; i.^7 p m.
trains1) k part,
00 a m- For Unite. Stuart t to * m; Ore*.
son*is am; Klim Bow a.soam, arrive^liuttetoieaa.
a.i A. M-Pnr Garrison Stuart 10 ^ a mi
WarmSJM 10 Hi am; lwr Lodge 11.a^a m, arrlv* C.arrl-on 11 45 ^ iu
so p.
P.V^Arrive* at Butt* 4.in pja;connect*^; Bllvrr Wow Jitu-'lloii withX'.f. Fast Mall.
Take*Effect Nov. 10, un
Lear*Standard Con
r.:WHta^tl:au 11 m^7:40 It Si
|riaM^010 u m
t);40.i in^|i^:S()a in^11:110 am^11:40 am^IV: 4D |^m
l:lSpm1 :S0 p m^IUOPB
:5^ D m^4:30 pm
6:00pm^5:90 pm^6:23 Dm^7 Oil p m^7:40 p m^K 20 pm
:00 p m^t 40 p m
I0:'J0p m^11:00 pm
C:ooa ra^7 onam^^:ooam^1:40 a m^^ :30am^10:00 a ra^10:40 a m^H:Soa m^li-ft.* am^12:52 p m^1:10 pm^t: 10 pra^tiiopm
fi:00p m^5:35 pa^0:'ifi p m^c*pn^1:20 pra^S:00 pro^(:40 p ra^r:J0pa^10:00 pa^10:40 pa
FredMcDonald, proprietor of tha Silver^Lake hotel of Butte, waa an Anaconda^visitor )osterday.
TbeKetinicott-Kasmusen orchestra will^furnish music for Prof. GajrnorTa social^this evening-. Admission one dollar.
Mrs.Murray II. Miles arrived from^Finite yesterday to visit her sisters. Mrs.^K. S. Maxwell and Mia* Bal Coburn, for a^few days.
Theinventory of the stock of foods in^C. \V. Brannon'a drug store has been com^^pleted by Assignee Delury, and tbe store^will be open for busin*** to-day.
Prof.F. L. Kern, wife and baby arrived^from Decatur, Mich., yeaterday and will^occupy Prof. A. L. Stone's residence on^South Oak street, for the winter.
S.S. Raymond will aoon (rase on Ada^Rohan's ahapely form, ill silver of course,^a* he left for the world'* fair yesterday, to^be absent two week*.
alikePaoia-a Parsed rimrsdar kit** ^^^JS-II la Coni.qunrt.
MikePeciffa passed Thursday night in^Jail for trying to obtain good* under two^names from the Tuttle Manufacturing^and Supply company Thursday afternoon^and evening. It seems he first v raited^tbe Tuttle store ^bout 4 o'clock and told^one of the clerks that hi* name was Mike^Paeiga and that he worked at tbe rentiers.^About two hours later h* again ealle-J at^toe store, ordered a lot of goods sent to^bis boms and was ^bout to sign Its name^to an order for tbe same on t he book^^keeper of the refinery. Tbi* tins* be gave^bia name as Mike French. Tbe clerk who^waited on Mr. Paciga or French over-^beard tbe conversation and charged the^gentleman then and there with being an^impostor. Chief Fagan was summoned^and piloted Mike to the jug.
Paciga,altbougn scarcely able to talk^United Slate*, was quite cunning, or tried^to be. He assumed a haughty air when^charged with attempting to procure good*^under false pretenses, denied that he ever^said bis name was Paciga, claimed bia^name was French and that he worked^every day at tbe converter. But when the^clerk whom he had tried to deceive called^at tbe Jail yeaterday morning and in^^formed him that he had found the real^and only Mike French at work at tbe con^^verter Thursday night while ho was in^jail. Paciga weakened and admitted that^lie did wrong and asked the young clerk^not to prosecute bim, as he was a married^man and would never do the liko again.^A* the Tuttle company waa not out any^^thing on tbe transaction, the manager of^ofthealore concluded not to prosecute^Paciga, and so Chief Fagan turned bim^loose yesterday morning.
Mi**Kittie Uogerty, accompanied by^Mayor McLaughlin, left for Missoula yea^^terday. Her many friend* of Anaconda^regret her departure.
MayorCorcoran of Carroll and J. M.^Kennedy went don11 1i10 valley yesterday^on a bunting trip. They will return Mon^^day morning with a fresh stock of bear
JohnLynch was able to leave the hos^^pital lor a short time yesterday after^being very *tck with typhoid fever. He^will aoon be abie to resume work at tne
Getyour fancy linena at M. J. Connell'a,^where you will find a complete assortment^in all the newest and best design* of^Imreau scarfs, doylie* toy clothe* and^splushcr*.
Eiderdown*in all the best solid colors^can bo fouud at M. J. Connell's, and also^the same goods woven in different colors^of camel's hair in such design* a* spot*,^wave lines and bow Knots.
Frankdeary, who hat I eon visiting Mr.^and Mr*. M. J. Foley on West Park ave^^nue for some time, left yesterday for^Helena, where be will remain a week with^relatives before going to bia home in^.Seattle. _____
Mi**Mary' Boyle left Uet Thursday for^Anaconda, whore she will make bar borne^in the future. Mi** Boyle has made many^warm friends during her stay in Hamil^^ton who will greatly regret her departure.^^Hamilton Sews.
Tammanyand Lamplighter will run to^^day 111 the fourth race at Gravesend, ac^^cording to the entries reoaured b^*t even^^ing. The distance i* a mite And an eighth,^w ith Lamplighter carryiog 1*7 pound* and^Xarntnaiiy 122.
Articlesof Incorporation have been^filed with the secretary of stats by ths
KopplerJewelry company of this city by^Joseph Keppler, \V. M. Thornton and G.^IS. Winston. Capital stock $25,001), in^shares of 1100 each.
TheCopper City Horse Shoes and Car-^roil club* meet on the diamond north of^the Montana Union depot this afternoon^tor a game of ball with ^1.5'j a aide. Link^Leonard is the man who has been selected^^* umpire. The game starts at 3 o'clock^.sharp.
X.J. Mct'ounoli. the well-known archi^^tect of Helona, will make Anaconda his^home in tho future, slid has rented office^room in tbe Quigley building, corner^Main street and Park avenue, where he^can be consulted in regard to building^plans and the like.
Oneef Theas K*^^nt. the Imputation sw
e'aras U* Is Concerned.
ToIke Edilnr ,J tht Standard.
Idesire to correct through 5 our roiunis* an^erroneous linprntlon now float,in: through the^commercial, 1 oIKieal and social atmosphere of^Sliver Bow cotiuty concerning the costs of Jus^^tice's court*, and which was pull l^lir^l in jour^Tsluablsjouic.ii a* emaoaliog from high au^^thority, aud to the effect that the county would^^ooo be Ini-Hiverksheil and bankrupted did the^**U state of aflalr* coutuiue.
Ispeak from my individual position a* ]s*tle*^of tbe peace and concerning the costs taxed up^10 the county by this particular court. It strikes^me forcibly that some of the officials at the^public mansion on the hill of Granite street are^talking through the guage of their official *ur-^rounilings. ihelr inv stunting proclivities aro^noteworthy, yet submerged id me entanglement^of fruitless research, or a distressing sliorlasH^of non collectahU tates has con ortloiil/ed their^Intetlecti to * ich a deplorable mass of unravel-^men: mat justice Is blinded iudeeu aud not ^im
Withyour gracious pen^fllturatlve fact* taken from
Mrs.J. Hallahan and daughter,.mother^and *i*ter respectively of Mrs. W. L.^in on noil of this city, arrived from^V. ir.ipe yesterday after an extended ab^^sence, and will visit ths latter for some^time before going to their home In Madi^^son county.^JiiHsuulian.
MissLula Cook, the 18-year-old daugh^^ter of Mr. and Mr*. J. M. Cook, died jres-^lei-day and will be buried this morning at^Id o'clock from the residence of her pa-^lent* on Warm Springs creek, a few mile*^cast of town. Tlie iuierment w ill take^place in the Anaconda cemetery.
Mrs.Charles Brucker desire* to state^1 h it she wa* 11 t responsible for the pub^^licity given the rumor that mi uttempt wa*^made by firebug* to burn the L*. T. Chi^^nese restaurant on First street. The^Stami vrd reporter did not get tbe story^as puiilishoj in Wednesday ^ paper from^Mrs. Brucker, but received his informa^^tion from another source. Mr*. Brucker^ditl not contradict one word of the pub^^lished ^tory^she simply asks the Stand-^ai:ii to say she did not see the reporter,
winchis true.
Lose1 1 mt. a Way.
Adrapatch from Missoula last week^snys: ^An angry mother with a detcr-^m tied look boarded the east bound train^tins morning in pursuit of her young^daughter, who fled yesterday and w ho I*^s 1 id to lie now wedded to a Pbilipsburg^man. The girl is Grace Carey, u pretty^young woman of 17 or ML She left quietly^^ ester lav. occorrllng toreport, to meet her^Ix-loiel.^ The young lady w hom tbe dis^^patch refer* to. Is now the hnppy bride of^Conductor Monger, tlie marriage taking^place last week a* announced in the (.'^//.^I he ^angry mother'' arrived in Philips-^burg the afternoon the ceremony was cele-^hrateii. hut returned to Ii-t home the fol^^lowing morning, without having had the^pleasure of being one of tbe happy wed^^ding gue^t^.^/'*i(ip*f*u/v Cali.
AnArtistic Pleee of Work By Anaconda^Mechanics to He Sent East.
FrankZimmerman will leave for Bos^^ton, Mass., about (Jet. 2, to attend the^first biennial convention of tho Brother^^hood of Railway Trainmen a* a delegate^from Copper City lodge No. 333. He will^present lbs national organisation with a^gavel weighing 4 pounds lii ounce*, made^out of refined copper from the Anaconda^mines and smelters. The metal wa* con^^tributed by tbe Anaconda company, and^H. J. Rainaford, foreman of the Montana^Union machine ahopa, with tbe aid of a^lathe, Ulo and emery paper, made the^gavel that for artistic workmanship and^durability will not only surprise the native^knowalls and bsaneaters of the Hub. but^also bring tbs grand collection of rail^^roader* to order in double quick time. It^i* studded with Montana sapphire*^and other native precious (tone*, making^an excellent souvenir, and show* what Uie^mechanic* of tbi* oity are capable of do^^ing. C. Cm Watson, the engraver for John^Merrill, engraved the end* of the gavel.
Onone end appear tbe word*, ^Presented ( round house end the oil a
Bythe Copper City Lodge N'o. 3:tt.^ on the 1 comp.eted by November 1
otherend, ^At the 1st biennial convention^held at Boston, Mass., Oct. 16, 18*1*3,^ In^beautifully carved letter*. Harry Pierce,^the bos* carpenter at tbe Montana Union^shops, wtll construct a box tor tbe copper^mallet out of walnut wood, nicely fluished^and lined with plush.
Theconvention will convene at Boston^Oct. 16 and continue it* *e**ion* about 15^day*. More than 620 lodge* from all over^tbe United States will be represented by^one delegate from each lodge, and if the^Anaconda copper industry does not get^some free advertising it will be because^the jolly railroader* do not appreciate the^artiatir work of our mechanic*. The Jewel*^hodecked gavel will be on exhibition at^Merrill'* st ore for a few days and will un^^doubtedly receive much attention by all^passers-by.
Mr.Zimmerman also intends to take^along aome copper ore. copper matte aud^the metal a* it come* from the converter^and refinery, a* a sort of affidavit for ths^skeptical that lie did not purchase ths^gavel while passing through Chicago on^hi* way to Boston.
WhereAre HI* JewelsT^L. Hackar, a young Hungarian, who was^a resident of Anaconda about a year ago,^suicided in St. Louis, Mo., ^bout two^month* ago, under the name of Bordo*.^In July a year ago he left Anaconda for^Missoula, where he tried to enter the army^service. Failing in that, he proceeded to^San Francisco, from there to Salt Lake,^Utah; thence to Chicago, and from there^to St. Louis, where be ended bis earthly^career by shooting himself. Young Hackar^possessed valuable Jewel* while In Ana^^conda, and pawned them a* be became in^need of money. The object of this notice^i* to assist hi* friend* in recovering the^Jewelry. Parties holding same will direct^all information to the Philipeburg Call^office.
ClemAustin and Billy Lewi* Matched.
AflnUh fight for a (AOO purse. $500 to^the winner and 11(^ to tbe loser, will take^place next Monday, September -t^, at the^Spokane baseball park, between Clem^Austin, the well known and clever welter-^weight of Canada, and Billy Lewis, ^the^Rusher,^ one of tbe fastest lightweight^fighter* in the country, Qtiesnsbury rule*^to govern. The battle will be on its mer^^it*, and i* under the atraplce* of ths Spo^^kane Criterion club, a gentlemen's sport^^ing club, having for its object tbe promo^^tion of ^honest athletic sport and the dis^^couragement of fraud, partiality and^trickery, heretofore connected with such^contests. The Criterion club sb masse^will be the judge of all disputed points in^the contest, and also select referee and^timekeeper.
1mission I will give tbe^on my docket. In the^mouth of August I tried *7 criminal case*, for^which I recclied from Miter l ow count) *^^^lmrlug the mouth of Septenib r, so far, I^have refused the l^^uanc^^ of Stl war^^rants In .11 alleged criminal coses widen^subsequently pioved charges of uo^moment or Import. My docket t hows a very^slmi.ar state ot rases since the first entry by^this court.
Myactual ex|s^n*e* for reut, light, fuel, etc.,^are about fi.v. |K^r month. These are lint^promptly and arc Ihiiililated from money* garn^^ered uy solid labor* i*^rfoiine.l outside the cr in^Inal line of business. I still fall to wear ^^^at-^*xin uniiereiothing. be* coutlne myself t^^ ual-^brlg/au, fl ail per suit, wi h com beef and cats^bage llisldeto salisty gastt'ouomic deui itnls nud^p.ethori/e in^ unato'iuy.
Thecaustic tongued gentry, who dwe I nfllc..^al y In the large glass house, w ith no rents, no^fuel, no hooks, no stationery, and 111 some rase*^no lied* to pay for from 11 lived large salary and^added fees, atid who dine off club pinto of preci^^ous metal aud rare old hand painl'M china, aie^throwing s ones too heavy for tite r brief^strength.
Ifother minor courts than mine have plied up^enormous accoiaits and costs .iga'.ii-t the count v.^1 should not be catalogueii with them. I ask at^the band of the geutiehien who hate given to^the pr.**s tlie derogatory statemeuts ro.'erred^to. eniluslyliig all the justices, to scrutlnl/^ more^closely the costs submitted to them and then^render unto ^'uesar that which Is Caesar's due.^Had 1 to depcud upon my tecelpls Horn ^..ver^Bow county for supp u t since I have licen Is^office 1 would essa on the hog train en route^to other clinics, the same at 1 was when 1 ar^^rived In Untie Ci \
Theyshould use less Invisible water and im^^perceptible so*t^ while cleansing the monthly^statement rendered. Trusting the opai|ueuess^of their investlg*iiug vision will he eliminated^and ins' my accutints will receive proper elassf^flcalloii after thorough ius|^ectIon. I remain^C. M. Coi.hax,^Justice of the Peace for (silver Bo* ^ ounty.
n-'te,Kept. :;^!. ma.'.
Newlloanil House and Oiher Italldlngs.
J.T. Quigley ha* received tho contract^for the building of tho G')-fooi turn table,^an oil and sand house 1:0x40. tho 10-stall^engine house and the cinder pit for the B.,^A. A P. R. K. The wall* or the buildings^will be of brick with stone foundation*.^All the wood work will bo painted with^white lead. The cinder pit and turn table^must be finished October K^, and the^nd sand house^Mr. t'tiigley^will put a gang of men at excavating for^tbe foundations immediately on Front^^treet, and feel* confident of carrying out^tbe contract if he is favored w ith good^weather. The new buildings will give^work to a numberof men now in the city,^and will liven up the western^end of the city when they are ready for^the locomotives of the new road.
Plentyor llueks.^Joe Mulvohill, the sportsman and res^^taurateur, returned last evening from Hod^j Rock with five dozen fat aud juicy teals^i and mallards, which lie and Boh Greig^j and John Healy winged during the past^'week. Thoy also shipped a sack fud of^ducks to their Anaconda friends tw o day*^ago. Mr. Mulvchill reports having found^11 ideal spot whero game is plenty. He^says Greig and Healy aro so well pleased^with the sport that they have decided to^stay out another week and will not return^before next Saturday, and maybe not^then. Mr. Mulvehill remembered some^of hi* Iriends last night^ho could not^reach all of them.
TheCollege of Montana Will
Thursday,September SI.
Theschool of mine* in one of the lead^^ing institution* in the United State* in^mining engineering. Special course* are^given in chemistry and assaying.
Wehave a very *iiccF(*ful military de^^partment. Drill three hours per week.^Uniform, West Point gray.
Wehave the best conservatory of music^in the northwest.
Wehate a preparatory noli til in which^boys may obtain a good bu*lne*j educa^^tion.
Acourse will he given during tic year^In pedagogy, pvscholngy and history of^education, for tho l^enetit of teacher*.
Jameslit ill. President,^Deer Lodge, Meat,
Sealedtender* will be received by tlie^undersigned until Tuosdsy evening.^Sept. 25, l-'1'. for furnishing public ^cliool^district No. 10. with wood ami coal for the^school year beginning Oct. 1. 1*!^3. All^fuel to be delivered at the school house*^of the district as ordered.
J.M. Kl SIM m .
SecretarySchool Dist. No. 10. Ansconda
AdiulisMe look ii.^Tacoma. Sept. 31.^ S. R. Duiinbofie, ex-^cashier of the Bank of Puyallup. to-day^pleaded guilty to a charge of embeiiling^14J,'*. 1 of tbe bank'* funds.
E.W. Comfort is back from Chicago^snd ia now ready to make you tbo finest^photo*.
TheAmerican Railway union will meot^this, Saturday, evoning. Sept. ftt, at 8 p.
,in the Anaconda hall. All railway^and ex-railway employe* aro reapiested to^attend and join the union.
H.II. Mavhf.w. Secretary.
ProfeasorGagnon will give a social^Saturday night at French hall. Ad^^mission fl.
KingA Kennedy are the only agent* in^Anaconda for the St. Regi* Indian lias*^kets. New stock just received at low prices
Scrihner'aMagazine bound at the ST a no^^ah d office. _
Twenty-eightdollar* buy*a base burner.^^Ktim and see.^ H. J. Blume.
J.M. Kennedy haa two comfortable^four-room house* to rent 011 rcasunahio^terms.
Souvenir*ol tbe
UPPERWORKS m^Colored Photos on
Motherof Pearl,
Wewill be pleased to show ths^our Custou-era
Giveus an^Opportunity
ToShow You Our
Ourbuyers have just returned from the^Eastern markets; the new goods are now in;^they were bought during the greatest depres^^sion,^ at our own prices. Our customers
willreap the benefit, it will be a source of
proi'itto all \yho want
ASuit^An Overcoat^or A Hat
Itis of the Greatest Importance to come^without delay to make an early selection.^We Guarantee:
bethe Very Lowest.
theVery Best Made.
theVery Latest.
theBest that Skill can Produce.
. That r^ Style^Jt_l Prices
Workmanshipand Low IM
SB S^ . _
Weare The People
TheCopper City^Commercial^Company

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