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Thepublic once more astounded^at the prices asked for fine^goods.
LadiesSuits S^Tg.
}ton suits, street dresses, house^dresses, traveling dresses, blazer^suits, rcclcr suits. These prices^will sell tliem
Not*Ca^TTy. ^4
Ntvyblue on lule scrj^e, um^^brella skirt, with rows of stitch^^ing, double-breasted Columbia^jacket, balloon sleeves, wide re^^veres. Price, S-S.50. Sale Price,^$15-
HlackHenrietta cloth suit, full^empire skirt, trimmed with folds^of cloth, wide ruffles on shoulder.^Trice, IjOJ Sale Price, $16 50.
IlluminatedFrench n.ittc suit,^plain umbrella skirt, double-^breasted Cli.irlottc C01 il.iy jacket,^wide reveres, steel and pearl^buckle^ Trice. S35. Sale Price,^$18 50.
FrenchhopatfUag costume.^, Skirt trimmed with five-inch wide^lolds of material with piping of^contrasting shade, umbrella waist^with balloon sleeves, vest front.^Trice, S;^^ Sale Price, $20.
Tailorin ide suit fine black clay^worsted, lull umbrella skirt, di-^rcctoirc coat with Worth collar^and lapels, elegant costume for^street, same style in navy blue.^Trice, $40 Sale Price, $25. Less^than first cost
Fifteen-dollarhandsome suits,^$8.50; Si2. 50 stylish dress, $6.50;^fiio well made costumes $5. Call^and sec them.
11.J. tell Co.
^buttlcukki-nt notes.-
J.T. ( igar.
Assigneenla at M Wfaal I'nrk.
Alwayscall for ^ ciitcnni.il Ix-cr.^Men'* line shoos. $_'.^^^. Tim lied Hoot.^K. W. James loft for San Krancisoo yes^^terday.
J.K. Sporlinc lofl for l ilnestou n yes^^terday.
'Ilit- lied llool in lioutl^|iiarU'ra for^ru libers.
J.T. ciear factory is located at 7:1 I..^I'arU. Ihillc.^lKin't iiiikm The Kod Hoot's *hoo sale.
TI10Montana Central train wan tliroo^hours lalu last night.
SeeThe lied Hoot window for bargains^ill pai i\ nllp|M^ra.
'1lie Unite Ministerial association will^meet this morning.
Mrs.\\ M. Ton 11\ and children are ex^^pected home Tuesday.
Ma annl hualatt anil in.ulu to order.^See N'asli A Co. buys' one.
Watchchainii at cost this neck. Leys^the Jeweler, Oa/aiaj block, llutto.
lor a niceilrcss -.int made t^i order. See^N.tsh A Co.. Tailors. $ln buys one
TableIsmrtl at t he Now Unite, a week ;^commercial rates ,.i and upwards.
Abelle^mati ik able lo lie. nut again,^eieath to 1I10 satisfaction of hm many^Irienda.
Mm.J. f, I.aKson returned from I'ipe-^at^iiie Spriufi yesti nla\, greatly improved^in health.
Tahloboard. 17 |ier week. Transient^rales, kLM and t i |^or day. Medlar-^mutt hotel.
Lcya,the jeweler, has received llio^largest import af opera classes ever^brought to Unite.
Kei.(ihortnlev will lecture, at llio t lirm-^ttan cliiut'h Tncuday evening on ^l.ovo,^Courtship and Marriage.
Witha cent purchase of soap or New -^hro'b w itch ha/td ci-eani yon itotaciiau.ee^on a u'oid watch at New tiro's.
Purchase^ cents'worth of aoap nt^New bio's and itct a chance on the fold^watch ^ hich will l^c given aw .t^ Hoc. In.
'1'noleTom's Cabin^ will show at tin*^opera house I'mlay and Saturday nights^ol lifts week and at a Saturday matinee.
The cable railway Ix-twccn Unite and^Walkervilf lias not Ik on I'uniiiii* ran^^ince Saturday night owing lo a break in^the cable.
Or.L. K. Hohnes, ph^ sician and snr-^eeolK A7 W est llroadwav. Telephotio V%^* Iflice hours, s to In a. III.; to 1 and t^ to^0 p. in.
Dr.T. J. Murray. I Hhee and residence,^Murray 4 Gillespie's hospital.
OMglsss B|^-cial aale this week at^Le) '. the Jeweler, Owsley block.
Lookin beys*, the jewelers, window this^BjajaK ^lleautics'.' o^^lo^ block.
Thirtythousand rolls gilt wall paper, 1^.^rents double roll at t aider llioa., i'l Last^(Juan/ fetreet.
Fromf-.Vi upwards tlna week. Leys, the^Jew eler. t in sle\ block.
Tbewell know n American tailor ban rc-^turned to Itutte and ia located on is;^llioa tin..) opposite the I'acilic Impress.
MacabkesAttichtioh! Bcvulaf Beset-^ins ol l( ih) taut So. ii lu-mglit. A lull^attendance requested.
AUser's Thrilling Experience With i^Ghost in the Magna Charta.
ItWas tho SoiHt of Sam Bond and^It Haunted a Particular Spot,^Terrlfylna All^Hands.
Bcttk,Nov. -Six well Known old^time miners met in a saloon a few eve^^nings ago and over their foaming ulaaaca^of beer told aeveral mterestine storiea of^adventure and thrilling ex|^erionceH in the^early days. The Ural five bad told of^aoinu excit nig experiences, and it was the^turn of the sixth man, who bad ueou^ipiietly liaiuning to tho atoriea told by his^friends. After getting away with another^round of drinka. they turned to the one^who had not yet told a atory and one of^themaaked: ^Well, Hill, what have you^got for us to-night^''
Aftera moments hesitation Hill began^an follows: '^Well, boya. it happened in^'M.t, and 1 can aafely aay thai II waa the^only tiiuo in my life that my hair actually^stood on end. Ah you all know when I^an ink camp Mrsi I wont to work ut the^(iagnoit mine, and hooii aftor atarting^there | heard one day that a man named^Sam Houd bad been killed in tho Magna^Charta mine b^ the explosion of half a^sin k ol powder w hich he had carried ill^tho mine in Ins pocket. 'I Ins made mo^more careful than iiauiil in handling^ponder for some time afterwards, but I^mm,n forgot tho occurrence and wurked oil^until August of that year, when 1 loat my^job. I le u 1 went up to the Alice to look^tor work. 1 camped around there for
about two weeks lteforelc.il oil. allll
luringthat time 1 got ac^|uanitod with^some of the boya and they w ere telling^Minn) tjueer atoriea alaiut there^being a glioat in tho Magna Charta^mine. They aaid it waa the spirit^of Sain Itond. Somo claimed they bad^neon it and others had heard alraugo^noises and some bad luiaaed their tools.
Ilistened to all tlna and laughed^timctl) to myself at their foolish iioiioiim.^Well, one day the foreman put me to^work on fbe 'trial atafJay winch ia tho^place w here a new man la teated. After 1^hail Is ell there one shift the foreman told^me to go over to tho *Mag,' and aaid the^alutt iMisa would put mo to work. ICa^about l.llUtl feet from the Alice to thn^'Mag' and while on the wa.v over there I^commenced to think of the atoriea 1 had^heard tin my arrival you can innc'llio^my surprise when the boss told me that I^waa to work III tbe 'llond' drift. When he^bad directed ma w hen* to go and I arrived^at tho fare of tho drift, I found I waa all^alone. The neareat man to me waa ^St^feet away. 1 started ill lo work, and a.aiu^gelling warmed up to it and wanting to^make a good allowing on my tirat slutt. I^forgot all about tbe ghoat of Sam Houd.^All went well until lunch nine ami when^I went on lop I noticed aome of the boya^looked at me in a kind of expectant way.^but 1 aaid nothing, until finally one of^them naked: 'Say, paid, how do you^like working in UaJ llond drift'.'' I aaid I^liked It all right and there the matter^dropped. At I o'clock I alartod back to^work and bad arrived oppoaite the mouth^of the drift when all of a sudden my cau^^dle went out. I held up my hand and^found there waa ipiuc a draft there, anil^having only one match I concluded not to^light my candle until 1 got into the drift,^so in I alartcd. I ^had got in |M^rhapa .VI^feet, w hen all at .mice I heard a noise aa if^someone waa walking in the drift ahead^of BM on their 1 ip na's, ami slipping every^other slep or two on the small rocka. I^stopped and listened for a iiioiuenl or^Iwo, but heard nothing fiinhwr and^thinking it waa my imagination I again^Ktarted, but that waa about all. tor 1 had^hardly taken the flrat atep when I heard^the MMaj awfill cry that it bad ever been^my miaforiiinu to listen to.
**1atop|^ed. turned around and ran some^dn-t.ince out and stopped and listened^again. Vow 1 am not easily scared, but 1^cotifeaa thai cr^ took aome of the aap out^of me, but after thinking it over for a few^minutes I made up my mind 1 would llnd^out what it all meant, so lighting my^candle 1 atarteil once more my, hat^Jammed tight on my head and MB teeth^aet hard. 1 hail prca-ccdcd in about two-^thinlaof the way when I again heard a^noiae. This time it noiinded aa it aome^one waa scratching earth over with their^hands, | wcui oil a few ateps further.^Now you know that the light from a aingle^caudle doca not |^euetrate very tar ahead^ilia dark drift. Well upon raising my^eyes from the track nnd looking ahead I^Haw a akdit that made tn^ blood run cold^and my hat raised fully two inches by my^hair winch I am posit i\e stoisl straight up^on end. Ibglu there in front of me I^diercrncd two of the brightest grts^u c\ ea^that were emitting sparks ol lire that man^ever saw .They Roomed tit me to be fastened^up alHitn hall wax in ihe ilrifi. Thiasight^fastened imdii llio spot for wliat Hccmcd^to me an age, bin was in reality perhapa a^luntute. w hen aiiddeuly Ihe eyes disap-^pe.ired ami aomeibitiL' went by me like a^shot mil of a gun. I stoisl there not able^to mm e for aome t ime bin finally I Itcgau^tocolliM-t my acattcred senses, and it did^not take mo long to get a move on my^^self. I fairly flew oxer the ground past^tin* exit to the shaft and out through the^ohi tunnel w Inch goeH out tothe aurlace. I^tan until I could ace the mouth of tho^tunnel and daylight. Then I paused^to catch my breath for I had rim I.I'M^feet at a pretty faal gait. While I waa^standing there resting, m.v heart aiiddeuly
usedto Ileal, for 1 could distinctly hear^that ghoat coming behind me on the run.^^i1111 Mfa*a I could move I felt something^go between illy legs with a sw tab aiul bias-^inglloiac. I fairly went blind for a mo^^ment, then when 1 o|tcncd my eyes again,^thci-e stood the ghoat not Iwo sets away,^on tin* spread sill of Ihe set. Well, gen^^tlemen, when 1 saw it 1 was so thunder'^tin.'Laud excited that 1 seized a roi'k^and struck that ghost such a lick on the^ear that I killed it stone dead. I ihen^pnetly sneaked back lo ni^ dull and went^o w ork.
AlterHaying tlna much. Hill ipiietly^picked up In- glass of ls^cr. drank II and^said. ^Well, 1 guess the old woman will^be looking for me, so 1 guess I'll go
Ihe other Ihe men w ith one \ oil e said :^^Slav. Mill! You did not tell ua wbat that^ghost liHiked like!'' ^Didn't I.^ said lint,^and with a wink at the barkeeper, he^quietly said, ^Well, it looked like a Ing^black cat.
ItargiilnaIn I h|ii^ir* ami Cigar*.
Havingpurchased the entire stork of^the Mtfaf Cit^ Distilling cnmpnnv. Cast^Kmadwax.at sheriffs sale. 1 wdi begin^Monda^, the L'7tb mat., nt the old aland,^tod -pose ol the h.mio at bankrupt prices.^This is a line and well aasorteat stock of^the beet grade of lnpiors and cigars and^must |Hisit i\ely be closed out before the^new ^enr. and w ill Im^ sold in lots t^, suit^tin- trad.- and prices to suit the nines.
II.1.. C. vxi,.
Chrvaanthenum plants or cut tlonei^tor 1 tiauksgivnig. Stiul.ix or asp.iiagu^t^ses, cniiieioas, ate. t liilcr carlv^binary ball ol Mis. H. J. Knox,^Ura nit*.
It'saa Ofllee Whteh the Hoard May Cre^^ate or Abullah at Will.
atom,Nov. 2H.^County Auditor Win^^ters is in receipt of a written opinion, of^usual length, from Attorney General Has^^kell, relating to tbe office of road super^^visor. The old board of county commis^^sioners on March 7 appointed J. J. Hag^^gerty supervisor for a year, and the^county auditor wanted to know If the new^board had the legal right to ignore the^contract witb Hag gerty and appoint anew^supervisor. Mr. Haskell cites numerous^authorities throughout bis opinion, and^says the office of road supervisor is not a^county or township office, and therefore^tho tenure of ofllee does not apply to road^supervisors. The commissioners may at^any legal mooting create a rood district^and appoint a supervisor for the same.^At a subsequent meeting they may cut^down the district or abolish it, and there^^by relievo the supervisor of his duties. In^doing this by the board, tbe supervisor^baa no complaint, because tbe office is^not a county or township office and exists^only at the will or pleasure of the board;^because it is not a salaried office and^there is no fixed compensation to be paid^forthe services of such supervisor, snd^because there is no fixed term of office.^Therefore thn incumbent holds such office^w holly ut the will and pleasure of tbe^board.
Inappointing I ho supervisor the board^did not enter iitto a contract, nor did he^obtain a vested right thereunder. It may^lie noied that no road supervisor baa any^general power delegated to hun under the^law to repair any public road in his dis^^trict, or construct any new road therein.^The supervisor cannot of his own motion^incur any expenditures whatever without^llrst obtaining an order from tho com^^missioners. The supervisor may work^out the special road tax among residents^in his district, and by this labor improve^the public highway, but he cannot employ^men and teams for tbe purpose of repair^^ing any public road and thereby make the^county liable for the expense so incurred,^unless he bus an order from the board.^The supervisor is simply a creature of the^board, not of the law, and may be re^^moved at any time, witb or without cause.^He holds Ins office at the will and pleasure^of the board and not by any tenure of^otlice act. A law which provides that an^ollicer may he removed in a certain way,^or for a certain cause, does not restrain or^limit the power of removal to the cause or^in.inner so Indirated. The power to re^^move is an incident to the power to ap^^point. '1 lie tenure of ministerial offices^is generally at the pleasure of tho appoiut-^inu |^ower.
Theattorney genera I concludes that tho^action of the board in appointing Mr.^llnggerty did not constitute a contract:^therefore tho order made in removing tho^supervisor was not a rocisioti of a con^^tract; and therefore the action of tho^MaM ^^^ the premises was consistent^w ith the power delegated to it under the^law.
Asu It. Ii in Hi's Prvarnra of Mind Saves^I ha Knglae.
Hi'TlK.Nov. 'M.^ Several car loads of^salt w-hich were being taken over tho Mon^^tana I'uion to the Moulton mill yesterday^ran olf the track and are piled in a^w recked pile near the mill. The approach^to the mill is up a very steep grade and^the rails were so slippery from frost that^the brakes wouldn't hold and the locomo^^tive and cars began to slide down tbe^grade. The engine was saved by tbe^presence of mind of a switchman who un^^coupled the engine from the cars when he^saw an accident would be unavoidable.^Two men. w hose name- were not learned,^bad a narrow escape from being caught^in the w reck, ami as ii was they escaped^w ith a few bruises. The place where the^accident occurred was the scene of the^Ratal accident several years ago w hen all^engine ran into a brick stack, by which^several men were killed.
tlubuathsa Ralph, .lamas Hums and^Timothy Hastings Laid to Itr.t.
Bunts'Nov. 3il.^There were three fun^^erals in Uuiio this afternoon. That of^Jolinathan Kalph was held from St.^t.eorge's hall. Ccnlcrville, tho members of^I'eacoaud Harmony lodge following the^body lo the Montana i'nion depot, where^it was shipped to Salt Lake.
Thefuneral of James Hurns was held^from list Walkerville and was attended^by Silver How badge. No. 11, A. O. C. W..^and 11.inner lodge. No. 1, Degree of Honor,^together w ith a largo number of their^friends.
Thefuneral of Timothy Hastings was^belli from the residence of 1J. 11. Mctiuire,^No. It; Clear Grit terrace.
I. II. Kfxbllnctnn MM Hlin.cll I',..
Dt'TTK,Nov. 2tk A young fellow w ho^gave Ins name as K. II. Kedditigion went^to ihe county jail this afternoon and gave^himself up, saying that ho was w anted in^Sail Like for obtaining money under^falsi* pretense*. Ho aaid be had liecn^evading ihe ollicers but now that the cold^w caiher w as coming on and hi1 w as out of^w ork and homo he was willing to enjov^the comforts of a jail ami stand impi ison-^naatsl for his otfeuse. Ilia familv hvca at^Salt bake, lie was locked up and a tele^^gram sent to Salt Lake.
Hotthe Botte Mongolians Get Around^tbe EiclDiion Act
Palming Off Photographs of Pigtails^In China aa ^Merchants^ of^Chinatown for the Purpose^of securing Signature*.
Ui'TTR,Nov. 36.^A new trick, and one^that has been worked successfully by the^heathen Chinee in Itutte, in getting around^tbe Chinese exclusion law, was discovered^yesterday by Assistant Postmaster Flavin.^Aa is well known, common Chinamen are^prohibited altogether from coming into^the country, and cannot even return if^tbey leave America for a visit to China. A^merchant, however, can visit bis country^and return again provided he arms him^^self before starting with a certificate with^his photograph attached, and endorsed by^some public olllciul and several white bus^^iness men. Half a hundred or moro of^these certificates have been endorsed in^tbe past few months, and it began to ap^^pear as if every Chinaman merchant m^Unite was leaving for China.
llhas been the custom on the part of^the Chinese to employ sumo attorney to^draw up thoir certificates and attach a^photograph furnished by tbe Chinaman,^the picture being represented as that of a^^partner in Ihe store,^ wiiu was too busy^to attend to the certiticale business him^^self. Tho documents, usually secured by^sumo Chitiese merchant w ho is quite well^known, is then taken around to sumo^prominent white business men, after^bankers and public officials endorse the^photograph and certilicaies as correct,^upon the representation of tbn Chinamen^w lio seeks the endorsement and without^seeing tho original of the photograph.^Sometimes the Cbiuaiuan ia asked why^tbe owner of the ceriillcato and photo^^graph does not himself come around, and^tho explanation is made that bo is too^busy and cannot leave the store or that lie^cauuot talk hngliah, and tho explanation^is too oftoti accepted us true.
Thediscoveries made by Mr. Flavin^showed beyond a doubt that the photo^^graphs belong to Chiuameii in tbe old^country and that they have been sent to^friends here to be ai tai led to certificates^to show ih.it tbe original are ^merchants''^in Uutte. Tho certilicaies are then sent^to ihe fellows in China and tbey have no^trouble in gelling into thia country. A^Chinatow n merchant. Kan 1'ong Low . has^bad made out no Ichs than ball a BOSSS of^such certificates within the last week for^^partners of his*' who wanted to visit^their old homes in China. Tho certili^^caies were all endorsed by well known^Uutte business men and Low took them^to Mr. Flavin for official attestation.^Tbe lattcr's suspicions wore not aroused^until Low's business partners began to^grow to such numbers as to appear un^^reasonable, and w hen he called at the^I^ostoffice again yesterday with still an^^other certilicato of a ^partner^' who^wanted to visit China, Mr. Flavin insisted^on seeing the partner himself, so that it^might be determined if the photograph^looked anything like him. ^lib, ho busy^in store,^ Low started to explain as usual.^He was told to go back and care for the^store while the ^partner^ brought his cer^^tificate up, but Low then remembered that^the partner could not speak Kngltah. Ho^ditl not get his certilicato endorsed, how^^ever, and probably went uway and got^some other ollicialto sign it.
Quitefrequently telegrams of inquiries^are received at tho postollice from tho^revenue collectors on tho coast asking^whether ihe holders of these returning^certificates are merchants belonging n,^ilutto. The record allows that such a cer^^tificate was issued and the fraudulent^holder gets in. There ia no doubt that^thousands of Chinaman get into this^country through this trick. Tbe citizens^should insist that the right Chinaman^should lie produced before signing any^cortillcatc.
Inlts Mails lo Order at Lowest^I'rlres.
Nash^^ Co., tailors, are doing an im^^mense business on those new iui|^orted^woolens they bought for ^ cents on tho^dollar.
(moddomestic suits forlino im
portedsuits for ^lo.
Don'tknow what others sell them for.
Somoof our competitors say this and^that about Nash A Co.
Whatdo you think about them any-^Isuw
Anyof our JsKl or js^.^* suits can bo made^ia two or three days if necessary,^t all and set; us.
Hev.J. F. (ihorinley w ill deliver a lect^^ure at tbe Christian church, corner Mer^^cury and Washington streets, on Tuesday^evening. Nov. -X, at 7 o'clock. Subject,^^Love, Courtship and Marrtxge.^ S|w^cial^music by I'rof. I'.aston of Illinois. Tickets^aOc,on sale at Calkins' store.
Watchcleaning. PsJsV Crvstals. 1^^ cents^at New man A Meyers, i'J W. l'ark St.
MadamShields, bairdressitig and beau^^tifying parlors. Hid Ow sley block.
OiPrices low.
Thesort that will-stand up against hard^wear and be a credit to us That's the^kind we arc well known (or.
Allswell enough to the most fastidious and all at eastern wholesale
O.K. Lewis
Downwe ^o from to^^day towards the end of^November. The dead of^winter is slowly creeping^upon us and the wind^whistles to be ready with^warm things to shut out^discomfort and disease.
Anounce of promptitude^may save a pound of re^^gret and a week of pain.^Delaying the getting is in^^creasing the danger.
Afive or ten minutes'^stop at the Hosiery and^Underwear counter and a^few minutes in the Cloak^and Suit room is time^enough to have us send^home all that is needed.
Count^ing evry-^thing^there is^not inthe^whole^stock of^cloaks^ONE^ARM^^FUL of^things^carried^over^from last^season.
Themark of^perfect^newness^is on everything in this de^^partment.
Weoffer six plain tailor^made cheviot jackets, large^sleeves, regular price $7,^sale price $3.
8plain cheviot jackets,^mostly large sizes, regular^price #9, sale price 55-
11fur trimmed jackets,^blacks and tans, regular^price $15 and 520, sale^price $7 50.
I;ursof all descriptions.^The largest stock in Mon^^tana. That expresses near^^ly everything regarding^our Fur Stock,except that^our retail prices are what^other dealers have to pay^for theirs at wholesale. We^manufacture them our^^selves and save our cus^^tomers the 25 to 50 per^cent, profit other dealers^arc compelled to ask you^in order to keep even with^large expense accounts.
FurNeckwear of every^kind, This week's special^is a lot of best quality^Flcctric Seal Head Scarfs^at S2.95 each.
Thewholesale list to^dealers alone for a fair^quality only, is more than^that.
Capesof Otter, Seal,^Heaver and every other^desirable fur in all the new^shapes.
GenuineAstrakhan coats^at $40 and upwards.
Leaveyour orders now^for garments made special^^ly in time for the holidays.^Pur trimmings of every^sort at about half what^you are accustomed to pay.
Nowoman would hem^sheets and pillow cases for^the fun of doing it^if she^knew how to avoid it.^Simple enough^buy them^ready made.
Fullsize Pillow cases^19 cents
Fullsize Sheets (Scents.
Cantonl-lannels. Of^course there is a choice.^One for this use. another,^for that. The easy place^to pick is where all quali^^ties are kept.
Bleacheda n d U it-^bleached Canton Flannel^8 10. 12' 1. is. 18, 20, 25.
Aboutfifteen grades in^all.
whohas never visited oua
Store,should do ao at once.^We havo just received oui^Fall Stock of Goods and here,^you will llnd
oO Jji
otbed ,.i.w
youmay desire In Furnish*^ings, Hate, Shoes, Hoaviaf^Underwear, Trunks, Valisea,^etc. These Good3 we can't^afford to handle without^^,lal filial'
Butour Prices and Qualities^considered are the Lowest in^the state. We can suit you^exactly.
AnotherGreat Decline
^1 (10
A^1 110
6^1 !!.-.^1 Ul^1 00
nranulateilSut'sr, r*r cwt
VimHcutm't I'iM-oa. per lb
Ult^^. KaMas f^r
lni|*rted('l!rou. peril)
Inmiik Owl or Columbia Cream
1mi Mir led Lemon Peel, per box
LsTSjoy'S1.irak'.lit Food per pkg
1nil IiikIi aTSiio .1.1 nan Tea per 0 lb. box ..
Karlus,10 Hi pkR for
icans good Salmon for
lSiirnott'tKxtraet*. Vanilla and Lemon,
n. st .mi cents ^^ tbe dollar.
12' ins Mard.oss for
1 pkKti Gloss or Corn Ptarch for
lbs. Vieiiob frillies for
10Ibi. Figs for
Afull assortment of the bast Jams and
I'resei ^.^^ st JSC -u h
rallfnrnla.laws and Jellies. (1 for
NewYarmouth Hloaters, per dozea
10lb. Box of Vermicelli
|tbam ftoap
I* lb ran* Oorusd beef for
Erorjarticle told br ut Is (uaranteed bjr as
asto WKIGHT and Ql'AI.ITY, Wo are the^Most Extensive Cash Purchasers of Groceries^In the city and ran nave you -joc on every dollar^^xpended In our stores. On WINKS AND^I.lgL'0H8 ws can savj you fin per cent on tits^dollar, us you can purchase of us for ons-half^the price yon pay others. Csil and see for^yourselves that oar statement Iseorrect
ButteCash Grocery Co.
A.F. BRAY, Manaaer.^Corner Park and Wyoming Streets, Itutte city.^Uiberuia BulMlnK. CentervUle.
100^1 OS^1 00^I 00
190^1 00
TheCast Aluminum Dental Plata
TheLtqhtoat, Strongest and Cheapest
$io,ooPy set.
TeethExtracted Absolutely Painless.^Flllinrjs, Crown and Br.dfye Work at Low^^est Kates. Examination Tree
W.H. WIX, D. D. S.,
0.K. Lewis ^ Co.
Physicianand Surgeon
!^ t dence at^\\ ither^po^n Mospiini. Corner Park^anil Jajvson Streets.
NewOwsley Macks Eouith Floor.
o::.s. V.- rr.i. ; yo:jplytl Oy Dr.

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