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STANDARDPUBLISHING COMPANx*^Publishers and Proprietors.^Printed Erary Day In the Year.^Entered at the pontofflee at Anaconda aa iecood
clawmail matter.^Subacriptloti Rates-Payable in Ad^^vance.
Poeta**free for the I cited State*. Canada and^Jleiloo. El^e^ here asstaaa added.
Dallyand Sunday, one year*10 00
I ^ six months 0.00
^ ^ three months, 3.00^^ ' ^ I one month^ 100^Sunday, one year2 50
MalaOffice, Standard Build lnj. Ana^^conda Telephone No.^New York Office, 186-7 World Bulldlnj.
TheStandard has branch ofllces at^Butte, Missoula and Great Fails.
Alloeneral business letters and corre-^^pondence should be addressed to the^.Mandard Publlshinsj Company. Ana^^conda, Mont
THEBEST IN THE NORTHWEST.^The Standard s news service Is the moat^complete It has patrons In every part ol^the Great Northwest. Its carrier service^ncludes Anaconda. Butte, Helena, Mis^^soula, Bozeman.Llvtnaston, PhlUpsburj^Granite Great Palls. Deer Lodge, DlUoo^and all other important points
fkiday,am u. mm.
Conclusionsat Memphis.
Theargument in favor of free coin^^age Is tersely set forth In the words af^the platform that was adopted yester^^day In the Memphis convention. The^resolutions have the ring of the ri^ht^sort, as far as doctrine is concerned.^On the score of policy, we conclude^that the resolutions are the forerunner^of a split in the democratic party, the^* signs of the times belnK that the^stronger wing will lead af for outright^fiee coinage, without waiting for a^hint of friendly assistance from any^foreign power.
Thatis satisfactory. Otherwise the^delegates at Memphis might have been^disposed to fall in with the populists;^no man who loves his country and is in^the enjoyment of five well-developed^senses would feel disposed to adapt^himself to the vagaries that have such^political pin-heads as ex-G,ivern^f^Walte for their sponsors. The populists^sought to get the running of things at^Memphis. They failed; and their fail^^ure. In our opinion, amounts to the^salvation of the free-coinage cru^^sade.
Onecan see that democrats were In^control in the proceedings that led to^the hearty applause of the resolutions^that were adopted yesterday afternoon.^Now let us hope that In due time a^convention with republican preponder^^ance will be htlii If that happens^^and we believe it will happen^the re^^publican party will be rent, and out of^it will come an lntellig-nt contingent^|af free coinage which will so multiply^in strength that silver will be the pre^^vailing factor in the presidential elec^^tion of next year.
Welook for a national convention^that will be ealled as the outcome of^the resolutions adopted at Memphis.^For the politics In this business, we^care not a whit. It Is probably true^that, as Senator Stewart said yester^^day, there are more Harrisons than^there are Clevelands and more Sher^^mans than there are Carllsles. Be they^republicans or democrats, we look to^see the forces get together in the for^^mation of the Silver Party of the Peo^^ple of the United States.
HeDidn't Q.-t It.
Thepension case of Judge Long has^been disposed of. He made application^for the highest pension for total disa^^bility. If the words mean anything^they mean that the applicant is una^^ble to earn anything and that he de^^pends for support wholly on the money^he receives from the government in the^form of a pension.
JudgeLong is a member of the su^^preme court of Miehlgan and he draws^a salary of J7.50O a year. P. aaiaa. c '. ,m-^missloner Lochren took this matter up^a long time ago. He could not see^that Judg* Long was totally dlsiblcd^and he reduced him to the class of^pensioners who draw JuO a month.^Judge Long carried the matter Into^court in the city of Washington, where^Judge Bradley ovrrukd the flaclrton^of Commissioner L e'nr, n. An appeal^was taken and the final decision is that^the commissioner is right. The month^^ly allowance for the totally disabled^pensioners is $72 a month. It aaasafl^impossible that there should 1j. any^room for honest differences of opinion^as to the paraoM who are entitled to^enjoy this handsome itipe tij. At any^rate there ought to be no question as^to the unworthlness of any ^^^Hnani^for it when it develops that he is earn^^ing a salary of 17.500 a year. Judge^Long merits contempt for the persist^^ence with which he ] ress. d his greedy^demand, and it is a sa'i^fmittOH to^know that the court has knocked him^out.
WhoIs Montana Jack
InIts edition for last Monday, the^Buffalo Kxpress gives a long account^of the life and times and ^I fillIIa^^and blood-stirring tape riaajca ^f \j,)n.^tana Jack. This gentleman, it app.-ars.^presented himself at police headquar^^ters in company with Ariz na Steve^and Fought permission la play mu^k-al^instruments on the atfaeta of iiuf,;,].,.^It seems that .Viz e i s-. ve plays the^xlyophone, the Japanese Mite, .h- vio^^lin ^f civilization and fifteen or sixteen^other Instruments; tie-SSS doe.s
notenlighten us as to Montana Jack's^musical aecmplUhments.
ButMontana Jack can talk^In the^hearing of the delight.,! reporter he^reeled off more stories of startling^personal experience than Sam (jauf-r^could recite at a sitting. He evidently^made a pleasant impression on the re^^porter, who says that Montana Jack
ishandsome, that he sports a long,^sweeping, reddish mustache, and has^a coming goatee and a sombrero. His^present exciting occupation ^s that of^a wagon painter in a Buffalo shop.
WhatMontana Jack says of himself^brings him close home to people In^these parts. He boasts that he is the^^son of a wealthy carriage-maker and^horse-dealer In the city of Helena^ and^that, on his family's account, he re^^fuses to give out his real name, ad^^mitting that some of his exploits might^not look well In print. He professes^that he was born In Helena and be^^longs It ^that better class of people^^which gained distinction during the^recent little controversy over the cap^^ital.
Whatever there may be about this^fellow s account of himself, it's a cau^^tion the way he pumped thrilling^cowboy fiction Into the Buffalo re^^porter. In any event, he managed to^be Interviewed for publication; and^that fact of itself Is In the nature of^evidence that he probably does hall^from Helena.
They'reAfter Him.
Manyof the republican newspapers^of goldbug proclivity are trying to^cloud Mr. Carter's title to the chair^^manship of the national committee^^some of them are Insisting on his^speedy removal, especially If he Is de^^tected working in the interest of Mr.^Cameron through any of the agencies^that ma/ happen to be active in the^Memphis convention.
Thefact is. Mr. Carter la not a mem^^ber of the republican national commit^^tee. Lieutenant-Governor Botkin is the^member for Montana. When the com^^mittee was organized trouble was ex^^perienced in getting ft chairman.^^ 'ampbell, of Illinois, was chosen but^he refused to serve; finally the com^^mittee went outside of its own mem^^bership and took Carter.
Thatarrangement seemed to suit nt^the time^the report was that It was^agreeable to General Harrison. Hut it^is different now. One republican news^^paper remarks that the selection of^farter was unprecedented and Illegal.^^It was explained at the time that Mr.^Carter would simply be chairman of^the campaign committee, but he still^claims to be chairman of the national^committee, although not elected a^member of It. but his title will certain^^ly be brought Into dispute soon if he^continues to make threats ag-lns: the^republican party.
So, there, Mr. Carter; if you don't^look out you will be put out. When^Senator Matthew Quay said that the^republican leaders are miking a serious^mistake In ^helping the democrats to^push the silver Issue to the front,^ he^may have had our Senator Carter in^mind.
ToTest the Law.
Licensedgambling Is going to fight^for a living In this state^the effort will^be to show that there is a kink in the^law under which the houses are or-^dtred closed on the first day of next^month. Th^ plea Is that the antl-^gamtdlng law nqn-als a law which was^rot In existence and that therefore the^IN law cannot stand.
ThisIs not a case where public opin^^ion has bearing^it Is merely a matter^for ajudlcation In court. There was^m mistaking the run of sentiment last^winter when the anti-gambling bill was^In fore the legislature. No good argu^^ment against the bill was made at that^time, and the public was strongly In^favor of putting Montana In line with^the states where gambling Is sup^^pressed. At that time, the proprietors^of some of the best-known gambling^bou^' ^ In the state declared that they^w. re indifferent to the fate of the bill,^although some of them advocated a^compromise that would drive the busi^^ness out of main floors and place It^under restrictions
Itappears that as soon as tho new^lew go^s into effect a tist case will be^brought. A speedy hearing will be ar-^tanged f^r and the public has nothing^to do except to abide the event.
Itis two or throe weeks since Helena^built a dam across the Missouri river;^tho effor* to raise money for a racing^mooting has not yet been crowned with^NMH HttaM is Industrious, how-
ifar. The capital city is apt to ieo in^earnest for thi tilings In securing^which Helena does not have to put up^any money. It seems strange, but the^Helena people are actually making^efforts to capture the soldiers' home.
HeGave It Away.
OldBussell Sage made a character^^istic statement the other day It ap^^pears that they are organizing In New^York a new club. It Is to be a state^affair. Its alleged mission is reform,^Its real purpose Is to njrnt I'latt and^wrest from him the control of the ma^^chine that runs republican conventions^In the state.
BussellSage Joined the new club.^He has next to nothing to do with^politics. When asKd1 why he gave his^name to the new movement he blurted^out: ^I am not a politician, you know.^Hut I am a stockholder In the Central^National bank. Mayor Strong is one^of the directors of the hank. I ft*^Dai Tad a note from him requesting ni^^to Join the club and Intimating that It^would be to my advantage, so I^Joined; I thought 1 BOWM not afford to^ignor- May .r Strong's request.
Itmay be supposed that when he^nad this Interview. Mayor Strong felt^a longing to get hold .,f aid Sage by^tie ear Sag.- is fur ref.,rm and any^^thing that Is good for his bank stock.
whatIt Is to struggle for Its support,^and the recent years of depressing^times have had their effect on the num^^ber of patrons. However, the trustees^are looking for brighter days for the^school and they have made generous^plans for the year to come.
Thefourteenth day of June, under^what authority we do not know, has^come to be recognized as flag day.^Whether its observance will become^general throughout the union, Is a^question^heed Is paid to It In several^states.
Thetendency Is to make too numer^^ous, perhaps, the days which natlonat^or local authority dignifies by giving^them the qualities of a legal holiday.^We have the llrst day of January, then^Washington's birthday In February.^There is also a disposition to take cog-^nliance of February 12, that being Lin^^coln's birthday. Good Friday finds con^^stantly wider recognition as a day on^which the secular world pauses; May^brings memorial day.
Theglorious Fourth Is the day of^days for patriotic fervor, the second of^September is labor day In thirty of the^states. November brings general elec^^tion day and thanksgiving. Then comes^Christmas. Arbor day Is observed as^a legal holiday In several states. Kvery^Saturday after 12 o'clock, noon. Is a^legal holiday in New York, New Jersey,^Bennsylvanla and in the city of New^Orleans. Then there are local days ^^Mardl-Gras In Alabama and Louisiana.^Lee's birthday In Georgia, patriot's day^in Massachusetts, and others of th^^sort.
Notto pass flag day unnoticed, the^Standard prints this morning an Inter^^esting article prepared by Chaplain C.^C. Bateman, of Fort Asslnnllmine. 1'^summarizes the controversy over the^origin of the stars and stripes. Many^geod people dislike to trace our colors^back to a bit of heraldry of which^Gforgc Washington is said to have^been proud, yet nobody appears to br^able to disprove the story about the^use to which the coat of arms Inherited^t y Washington was put, as the tradi^^tion goes.
ItWas Their Day.
Miners'union day In Butte was a^noteworthy anniversary yesterday be^^cause of the Interesting ceremony that^took place at the graw of A. C. Witter,^who was one of the organizers of the^union and Its first president. The shaft^Itself is a worthy tribute to an excel^^lent man; the addresses fitted the time^and place, and some of the speakers^were eloquent In their words.
Theminers had it all their own way^yesterday, business came to complete^suspension In Butte. The parade was^Impressive and the festivities that were^a part of the programme wen- a suc^^cess. The affairs of the miners' union^are so conducted as to give it Influence^and financial strength. Its anniver^^sary is always an Important occslon,^and yesterday's celebration was one of^the most successful In the union's his^^tory.
T1C laf f Montana at Deer^Lodge brings Its school year to a close^with t^ .. p|. asant assurance that Its^finances an In good sha|^e and that Its^profp.rts f^r the coming year are^bright Tie- ^. rk at Oaaff Lodge en^^joys goM repute, it Is thorough and^eoasprepansH The college knows
Fromthe fuss the Butte papers are^making about the quality and quantity^of their water, strangers might he led^to believe that they sometime use that^liquid in the ^greatest mining camp on^earth.^^Livingston Post.
Frompresent Indications It looks as^if both great parties will make an at^^tempt to straddle the silver question In^their next national conventions. Hut^we do not believe that this attempt^will be successful. In the democratic-^national convention at least. The Ex^^aminer Is a democratic paper, but It^will not support that party unless it^declares for free silver coinage at the^ratio of lfi to I^provided any other^party does so. Most of our democratic^contemporaries will undoubtedly adopt^the same course-, but how about our^republican contemporaries'.' Will they^do as much ^^1 Mllon Kxamiti' r.
Girlsare developing Into womanhood^with alarming rapidity these clays. It^ts only a step from the pantalelto to^the pantaloon.- Mlssoullati.
Inthe enforcement of the law the^question of rost should not e nter, but^it does seem that occasionally ofllc is^go to extremes and expend large sums^that are unnecessary. A few clays ago^a man was arraatad*In this state and^taken back to Iowa for an allege.I vio^^lation of the liquor law of that stale.^This is absurd. In Iowa there are to^^day thousands of well-known violators^of the law win are not even prosecut^^ed, but in a spirit tyf overzealousness^the oilleers come to Montana and pic k^up a man who, to say the least, had^voluntarily placed it beyond his power^to do any wrong there. To-day s dis^^patches tell of another case in the de^^porting of a Chinaman released from^the penitentiary at Deer Lioflgl, In the^latter case an officer was sent from^Helena to Deer Lodge and from there^^to Tacoma with the MmWoHm In or^^der to be sure that he was eleporti'd In^accordance with the Geary law. This^Is all right as far as It goes, but the^fact is that there are In Hutte and Hel^^ena hundreds of Chinamen who are not^registered, and the officials make no^effort to find them out. So long as^they have a soft snap and can make-^money and enloy themselves in trav^^eling the officers are efficacious. When^It comes deewn tee hard work they are^not In it.^Great Falls Tribune.
TheHele.na citizens are unable to^agree as to the proper location of the^capltol. With them It was lOast Side,^West Side, all Arounel the Town. ^^Liv^^ingston Peest.
Haleson Montana wol from Duluth^and West Superior to Hoston and other^Atlantic se abceard peeints \ la the ki. ii^l ikes have been radated abeeut 11 cents,^says the Pioneer Press. Last Saturday^the .Northern Steamship company an^^nounced the following, effective on the^opening of the- woeel se ase.n Fifty cents,^compressed wool, car load I.its ^^f iM.ooo^pounds; 80 cents, sacks. In lots ..f It,.^tiOO pounds or more. Kates via rail will^Include the usual differ, nil .|t making^a rate of 13 cents more. Last year the
Montanaclip amounted to about 7,500^tons, and this year's clip will be no^less.^Hillings Recorder.
Thenew codes will go Into effect on^July 1, but owing to delays brought^about by legal proceedings the printed^copies cannot be ready for distribution^until some time after that date. This^places the people In the curious posi^^tion of being governed by laws of^which they know nothing. The condi^^tion Is a serious one, and the only way^to meet the emergency Is for the courts^to take a vacation and suspend opera^^tions until the Judges and the lawyers^shall have- had an opportunity to read^up. Even after they do this it is^doubtful whether In many Instances^they can place the right construction^on the statutes; they are surely. In^many instances, contradictory and^vague, and it total variance with what^the people need and the legislators sup^^posed they were enacting. There is^but cene way out of the difficulty, and,^though Governor Rlckards Is opposed^to the radical remedy, he will he forced^to call an extra session of the legisla^^ture to put the codes In shape and^undo the evils wrought by rushing^them through. The people of Montana^are entitled to have laws that are at^least susceptible of interpretation.^^Great Falls Tribune.
TheBitter Root strawberry will soon^be with us. It Is a dream. It is a de^^light. It is a temptation. It is a tonic.^It Is all-sweetness-and-a-yard-wide. It^Is a good thing. Push It along.^Mls-^soullan.
ThoseRutte militiamen should re^^member that seeing stars is not con^^ducive eef good shooting.^Helena Inde^^pendent.
TheHystander has a very small opin^^ion of the militia In general, hut never^thought that a band of militiamen^would sneak out of town like a lot of^Jim-crow b. ys and make a target out^of our national flag, as was done last^Sunelay. Can suc h fe Mows be consid^^ered Americans at heart^ No; they^are tin soldiers.^Butte Hystander.
.1.M. Kennedy, a well-known news^^paper man In these parts, has assumed^charge of the Northwest at Deer^Lodge. Mr. Kennedy Is the father of^the Bystander, and as such it wishes^him success In Ml latest venture.^^Butte Bystander.
Thepress of the state, with nn en^^terprise that Is usually commendable,^has been the cause of doing hundreds^of honest worklngn'en and this coun^^ty an unintentional injustice . The pa^^pers for several we . ks past have con^^tained articles on the government ap^^propriations for work in the National^Park, with the result that men sei'k-^Ing work have come to. Livingston^from all parts of the country, imagin^^ing that they could get honest labor to^do In the park. There are said to be^.'Oil idle men now waiting at the park^line, several hundred at Gardiner, and^every train brings In recruits to Liv^^ingston. All these laborers have been^attracted by the report that lots of^work was awaiting them, while in fart^the contract for road construction hail^been let. and the entire business will^only engage 40 teams, for which 100^men would be a liberal allowance. It^is a sad thing to contemplate- all those^men out of work who are willing, and,^as they have proved, anxious, to work,^and sadder still to think that there will^be little encouragement for them while^this administration remains In power.^^Livingston Post.
Mr.Gladstone says tbat lie look* upon^Walter Scott as one ot tbe great benefac^^tors of his country, of Great Britain and^the world at large.
QueenVictoria is never so well and free^from rheumatism as when a dry, cold at^^mosphere prevails, and she haa brought^up all the members of her family to bo^hardy.
ColonelJohn W. Ballman, of Cincinnat-^ti, has decided to decline a templing otTur^madohini of the secretaryship of the^American Lyceum league, with headquar^^ters at Boston.
Oftho dofendcrs of Fort Stirnpter it is^said that all but seven aro doad. (bio of^the survivors is John IJjrati, of Mc-riden,^Conn., who, when hostilities began, wa^^on a pleasure trip at the fort.
Chevalierdarabaldi Cotclctti is a social^lion at this moment in New York. On^his arrival ho was immediately put up at^all the leading clubs. Ho is tho vice pres^^ident of tho Royal Yacht club of Italy.
PhilipS. Maiailli tho proachor w ho can^spell his name backward, is paslor of tho^Wall I'rcsbvienau church in New York at^a salary of {lo.lU). A few years ago ho^was on a sin all salary at Ilellovue, Mieli.
t.encralI hv.ircl L Thomas was at tho^Houston reunion. Ho is a Loorgian but^now lives in Oklahoma and is in charge^of live Indian tribes. Ho rodo sixiv miles^on a Texas pony to reach a railroad to g.-t^to tho reunion.
Thograve of William Penn, in tho old^Quaker graveyard nt .lordans, in Buck^^inghamshire, i - visited annually by many^members of thee Quaker sect. Penn was^buried August .'^, 1718, and the day is cole-^br.ited every year by n pilgrimage under^^taken by Qmkera from all parts of I'.ng-^la ml.
TheMidland hotel. Kansas City, is^owned by the drand Avenue Hotel Com^^pany with a capital of 11,00(1,0411, hut tho^stock is all oh tied by Gsorgo W. and W.^K. Mala and N. H. Beam, all of Chicago,^and J. It. Smith, who acta as minagor for^tho property.
(apt. Be Be Stevens of Burlington, la.,^aaya he saw General Gresham receivo bis^worst wound of Ihe war. It was in the^battle just outside of Atlanta, near tbe^Chattahoochee river, July 2t^, lseil. Gen^^era! (iresham was on his e*fO0 about^thirty paces in the rear of Crocker's bri^^gade when a miiinio ball struck him.
Amongtin- watrhca in the horological^exhibition Westminster aquarium. Lon^^don, is ono that belonged lo Itohcrt^Burns. It was made by fowlM at Kil^^marnock in ^hrco metal caies, tho dato of^II being 1771. On tho dial there is an ar^^tistic aaaasellac illustrating a shepherd^l^oy in Bfteay aatavad costume, reclining^on a Bask idly playing a pipe.
Seventeenyear* ago l.yman Potter of^New York ^:ato performed the task of^pushing a common wheelbarrow across^the continent. |i0 started from his homo^on D.4ni3 street, Albany, the morning of^April In, !^:^, and arr.vod in San Fran^^cisco the afternoon of Oct. .'^, being al^^most e\dcily 17s days. Potter wa^ a ahoe-^maker, and tbe trip was the result of a
wagermade by some friends that such a^trip would occupy at least 200 days.
apt. Gardner, who died at Northaller^^ton, England, recently was a veteran of^Ualaklava. In the fainoua .charge of the^light brigade he got aa far as the mouth^of tho Kusaian cannon, when a bail^atruck the cheat of his horse and threw^the rider into the air. When ha recovered^be found himself across a Russian can^^non. He scrambled down and ran for a^mile and three-quarters through a storm^of shot and shell before he reached his^comrades.
Theman who agrees with uais a mighty^level-headed follow.^Rockland Tribune.
lieman dat hab cle mos' advice ter^gib away,^ said I'ncle Kben, 'Moan' gin-^erally look lnik he had done hisse'f much^good wid it.^^Washington Star.
ConductorThat'* a Canadian coin, air;^I can't take it. Passenger-The deuce^you can't. You gave it to mo in chnngo^this morning. Conductor -Well, you aeo,^I'm uioro particular ihuu you aro. ^^Sinitb'a Monthly.
OevnerI want you to sell tlieso horses^forme. Auctioneer I see thoir tails are^docked. We'll have to soil them at whole^^sale. Owner - What'.' Auctioneer^Well,^I can't retail them.^Philadelphia Record.
Youngman,^ said the near-sighted^passenger, ^would you nieiid getting tin^and giving this old gentleman a soat'.'^^^Sir!^ exclaimed the bloomer girl and the^boarded lady simultaneously.^Chicago^Tribune.
DodgeI attended a seance last night.^The medium called up tho spirit of Napo^^leon. Lodge^What messa^o did ho send^^Dodge- He denies everything and de^^mands an investigation.- Truth.
Whata lino head thechiof commander^of the Flyfannera has,^ remarked tho^^ultana. unthinkingly. ^By tho whiskers^of tho prophet, you aro right,^ assented^he sultan. ^1 guess I will mid it to my^collection.^ which was dono forthwith.^^Indianapolis Journal.
Doctor,^Said tho sick man, who is^painfully shrewd, ^I haven't a dollar to^leave to posterity; not a square inch of^real estate, nor a scrap of personal prop^^erty.^ ^I don't epiito seo how that con^^cerns me.^ ^I diinno that it does in par^^ticular. Only I was hopin' that I'd got^well right soon so's to hustle around an'^earn money to pay your bill.^^St, Louts^Repute ic.
BrownOld Miserleinh tried to pass a^counterfeit dollar tins morning. Jones ^^I'll bet ho didn't succeed. Brown ^No;^but how do you know anything about it t^Jones^I know Mis.erleigh. He couldn't^pass a cotit without breaking a blood ves^^sel trying to taku it along with him.^De^^troit Free Press.
Trilbyand Napoleon.
T.;ether they have ffttifUt
Overm ny weary pages,^And togjtber they re clesci-netini
Thetoboij in of the ages.
Amoncthopictures in the rogue's gul-^loty at Philadelphia is that of one of tho^^iOu light dragoons wiio rodo ao fearlessly^into tha v il cy of death in their charge on^tho Russian position. After bis retirt-^metu from tho British army this man^went to tho bad, and finally became^known abroad and in this country as nil^expert counterfeiter.
Thosewho inten d to purchase^raiiroad or stsamship tickets^to any par- of the world can^save from 1:0 per cjnt. %9 50^per cent by obtaining them^Irom U9. Ail sales andr3bate3^effected by us ara guaranteed,^Rfftrewes^Tlii' Stfaar Bott National^and States 0Mtef Banks.
TheOldest TkU't Broker in Butte.
\'I X. ei I h Meiill St..
Noticeof Registration.
Nolle!; Is herel.v given ley tho iindirsign^ I^registry agents |ri and for the city el Anaconda,^that on i lie lath ami 1 Ith days eef .bine. IMH) the^Great Mfdsteref tea ettf of laamndl arW M^open for the regi^tr.itieen of vo'.ers and epiall-
tledelectors of tlity of Anac-innla, who had
notregistered for tine general city eleeetlon. held^in anel for the c-ity or Anacoiiila cm the sth clay^of April, lslii.
AII|H-rsiinsdesiring to register for the spe^^cial election to he bend anno IHth, lsn.e. will ap^^pear before tho registry agents, at thee olllc-e of^the city e' l'i k from I a. in. until It in., from |^\t in until I f, in . and trenn 7 a, in mull I p.^m. on said days. There will he but one palling^place for saM speelal e.ee tioii, which at bo at^the city hall, in said city _
IstlI Hl'HKKT.^I, ^3 WII...IA.MS.^1,'e-L'lstry Agents, I Ity of Anaconda.
rateelMay aril. isai.
Noticeof Stockholders' Meeting.
NnIce Is her1-lev glv.ni that a m-.ctiniof^stockholders of the saaonnili Mining eotapaay^Is calle.l for ami will be held on M.en.lay, JlUM^at. Max at M e'etoek a.m.at too MBoeel tho^rempanv. room la. Initio block, BottSCity,
Mont, lor th^ aaraeaeaf labailitlaa to las^stackaoeVeers of tae eoaspaa) tie- proposition la
sellall and several tho tra.'ts and pieces eef^property particularly e|e^scnhed as follow-.: All^the mines, mining ground. MaiU mills, smelters,^coiicentr.it.ers and reduc hen works of said ram.^puny, and also sncli other of said eompaniei^properties as Iha ^ be decided upon by tho^stockholders at said tn -ctlng.
Mlegll.'d: n HAOOia,
IltWIN'C. It l!^ll\^11. 11. 1'AllSONB,
F.E. Sarc.bast. Secretary. Trustee*
Notlreof tb^ Ma of Milling 1 1 alius.
NolleoIs herein- given that as executor of tho^estate of John lial), deceased, I will sell at^public sale ail of the Interest of the said John^Italy, deceased, lu the full-awing mining claims^In the Oeorgetown ami CaM* mining districts.^Mug mostly gold iiroprrtkM, l lie I'lag ^tart.^Kin Bravo, (irand I'e /^. Moute/tuna, Maggie^Haiy. Young Ire.ancl, rrMtateatk I rue Anu-r.-^rau I'raclion. .lobii A l.ogao. John A. l.ognn^Fraction. Charles s I'arnell. James 0. lllalne.^Young America, tinted ales, banner Krai--^tiou. True American, undivided one-half Inter^^est In Mlver Hell, lied While and lime, ban^^ner, Kvonlnz Mar, nalv bode, black Moon^Fraction. In front or the City ball, l omniereial^avenue, below ^ aerry street. In the City ot^Anaconda, on Saturday, tho Utfe day of June,^ts'.)'., at 2 o'clock p. to. Tho livj last named^claims aro patented
JAMEST UriUI.EY,^Executor or the estate of Jouu Daly, de^^ceased.
DatedAnaconda. Mont., Juno 1, ts.ij.
COdoz ladies' hose, fast black,
C3doz ladies' hose, last black,
REGS.per pair15c
COdoz ladies' hose, fast black,^WARRANTEDelastic top, per pair20c
ABSOLUTELYFAST ^^d^ouz :'io- ^ uoL! ^hack.
nwwvisU1 ^w ^high spliced heel, per pair ..3',c
llfllI uat i^^Dfif^l/50 ''oz children's hose, last lilk,
WILLMUI ^bnlll/rheavy ribbed, per pair12,'iC
COdoz children's hose, fast black, double knee, par pair2^a
120doz men's half hose, per pair 8c
liUtlo/.men's Shaw kuit, ex'ra gooA quality, per pair253
25dot men's fast black half hose, per pair25c
HdMmetis fast blu-k ba'f hose, very lino, per pair3uc
40pieces outing flannel at 5;' per yard, worth''j I
25pieces outing flannel at lUfl per yard, worth 8ljC
IIpieces outing llannel at H'jC per yard, worthJCc
15pieces outing it nine! at 10c per yard, worthHsJ
25pieces check silk at 25c per yard, worth
Alarge variety of patterns in wash fabrics, consisting of MM plisse,^toile, laveTlieres, French percales and duck suitings.
Dmsmitii atom ('
^^1 FTTH En srx. Thlf
tii. ^ Injected airaetlf to th^ ml of^th^m diaMMt of t im t .emi.-i; rir.ary Or-^f^uia, raqinra* no chinf* of diet nr^nau*^onalmvcuri^lor poisottoua mail.^inncsU^ U Uaen inter:taU}-. When
asa preve:itivk
byeith-rr 10* It l^ Irnpoaiihletooontraei^any ^en^re*ltiia^ae; l^ut in UteceM^of^Utt^*^^*JrMdyl-'a.TMTfflaT*Lif AnUCTtS
with(ton^rrh-cA .and tlleet, wb|ui.^i-^tao a cure. r*rie^ If mill. noatAgO (wi*,^$1 | cr box. Of 1 buiM I
sole Acmts, Anacond*.
First National fluk
Capitalaad Undivided rrofitl,^ONE MILLION DOLLARS
ToWeak Men.
Wewill send YOU FUKK the formiil* of MM^eeleiirateel Turklsli t^|Kvtait^Jt, Proteoor Ilea^II re.Ii K.-^0, who for in iny ye ers w;u I'll .Met m^Kxtraorcliiiiiy to Ilia Mibtimti llldtuest me S.e-^t in nf i urkev. Thin Is the same formula as^usci.l by tuo late I'r.efessor KlfOni of Paris, and^Is now belli,' ii-evi el illv with tue muse wonder^^ful re-tilts In our own practice.
VOL'wilt be astonls'ieil at the marvelous^ch in ^^^ u your conlitioo m ten days' tlmo.
Itwill positively remove Varicocele,^strengthen weak organs, check and care all^annatufal drains and losses frostator-^rhoea. caused by youthful errors or indis^^cretion in later life Nothing will compare^with this formula lor restoring Lost .Han^^bood.
Amiyour entire system will be reoullt and^rejuvenate I tttiaaf Its wonderful Influence.
itcan be tilled In nay unorl drnir store and^DothlDi! wl:l bee sent you 0, (^. 1^ All we :esk In^return for this II to cents In stamps, an I, if^convenient, the name and address of one tnra^ltd, e.tner man or woman Your name will not^lie mentioned. If desired, we will fl.i It of beit^Incroilleents tor ft. 10. Including leostaga and^formula: will last forty clays and most |^ose-^ttftiy cure any case
t.ermatiand English Physicians.
Octaviaand Sutter Sts^ San Francisco, Cal^Please mention standard lo writing.
Currentaecouiitt receive I from bonks, firms^ami individuals on f iTor.ible terms. BUT and^sell exchange on all |.r mei.it cities In the^t tilted States. Kurope and China. Issue coin-^inurclal and forelno mttera ot credit avaiUbl-j^lu all parts of the world.
CollectionsPromptly Attended Ta
niramKnowles. 1'iesiderit: James A. Talbott,^Vice President; AndiewJ. Davis, Cashier.
I'teaidant.Vlca Pret.
O.a. Wolf, Cashier.
Capital,^ $7S,ooo.oo^Surplus and Profits. - 15.000 00
nr.l noc.E.makccs daly,
President.^ Vice President
W.M. THORNTON^, Cashier.
Buyand fell Domestic and Foreign i'xch in:t^and transact a General Ilaukliif Business,^collections promptly attended 10. Kxcnanitt^drawn on Louden, tdluburith, Ulaagow, l)ub^^tin. Belfast, Purls, Hamburg Berlin and aU^the leading citlei ot Europe.
NationalPark BankXew York
UmaliaNational DankOmaha
Wens.Panto it CoMan Pranclsco
UtahNational BankOgden
Hone,Brownlee Si CoRutte
Merchants'National BankHelena
luirabioI res. ^ CoDeer Lois 1
NoticeIs hereby iflveu to the electors of the^city of Anaconel ^ that aspsclal election will aa^licld In said city on Vouday. tiie 2ith day ol^June, A p., 18;^.^-, when tho question of the^^Issuance of the bunds of the city in the sum ol^tlilrty-tnur thousand dollars ($34,000) for the^leiirieoso of purchasing a site for and tho erection^ami furnlsliini; of a city hall for said city, will^be submitted to the vo:e of the electors of tat^city. The city council, of the city of Anaconda,^have by resolution, duly passed and approve.1^by the mayor of said city, ordered that only on,-^MUlBJ place snail be open at said elec.Ion. to^^wn, at lite present cltv hall. At the said elec^lion tickets will bo provided In accordance] with^law and shall contain the words: ^Bonds Yes '^anil ^Bonds No.^ TI10 election shall Lo con^ducted ami the returns made and einvassod as^prorated lev law for other city elections.
Itshall aat be necessary for those electors^liavlnu regisleroa for the city election held on^leiil ilk, lsfe. to attain register for this special^rtaetlea. For those electors who had not re|t-^stared for said llae lea the ureat register of^[he city of Anaconda, will b^ kept open for two^'ays prior to ti.ee day of the special election^lleuye ordered.
INNnolie ^ will lis given of the tune and place^if such registration by the registry ag'uts for^.he city.
Byorder of th) city council of the city of^lliaconda.T. O LF. VBY,
DatedJlav Mod.Cltv Clerk
Financialipi ol k IM Sis
OeneralBankrha Business Tramactad^Interest Paid on Ttma Deposit!^Safety Deposit Boxei
8.T. HauserPresident.
E.d. KdgertonVice Pres't and Mar
GeorgeF. CopeCashier
GeorgeH1UAsslatemt Caiihief
8T Hauser^Georoe F. Co0^a^J. B. ban lord^Henry Klein^C. K. Cole
Ed. Edcrertoa
AJ. Dasrls^William E. Culla^John C. Curtla^Jarae3 Talbott
EW. BeatU*
r.A. laroft.
c.a. rAiMK^.^Vloe-fresidaat.
T.M. Hodokxs, Cashier.
riontana'sflecca^For Invalids . ..
Thewaters of this popular reaori^are acknowledged to contain more^curative properties than any other in^tho State, (iood accommodations at^the hotel. Rites reasonable.
raidla eapltal $100,001.^Surplus and undivided prollta, $S3,tX^.^COK. MAIN AND PARK, BUTTE,
UnderMate supervision and JuradictlosV^fnter.-st paid on deposits, sells exchange^available la all the principal cltlet of the^Unl'ed Blatre 'ud Europe. Collectloni at.^tended to promptly. Transact a (eneral baaa-^Ins business.
1ihkctosxs-P. A. Ltrcey, C. M. Palmer, tj,^W Star:eton. A. H Harret, K. D. Leavttt. w.^k'Wilson. 1 ^^ Kemper, F. 1. McBride, 1.^II. Hodgens.
wm.i~ nnr.e. at n. BRcnvsLB!!. B 0 cha*
allli,UAUCL'S DALIT, F. K. s.llleJE.V .\T.
ThHgreat Veaetohle
tlnnof a fatuous yrei.ch ptiysk Ian. will quicsly rure you of all ne-r-^Veeua or lileee-iv.es of llie pcue ratlve e.re-hi.S, sclc'll :es Lest Maiehoocl,^In umuta. I'.ii:isln the Be.e'k.Beemleul ^.tiilssin!is, Nervreua Drblill: ,^Pimple*, Vnliimia to Murrv, Kxhuu.teieg- Ilrielt.s, VRhcrei-ele ae-c.^Oougtlpetic i). II stops all lesse-e tevelaT or nl|r'r^. I'eevpnts e|llle-S^^Re-MOf d vhanre. which If not checked lead^ to Hperniatnirhev.. aced^all the he rr.er*..t Impoterev. tlHI o^:^lt:rle^uavs the liver, the^Kid tiers ami t^eeer|nftrTorrnee^t.f all impurities,^.l.-ilcl re.rorea.niall we^:ek oe-itni-.s.^Tle^ m^vn~^^'r^^*^ ^ 'l en e.t hv Iherinrs Is h^vp'netJ^ per cent are ImilMeel wleh^cfi'l llKN K la the-only known retried v to rnr* without an ope ration. .s^iie.tltoeeiil-^e ^ n-rliieci smfaah e reen an.l meencT returned If en boxes dews koI e^^a a peruuuie-uteura.^Si on 1 boi.Vx Ciaaa, ky a^aa. is.-nd for rusni-irc-iibr and testimonial*,^A.airc.:
sis.ii^-i^^:co..P. Ol l^W.Sanmiiclaro.r*!. l^trfhUbt^Smith Iiriii; Company, Anaconda. E. E. (Jallogiy St Co.. Butte.
ButteCity, Mont.
Transactsa Oeneral Banking Ruslnesa. Ex.^ahauge drawn on the leading clilea of Europe
Colections Promptly AtteaJed To.
Corresponlentst Wells, Faico a Co. Nca^I York; Welis. Farito. a. Co.. Sail I ,k- W'ella^1 psm ^ Co.. san KrancLeo. dtnaha N .t on j^Bank. Omaha; First national liank, Omahaj^1 Uiue. Dili ^ Co.. Ana'one:-

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