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ItCuts No Figure
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suitfor the Fourth, but who(|
wantone now, we offer.,
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JoeRichards Can Adapt Himself to^Most Any Condition.
HowHe Slept All Night In a Coffin^and Frightened Somo Men^Nearly to Death- Other^Town Topics.
riuttc.July 7.^Joe Rl^h^rds. the^man of many titles, who su \v^*fully^fllla the Sim of oT mer and secretary^of Mount Morlah remetery In adlitlon^to his duties as manager of the Hutte^undertaking- company, Isacomtcul fel-^lo^v, and possesses an Inexhaustible^fund of dry humor, which at first^thought seems a little out of place In^his gloumy calling. \Vh^n the occa^^sion demands it. bawsrvar, he can as^^sume the longest kind of a faee an 1 a^wonderfully solemn and woe-begone^look, and the prompt and Hhfral man^^ner In which b* can .-.in-d ti ^r* la a^standing joke isnngg Mi fri-nds.
Ashort time ago he was dlrtfttlftg^the fMSlinil ^f a child whose mother^was freely giving vent to her (Treat j^grief. With characteristic kindness^J^e attempted to console the woman,^anl the tears were soon streaming^down his cheeks as he whispered^words of sympathy appropriate to the^ocoaato*. So apparent wts the un^^dertaker's sorrow and so copious his^tears, that an outsider would have^ii.Htu1.1llv .-oippi.sed mm to he .he fath^^er of the dead i hlld. and the mother^was non-plussed at his MMkUkl sor^^row.
Finally,removing her handkerchief^from her face, she looked up at the^weeping undertaker anil Inquired In^the most matter of fact wav: ^Ex^^cuse me, Mr. Richards, hut hS this your^child or mine that Is being burk-l^
Withoutattempting an answer, Joe^quiekly dried his eyes and pioceeded^with the funeral with all possible^haste. ________
Acouple of Sundays ago Mr. Rich^^ards attended divine service at the^Mountain View church. MM IM. while^he Is not at all ung idly, was some^^thing of a new expcrieive lor him, and^he was Just a trifle cmharrused as he I^entered the door. He lid not notice [^that Mr. Rollins w is announcing tr.e |^text Just as he entered the cliurc i and^he did not notice what he said.
Theminister's serm ^n tint ^ venlng^happened to be devoted to the h'reaf-^ter and he announ -^d the tMt^^And^after death, what U01St^ ne\l^^ In a^loud voice. Just as the corner and un^^dertaker entered the door
Joewas thinking more about a seat^than anything else Just then, however,
andhe started up the lisle in s-arch of | tea,.h
thingmen who could scrape up enough^money to get out of town have gone^with them. The only noticeable effect^that the death of King Karo has had^la to largely Increase the number of^men who subsist by begging BMM*/^and the arrests on this chaise are very^frequent.
ThowWho Nakt It M , in Aimrli.u Flag^Stick to It
Rutte,July 7.^The flag shooting In^^cident of a few weeks ago In which^seven members of one of HutP s mili^^tia companies were accused of having^used an American flag as i ki k-^ground for their targets. Is ti n 4M I^y^ t. as s, cms to t^. the general supp ^-^sitlon, nor is It oven sleeping. On the^contrary, an investigation of the af^^fair Is now being ma le by Hit ^ IT de^pariment and those who arc behind It^are exerting thems Ives to make it us^^thorough as possible an I t ^ have huh
Ides fully presented. I SKI
followingthe tehgram of ^;,^.. ;n..r^Itlckanis to Washington In whi a he^mated that the story tu I b. cii groaal)
exuggiratedand that ii'.r.iiiiH but^^Onu old bunting had b n used,^^raahlrurton Council No, l J sua lor or^^der of America,i Mechanics of thlr.^city, took la* matter up. They firs!^thought ssmiply of ado) ung soil red-^feat resolutions, but it was afterwards^decided to detnand an mv ^ ^: i itlon by^tne military authontifs. The) de Id* I^to take the matter up din. tl) with lac^nation's official head, and a lengthy^communication was t o ward-' d to^President I'kvt'l.in.l. s. .uiik tL. th the^facts In the case as the mi-mliiis of^the order unw them, and also mi losing^Mm Interviews recently publlahad In^the Standard in wlii'li B*V*ral mem^^bers of the Butte rifle team rapaatad^iheir statements thai they srert peal-^by the ottlcers of the stag* militia. The^full-sized I'nlted States flag, and that^the bullots went through Mm Hag. The^pt^^ldent turned the matter over to^the war fit pai tint nt ami the depart-^ment fit once Instructed Ati c ney c; a^eral Haskell to make a full lBV**ttga-^ticn of the case aside from thai made^tlve that the targets were pa'n il on a^department notified I'he Mechanics^that the Investigation had been order^^ed and a few days later a letter was^received from the attorney gaaeral^asking for such Information In regard^to the shotting as they could furnish.
Fiveaffidavits, stating thai it was^WMjtiestionably an American Hag that^was fired through, were forwarded to^Mr. Haskell yesterday, and he was^also Informed that seven more similar^affidavits could be furnished If he re^^quired them.
Themechanics*.ire very much in ear-^nest In the matter, and they prop.mt to^make the Investigation as full as It Is^possible to make It la ay are ajao^very indignant at the governor In tele^^graphing to Washington that the story^was greatly exaggerated will: at s. -^^Wring a statement from any of the^men who hail made the cl.arg ^ ^If wo
PolitenessIs the Outward Manifests^tjon of Kindness of Heart.
InAll Your Dealings. With Rich or^Poor, High or Low, Let That^Essential Trait Govern^Your Actions.
Hutle.July 7.^Rev IT T. Shnpaid^preached at the Congregational church^this m ^ruing on tii^ - subject. ^I'.dii. -^ncss an Klemcnt of CbrMiH Cfe^TI -^MT.^ He said:
'1'eliteness Is ess mi. i |n Christian^conduct as the out* u ! m inlf' -' il ^^of kindness of bean li la true only^when It is a genuine^brotbi rlv affection. In^conduct has no bearing oa the com^^Malty. Hut go Into the city anil tic^whole tiling is chamo I. We are ande
'r ih tie. ^ li forger. Now in thf Bn.rmll^I i^rk-l p.
Hutte,July 7^James Graham, alias^Hamblln, the smooth forger who re^^cency worked i bumbcr ..f prominent^Ma*'lis nnd several business houses^here w Ith his winning ways and clever^penmanship and made his escape after^in agi ItbMJ pursuit. Is now In Jail In^Hoxeman. He went there din-ei from^h ie and MM in with a well-known^hors. man living in the valley a few^mlbs from the city, wtv.se name he^fntgad t ^ a check .if substantial propor^^tion^. Ho sccur. ii a few dollars on the^rht ck, but was iirrt'sttil before he^eon! I get out of town The man whose^nam,- h e f .rged did net wish to prose^^cute 1 ^ iin on a charge of forgery, how^^ever ami he was all..We.I to plead guil^^ty to obtaining money under false i^re-^tenses ami sent to Jail for s'l days. Ho^would probably have boa* art off with^a much light-r sentence had It not been^for Inform itlon furnished by Chief of^Police Tcbo in regard to his operation*^. in this city. His sentence will expire^on July M and Chief Tcbo will arrest^xpresslon of i him as he leaves the jail In liegeman^ojitu I' vmr and bring him lock to Put to to an^^swer P. social charges of forgery. It^Is believed that llamb'ln is the man's^right name.
obligationto our neighbor. There gra ^a ^mlr ^ riiir.
somecondition* In srhlrh poMteneoa Is , T^ tht^ M|||w ,.f the Standard: The^MB) and In which , poSMMeg h^ I s- remit publi. aII ^n of the slate law ^oi^peclal merit Polltco s shogld be easy licenses and the city ordlatuwad fol^in the simple life of ih in.hi wh ^ has ; lowing il prik. It apppiprlat* l^ MCOJI^gr iwn up In NMwctabla clrcumatan.^ei s ..nl who pmrntenie* small wealth
avacant place In the long rows of^benches. Just as he got within a couple^of oteps of the front scan and in a^place where he was in plain view of^everyone In the church, ihe MinkKOf^again announced his text In order rhct^the congregation mlff.1t fully i.ivlci-^stand what he was going to talk stout.
Andafter death, ,vh it o.meth^next V
Joecaught the pr-Tiler's words this^time, an I he looked up in surprise at^the pointed alius!on to his own l u^i-^ness. The minister notljed him at tne^same time, ami his faoa rilatoj into a^smile. The congre.-^ Klon aucht the^Iioinl at the same time and tbs rrelltn-^iiiary smiles were foil iw d by very au^^dible titters and giggles. IM'l faco^became scarl't. and he hurtc (My^dropped Into a spat and latently exam^^ined a hymn book t'rat war banded lo^him by a considerate fritiil.
WhenJoe gees to oharoa a IW he f.ryt^goes carefully tbNMifh the church no^^tices to see what the minister* ; re go^^ing to preach ah nit nn 1 then ^ct:i in^at the start ^f tae pr KM dings
meof our own people a lea-^a meni r of the ird. r io-^will thus teach aoaat of in^^to respect the stars and
son,''said^night, ^wt^foreigners^stripes.
ItIs presumed that the court of In^^quiry which was sumni-li il by Colonel^Ktssler, who is In command of th^ N.^G. of M., to investigate I he flag affair,^has not yet completed its labors, as Its^report has not yet bata madd public.^Whether It was a (lag or a pic e of^hunting that the mllltlann n fired at. It^is the gen ial bailaf tiiat it was used^| thoughtlessly and for want of more^i eultalde material. According to the^statement of the soldiers tbewaelvea,^It uas a piece of old bunting found in^the basement of the armory thai had^been used for decoration and then^thrown away. It ll stated that th-^majority of the militiamen i ia lemsd^in the affair were native-b n n Amerl-^cuns.
ilanic*To- llorniw Kvclilllg.^Rutte, July 7.^At Maguirc s far thrc-^evening performances an I I BMtlnee,^opening Monday evening, ^Jane^ v. Ill^be seen with Anna ParktT in the ti^^tle role, assisted by other cm,., ti lit
I'ntllquite recently Mr. Richards^slept at the undertaking rooms for the^convenience of his customers, and | players. ^Jane^ Is taken from a French^rome time ago he arrived there some- source. A wild yovkc man who ho I^where along alsiut midnight and found | property left him In casi' he marries.
hisbed tilled by a couple of men who^were supposed to be watching a b^ody^that was laid out in the back room.^Joe didn't care to disturb the visitors,^and he quietly pulled down a display^coffin from the side of Ihe wall and^crawled Into It and was soon sleeping^as soundly as an Infant on Its mother's^breast. It happened lhat a couple of^case* for the coroner were also !ald^out In the hack room for the night, and^along about 6 o'clock In the morning^the two fellows dropped In to take a^look at the bodies. The first door had^been left open, as it was a warm night,^and they entered without arousing any^one. The sleeping coroner was the first^thing that attracted their attentlm,^and as he was sleeping very peacefully^they came to the conclusion that he^was one of the dead men and had been^partially laid out for burial While they^were looking at him Joe woke up end^sat bolt upright In the coltin, rubbing^his eyes. The effect was remarkable.^The two fellows Jumped at the con^^clusion that the dead had come to life,^and they Jumped for the door, at ihe^same time letting yells out of them^that aroused the entire nelghborn mil I^and frightened nearly to death one^of the new policemen who was stand- I^ing out on the corner. As the two i^badly frightened Individuals tore cut I^of the door and rushed down park^street the policeman gave chase and it^took about in minutes to explain mat^^ters and get things straightened out.
communicate*in a lit of desperation^induced by debt, with his trustee. In^^forming that he Is ab ^ut to take unto^himself a wife. His obligations ere dis^^charged and the pay MS III of s regular^Income begins. Improvidence Mads bin^into debt again and he anneals for^more money on the ground that his^wife Is extravagant. The trustee writes^lhat he will visit London and PSMon-^strate with the little woman. In his di-^lemma the young fellow Induces Jane,^his housemaid, who has Just b^en se^^cretly married to William, the man^^servant, to agree to pose as his wife^during the old trustee's visit. The con^^sequent deception of the old gentle*^man. the borrowing of n aaoaaaary^baby and the agony of the bridegroom,^William, furnish the fun which follows.
KinIn. ^* is easily a part of his being.^There is natural hunmaaity In the^home of Ihe poor. The natural man^has a fellow feeling I t bis race The^needs of the poor are ^ , minion bond^which preserve their natural aff^ tMoa^Th. rich arc united by ties of wealth^which equaltaa Qletr |oys and pains.^Tli. y have small (n c. lo be rude
Thereis comfort in politeness, i |*^easier to be polite, and this I* an add^^ed ft as ei for the urbanity of wealth.^Thai poiltenaaa in wealthy Hta may be^but aelflah and mean. Then is a ear-^tain crude code of poliicness which i^binds the Ignorant together. The In^^dian passes no si.. id. ss nights In i^thinking whnt kindle :.- means. Tne I^Ignorant man I* bided by his Inability^to suffer from IMMolltcTl us, III- ass'^elation* do not rennet his action. He^aflHIatea with the untutored and la^pleaaed by their manner, and his hah-^Iti are pleasing to them. Th* educated^mil) di serve no higher praise f ir lit- I-^Ity to th* form* of their own class^Education make* common vulgarity In
mannerImpossible. The IM lelate* of^(be learned man are naturally steval^Ing. Il- omid not he Impolite, Hi hi^conn-oiled by his surrounding*.
Inall th.-se conditions of llf there^may be no real Boletene**, no true ex^^pression of affection and brothi i !i^ id.^True politeness finds expression when^n man's tastes are offended. When the^luxurious lh cr fmds hints* If si Ihe ta^^ble of ihe poor man. whose plain food^he loathe*, then tru- ponten^proved. P.lltene** recognise* I bo com-^fori of nne'a nelghb-r and adapt* It^^self to the ha opt ne.-.- of Its friend A^cultivated musician speaks kindly to^the well-iii'iinlng performer and^thanks hMt for the -fori. This is po^^liteness. You are n o'obliged tu give^faN^ praise. You are obliged i- he pe^^ine, or Jfod are lacking in imp! ^t^Christian character.
TinImmigrant cornea from the old^country to our fjkiore* nnd meets un-^famlllar and aadMtagly unwise social^forms, and at once strives t ^ remedy |^what he claims n wrong. He f'nds laws^which he cells uaiu.-i. lb s-^ s Inw- j^leeanes* ami lack of leaUlaHnn, and^Instead of la acting and oondeaullag ]^the MsBB.try h- trie* to n: tk* It bsttal^lie sees bum uallty around him. and^UMtcad of hiding thi' faults of the land
whencehe entile and proclaiming tic
inw world's sin. he acknowledge* th
adaaaliaa of his pvaoaai abod and 1
anda\ors to lmpr9Va.lt* morals The 1^S|i|rlt of politeness Is expicssi d In this1^cotir-e.
Scir-intin st is craaaad. The p^ I
glUtltlee rich and I* wrong. I The I^rich meets tile poor and is baffled. The^1 Ignorant and the WbM com- together^and feel like contention. This teat* ^^their polltMM**'
Yourpleuture is thwarted. S .ni^^one else i.i getting 'he joys which you
thinkshould i e roara, Tou are lempt-1
.d'^ treat him u:.kindly; but Jii-tr
thaias. tying^their buMn -s
tileStale, th'
Ihedl-trlci ihe fact^Ik an eseniial part of^-the local industry pf^im ^it which all ^Ih rs
rout.Ass lying is en art and a s-len e.^It calls for hard work, skill, learning,^judgment and Integrity. The assay r^who possesses these requirement* mil'l^in . ds earn Mara than %^^ a m nith.^and he falls under the Ii ease penalty.^Ills Indolent or Incompetent rival goes^free In no other Inst.inc. In Ihe II-^c. use lis:, does a business ,.f any class^eacape because of poor earnings. Al^^though a lawyer compiled the code,^this Hem looks like diss legislation,^and therefor* bad law Anyhow. It^plaoe* i pramlUM on incompetency and^Is wholly wr ing Th i sol^iis might as^well tax doctor* and M quacks go^free, handicap Intefllgenc* and favor^gillTiloMAS BOOOT.
Unite.July 7. UM
Sniolo'I a MalM*. Ilne^t Havana elitar. Far^toilsiii lluvan t. Cuba, Kill tSMbV Mraft
UMKlgbl.^That means that y air watch must be
npaired by a niecbanlc. That Is our^*] o lalty. J* Waal Park.
MaM*AftpeoaMt*^A good remedy ond ther-i li not
Hungell lliu market that equals French^Tiaay aablat* far tno re.ief and curs of^painful or irregular menses. I'hcso tah-^lets reiuovu all obsuuciio.is, no matter^what Itio cause. Manufacture.! by A. \ e^genilrc. 1'iiris, Franco, and for sale only^Is ! by l^. M. Ncwhro UVtlgl ... I utie, Monl.,^kolo agents, 1'r.ci |] pM bos; scut by^mall becurely sealed.
Karl^^ Wilson's I'., Jj W. collars goat^two for Jfi*. Cluelt Cnaaal Co.'seolebr.ited^collars Ihrco fuf L'ac. Til^ well-known^*'M^ n.irchM dreir* shirts lor ^l at thecios-^uie out sale of Simon laeoas d.-1'o. stock.
Thedefeat of the Omaha football^team by the Ruttes Thursday waa^celebrated ill becoming style. People^imbibed of the flowing bowl that night^who had not drank anything to speak I ('pn^of for weeks, and it was one cmttnu- I Mal low a^etis round of cocktails, beer and whis^^key during all of Thursday night.^Some Idea of th^ celebration may be^gained from the statement of the day^j bartender at the Butte hotel, that be^I mad^ n arly tw ice as many gin flz* ^^^on Friday than he had ever mr.de In^any odd day In his life, and*-that bar^^tender Is an old hand at the buslnes*^and was behind one of the most large^^ly patronised bars in Butte in the old^daya when there were few sober men^in the city at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Atthe Hotels.
Butte, July 7.^The Butte^C. T.^Bangbelle, A. Lancre, F W. Paige. P.^N. Keck. Chicago; Iv M. West. i). i.^Grab, St. Louis; Arno Hammer. Bnl-^der; P. T. Clutch, New York; M. K^1 Lewis, Helena; R. A. Sullivan. Dillon;^I W. E. Hall. K. K. Huddl Bton, Roche--^I tor; \V. H irdman. Portland; Mrs J.^S. Hlckey and daughter. Anaconda; Bd^Johnston. Charles Hall. Henry So u I.^Salt Lake; H. C. Bartaford rwbnqo^D. A. Murphy. D. K. Conhelm, St.^Paul; J. M. Madd.n, Belt.
TheMcDermott^M. Franzen, S,i ^-^kane: B. Hill. Mamilton; O. Durrani.^Fred Joseph. F. HloomlngtOB, V. II.^Luxton, P. E. Fuhrman, Anaconda;^Fred ott. Boulder: W p rfetaoa, Chp^cago; W. C. Calther. Chicago; M. Orr,
Dillon; c. BHremal, P. c. km tie. 0*
E.Goughman. Livings! n: at. ,\^wife. D-nver. \1.- Pgr*^ker, New York; Thro. Da via, St. Lul^^ls; W. W. Earstmler. San Franclsc;^J. M. Goodwin, Salt Lake; Lou Haaa,^Helena.
Thest'ickade In which the city pris^^oners will be put to work breaking rock^will be completed during the coming^week and the exodus of hoboes and^loafers which it was predicted would^follow its erection Is already well un^^der way. The posts for the stockade^are all up and the boards can be nail^^ed on in a few days. The stockade cov^^ers a numoer of lots and all of the fel-^l'.ws that the police can arrest can eas^^ily work in It.
Theclosing of the gambling housM^has not been toOowad by the expected^increase In the number of petty robber-^it s and other minor offenses, but this^is largely due to the el-se watch which^^h. paUc* are keeping on the fellow*^who formerly loaf-d around and *lept^In the gambling houses. A great many^of the*c fellow* have left the city and^all of the tin-horn spcrts and surt-
AwardedHighest Honors-World's Fair,
Apurt Grape f r^an of Tartar Powder. Free^from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.^40 YEARS THE STANDARD.
Isnot h'dpeil by rudeness. Your pollti-^ne*a should ibow itself bow. four^moneyi d Intareati an in dabgei s 11^one has wronged yon. potltrni : will^BOt cur* the 111. but will ratle r aggra-^vat^ \ i uir V Sja.
Aboveall thlm-'s politeness should^la sacred in ratlgi n, In the r*hrl^t-^Isa'a dealings with I li fallow*bechonld^be poUta. His he erf Is wrong if he^can willingly be rud* 10 I brothi r ^ill-^side the church. P.dltene** Is an un-
falllngt^'st ^r lnl*be^j Chrlatlati eon-
,,u1 11 || a te*l of the heart within.^Wi owe the world the kindness of nur^Master In out dealing! -with them.
ThisIs doubly true of all Wl say ,^and do t^ our cworkers. who are Mem^^ber! of the cJrdreh wa love. There Is^frequent occaaloa ^^^^^ rudeness toward^the world. This la never right, but ,^often hard to shun. There is scarcely^any pretexl for unkfadn*** toward
trueCbrisllans in Ihe church This II^greatest sin. It is disloyal to our ^P^! |^umi heartlefl* t.^ oui brothers who arc^laboring with us In His name.
Whenwe dtaagn H the conviction
ofour heart of le e'is. ami men deny^|bo vital el menis ol our faith, as tin y ;^ippear to us. then ^^ mei the final test^^ if mr love to Cod and man. W* have ,^no right, even tie n. to be unkind V.'a^can !^' true :.nd loyal to our faith and I^still be kind autl true to thos.' who dif^^fer with us.
Finallywe mo 1 nil pass through^the tire of per*e^am in and tl ^ ordeal^of hard exp'-ri-nei 1 re we arc polite in^the deepest I'kristiae s'lise.
Trustthe amtioih waters ^^^ rune. 1
whp11 have Mgll il^^he our lot: then th^nbd opp.isltl m; soi ^^to most: then tli^^light of victory, wl
Surpriseyourself by sis Ing what a^little ca*b will buy at the closing out^sale of Simon Jacobs ^ Co.'b stock of^ti.cn s wci-r
Honey,honey, honey, homemadehroftil,^fresh raneli cvg-, and cre.iiir.'i v hiutcr at
lb*bowlha 1: li ^tel. Meals cetiis.
MirfHal Inn,-.
Fxcursionto Salt Lake. July Kth^Union Paclfk will sell excursion tick-^its froM Butt*, Aaacondi D*er Lodaa,^Oaniaon, Divide, Melrose and Dillon^al rate iif siT^ for the round trip Tick^^ets good returning to und including^July U,
BometbUtgpew in bah 1 and bt_a_ i^ts^frmn $1 to almost any price. Call and^see them II will pay i ll. J. 11. Ley-
Head11. All Mi'titan.'i.
Asn medium of oiniuunioatlun be^^tween employers am! employed, be^^tween those who have I ..: and thos^who hove found, between th^-e wh 1^goVI something to sell or loan and^those who wish to buy or borrow, there^Il nothing batter In the Itata of Men-^tana! tbaa the Standard 'I classified^^ad^ eolumin. It is read by all the p^pie from Hope to Clendive. from Lima^to Havre, Try It and be convinced.
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Hoes 51.00, carnations i cent* per doa
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Forplaques, painis, brushes, etc., go to
(I.at es -d'alilem'*. 11 lbs' Broadway
lorM.This may^''orm ' I troubl ^^'.hia ardeal c.ime*
Irioua peM-e and^: I stn la q*v III d
Ilk the wav. s of 1 r. ^ -enn ^^ 1 !. ;
windshave laabed Inta fury and tie-^sfieen of tfi^ sea is calf! ni before We^have faced the dinger and lived^through It. Our tn '- are tiled with^broth, rly love an ! our words and our^deols are In kcepii g with this inward^peace.
Anothert'lloi .e of Time.
EftectiveJune .. , ad until further^notice, Ihe Montana Central local train^No. J will run through daily to Great^Falls. L*av*Bait* it - i'atoek 1 m.. Hel^^ena 11:11 a. m.. arrive Great Falls p.^m. No. 1, return!!..;, will leave Great^Falls at 1 o'clock p 1:1. Helei. 1 7 Jj p.^m . arrive Butte 11 ^dock p. m. No.^2 will connect at Gr. it Falls with the^Great Falls ^ Cmud . railroad for Co^^lumbia Falls. Kalis; ell, Hpoknn* and^all points west \!i shelby Junction.^No change wl.l b^ mada In arrival or^departure of thr'a . trains. J. tl.^Dawson. Gene-al Agi St.
Mid-SummerClearance Sale!
ricesledooed in Every ttepartaait On Monday, July 8. we^Place on Sped tl Sale 2.500 Taril Fast Colored
TenYards For 75 Cents.
rhs most poptiltr w ish gooJs ot the season. Down from 20 cents^tho yard. To close tua Una wo offer tnem THX3 WELK AT 7 1-2^cents tho yard. DBA^! Fail to sjo this splendid bargain. Tne of color*^is bjautitul I) ^voii I description See tnom in our corner w.ndow.^To rsducj atock, prapiratory lo our semi-annua; inventory, wa oiler^this month a BPjBCIaVL BACRlTId ia\L^ PhlCKS REDUCED^THHOUGHOUT THt; BMRIatE HOUSE. The following is a tew Ulua-^trations ol th-i BARttAIM PHiCtS to bo ma le iunng th.s 3ale, You^mustsjo tho qualitioiand prica3 to appreciate the great, values we^oiler. Came eany bof jro tne lin^3 aro broken.
illDress Goods.
Afew pieces of mo Hum and darlc co'.orj ot
Toclosa. Downirorn l^c and 20c th^ yard.
Fullyard w.'le, dark colorol FANCY
Neverbeforo o!tur-'d uuaer 2jc the yd.
121-2 cents
Yardwide, a l wool on.l 42 m.h fancy bro^^caded NOVELTY uREii ououo at....
Achoice linr^ nevar before soowu under 35c^to VJ cjntB th i yard.
Over1 CO) yards ot all w ^ol and silk mixtures
Specialrjductton irom -jOc. ;or mis sale.
2OX) yards 42 inch an 1 44 ir.cn impornd^FHENCH NOVELTY DRESS liOODS This^lin 1 includes th^^ latest stylus in plaids, check3,
jfaoQUUda,misttmai, etc. Every yard wurta ^^$1.00 and upwrnite Take your choio ot the ^7C CvIilS^et, por ynrd, ata^ r
isbuilt out of solid oak, has brass claw feet, top^is 24x24 inches square, full box frame, thor-
madeand fin^^ished, a strictly^first class article,^price.....
Thesame table^without brass^feet, price....
Calland see our^line of Iron and^Brass Beds.
PricesLower Than You lixpect.
TheReliable House Furnishers.
Many^ trip has been
mtJimiserjb'.e by^Moiquitoes and Fl.es.^Nj sell respecting Fiy^wi 1 light on ycu 11 yoa^use
Newbro'sMosquito and Fly^Rcpjller.
Mou-j ! Mini, v M,,,,,,-* '.
yto loan on all valuables.
Mn y t^ver Bow Loan pAe
'^ N. Mam.
Putup in collip3ib'.e^Tubes a*. 2o cents each.^We guarantee with Its^use, parlaot saiistaction
Goodclothing can bt bought al low TnCLASGtST DRUG nOUSt IN TMt STATE^a* 1* 90 suit at the pjMfcjkj out salt: otBUTTE. CiTVMONTANA
t.u..:.Jacuba di Ctb-'l ^tuck,1 IMilMtl and BBtailn
Thefinest that c^n ba had at^any Boat Wa make the best,^tne nio*t natural in appear-^anct- ami the most durabli^pUtaa to be had in Montana.^Only the v.^ry best materials enter into their construction. Nothing chaap^but the price.
PerSet. Vitalized Air
fail*a ^***^**i iiirim ^i dawHi r.* k*ai ^.st^m in t..* not-A u^*a oaiy la t*t
ofll'i'. Auv 11 ' ntx-r ^f t-.fiii i'\ir.^t*.. ilisolu o.v w.tliuut pun. All kiuis of crows*^auu lncl|{i) muii .1 ^p.'c-i*ily. OuM. si.Tjr .mi tu.t* ttUlats at Iowjs: ratoi.
W.H. WIX, B. D. S
CaT^r*.t. of I'enoi.Iv inli ^;r i l ^ it ^. Br vil viv 131 .VIulx Otx-n Kv^iBiair^.
TheJoseph Dixon Crucible Co.'s Goods
No.vin Moc!i^Blaclc Lead Crucible) in all^aizas. Plumbagos or Urapn-.te,^lino or coarse. Cycle Lubri^^cant tor Cnain. D.xjti's Le4J^Pencils at, Ijw^s: pr:c:s.
1 Asa^ S
AssaytrsChMBiatf DlMMilti ^!ip-^pllc-i. l o Last I'ark ;L
CarixiiCieanine, Matrass Itenovaung.
L'i'ho!i*r..ifit. Furniture KetMirmg.
loOWest HroaJwdy. Tclcponc T2t,^UE0. t. UkfJkM, nKr.

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