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TheGreat Falls Office of the Standard^Is at 107 Central Avenue, one door West^of Western I'nlon Telegraph Office. Tel^^ephone No. 8. Advertising rates fur^^nished on application.
Soldiers'Home Site Commission on a^Tour of Montana.
hiswork and does not seem to fear^either the threatened boycott or the^threat to reduce all wages In the bulld-^Inc trades 20 per cent after next Mun-^j day.
J.fin Thomas Towns to-day declared^| his Intention ta become a cltiren of the^Halted States.
MarshalH.iwtilnK to-day appointed^Paul Voell patrolman, to succeed Kd^Kalk. Mr. Voell was a patrolman^ciurine Mayor Webster's former admin^^istration and has been serving as a^^PtCllI officer for the past ten days.
TheCentlemen Will Look Over the^Western Part of the State^This Week and Size^It Up.
GreatFalls, July 17.^The committee^chosen to select the best location for^the Soldiers- home, arrived from Lewis-^town yesterday morning and spent the^day In Great Falls. The committee con^^sists of Department Commander R. E.^Flsk of Helena, Past Department Com^^mander P. It. Dolman of Butte. Lyman^Lorlng of Kalispell and Dr. C. It. Miller^if Helena, and they were shown over I^the city by Past Department Com^^mander Gregg and other prominent^:itlxens yesterday afternoon, leaving^last night for Kalispell and the famous^Flathead valley.
Toa Standard reporter one of the^gentlemen said: ^We left Helena last^Monday a week ago by private con^^veyance and visited White Sulphur^Springs, Ubet p,nd Lowlstown, thence^we drove to old Fort Benton and from^Mure came by rail to this city. Fort I^Maglnnls Is In fine condition for the 1^proposed home. The buildings are In^such condition that they would afford^nmple and commodious (planers for^the old veterans at once. The location^Is superb, being in the center of really^a magnlllcent country. White Sulphur^Springs Is anxious to secure the Insti^^tution and offers any one of half a^dozen SO acres adjacent to the town.^The medicinal springs, too, offer an in^^ducement not proffered by other local^^ities. The only drawback to Majrlnnll^or White Sulphur Springs Is the ab-^senco of railroad facilities. We go^from Great Falls to Kalispell, and^during the trip will visit Columbia^Falls, Ravalli and Missoula, which are^also anxious to secure the Institution.^It will be remembered that the last^legislature made an appropriation of^$10,000 for the erection of buildings and^^quipping the Soldiers' home; also $,^,000^for maintenance In 1 Sp.'i and $n,ono for^expenses In 1S06. Other appropriations,^bOWSVer, having precedence, were so^heavy that little or no part of any of^these sums is likely to be available^either MOW4* In the immediate future^However, It was thotight proper to ex^^amine the different sites offered and to^make such preliminary arrangements^as are necessary while awaiting the^time, when funds arc at hand to com^^mence active work in providing a com^^fortable home for the old soldiers re^^siding within the borders of Mon^^tana.''
First Bicycle Races no the New lllack^tingle Course.
GreatFalls, July 17.^The first races^under the auspices of the Givat Falls^Bicycle club was held at the Black^Eagle track last night, a large crowd^being present and the events being In^^teresting.
Inthe five-mile race for a gold medal^Ihe entries were Olson, Kullmer,^Young, Rlnker and Pierce. Pierce was^handicapped by the gearing of his^wheel arid dropped out at the end of^the third mile. Olson first. Kullmer^second.
Thesecond race was one-third of a^mile for a gold medal between w. Ol^^son of Chicago and Ed. S. Barber of^Great Falls. They started from the^line, Barber winning, in tM%, with Ol-^scn only three feat behind.
Thethird race, one mile, for boys un^^der 16 years of age, for a silver medal,^was won by Mitchell from C. J. Kull^^mer and Sim Barber, in .1:0714.
J.J. Kelley, B. D. Hatcher and^Frank B^ Gage were Judges; and Jas.^O Grady, Paul Egloft and Phil Gibson,^timekeepers.
Duringthe evening the Black Eagle^band entertained the 500 spectators^with choice selections.
Eachmedal will become the property^of the first person (0 win It thrice. The^club Is preparing to have races fre^^quently.
ChargedWilli doing llirough the Kniim^of 'I'm 11 U 0111 11
GreatFalls. July 17.^Sheriff Dwyer^returned last night from Sand Coulee,^having In custody William King,^Jam it RoUfec and Bert Garth, charged^with grand larceny. Ii is alleged thai^the m 11 enterel the room occupied by^two women in Groat Fat's, while the^women WON at lunch, and stole a^satchel, two gold watches, a gold^chain, $10 in cash, bracelets, a neck^^lace, a paras d, and a breast-pin val^^ued at flu. The men WON taken be^^fore Justice Kace, pleaded not guilty^and their preliminary examination was^set for next Tuesday. They are- con^^fined in jail In default of fr.00 ball.
TimGarrlty. a relative of one of the^prisoners, was arrested on a charge of^Impels matin^ an officer. It Is alleged^that he went to the women, pretended^to be a constable, and secured from^them an a-count of the evidence^against King, Kougee md Garth. He^waa held for preliminary examination^July 23, In default of $200 ball.
Filedfor Record.
GreatFalls, July 17.^The following
instrumentshave been filed for record:^Patent, I'nlted States to Jam^^s Cur^^rier, the east half of the southwest^quarter; the southwest quarter of the^southwest quarter of section 2; and the^northeast quarter of the northwest^quarter of section 11. township 11^north, range 5 east, 140 acres near^Black Butte.
Warrantydeed, Eliza A. Jenkins and^William F. Junkln to the trustees of^school district No. 1 (Qraat Falls), of^Cascade county, a portion of lot 1, sec^^tion 31, township 20 north, range 4^east, near Chichester's, the land to be^the site of tlN South Great Falls school^house. $.10.
Warrantydeed, the Great Falls^Water Power ^ Townsite company, to^Andrew Mills, lot VI, block 471, Great^Falls townsite, IllOu.
Decreesigned.^Fortland. Ore., July 17.^Judge Bel^^linger to-day signed the decree order^^ing the foreclosure of the consolidated^mortgage of the Oregon Short Line^and Utah Northern, and a sale of the^road. He has appointed John B. Cle-^land of this city commissioner to con^^duct the sale of the property of the^company at Salt Lake. The il. fondants^are given 110 days In which to pay th^^Interest due and avert the sale of the^road at pifctVl .motion. The deer. I has^no reference to the limits of the juri.^^diction Of tho circuit court. It simply^orders the nil uf all the property of^the company to satisfy the Interest and^the consolidated mortgage. It gives^the Oregon Short Lino and I'tah^Northern company 30 days in which to^redeem the interest and retain control^of the road. The d.tree must be con^^curred in by Judges Sanborn of St.^Paul and Merrltt of I'tah before the^road can be sold.
Tonne' Huece..or Not Appointed.
SanFrancisco, July 17.^It is not ex^^pected by the Southern Pacific officials^that a successor to the late A.. N.^Towne, assistant division superintend^^ent and general manager, will be se^^lected for several weeks. It is possible^that the directors may decide to make^no new appointments. It is not im^^probable that the directors may save^Towne's salary of $25,000 by combining^the duties he performed with those of^some other official, thereby saving $10,-^000 annually.
Ihear,^ said the Cheerful Idiot, ^that^they are talking of revising the costume^Of the Goddess of Liberty.
Andwhat will It be, pray^^ asked the^t^pcwrlter boarder, who has a wheel.
Red,white and bloomers.^ said the^Cheerful Idiot.^From the Indianapolis^Journal.
AlthoughIt Gave Assurance of Ilclng a
Verysensational Affair.^Great Falls. July 17.^It Is current^rumor that the trouble existlni; between^Dr. Brady and the Casey family^which^culminated recently In Brady being^he rue-whipped ami Casey being shot in^the arm^has licen satisfactorily ad-^Justed and that prosecution will not^be pushed in either case. Just how^this conclusion has been reached after^complaints of so eerlous a character^have been sworn to is not known, but^It Is thought if a bottlomcnt of this na^^ture Is allowed Justice lias been de^^liberately ^cold-decked and taxpayers^played for suckers.^ There were prob^^ably 20 witnesses called in tins case.^Each one was doubtless allowed mile-^M* and the regulation witness fee.^One of the parties to the trouble car^^ried his arm In a sling from a gun shot^wound, the other had his head baud-^:^Ked up from an alleged serious wound^--and after all this serious trouble, to^have the cases thrown out of court^seems a parody on Justice and a stand^^ing Invitation to the general public to^^light, shoot and cut^ with ^abandoned^and malignant heart^ when and wner-^ever two or more individuals deem it^the proper thing to do.
NewYork. July 17 -TUo trend of price* on^the stock exclian;rc to-day was upward. Tho^bulk of tho MMtMoMM was in industrials,^which dominated Hie mirkr:. Foreign traiiu;^was he,lit.
' closix 1 ^rv ct
IT.K. 5t reslttered '^^ linprovam-^v
G,r.l^s recliieroa.il-'!'re-mi ^liorl l.lui ....
0.in coupon. ..Ii-Tegeo Naviealisa -'
II.I.fimlOTifllsarin Amer.eaa .. '
1'arittc^.'!I'^I'acifle Mail ft
AltonItead m*
AmericanKxoresi. 111KteUraaaepf ...
Isnail:.^ l'acific... 07itockls.aut 11*4
fanad1 southern|st. I'aui 's1*
CentralfoUll le'i^t.Faal I'M1--'
Hurnnitioncl u I'aclhc
ft,nayae. n,oa r.icirtc u
li.AjK.il.pfI I' preferred
Mil.a Panu. ii KiproM 41
Mil,kitrout piKafMlteprwta10*
IIIQUIII ,Western Union.... i t
hiasaiNlosiip'd IJV,i.ead Irus. .1
i.iM'.v.irxMl 1: II. ViI~ t
MexicanConir.i.It. ^^^ W.. P'-
\ichiiran 1 eatrsl.tai l^.*R.U
MmouriI'acile... .1 11..tiller-.S 1
NorthernPaxil*.. 1 , i,reat .Nortueru.u: I*J
N.1\ preferred.... IS' sugarlb)'..
Northwesternw ^ AilaiasMpreii....iiJ
VIs.preferred....11:. lattlMra rotlM., II^N. V. UMIfflllol I
MoneyMarket-^Money on cal1. easy, clo^e.l 1 per ceat.;^Serin* exchange Mil I4.M for demand^and RSsil.W, ;or.inlavt.
Sllyor,60'i^Tin iron^F.rra.
Copper-Sirouii;broker * price, $10 ^7'i; ex^^change i rioe, $11.10.
laukd-siroug;broker'l price, $3.:0; ex^^change price, $3.3.'.
Net.York Produce.
roltee-Closeddull at unchanged prices: Au^^gust. $14. s^ October, MIAMI tfi ^|M^t uio ^^tin l and nominal No. 7, IH4.
Meal haw, steady; fair refining, i'^; centri^^fugal, 90 test. 3't. Kvilncd- tjiiiet.
KostouMiulug Stocks.
noston.July 17.^^Boston Si Montana, fflf I MOM ^ BMtM ^-^ .
live MSMk.
Chicago.July 17-Cattle-Prices ncaln^ruled Weak except for desirable Offerings.^ChOtM drove:! worth $^^ and upward are^BFOfOS and much of the trading Is As)SM
between$|-.i$l, whiliniinoii aii-l gras.-v
Steerssell at 1 :'^ ^', bulls at t'XtX^^^,^and cows H.TefftM for euiinhig lots and^fXTSffl for HllllllO to choice lots. \'i',il^OslVOS were plsaty and Inactive at $2..-^''i^Ti.ro, chlelly at 14.7.'. and upward. BsvsntX-^live SSrs oi wesPMi raasjo cattle arrived^frOBI Montana, snclttdlas SBVSO Oaf! of^SpajTSd heifers. Tin se entile did not sell^so readily as those recelvi d on Monday^and sellers called prices 1*. cents hover.
Chicagopackers are eoaaalag I heir par-
chasesto hogs Intended for fresh m. it^trad.. Heavy hogs sold at mi extreme^range $4,0O(y5.2O; common to choice mixed,
IIsasji sj sad agatwi lulus. HMtUs,
hai1 and lassbs were In active dsssaadi^Inferior t,t extra b ing tpiotable at $l.7.oi^4.m. The offerings ooasfoted largely of^natives, which sold chb tly at $1..v'^i l.lo^A noteworthy sale was that ot' 2'd head^of prime $2-i^oiind west) ru sheep nt $ 1.1^..^^fSrhtf laail.s were plenty and weak \\i1i1^sales at $4.2.VliH.*in for |^oor to choice.
haostptsCattle. tt.lWi calves, 1,200;
hogs,ItstMj sheep. IS,MS,
WheatSSOffhSOi^Trade In wheat was of the same local^scalping character as yestetda.v. OrSsWfl^Iroui outside were as scarce as good crop^re|Mirts. i'rop cotelfiious bUhSSaoss] tho^first transactions; alter that the short^sellers became the governing laflttsacs^nnd sat severely upon the spirits of those^who might otherwise having been baf/hs|^win at.
ChicagoProduoa.^C!o^: Wheat-September, e:\i.^Corn^46K.C.^OSII-M1,-'.
Pork-.10 7J.
ljird-Jtiao.' '
Kecelpts-Wlisat.HMD bmhe'.S: cora l.'D.aiO^uushe.s; oats, 207.000 bushels.
IlellratelyBalanced Scales.
Thescales used In weighing dia^^monds are so delicately poised that the^weight of a single eyelash will turn^the balance.
Hall'sHair ReOjOWOI contains tho uaiu-^ral food and color matter for the hair, and^medic nal haras lor 1 ho scalp, curing gray-^ness, baldness, datidrulf and scalp sores.
Subscribefor the Standard.
GreatFalls, July 17.^A marriage li^^cense was to-day Issued to Jesse R.^Heflln, aged 37, and Pearl Dexter, aged^26. both of Great Falls. At an early^hour to-morrow morning they will be^married, the ceremony to be performed^on the stage of the Casino variety the^^ater. There will be a wedding ball^after the ceremony.
Ithas been currently reported that^the lumber dealers of the city had held^a meeting and decided to sell lumber^to any one who desired to purchase it,^notwithstanding the threat made by^the Building Kxohange I . boycott any^dealer who sold material to a Journey^^man who undertook a contract. The^Belt ^ Montana Commercial company,^the Goodrich Lumber company. F. A.^Hammond and the Holter Lumber com^^pany all deny this report and state^that no such meeting was held and no^such conclusion was reached. Moaa-^WhfSS \V. F. Gay. the union Journeyman^who has the contract for the erection^of a new school house near the Boston^^ Montana smelters, is proeoodlag with
OrBilious^Headache^Cured by Taking
Medaland Diploma^At World's Fair.
Askyour Drugirif t fur Ayor s SarssparUla,
TheBest Blood l'urif:er,
ToWeak Men.
Wewill send IOU i'BKK tlio fariuula of lh^^ssleiiraled Iur^isu spsslalist Professor1..*^II rsli Kebe, who torimm I ^ rswss Fhrslslsa^Extrssrdiaay to His Miblun 1 lb -liness the Mni-^tm of Turkey. This Is IhS issis fjJTSIUSSOS^ms I t'v tho lai ' Professor tearil of Paris, and^Is now ledu; u-e l d illy w.ili 110 most woudor-^iui results in sai own orasltcs,
VOL'w. . be astonished it th'i marveio is^Chan40 In your con lit 00 In t n ^la)s* time.
Itpositively rtmovs Varicocele,
strengthenwciU unpins rhMl and cure all^unnatural drains and 1o-e.es I'rosrntor-^rlioe.i. saMti by youthful errors ur nnlis-^crctiun it later life Notliini] will comp.irs^kith tins I nil .la lor tcatonnij Lost Mas*^bood.
Andyour entire sysb m will be rebuilt and^rolaven.its I under its wnndeif lull 1 one*
ftssa ho 111.ed In .ui. 1 d:ii^ s.ore and^net '1 inaid Ii'sent you C. O I! kM VS SsA SB^return foe ties ^s 1' ssats 10stsssps. oaii Is^ssuissi ml. ths osias sad *44ross a one isrs.^lid, e ISSf m ia or woman. Your 11 nuo win not^EssisiSllunstl. If d ^sired, wo wi.l fl I it of be^l^[nitrsdl -nts for II.U. laslodlns sostssjo nnd^fsnaulO; ill liit forty tiay. and most 1 o^e^llTSl)' cure are- c.se
tssnoassat Koniisn nr/ssMsa.^Octsvia and Gutter Sts., San I'r.incisco.Cil
ntas*nieuliou Maud ir 1 ia wi.llng.
Weinstein's^rk Hotel
HBLBHA,Sivti Kn a Miii.
RBMrOII. Sri |f]
Lvrryreason why this should h*s your^trading place^price, quick service, satis^^faction. No reason why it should not,^unb^s ynu have monev to waste.^MLVKKWARE.
BogrrsBras.' |s|T'' trlpts-plate 1 knives^and lorss, the very finest goo^ls made,^per s. t of ii knives and six forks, ID.75.
Trlide-i'lated. haii.l-eiiKr.iv.d tea sets,^containing sugar bowl, butler dish, cream^Sit. her and eitoon holder^cannot be^samhs, BOM or West for less than^our price, lo.oi).
Hutsi: riTItKIhHINOa,
lleavvsolid copper utensils, made for^n ^ or a'id beauty.^Pottshesl copper tea kettles-^No. 7 stove slxe 75
No.X stove else K
No.!l stove else 95
I'ollsh.l copper wash boilers, flat or pit^hat 10111 -
No v stove sise|1 ^5
No.Ii stove slse1 IK
A.\.4c1.YD.4, MiiMAMA.
.- ^ a.;-^CK
THEVIoal L.twraily Manaastd Hotel ia
*the State, with all modern impro^s^^meats, rooms with baths, en suite of sin*^pie. Lane, well liifited sample rooms^for the commercial trade.
JJ. KELLEY, .Manancr.
AhVEK: I KMKN rnun.ler t: ^ of ^Km-^(miym-Mit \V i| ^^i^ -itui HlMMM la I!^ M 1^I m^T^ w in 4*^rti kM rton; MMf a l ilMf^hciidlu v .'in i ;i Kur i (.^r thn rlr-^f iiisfit.on^unU l i tMi. ,i w r I for MM MMaqWMl M i^tton N^^ ^!*^.. i,i-.^^ii fi^r irs* iivi .'n't*ii.*^CHMlAMe%4f| pM ,.^!^^[ 'ii n h
.tuu.it7 Wofil* to tlie 111!**. '
\%AN I i l^ III.I.I'-
IIKOI'LK'HKMPLOVMKN T KL'KEAl' see-^mid rl.^.^r (i*^ey i lo.k. Hut^. v\e do^the busuifss In losflllas pnva e fair.i i^-,^hole s. Iiouseho.d hoi;., r-suiirant. in I huard-^init hoi^e^ Kvjier sne'd ne p in aoov.* lin^s^should see i.e. piuiiii room it.ru SOS i S wor^^hero any time.
ANT Kit vt om in coo, by Mr^ *i,rpl^uaiu. .ot Ki^l Park. Anaconda.
\\ani-tii tslrlIsMs.rireoasllasMoa
^tana hois', Anaconda.
\yAM'El i.Ir, it the Montana, Ana l.i
UfANTKII Partner W11 n .1 in11.111^11.in -loo to SMM St ^^ , avaea . |.s^]^month y. I'lea^.iut. jsermaneni. | io;r,'s,.v ^^biisiuess. AsSefesS SSI sn, hatia
ii'AN IKl^-Osfi (or it'nera! house work at^fl 11. Dwyer ^, *s ff, Park avein.e, Aua-^ronda
Butte,Anaconda ^ Pacific Rallwas/.
IT.meScheduled^A'l trans Arrive and l*vir: froa Bitta
AliaOouU*.^ 1 I1-.9.5 Depnt.
No.1, fsattoexpress ^lai yIliltoa
No.1. hutts Kspcsss ms-ilnit eonn*se-
ton.^ i. . .t 1'.^'.it herttsssa
Kauwo:ttirntbcli tn.n. from l-a^(
tmiasst. uri -s 'I lUy^:SSp
PK.rsRrpa .ve isirnmi^^to. 1. Butts 1 tprsss,dsporls lily.., Mtia^No s, 111 !^^ Kspress 'or ~t I'atu and^ail Eis n .:!. 1 V.ss: ra poi 1 s. do-^!^..:^ n a
On of thn h in l^otnntt nn I mot; rlef4Htl} ap-^po n^ 1 hotp'.s In th* U iltnJ ^t*T*^s. Thor-^MfWy lf*MMf and pMfttM w11ti MMMMis.^r *^ tr,i' lv^! s. fir^ 1U1 ins r mul 11; wa'er. h^i!.^^ts'e.iin h '.it. open ftro |ii;^f*f^i in I ;ui nnvloro^MWMWN ImM Hull^ an I ^lii(lt*,
PollUlMM^ ItTTfM ttatssftl Hr-st Olilaa. |Ml
from$,\ || per | ly upvv.inU MMI4MI !^^iiinl etefMteM uf rooms MMpIl I-
Geo.11'. Reynolds, v^nna,r.
ANTKI)T/we dlslas reoa ir rl* st ones^at Anai-on ia ltest.111r.1nt. Anaconda
511.MKNfor contract work. ^ \ S r., for St ^^rats I'ouss work. Mootosa MSuseysaesI^office. 110 N Main stieel, MOMS,
yikisraLAsM seam stress sselres work la^pro .t^ iaml-.es. Aadros .Mrs. Lie;,^le r. o.
vN11 Ii Work by lbs .1.0. Mrs.^4'.'^ hoi i onimerciai, Arneondi
DIIY0,1,1, s.il. siu ill o|. 11 (or enc ueni-i:t^AisjrUS. l.V Suks olid ibe.s '.'.mhI., I nen^^1 ami dome,lie,, in year,' eipsfienee; A I refer.^' sasa. Apply ^Hastier,^ Siati 1114 - ^ tt 1^, Ba ie.
IITAXTbUJiMaa1 a- ssshssspst! Hat
t iia: 10 raars'ssparlsaei in Moo ma^Bssl uf rsfsroosss fltea Aadress Steal^an!. Aassssosta
osmm erst
Ifysaatosss that your dsftot frefl Min-^ie..| 1... St. Pain or imliuu rssaj via
STHAYKl'One baj work Iserse.sboal I,s7i^lbs., in.ill led J ^ oa riltM ,1.milder len^diiil.'iis rewaid ^.ll h - i'Od lor 1, reii.ru in^.1. hn Von.. .is so. Main M . butts,
IMTIiAY ^ns^1 n K liiej,. 1, .11 our ranch.^j Ukfsa ml.es ,011111 at Auaeoinl.i one MSJ^cnivwiilisu.ii ed horus, be.eOf.Of 10 a Mr.^Caaatswthaai of Baits t'aiaa Bros
Fluttering,No Appetite, Could Not^Sleep, Wind on .Stomach.
Foraloufftime I had a terrible^pain at my heart, which fluttered al-^most inressautlT. I had no appetite^and could not sleep. I would tie^ com^^pelled to sit up in bod and btlek pas^from uiy stomach until I tboofht^that, every minute would b^ my UA^There wa'.^ a feellinp of oppress an^about nr.' hear:, and I was aira.d to^draw a rail breath. I could n^d sweep^a room without resting. My hus^^band indu 'ed me to try
Dr.Miles' Heart Cure
andaru happy t 1 sa~ it has cured^me. I now have a st .'.end id appetite^and sleep well. Its effect was'truiy^^ftfVajMhl
Ota.BARRY K. STARR. Pott ^, ille. Ps.^T^r. Htlat Hear^ Cure Is add or. a pos'.tlro^ruarante ^ t bait be nr-r bottle will ts-aedt.^All ilruti: si il it a: H. ^l bottles forfa. cr^H will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of p-lce^EbelVa ii - stiles Uvdual Ij, ;.!^: u:t, l_A.
llostouWool.^Boston. July 17.^The American Wool^and Cotton Reporter says: The paM week^has witnessed a falling off In the actual^business accomplished In the four princi^^pal markets of this country In wool, al^^though tie general strength and charac^^ter of the market Is fully maintained. A^suggestive Indication of a permanence In^values is embodied In the fact that con^^tinental buyers who have hitherto held^aloof In the hope that when Hngllsh and^American buyers at the London sab s had^quite ^filled up^ they might have tfca sd-^vantage of a temporary decline, have^been active purchasers during the past
week. This may be regarded as a gI
Indicationthat higher prices have come^to stay and that the manufacturers must
a.eept the situation BS It Is. The sp. I i-
latlvetendeney heretofore noted In NtW^Y'ork. Iloston and elsewhere has lost Its^vigor and trade has settled down to a
bush*sahha baata
We'llAnctloa.^London, July 17.^At the wool auction^sales to-day l.'.'ds l ab s were offrn I. The^atendance was large an I there was a'l^active demund for the American a. -^count.
Antwerp,July 17^The soeon 1 day of^the wool auction sales opened linn an I^active with I.4vi bubs offered, of which^trt.il were withdrawn.
'Ihe Coppef Market,
tromthe Bishaiatlai aad m aiai Jo ureal.
Aver^ linn tendency has STafahSd tttahahj^and we caa a^.uu ;ep t: btgkat SClSSI feral^grades uf c ipra-r. as arovioosli stalest, ao^mucli luislnes, lias be :i dotal f ^r the MSI fee;^weeks, duriag which tune roiitiuuptioli has^been very ^o ,^l a: lee.i. an I v 1H1 111 ne r a .0:..-
tion,n Lsaaaoi ssasasMnri est ratasi aerss
andtried in coier their wants, w-hlcii tliey e mid
saayAs hi a parti si way Kstiy at Uss wnk ah
ilielake copiier ottered at in.7. was laki u, ait^sines then ail pindueers havo rubed their^pr.cei to lie. at ahtah we uou'.'rslauil MM^business ha, already hein done, J his Is the^highest pric1 recorded for a ion ^ bine past
Bastrotjrdtasnac was fne^ saM aarly la
theweek at 10 i delivered, hut since then qa ^-^tatlons have been raised to fO.ijr^lOGS, and^easting copper must be quoted at lu g n'V^1 or Arizona pli; copper lo'a is aahad.
Theexports are couiniencniK now to show .1^falllnt; off, and pneo. realiz'd here for tin)^copper are rather above the parity at whica it^can be marketsd abrosd
faM. B. copper op- nod In 1 enlon on Men-^day last st Ml 10s., and afterwards declined t ^^^13, bat later on rcc ivered the declluo and is^clo, a; at eel l.i.'tlW 17s. Gal for spot aua Ml^ffMtfesea. for three nioatlis prompt
Aitood doinsu i e\ ,1, ahraad far tin dfMr*^en: brands of copper, and cou,iiinptlon 1, ,a.d^to he very sat.stac orv . Wa quo:-to. rdia d^and manufactured as foil w,: Kng.isli |ea|h^Ml 15s iiCtti. bes seeeted. tip; III |M7;^strong sheets MM6M: Inula sheets, A't I j^M 1 yellow m-tal. 4 Ml
APIMM ^aaaa,^Hildad^Aren't you fond of the surf.
Illldad-Theriwhy do you never go It,
.MissHardluek^Mr. Hildad. you may^have experienced many sorrows In your^life an I had your heart wrui.-t with mo^fiom v.ry Infancy, but you have Maat^known the awful fat. of having your^nose turn blue at the ilrst touch of salt^water.^from Town laataa
lMslssrsilBMKUUtl ^eii sua SstiiiSIi
knownby hi, l ouianil smful practice en lbs I's. ul'f
l'..i*,t .Hil.es . cur - 111 ^ ih^ cshe lie iiluU-rtske. In
inorfl,rettt-r, MY.KMA. 1 ^^^! 1'^ii^Kin ^,f |tm nat .it*
-ihiMMIi t^lfj.|f1^^r. e-flt
lirlrk-ilml ..rwliltf, IMaiiifwl tirlnastiulia,^in.fall -Ii.if thf l.lmlilvr
tUMfWfM,gleet, plrli'ture, Otm
__ j,cum ^ r \, - Vfstlt I I -i h^.|t.^'.-|t^,
riUU(iimiM\vanf, leti.lrriir.^, evse-li
liijft,wmlsiif - ..r .-tyfin-, ('tit-, ft-fula Hint nii.tiiir*.
LOSTMANHOOD r: :^'.', ^v^'MS
Hti.iul.l Men. The h^ ful t-iTt- f - of rsrl, ni.-^T
pnxlueiniC weiikne^, NfKV-IS DKHILITY, nisrlt^^Mfdwlons.^lhftfto^41s^dT dlftiH i-ln.|.|. Uahrulut- ,^MhafM ^ ..M. tli IcOdvaii.l l.rtalu,
jrourtii. if nut uf tttft imm
;^i i- n:i..I -.\ ^''irM*-|...i-.I^.iii-i' n.il
me.llj-1111-rsm-fil -f ^Hh -m| f,| ,,.,^. ,
bii.jr. U b\vk.\n\ M ik l .m. hf.fi KraiKiavu.
|.!^.^. tif^i^f*rg. ^
,C.St. V. Ms ^ 0. K^ |
Three(31 1'lrst i'lass Trains tears Mln-^asapolis and St P.iul for t'h.caito on ar^^rival of Iralu, fiom An.icon la as follows:
LcavJAbnvspolls 7..to am: St Paul 8:10 am
Kaily MM Sta'e Kspr.ns.
Ha,I'arloriar Is I hnazn. Arrlfl Mil
wankerIrM pin, i'hii'no MM pui
LesveNtaMMhM MM pm: St. Paul h \% pis.
MSSISlModOf. At antic K So.uhsrn^Ksiuess. Mas Wagner Unftet Meener and^HlKKi'balrCarta CkMaja Arrive OM
cao e: JO am.
LeaveMinneapolis 7: jo po. St. Psul S io pm.
UallyFamous No: th-Western Limited^Has Pullman and Wsi;ner Prlrate Com-^Mir ineiit and M section S,ee|i^rs ^nd^lb.11 t Miiokinu Library l nach.s to t'hloa-^e, Wsepst 10 .Milwaukee, breakfast la^Iiaitnit 1 ur before reachlua 1 hlcaso. Ar^^rive .Milwaukee 7: u am. (JTiIc^k^ 9.W am.
ForIllustrated Folder FKF.F, descrlptlT.^of Splendid Train service via This Line to^Sinus l ily Omaha, Kansas Ohf, Dublin,^j.!, mi, at we I as In Milwaukee and^( lilcaito. t all on your Home Asenl or ad^^dress
i.w. tfasi1a1.k,
ieico ii Pasieujer Airent,
l/UKsMI. Hi. 1 trade lads', be- cie, . 1^I lbs., leswles u w, liaif priee Ml ^ '.^Mete.
COS-alpi n. f.mcv spOets:sred abates,^1 1 sii .a M LBraaM rtraat, MMa
J111: tin- u \t tew days as a 11 nahe astlai
Jpro* ^ sM leruis on solas line frail las 1, .11^MkMeula t\. 1 ^ sbhaakCs , ^^^^ Meat Ursa-
we have some hnu,e, mi tfuartt aad roapst^streets,esse, la,fet lale sh au, ami ^ne.i-^^srrass, w K. taahsa 41 Ce , it West tiranue
atirs: c.ass residence on West llranile lor^Hieeaasiais that aasseal la Ja,t a tr.il ^ nmre^than ihe leu*, annul tie. \\ 1. v oonau \ v o .^d i W est 1 Iran .is.
alull k veneer re,ldenee near the Parrol^Mes.tsf for sals shaap w. Cahhaia ^ Waal^I,ramie
Wehave acreage uround, ranches, mining^prnpertie, and lots ill ail parts uf the city 1111^which xe can m ike almost any term, W F
tnbbiua. 1 n . ,1.1 Wasi flraahe.
Aline huslne,, proposiilnn In a beaut if 111 v^located and iiros|ierou, loan.can be i^ecur -d mi^easy terms and a payon; bisl, if taken within^the next few days. W. F. I Obliall A La , ^^West (.ramie. Untie.
{.oil sai.k a Mraaa brick haaraMtihaaao,
Ifurnished cnmiilt'le, located lii central pa-1^nf town: wlih latest Improvement!, 0 , SUnd-^srd. Butte _
| akf.hy for sale or e\c ian^^; aMdaeaasa^I) tor live man. L. Maudard uflice. Ureal.^Fal s.
n^'tlv . 1.
1p^Tin i
U '^' '. '
!s,r*of Brati ^, ]^i.nat IrMiUtiyi nin
ptitiI'* / 1. ii1 J VMUlNjuil 1 ' 1^I'l'Mira i^r^^i* faac^. 1^Bfl if ttints' (MfrdJ i'loOtl lull)
ftudpuny ^f riititiiifi l piumi^. I^^nHuK. %t pf^rI v, e i^ r^with ^ wrttd'in'itfirii't- i^WnlO IM fof .^rve m.'.:l -I I^i.lnln wr:ij.|kt. v In. h ^^
tlii.nclul r^^!^ '^'Tl.^^ Siiu- i-^; ^-
tliiiiN. I:i n ^ ^ ^i.lft |iv (,^r h ivit*
t|-'l atreiii-. nr i: ' ir.--- M'KVK Ml!I U i^
Wiic-oi:,.-Ti fSOlO.a silruefn. Ill*
HOLHINANACONDA, M^^N . TlYTHK SMITH^DKCU ^ '^., AMi IN Bl l : ^ IIA*,liUiir.,ilV^V MLi HKN I) A^ HKthUKL . CO.
^*Weak M^^la ho, Wukft'i'^ii^.erllfiaiin^ ln^^nai ilby ^MUfdta^l
'lit! fipl.C,' . |- ^
Miitbapaila^ih.iyfthrriiHj In v^*at^^y until i^r^ i^rruoney ret uniiii.
^*el^N'tll f. , I- lr,
Ismost easily reaClp^l fmm tho^\(^rth\v^-^t liy tho Nx^ LiD ^. MM^only ihr-'Ugl. far ro t^ ivmi It^r.iul and IIIUMpolll. r.^ k^ts^will b* on nli Aukjust U tt^ 1^^inc!usi\#, at ratr ot a siii-rlo laro^for ItaM round trip. For full^I-articulars, address:
(ciirriil ris*^^('iii;er Ak^-iit.^NIMS.E WiH.lv
liarlest ma iirln: stock on earth. W.-ulit at^s as^^atest i!3a pouads, llara sad tMn srelali^iijp.iiii.is .iti nuaths Address Dl'KO^JKbMKI siui h I AKM, Ihe L^ls: Meat,
Trya Want Ad. in the Standard
I'.IKSAI.K - A 4-rootu frame lioinecomp.e:e y^furnished, w til tlire.. Li.s, ti aru an 1 nut.^hniiNf,, nereis MIsMiiiia liu .'h, alMt h ir^^^ .ml^liuituy. WHIaad eventh nit fur MM If pur^cliaseil at iince. t all W.-sl ilrarnte, Ilrst hou-i^ninth side, across 11. A A I' track.
L'OltSAI.F.-Blir Hole It.tslu Hay ant Steel*^V ranch, cuts Ml ions Say; aa as Had rant'.^Maadaal waMri in* pre'', Mara ta.au
MeiuonsA lamer. I ha^t llroadway, lint'.^,^Mont.
|,n|:ftLM A fiirnishi'd rumn, suitable for^I one ur two aaatlsaMai two blesM from^ssstotloa niw fhrh are., aaaeeaM
i,iKMHIIKl) rooms for teal, SJ^ I'las strtet,^i Maaaaaa.
NilKI.Y furnisI r ...in for rent In KaaUa^a tiielenberic b.^N'k Impilro r.enn is
pTIIftBlTIT 1Wlnr. taiisels fur an,' klalof^I tius.ne.s, Kiuiat tlo'.r. at Kaai Urahlts^it rest, Unite.
TheAuthorized State Edition.^Annotated and Indexed.
Semiin your orders at once to B. E. Calkins, Butte,^The Bancroft-Whitney Co.. San i'rancisco, or Inter-^Mouatain Publishing Co, Butte.
Butte,Anaconda ^ Pacific Railway.
(TimsSchedule i^All trains Arr^^ sr.d iMpar: front Great
Northernisspit a: 1 Ma
aHuivr.is rr-rra^No J. ini ^^: ^ ^ I.. ^ i ^. iSi 1 it't il rltt
N'o,t. AnaeeaS . ^ t re.s ^^Willi tlreat Nottliern It y ihr.outi^Irslai tor Mat and Waal, arrivss^ii:iipa
prp\nr frdw nrrTR.
KaaAaasoeeasnr--s sawaaaM.lkMael
No.I, An c^^nda i \; re^s from st.^I' i Ii ^^i i in i iiitcrm.Mi.ite points^isaras dailyl:M d ra
(Trainsirrtrs al Anvinln^No 105 From iLtrnsoa ^nd all pjia'.s
si,:on th. H, ^10:so )
No.toi Mite t si r.-sll:3a ra
No.iui Laito fiiaiii lOOpia
iratal I. ass Aaacoalai^No. mi itutte rassniaio:inpw
N' i ^ Butte I rssst:l^^ ra
No'ii: B itt. i ipi -si.: iip ra
IranNo. M '^n St. SI It i.te with N. f.^east I... ml over .in l ir.i n
no.aa eoaasss. ,,t s. .^r Mai wui^ c. p.^f.i-t m u.
thwnstaaiTI in HcrTa
No. 9 Oirrlson Kiarssill:.np^ii
No.ioi iaaaaaM bprsaalo wam
n...laj Aaaa ^ ^ t^ i . r-^sj |i p in
Now.' t. 1' kfset Ms.Mia in
raaiwitaava aayinal
nv | i,irr ^o'i MaraM i 11 ^
No.Wl Anion 1 s i iprsssM:na ra
No.iui AaaaoaM Kiprssa s oup a
ho.Ml I I', h a!'. M aili 'M p ra
lonnets a' Masri w.:a ira.a from U^)r^la^d^s and .iarrit in.
TTtvtvsviiiuvr. \r Bi.-rrn^No. 7 Frees at, Paal. Chhaaat an si^I i-; ra po i'lv arr.ros MlMM
i.. ^ .... u Ueaot eaUf M ^ lin
il.i No j I lorn Spokane, lacu na,^pe.iii.s, I'ort.and au l a'.. i_,^a^;^I'M.is afflfas aeataas Uuiou u
poi,aaan atti-^ p a
Titit s - i SAva bo - rir.^ii. u No. i i .ir Rfahaaa fhaaaa
Seattle.I'ort .ml a.. 1 i Coast tat^I .utfuruia poiuts. ,e.ivo Montana
luioiiUapaC daiiyat mi m
No.s For st rani, c .c i. ^ and all^lasfern, - en and t'auad.aa^points, leaves Mrtheta I'ac.rlc Lo^^cal Uopot daily at liiJn p ia
TrainNo. '.'i Allantlo tt^pres. Eastlniunl, for^st. Paul. ^ hssage. New^lurk, and all hasten,^p.. 1.1.
TrainNo. aa, ranlc p^press. Westbound, fr :.:^st. I'aitl, cauaaa ana^all Eastern |h^ nti
TrainNo. 1. lis.ens an i^Hutte r.xpress
Trnn No. J, hutte an.^heieua I s- re.,
-aa.to -aa.
Mlsli i i INI oi -.
IVANTED I ^i:i icru rsi 11 ^ liable tor^r^ shaiaaai aad fruit, near s.cne leas la^I:.11^ r Mot; w..t.-rr vnt Aadrass ^fllaa II^\ f, Itead ri^ 11^..in Ilea i ..^. .
cuirf^fnN. s:
I^ a n i II e^-.s ^ sutrsl st Whatlej cafe, Aoa^IV c uida. Hlanesl cash pi ice p 11
MilsJ, Ml Lli. c a rvoy.mt. tor Ifeatl tun ^^only fee II. Nu.illE. I'ars street. Untie.
VV/anriu-A riBi.l cross waieh dog. Ad-^^^ die.s V/. M.uidard. In.tte
\\'ANill. To real .. e isi re -Mor '..r Ihr ^^^^vs monllis. sino price, e;c, Addres. I*.^ii. b^\ fc. Anaconda.
A|C^W| reward lot u ^ r-t ;ra of ^^ i^ep Itl.sfli hors^, waits oas lael alfti on ... ;^kusd lo ii. ^raa 111 \ Plu.-red sfi saa^about iioi i^ntn i.. few w it., aaln sal -r sad-
die:M: \'i .coo.la ab ei J SOS In Wa, l. HajSt^In rreii' litown l. ari at llrowneli's stable,^Auaeon-l.i JasaM Marjfia
ONLVtotoaiiCbarles'O'flaaaaU, attorney^al law, tin N Maht, Mtta
aaaaflMl scMrot'LU
No.7. From s:. rail, .'lucuo. and ill^Eastera polats, arrives v.rtaert^l a. i e laical Ueyol d illy alt.titM
No.s. From ^poka:ie. Tacoraa.
neatuaNrtiaad aad ai CaaM^i..nits, arrtyai Maataaa i sssa th^^pet,daai atlLiUpra
tii\is nrevur^No 7. For ^; on.in^. I'a'otna.^scat le, Portland .^.. 1 a. Coast mi^^ sllforala aolals, lean M .ntaaa
Imen ivti.it daily at Mil
Nos. For M. 1'auL, i hicauo and all^lantern, Southern an I I'anadiaa^paaaa iMaaa Nortnera 1'io.tlc lo-^Ml Depot daily a: HeM P ra
*4jOT1CITO CBEDITOKa^lltats of Join
*.s ll.es. d ^ceased No'.li'h i, llTebl ItiVen
bythe aadarslMaa idm ststrator or tn ^ e.t its^of .loan si..*, dseaaaad Is tM arsdilors of,^and al. t^.rs ^us hav.n^ e * m. a^i.n, t:i^ *.il I^deceased, loevlilbn tie-in w.th tin necoasar]^voucher*, within tuiir nioiiihs after the first^publication of tins not c e to the vi.d a.lm:n:i.^trator ai i-'l Cedtr street, m Ana oa la. viuu^t in i. me same beiru t is s'ia far tM traasae.^tion of les Mskassa sf saw sstats laIAs coua v^of Heer l.jd^e.
CMA II. T Wl Oft,^Administrator of the esi.ue of .1 hi Vow, de.^s0ss ' I
|i,d. of first publication July ^^'.. IN)'..
luilmanSleepln: Cars, between Itutti aad
StI'aut. uplioisterod lo iris; Sleepers: elofaaC^day coaches aad duuu; car service oa all^through trains
Forlaformatlon. t:mi ea-ds. ma;^s and tieteti^SOl on or wti.o 1 H Tt iiHY. Oca Ait, 3^r_u: Lioaai .... MM Men:, or
CilAKLF.SS. feb.^tieaera. 1'assenirer Afent,
stMe V aa
j|J5THE 1 TO 4DAY CURE' rttATi
W9tl.merrier*, GUal, t't'arrayti SytfrMa'arrWa,^fall ^^h^*ii*J taiaal iliMfkKrsjca. | ^-r af.
CT'oPdi, H^ P*^io. P^Tr.nt^8trictu-*; and ^J1^S *xm* of Y'\T%t* D;j .^e^ ^ f b -n ^* i-n f ruAte.
il!^' n sta* ^r aaaa 10 aa^ idilress, .'at- rft.ihi.^** Il tiiisU Ue-'Mf h tht Brat1 ^f a nn: ^r rrtn^4ewaVH^DR HI^^tr Uk\T. B:sUwta^rl, Ha,^MA1.YD0R vtc. CO., ..^ ii;^r, O., U.s
Six5.'- Si.OS. rJS^w0ka.s S safe^M*f. ^ . '... J-.' ^.
wVqu eivl sure you of M aervous d^s^sa^cs. s :o i as lo.t inaaaeaa, pains ia Hi*^^^m^ . i. u-nous .tf,
ito ,ir . e\h.i.:^iuii Ors ns. M^. l.i ^ or rs. A written ;u*r*^aa; a hi . n o ^. re'' a led ' ^lx oeaa oo-a^ii..: i nee: a poraisaeul cure H per wa.^-is fir ^^, oy ma.l .ssrure.v ^'* isl Msaa^faeturo.ibi A. A1 $^^ .ore. Vara AidresssB^a.... to il. ' euro uzui V.U., ^oa A(fv.^units our. Mcai

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