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TheWest, in Montana Bureau of tha^^tsndard !^ at Itoom ^. Daly Block Mis-^aoula. Telephone *^ Adv*rtlaln^^rates ramtatirt on application
Circularsof Information Sent Out By^President Craif^.
TheFaculty Is Almost Complete-^Much Has Been Accomplished^During the Past Two Months^About Accommodations,
Missoula.Auk. IT.^Praaldsat Calf^of the stale university Is seadlag out^copies of the recently prei-an-d circular^of Information of the new institution.^The circular contains much valuable^information regarding the school anil^shows that the members of the faculty^have mil be n Ml. for the past six^weeks. The faculty la now complete,^except the Instructor In music, who^will be appointed before the school^opens ne^ month. The opening pares
ofthe pamphlet belnj^ sent ou! It*, n
thefollowing list of the faculty: Os^^car J Craig. A. M., Ph. D.. president^^nd professor of history and literature;^8. A Merrltt. R R, prof.-esor of natu^^ral science; Miss Elizabeth Hellly, B. S.l^professor of mathematics; \V. M. Aber,^A. B.. professor of I^atln and Orcek;^Fred C. Scheuch. M K.. A. C . professor^of modern languages and temporarily^to charge of the department of applied^sciences. Dr. CralK. Professor Merrltt^and Professor Aber are already heir^and are at work and Professor Rellly^and Professor Soheuoh are expected to^be on the ground within two weeks.^As outlined in their circular, the work
Ifthe new school has been arranged^n the true university plan, the Idea^being to start out in the line which^Will be pursued when the Institution^has attained greater proportions.
Beginningwith the college year of^11.95-6. the university will offer the fol^^lowing course* of Instruction:
A.^A classical course, leading to the^degree of A. B.
B.^A philosophical course, leading to^the degree of B. Ph.
C.^A general science course, leading^to the degree of U.S.
D.^A course In applied science which^will ultimately be developed into differ^^ent courses, leading to their respective^degrees In the industrial arts.
Thework of th^ year will be divided
!ntotwo equal semesters. K^^in-
venienceIn classification, fhe v.urk of^each department of study will be divid^^ed into courses and fractional courses.^One course shall mean the eiitilvah n t^of one hour's lecture or ree.lta.tlon live^times a week for one semester. Two^hours of laboratory work will count^the same as one of leoture or of recita^^tion. In the absence of any definite^nutement. the faculty reserves Hm^right to proscribe the order In which^the different couiws ^!iall I^ tjk^-n^Twt tity-slx full courses as here Mined^an required for graduation in any of^the departments of the university.
Itwill be seen that these four gen^^eral courses present the full range a|^university work. As the school be-^^ omes larger, each of these general^, ,,tir.- - u 11 be divided Inlo three or^more special or department courses.
Tvi ill ell..|.|e StUll. lltS 1^ pel f. .1
Hum-elvesIn speulal branches, for in^^stances. Instead of the HMNl MlMN^course, there will be In tho MaMtlAa^department, courses In chemistry, ^ !ec-^trlcity, civil and mechanical enirin^ing and physics. Each of the other^general courses will be similarly di^^vided.
Asto qualifications for admission to
thecollegiate departments* the circu^^lar har the following information:
Canlidates for admission to any of^the c .llogiate departments of the unl-^versity must be at least 16 years old^and present satisfactory evidence of^good mor.il chara ter. 'Poos,- who have^been membura of other colleges and^universities must bring certificates of^honorable dismissal. For admission to^the classical course, leading to the de^^gree of A. B., the applicant must pre-^aanf the equivalent of the following^courses found in the preparatory de^^partment:
MathematicsCourses 1. 2. 3 and 1.
LatinCourses L 2, i and 4.
GreekCourses 1 and 2.
EnglishCourses 1, 11, :: and 4.
BclenceCourses 1. 2. 11 and 4.
Historyand Civics^Courses 1 and 2.
Foradmission to the philosophical^course, leading to the degree of II. Ph.,^there is the same requirement as for^(be classical course except that courses^1 and 2 in German arc taken In tho^place of Greek. For admission to the^general science course, hading to the^degree of B. S., the following CMOTM^or their equivalent are rsqUlri 1:
MathematicsCourses I, 2. 1) und 4.
IjotinCourses 1. 2, 3 and 4.
EnglishCourses 1, li, 3 and 4.
ScienceCourses 1, 2, 3 and 4 with^additional laboratory work In Physics.
DrawingCourses 1 and I,
Historyan 1 Civics^^'ourses 1 and 2.
Foradiuutaton to the couisu la up-^pHed science:
MathematicsCourses 1, 2. 3 and 4.
EnglishCourses 1, 2. 3 and 4.
Historyand Civics^Courses 1 and 2
DrawingCourses 1 and 2.
ItIs expected, naturally, thai the^preparatory department will, for the^first two or three years, form an Im^^portant WOrk of the new school. The^course of study In this d-iwrtment has^been so arrunged that the average Btu-^dent ought to complete the work re^^quired in two years. The nrrangenv n:^of semesters and courses Is the same^as in the advanced work but there^are no elective studies, all the^branches of this department being re^^quired of the student, according to the^course arts h he expecta to follow In^the university proper.
Applicantsfor admission to rhe pre^^paratory department should be at least^14 years old, and well grounded In the^elements of an English education. They^must he able to pass a creditable ex^^amination In the elements of arith^^metic, elementary grammar, geogra^^phy, reading, and spelling.
Thefollowing general Information s^contained In the circular:
Thecollege year will be divided Into^two semesters of IS weeks each. The^first semester will begin Wednesday,^Sept. 11, 1S93. and close Jan. U, U96.^The second semester will begin Feb. 3.^]^^^^. Christmas vacation extends from^Dec. 21. 1*93. to Jan. 6. 1S96. Inclusive.
Examinationsfor admission will take^place at the university on Monday and^Tuesday. Sept. !^ and 10. 1835.
Amatriculation fee of $10 will be^charged for admission to any of the de^^partments of the university. This^must be paid, one-half at the beginning^of the first semester, and one-naif at^the beginning of the second. A deposit^of IS will be required from those taking^any courses In chemistry. This depoalt^la to covir the cost of breakage, and
afterthis |a deducted the balance will^I be returned at the close . f the mnie^-^ter.
Thereare no tonMttariea cow^with the university, and stMMM are^ex|^vted to find N ens and board In^ori\.it. families i;I hemes can thus
Ibe provided for all and at very reason^^able rates Expenses may be very ma^^terially lessened b^ the formation of
Ihoarding clubs.
!The building Is now practically ready^for occupancy, everything being cm-^plsti 1 excepi for a few finishing^i touches. The limited funds at the^dlsp-isal of the board of trustees^has he, ^ . xpended with excellent^ju.lgm. ni and the results ane much^m. ro satisfactory than could have^Iu expected The laboratory equip^^ment for chemical, physical and^biological work is exccll. nl and Is^ample for the needs of the university^at the beginning Professor .Merrltt Is !^now husily engaged in getting in.' labo- j^ratones arranged and IBS appatalus It^being placed as rapidly as possible, i^The other departments, except that of j^applied science, do not require as^much preparation and will he. ready^next, week Hi the appla 1 s ^!^ nr.^work, ample mi ms will be affirdi d for^the prosecution of the studies In this^department, which President Craig ex^^pects to make one of rhe Important^features .if the BBiVsTOtt] work
PresidentCraig can furnish to all^who desire It, further Information r^-^gartttng boarding placfs and other ile-^tails of the work of the university.^Ample boarding accommodations ha\e^been offered and all students can find^goal homes with the people of M's-^soula.
Allthe Attractions of the County Will^Surely Ee There.
Mlsson'ansShining In This 1'artlru ar^Line-A I^ ughmil t etter
.Missoula,Aug. 17^The era of Irviii-^tk.n Is unquestionably In full sway In^Missoula. Not only are dam schemes^and irrigation methods being consider. I^and perfected by local Inventors hut M: -^soulu genius Is t u rn 1 i.K its attention to^the perfection of articles of more general^application that will he of benefit to the^whole world Instead of to the people of^this Immediate vloini'ty. Some lime ago,^the Standard printed a description of a^spring reel Whioh had been perfected by^a Mlssoul* mechanic, the object of which^Is to make It possihlo .to raise and lower^ordinary electric .lights without having^unsightly knots and loops of wire In^sight, this llftle Invention bills fair to^he generally adopted and will undoubted^^ly be of great value.
TylarB. Thompson of this city and^Diaries T. Mull and John II. Wcllman.^two woll known traveling men, have Just^completed *a nio.Iel of a new tea can, on^which they have received a patent. Tin)^can is made of tin, Is of tihe ^lie of an^ordinary tea chest and, by a simple ar^^rangement, can be transform. I into a^haiid.-omo ran for store ajstjl^ S The flag^Is apparently ,in oblong tin box and UM
iIs shlppi*d In It as in a common . h- r,^Wh. n It 1s opened, ^a soft tin seotlon ne:ir^La. lu^^ \a reniov. I as 1h :ln. tup ,.i a^patent sardine can an I an MHMkl^MM with a slide door drawa out ami^affords a means tor removing the tea in^small qusntitle*. The ohl. f MVMRag*^nlarsatd for ruts can ti that it IflBsenl^the wolght of the lockage, saving about^ID pounds tare, and titiat tt absolutely ex^^cludes The air from the tea and prevents^any datatloration m tiie herh. Patents^h:i\e luen ncelved in Kiixlan I. I'rjnce,^ln.lla and Japan, as well as in America,^and the Inventors feel tiiat They have a^good thing.
CaakfMorrison is shoa-ing his friends^a patent doughnut outlter that he consid^^ers ii world heater. The cuttur Is a hum^^mer and wiU cut dougiinuts at the rite^of fin a minute. I't Is a revolving affair^and slieti l.t gets startH on a slab of^doughnut batter It raises Cain. Tho
pii v eir.i. ' ilia; I.it. r l^^ com. so ^h-
someare tuiutid out like half-dollars in^a mint and i'anby expei-ts rhat Missoula^housewives will afgfll a uionuui. ni to his^memory. He wants a medallion portrait^of himself on the front of the p-Mosral^and on the top of the shaft one of the^whirligig cutters.
TheFaithful l ire Morse Has Had a Megs^of Ippell leltls
Mls.'oula.Aug. 17 ^For several .lays tho^boys of the tire department have aasa^s a letting anxiously over ^Sniip.^ the off^horse of fhe hose at am, a lio has peen^ilangerously sick. II. is now pronounced^out of danger and ;he firemen are re^^joicing;. Wednesday morn.ng he showed^Signs of improvement and was led out^Into 'Oho clover field on ths McXamara^place on Wiiruce street. Here hi. received^the temlerest care, .Mrs. McNamam^watching him as If he were a sick baby.^The kind oi l Tady has always been at^^tache*! 'to the team and to her one is^largely due Hhe recovery of old Snap.
Atthe lire house. Prince, the male of^the wick horse, has be. n imcomfor:.it.le^and raaUsaa ever s.nce Snap was taken^away. On Monday, when the alarm^came In for tihe lire In the railroad yards,^the .-'learner team, Tyle an I M i , was
aaaflout with the hose wagaa tad fa*
thefirst time since he his i,. ^ ;;n ihe
department.Prince had to stay at home.^II. was almost crazy and klck.-l and^Jumped about In his .-.;all aatfj the boys^wire forced to M him out. He was^taken to Mac's place In front of rhs^sieamer and the h i mess was dfOH* d^upon him. Ltut. even thote. it rtqutred^two men to hold him.
On.,of Oharhy Johnson's harass, Itain-^bow, is kep; at the tire house lo l^e used^In caae of emergency and Prince has^taken a Strong dislike to him. This^morning, when the two wore under the^harness. MM selz. I :li siranger by^rhe tmck of the neck gad aaarkjf iU^througih It before he could be pull.d off.^1:^ II b ^ i..i K ip j f, A Ja} s
aad'ihen peace will reign once more at^the liro house.
HeSays Good Purses Will Be Put^Up and Paid Baby show In Con-^nectlon-Bloomorsand Kemale^Bicyclists. Another Feature.
Miss,.ii l.i, Aug. 1^ ^Ft. A. O'Hara,^may.^r of Hamilton, was In the city^and when accosted by a Standard re^^porter, he said:
Talkingabout fairs, have you hear.J^.ili. ut our fair yet. with the accent on^the 'our^' 1 mean the first annual^meeting of the Ravalli County Fair^and Racing association, to be held at^Hamilton Got. 1. ^ and 3. We are get^^ting things Into shape now and Un^^fair promises to be a hummer. It^seems, too, to he attracting considera^^ble attention on the outside. We have^already 1. as. d the privilege for a^merry-go-round to a persistent Indiv^^idual in Anaconda for ^7i and now wo^are sorry wo let It go so cheap. An^^other fellow from Butte even wanted^to buy the right to sell popcorn within^the l^-acre enclosure, but we want to^hold this for our lwal poppers. If^competition kteps up we will have to^put a higher price on pink lemonade^than we do on the plain article.
Weare expecting quite a crowd^and the Indications are that we will^have more than we have figured on.^You see. the fruit exhibit held at 8tev-^. nsvllle last year by the Western Mon^^tana Prult CffOWtft1 association was a^surprise t ^ all and people all over the^slate arc still talking about It. Well,^the fruit growers have their show at^Hamilton this year and II la part of^this fair I m talking about, so we are^getting ready for a big time. We have^already about completed the frame^and rootling of the main building. It^will be In the form of a crosa of which^thu long arm will be 110x30 feut and^the short 90x30. This makes quite a^commodious building and is of a^height to present quite a very respect^^able appearance. We also have the^lease on one of the best mile race^tracks In the state and there will be^a grand stand and numerous other^buildings for the accommodation of^live stock exhibitors. The premiums,^amounting to more than 11.000 In cash,^urc so arranged that there will be as^many as live prizes for each of the
principaleveats, which will have Iks
effect,ns II did at Stcvensvllle last^rear, Of attracting a great many ex^^hibitors und making the display as^largo and representative as possible.^In addition to the premiums In cash^there will be a number of special pre^^miums offered by Individuals, and for^the races, of which there will be ^.-.m;^every day, the purses will am Hint to^an even (1,000. and Incidentally it^might be mentioned that the purses^will be paid. There will bo a few free-^for-all races, but in the majority of^them thoroughbreds will be barred. In^short It Willi he a regular old-fashioned^county fair, even down to a prize for^the handsomest baby, and In addition^to the visitors about everybody in the^county will be present for the entlro^'three days.
Wohave a flrst-elass hotel In Ham^^ilton and several excellent boarding^horses. These have already received^numerous orders for rooms in advance^and there la a large vacant Held Just^south of the town on which a great^many p. oplo will camp for the three^days. Most of the music for tho occa^^sion will pMbahly be furnished by the^Hamilton brass band, although the^Silver How band has already applied.^The Hamilton band Is now being In^^structed by Professor Church of Butte^and while at present this Is somewhat^paluful for those who live near the^bind rooms It will be all right by fair^time.
Wethink we have good Judges,^committees, etc., to look after things^and everything will be In proper shape.^Talking about shape there Is going to^be a prize for the best lady bicycle^rider, bloomers not barred, and If you^think all you hear about the shape of^the miter Hoot girl Is not true, just^come up to our fair. It won't cost^newspaper men a cent
thoughtthat thja location will accom^^modate the most people. Another mass^meeting will be held n ihe Kout'th ward^before long lo assure the signatures of^pr.p.r.y owners to ihe petition to one^council.
TheFourth ward resident*, however,^are not reaving but are aa anxious as^ever to secure more water and this mat^^ter will probmhly come up again at the^meeting to be 'held.
KiLLtD BY CARS.^John \lurpby (rosbe.i I n ler the Wheels
ofa ntlii^Missoula, Aug. 17.^This morning a man^named John D. Murphy, while stealing a^ride on a freight train, waa thrown from^the train near KdJy a il killed. Murphy^la a stranger in this vi.-.nlty and nothing^la known as to where he boarded ihe.^train or where be was going. Coroner^Crain being albasot from ihe city. Justice^Ross, In response to the telegram an^^nouncing the accident, left on No. 1 for^EMy, where rhe Inquest will be held to^^morrow.
Thryl ike In lurry I heir Rid r^ Into the
11144e ^r the Ire t mid l.xblb t^Missoula, Aug. 17.^Th. ru la considera^^ble kicking from tsdsitrlant In this cdty^o.-er .he fact that ^ ni.ii) horse-break^^ers choose the atreets as a field for their^operations. For a wtek 'there has been^a constant anjcvession of crazy cay uses^plunging around in he street and rush^^ing up to the sidewalks, endangering the^safety of pasters by. Thvre is plenty of^room across the river west of town for^tiais sort of business and there Is where^It ought to be done.
Missoula,Aug. 17. -John Dode of the^Flathead agency, who has been In the^city for several days, last for Arlee this^evening.
ThomasSanders came in from Deborgla
A.E. Shappee, .-P rk of the district^court of RavalU county, came In from^Btevensvllle this forenoon.
JudgeReeves an I Judge Landers left^yesterday tvenlng for Lo La hot springs^to be gone for a month on a hunting and^llshlng expedition.
fleorgeOgden arrived on No. 2 from^Horse Plains, where he ha.s been for sev^^eral days talcing testimony in some land^cases.
JudgeX. W. MoOaaaaH, wtho has been^in the city since Thursday on legal busi^^ness, left this evening for Helena.
MissesMarie and Nora M^ormlck left^this evening for Hamilton, where 'they^will Join Dr. aJid Mrs. McGrath Cn a^camping party. They will be absent for^two weeks.
NewUse for Photography.
AnInteresting use of photography is^noted In the last annual report of the^c.ty engineer of Rochester, N. Y. To^meet the requirements of construction^his department had found It necessary^to prepare 196 photographic negatives,^310 prints and 10*1 lantern slides. Pho^^tography was used for many purposes,^in the first place, for a record of old^structures which may have had an Im^^portant place in the early local history.^Secondly, .is a record of construction,^for the purpose of study and also for^the purpose of spurring the Inspectors^and contractors to greater care. Flash^^light pictures are taken of the inside^of completed sewers, so that the de^^tails of the work can be examined at^leisure. Many photographs are made^for the law department, to be used In^cases of suits for personal Injury by^reason of defects In walks or pave^^ments. Copies are pasted Into substan^^tial albums and are of constant use In^discussions with the aldermen and^other officials as well as taxpayers. On^one occasion It was necessary to edu^^cate the public of the city to a better^comprehension of the question of beau^ty In bridge designs. The engineer pre^^pared a lecture on city bridges and Il^^lustrated It by 140 laatern slides made^from photographs. The slides were se.^lected to show etxlstlng structures^which are failures In direct compari^^son with successful and beautiful spec^^imens of successful bridge building.^The lecture had a good effect and the^engineer had the aatistactlon of select^^ing a bridge which was artistic as^well as useful.^From the Detroit News^Tribune.
Mrs.IVas'raw^How on earth did you^get yourself so dirty^ Johnnie^I was^In swlmmln'.^Truth.
Boththe method ami results when^Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant^and refreshing to the taste, and acts^trently yet promptly on the Kidneys,^Liver and Bowels, cleanses tho sys^^tem effectually, dispels colds, head^^aches and fevers and cures habitual^constipation. Syrup of Figs is the^only remedy of its kind ever pro^^duced, pleasing to the taste and ac^^ceptable to the stomach, prompt in^its action and truly beneficial in its^effects, prepared only from tho most^healthy and agreeable substances, its^many excellent qualities commend it^to all and have made it the most^popular remedy known.
Syrupof Figs is for sale in 60^cent bottles by all leading drug^^gists. Any reliable druggist who^may not have it on hand will pro^^cure it promptly for any one who^wishes to try it. Do not accept any^substitute.
B.R. D. CO.,
SHIPPERSOF HAY, OATS, WHEAT and all ktnda of Farm^aai Kanch Pioducs Write u-j tor price*. M.-rohants, Com-^mission iden, Cons-ioners wno BH or uan He any ot in.o above^or Egjs Bu; er, Fruu, Birriai and Ga dm Prod ioj In quanti-^tiea will find It to ad'/au.a^ I io g v ^ u3 tneir ord. ^rs. We han^^dle a largj part oi tno product ot tha Bitter Root Valley; are m^pou ion to make pricoa t.o auit tha market, and invite oorre-^apondonca.
MercantileDepartmentH .milton, Montana.
Druiijfs.s Sell It.
Throughcar service is appre^^ciated on Ion.1,' lOurneTs. It^you have deeded to snid your^wile and little ones to the^White Mountains to the sun;^mer resorts ot tho St. Lawrence^to Portland, Mar Ilirbor, or^points on the coast vt Maine,^the through car service of the^Soo Lin j from 3. Paul an I^Minneapolis to Mostou will be^appreciated Call and see the^agents in reference to the low^excursion rate itt effect August^15 to 18 inclusive.
GeneralFaaaenger Agent,^Ml.N.MlAl-OLlS.
NowIi the Time to Subscribe
BitterRoot^Development Company,
Mnnafaaturersaail Whoicsilo Dealers la
Allkinds of Mining and Bridge Timojra a specialty. Large Dry^Kilns in conneoiion with th9 Mill. Sash an 1 Door Factory.^Sash, Doota, Mouldings, Cedar Salnglea and Pine Lith. Inter^^ior Fin.sh Hard Wood or Pine. Hind Rails, Balusters and^Newel Posts. Scroll Sawing, Turnm and fancy BraokeU^Over 2,000,000 io^t ot No. 1 Clo ir Unish in Stock, either Yard^Seasoned or Kiln Driud. EsiimutQS and Price Lists lumished^on application.
^;*^^*i^i^*^Ji^^^^*5i M
llrIs Ovrr In I'm man laklnc in tha^llranlir. nr 1 ha'. *rolln ,
Missoula,Aug. 17.^L'nele Bill Hrrry to^aiiroal. resting from i.le Intense r.rain^uf i'i, ,'jr.ng the assessment list of this^^ ^^ -I 1r man Ohrvn'.ole man
hasmet him. Mr. Berry infill a gool^iMffesete^i Judglnx from tic 1 clawing
jarticle in the Chronicle:
CastaBill Berry of Missoula arrived^here on Monday for the purpose of vis^^iting old fritn is. t'nele Billy is The as-^^^^^^.^: ^ I'll tor Koot c iun \ ml ha-^1'een for lo! thuc many years. Last^fall he mi turned down In the county^convention; but your uncls William Is^not the kind of a man to be downed for^any length of time. When the t.me aaflM^he got out and ret a hot pace as an in^^dependent candidate and won. hands^down. I'ncle Billy knows every fool of^J ' ^^^^ '1 ^ unty, by r. aa ^:. . f^his long tenure of office, and the people^are gainer by reelecting ihttu. Tills thing^of changing assessors ever)' two years
\costs the state as a whole ^t great deal^of money.
Vrr.llet^if th^ dury la the Inqnett of
\\it'l tmi Ton' 1 Ito-ly^Missoula, Aug. 17.-The Inquest upon^the hi ly of WfllHm Ton. which was^found on Thursday, was concluded this^afternoon In the office of the county st-^larasjr, Mr, McClay, for whi m Ton waa^working at the time of h'.n death, testl-^Hed th'it Ton had been MlSStohJ alnee^March -1 and tor'ther with other parties^he had made several searches for the^body and passed up the gulch where the^boily w-a* found ^ number of times.^When Ten was tlr^t missed Mr. Mi-Clay^made a thorough Investigation of (the^camp, but IN nothing that would Indi^^es ;^ foul play.
The.iury. before bringing In a verdict,^M K wit I that ^ physician be called in to^examine the remains, ani Pr. Q. T. Mc-^Cullough was called upon. After making^j a careful examlivitlon of the skull the^doctor i* still'.I that he found no rvldcne^^. of any fracture, bullet holes or any rvt-^I deuce whai.ier that violence had been^I used. It Was nip^- Mr to tell ut this^time whether his throat hud been cut.
Aftert'ie , xaminallon of several wit^^nesses the Jury brought in I verdict that^death came from causes unknown and^tt.a: th.rc wi re no evidences of death^from unnatural causes.
tlearl:i and Arguing Mot'011* I onsnnie
Mlfsouli.Ana. 17.^The entire day has^been devoted to the hearing of motions^by the dl^u ct court. In the ease of^Brommell vs. Iyogan. attorney for pl^lnt-^iff presented .1 second motion for an or^^der from the court d.Teetlng the district^clerk tt) make entry gf Judgment fsadar^el some time ago In favor of defendant.^The plaintiff wletot* to take an appeal^I and cannot do so unl.l the Judgment be^en tared, .against hdm; the defendant does^! not with to litigate Ihe matter, and as a^j means of pmtttng a stop-to the litigation.^! died a notice with uw clerk not to enter^' ;he ludgtiu it. Th^ -motion of plaintiff^1 nil argued at length ih.s morning by^cOWatJl' 'for horh sides and tht matter^was uksn under aaaMMsraglae by tha^court.
Incaae the court should order entry^ of^J idsment to be mide by :he clerk tt !^^probabla that the defendant w.ll order^UM 'let* to enrer acknowledgment of^satisfaction, and the judgment being sat-^tafled uoim.ng will remain upon wh.ch to^bate ut) ajipeal and the pla.nuff wilt b*^7n almost the same poatit.cn be Is now In.
It*lre^d I ro^^lnT for lourlh V\^-,|,^M'.saoala. Aug. 17.^The mooted ques^^tion of a railroad crossing for the Fourth^ward has been finally settle 1 an I the^Cooper street extension will b^ recom-^m^ tM -1 t 1 ^ he ciiy oouncil. Mayor Keith^and the council committee have exam-^inad ifie several sites proposed and tt Ii
Lumber,Lath and Shingles.
Sash,Doors, blinds, Etc., Lime, Hair Plaster and Cement.^Agents tor the Standard Pra3sed Bnck and Red Brick.
CommercialAvenue, Anaconda, Montana.
TheLeadintr. Qrocery House of We*ten Montana
Amd courteous treatment and prompt obeJ-en03 to order 1 m^^ w ,,at. made it so.
^^^ K ^iing tne Lartest, m is'- comprehensive and best so ^8^1. ... , stock in the stain 1a wait Icjops it so. m^ass^ car irienda are our patrons. Their commands are our ^
IP. J. BROPHY ^ CO., 1
jp-Grocers and Importers.
SaltLake City, tub
ConductedBy the
Studiesfor hoarder* .in! day p.iplll^will bs reaumed tus first Tusolay In^September.
TbrmsModerate. Send reference.^Vol Calaloisua, etc.. add.es^ the ..bovs.
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FruitFarm Fop Sale.
160aires in tha Hitter Root valley near^the town of Hamilton, on west aide of^river opposite Daly'a great stock and^fun ranch.
Prettiestand healthiest location and^finest fruit land in the valley.
10acres planted to fruit*, including^strawberries, raspberries, blackberries,^grapes, etc.; also appk-s, cherries, peara,^plums and prunes.
Forterms and particulars address,^W1LLOWBROOK FRUIT FARM.^P. O. Box 12^. Hamilton. Mont.
Duroe-Jtrsay.earliest maturing stock on^earth. Weight at 8 months. 250 pounds.^Have had them weigh M pound* at ^^months. Address: Dt'ROC JERSEY^8TOCK FARM. Deer Lodge. Mont.
Miss:u a, Mouiana, Hlitglus Ave.
one:md one-lialf block* from N P de-^no; One and one-In f b ^C.is from^bus n^s^ c uter. aseslifM table,^^ ..am as t. l-.ii ctrli l.gli s. ba ns, dee^baa, nisi* nssM ior couunerciai men.^lia.es ^j.ou.
Wm.Kennedy, Mgr
$500-I'Macre* unimproved. SU miles
Inun MUsnu a.^$800- l''^a rrs no.i.1 water ritht. 30 aorss
liednw, m icrc. orchard land.^91,200-nwa re., itoo ! water rlaiit. meadow
undsMhara la d
!S2.000-ic a r 's. ioj acr. s In lisy and^1yrain. ^ 'iniforialiie bu ld.ugi. thre
ssjlsifrom town.^$^ 5O0- 00 acr.-s V^ mlies to postofflce^schoo. ai d st.i ion. Bear.njorch rd.^$3.8OO-too acres, plea.y of water. gooO^huil iiiiL'-. lar,-e bearia,- orchard.^Easy lotin-i.
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