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TUr iNimNniANnARn nfthe elty *ral.1 be amply ni.irk FrMay wu unfortunate; ft s
TB6 ABAWflUA 31Al,l;AnuThrn, r*N, ,he punishment of ' ^e*t* a contract which In not to
FabU*hsrs and Proprietor!
Prtatadtrerv Uav In the Year.
pr^| at UM pnatofflce at AnaonJa at second^dan mall matter.
5ubacriptlonKate*^Payable In Ad^^vance.
fKtir-frat tor the IsKed States, Canada anl^Mexlosv Elsewhere postage added.
a.xmon.na bOO
t.lreemonths. 3.00
Dailyand Sunday, one year.
ona mon'.n..
alalBOffice. Standard Punning, Ana.
conda,1 elephone No. 45.^hew Tark Office, 180-7 World Building
TheStandard has branch offices at^Butte, Missoula and Great Falla
Allgeneral rju-ene-ei letters and eurre-^Bpondence ahouH be ad ir -sse-i to the^btanlard Publiahinj Gjtnpanv. Ana-^Oonda, Mont.
THEBEST IN THt NORTHWEST^The standard's newsservice ii the most I ctty and the county ourM to refer all^complete It has patrons in eve-y parto! i gnnBnaaHi for bonds to them an.l refuse
theRiillty would tie swift and sure; the cr^-d^t of lh^^se who are. in chatfe of tho^city bkbsjM nu ha\^e to throw food finances of the United State*. The^money after bad by hirine; detectives original Black Friday In question la^to run alxiut the country. The Inaisr- noi the day known for centuries In^in* oomr^n^ sTSBM ^1^ that work for t'he annals of Uie ehurch^the r-fer-^the rood to themselves that would frsl- i ence Is to that rriwrnwraljle day, Friday,^low the punishment of a faithless pat- 1 September ^, IStt: that was a veritable^ron. IN w.irrant that If the plan we Bluek Friday In New York,^are commending had been the rule In , The history of the day may be briefly^Hint,-, the Insuring company would ] told. For several years K^ld had been^have produ.-ed Ferrlne Irvine before out of circulation In this country. It^nowi was at a premium, It was constantly
lousinessmen do themselves, their bought and sold tn a spec ulative way.^crediit. their business and theJr families like whe*t or other market produce^a great Injustice when they give bonds Its price was an affair of daily fluctua-^tn targe sums for state, county and i tl^ne; ^^^11 was manipulated almost^munlolpal officers. Often they do It out j exclusively by two hundred men who.^of friendliness^too often they learn *^y paying an admission fee each of a^that their faith was misplaced, and ( thousand dollars, had T^erame members^thev |.av roundly for the experience, of the Oold Kxehansre Al^^ut half the^The custom ought to be abandoned. 1 eToM then In the I'nlted States was held^n,..!!!.-business 1n this country are com- I or the govemmervt; probably .there^panics that, for a proper consideration, ^ere not two hundred millions of gold^furnish the security. The state, the '^^ country, all Md
theGreat Northwest It* oarr.er Bar* I^Inciuds* Anaconda, Butt*, Hel^n i. Mi -^SOUla, B.izsman Liv.n istjo, PhlapsSura^Granite Great Fa'ls. Do^ uodje, UUloo^and ail other lmpor.ant points.
toaccept an officer's nelghbora, rela-^tlves or friends as guarantor*.
Tries.-Si\tc n PlfH,
Montana'*early settler* reached this^region ahead of the law and Its para^^phernalia. Yet the sturdy old-timers
TheAnaconda Standard guarantees Its^advertiser! a bona file pa, I rurculatlon.
Dallyand Sunday, three times greater ^ nad enough of lnbre^l American citizen-
thanthat of any other newapaper pub-^hnni aihem to know how to nro- I
lUhedin the state ^f Montana. Advents- j ^^lip ^ho^^ ,tni^m ^' Know now T0\ The floor of the exchanges in New
tnccontracts will be msde subject to this^guarantee.
iDurlnK Sep-tenilier, !*^!^, srnM had^^been selling at aJbout 11.32. and a little ]^higher. A clique was formed for a I^big deal. The plana wore carefully^laid, and they ripened on the Friday^we have named. On that day Wall^streeit was amared to And that, without j^any apparent reason for it, the pre-^rmlum on gold was suddenly flying up- |^ward. Within 'three hours the price^had advanced from about $1.44 to $1.60.
hismysterious disappearance now ap^^pearing In ihe esteemed Inter Moun^^tain. He Isn't writing them himself,^la he^
Orum,the celebrated Iowa sprinter,^seems to have run against the wrong
Atthe present rate, by the time the^returns are all in half of San Fran^^cisco's population will have recalled^the fart that they saw Purrant and^Blanche I.amont on that street car^dummy.
TheKansaa City Journal complains^that ^times are becoming M good in^Kansas that the old tendency to ex^^travagance la cropping out again.^^For heaven's sake pass Kansas the^cyclones, please.
Atthe Irish-American club reception^Friday night Mr. John H Read Is re^^ported to have ^regretted that the^governor of Montana was not present^so that h'- could make the customary^remark to the governor of Idaho.^^Lest the governor of Idaho should la^^bor under a misapprehension when he^meets the governor of Montana, we^would respectfully supplement Mr.^It id s statement by Informing the^governor of Idaho that In order to put^himself In a position where the gover^^nor of Montana may address him In^the manner suggested he will be under^the necessity of attending communion^service.
SUNDAY,^KPTtMBF.R 15. lt^:..
ItGrle\es Thxm
Ifthis morning's Iy^ndon dhvpatch^has the riuht of It, the Londoners speak^^ourteci sly of the management of list^^recks y.i.ot r.ic, but, in fact, they^feel a good deal cut up about It. The^letter say* that Am. rican yachtsmen^who may be thinking of a run to the^English coast and a race there need^xtot count on a cordial welcome.
Well,rt 1* admitted that the three^races In which Valkyrie III won noth^^ing were sailed undnr the rules The^Defender did with that yacht what the^Vigilant did with the other Valkyrie In^11*3: whait Volunteer did with the This^^tle, In 18S7: what the Mayflower and the^Puritan did with British boat* in for^^mer year*. The coveted cup has been^tn this country Bint* 1851. In many^contests since that far-away time, Its^possession has been successfully de^^pended here.
Theyacht America went aeroe* the^sratter and won thl* cup In lsSVWth*^surprise of the Kncllehmen. It was I^pace around the Isle of Wight. Tim^queen and the prince consort were out^to witness the finish. It was the year^of th^ famous crys^al-palnee world's^fair, the race with the Yankees arous^^ed enthusiasm. The America beat the^IP/hole Kngllsh fleet with ease.
Alittle story told many a time since^then relate* that when ^ho victorious^America hove In sight, the ques'ii turn^^ed to her attendant and afked, ^who^wln^r
TheAmerica, your majesty,^ re^^plied the lord chaml^erlaln.
Andwho is second^'' the queen In^^quired.
Ahu,your majesty,^ was the cham-^bertaln'a tearful answer, ^there I* no^second.^ Ln fact, the America led by 24^minute*.
ThePractical \\av.^One of this morning's Sunday Club^papers dlscusee* the ways and means^through the application of which a^pelgn of honesty may be ushered ln^and Butte defended against official^pirate*. In a theoretical way, the Club^paper'* conclusion la that, until the^dawning of a better day, all men In^Office must be assumed tn be dishonest^and rhat all accounts must be more^eloeely ^crutlntzed and audited. The^Inference 1* that honesty will ultimately^^awert ftself In dealing with the city s^money; If for no better reason, on the^theory that the incumbent in office will^learn to know that honesty la the best^policy.
That1* the abstract of H. Me^n-
tectthemselves and defend their prop- jmm wltnM|||^ ^ ,lk, of the
erty. They created court* to fit the w,MfhJM rollow#(, rjaM was
Themost remarkable case of cheap^notoriety seems to be that of a New^York woman who was fined Ave dol^^lars last Monday for Jumping from the^Brooklyn bridge.
emergenciesof the time. W. Y. Pern-^berton, to-day the chief Justice of Mon^^tana, was here before constitutional^court* wite organized. He had a share
boughtand sold with recklessness un^^paralleled. It was a transaction on^margins, of course, like all other stock^gambling. M waa afterwards said that
faptalnSumner Is likely to regard^the docking nf his salary as a more^setlous thing than the docking of the
lnthehearinuofoneof the most memo- U)e^ ^n tnan (^^n ^,;,^^^,,
rablemurder trials known In the an-wmch tyJ op^rtxti ,)Ut that the
nalsof the Northwest, a trial that took itm/ttm in three houra' time, amou ii.il^place one winter day. thirty-two years ^ mm tnajl (,ve tmilJrt.j niiiiion^ago. In one of the camp* ln famous j
AlderGulch. The story of that famous , v^nrly Pnou)yn tll(. federal gove-n-^trlal. in connection with some of the ; mi.m wag tnv0|^_|t ha^i to huy g^id^stirring Incidents of the time Is given ,n (ho!M1 afcj, at rne prevailing pre-^graphic dew rlption In a paper which jw|,erewtth to pay interest on
JudgePemberton contribute* to the , ^ enoPnwull KXr d^bt-lt was then^Standard's Sunday Club series this (ibout lhrfe thousand millions-and for
thedischarge of many other oblUa-
tcrestsof the entire country were at-^footed 1n the fluctuations ln gold's pre^mium.
Wliat did thn government of Ihe
A.B. Keith, private secretary to Oov-Uom, sjpjsaj w,re falling due. Gold
ernorKickards, favors the aub serieshlul to bp uswl for many puri^oses at
wMha racy paper on the life and times.(nf, cull,lim i,ouse; the mercsntile in-^the U|^s and downs, the trials and tri^^umphs of ^the private secretary.^ It^Is a capital paper, admirably composed.^Every reader will enjoy It.
Asan attractive Club contribution, Iunfteu states do^ Did it fly to the
theStandard take* pleasure In print-.peculators for protection^ DM It con-j
Ingthe rcm!nl^rent talk of a clergy-feBI hg dependence on the ring^they
manwho Is veritably a veteran In thedUtTt call It syndicate in those days^ j
Montanapulpit; a gentleman whosefnr defense^ It did nothing of the sort; j
earnestwork, eloquent words and ex- j,ne men |n rh^ control of the treasury j
emplarywalk, have won for him theln (^,*^,. days were, not Cattish*. Just \^respect of the public In every corner the Instant when mJllUm* of fsM i
ofMontana The paper entltl.-d ^Inminute were exchanging hand at $1.B5, I
PrimitivePulpits^ is a contribution for 'tne momentous annoum ement was
whichthe Standard Is under obllga- 1n^ad,. |n hehalf of the s^s-r.-tary of the |
tlon*to Itcv. S. C. Itlacklston, rector't^-asury of the I'niteil States that, on j
ofSt. John's Kplscopal church In Ilutte.the following day, uhe governnicnt j
Crossingthe plains, long year* ago,Wlluld begin to sell gold, starting In^(Jeorge W. Irvln II. happened upon anWlth an offer ^f four millions at $1.45 [^exp^Tlenco which he has woven Intoor nrar that ligure! ln less than two^one of the most charming stories ofhours, on the floor of the exchange,^w.^stern life ever written. Mr. Irvinajhe prlco of gold was $1.3::. Whereat^develops his narrative with all the skillsome of the boldest of the dealers went^of a trained writer of romance; his,^ut and committed suicide. Others who^contribution enjoying the added meritwere worth millions at 10 o'clock In^that It I* a tale drawn from real life,the morning wviv bankrupt before sun-^as some of M*^ companions in the 1down^the wreck of fomunea was ap-^unlque experience he narrates canpalling.
attest.That was Black Friday. It asserted^Fifth of this morning's Club papersthe ahlllty of the federal government^Is a timely article written by W. W. Ito defend and protect Its credit and^Walsworth, of the Standard's staff. Itthat of the people by crushing the^recites some dark chapters In the his-speculators. Mark the contrast. Black^tory of Butte. It |^olnts out the evil*Friday, day In fore yesterday, would^Chat exist In the administration ofhave meant ^lia.: the federal govorn-^Butte's public money and is a 'thought-m. nt can defend Itself in no other way^ful study of the |^.wslble remedies. | except through the forbearance of the^The Club series, this morning. Is of ( brokers. The wonder Is tihat those who^much more than ordinary meritmean to iff g^sl citizens hut who^throughout. With the former Clubpratv so mil h sjfcsssj .the ^hiiest^ gold-^Issues, this morning's group is in evi-l^ug dollar do not discern the siens of^dence of the fact that Montana hasthe times,^abundance of pass] literary talent whichj^needs only an opportunity for exptvs-]^slon. The Club series was started in^order to furnish that opportunity.
Otherspecial features help to make^this edition of the Standard attractive.^A. la. Stone, of the Stan lard's staff.
Morethan $7,000,000 ln gold went out^of the country last week, hut the bond^syndicate In Wall street still lives.
SenatorPeffcr again announces tn an^anxious country that as soon as con^^gress meets be will cut a tag In two.
Itis understood that the memhers of^the New York Yacht club have decided^under the rules not to visit England^this fall.
LordPunraven should be Induced tn^stay and see the International physical^culture contest at Dallas.
Theslate press Is showing Its Inter^^est In the University of Montana by^offering It large endowments of yells.
while,we renew the practical pro pool- contributes another Interesting paper
Bonadvanced ln the Standard at the^time of the Ja.s.bs .1 fal.Mti- n a:i i su!-
SenatorHill Is maklnit a few politi^^cal speeches ln New York state, con-^llning his remarks principally to the^question of BsTSMsSl liberty. He calls^attention to the fact that he Is not only^a total abstainer, but that personally^he Is In favor of observing Sunday as^a day of rest, preferring attendance^upon religious services Instead of re^^creation, and he wishes that all other*
Inhis series on M oitanit missions^^^The HHrhhs of London^ And plrtur
Ctie;while Justice In Butte Is trying i esque description In an article writtenmight take the same view of their duty
to^get the other eye o|^cn,^ there Is a i by Charles Lederer. KavalM county getst^ themselves and to society. Hut he
araythrough which the ctty can be special mention to-da^ The social sidewishes It understood Hut his per*..nil^defended against lirss and whereby the : of Montana life Is given in the week's ' views and preferences In matters of
menwho handle public money may be summary. The sporting work! and the-temperance and Sunday observance
TheNormal Herald, organ of the^Twin Bridges normal school, has been^launched.
TheDupuyer Aoantha has completed^Its tlrst year and seems to be thriving ln
spiteof Its name.
TheHillings Dally Oazette was born^last week under favor.il.l* auspices.^Mother and child doing well.
TheP llon Kxamlrwr was four years^old last Wednesday. It ranks as one of^the best weeklies in Uhe state.
r.K. Cunningham, erstwhile publisher
ofthe Montana Illustrated, seems to^have given Montana a godd Illustration of
howto sk-p out.
WillKpnne ly, late e.llter and publisher^of the Boulder Age, left last week for^California for his health, and may take^a trip to Honolulu.
TheKallspell Oraphic announces that^ft ^has In contemplation some extensive^Improvements that will make 1t far bet^^ter than at present.
Mrs.Mahurin, widow of the late W. C.^Maharrn, editor and publisher of the Ma-
rysvlttsMountaineer, will continue the^publication of thai spicy Journal. Mrs.^Mahurin learned the art of setting type^when she was 11 years old and Is an ac^^complished newspaper woman.
Somebodyought to paste the Nelhart
Heraldone fot printing this; We sent^the devil to an adjoining restaurant for^a can of paste. In due course of time he^returned with a two-ttallon flared bucket^full of the driest arilcle to be found In^the adhesive Ms*. This was last March.^We still have the piste and It is getting^better every tag. H has undergone chem^^ical decomposition and turned a sober^brown color. It has grown old, mossy^an.l full of whiskers. It has yielded two^crops of potatoes and Is ready to be^be sown down In alfalfa. Yet when we^want a smear of something that ^stlck-^eth closer than a brother^ we dig around^the roots of a thousand and one varieties^of toadstools and tlnd the identical sub^^stance we require. The paste pot Is next^to the scissors the most valuable article^In a news office.
anddollars passed through the pool box- .^es. cs.'ion wu given away In purses and^the Jockey club came out with a balance |^on the right aide of the ledger. This Is j^a remarkable showing for a city of 10.000^population and w* don't believe It could^be equaled by anorher of the same else^In the world.-.Billings Oasett*.
ItIs now about 18 months since the An^^aconda company secured control of the^mines here. At that time there were a^dozen men at work developing the prop^^erty and taking out less than 100 tons of^coal per day. To-day there are over an^men at work and there Is being shipped^ln the nlghborhood of M0 cars a day.^This coal Is all mined by hand and the^output can be doubled If need be at a^few hours' notice. What other camp^oan show up equally as well under like^conditions^^Belt Valley Time*.
OnWednesday, the 4th Inst., the Ana^^conda Standard made appropriate edi^^torial reference to its seventh birthday^anniversary. The Standard Is such an^excellent newspaper and Is so univer^^sally known throughout Montana that^nothing the Avant Courier could say^would add anything either to Its well-^earned merits or its deserved popularity.^In six years it has steadily forged Its^way to the very forefront of Montana^Journalism and without displacing or rel^^egating any to the .background it now^stands practically without a peer In the^dally newspaper ranks of the state.^^Bozeman Courier.
Mr.and Mrs. Bert Talgo are the proud^parents of a baby girl.^Nelhart Herald.
Mr.and Mrs. Bartlett are the happy^parents of a girl bti.v which made its^arrival on Monday this week ^Glasgow^Record.
Afine pair of twins, a boy and a girl,^arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.^M. Allison Monday evening.^Billings Ga^^zette.
Mr.and Mrs. E. F. Nave of Raders-^burg are made happy by the arrival of^a new baby girl at their residence.^^Townsend Messenger.
Thehome of W. D. Goff and wife was^blessed by the arrival of a bouncing 12-^pound girl Saturday evening. Mother^and daughter doing well.^Stevcnsvllle^Tribune.
MayorO'Hara of Hamilton 1s having^fresh honors and happiness showered^upon htm. This one is a girl, born Sun^^day night. We'll take a cigar, Bob ^^Ravalli Republican.
Thirteen pounds Is the avoirdupois
weightof the baby boy that arrived In^William Bennett's family circle, the ar^^rival of which has been duly celebrated^by Haldy, who is simply tickled to death.^^Yellowstone Journal.
OeorgeW. Robertson and wife of Red^Lodge creek were registered at the Hotel^Lavelle yesterday. A baby boy came^about four weeks ago to bless their home^but George appears to carry the respon^^sibility with dignity and ease.^Columbus^Express.
WitnessesGive Their Testimony as to^the Wonderful Curative Pow^^ers of His Remedies.
TheExcitement Created by His Won^^derful Cures Increasing.
HundredsWho Two Weak* Ago^Had Given Up Hope Pralsa and^Laud the Name of Mun-^yon,the Modern Ben^^efactor.
placedunder restraint. The proposi^^tion 1^ that, henceforth, the bonds of a^rtty treasurer, for Instance, shall not
atrlcalcircles ate cared for, while the^rc one thing, while legislation for the
worllsnews ami .wpedally the run ofregulation of the conduct of others Is
eventsIn Montana are covered. Thisanother. This Is the doctrine of per-
te furnished by the treasurer s towns- : ^^di;ion of the Standard goes to Itssonal liberty well expressed. It is well
menor friends. Let the treasurer get 1 many thousands of pati,.ns in full faithknown that Mr. Hill hi a total a,b-
Theman who do^-sn't know a foresail
froma horse cover la the one who pre^^tends to know the most about the Inter^^national yacht race.^Hillings Times.
Thepeople of this country should^learn one thing^and If they will. It will^be a big start on the road of genuine^reform^that when a man wants an of^^fice he should be denied It.^Great Falls^News.
Someof the towns ln the state are fig^^uring up their population from the school^census, using the basis of five to one.^That ratio would give Kallspell 8,500 peo^^ple. We haven't got them. The ratio is^too large.^Kallspell Inter Lake.
Ifa light Is made ln the Northern Pa^^cific receivership case, 1f the different^courts get at loggerheads and two sets of^receivers attempt to act, the affairs of^the company will become more deeply In^^volved than ever, and the property will^suffer.^Butte Mining and Railway Re^^view.
Partiesln from the ranges report that
feedis pretty scarce in some sections,^and stock owners In such locations are^very much concerned over the outlook.^The heavy live stock shipments are In^part due to the fear that unsatisfactory^range conditions may be accompanied by^a hard winter.^Fort Benton River Press.
Fromwhat has already been made pub^^lic regarding the alleged frauds at Butte^It 1* evident that Good government clubs^would nott be out of place ln Montana.^Now York's experiences go to prove that^If the people do not wish to be swindled^by their city officials they have the pow^^er to protect themselves.^Great Falls^Leader.
hisofficial integrity insured; let his^bond be backed by a corporation which^makes it a buslr.i-ss to do a gunranty^and Indemnity business. There- are
thatthey will praise It.
stalner,personally he Is as clean a^man as any ln public life. But we^fear he Is pressing the limit when he
\\hatliari I'rirluv Mems.
Yesterday'snews was that several 1 ^*yr* * to ^* Inferred that he Is an^many concerns of thla description in , ,w^.re withdrawing gold. Mem- sr'lpnt anrt ^^^^(^^I church goer. He
thecountry, some of them are \or^,ht. Sja t,tha, bought Mr. *^mt t^ be Jumping over Into Brother
Strong. Their business amount* to ' Carlisle a bonds are asserting rhat they j Wannamaker a territory,^millions In the Insurance of bank offl-
Helen.t'sraces being over, the state^may expect a return of glorious^weather.
re under n. oMina;...ns to see the i F.irlv good ^hootlnr Is rerm-ie.1 in^eers. treasurers of large companies. | tr,,,su v r, s,.r^, :,^,,^^,, U!ttll the end ! C^a .hH. fall^snen In the service of express companies of September, but the press wires were '^and the like. When Butte elects a\ , lil..,r:^lly used for ;!ie purpose of quot-^treasurer. hist first business would be to lng the patronizing talk nf the bank-^put up the premium that Insures the | ers to the effect *hat. although not
cftyln one of these companies against . bound to do It, they would shelter the I The good ministers who are denounc-^any loss through defalcation or other- reserve^out of the g\*^dness of their ,n* ,h'^ wearers of bktotners for ad opt-^Wise.hearts. The news left the Impression ' ln* man^* ^^^^^^^^ ^r'' mistaken. The
Underthis arrangem-nt there will be | ,,^. ,.ut.lic m.nd mat .the financial . blo,^^^r^l'^the difference,
nodoubt as to the close inspection an 1 w i managed to turn a short corner. ' If Ihe excursion steamers acted any-^the frequent audit of a treasurer's ac- j Friday, through the good office* of tn'n* ^lle 'he way they are repre
counts. The city Council ma-, m-gl.-et l..uik-.-^ w i ^ wnl to : f, leral treas-
thatwork; the guaranty ^ om;^ariy will^not^It will be etri.-tly busln ss Be-^^Ides, the work will i.e d .tie by 1^Who are better accountants tl.an they^^re apt to be whose duty it has been^to check up exteaik-d MtOMM In Butt-.
ury,of thvir ^^n free will, and took
billsfor g .Id. thus helping to koep the^one-hun lred-mlllion reserve Intact.^.Manifestly the federal treaaury Is^wholly at the mercy of the b*nk. i-.
sentcdas .icing In the esteemed Bos^^ton Herald s picture of the race, the^only wonder Is that Lord Dunraven^didn't scuttle bis ship and commit sul-^dde.
.; rinany has decided to expel! all her^foreign e.x-ialists. The transatlantic^the dispatches said In so many words | ,team*hip companies would be par-
fnderthia system. defaJ^ .^lions would t^,.,:, f,,r a time day before yesterday I doned at this Juncture for raising their^be leas frequent; Jacobs ^-ould not have | looked like another Black Friday^the | steerage ratea^carried his crooked account through I OaMaf Mats*'iroasuiy ^!^ p..i-ttnent was^years if he had been In the hands of a helpless; the bankers and broker*^concern that, for a money considers- { sav.-l it.
tlon,had gone ball for him. In case j The reference in the dispatches to
IfPsfriaa W. Irvine Is still ln Hutte.^his strongest connotation must be the^pleasure deri\ed from reading all the^able and exhaustive critical reviews of
Therecent race meeting In Anaconda^was a gratifying financial succes* to Its^promoters. This Is the first time In the^history of local racing that It has paid.^She betting aggregated $320.000.^Boulder^Age.
Anacondasends word to the world that^there Is no room In that city for the fel^^low who s ts all day ln the blistering^sunsh'ne trying to prove that the times^are hard ^I^eer Lodge New Northwest.
Anacondaproposes to put on metropol^^itan airs, an.l has allisd a genuine earth^^quake to her attraction*. lLa.l the dls-^turl^anee occurred during the capital^campaign It might have caused adverse^comment l'ort llenton River Press.
Anaconda,that never batted an eye^through the capital fight, trembled all^over the other day, according to the^R andard. But then that was upon the^occasion of the old earth having a chill^or something that made It quake.^Llv-^lioiston Post.
TheStandard sranta an ordinance In^Anaconda that will put a check on the^peddler nuisance by making all peddlers
anI solicitors pay such a heavy dally li^^cense that It will drive them out of busi^^ness, or at least make them contribute^to the expenses of the city. Ouch an or^^dinance won! 1 not be out of place ln^Kallspell.^Kallspell Inter Lake.
The Anaconda Standard. Montana'*
leadingnewspaper, has Just celebrated^its sevehth birthday, and Its For: It, n-^ton contemporary extends hearty con^^gratulations over ths event The Stand^^ard la a remarkably good paper and 1* a^^ tt'.nmn example of the succes* possible^under a Judicious combtn^tlon of Jo .rnal-^lstic ah'.ltiy and healthy financial oack-^Ing.^Fort Benton River Pres*.
Anaconda's11 dayw of racing closed^last 8aturda^, the meeting being one of^the most successful in the history of ths^West Thee hundred and twenty ihous-
Blnxcalls his doctor his biographer,
forthe reason tha1! he is at work upon his^life.-Texas Siftlngs.
StrabismusMay I have Uhe honor of^the next dance^ Two Fair Ones (eagerly^rising)^With pleasure.^Life.
Threeminutes for dinner,^ yelled the^railroad porter. ^Oood,^ exclaimed the^editor. ^The last time It was IS.^^At^^lanta Constitution.
Iwant some fallen angel ham.^ mur^^mured Miss De Vout. An.l the grocery^clerk forthwith produced a can of the^deviled article.^Jurge.
YoungBarrister do young lady)^I pre^^sume you play the piano. Mother (aside,^to her daughter)^Better say 'No.'^ Flle-^gende Blaetter.
OldCent^When fortune knocks at your^door .young man, you want to be ready.^Young Oent^I haven't any door. I^board.^Detroit Free Press.
1'ncleNed^Been fishing. Johnny^^Johnny^Yes, sir. Uncle Ned^Citch any^^thing^ Johnny^No, hut you bet 1 will^when I get home.^Roxbury Oazette.
Yousay It was a runaway match^^^^Fartly. He tried to run away, hut sho^brought him to time by threats of a^breach of promise suit.^^Indlsnapolls^Journal.
TheWife^You are a fool. The Hus^^band^I know It. Anybody but a fool^would have known enough to accept your^first rejection of my proposal as final.^^Syracuse Post.
8mallMarsery had Just been stung by^a wasp. ^1 wouldn't a-minded Its walk^^ing all over my hand.^ she said between^her sobs, ^If^if it hadn't sat down so^hard.^^New York Evening Sun.
MacWhat makes you think Toperly's^yacht is so well fitted out with supplies^^Van^I offered to bet him that we would^^ee a sea serpent the second day oik, and^he didn't dare take me up.^Life.
orblttb. uort.
Capitaland Undivided Profits,
GeneralBanking Business Transacted.
Currentaccounts received from hanka, Orrnt^and mdlvld talt on favorable terms Buy and^t*ll sxcbanic* on all principal cm t m thn^Uuuvd Slates, Europe an.l num. Isniu coi^^Dsiclal an I foreign *t(*r* of credit avaiiatil*^lu all parts of lk* world. Couecuona promptly^aitsnuou to.
JamtiA Talbott..^Andrew J. Dal i^ .
cobMil ^ and raaa, butts.^oyricEB*.
t.A. Largey.,President
0.H. i'auusrVic* l^re^ldt tit
tM. UodgsntCaatusr
ItIs simply wonderful, said Mun-^yon's representative, to witness the^growth of the public's confidence In^our new method of treating disease.^Fourteen days ago we began our free^distribution of Munyon's remedies. At^that time very few persons In Butte^City had ever heard the name before;^but his honest, frank and fearless let^^ter to the press demanding a public^Investigation of his claims opened^their eyes to the fact that there was at^least one medical company In the^world which had the honest conviction^of the value of their remedies and be^^lieved that they had discovered posi^^tive cures for diseases, and over 3,500^people called to test his liberal offer of^free distribution.
Curiositymay have prompted some,^and others may have thought there^was somehlng behind this liberal offer;^all, no doubt, doubting the existence^of remedies that were guaranteed to^cure 90 per cent of those who tried^them; but when they found that Profes^^sor Munyon was ln earnest, accepted^theh^ free sample and left with the de^^termination to give the remedy a fair^test. What Is the result so far^ Tes^^timonials are coming ln from all sides^reporting the wonderful cures effected^and Munyon's New School of Medicine^Is now the topic of conversation ln this^great city.
Whatbetter proof can any one ask^of the efficacy of these little pellets^^Advertising, no doubt, haa brought^them to the notice of the Butte City^public, but he sole reason of their un^^paralleled success In that they do cure^disease and are Just what Is claimed^for them^ths triumph of modern medi^^cal science.
Munyon'sRheumatism Cure Is guar^^anteed to cure rheumatism In sny part^of the body. Acute or muscular rheu^^matism oan be cured In from one to^five days. It speedily cures shooting^pains, sciatica, lumbago and all rheu^^matic pains ln the back, hip and loins,^R seldom falls to give relief after one^or two doses, and almost Invariably^cure* before one bottle has been used.^STOMACH AND DYSPEPSIA CURE.
Munyon'sStomach and Dyspepsia^Cure cures all forms of Indigestion aoid^stomach trouble such as rising of food,^distress after eating, shortness of^breath and all affections of the heart^caused by indigestion, wind on the^stomach, bad taste, offensive breath,^loss of appetite, faintness or weakness^of stomach, headache from indigestion,^soreness of the stomach, coated togue,^heartburn, shooting pains of the stom^^ach, constipation, dizziness, falntneas^and lack of energy.
Munyon'sNerve Cure cures an the^symptoms of nervous exhaustion, such^as depressed spirits, failure of mem^^ory, restless and sleepless nights, pain^ln the head and dizziness. It cures^general debility, stimulates and^strengthens the nerves and tonea up^the whole body. Price, 25 cents.
Munyon'sKidney Cure cures pains ln^the back, loin or groins from kidney^disease, dropsy of the feet and lbn.be,^frequent desire to pass water, dark^colored and turbid urine, sediment ln^^the urine and diabetes. Price, 25 cents.^CATARRH CURE.
Catarrhpositively cured^Are you^willing to spend 50 cents for a cure that^positively cures catarrh by removing^the cause of the disease^ If so ask^your druggist for a 25-ent bottle of^Munyon's Catarrh Cure and a 25-cent^bmttle of Catarrh Tablets. The catarrh^cure will eradicate the disease from the^system and the tablets will cleanse and^heal the afflicted parts and restore^them to a natural and healthful con^^dition.
Munyon'sLiver Cure corrects head^^ache, bllllousness, Jaundice, constipa^^tion and all liver diseases.
Munyon'sCold Cure prevents pneu^^monia and breaks up a cold ln a few^hours.
Munyon'sCough Cure stops coughs,^night sweats, allays soreness and^speedily heals the lungs.
Munyon'sFemale Remedies are a^boon to all women.
Munyon'sHeadache Cure stops head^^ache ln three minutes.
Munyon'sPile Ointment positively^cures all forms of plies.
Munyon'sAsthma Cure and Herbs^are guaranteed to relieve asthma In^three minutes and cure In five days.^Price, 50 cents each.
Munyon'sBlood Cure eradicates all^Impurities from the blood.
Munyon'sVltnllzer imparts new life,^restores lost powers to weak and debll-^| Bated nfen. Price. H.^I Munyon's Homeopathic Remedy com-^i pany, 1505 Arch atree^t. Philadelphia,^I Pa., put up specific for nearly every^disease, mostly for 25 cents a bottle.
'Sold by All Druggists.
Wholesaleand Retail Agents for^Munyon's Remedies.
II*North Main m . Butts City, Montana.
Intvpntn d ^^ b ^n b ^a nrftTtTrr
Paidln capital. $100,000.^Surplus and undivided profits, 150,000.
Understate supervision and Jurisdiction. Is-^terest paid on dsonslti. Hells exchange avrtlla*^kl* In all tha principal clt es o( the United^hi.it^^ and Kurop*. Conscious attended ts^promptly. Transact a g*u.-rai ban*tug bu^W^asst.
r.A. Larger C. R ralmet^O. W. Stapletoa A. B Barret^K U. Leant! f. k Wilson^^. V. Kemper V. T. McBrlds^C M^ Writ bt na
FinancialAgent of the United States.
Captalaad Undivided Produ,
OeasralBanking Buslnsai Tracsacted. Intss.^^SL i'ald on Tims Deposits, safety^Deposit boxes.
IT. HsossrPreside*,!
B.D K.lzertonVice Pres't and Mgr
UeorveP. Cope,l aaluer
Ueorg*Hill-..^Assistant CasalM
s.T. HauserK. l^. Edgertoa
GeorgeF. CopeA. .1. Davis
J.11. MinfordWilliam K. Cudea
UenryKielaJohn C. Curtln
SK. Co.*James Talbott
ternMontana Nun
OVmissoula, most.
FredBennett.^X. a T. Kynian..^0. A. Wolf
Surplusand Profits $15,000
Manufacturersof Heavy
Nootani* Mecca tor Invalids.
Thewaters of this popular resort^are acknowledged to contain more^curative properties than any other ln^theitite. Uood accommodations at^the hotel. Kates Reasonable.
Mlssou.a,Montana. Hlgirlni Ave.
.'ii.' and one tia f blocks from N P de
tkt (las and ooe-h.t f biocas from^^ i. n -i center. Kxcedent tame,^s eam ii- -i. KieeUI* liglitt. baths, free^but, sample rooms for oommsrclai mso.^Kates COS.
Wm.Kennedy, Mgr
mDated Helena, Augxut 21, 1S91.
Easily,Quickly, Permanently Restorrt.
\^aknr*^* NerTottftneMk.
Drblllty*and all the trala
iteril^ from *arly errors or^ater i-xret-sois the results of^overwork. |MnHM| worry,^etc. Kuil 'tre^dth, deveU^optm-m uiid tuaeirireDts)^(every oriiuii and nortioa^uf ^*.^.. Simple,nat^^ural method-. Immed*-^,. at* improvement seen.
Failurefnaposftihle. -\0rt' reference*. Book,^explanation and proofs ciali^J (sealed) free.
ERIEMEDICAL 00., Buffalo, N.Y.

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