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theanaconda standard, monday morning. september 16. 1895.
TheGreat Fails Office of ths Standard^I* at 107 Central Avenue, one door West^of Western Union Teterraph Office. Tel^^ephone No. t Advertising rate* fur-^iilshci on application.
Howa Young Lady Dispersed Two^Men in a Hurry.
Thar*Are Some Very Ugly Ru^^mors Afloat About the Big Pac^^ing Event at the Lewis-^town Track Recently.
roedwalla and celling, ata'.ned glaas and
heavilycarpeted. The pulpit will be sup-^plled until next October hy Mr. Clark.^Mr. Bell and clentymen from other cities,^and after that date Rev. A. O. W.ll.im-^eon of Helpre, Ohio, will officiate a^ pas-^tor.
Ata buainesa meeting of 'he r^'^ti-^tlon held laal night It was decided to
continuethe church un.ler m.' sm u.gan-^lxation. but aeveral changes were male^In the articles of faith an I church cov^^enant In the direction of strict orthodoxy.^A conalderaib'e addition was made to the^church membership, after which the fol^^lowing church others were elected:^Hoard of trustees. 8. B. Robblns, Frank^Oehrlng. E. D. Dibble, E. V. Rubottom^and Fred School. Deacons. E. D. D.tJble^and E. H. Elliott. Treasurer, Fred^School. Sunday school superintendent,^B. b. Robblns.
EoylenTook His Li e in Order That^His Creditors Might Be Paid.
HeLeft a Note Explaining Why He^Committed Sulclde-Had Been^Drinking Heavily and^Lost by Gambling.
OreatFall*. Sep'- 15^During the re^^cent county fair at Lnwlstown, racing^was a prominent feature and some^really speedy contests were pulled off^In a square, fair manner. One attempt^was mad^\ however, to do eonie crooked^wurk, but MM Ihonesuy of a driver ajid^the nerve of two ladles resulted In the^^Jobbers being Jobbed^ and coming out^at the tail end of the procession. Re^^ferring to the eulbjeot the Lewlstown^Democrat say a:
Thematched pacing race between^Lady Wallace and Distance, which^came off file second day of the fair,^was one of the biggest Jobs that ever^took place on the Lewlstown track.^The rumors afloat concerning the trans^^action are conflicting and the truth of^the matter may, never be known. We^give an account of the affair as 'told by^parties Interested and from rumors In^circulation.
Afew months ago Robert Morrison^brought to Lewlatown a pacing mare.^The 'Identity of the mare and place she^came from was kept a secret. The ob^^ject of thia secrecy was to tnatoh tlhe^mare In a race, bet every dollar that^could be bet and make a big clearv-up.^It was understood 'that 'the mare was^owned Jointly by Robert Morrison,^Ora Bennett and W. H. Davis, her^driver, each having a third Interest.^A match race, for $500 a side, to come^off the second day of the fair, was^^made between Lady Wallace, entered^by Bennett, and Distance, entered by^Crowley. The betting was about even,^with the odds in favor of Lady Wal^^lace.
ftIs said that previous to the race'^itfhe driver of Lady Wallace, W. H.^Davis, was approached by William^I inn n eft with a proposition 'that if he^(Davis) would pull ithe mare and lose^the race Bennett would give him $300^and half tlhe stake money. In order to^secure himself Bennett asked Davis for^proof that he would purl the nvare and^Davis entered into some swnt of an^agreement with Mm
Davissaw through fflie edheme, and^he Informed Morrison of what was^transpiring and also that he was not^minding In with any Job of this kind;^that he would drive Lady Wallace to^^win; that he would shut Distance out^In the first heat, and that Morrison^^ ^uld place Ihis money on tlhe mare^and feel perfectly safe. Davis kept^l is word. Lady Wallace did shut Dis^^tance out, and the time, 2.-2. was the^ktM ever made on ^the Lewlstown^'track.
ItIs also reported ithat previous to^the race Bennett and Ws friends bought^pools on boBh horses, placing the most^on Distance. They also gave money^to outsiders to bet, telling jChem of^the scheme ttiey ihad worked, and to^1^et every dollar they could. The^scheme didn't work; the result of the^race paralyzed them and a big kick^TV an registered. 1
Immediatelyafter the race Mr. Mor^^rison took possession of Lady Wallace^and Mr. Bennett proceeded to take^down the 11,000 stake money, which he^now 'holds and refuses to divide.
LastSunday m ^rnlng Ora Bennett^and his brothers. William and James,^went to Morrison'* place during tlhe^litter's absence, and attempted to get^liossesslon of tlhe mare. They were^met at the gate by Mrs. Morrison, who,^upon learning their business, ordered^them awuy. They refused to leave and^at'rempted to pass through the gate.^iMrs. Morrison picked up an axe and^again ordered them to leave. At this^critical moment Miss Hobarton ap^^peared with a rifle, whldh ahe pointed^at the Bennett* and tihey tumbled over^^^ach other In getting out of range.^After the fracas was over with, it^was discovered that the rifle was^empty.
JustBefore s Jury Was Secured a Change^of Venue Was fir in ted.
GreatFalls, Sept. 15.^In rather an^elaborate report of the proceedings of^the district court of Meagher county,^the Neihart Miner says:
Districtcourt has now been 1n ses^^sion at White Sulphur Springs for^nearly two weeks, most of which time^has been taken uip with the cases of^Gay and McGee. This Is Judge Arm^^strong's first term In MeagheT county,^and according to those who have been^In atendance at court he made a very^fawtralble ltiipresslon, although he Is^P'imewhait blamed for giving Oay a^change of venue. He told the attorneys^1n opening court that (hereafter the^rules for the government of the court^would be strictly adhered to.
Onthe second day of trial William^Oay waa brought into court. The^prisoner stated that he hud no coun^^sel, because of a lack of funds, and^d.-slred eKher a change of venue or^continuance therefor. The court ap^^pointed Max Waterman of White Sul^^phur Springs, and Lewis l'enwell of^Helena, to dofend the prisoner. The^work of securing a Jury was com^^menced, but abruptly came to an end^Thursday morning after 11 Jurors had^been obtained. Ait that point Gay's^attorneys made a motion for a change^of venue, and on Friday morning,^after listening to arguments, the Judge^granted the same. In the course of^his remarks on the case, he inciden^^tally 'roasted' some of Meagher coun^^ty's officials 'because they had dared.^In the Interests of economy, to petition^his honor against granting a change^of venue.
The Congreg^tion^ll^t* Have RrssoB to
lieI'road of Ihelr huin.e
GreatFalls. Sept. 15.^The new an 1^handsome little Congregational churei^on the corner of Tulrd avenue north and^Ninth street was dedicated this morning.^Rev. JoJtph B. Clark. D. D., senior sec^^retary of the Home Missionary society,^delivered the dedicatory sermon. He^was assisted by Rev. Mr. Bell of Hel^^ena, and Rev. O. G. Clark of Missoula.^The attendance both morning and even^^ing was very large. The interior of the^church was very handsomely decorated^with flowers and la arrange I very artis^^tically, being Oothlc in. design, with fres-
GreatFalls, Sept. 15 ^One ease of^diphtheria Is reported at Sand Coulee,^but the p.rtieim fin been secluded and^It is not eiells-ved the disease will be^^come epidemic.
LentRandall has applied for a di^^vorce fr^m D. E. Randall, alleging de^^sertion and non-supp'n'l. Randall for^^merly o inducted the Globe theiter in^this city and vanished from his wife s^view last June.
J.W. Bellis and George Averfleld,^botlh old-time residents of Northern^Montana, have been secured to man^^age the business interests of W. B.^Raleigh ^ Co. In tlhla city.
Friendsof John H. Saul, who disap^^peared from Armingum recently, art^loth to believe thai: he has deliberately^left the country, and to-day an or^^ganized body of men thoroughly^searched the prospect holes and other^out of tlhe way places In and adjacent^to Sand Coulee for the body, believing^that In was murdered for his money.
InformationIs wanted as to the^whereabouts of George A. Burns, who^was born In Rocheeuer, N. Y., in MR^When last heard from he was at S11-^verton. Col. Any knowledge of him^hrJU be thankfully re-spived by his^brother, R. J. Burns. Lewlstown, Fer^^gus county, Montana.
Agreat many people In Great Falls^were Interested In the TurnerJHuse^wedding, whldh took place In Benton^on Wednesday evening. The bride,^Miss May Turner, has visited In this^city several times and made many^warm friends here. Miss Lillle New^^man went down to Benton to be maid^of honor for her friend, and many^others from Great Falls also attended^the wedding. The ceremony took place^at 8:30 o'clock In the Kplscopal church,^Rev. Mr. Clowes officiating. The bride^looked lovely In a white corded silk^and long tulle veil and was attended^by Miss Newman, Miss Bessie Duer^and her stater, Miss Olive Turner. All^were dressed In yellow China silk^gowns. The ushers were Messrs.^Outchler. Clary, Knot, Morris) and^Wackertln. After ^he ceremony a^large reception was held at the home^of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Duer, after^which Mr. and 'Mrs. Huse took the mid^^night train for Chicago.
Mrs.Ernest Crutcher leaves on Mon^^day for Nashville, Tenn. When she^returns she will bring with her Dr.^Crutcher's mother, who Is a great in^^valid, and 1t is hoped that the climate^of Montana will greatly benefit her.^Mrs. Crutcher haw two sons living In^Montana, Dr. Earnest Crutcher of^Great Falls, and Dr. Clarence Crutcher^^^f Benton, and ehe will spend some^time witlh them.
TheMisses Connor entertained at^dinner N Monday evening. The guests^were Dr. and Mrs. Ing. Mr, and Mrs.^I. Parker Veasey and Mr. and Mrs.^W. W. Connor.
Oneof the largest and most brilliant^entertainments given In Great Kails^this season was the reception of Mrs.^W. G. Downing and Mrs. Mathcn^Dunn at the Ihome of the former on Fri^^day afternoon from 2 until 6 o'clock.^The house was beautifully decorated^and each room had its own colors.^The dinting room was In pink and^white, the sitting room in yellow and^the drawing room in red. Mrs. Down^^ing and Mrs. Dunn were assisted by^Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Veasey, Mrs. Hatcher^and Mrs. O. G. Cooper and the Misses^Downing. Megular and Cheek. In the^dining room Mrs. Ira Myers and Mrs.^^Wilson presided, assisted by Miss New^^man and Miss Richardson. The musi^^cians were concealed by screens in the^hall and delighted every one with tlhler^charming selections. About 150 ladles^enjoyed Ithe hospitality lextended to^them by Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Downing,^but as the hours of Invitations had^been different, the house was not un^^comfortably crowded during tlhe after^^noon and all enjoyed themselves ex^^tremely.
ICounty Surveyor Arnold has gone^1 to Cut Bank to survey a proper loca^^tion at which to top the Maria's river^for a canal into Milk river. The pur^^pose of the canal Is to secure enough^water from the Marias to Irrigate the^entire Milk river valley. Mr. Arnold^Is accompanied by his son. a bright^young civil engineer from Chicago, who^will assist In the enterprise laid out.^Both gentlemen are enthusiastic advo^^cates of irrigation and believe that the^Milk river valley wlfl blossom as a rcwe^If sufficient water can be secured to^properly irrigate it. It Is a private en^^terprise and no expense to the county^will be attached to the experiments^about to be made.
Thecommissioners of Choteau coun^^ty will construct a Jail at Havre for^the confinement of those found guilty^of minor offenses. Heretofore all. pris^^oners from Havre have been sent to^tlhe Iienton Jail and the new arrange^^ments will save Ohoteau county a good^deal of money during Che year.
A^ nnfnslon of Inltltl*^Great Falls, Sept. 15^Referring to
thedivorce suit of 11 oust m vs. Hous^^ton, now in court here, a Great Falls^dispatch to the Stan lard of Sep*. II.^said: ^Mrs. Houston, before her maT-^riage, was the divorced wife of R. S.^Halo of Helena.^ This Is an error that^does R. S. Hale (and everybody and^particularly old-timers know ^Rib^),^an injustice, it. s. Hale i.- entirely un^^known to the parties to the divorce^suit, and the sentence should have^read. ^Airs. Houston before her mar^^riage was the divorced wife of T. 8.^Hale.^ The mistake occurred through^Information gleaned from an attorney^here, who was mixed up hy the simil^^arity of names, and a careful search^by a Standard reporter revealed the^error. Hence this correction.
Anot'ier^ onl r irt tor Gay.
GreatFalls. Sept. 15.^W. F. Oay of^this city, has been awarded the con^^tract for the erection of a stone school^building at Lewlstown, subject to the^sale of buildlnir bonds of that dlstrit.^The bids were as follows: William F.^Oay. Cireat Falls, according tu plans,^H.4M; .lames M Kay ^ Co., Great^Falls, stone, ^rag rustic.^ $y^^S: part^brick. If.MHi; according to plans. Il^.lv:.^K. Moshner, according to plans, with^furnace. ll'l.STj; according to plans,^without furnace, 110.175; brick, wit.i^furnace. $S.^7.V
Sofar as practicable Mr. Gay will^employ Lewlstown ah^09 and material.^Work on the basement of the new^structure will be commenced at once.
GreatFalls, Seipt. 15.^The Standard^of Thursday printed a brief telegram,^under a Great Flails date, to the effect^that John F. Boylen, a Lewlstown^drug clerk, had committed suicide alter^gambling away money belonging to his^employer, now in the East. Boylen's^shortage was $310. Part of thlsnmonnt^was spent over a bar and itie balance^was lost In shooting craps^ It I* a^sad story from beginning to end, and^shows ri.at wMile Hoylen's betrayed his^trust, he sacrificed his fife In order that^his employer might collect his shortage^through ati'lnsurance policy carried o:i^his own life. Referring to the matter^the Fergus County Argus says thai^^after Boyten'a body was found a cor^^oner's Jury waa at once summoned,^which elicited the fact that Boyl.sj | 11^drinking heavily In Corson's saloon^Saturday night. Several men ac^^knowledged to persons on the street^that Boylen was also gambling at Cor^^son's. The following letter was found^on Boylen's body as well as one to^Frank Soott of about the same purport^and requesting Scott to notify Miss^Minnie Williams In Glendlve:
^Lewlstown, Sept. 7, 1895.^^ 'Friend Charles:
'Ihave played the limit and now,^the only thing I oan do. Is to die to^win. I have a policy In Tom Hogan'i^safe In Glendlve, win h will square me^with this world but the next is a dead^guess. I owe you 1300. Be sure that^you get It. The balance of my Insur^^ance will pay my debts and bury me^In good shape. Tours, John.'
'P. S.^Please excuse me to John^Campbell for leaving him to-night.
'Dean and Frank have Just come In^so Its off. The boys are here and 1^cannot write any more. Goodbye, Dean^and Frank and everybody. Goodbye.
'Theabove extplaini the cause of^death so far as any one knows. It fcl^tin ought he lost a considerable amount^on the races during the afternoon, but^the most of the money was taken after^dark Saturday evening.
JohnF. Boylen was 27 yean old and^a man of considerable ability and a^promising future. C. F. Little, hie em^^ployer, who has been absent from tow n^for a week past, had known him for^eight years past and valued hltn as a^Oriend and employe. Do eased leave*^a sister In Glendlve and a father In^New York state. In Lewlstown Boy^^len was known as a iiulet gentlemanly^fellow, who attended to his own busi^^ness and but for bad companions would^have lived long ann prospered.
Thefollowing bills were allowed, or^^dered filed and warrants drawn In pay^^ment of same:
GeorgeC. Douglas, bill of county^^^!^^-. nn for quart, i ending Aug. 31.^18S5. $475
WA. Griffith. |^roteetlng county^bridge, district No. II. 114 75
St.Ann's hospital, care sick and^1 poor, quarter ending Aug. 31, 18*5,^1 IMLM,
ItJoseph's hospital, rare sick and^poor, quarter ending Aug. 31,
Mrs Vltneau, rent for poor, quarter^ending Aug. 31, $ls
GeorgeCockrill. ren' for poor, quar^^ter ending Aug. 31. I8M, $t
Mrs.M P. Hardenbroog, rent for^poor, quarter ending Aug 31. 18s5. $10.
I.oseeA Maxwell, supplies for poor,^quater ending Aug ~i. 1SJ5, $11.
KdBurns, supplies for poor, quarter , s^y j| 50^ending Aug. 31. sM, $5. _1 ftuaog Cyr, State vs. Adlois Dubey,
RR. Lewis, State vs. Doat * Mur^^phy, $1.50.
FrankHaul. State vs. Doat A Mur-^phy. $1.(0.
i:K. Brant. State vs. Doat A Mur- ,^phy. $1.50.
P.8. Itrennan, State va Val Beslch.^$1.50.
Michael Dabovk-h. 8tate vs. Val i
Besich.$1 50
JoePolockvlch, State vs. Val R^s- '^lsh. 11 Ml
J^e Morockvldh. State vs. Val Besich,^11 v
ItUyLasovlch. State vs. Val Besich.
Marko Herkollch. State vs. Val
Besich,$1.50.^Mike Frankovsrh. State va. Val
JohnIt. .bash. State vs. Val^Reslch. $1.50.
JohnWhite, State vs.^}1 50
Mt Roland. State vs.
Suan Anderson, State^Jones. $1.50.^I're.l tiegner. State vs. Adlois Du-
parkhotel comfy. J J. KELLEY, Manaaer.
EMost Liberally Managed Hotel
beState, with all modern in^|^menu, rooms with baths, en sails or 1^gts. Lsrzs, well lighted sarapie rot^for toe commercial trade.
andmileage,^and mfleiag*.
Farmers object to raying Kiorbltaatt^Thresblnic Rates Any I ihu.t^Great Falls, Sept. 15.^Two weeks ago
theStandard published an article, un^^der a Ureal Falls date, to the effect^that owners of uhres'hling machines had^formed a combine for the purpose of^securing higher rates for threshing^from the farmers of Caecade, Choteau^and Fergus counties dhan were ever^paid before. The article created con^^siderable comment at the time and the^following from the Lewlstown Argus^indicates how the farmers of Fergus^county feel towards the combine:
ThereIs considerable indignation^among the farmers over the combine^of threshing machine men of Choteau,^Cascade and Fergus counties. A^number of farmers of this county say^the rates are too high considering the^market price for cereals, and they do^not propose to submit to the combine.^A prominent ranchman fawns getting^machines and crews from other coun^^ties not In the pool or from North Da^^kota. He thinks to submit to this ar^^bitrary action would be suicidal to^grain growers, and he says he will set^his grain rot In the stack before he^will submit to the imposition. One part^of the agreement entered Into by the^threshers seems a little severe, partic^^ularly If there was an understanding^It binds the signers not to thresh for^any farmers Who Is In arroars for^threshing done during the previous sea^^son. Money was very close last year^and It is quite possible a number of^our farmers would be able to liquidate^all their threshing bills this year un^^der the Improved conditions. Those^Interested should get together and con^^sider the matter and If advisable de^^ckle upon some plan of action.
JamesBeaton, supplies for poor,^quarter ending Aug .!!. 18i^. $1.
M.Ktnnoii St McKay, supplies for^poor, quarter ending Aug. 31, 1895,
SamPrimenko. supplies for poor,^quarter ending Aug 1. IW^. $611.
Wills^ Gnose, luppUst for poor,^quarter ending Aug. 31, 1895. $.'^.
W.W. Higglns. supplies for poor,^quarter ending Aug $1, un, $10.30.
BielenbergA Httx, supplies for poor,^quarter ending Aug 31. $3.
D.F. liallahan, rash advanced for^transporting poor, $57.
WalkerA Glbbi, supplies lor poor.^$350.
D.O. Brownell, transporting poor, $3.^J. T. Carroll Co., supplies, poor,^$11.L'5.
J.P. I.ossell, supplies, poor, $38.00^Cash Grocery 00 . Hupplles, poor,^$27.45.
McCallumA Cloutier, supplies, poor,^$78.05.
FA.Devtne. supplies, poor. $35 00.^Peter Burks, supplies, poor, $45.00.^John H Rom. supplies, poor, $.'^^ 00^A. Christofferson, keeping poor, $45.nO.^J. L Hamilton, supplies, poor, $18.00.^J. K. Mallory, supplies, poor, $:'0.00.^Hoge, Daly Co., rent, poor, $58.50.^D. R. Beck, rent, poor. $60 00.^Wm. Forman. keeping poor, $20 00.^Jerry P. Sullivan, rent, poor, $56 00^F,. L. Bonner Co., supplies, poor,^$11.30.
(VipperCity Comm Co., $83.00.
M.Hien. undertaker, quarter ending^May 31. $75.00.
FltzpatrlckA Strlckfadden. rent for^poor, $15.00.
J.P. st.igg, road supplies for roads,
Mrs.MeBwan, rent for poor, $28 40.
Adjournedto meet at I'M. Board^met at 1M and allowed the following^bills:
D.H. Monony, salary for August,^deputy district clerk, $t^0.
Boardof prisoners, quarter ending^Aug. 31, 189*. ^1.02^.60.
J.O. Moreny, office expanses, quarter^ending Aug 31, 1895. $16 05
KivitBartlne. State vs. Adlois Dubey,
Titer Bartlne, State vs. Adlois Du^^bey, $1.50.
JohnWalsh, State vs. Adlois Dubey.^tl M,
OleonCoutler, State vs. Adlois Du^^bey, $1.50.
Ir. Cohen, sr., Juror. State vs. Adlois^Dubey. $1.50.
A.J. Blair, Juror, State vs. Adlois^Dubey, $1.50.
W.C. Halns. Juror, State vs. Adlois^Dubey, 11.50.
JerryHarrington. Juror. State vs.^Adlois Dubey. $1.50.
JoeIVrcy, Juror, State vs. Adlofs Du^^bey, $1.50.
Hugh,I ^iU. Juror, State vs. Adlois^Dubey, $1.50.
PeterOlson, witness, State vs. Wm.^Hood. $1.50.
UuaOlson, witness. State vs. Wm^Hood. $1.50.
JohnShubat, witness. State vs. Wm.^Hood. $1.50.
TomWright, witness, State vs. Wm.^Hood, $1.50.
JohnWhite, witness, va. Wm. Davis,^$1.50.
I..J. Baker, witness. State vs. Wm. 1
R.k Brant, witness, State vs. Mc- j^Dermott A Hopkins, $1.50.
JohnClaybaugh, witness, State vs.^Molvrmolt A Hopkins, $1 50.
D.C. Terrlll, witness. State vs. Mc-^Dernjult A Hopkins, $1.50.
JohnMcCut^ hin. w itness. State va.^McDermott A Hopkins, $1.60.
D.A. Casey, J. V., quarter ending^Aug. 31. IV... $37.00.
Thefollowing witness and Juror feet^were allow ed In above mentioned^court:
PeterBurke, State va. John Doe,
PeterBurke, State va. John Doe,
PeterBurke, State va. John Doe,
W.H. Watson. State vs. M. Regan,
A.B Mattson, fees
J^hn Smith, fee* and mileage. $1 50.^Stan.lard Publishing ivmpany. quar^^ter ending Aug. 31. lv^ P i-
K 1. ^ ^paom, onos expenses,
quarterendsng Aug 31. 11^5 $4 *5.
JohnH Kis i-r. office expenses, quar^^ter ending Aug. 31. I8^5, $26 HO.
D.F. liallahan office -xi^ njws quar^^ter ending Aug. 31, Hit:. 11^ 71
D F. Hallaihan, expenses county^business. $11.10.
M II trr s 1 , p 1 rs m Jail 13
I).K-lly. collecting licenses. $13.50
C K Si-kett, stenographer Justin^court. $18 20
GeorgeS. Miller, auditor off! ^ ^ 1^penses quarter enchng Aug 11, 1-'^til 20
LerahleBros. A Co., comm.sslon on^bonds. l:i 62
ShermanMusic company, balance due^on tyi^ewriteir. $67 '.
C.S. Cranaon. medicil examining In^^sane, $5.
S W. Mlnshall, m-lo il .xim.n.- ;^two Insaine. IH
8. W. Mlnshall, salary board .^heiltn. Marti r, $50.
ZenorA Trisk. Jsul supplies. $3.10
LeeMontgomery, team for coroner.^$10
1} Barrett, constable fees, $12.^Dave Sheffield, cnstaole fees. $29 M,^Tobe Schults, constable fees, MM^George D. Barnard, supplies for dis^^trict eleffit. $12 25^Nell Dougherty, supplies for poor, $2.^H. G. Ward, livery hire for copm-r,^$7.50.
DeerLodge Wator company, water^rent for quarter ending Aug. 31. 1895.^$60
GeorgeCockrell. supplies, $12.25.^Cash Grocery eomi^tny, supplies, Jail.^$1 75.
W.B Burkett .supplies, stenogra^^pher, $2.45.
W.A Law, repairs, $1 25.
JamesMulcachy, repairs, $3.
J.Beaton, cartage. $12.
K.L Bonnier oiispiny, supplies, Jail.^$45.55.
PearL^dge Drug comi^any, supplies.^Jail. $20.65
D.A Carey, restoring stolen dock^^ets, $10.
IVerLxlge Electric Light company,^light quarurr ending Aug 31, 1895.^$81 60.
K.Ikutchllls. repairs, etc, $4 75.^P. lAnstng. supplies. Jail. $14.^K'snnsilhnuilt A Co.. supplies, insane,^$4$.
ItbckyMountain Telephone com- 1^pany, quarter sorvloe, $70 15.
Williamtvieman, supplies, county^officers. $8.50.
W.H O Nell, supplies amd repairing^Jail, $25.45.
D.^}. Brownell. team for coroner, It
HOTELFOR SALE^THE Ft'RNI-^ture, business sr i good will of a XT-^room hotel with all conveniences,^^tS., for sal*. Address T.
1.thee Buttt.
FCRn'ishKDRO'IMb'bITTABLE FOR^lodging or offices for rent at the Audi^^torium Lo lf.ng ao'ist, 77 West Broad^^way, Butte.
kr rrst-! PTRMSFrMD ROOMS.^^ ; .V -^ e it 1: t
rOHRUNT-rURNmHED OR UXFTJR-^r:sh^1 roorrn Jame* R. Campbell, sor^^rier iilxrh ar.d Spraee strests. Anaconda.
FOBRENT^A 18-ROOM FIRST -CLASS^lolg.na kens*, n*wly furnished through^^out, hot and cold water, bathrosai In
connection,slsctrte lights and elactrle^call bells m^s^--.^er alarms, all mo4-^tn improvements. 111 avail Wyoming
1lls MX IMSIItl,
uvnt 131' no !^ - a 1 am t^nootl
ft!city. Address^S . s- irclar I. A- 1 v.-U .
! havi $211 to INV'l^T r^f SOMK^i paying business. Address R..
h'ant-d-VTOCKTO PASTCRB on^'he Fe^ley rancn. A. H. Holingswarrh,
wanted- A furn ISHED room^^ h piano, in pr'.vste family where I^^ ill ilk- one or mors puatla 0 pay^for rent. A lJresa E. B. S-anlarl.^Butte.
nm[^[.'!'. -HO!'.flr.fl PA_TT-RED for^i:^e wia-er * o k f^d hay If d^^ir*4l.^I_r(e stork sheds, tine shelter. F^tsch-^en's ranch. Smart station. Orders re^^ceived at 17 South Ma n rtreet. Buttt._
wanteda partner WITH U^0M^capital to go Into the med.es.1 and fur-^g . al institute bus.nest. We hare had^years of experience and era. now delag^a nloe business In Kansas City. Me.,^and wish to txtead 'he same by es^^tablishing a bran h office at Butts City.^Mont. Address Lock Box 244. Kansas^City. Mo.
WANTK!-120a T^^ INVEST^ In^ some^good business. Address U. Standard.^Butte.
Sheriffper \x^uchers. Dan Kelly. d^p- '^uty. quarter ending Aug. 31. $82.10. .Kelly. State vs. Wm. Regan.^Sheriff per vouchers. I^. S. Brennan
quarterending Aug. 31. $145.95.
Sheriff.|^er vouchers, M. Martin,^quarter ending Aug. 31. $39.50.
Sheriff,per voucher*. J. Conley, quar^^ter ending Aug. 31, $214.
Sheriff,per vouchers. Fltspatrlck.^quarter ending Aug. 31, 1895, $47.40.
Mhtrlff,per vouchers, of Joe Daly,^$173.90.
RockyMountain Telephone Co., sher^^iff s oflloe, Anaconda, $10.15.
WlllkanJ. HIUktI, supervisor of road^district No, 12, was allowed to make^changes In his road, as he sugip-wti-d^to the board, and the clerk was in^^structed to notify him to that eff^i t.
Jhn Ashley, Juror, State vs. Ashley,
FrankVye, Juror, State vs. Ashley,^$1.50.
NellDougherty, Juror, State vs. Ash^^ley, $1.50.
KrlskHill, Juror, State vs. Ashley.^$1.50.
HansTeterson. Juror, State vs. Ash^^ley, $1.50.
W.A. Webb, Juror. State vs. Ashley,
GodfreyI.i Sajle, J. p., fees for quar^^ter ei-ding Aug. 31, 1895, $12.vo.
T.B. -Mannlx, J. I'., fees for quarter^ending Aug. 31. 1895. $12.00.
fount t'nmnils o 1* I roc s HMO will be^roticl ei In I i.esiiay's ri auiitrd.
TheIboard then visited the St. Joseph , J^n^ Downey, witness and mileage
hospitalin company of Dr. J. H. Ow- *'__,_^_'
JohnMoore, witness and mileage,
Hellule a I srge Roll.
GreatFafU, Sept. 15 ^A few days^ago a man sailing under tlhe rsame of^Wilson gathered in $400 and a gold^w_teh from a confiding frl rwl at Whit;^Sulphur Springs, and then disappeared.^Deputy Snertff Roder of M ag.iei coun^^ty, visited Neihart, (creat Falls an I^Belt In search of the thief and finally^found him at the coal metrv^|Kille. Th*^$40n had been squandered, but tlhe^watih was re.overfxl a rwl Wilson taken^back to Hal Springs, where he will lie^tried at the present term of court for^gran.I larceny.
urtlier r r the Hell Miners' I*I Ion.
GreatFalls. Sept. 15 ^The Belt Mi^^ners' union of Neihart. after a warm^contest, elected the following officers^at their last meeting: President. N. P.^Dwlght; vice president, 8. P. Farqu-^harson: recording secretary. 0* irga H.^Dw^*r; financial secretary. E. J. San-^ford; treasurer. James K. Oleary: con^^ductor. Charles F. Coggswill: warden,^John Drlnville; finance committee, Jos.^E. Quirk, I. A. Bruce and A. F. Hen^^dricks; trustees, Wm H Brown, Jerry^K^ -v-tn James Molntosh, James Ster^^ling and John Sweeney.
Proposalsfor Xanufartorlag Volnne IS^Mont siii - npri 111 - . .01 r Reptirts
Theundersigned will raahhfo proposals^until Sept. 28. 1S95, for manufac irmg^this volume. The volume la to be pah-^lished under the provisions of section 8X2^of the political code of Montana. B.ds^mast he made under the follow.ng speci^^fications:
Compositionper thousand ems.
Presswork per form of 14 pp. on Too^copies.
Tresswork per form of 14 pp. on J80
Paperper ream, slse 11x38.^Binding in lots of 50ii per volume.^Binding in lots of 25 per rsi^M 1 trices per page.
BondIn the ^um of B.^I will be re-^ou.red for ih* fatthfjl p rfjrmance of^the contract.
rXAWCoROPT-WHITNEYCO.,^43S Montgomery 8:., San Franc_co, Cat
Ings.In the Interest of tlhe cov^nty pa^^tients, and found everything favorable^for the care and comforo of the In^^mates.
Attest: A. M. Walker, Chairman.^John B. Fisher. Clerk.^Adjourned until 9:$0 ex. m. September^6th, 1895.
Sept.^th. 1895.
Theboard met at 9:10 a. m. All mem^^bers present.
iMlnutesof previous meeting were^read and approved.
Mwas ordered that the clerk of the^District Court. 1n and for Deer Lodge^county. Is, and will be allowed only one^deputy after the first Monday In Sep-^tember, lv.i.^..
Thesheriff of Deer Lodge county,^after the first Monday In September.^1895, is allowed only, besides under^sheriff, three deputies. ,
TobiasSdhurtz. drawing wood for^poor, $8.00.
H.S. Blanehard, work on road dis^^trict No. 11, $40 00.
GeorgeC. Douglas, 1 post mortem.^$10.00.
Theo.Ehret, burying McCann A^Brakke, $40.00
J.A. Rockwell. J. P.. fees. $56.50.
Thefollowing fees were allowed and^paid In Justice Rockwell's court:
JohnWhite, state vs. McRary, $1.50.
W.H. Bradford, state vs. McRary.^$1.50.
JoeBurke, state va. McRary, $1.50.^John White, stats vs. M' Rary, $1.50^Win. Slaughter, state vs. Mcllary.^$1.50.
FredGegner. state vs. McRary. $1.50.^Con Pilots SB. state va. Geo. White,^$1.50.
IChaa. Rodgere. state vs. Geo. White,^] $1.50.
IKd. Haney, etate va. Geo. White,^$1.50.
1John White, State vs. Carney A Kv-^an*. $1.50.
JohnWhite. Stato vs. Jas. Garland.^$1 Mi.
JohnWhite, State vs. Wm. Walsh,
(UrharlnoMad b n. State vs. Wm.
AnnieMcLaughlin. Stste vs. Wm.^Walsh. $1.50.
JohnWhit.-. State vs. Chas. Mitchell.
It.E. Brant, State vs. Chas. Mlt -hell,^$1.50.
P.8. Rrennan. State vs. J. Pacher,^r_N
p.vs. P.^vs. p.
witness,state vs.^^witness, state vs.^witness, state vs.
Jas.Johnson. State vs. J.^$1 50.
A.W. Burnett. State vs. J. Pacher.^$1 50.
J.hn White, State vs. John H 'gan,^$1.50.
AugustMartin. State vs. Jnn H -gan,^$1.50.
AndrewA:, l. rson. State vs. Charles^Brown, $1.50.
N.P. PsUrnom. State vs. Charles^Brown. $1 W
Wm. Johnson. State vs.^Brown. $1.50.
JohnWhite, State vs. Chas. Brown,^II :.^
GordonVineyard. Stale vs. Charles^^ Brown. $1 5o.
J.B. Fa git n. State vs. Chas. Brown.^11 ^'^.
Chas.Hut hinson. 8tate vs. Charles^Brown. $1 t'^W V. H 1 r .. ' k. State vs. Ctias.^! Brown, tU.1l.
C.P. Brennan, witness and mileage,
W,H. Mannlx, constable fees, S'ate
vs.J. H. Helm. $2.50.^Adjourned to meet at 1:30.^Board met at 1:30 p. in . sill members^present and the following witness and^Juror fees were allowed In Justice^HiiriweU's court for quarter endtag^Aug. 31, 1895, $153.90.
G. Barrett, witness^Patts, $1.50.
O.Barrett,^Patta. II .0
G.Barreat,^Patts, $1.50.
G.Barrett,^Patts, 11.50.
O.Barrett,^Patts, $1.50.
M.Menard,^Patts. 11.50
O.Barrett,^Pans, $160.
Robert Held, wftneas^Patts, $1.50.
Joseph Daly, witness,^Patts. $1 50.
P.8. Brennan, witness, staitie va. P.^Patts, $1.50.
C.J. Gramasdhe, witness, state vs. p.^Patts, $1.60.
H.A. Smurr, Juror, state vs. P.^Patts, $1.50.
JohnMoMahon, Juror, state vs. P.^Patts, $1.60.^Sam Scott, Juror, state vs. P.^I Patts, $1.5ii.
WilliamHardwlck, Juror, State vs. P.^Patts. $1 50.
'M. McMullen, 'Juror, st_:e^ vs. P.^Patts, $1.50.
AlexMaroaille, Juror, state vs. P.^! Patts, $1.50.
IJoe Dally, witness, state vs. P.^I Patue. $1.50.
C.J. Kadlng, witness, state vs. P.
Patts,$1.50.^M. Trask. witness, state vs. P.
IPatts, $1.50.
JMM Daly, witness, state vs. P.^Patts. $1.50
W.M. Ayli'eworuh. Juror, star* va P.^P it's, 11 .,^^^'
W. B. Mill^I. Juror, state vs. P.^Patts, $1 50.
J. W. Nelson, Juror, state vs. P.^Patts, $1.50.
Lw 1 n^le man. Jurorv suite \x. P.^1 Patts, $1.50.
ID. H.Jland, Juror, state va P.^Patts, $1.50.
Pacher,j j. c. Shauhirt. Juror, state vs. P.^Patrs. $1.50.^CORONER'! INQl'KST JCRORS.^J. B. MoMasters, Jury and mileage,
11.A Smurr, Jury and mileage. $3 50^T F. IVacock, Jury and mJleiagei,
S. ^...
James Maratta, Jury ami mileage,
A.M. Liwn. Jury and mlU_ge. $3 50^Charles Ilerce. Jury and mlleagv,^Charles $3 r,0.
CORONBR- INQl'KST JI RORS.^N.1..1 in Smith. Jur .r, $1 50.^I I' C.intleld. Juror. $1 50.
A.0. Dubrey, Ji_or. $1.50.^K. It Cheneworth, Juror. $1.50.^H. T. Brown. Jurw. $1.50.^J. T. Hundl-v. Juror. $1.50.
B.F. Br .wn. fees and mileaare. $1 ^0.^J J. Arnistrmg. fees and mileage,
ADVKkil'KMEMI bt.tt4sr l.e tiead ^ f ^Sm-^plnymesl Wine'^ Dl ^toeins to ft^at^^1 ce 1I4word saeh mt tisu, undue a:i vIIht^hesdlu a, ISaatO^ *ora Isr tin in. Issertloo^soil I ^ eu' s w ra lor eaoli tunsequ n. r-^in.11 Magsa, a^sa for less aMSIOOata
I'latiifleSA.Its per line per m Wll.Jt
it'ouul7word^ to (lis Use.)
DRESSMAKING- MADAME8 SMITH^and Orover have opens 1 dressmaking^parlors at tX West Park street. The pa^^tronage of the ladies of Uutts Is solic^^ited.
EXPERIENCEDNt'RSB. MRS. L^McElror. til East Fourth street. Ana^^conda.
pis*11.f-tiov of p.\ i: T\roitsMfp~
Therlrra of Pi'^ her A Pr_k, coBSlstlrag^of Thomas Pi teller and W. H. Prlsk.^doing business at N ' 3734 East Park^street, is hereby dissolved by mutual^consent All debts and 1.abilities and^all credits will be loum'J by Thomas^Pitcher, who will conduct the business^on and after this date.
W H. PRISK.^Butte, Sept. 14, 1SV..
PEOPLE'SEMPLOYMENT Bl'KEAC.^Tel. M. Oldest agency, the best rus^^tlers. Family girls, dining room girls,^hotel help, etc.. march to the People's^office, second floor Owsley block. Butte.
WANTED^NI'RSE ^OIRL~ To^ CAUK^for two children. 204 West Granite,^It^xe.
ANArOND.47I'TMPIX)YMENT iihTH I: -^Wanted. 3 waitresses, $30: family girls.^$20 10 $2f.. I'os.tlons waniel liy two^meat and pastry cooks. Room 5, Petrlts
WANTED^ OntL Knit OENERAL^housework. Apply Mrs., Clark, corner^H ^ih and Locust, Anaconda^
WANTEDA LADY COOK. APPLY^N. K. corner Third and Locust streets.^Anaconda.
WANTED3 DININO ROOM GIRLS. I^(or prlvats house work. Wilson Em^^ployment Offlca over Oans A Klein.
IWANTED^A BITI ATION AS HOOK-^| keeper. Address It Standard office.^IS ANTED - SITUATION AS BOOK-^keeper or salesman by man of fifteen^)eers' practical experience, best of ref^^erences. Address Emerson, osre Mc-^Elnnon A McKay, Anaconda
MRWILLIAM JAMES. OKGANIST^and teacher of music, gives lessons on^the piano and organ. Fir terms apply^^^ N. Main street. Centervllla
Jhn White^phy. $1.50.
Statevs. Doat _ Mur-
T. Harlman, fees and mileage.
WF. COBBAN ^ C.i . t: WEST OK \ \ ^^Its street, Butte, offer bargains as fol^^lows:
LotsIn Leggat A Fos'er's and K. to^^per's addition at $300 and upwar 1.
IA fine business location on Anxona st.^St less than cost.
Five-roomframe h mse. large lot. nice^location and close in. at $1,600. T
,houses in central ptrt of ctty at $1.4nu^and I- o. Uoth are bargains.^Houses on North Mon'ana. North
IAlaska. West Pacin- and Wool Qu ir i
,streets, all at bargains and easy terms.
1 A flrst-class r- setaurant at a bargain.^Also bargains on several houses on^West and East sides, ranging 1:1 pt t
1from $1,350 to $^i.ou0, all on easy terms.
jOur list of bus ness proper :es w!i ch^we offer as Drst-class investments In^^clude some of the best business stands in^the city, ranging in price from $15,000 to
1asXOSII. and ail are pay.tig big interest on
IA first-class business location on Main^. street for rent.
Wealso have bargains in houses and^lots In all parts of the city, acreage^close to city, ranches, etc.
Ifyou want to rent your houses to^good tenants list them with us. W. P.^1 c.i'ban A Co.. 13 West Granite.
IFOR |lII IIIm^M TOP DELIVERY^wagon and asejMo harness, ail in first-^class i-.tnd.foni must be sold. Call^room _i Hoffman house. Rutte.
[FORBALE STEAM SAW. THO^lAfl^Sefton. Bl Kemper avenue, Butte.^TIMBER FOR BALE PAsTTIBI W!SH-^ing to '.ay m.ning or other tttnher^should -' -p.nl with E Goughnour.^Llvings'ici. Mont
FORBALK OR RENT-SECOND-HAND^minlrir machinery. Inquire of George^S Lew - ib South Main S ILr-e.
rORSALE^OTT. BERNARD PUfi Of^the tlneitt breeding at reasonable prices.^Charlee M. Joyce, under CUrk Bros.'^bark. Butte.
FORSALE - FCRNISIUNGS OF 1^-^room lodging nouse. The Metropolitan,^Anaconda Mr*. P. F. Stephens, Prop.
.MRS.J. fiwLD. CLAIRVOYANT, I^OH^a short time only, fee 11. J^J 3. Art*
sonastreet, Butte.
aoviciAND ASSISTANCE THAT^makes the unhappy, broken-hearted snA^unfortunate happy and successful;^don't fall to consult PROFESSOR WAL^^TER, the greatest clairvoyant of his age.^who has arrived In Butts; he tells th*^truth, and nothing but tb* truth; cor^^rect advice or. bustnoss changes, law^^suits, mairtages, divorcee, brings the^separated together, causes happy mar^^riages wttb the one you iove. guaran^^teed, overcomes your enemies, removes^bad hahlta gives you good luck and^tells what to d* and where to go to be^lucky; being gifted with a. rare and^wonderful lnsirnt In such matters, was^never known tr fall: tb* futur* plainly^revealed: lovers united; troubles heal^^ed, gives names of friends and enemies;^also the on* you will marry. No charm*^or other trash. All in trouble can.^Those who htv* bean humbugged by^false pretenders must not despair, but^se* 'h professor. Hs guarantees^prompt benert' Counsel confidential.^Parlors at 131 West Oalena street, be^^tween Idaho and Washington. Hours^from 9 a. m. to '1 p. m. Sundays. 9^to 5.
Proposalsfor liallitlngs for the Stste Deaf^and Dumb Asylam.
Sealedproposals for th* erection and^completion of the buildings designated^for the use of the state deaf and dumb^asylum at BouU.r, Mont., will be re^^ceived until lii o'clock, m , Oct. I. 1_6. at^the office of the undersigned. Plana and^I specifications for the different buHdinsja^I are on file after the 15th day of Septem^^ber, UK. in the office of Cowan A Par^^ker. In Bouller. Mont., and at the office^of the architect, John C. Paulsen, Hele^^na Mont.
Partiesdesiring the use of plana and
specificationsotherwise than in the offi^^ces above mentioned, can have the use of
eaplesby application at tb* architect's^office, and the deposit of 110. which will^tie refunded 0:1 return of plans and speci^^fic* tions.
AllImls must be accompan.el by a c*s-^t'flei chick of j per cent of th* amount^of the proposal.
TP'cent rati price of said buildings re^be paid for in warrant* drawn on Use^^Deaf and D'jmh Asylum Ruildin*^^Fund.'' according u^ the provisions 0/ an^act of 'he legislative assembly of the^stat* of Montana, approved March M,^1^5.M H. PARKER.
Secret*rv of Board of Trustees.
!Vi-e! Ron: ler Mont.. Sept. 10, 1886.
i'HPFJtTO SHOW OACSE WHT OR-^^ler of sale of real estate ihssjMi net a*)^'i le. In the district court of the Third^. 1 - al District of the stat* at Montana,^and for the county of Deer Lodge la^tie matter of the estate of Eleanor Oatea
S.'s s ie.-easel. Joseph V. Long, thesd-
mlntott-tofw.th the will annexed, of the^estate of Eleanor Gates Sykes, deceased,^hiving aled his petition herein praying^for an order of *a!e of all of tb* real ex^^t:**^* of said decedent, for the purposes^therein set forth, it la therefore ordered^' by th* judge of said court, that all per^^sons Interested Is the estate of said de-^' ceased apnea- before the said district^I court on Thursday, the 3rd day of Octo^^ber. 1*16. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of^i said day. at the court room of said dia-^| trlrt court, at the court house In the said^aaanty of Deer Lodge, to show cause w_y^^ an order should not be granted to the^sai l administrator to sell all of the real^j estate of the said deceased Eleanor Oatea^Sykes as shall be necessary. *
\ I that a copy of this order be pub^^lished at h tst four successive weeks la^th Anaconda Standard, a newspaaag^printed and publish.-1 in said Deer I-^d^*^THEO RRANTLT.
De l S-pt-mher I. 1^_
Bu41 la a son potsenoes^rem. 4y for Cuoorrb.re,^^ liiet. s pr r m * t vt rr b _ *,^Whits*, intsuril ^a^^.'hsrfNs, or sot tnsasisaa-^tioB, irritation or ukerw-^li m of aicail sse_-^brane*. Sou -_ifias^at.^M by BsrssaXS^^.^or seal Id siaia wrssesv,^by ^nn^ *ress^..|. fur
Kkor 3 boiisN. v ^v^^si seat SB

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