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TheUreal Fall. Office of thi Standard^la at W! Central Avenue, on* door Weal^ut Western Union Telegraph Offlca. Tel-^cpbone No. i Advertising rates fur-^' . pr-hi alien
ANorthern Paper on the Formation^of a Protective Association.
TheWriter Does Not Favor the^Adoption of the Plan In Vogue^10 Years Ago on the^Cattle Rangae.
Grett'tFall*. Sep/t. ii.^Some time, ag ^^tire Standard published ^ dispatch un^^der a (Sreat Kails dute, to the effect^thii the nmckmen of Northern Mon^^tana, bad become ao Incensed at the^work of oaftle 'thlvvee that a Mere:^orjanlz-illon hid been firmtd to d.o.1^out swift Justice to those ^ -igtit m^Uie act of stealing or kilh.i* range^cattle. The aa-tlcle created c wtld^ r-^able commen't a't the time, but the^trutn of the dispatch was never for a^moment iiuestiontsJ. Many residents^of Northern Montana have protested^ei^ttlu*t the formaitl.ni of an iirganixt-^u.m of this charaetor and the la^u lu^^stre of the Lvuidusky RapnMM '^'u'^Ui^ aubjtv.t up as follows:
ApnafcW nd sto, kman of Choteau^ouiniy is re|K^rted to have made the^Htmte-ment thiiit trim Fori Benton to^iflhe Missouri river the settlers are a^gang of cattle thieves.' It 'is furt.-icr^slated that he asisierts that 'If certain^men now accused of unlawfully brand^^ing ci.tit.tle ac^ not convicted he will or^^ganize a band amd proceed tu extermi^^nate the 'rustlers' In acoidaince with^the old-time methods,' meaning, of^course, that he will takc'th iaw In his^own hands and with a pang of hlr^'d^tihug*, ;cirt'trur MM und rulluuis, pro-^cewl to dtipli^ai:t^ the murderous atro^^cities of fhe band of strangl ^rs which^operated In this section in 1S84-5.
Ifthe stoekman cd whom reference^Is made be at all wise he will c.ir^-^fully avoid carrying his rutflanly^WsTaaM Into MMMMlj he and his fel^^low stock growers have .wily to resort^t*^ .the courts to secure satisfaction an-d^redress for all Just BlHIlM and the^publrc weal demands that mills cours^^alone be adopU-d In the punishment of^violators of the law. That the stock^^men's lnteresu are amply prmtected by^'the ooums Is evidenced by the fact that^criminals are frequently mure severely^dealt With for the killing of a range^cow than for the shooting of a fellow^being.
Ourbest citizens, those who believe^In rigidly muii retaining the dignity of^Uhe law, are strenuously opposed to^any man, or set of men, presuming M^mdmlnrtstrr what thqy may term Jus^^tice w(/;i'..oui due. process of law. and It^will be a dark, g'esiniy dwy for the man^who cidtempts U) nssurrect and put In^force 'the sirainsrllng unction such as dis^^graced Mtmtan'i when the Stuart free-^bxiters were murdering Uie guilty and^Innocent alik^.
Thediya of tlhe strangler are hung^slm'e pa.-:;, th^oae who engaged In the^nefarious business are twfferlng the^tormtints o-f hell If uhey be posxosscd^of a KniMlen tt, and M us hope that^1ih^ fair name of Choteau B lunty will^rwver lie sullied by the ^n ^aniz itlon^of an outfit ets.iiilar to the one which^degraded Kergus county some years^ago.
:this c.ly. has mum-Hl from White Sul^^phur Springs, where he had been to
'attond diattnot court and to defend Al-^Inrt McG ^^ of t ie charge ,,{ mutile*-^ir .r .i ini;i ti nned Judd of M ^n ir.'h.^latit June. T'.ie full |\irUcular^ of the^tragvdy appeared Mi the standard at^it-he time. An hour and a half after the^case went to the Jury they brought In^a verdict of ^Ml guilty^ and McOee^la therefore cVsared forever of the^charge of murder. Mr. isuunton re-^^ i l many c impUmt-nts on his con^^duct of the. case, and Motif - I ^^s't.-id In the shadow of the gallows for^m s. Is now Willi his family at ,^M march again.
.'lieAttrnilaure. at 'ehoo'.^Orsait Falls. Sept. !^.^Just 1,012 pu-
!pfl. were enrolled In the schools of this^n.ty durintr the prvsoiK we^-k. These^are divided up in toe various school^buildings .1.. ill as \\ ,. tier, In I;^South Side. itlS; Third Avenue South,^H| West Side. 120; li. * M. Addition.^47; North ('.rent Falls, 30; Copper Bm^4-
Itier. 38; S.lver fim i:er. 8. The schoilaat^M !^^ a, ^ Ma. CUiphSStaf and Win. In^i ^ - o^d district, but outside of the^ctty, hav* nut yet been opened. In^! ^ti ill r mis .ire crowded '^^^' much,^m f. ^ne case two pupils tjctnf forced^^to o eu|.y .^ve seat. After this week^ill ^ ' tie ( i.y sch ils will lie closed to^i w (in; .Is. - i nezit wn k arraiur^menis^i i I., in id. to pr ip. fly seat Uie pu^^pils, but this will probandy necessilane^ithe employment of add'-'tKmal teach^^ers.
TImHsaMaW liepsri.
OreatFalls, Sept. 1^.^Rev. O. C.^Clark of Missoula. Rev. Bell of Helena^and Dr. J. B. Clark, the Congregational^clergymen who participated In the^OMaInf of the First Congregational^chapel, left this morning by the west^^bound passenger, the first two ifolng^to liutte to attend .i meeting of the^church there. From Butte l^r. Clark^will proceed to Kllensburg. Wash., to^attend a meeting of the state associa^^tion. From there he will go to Oregon^M 1 Cil f irnla. Or. Clark Is more than^I I. i d with the splendid sucaesa tliat^er wuil the efforts of nimsclf and eo^^1 il oivrs In their rtis.lre to estsblish the^i'ongfi gational church here. He was^very favorably lmpr.ssid with Great^Falls.
lllrvfIng on the I'ark-
GreatFalls. Sept. 16^A vast assem^^blage congregated at the d.ini y . -i ^^day to witnn*s some very g io.I ima-^teur bicycle racing. The tlrst event^was a mile, free-for-all. E. C. Young^won, Sim Bali ^ s ond. J. H. Keld^third. M. J. Paulson fourth; time, II :^3.^The next was a mat.'hed r.ic. , one^mile, between Ed Uarbee of this ciiy^atwl E. J. Hatsdt'n of Helena. Barbsi^won; time, 3:01 A one-third mile MM^for boys followed Neely won, Nathon^second; time, 1:12. A handicap, Ivf^and one-;hlrd miles, ended the day s^aporL Kd Rirbee and E. J. Balsden^were the principals and gaVt live^laps to Paulsen and three lo Young.^Pauls, n won. Young second, Barbee^third. Balsden fourth; time, 17.H8.
GreatFalls. Sevt. 16.^For the last^week trains from the East 'have been^delayed from I'hr.-e f i four h iuis dally.^There Is an earnest and unanimous de^^sire on the part Of the publ.c to have^that stub train put on again.
TheSand Coulee school o|^ ned Mon- '^day with 108 act olars and four tsadMra, |^as follows: (i. A. Graham, prin ipil;^MJss (i.sriie Stolblns, first and eighth)^gr:wli^; Mlsw Ella N'urrn, MOkl p.-i-^mary; Miss Alice Moore, lntertmdlate I^grade,
A.M. HenTy of White Sulphur I^8pt'ingi, Is in MM City visiting oM I^friends. He Is Vargely Interested In i^mines at Nelhart, where the located 11^years ago, after Matgnffif a c .mmis- |^sinn in ohe United Stai.es ^rmy,
TheBillings OMMtt says that C. R.^CunnJn;rh.am is .taached o (he staff of^IWI paper. Ti is correots a rumor that^prevailtd that Charley had gone to^Chli-ago.
GeorgeA. Wells 'has gime to B.nst m^to spend the winter. He was accom-^paml d 'by 'Ms daughter as far as Fari^^bault, Mlmm., wliere 'the young lady^will enter St. Mhry's school tor Uie^next year.
MassVldmer of Alabama, hi in the^city, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. T.^Uoail.
Flutterlnc.No Apsetl^e, Could Not^Sleep. Wind on Stomach.
Foralonptime I Pad a terrible^pain : i my tlMtfli wliicli fluttered al-^runst iiki Asa.itly. I l ad m a;tict!te^and enitld n.t fleen. I won i t^e com-^pclled to ill up in bed and belch trai^Jro:n mj 'tcrach until I thoofht^that evory ic.uMte Mold b* icy last.^Tu^^re Wfj i fMUl|g u' t ppi' ss 'id^abtiut it1*' h^::n. au4 I *rs afraid to^draw a full i rvath. 1 r.tuld not sweep^a NOM^vitbout restrig. My bu^-^Iiauu liiiuced me to tiy
Dr.Miles' Heart Cure
andan happy to sav It ha* cured^me. 1 now have a londid appetite^aud sleep weii. Its eilect was truly^marvelous.
MRS.HARRY E. STARR. PotUTllle. Pa.^Dr. Miles neartCnre Is sold on a oosltlvo^guarantee that the first bottle will lieneflt.^Alldrugglstsaellltat.il, 6 bottles forts, or^It will bo sent, prepaid, on receipt of price^^^^ the K MUea Meuical Co , Elkliart, lad.
Cre-atr'alls, Sept. 15.^A letter from^the Havre correspondent of this office^says:
Adellgtitfud hop wan given at the^WJndstir hotel Thursday evening in^honor of Miss Mamie Pinnegan of Spo^^kane, who is tli* guest of 'Mri. O. T.^Bunderson. The Assinaboine string^band furnished music for the occassm^and tihe guos'3 thoroughly enJoy^-d^the evening ami tts Interesting pro^^gramme.
Col.O, W. Sweet left for Sank Bap-^Ids. Minn., Wednesday evening and^will return with Mrs. Sweet, wi.io has^lieein spending the summer with rela^^tives In Minnesota.
Mr.and Mrs. Charles Ortffln Wt^Monday on a pleasure trip to Salt^Lake City and will be absent one^month.
Aspecial song service was held at^the Presbyterian church Sunday even^^ing last, and the announcement that^Mrs. A. D. Smith. Miss Maul Clock^and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, all musi-^c.ail artists of acknowledged ability,^would take prominent parts in the^service, caused a very large attend^^ance. A solo by Mrs. Smith, another^by Miss Clark and a duet by Mr. At^^kinson and Mrs. Smith were pieasnt^faa'turea of the service. Rev. Mr. Mil-^1-r deliver d a brief, but el.Hiuent ser^^mon, taking music and its charms for^his subject.
K.G. \V. Reltx of Chicago, has been^Khe guest of 8uperlni.en.lent Britt m^for several days and left f ^r his home^FYklay morning. Mr. Reitz was well^pleased wkh Havre and o;h-r por-^tloni of Montana he visited and pr--^drts i !^tight future for tile s.ate.
L.K. DevMn nas rvturn.d from a^pleasure trip ihrougi Idaho and^Washington and Is pMtteMSj otMl Itad^with Montana as a result of his trip^of inspection.
Allie-t Wrtlfi- I^ t.q.l'tleil
GreatFalls. Sept. 16.^George H.^BLadOuo, a bright young aittomcy of
Thi.leart.eaffttfUMI ^ MeMaMj^knoni tiy Ium lonaan-l .ur^.v,,ful pruelt- e ,.n ift int^'.. .',^^^_^,'.a.^I^^*CT^', *^ ^**r)' eawae tmktlau la
mntl^\ urlM, Mak-4iiBt or ^Ml*, i ttluful kj1n*4l.^Da,^Brl^ .^ . ^ ^ - mmI all dtiffaii-^PRIVATP^ ^ k-i-r-t Uicturi
W. ^ W* ammmu^L, .iptui. Iiy4rnpi^,^imu.u^^fuim ^^-i, ,fi., tmnf*^. s^eit
ln.*M^. off ^tf/ffa*. |-M^*^, fletula *t*ti nurture
LOSTMMH000 r:A-/Vir'*^i':4-a
ttr-M'iicUltf wcAkr.t-a, NtK\i^l 4 ['Ft'lLI TY mrnt^^mj|U^|un*. *^to^^t fir^^j j-aiKs. rim pi*-. ~-r*ilMn_^of ^iem . w (MlrMr** ut !i^^rn lewd a and h^mj}n, ^
awriaausaMrat^e..irii^ l*.*,* ,vei trr* ,.n i*.,,,,^.^ua. *'. U awca.NY. vr aura I at., aaa maaoa
CountyCommission;^ for Quirter^Ending August olst, 1895.
Continuedfrom M...i(i^y ^ MajteM
DeerLodge. Sept. ^. 1S95,
Itwas ordered that hereafter the^board will not allow any compensation^for a post mortem examination by a^physician or an aut pay, unless done^or performed on th. reeomemndallon^of the county attorney, or assistant, or^deputy, and then will not allow f ^r^such examination more thin 110 or fir^such autopsy more thanBui this
orders.iall not be considered a* uup^-1-^Ing a legal liability against the county^tai any case.
Sept.7th, 1S95.
A.M. Walker. Chairman.
Attest: John B. Fish. r. Clerk.
Itis orileiv I to il ,.u- all I tt this^board publish a notice in the An i-^eonda S.and.ird, a newspaper print -d^and puldislied In I), er Lodge county,^st.it. of Montana, once a week, tat^four eonseiinlve weeks Inviting sealed^proposals for the care, support and^malntenanee of the sick, poor and^Intlrm of the said county, from the^first Monday In March A. IV. IVjii. h.u.1^proposals to Include the enilre OMl ^I^feeding, clothing and nursing of the^sick, poor and Inllrin and the burlsl^expens s; a Is ^ Inviting seai.-d pi .p isals^to furnish medical attendance to (tie^sick, pan and Inllnn of the county^Jail for the same time and also Invit^^ing proposals for the furnis'ilng of^m.-dleln. s for the said si. k. poor and^Iniirin for Hie same time.
Saidproposals inns: I^' addressed to^the elerk of the Ic.nd and the 1011-^tracta under said proposals will he^awarded at the December session. 1*,^of this board.
ItIs ordered that Surveyor H. B. |*Jil^Darts make an examination and report^^n the board at IN meeting In Sep am-^ber 19th, 1890, of the ro id l a ling tl ^^Mtilkey canyon to Viek*, Of in nv pn-^tirularl! that pisM of road running^around Pat Urog'.ns S/atSt Altek.
Thei lerk is MMbf ordered to for^^ward one copy of the new load Ulfrfl^to the super\ lsor of each and every^toad district In the county a^ soon is^the same are received, MOO one MM^to Mot ei'inmlslsoiKr. surveyor an 1^county auditor.
AuditorMiller Is ordered to pttMIMI^an ^Auditor's Report^ book for use in^his office.
ItIs also ordered that hereafter all^county and township olllcers have their^quarterly reports in the audlter's o!B.-^noi later than th ^ last day of each^quarter.
Upin pi tltlor Of taxpayers of Harri^^son for a Jusln- ^ of the peace at Harri^^son B. F. Brown wus appointed as snen^Justice of the paaee.
OaorfjsSword, salary, special deputy,^one day. Ji.
\V.MeKlnney. salary, special deputy,^one day. $6.
C.Christofferson. salary, special dep^^uty, one day, 1.1.
J.C. Sbaubut, trfegram. .^i cents.
JohnW. Collins, stock detectlv.^quarter. $150.
Thereports of the following county^officers for the quarter ending Auit. It^1895. were received, approved and or^^dered tiled:
D.F. Hallahan, treasurer.^J. G. Morony. clerk district court.^John It. FWMr. clerk and r K iriler.^George S. Miller, cunty auditor.^Miss E. L. Thomson, superintendent
puMieschools.^W. H. Trlppet, county attorney.^J. H. Schwend. assessor.
Johnrtts pa trick, Mar Iff
Itwas ordered that the clerk of the^bourd be Inetrurted to advertise for^sealed bids to ^liiint;li the r^Hif ..f t^c^frame portion of the county court^house.
Thesaid bids to be in the hands of^the clerk before September ll'th. IV^.^The board reserves the right to rejeei*.^any or all hi is.
Inthe matter Of the pi It V Ion of J. K.^1'hl et ul for the count run ti-m of a^hlRilns'ay from I'loneer via I'hlrleh's^r^nil to the head of Hold Creek.
PJofOraFine Board of County Commis^^sioners of Deer 1/odge. County Mon^^tana.
Now.on the Tfh day mf Se^ptemlier.
in:.. upon the Ming of tn^ pofltlM in
theabo\e entitled matt r. the biard^In ng MfggM after hearing the evi^^dence subni.1 te l. that ond pi 111Ion Is^gig III || by ten freehold, rs of road d:s-^tri't No. 2, '.x i'.i.iin which siid propos ^.!^road lies and taxable tin r -ln for road^pwrpOBM; and 1* appi-iring that MM^highway prayed for Is pari i vilai ly de-^s-rllied In said |s'tltli.n. ;r I tlmt said^petit...n also MM furt.'i tlM gaMral^route thereof, the names of sucti own^^ers as consent thereto, and Ika iifo-^able cost nf the right of way wthere^such consent is not giwn. MM ffJ* M -^eessitie^ fcr and advantages of th ^ pr h^posed road, and all other fa^^ts r. I^by law in said petition m be stated,^ap|iearlng to have been When in alleged^and set forth, and Its apip -atin* to th'i^M t laf ait ion of said board that J. P,^Mitchell, county surveyor of Deer^1/odce cnurty. Montana. Is alwent fritn^this county and hias requested H. It.^Davis to attend to the duties of Uis^office during his absen e and partlnu-^larly In all views of highways, and that^said H. B. Da^i^ is a competent civil^engineer and surveyor.
Itis ordered trujt sa'id II. B. Darts,^C. K., acting for the .ouiity surveyor^of this county, and Janes It. McM.ie-^ter of said county and John Bb len-^berg of said county, three men who are^disinterested dtlzer.a of this county,^and no one of sluom Is a petltoner f r^sa'id roa 1. be. and tlrey are Bgffffaf ap^^pointed \.ewers to view the prop^^ed
aaaafaflaf said road aJxsr Miaaj duly
swotn as requiri I I.y law. a i t ley are^required to submit to this hoard an^Ml mate of the cost of the opening, in^^cluding the purchase of the right of^way. and their views af the necessity^of suin road, whi a s-ai I t n i is par^^ticularly described ai follow*:
Saidroad Is sixty taaf In width, ani^Abe center line thereof eoinm.-n.1ng at^a i^omt about 200 yards from t.i. north^^west corner of section No. '12 ^f town-^galp No. 9 north, of range No. 11 w.st.^in road district No. 2 of sal 1 I) ^ r^Lodge county. Montana, at a point in^the public r.-ad now tmnntnu' :'rom the^town of Pioneer to Missoula, where^said road nearest approaaies said^northwest corner; thence in a south^^west, rly dit-ectlon over the most prac^^tical route to the ran h^ of one Morltx^Patch, on GolJ Creek; thanes follow^^ing up aatd stream to the big grade^over a road nwv traveled to th.- ,nt^ r-^sectlon of sitid roud wlcii the line be^^tween Granite and Deer LoJge coun^^ties and passing over in fcs route the^following prlvwti lands:
First,the Catdhafl | facer mining^claim: second, the Golti-i Oate Sheep^^B.^ plawr mining ila'tan; thirl, the^Last Chance placer mining claim:^fourth, the Golden Sheep A. pla 'er^mining claim, all b-1..aging to C HaJa-^baugh. Steven Severson, and Karl^BurKstrand as copartners. Tl.en^passing across the Gold Creek^Flat pktcvr mining claim. the^Wld OikUBia.1 piavvr minUntf claim.
allowned by Morltx Chlrick. thence^o^-er the public ^Vmi iin until tt crosses^,-er iin pla.t r naln.: - ;^!m^ owne.1 !^^^the Gold Cree* l-i. er mining com^^pany, a corpkimtlo'i, t : nc^ over and^acroe* placer tniaa-ng claim owned by^Fred ^nd Gus XV -i- r; rhenco over^pubKc land* to the In'.irsectl.Nt of aal.i^Mad wl'Jh .the line I ,v n Granite and^lv, L. dg^ eounti
Baldviewers axe furth v required to^vo-w snd lay out si I highway ss pro^^vide! by statute n d to rc|a^rt their^pi . ed.ngn to this 1 ml.
Theboird of onuii:^ mimlssloners^of Daar Lodge, count), sta.e of M'^n-^tsmi. hereliy orAtr nil call a speciil^s.-.-i ^i to be heH a S ^]^:. 19. IV^i. In^tka oftlce of the coun \ olara In th ^^c .urt houso of aatd n y. in the town^and county of De.'r I. In-. t^ trans.i.^^ f .llow.ng buai'ii - ^wl:^First^lo t.ilfe su ; i ,.m ind make^such oiders as miy he n^ cessary to^complete tka eiale, if n. ids, of the war-^r . i. due from Gn i : -aaty t.i this^.^oii'ity.
s-..id^To receive the report from^H. B. I) i vis. am tag ' a \ ^ ^r ,m i barge^I of road fr ^m MulK i in) ut lot ...^fir the piirjxvte of adii :'.!slng far bids ,^to ^.nstruct .-ill roa I iml other n^.iil^busUh ss.
Thlrd-To take up :^ie |.i^m.^it of
I ,|4 left .Oil- friWll ~ ll i JesS: ^n ^ ^1
taaataMof bills r. M U'mg In on^i.me.
I.,, .,v s l. 1 bi I .; siil spec J.! I
s.'^|. u nUI t-ont.|..i! ^ In s.ssl.111 tw ^^,1 iys if mvesaary to complete the^;. ...s., ;| ^n (^f s.iUl l.u'lnieam,
It,h ..r|e-i^il thnt a 1 ^py ^f this or- I^ib r be published a'! I Ml live days he- I^fore ei.d 19th day ^! S. itemher, IS9^.^H, b Hoffmain. C II Will .inis, A. M.^Walker, msmbeirs of said burd^I T'he filliwlrtg bills 'i i-e ipprn-ed^find warrants gg4ara4 araWI ^ l^ay-^atsari
A.M. Walker, aorvteai county com-^, mLssioner and mil. . tiiO.tO.^I C. H. Willi ims. I rvl^missloner and mlh
1 h. b Hoftawm. mtvi
r..ml mile Igv.^I: , 111 of l.eens ^
IHal', lan. treasurer^c nut: y, for the qu 1.^m:^:
M.-cm ry ^ li .-Igers. mdseI
ICishGPM-ery, mdse
SenScott, lots!
'F. It. It.!'4. tantieme ^
Louis Bl.ineMrd. evil ^ m
Williamlluoklrarham. hot, I, m-
I. m a id |^ ml
WN. Ayl-'sw ink, !' tal and sa-
Jam.s Snow, salo n
JohnBr*-tt, fulom...;
ParrottA Jthhi, sil.on
ToneyA Co.. hp
T1 nif ft Co., fani
iiytc.i.. Imp
^y ft Co. f ir^
K!nnm *t MeK
Dr.D. J. McDonald, dentist....
Wm.Parrot, mdse
CktrldgeA Davidson, saloon...^Morehouse a Alt. Ttson, gam^^bling
Morehousea Alt^^rt*in. faro..^Win Burke, saloon
batnya M.^aebya sai^^un
I^wry A Mcsei.y, pinil
M.W. Moore, saloon
A.H. tlhabot. mdse
1tr at S\ ndi. ale show s. circus..
Tooeya Co., salo. n
Tway A Co.. faro
TooeyA Co.. gambling
TaotjSt Co.. isM.l A billiards..
\\UflB A Fagan. mdst
S.I^. Root, lodging
8.D. Root, lodg.ng
L a. King, mdse
Mrs. K. FHziMitrlck. 1 ^ Iglng
aJones, saloon
a(Kbbs. butchers
aQfMa, butchers
AKngler. mdse
Hdw.re , mdse
aCo., gambling
a Jordan, restnur-
. ounty com-
e.scounty com-
- 1 bp D 9,^of H.-er 1. idge^-i . ti ling Aug. .11.
4.(hi^II II
S^ i s a W igner. s il ^ m
y* ipta ft w igio^er. pool
W)i'.tak r Br is, mdse
W.C. Hsynes. livery
J.a. We'eh, sxli n
J.A. Wei h. p '*
Joh'i.^a A Jnhnsm. si! ion
J.P. S. -igg. mil N
It ItidfilcM, Kodg ig h 01s 1
W H, Bdg nxrba, hundry
W.II K lir 1 'iil.e. ii on !ry
ChrisNIs^I t. pool
CIirtaa Bentaca, lodging house
FrttnkCampbell, saloon
AsoofIttah, peddler
M. Lell i. |^eddler
s.n. Hoot, pawftbrokar
SunGee, laundry
c.ntnental (HI Co.. Mdse
W.M, Moore, siloon
yiiangWing Lung, laundry....
tI'oskett ft Co., saloon
F.Fosk'tt ft Co., pool
F.Foskett a Co., billiards
LouieYon, mdse
Tooeyft Co., gambling
Tooeyft Co., Utahllag
M. Itlen. mdse
BUnohardft Thomas, saloon..^P. J. Sugrue. saloon90.10 I
W.MIJ...00^r,.o 1^6.00^U.M^Ul i'i^00^fiti ^ 1^r, ni^B.no^501^R.0)^W.M^1
u.aj;i :tt^l.aj^r.s.4.1
',1001c Wa'i Chin, mdse
Morlevft Marehlon, saloon
J.It. Reynolds, saloon
JohnMagulro. theater
BrunoMalm 111. . saloon
lehaMllft PodobaWfCi saloon..^Mrs. w. McCartney, rmm
Mrs.W M. Cai tii. y, mdse
C.J. Collins, saloon
MontanaHotel association, sa^^loon
MontanaHo'-I association, ho^^tel
MontanaHotel association, pool
C C, Psoples, cambllng
C.C Peoples, laro
C.C. Poopl. a, s il ion
J,B. Van 1 lun I) . saloon. Ml iv-
ery,bils and pop
JohnJohn.' IB^ sal .on
J.H. Owlaga ft C 1.. mdse
John M '.M ihon. saloon, pool
GeorgeC ickr. ii. mdse
I/oulsBossier, sslooa
J.It. Htaill-r. s iloon
o.Steam, peddler..!
JackaarayiI rauat, saloon ind
K.L. Bonner A Co., mdse
.1.It. Qui-i. y. ^ 1 ..ti and nil -^1). L Witer Co.. water com^^pany
CharlesJens. n. butcher
R.Ltn^lng. m 1^e
1^. BaM. mdse
A.G. Willv lia. mdse
HongLee. p; Uis
M.irgiretKltsw rth. restaurant
ThomasL mis .11, mdse
W v. A1! rth, salo.ui an I
V..Glrard. mdse
Mrs.M. Lo t in, hiardlng hnus^^Mo .re a Btalrs, saloaa
HallahanA MacCaShaM. whole^^sale and r^tsll liquors
Hi-!.-ib.ig A, C. . butchers
N 11 'ugh- rty. mdse
FrankTJTS, saloon
D.L. Drug I'.. . mdse
DanOleasnn. siloon
TllliaiaaBurke, saloon
A.Short, mdse
JosephBolkOTetf, mdse
M. Mess, f.iot peddtor
KimLandry, saloon
K.Jackel. saloon
FredGagi ir. saloon
JohnBarkovl-h. saloon
JohnBarkovlch. pool
D.A. Sbay. sal ^.n
JohnFor-n. Ml .n
M.H-rl.oilch. ^al . m
M.llerbotlch. pool
R.Nagl^-. salo.n
T.J. La- y. mdse
PatBarry, restaurant
EdChars, y. saloon
M. Ivancovi.h. saloon
H.lTanc.\! a. mdse
Harrlngtoi ^ L. kin. sal...n..
Dalyft M . 1 n. n! .on
McMahon.-^ M -Auley, sals n..
Jamesc ... ^ il 1 :i
G.rg^ M I ^. ^iloon
GeorgeMlh-li-h. ph^I
Ma(*ullum A Clutler. mer-
MacCull-ama Clout ler. whole^^sale liquors
JOhnScbutte. saloon
JohnIrhutte, pool
HorvathA Skadvh, saloon
H^n%th A Bladlch, pool
Morenous.a Ai'i ct.on. salo ,n .
Philipsa Shea. s.:!....n
IdaTompkins, wi oiesale liquor^D. Gordon f ^^* p^- Idler...
5.00101 '^1
UI.M5.0 1
y\00^luu.iHi^4n ..11^95. is)
M22^W.M^:, 1 M
3.0010.00^5 ini^f, ini
I:W^77 7i.^5 HO
I.MTI.N^7.1 ..1
U.MI, no^: i^^i .1
Tit.TO5.00^1!'. .1^81 50^7: 5)^125 1^57 ni^5.no
II50^5^ n
5.IVI87 53^38.90
J.Oarao. saloon 91.75
i'irrott^Walker^Walk, r^J. C.^m !ae.
iiiti.Ttto,.t Daral ajBaaf 0a,
HoeftTut ill.^Colllev^Rof i s a^Mull chill
M S. An'hiieim. nilse
'J. T. Carroll Co.. mJse
J.M. Ooddard, mdse
Loveft Mavw.'ll. Ill Ise
M.i^ Dickey, mdse..
IJoe Kile, mdse
' BrlcKsmn. mdse
Ftink Campbell, mdse
JohasoaA ll.Utt, rcstnurant..
IWhlttaker Bros., mds^
K.J.i rol son, mdse
F.p. f*tiiWaaia. dentist
1IM. li.imtnei un'a mdse
Katxenstelnft Cohn. mdse
T.S. letter, mdse
Geo Baurlch, mdse
A.M Walk r. hotel
'.1. W. Weln. in.Ise
II.II. Logan, mdse
1Harry Hug les, saloon
Mis.T It Mallory, mdse
Jim l^. Itom, mdse. and aWafa*
'J. V. Collins A Co.. wholes 1.
J.V. t\il!lns a 00., soda fact iry
J B. Williams, saloon
Fagana Si igulre, saloon
BchtnalaA Podobalk, saloon ^^Martin Mar. ny, mdse
B.S. harnlkow. attorney
JohnMcMahon. saloon and p i
Mmlav Itros.. ni ls.'
Anu ond^ St. Ry.. St. Ry
JohnD, Hoax, araalaaaai liquors
A.Maniloll, siloon
Sa111 I'ramlnko. saloon
IvlBurns, mrrotrxnt
j.a. wdch, ri L.ui aqaon
s.u. darMfw ft C ^^^ urn
Thomasft BKinolNar.l. i-.-t.ul
shmaliA ivdobniak, pataH
JointFor^n, retail liquors
F.dCi.as* y. retail liquors
PhilipsA Sne^. retail liquors...
D.A. Shea, retail llqu irs
HarneyAn^ler*ui, ro all llqu ^rs^Janes Cassldy, r till liquors ...^il.lion ft Leary. reiteill ii.purs
Dan^Ili\i^^i. r -, ill liquors
Mar-i II. rb .11. h. rutall liquors..
JohnS -hutU. r.Jta.ll liquors
IVarriugtiin A Larkin, reita'll
PJ Sugrue, r^t ill liquors
PaganA Misiulie, retail llqu an^Osorga Mih.llch, retada liquors..
C.J. Collin.-. 1. t i l llqu IIS
Itols-rtNagler. n'tall liquors
II..A. a P. II It., retail Hqums^Ana ^oiiibi Browing conipiiny, is1-
| tall liquors
.1.'in Markovs. 1. retail liquots..^M 1\an 01 ,cli, pi tail liquors....
MarryHughes, roi'iil liquors
Mirl. y ft Mar hi m, rot.ill
L'wry A M iseby, n-t ill liquors^.linns OMdMi Mtatl Uquwro....^Sam Laund.-y. retail Liquors....
TS Batty, r .tail liquors
.1 It It .ynolds. retail liquors
TNimasllurk -. aHatl liquors...,
l:M'llvill^'. r-tail liquors...
Ani. ti In Jockey club, ro'.all
Montan1 aot( 1 rata I liquors
Johnsn ft J....us. m, r dull
Ciitiim.-ngs ft M.-iiard, n-t.ill
J1111 s Sii 1 w. r.i ill llqu irs
WN Aylissworth, n-tail l.quo.-s^J. K. Via 1 lun ly. r nl llqu .rs^John MuMalwai. rMaM liquors...^L. K. Mlin liard. 1.'ail liquors..^.1 .I 11 Johrtsm. retail llqu ^rs....^It. W. WbselT, retUI liquors....
Millerft Co.. retail liquors
Su l ft M Hugh, ncill liquors
J,C. Hufty, retail MNaM
Mlis C. Bush. reMll liquors
\ Itost.in. re la .1 liquors
Sprouinft M laa, i^'! i.i UataoM.,
r 1: lr.it I. i-.-p.iil liquors
Tliisi Hess, retail llqu ^rs
RabattDixon, n-t ill liquors..,,
NatkaaSmith. r^^-i4l liquors
tie.1-4. Br mat \ r-1 ni Uaa .rs.^II P. N ' ^:^ m ft Co. n 4 ill
1pi. es
RobertBrown, retail Hquors....
door..a Star's, retail llqu irsI
J.W. Geary, retail liquors
Wm Parrott. retail liquors
K.L. Bonner, merchant
J.L. Hamilton, merchant
I'ashGrocery C ... merchant
CQ lliro'.ye A Co.. merchant..
W.W. II ggins. m. rehaitt
Kd Tlurni, mer.-hani
ContinentalH I Co.. merchant...,
Ii I.. Drug Ca.i merchant
WashoeMerc. CSh merchint
W.II. 11.N. 11. merchant
Jeo.Coekrill. mi-rrhant
Wm ('oil rn in. mervhani
Mar.u;n A Lsaasa, m.-rrhant
J. P. I^issl, m. . chant
J1kwiys A K.iust, merchant...^Mign-rey a Ito lg^r^. merchant .
C.T. W. Cress, merchant
K. Glrard. merchant
17. Glrard. m-rcbant
K.^*. Bu'h. merchant
Neil Dough, ny. merchant
Kinneyllron., merchant
Chin Wdo. merchant
M. Mas, merchant
Y.nkKee, merchant
M. PayaStS, merchant
A II M.ll r. merchant
J \V ^^^ iry. to r hant
M.G. ilrih.m, merchant
Marray Bros., merchant
pflI G.ir^ty, merchant
Km.Ckaagji Lung A Co.. mer^^chant
J.K. QatptaPi merx-hant
Gvandolloyt, merchant
Qo II Lawrence, merchant
IIs; a Richtel. ni r - int
Wm. I'arritt. mer-hatet
A. Short, merchant
\V-nColeman, cigir-t e lejler..^M. Iiammer^lough,c:gare't,. deal-
T.H. Zetty. cigarette dealer
J.,a.Cxrrao. e.garette dealer
J.E. Van Gundy, brewer, fnirta
J K. Van Gjiily, pool table
J.Van Gunly. hlllUrd taMa.,^J. K. Van Oundy. pop manitfac-
,K. S- h im kow. lawyer
M Goodman can. rack
mMm iNi
7J10^(tu Ml^5.00^115.IS^ini^Iin i 1.1
7'.^I^7f in
6.no^S.do^I 50
5'hi^h (ni
5on^5.1)0^5 no^27. sfl
5000^15 INI
n;^;^M N^an 411^41 75^5 on^2^
THEMost^' 1 lie Slat*.
LibsrallyMana^^d Hotel la^with all raolern imneo*^^menta, rooms with baths, en suits or sta^^gls. Larrs, wall lizhted sample rooaat^fur 1 ne commercial trad*.
JJ. KELLEY, Manarjer.
,billiard table
aCo., wholesale
NathanSmith, hotel ....^W. N. Ayle^w.i;ih. hotel^A. KHq^engai^-. butcher...^John Mo.Mahoa^John Clark, liv^C. O. Htr.rneye^wine and -lis^Louis BoMler.
Jo Patnode. reatsurant
MartinLnggen. livery stable
.1It. Silt l. r. wb ^:es^le liquors..^\v W II ^ ii-. shol tab llquor^^Ebs-trlc UgM Co . BaaMl L.gh-
Mm M Blesaiocrr. lodging
J. M. Smurr. theater
M D. Plainer, lodging house....
LA. Welln butcher
DerrLodge W4ter Co.. water co.
H O W^rd. livery stable
H.G. Ward, hack
H.G. Ward, public weighing....^Lee Mo.irgomery. livery s'ible...^Lee Montgomery, livery ^table...
K.P. CoopMi photoxrapti. '
J.A. Welch, pool table
OrrenKmerson, lawyer
HannahGeorge, peddler
miMH Kelel. peddler
Jos Gaasan, pe'lHec
II.Tina. p. 1 tier
Atootittaa, natter
IW. H Milder. paMkw
Jno.Ilaguir.. th.ater
PaiMurphy, rafauraot
t M (MM restaurant
Geo.S. Martlett, notary pulil.c...
S.D. R.^it. piwn broker
luiillltg.iii, ^:i .1 -al- llqu 'r...
Mrs.Amelia (^urn. hotel
Dr.Acker, ^ihyali'ian^Mr
S.ll.-aiimoiVt,^M:^s l.eivltt.^James lie 1 0:1^Mont ina Re
250ml^150 ini
i.11 im)^_'.,ll llll^^)
250.00250 a n)^260 in)^250 ni^250 ml^2,V) 00
G.GUes. pnysiclan^
H.t'ransan. aayateiaa*^
aaaaaaaaa PaaMt By.
commoncarrier T,M
Berlins,rs A Mill, butcher^.W
L.P. Peck, butcherMl
Mike Slarraiy. pidlbrMM
Ja.ks-avaA Ka'Ht. wholesale 1 -
expr.ss w ig n....4.
Alia 0. I i Jo k ^ ( la .. P 101 ^^ I-
MontanaHalsi pMl and b.ll.ar.laMM
Montana Motel, ho.elMM
Chas. Mouck, notaryMJ
M.Chrimlne. show1.0a
M.ChristWie. showMi
M.ChrLstlne, eh-w5,00
l-iof II It Clen^on. show*).(*
A.Stern, foot pedJIerU.50
Schutera IMrch. restaur.tnit,M
Pilerson a i'u., restauranta.00
CharlesDuhems. cab1.00
CharlesIlritlon, cabi.00
JonesA Co., merry-go-roun.l ...jn.'O
B HadeOeld. lodging.house5,^^l
H,It. Thrasher, peddlerMM
D.D. Twohy. livery stable Wm)
T7,. 7.iHiv. back lleen^e. Ilquon.BM
Treasurer'sfees on IM llcsnsea..1M.MI
TIMBEHI'nR BALK^PARTIEg) WISH-^ing to buy m.ning or o'her tantier^rreepjnd with P.. Go ighnos ',
Liingitoa, Mont.
rOBBALK iiR RBNT^SRrX^ND-HAMD^^a ^ ry. Inquire of Georgs^S. Lewie. SX^ South Main St.. Btttf.
PORBALK BT. BEIt.N'ARH PI ps OF^the nnest nreadiag at reasonable prtssa.
M Joyce, under Clark Bros.'^bank, But'e.
Fortsai.ij - Ft'R.visiii.vas or U-
roomlo.Ig -ig louse The Metropolitan.^Anaconda. Mr*. P. F. Btephent. Prep.^HOTEL FOR BALK^THE PURNI*^tura. aaatnsai ard good will af a 17-^room hotel with all conven.cn ^^. bar^ate. for sala. Address T., Standard^bfflca. Butts.
KunRBNT ^^jflCBLY FTRN'rlHTO^ro.ens :n privat^ family: very reason^^able. !25 X. Iliho atreet. pujtte.
FORRBNT^A mice FCRNrSHF.D^^ sat room w.rh all modem conven^^iences, with prr.ii.ge of hath, at rsa-^loaj It prdaa, Inquire at corner Oran-^10 an i Idaho. Butte.
i'iRMISHVD ROOK I HCITAFll.E POR^'i i s or offl^ei f^r rent at 'ha Auli-^^ lei Ig.ng Mans, 77 Watt Broad^^way, Butte.
FORRBNT^1 FCRNls'IKD^Ml Wrtt Park tireet. Bulla.
K It KK.VT-FCP.NISHED OR I'NFI'R-^^1 1 . at jiivi B. C ui.p' eii. -.,r-^i.e - S.x-h an-l Sprdcc ttrceu, Anaconda.
FiiKRENT^A W-ROOM Fl RST-i'LAM^. bouse, newly faralshsd ^nruugb-^au .sad ^ ud wai-~ bttaroom In
i. r i as.1 and eieotrlc
callbells, rt\^*wt^' a'i-Tt. sll mod^^ern ImprossasMts, Ul South Wyoming
LOSTA BPNCH OF KBTI with P^II. Fay mark. I 1 n lka^ Plus* return
toStandtr I. UiU'.e.
250oil^250 ini 1
25000 1^250 ini^2.',0 u l^2.mi nil^2i.il DO
250.im)^250 a 1^2.',n 1)1)^2.'.n in)
21 i'i^240.00
200.00Ml M
150ii 1
12.'JQ^12 '^)^12.n0^Ml
9.ia^i .1
.^^^3.H)^J.iJO^J.U0^3 0
3.n^3 ^^)
3.003 iN^3.90
WantAd Vs.
Al\ hit.I KMK.t ISun.ler l ^ hsad nf ^Eis-^l^:nyni.-al W s l^ end ' k..o n^ to K'nl'^1 ailawnr.1 eaek ia^ rt Ml under III other^lie.ulliirt, .' en't a OSnl for lha llr-l Istertlon^.111.1 I eeu a w N 'sr etcn Mills qu ni iat. r-^Hon la tl^^. 'anas furle^^ nan ..^ eea t
1ia^slSed Ailvt par line p. . ^ u:hWM
1unit; ^ord^ 10 ins iiue.j
FIRST-CLASSCAltl'KT rLBANINO^^|,\. r^ s[.e: 'ik1 : mid* good
as11. w TTIHaaif US E. Print ttreat.
Anaconda._ _
WANTBDTO RKVT A 3 OB 4-BOOM^age near renter of city. Address^S. Standard, Anacomla..
WINTMD -STOCK To PASTl'RE ON^th^ Faeley ranch. A. II. Holingawor.b.^Hume.
WANTED ^ A FI'R.VISHED BOOM^with piano. In privat- fam.iy where I^^ iuM lake one or more pupila to pay^for rent. Addrsaa E. B.. Standard.^Butte.1
N'lTH'E-HOBSKSPASTt'BED FOR^the winter, ttock fed bay tf desired.^Large stock sheds, fine shelter. Pitsrh-^I en't ranch, Stuart station. Orders re-^.elvad at 17 South Miin ^tre. Biwta.
WANTKD-APARTNER WITH B.M)^capital to go tntc the medical and tur-^gieai taitltats business. We hart had^yeara of expertence and are now dstsg^a n ^ - buatima tn Kanaas City, Mo.,^and with to exlend the aams by ss-^labdshing a branch office at Butte Ct^r.^Mont. Addr.ua Lo.-k Box 244, Kansas^City. Moj
PKOPI.K'SK.MPLOVMILNT BI'RKAL-.^Tel. IM. Oldett agen -y, the belt rut-^tiers Family girls dining room girl!^hi 'el help, ale., march u^ the People'i^cftlre. teeond door Oe-slev block Mutle
Waniei,araXttaaata, gw; aaaaxa M ^^^^in the country, (Ml cooks, fun ly glrlt.^Pi'iriti block, room 5, Main nr. . 1.
W\ VT1-7I1 ^ Gilt I. I'i ill GKNKRAL^housework. AgMy Mrs. J. S Sulliv.in.^w.s' .'..mmerclal. near te.Mlon house,^Anaconda.
WANTEDNl*1t SB GIRL TO cam^for two children. JS West arau.te,^lluste.
WANTEDI DINING BOOM GIRLS I^for private ho^ss work Wilson Em^^ployment o* e. over Hant * Klein.
llpetil.iss white I^ar0er; well acquaint^^ed all over the s.ate; will go any place^fur good wagrt. Address K J.. Siand-
SKAlMSTItKSBWANTS SOWING i'.V^the day er week. Call or acoly at IIS^Maple *treet. Anaconda.
W111IH^ POMtTfOM hv A 6000
taaagtsaauI. or laundry wurk. IX W.^Galn a s'.n.i, Butte.
WANn.li 1 fill T ATI ^N \S ' ^^k. .q.. ^ \ 1 Ir. i, It.. Standard office.
ANI Kll - SITUATION AS Ho. iK^keeper or aal laman by man of bfteen^years' practical experience, beat of rcf^arencea. Addreaa Emerson, are Wt1^Klnnon A M Kay. Anaoo.ida.
MMWILLIAM J AMK8. ORiSA.M-i^and teacher o( muatr, ttl^et lasiont an^th* slcno and organ. For terms app ^^M m. Mata strsst CsatsrTllls.
EXI'ERIENCKDNURSE. MRS. U^McElroy. (IS Eatt Four Ji street. Aaa-
DlfMOLt'TH^N ^^PAJtT^EIlSWIP-^The firm of PMcher A Frisk, cont'.ttlng^of Thomaa Pitcher and W. h. Prist,^do.ng butiaett tt No. 375'. Eatt Park^ttreet. It hereby dlasolved by mutual^content. All debta snd liabilities and^all credits will be assumed by Thomas^Pitcher, who will oonduet the business^on and after thlt date.
tirmrAS PITCMMR,^W. h PRI8K.^Rune, Sept. II. 1SK.
w.r l OintAN a co . pi west gran-
Itettreet. liutte. offer barga.ns a^ fol-^j lowt:
LottIn Leggat A Foater't and Kem-^' per't addition at SJUM and upward.
Atine bua.nrst location on Arizona it.^st kMB than cost.^1 F.ve-roum frame house, large lot. nice^locat.on and close in. at It Son Tt br.ck^bouiea In central part of r.ty at 11.40*^and CM). Both are bargains
llei-.t on Njrth Miaia. North^Ala-kn. Wett l ac rtc and West Quarts^ttrsets, all a) lurga.nt and ea^y IstaM^A tlrat-claaa reaetaurant at a bargain.^Also bargtlnt on teveral I ^u^et on^W-st and Bast aldet. ranging la price^1 fr m 113V) to I5..^)0. all on eauy terms^our list of hue'.nest proper'*s wh'ch^we offer as ttrst-claas inve^:mt-nt^ ;n-^c.ude mme of the beat business ttandt In^' the city, ranging in price from WMM 10^pjO.OIS, and all are paying big .merest on^investment.
Allat fWai butinett location on Main^ttreet for ren^.
\V^ u!s,. Hue bargain* irt hrmaet and^lott in all parts of the city, aceage^clot.- to city, ranches, eic. ,^If yo'i ^';ir, t ^ rent your houses 10^i- -s I s- .Sent with us. W. F.^Cobban A Co . M Wett Granite.
plants!for MlTw~M FOTTED^tdanis at 15 and 25 cetrtt etch. Mrs. p.^Cox. 22*1 t'.'dar strest. Anaconda.
porsal:: -horse, top DBUVaari
wagonand .kmbte harness, all in tirst-^data condlf.ivi: mutt bv sold. Call^room '29 Hoffman bouse, Butte.
ADVICEAND ASSISTANCE THAT^niaksa the unhappy, broken-hearted aaA^unfortunate bappy and auccestfol;
don'tfall to contult PBOFESSoR WAJ^^TKR. tht greatest clairvoyant of bis ago,^who has arrlv-d In Butte: he tells the^truth, and nothing but the truth, cor^^rect advice or. business changes, law^^suits, mairtagaa. divorcee, brings tha^separated together, sautes happy aavr*^riaget with the one you love, guaran^^teed; overcomes your enemies, removes^bad habits, gives you good luck and^tellt what to do and where to go to bo^lucky, being gifted ^S^h a rare and^wonderful '.might in snen matters, was^never known u fall; the future plainly^revealed; lovers united, troubles heal^^ed 1 srvet names of frteaSs and enemtae;^also the one you will marry. No charnas^or other trash. All in trouble call.^Th..-.- wbo h^\e h~^n humbugged by^false preten le-t must not despair, hat^tee the professor. lit guaranteaa^prompt henellt .,o|i^se| tOSSgdstlllaL^Parlors at J21 West Galena street, bs-^'ween Idaho and Washington. Hours^Na I 1 m. to * p ii Sundaya i
I'ropost^ for lluliilt-g- for ib ^ ^tate Deaf^and BataA is. Iiidh.
gttltilproposals for the erection and^completion of the buildings designated^.'1- the use of 'he state deaf and duaaa^^ylum a' B. nll'r. Mont., w.ll b^ rs-^^iv. I until U o'clock, m., Oct. s, IM, at
Ibe 'lb t of th* uaJers ,'ne.l. Plans and^specifications for ihe I fferent bu4! lings^are on tile after the 15th day of Srptem-^1.. r. l^v. la 'he office of Cowan A FaPs^Mr. in lloulder. Mont., and at the MM^of '.h- ar.'h.tect, Jonn C. Paulsen. Hels^^na. Mont.
Pal el le.'.rlng the use of plans and
specificationsotherwise than ia the ofS-^- ibore mentioned, can have the naaaf^copies by appl.cation at the architect's^^ tfl e. till th- deposit of 114, which will
iI- ran led on return of plans and speci^^fications.
Allh Is must be acconvpanlel by a cer-^t fled check of I per cent of the amount^cf the proposal.
Thtcoi tract price of said buildings ta^) ^ pi I :' .-. warrant! drawn on tba^^Deaf and Dumb A ay tarn Building!^Fund.'' according to the provisions of aa
-l ive assem/hiy of tha^state of Montana, approved March 1*.^lvvM. H P1RKER,
s ret irv of Board of Trustees,^Dit-i 11.^:: I -r. Mont.. Sep: 10. 1896.
Propweilsfor lianufacturlag toluene is^, n-.* .1 1 -upresaa I omrl k, purta
Theiiiidcrsjjtie 1 will receive proposals^IH55. for i^ nuf tctunngf^ibis t . . The 1 il mt it :o be pub-^'he provisions of section MS^of the political code of Montana. Bids^a a le un ler the follow.ng spans*^demons: 'etff^per thousand ems.
-term of Ut pp. on MS
I'reata )rk per form at It pp. on Mt
p.i|ierper ream, site KaML^li.tiding in lots of 5.^ per volume.^Bin ling in lott of 25 per volume.^Ma - per page.
a:ne sum of |!.mu w.ll be ce^^ll 1 ^ I for ihe faithful performance of
BANCROFT-WHITSITCO..^43t^ Moi.igom.ry St.. San Fraactaea, CaL

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