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VOL.VII.^NO. 43.
HeWill Not Aljow Corbett and Fitz^to Shake Hands in Hot Springs.
Mexicobends Warning That the^Fight Will Not Be Tolerated^There - Horse Kaclng and^General Sporting Newa.
AppropriateWedding Gifts.
fl$1.50 U WOO.
LIUleRook. Ark., Oct. lj.-Govermo.-^Clarke's determination to *top the Cor^^bet t-Flta*tmmon* conn st At any cost was^emphastacd to-day by the presence in^^this city of Ueoeral Taylor of Fur. -^City, brigadier ge-.ieral of the state-^guards, who was summoned to the eap-^Itol by telegraph to confer with the gov-^^rr^ct at regard M the strength of the^aiate militia. (Jen, ral Taylor wui In con^^ference with (lov-rr.-or Clarke for a.i^hour. When seen by a reporter he was^preparing to Lake a train for Hot Spring^.^General Taylor tud positively that the.^fight wouM not occur. Hie purpose in^going to Hot Spring-s, be said, was to^warn the. people thnre ag-airsst the danger^to wh.-h they would subject themselves^should an attempt be mado to bring the^contest off. Ho could, he said, w.'th a^few hours notice land 850 well drilled and^fully equipped mem in Hot Springs^I Governor Clarke, when questtoned by^an associated press reporter In reference^to his consultation with Oerjural Taylor,^was not J.sposeJ to talk. Asked If ho^had confidence In the ability of the state^guard to carry out his plans, he (Bid :nat^tho militia was a matter of secondary^consideration, that he could pat all tho^force neenseary outside the military com^^panies. He n'lteraued hi* for ner decla^^ration that the light would not be per^^mitted to take plaoe, and in this connec^^tion, he said 1h^ could not make any dis^^tinction between a prize .. rhi and a glove^cor. test,
Suppose,Governor Clarke,^ suggested^tho report mi', ^Corbett and Fltasimmdtis^I should desire 'to give an exhibit'on of^i physical culture to Hot Springs on Oct.^St, In which large a ^ gloves were to be^used, would thai al**.- be stopped by the^military forcee^
Corbettand Pitzslmmoras shail not^meet In HoH Springs in any kind of a con^^test,^ said Governor Clarke emphatically.^^If they aver cueet Uaey w.U light and^they shall mot ngh--. in Arkansas. They^shall not me*1; in KM fferlng.-, either in^or ou't of a 'Ing. They Shall not ever^^hake hands.
St.Joseph, Mo., OcL 15James atuDosi-
ald,fhei Denver t-portlBS* ir- in, and Ms as^soclaife*. whe have bean amngitf: to^bring oft the Corbett-iSfbWIrnnvo-ns fight^here, have secured what they desire, i^.id^will to-night telegraph Jul'au aiml Brady^and al to PiesMenx Stuart of the Florida^Athletic club, a guarantee, of SJO.OOO for^the tight. They also guarantee that tho^flgbft can be pulled off Ih the Island in^DM middle ^f the Ml -aourl river without^Wrerference.
mm~i k
Dillon. Stallion representative atakea,^! value |i,0UO-iHan^n Dillon won first,^I fourth and fifth heats; time, S:I2. 1:12V^-M%. B. B. P. won secaw-.d and thirl^I heats and was second; rime, 1111*. 1:1-4.^j Demlr*. th.rd. In the 2:1( trot, purse^i 11.000. The Cunqueiror won third, fourth^and fifth h ats; time. M3^4. 2:14V 1:1V^Rcetta Soap won first heat in 2:14V^ an t^was second. Lyric won eecood beat 'n^J:14it and was third, leant It*. Judge^Rice, Luiell. Sronton Belle, aVnowdon.^Julia Coulter, tiamiicl Char, Lodtna and^Prince finished to the orf.er naned.
Int lucinii.itt.^Cincinnati.Oct. 15 ^The favorite play-^era got their innings at last at Latonia^to-day, four of the first choices and^a well played I to 1 I holce winning^the Ave races. One mile^ Huckwa won.^Kgbert secind, Payette Belle thlrJ;^time, 1:41V Five and a half furlongs^^Brace Girdle won. Kate lyecran.l^second, Mobalaska third; lime, 1:0V.^Mile and a quarter -Semper Sex won.^Ilasso second, Bessie Blsland third,^time. 2:08. The Newpirt staJces, the^value It winner $1,750. mile and a six^^teenth^Buck Masste won. A second.^Handsome third: time. 1:18. i\ve fur^^longs^Judge De-niiy won. Blue Ribbon^second, Macrine third; time, l.UL
lu-all IraiicUcu.
SanFrancisco, Oct. 16.^Frr* furlongs^^Little Flush, liily, won. Montallado sec^^ond, Imp. Kndym:on third; nave, 1 :^JB^Five and a half f'urloiigs^Rioardo won.^Throe Forks second, ivrrhups third; tlnw.^ItOMj. Five furlongs^Cardwell woo,^Charlie Boots second, Monitor third;^time. LOt:1.). Seven and a naif furlong*-^Fainnje Louise won. Nephew second, Sir^Richard thir l, time, lii..-,, Qau ml!^ at: I^a quarter, h-j-td.cap. t^o hardies^ It.-,:^Ringer wen, Oo'l Dust second, Arotle^tturd; time, 2:3 V
Laredo.Tex., Oct. 10.^Thu Jlexical con^^sul in this city, Lameda Diaz, said to^^day that President Diss would never al^^low the CoTbei't-Fltzslmmons light In^Mexico, and owing to the goodwill o^f the^people towairde the pr***^ .ic-nt they would^not participate in anything to meet his^disapproval. A reppetv ntative of the ns-^soclabed press wa^ shown official dis^^patches from the .Mexican capital which^authorized the eo.'.tul hero to say that the^light should not occur on Mexican soil.^Corbel t Again.^Texarkaaia, Tex., Oct. 15.^J. J. Corbett^pasised through Texarkana this afternoon^en route to Hot Springs. A reported ob-^taitwd an aujienoe with the champion. ^I^am disgusted with tho busirress,^ he said.^^I am losing valua'bic time and don't be^^lieve we will fight iin Ho^t Springs. I am^going there on orders, but 1 d*i't fancy^the move. Fitzslmmone i.s do'mp a lot of^blowing and is running a bluff. He can^easily afford to make wild statement*^when he has everything to gain and noth^^ing to lose, while I hsve everything to^lose and scarcely an^ thing to gain. Fitx-^slmmons' $10,000 stake money his l^. r-i at^^tached and 1 have JW.uOO deposited prac^^tically against nothing.
HafJwaut^ I i ir SMlllug.
^4Spr.'ngs, Ark., Oct. 1^.^Tho follow^^ing Is a telegram reCw-ived by Mayor Wa^^t-firs to-day:
CorpusChri.Tti, Tex., Oct. 15.^^Uefore I leavo her^ wl'h Fit2s:mmoti3^you mu.J. deposit with a rcsponwible par^^ty enough money in cash to defray ex^^penses for any and all tojal difficulties^that may arise. We haw beeji warn^ i^by the governor and do MM want to takel^any chances.Martin Julian.
Corbet:arrived this evening.
Theyand the Uebekahs Meet lu tlolee^^ ml Meet ^ ^we*Jf
SpecialDispatch to the s 1 .J^.d.
liolso,Idaho, Oct 16.^At the grund^lodge of Odd Fellows of Idaho at^Caldwell to-day, the following officers^were elected (01* the ensuing year: L.^Hawley of Lewislon. grand master; G.^C. Thompson of Coeur d'Alenk City,^deputy grand master; H. W. Damon ^f^Idaho City, grand war.itn; A- R-^ui-.-noerg of Caldwell, grand aerrc-^tary; M. B. Owlnn of Caldwell, grand^treasurer; D. L. Banley of Meridian,^representative of the sovereign lodfcf.^The grand officers' reports were re^^ceived and referred. The reports of the^officers show 411 subordinate lodges In^Idaho with a membership of about^MM
Theexercises were opened this morn^^ing by a short parade of the visiting^bodies under the escort of MsJ. I. E.^Cornwell and staff eif Canton depart^^ment ' Idaho, preceded by the Cald^^well cornet band. At the opera hnuso^reception M. B. Gwlnn. past grand^master, presided, and a formi.I address^of welcome waa made by Major Lggle-^ston of the city, A. E. Gibson, for^Caldwell lodge, and K. II. Davis for^the Itcbokahs. The responses wera^made by Grand Master Price and Hit^C. J. Robbins, president of the state^Rebekahs' assembly.
Stateltelickahs assembly elected of^^ficers aa follows: Mrs. Ada Davis of^Lewistc.n, president; Mrs. Lizzie Ban-^ley of Meridan. vice president; Mrs.^Klmina Fry of Moscow, treasurer;^Mrs. Minnie Brest Dunton of Idaho^City, secretary; Mrs. Ada ^lurphy nf^. Pocatello, state Instructress for tho^north. There are 20 Rebekn1' lodges In^I the state with a member of 803.^I The second annual district council af^I the Cantons belonging to the depart-^' mont of Idaho Is In session to-night.^Ther- were many additional arrivals^of Odd Fellows to-day and they have^possession of the city.
ArmeniansSlaughtered hy a Band of^Turkish Rcugns.
TheOppressed Still S, -k Refuge^in th* Churohes Police Disre^^gard th* aafe Conduct Carda^of th* Foreign tmbaaal**.
London.Oct. 16.^A dispatch to the^Dally Newn from Constantinople says:^ReU-a'hle news has b*M received here
Ithat 50 Armenians were killed and a^number wounded at Althlssnr hy a^Moslem mob. The slaughter occurred
jon Oct. !i. which was market .lay. when^many Armenian* had gathered from^adjacent village*. Karly In the morp-^lng a Turkish roufrli. finding that the^Armenians were not a-med, picked a^quarrel anil shot one of them. There^was then raised on all sides the cry.^^Why hesitate to, massacre the Inlt-^dslsr* A mob ottTurks srmed with^revolvers then lool.i th- market and^massacred the ^Ipless Armenians.^Their bodies -waxl thrown Into the^arells. It Is stated that the mudir was^responsible for the attack. No women^or children were Injured, probably ow^^ing to the arrival of the malnalkan^from the village ot Gleve, three nuies^distant, who made valiant efforts at^the risk of his own Mfe to save the^Christians. Other*.*^ the slaughter^would have been aenitdete. The panl-^Is reviving In Conefautinnple, owing to^the crlir.e. Armenians are u^.iin Hock^^ing lnt( th ^ churcfes. The pollc ,^le-^rcgnrd the -afe coijluet cuds given to^the Armenians byllhe foreign embas-^eles and tl.cv Insult an t maltreat the^holders uf mtm,
TheC-tiiMaiiiinolle corf..-)^ lid tit of^tho Standard blanks the Armenian^revolutionary committee for forcing^the Arm \ilams to m ^se their ahopt ami^to maiulaln the ajBearMM* of a panic^when the Armenijii* 'h^rnselvei are^ready to resume Sbiness.
board,through Its executive c rnimltt-e^collect all poselMe reliable information^concerning the views. afMli'itlona and^record of presidential and vice pre-t-^dentl.il candidates, and ^poaeiWl- -^In all politual parties, and after rol-^leetlng an I j'.irnmla.ing same to fur^^nish the information to the executive^boards of the state to be dlseemlna'.ed^by them among the ordinate ttoWcili^and advlsorv boards of their Jurlsdic-^tiona and tr^ the councils of the order,^where superior councils are not organ^^ized.
Resolved.That the board advises^the member* of this order to vote for^1 ^ n ^ initiation t ^ Hill. - . -i -i |^i: \^U.-k^ ts of the i-ai ty they aflilia.e wl:h.^and to vote for the election eif candi^^dates only who are in thorough acend^with and will. If rW.od. support the^following principles:
KeducUonof Immigration to delvir^all undesirable tiemom. ext.-nt m '^time for naturaliaatlon and education^^al Miiallllcatlons for suffrage, the maln-^tenatnee of cue general nou-svctarUa^free public school system, ao public^funds or public prop i-ty for SaebMiaa^purposes, taxation of all property not^owned and romrolled af 'he public,^tfea opening to puMIc toJfajeiJaM ^f all^private schools, omvents. mouse trie.*,^hospitals and all inst,lotions of an ed-^ucalioiul and r. foriaatory charact,. ,^no support given for any public posi^^tion to any person who i-. co^nlzei^primal allegiance c, civil affairs to any^f ^'^ : ;n or eci 1. slas;lrsl power.
Signs are not wanting to lndie.it*^that we have vet more trouble In ^-. ... ,^unlesoi we shall depart entirely from^the present makeshif; and perm ions^- v ^ :^ in \ii e \ ernnn n .^: n ^. ^ ^^n -^With a ecleirtitlc monetary' system,^baeed upon fie xtandard which has^r ^ u ! the endorsement of the m^civilize., nation, we may 'e l assured^thst the li telligent sn I energetic peo^^ple of the Datta* itatM win aVraiop^and MWM to an extent atjraad the^dn anis of the wildest, vision iry the^marvelous rivouree* whKh nature has^with audi generosity bestowed upon^us.
GreatIs the Diminution in the Alas^^kan Rookeries.
ItWill Mrlk*
ihirato I.
Chicago,Oct. 1^.^^Times-Herald froi
irta the Arsay
^ri arrters.
r-Aspecial to th^^Washington says
thatthe mall whirl^ left Washington^last night for Chicago carried 17S let^^ter* which will car-st an earthquake
inthe Chlcaro^^ent by the rlrst^general and they^ter carriers in^17J men that cha
AllTan Sncas excspUn/j^^ Packard^ reduced to
Mailord-is given our parronal^supervision.
trv*lliuill .or Ketrree.
Omaha,Neb., Oct. 10.^Steve lirodle,^who has been playing Jn, this city, re-^ceiv^ 1 a d.kpaiteli to-n:gh; ^i. 'thai he^hal he en chofctfn ireferee in the Corbet t-^Fltzsimmons ligh;, whj. h will uccar whVn^al jil.i. I can be found where the mill can^be pulled off. Brodie Waa one of ine six^merfi who were under consideration for^referee by tho Florida Athi-.'iic club, lie^is a warm friund of lx^:h of lh^ puglli*ts^and was ch..^r.n as the best man to ref^^eree the ils'hL
ThePrincipal Shoe Dealer
113Nortn Main Stroat, Butta
AtI urn- Park.
NewYork, Oct. 15.^Th* opening day at^th-- Mores park rj.-i.. vva ^; ... l.y the^Weather. Fully ii,ue^ people wire at th^^track. Uy the lime th^ nfth race was riui^the going was ver y lied and many^scratches were made, althou.-li ta* full^Held went to the post In the tlratt threI^racer. The Manhattan handicp was th*^fifth aSSsCfft and Henry of Navarre was the^favorite. Counter Tejior led the way up
overthe hill, with Gil.behind
andthe others trailing. As they came to^the finish they got together on even^tern.s and ;hen '.n ;h.s lae*. furlong Na^^varre drew out and we.ik
Sixfurlor.ge^Deld'.-m re Won. Helen^Nichols teeood, Wernberg third: lime.^l:ilt. Mile^Doggett won, IJrandywlne^*.co.vl. Cormoif-cur third: time, ll:4J4.^Five fur.or.gs^Wishard won, Pa.rol a^c-^o:: l. Sap--lo third; t.me, LOO'i. Nursery^stakes, ^:x farlocigo^U^ n IIrush won,^Ilizl^.'t .-^ cond, Wcodvi.-.e third: time.^1:11*4. M.mhaittan handicap, mile and a^quaruer^Iltr.ry o^ Navarre won. Counter^Tenor seeoeil. Sir Walter thirl; tlm^^2:*fT. atsp^Adalbert wen. Bloomer second,^The Swain third; time, !:i;.
Mioand Cowbci Mysrs Derided to I.lope^bat Ihe Uid Man Mod a Uullet^atopped Ihe UesL
SpecialDispatch to the Standard.
Cheyenne,Wyo., Oct. 15.^On Tuesday^evening last Jack Myers, a Powder^river cowboy, eloped with Daisy SUi-^t M, -the 14-year-old daughter ot Ranch^^man Sutton of the ^^^^ ranch. Sutton,^who had refused his consent to hi*^daughter's marriage, followed the elop^^ing couple as soon cs they were missed.^Ti^f fugitives we re it ^ buggy and Sut^^ton followed on hfiieback. He over^^top them early Wednesday BMrnJ.Bg^on the Buffalo road. Myers ifhought to^scare him off by firing a shot In his^direction as he came up. Button, how^^ever, returned the fire, taking deliber^^ate aim at Myers with a rifle. Myers^was struck la the side and ba lly^wounded. Sutton took him so a nearby^ranch f ^r treatment and returned himo^| with his daughter. It is thought Myers^will recover.
lu1. tnigie ^.^Lexington. Ky., ML 11^The greatest^^port of th* moei was at the trots to-day.^The feature uf the day was the atallxui^representative stake*, |i.iW, which were^taken after five d^*pcrai^ heat* by Baron
Ma* light on Hoard Ihe 1 lagahlp
rwYork In llsmpf m Ko^ds.
Norfolk,Va.. Oct. 15.^ Xcw* has Jus;^reached this cllv that a prlae flgh;^took place on the flagship Mew York^In Hampton Roads Saturday nlirht.^The principals were ^Kid^ Foley at^^.!^^^ New York and Kd Hanlon of the^Texas, which Is ulso lying in the r a 1-^srted. The light was for a purse ari 1^to be dttermineil In IS rounds, bu^Hanlon waj^ kn-x-ked out In the eighth^nund. It was M minutes after the^knockout befo-e Hanlon regained con^^sciousness. Opal alarm was felt lest^HM affair would prove fatal. Buch an^affair as this is without precedent In^the navy during the last 30 years.
lliiiab*In Tnojll,.,
Omaha,Neb.. Oct. 15.^A complaint^chargiig the cmbesatemcat of public^money was eworn out against ex-Deputy^City Treasurer Jerome Coulter this after-^dow, Coulter was not located to-night.
tolllce.They were^istant postmaster^re addressed to let-^*ago. They notify^ft have been filed^against them sufllolrnt 'to cause dismis^^sal from Ihe service, and that they will^be given 10 days to show cause why^they should not be removed. Derelic^^tions of the most serious nature have^been discovered among the letter car^^riers, liven some of the subordinate^officials of the office have been caught^In the net. The news will come to^Postmaster Heslng and Ihe carriers^themselves like lightning from I clear^sky.
Thestate of affairs disclosed In tho^Chicago office and sub-stations has as^^tonished the officers of the postolflee^department In Washington. The serv^^ice has been found even worse than it^waa In Philadelphia, where a whole^^sale cleaning out and reorganization^waa necessary. For a period of Hfl days,^beginning Sep'., t. a large force of spe^^cial secret agents of the posiofllce de^^partment conducted a systematic espi^^onage of the Chicago letter carriers.^When the reports of the special agents^were all In, II WAS found that HI car-^ricra had been reported. The cases of^173 wire serious enough to d inand at*
Itenti'jii Individually. It cannot fea told
Iuntil their explanations are made how^many of these carriers will be re^^moved. It Is safe to guess, however,
!that at least 50 will be removed, an I^probably 50 more will be placed on the^substitute list. Others will be suspend-
Ied from 5 to H days, according to the^gravity of their offense and plausihll-
|Ity of their explanations. The taafMy^with which the wholesale Investigation^has been manured Is one of Its mo^t^noteworthy features. Presumably not^a (ingle carrier knows that he has^been shadowi d by secret agents. The^whole undertaking waa managed from^Washington, tin I was the result of^careful preparations. The nam^ af the^offending carriers will not be revealed^to any one. Wh-n the final dismissals^are made there will l* BO way |a dis^^cover tho oauav in any case ur.ltas the^carrier himsi It rOTOaJj It.
THE f P.^~A.
It*Adrl^ory Hoard ArtJournrd ^lne Ma^After \d^^pt ng Knolationv
8t.Louk^. Oct. 15.^The advisory^board of the A. P. A. after a IWO days'^^esslon In this city, adjourte-d sine dit^^to-night. Practically all af the wprk^I of the meeting was done to-day and rt^! consisted almost wholly in lb* taraft-^, lng of a rep-r: by a sub-eommitt- e^and its ttdoptl-'n Bf the bo ird. Ill in-'^addresses made, the growth and proa^ent atrength of the order was a topic^to Wtttoh r^f^n no* was fre^iuently^made. Th* A. P A. wa* declared to^be the d iminari'. and conlrollng ;^In many clrh t It was claim-1 hy tie-^speakers that M*Offal ^tateo can now^be swayeJ from I ne of the great BOatt*^1- il parlies t.. . e other through th ^^A. P. A., which hold* the balance of^power, and Is able to dictate pilltl^s^Having secur- d many cities and giln^ed re ognltlm In i numb^r of states,^the association -a now turning :'.s at*^tention to the national g ivernme.t.^The following report and r--^ du lth^! were ad^n^ted:
Werecommend that an eaerutlc.-^commiUee be created, composed uf U^n-.-inbers of this biard. the chairman,^secretin, ir asur-T and vie- presid-n:^to be idflcere. and nine memb-rs to be^appointed by the chairman.^^We recommend that the advisory
TheKurvefn lend to ^ ontlrui the t out.n-^lluna ..f Ihe C nil -I Mat**
Washington,Oct. 15.^Superintendent^DuffielJ of tho eras; and geodetic sur^^vey haa been Informed that the parties^which the survey has had In th* field^a: Alaska during the past summer^have concluded th^ season's work and^nre now on Mary's Island waiting to^be picked up and brought to San Frin-^cisco on the Patterson, which has been^^ nga^ed in hydrographic work In Alas^^kan waters. There have been five par^^ties In the coast *urvey during the^siimmiT under Messrs. DKkens and^Welker. Their principal work has con^^sisted In fixing the point where the^PortlanJ canal crossed the 5(1 b par^^allel uf latitude. This Is the extreme^southeast point of the Alaskan BBBOBBi^slon. It* location will have a great^deal to do with determining the boun^^dary between Alaska and British Col^^umbia.
Thework of last ytar consisted of^the locating of Mount Saint Klias a*^on the boundary between these two^points. Kngland Halms much mom^than the United States concedes as to^this boundary. The surveys so far^made tend to confirm the contentions^of this country. The luiigltude of^many other points along the coast^north of Portland canal have also been^determined as a preparation for next^year's work, (leneral Dutfl'll says^there Is no longer any doubt that all^of the Yukon river basin below the^mouth of Forty Mile creek Is Ameri^^can territory, which includes the gold^fields of that stream so tar as opened.
UulllHere uf a (JtiarreUuutc Nature auil^I .i.l Opium and WhUkey Ihe^rilmsj Mory of the tilrl.
Dayton.Ohio. Oct. IS^A mysterious^murd r was committed her-- this 0*4 i-^ing, and Mr*. Charles Knight has been^arrested on the charge of muni- ring
hermother. Mrs Kite Hark. The '^parfles resided In North Dayton, the^mother being 60 year* old and the^daughter Hi Mrs. H irk's husband Is^dead and she drew a pension from th-*^government. She bus liv. .1 an unlucky^life. After her husband ^ death her^LTOO I ns. who were rallroal men. OA ^0^killed bv the t-^rs i rie was kille 1^m'ven years ag^ and the other live. I^Th^ surviving daughter. Mr*. Charle* :^Knight, separate | from her husband ,^and r sided with her moiher. Th^*y^often ^]Uiirr--|cd anl were often found^ur.Jer the Influ-n.-e of lli-uor or opium.^This ev. long the daughter was drunk. :^and. when her mother cane- home^from the butchers' with s^^m-- m at,^th- daughter Is chsrged with striking^her mother on the ba-k of th^ h-s-l^with a h -avy ple e of Iron, killing her.^The daughter then locked the d - -s.^climb. I out at a window, broke the^fflasa and hail- 1 a man who was pass^^ing BV and tol l aim ihat ^he .^, i . be, n^locked out and that her mother had^been murdered. Th- key* had been^left on the Inside of the lock* on the^ds^r^. Th* police claim that the^daughter Is guilty. Tho neighbor* saw^no one about the .louse but the daugh- i^ter and her iujIIi- r.
iur.rlgli'l pm.liil lurpn.
SpecialDispatch to the Standard.
St.Paul. Minn.. Oct. 15.-Receiver^Rurlelgh Of th* Northern Pacific, has^appointed C. A Clark treasurer and^M. P. Martin aul.t -r tOf t ie west end^of the line The official announcem-nt^to this effect will probably be ma 1 ^ to^^morrow. Claik and Martin were re-^opectively assistant treasurer and as^^sistant general auditor under ihe form^^er receivers.
MiningLaws Up There Are Admin.^Istored by the Miners I hem^^nves -In Hegard to the^Boundary Lines.
Washington.Oct. 1.^,.^ James Sheak-^ely. giuerrtoi of Alaska, in his annual^report to toe secretary of the Interior^says that on the Uh -if July the cutters^Rusli. Corwin. iIrani and Perry were^in the harbor of l iialaska ml gave^the natives an object lesson as to the^proper and patrl -lie celebration of th*^day. On the dis ippearanee of the seals^the governor aay* ' N ^ me it all fi-^in I ir with the past htaitory the Isl-^kin.U 0M look upon the deserted r k^. i ,-s to-uay uid not realise with^crushing farce h u great ha* been the^dimlnuti -n of seal life, especially of th*^reprodm-ttv.' class, the females.^ He^aays that better pr tec'i ,n must be^griated them than Is afforded by the^Pari* tr.bunal. and C-at the ^ch.^^iner^^have not been abl- SO make the usual^BSSSI ^ this OOBtSOSa the BOJSSh ^f the^Hritisli \ ss, U no; being more than 200^BOO SOSaai The g. vernor nays that^IMM skim mto taken OS the island^this year an I H-.nnn ^ . rt taken by^p-iaehers, 75 ner cent, of which were^femtlc*.
Theg^v*m^r dls.-iis.es at some^length the nvnlng indtisirh** of Al ska^and say* that the production Indicates^that it will l^e^ profitable and pcrma-^n-nt lndu^:ry. The law* .if the mining^country Br* udminist^ re-l by the miner i^USSBMSrSSS, and It Is wholly linpra.-ti-^cable to try to exercise government^control of the mines at pres. -if. I'pon^the subject of the Alaskan boundary,^r.e i; .w rnor says: 'The p^^ople of^Al^^k^. over th.- whole niuntry. ex|*ect^and hi liev- thit ^*he *r^v --nment of the^I'nlted State* Kill il fend and maintain^our right to all the territory Included^within the boundary line fixed and^agreed upon ' v treaty made between^Urea-t lltitaln and RuMia m D.'i ard^icqules in for n arly thri- .pi irter^^of a century without question or dis^^pute.^ '
Thellamsge Hull hi r K-lly Against rlark.^N^-llgn-an a* I K eln^rhinlilt.
SpecialDlipatrh tn the Jliamlard.
Helena.Oct. 1^.--The Jury in Judge^Buck's department of the district court^to-day decided a case .if much Import^^ance to mining corporations of Uon-^tani II tt.it th.. . is- In wnlch i^iarl a^Kelly sued Joseph K. Clark of Butte.^A. J. Sellgman and T. H. Klelnschmldt^of Helen-*! for SI5.U0O. ^nd wtiil* the sum^Involved is ktrg*', the principle at atakc^la still larger.
M00 than a year ago Kelly obtained^Judgment against the Fourth of July^Mining company, a corporation organ^^ized under the laws of thl* ^iat . for^I15.IKX) damug * for Injuries austilned^by tiiin while w rklng In the mine.^The execution was Issued, but the com^^pany was Insolvent. Kelly then com^^menced suit against the original and^principal stockholders, taking as a base^of his action the law which provides^that .ndlvldusl ^bs-kliold-n -f a e-irpn-^rwlon shall be personally liable to the^amount of their unptid capital stock.^Kelly alleged that the Fourth -if July^company bought .ts pro|*eity f-r alsiut^1100.000 and then, putting a fictitious^aim UUteH -1 rSjJSjS Off it of $7,500,000. and
ali.. i to Hi n -dlt of the tail U ^^ ,,-k^tii.il am Hint, thus calling the ca|i|tal^Stat k fully pal 1 up, Willi tin- Intent of^avoiding personal liabilities of stock^^holders.
Ontrial, defendants , nt. nd- d that^then- had been no Intent.on to avoid^BOCBOSJSi liability on the part of the^stockholders, and that at the time of^organisation |7.r,oo.iiW ^a* a^:u.illy BBS**^sldered to l^- a rtaaonablo value of the^l-roperty. It was also ontended that^the sn ukhiddi rs only f-dlowed the prac^^tice of m'nlng corporation^ In placing^t ie alleged SbOBO BrOjtSS property to the^cr-Kllt of the capital stovk, thu* mak^^ing it paid up. tint th -re are thousands^of such OSSnpaii-es. and the right to do^so had ne* -r b -en questioned before.
Tin-Jury found !ha'. th- real value of
thoBjuiiBTty a*has orffoslsotl was lia.-^Stf, and that th ^ bslsm of the capital^stock was uni lid. Th- eoajrl rewerverl^decision as to Defen-lants Kl^lnsdhmldt^and Seligrivm. who had a separate de-^fen*^. Klelnschmldt was one of th*^original In orporat ^rs. but waa Inter^^ested a* a trustee, while Seligiuan^sasM ISJOB an luteresl later.
it, oit-r^^^itri lip 'i -^^ .^S|^ eial l)i*p tch to the Standard.
Helen*.0*1 I .-In the I'n.tisl State*^court to-day D str \- ^ :. ^ P. II l^is-^y.e Isoasftsood a lettof ***** the depart*^men- ompaa* a n* th^ miw'.arn-s of low-
StSSSin* ^XiK'nsMS of tBO euun. The let^^ter l^ the resuh ef Special Kxamaier
N'-wti-n'srecen-. vUlt to this dir. It^state* th* 0B7SSBSSI ehargi I up to the^gOTirsS* (1 by CBrited Six ^^^ Marshal^McDermo'.: an! District A .-crney Des.^^a--^ eutlrvly i.o lane. Tncse ,xpe-vet,^the letter lays. ^ oiild be mad* leau .uid^should be. The court tcvk no action oa^th^ SkStUS, sSSlBg the fault wa* in Ih*^law that lequired unnevocesary work^frun utti. La^ls.
AJury in the Uacg- rstaff murder car*^was recured In Judge Blake'* court to^^day art 'hrse wltn**^s for th* start*^were examSx-d. UiggeTsiatf shot asd^k.lltl Dick Juhn-oa. t!: pr.x tighter. In^;h-^ c' y more than six mco-the ago.
haa WW in .^Washington. ^^^ t. 15.^Minlstsr Den-^^ the British minister to China^BOSOOOsnl in overcoming obsta^^cle* which thr^atencJ to make Ihe^K. Cheng commissi n a failure as far^as It was denied t ^ secure the pun-^I* as nt of Chinese who participated^In the riots at Ku Chens. At each^stage the commission has been hlnder-
jed by local Chinese ofllclala, asd Ihe^viceroy of th* provlne* of thwehuen^himself stood la the way of the pun^^ishment of the tailty parties. las-ally,^an appeal ^^ mii^ to ^ TsMt*aj LI^Yamen directly aad It ha* acceded to^the demand* of th* minister*, ss evi^^denced by the followiac caMea-rasa re^^ceived by the state department to-day^from Mr Dearby;
Peking.Oct. u.-Seveateen crimin^^als will be executed st Ku Cheasj, TkS^Tamen agrees that all leaders is th*^rioting shall be ^gocuted; all BOWffsV*^pants sentenced and all lsa|a^SBTB*A^ahall be tried. The commission will^probably be adjourned. Aa Imperial^decree haa been Issued which refers sH^of the BBweh ..-! n-w-is's Implicated In^tie board for punishment. It 1* asp-^posed th* commission has concluded Its^work.
Theiri.ran.i To*..
Coureelles.Oct. IS.-The streets war*
profuselydecorated to-day aad th*^nllr i I i:;.m wis cr ,w l*-d with peo^^ple rarer tn greet th- emperir and em^^press of ijermany up-n their visit to^Al*ace-Loraine. They arrived at f^o'clock and wer* received at the rail^^road station by Baron Voa II*mS*Sf j^Otsta. The emperor and empress f*S^ceeded to cr*ateau Crvllle. The root*^was !in. d with members of th* veter^^ms' ,i^^ , It! ,n^. ^ h -d children, etc.,^who enthusiastically cheered the Im^^perial party and pelted their majesties^with flower*. The Kmieror FrederlsfcoS.,^monument ... the ba-J.-ileld of Wo^rt*h^will be unveil ^| Friday.
n**raa'a Ism h. - R^e**a.
SanFrancisco. Oct. 15.^The trtsl SS^ ]^Theodore Durrani was to-day contin^^ued until next Monday on account dsn^the Illness of Attorney Deuprey. lead^^ing cout.tel for the defense. While the^proaecutioi. made no objection to th*^n.otlon to continue ihe trial. Judge^Murphy was very reluctant about giv^^ing his consent and announced that^the trlil would !,-^ r.-sumod next Mon^^day whether Mr. Deuprey should have^recovered in the metntirae or not. Mr.^Dsn prey is suffering from a severe at-^tt k of rheumatism.
,lie *wilrhmfu^Omaha, Neb., Oct. 15.^Every Stat* In^th* union wa* represent***! wheat tk*^comentlon of \t. ^ Sw.tchai -n s lertoa of^Norih America convened to-^my. Throe^hurrdtred d.-lega-tes are present. Th* OOOV^v^n-tion went nt-^ reoret tr-^Xrm la wMch^sn ad-drew of wHconse aw* estSBAsd to^th* deiewaite* by Frank Ob ,-, pr**U*nt of^the Y. M. C. A . which, wa* responded to^by a rising vote of thanks The essa^mattes on ere lenttaarl* repor-ed no eon-^test*. It Is probable that the real work^I nf (he convention will be most nvarrtfset^'a a thorough revision of the contaStu-^f.on.
*rw~Terh*^' Pnlltletaa*.^New Tcrk Oet 15.- V meeting of th*^faction of 'he *rma i-Aiixt can KefuTSa^unwin whit- . .. jo*e* th* acttoo. of that^isvly in iwiu , with th* Tammany, was^held to-night and passeit resolution* de^^nouncing the oomltVt*. Cart Scaur* read^a Leifcr withdrawing from th* union,^which h^ said wa* organised, to fight nil*^nlcJpal corruprion embodisd In Tammanr^hnll The Central Maociatton of liquor^i,.r^ met to-right and *mtoraed the^l.-mo ra'. state ucket and the. Tammaoy^city ticket.
AH*at That waa Plrr* At.
New York. OcL 15.-The At la* Iks*
steamerAlene. which wa* fired on^ by a^.*^^ i- gunboat while pawing Cap*^Mays! on October 5, arrived th* after-^iwun. Captain Seidena will make a re^^port-, co hrjs company which may bring th*^incident to the att-'titdon if the atate de^^portment.
ffhOOOw re IS..tin llenth*.
W.wihlngton,Oct. 15.^Report* to th*^l'nlte.1 Stasna supenri.^':w surgeon gea-^er.il of the marine ho-p ;1 -ei/lee indi^^cate that dur.-ng the preMut tpi.lemic of^cholera In Japan the.v have leva 42,700^case* and 21.513 deaths.
Ue^ttaaosr the 4 rowd With^Irons Rrto t^ riser* are a aay^.Hek tilrla and Beys.
Toledo.Oct. 15.^Owing to the set Of^a dlsgrtintl-d boy. bv the name of^Henry Meyer, living In the north end^of Toledo, a number of young pooajso^have been la a very unhappy, If not^a dangerous, condition to-day. Heasy'B .^aister* gave a party last night in BSsS- ;^or of one of their blrt'. lay*. and the .^boy objected to the proceeding WM^reasons b-.s; kc wn to ^ilinseir. He^threatened ^^^ mak ^ tf uble If th* f**-^tlvltles lo.-k lilac* and he tho-rousjSaty^kept his word. Securing a bottl* af^croton il at a n--ar bv di agguil'S. ha^^doped^ Ihe . offee u^td 111 IhS refresh-^ments. In a way that rapidly prod-seod]^an extremely sick lot of people. Th*^police have b, -n looking for Henry fa. I^day, bu; he has not yet been captarSS. -
ihe spirit** lst
Wash.rt. -. ^^'. iV-Th^ third^conv^-tt ^^ ' 'h^ Nalt a^^*.'.! Sptr'
aaaocia'ionopened her* to-day ,
ooexinu^ for three day*. Th* *sbs|^port of Pre.-.1. at Barrett shows asTi^TUMI of ( per cent, in membership d^th* year It wa* otaimevl tlSj-r* ass !^bona n^ fplrlnualst* In Ih* ^^^ass aa^J le t n-t* that number^^d ^n ^ ^ ^ m !^''^ Ths I
alsoprotest. I against the alleged^pereecutioa of aptrk m. t'.uma,^that i: erf thera aav* been e**M^year o:v fair* charge*
UovernorAllgel* rar.l'^i*S 111
Chicago,oct. 15.^0 ^vemor
pardi. d to-day a bunch of Ut^from th* Erssston Industrial^. The : irdon applies to every^| In th s. i . and i* iho result^favorable report made hy SjH^rasas: i which Investigated^tutlon The girl* rang* IS 0
Lor!Windsor, who pi ^:l*d at f//jfl
cent' '-: iriao*- coagre... oasaSS^Ka
tom ^ la Olaswrsa ishlro, ^^and \v * -eater-Air* and ths fjl^uf Svv i -* and Card.ff. Ilia (^^amot: t tn a Ltrle uadt-.* H

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