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Hundred of Gueits at the Copper City^Company's Store.
Musicand Muslins and silk and^Millinery at the brilliant^Opening on Main^Street.
IfMain street in Annronda of 1S85^ct'Uld look uuon Main street In Ana-^oonta In 1S9.1, how surprised the ten-^y.xir-old street would be! It is a^chaMM from scattered attacks to sifb-^BtaimUU business blocks, from haatlly-^r ^:istrueted stares fit for a straggling^villagv to well-arranired business^houses, handsome. In front and finish,^nioi^ rn In tiulr appliance of electric^Us .'it and steam heat, complete In their^appointments and a surprise to the^visitor in the amount, the variety and^the richness of the stocks they carry.
Thisvery year the changes along^Main street have been remarkable.^Within the limits of ^he block on one^corner of which the Copper City Com^^mercial OOnpaay'l store stands the^nt-w bank bull Unit has been erected,^the Shields liuiidiuir. iho Tuohy build^^ing and the hands ^:in' block lately^completed for Mr. Kohrs. Within^three hundred feet of the Copper Oity^company's estaMafbmcnt. $125,000 has^gone Into fine n.-w business blocks^during the past nve months.
Tierorner n.-cupied by the famous^^Four C't^ was a brilliant central^point l.ist evenin*. In anticipation of^the grand opening, the stores of the^company had been brilliantly lighted^up. Kor a time those In waiting were^entertained with an open-air recital by^Wasterliln's band^by the way, how^surprised the An.iconda of ten years^ago would be were It to listen to Ana^^conda's baud ot tn-d.iv. Three full-^llore fronts make uu the Main street^entrances to nhe Copper City Coniimcr-^Clal oonipanv's establisnment^these^three run, in d.'pth. half w.iy through^the Moek. Ba k of their mammoth^plate-glaaa fronts the show windows^presented a glorious spectacle last^night; the norfh store mens clothing^^ nd furnishing cood* in laitent style^and most tast-ful patterns; the middle^^tore ths latest cr^atlon^ In dress^goods, mllllnerv and household ^na-^terlals: the south front an example of^nigh art In the display of the thlivifi^that a customer finds In a model gro^^cery house.
Whenthe wide doors were thrown^open last evening, soon after 7 o'clock,^troops, of visitors strolled down the^avenues along which In endKsa pro^^fusion the novel tins of the iea.^^in had^been arranged. Under the brilliant Il^^lumination the color eff^'ts were singu^^larly striking. ^Joe^ Walsh was elo^^quent with the latest the world han^witnessed in garments perfect 1n wyle^and tit. Casey .had made his depart^^ment a poem and he was proud of It.^Healy was showing ladles' shoes fit to^he worn at one of Kaiser Wllhelm'a^high functions. Mr. Church and his^assistants actually engaged the Inter^^est of the men in some of the .myster^^ies In dress goods, fabrics, dainty laces^and that sort of tMng.
Meanwhilethe members of ths band^took quarters in a large room dlre.oUy^ait the head of the main stair case.^This room, about TO by 40 feet, has^lately been added as a stock room.^Lured by the strains of melody, pa^^tient gentlemen who started out to be^the m*ek escoms of their wives^climbed to the wide-spreading second^floor, and. before the reception -was^over, entered with as much ^est Into^the admiration of corsets and wraips^and Infants' wardrobes as the moat^enthusiastic female In the great com^^pany of gu.-sts.
Mr.Canty had his carpet department^arranged In most attractive style for^last night s nrrand opening. Curtains^of every description, shades, mats,^screen's, and other things that are In^Mr Canty'a line were so dl.ip.wied^about the large carpet room as to make^It an UnpoftMt contribution to the ex^^hibit. S0U at hand, in attractive ar-^NiagMMat) the department of do#JU^and suit* was In ebarga ^f Mr. M iRas,^whose urbmo akttntJoM h'-lp to make^his department popular. The mill HI ry^department in the Copper City cstab-^Itohmeni Is In ch inrc of Misa Josei.hlne^Travis, who studied In New York for^six years un 1-r Madame Mautz.
Marvelsin headgear were shown List^night, many of them modeli of good^taste. An Immense countess hat at^^tracted attention.
Ithas a full red crown of velvet and^apllque. brown brim compb tiiy covered^with antique lace of large pattern. It^Is trimmed with black half [lumes set^around the crown; biight-colore.l crush^roses peep from beneath the brim. A^striking toque, from Madame lleitz-^ponya, I'aiis. wis shown last night. It^has a puffed rrown of new blue velvet,^with green silk braid ed^e, ornaments^of cut steel and rhlneatone, small black^feathers and, on the back, two large^tropical birds of dellcately-tlnted plum^^age. A beautiful hat was one of black^felt braid edged by small black feath^^ers curling fiom beneath. Part of the^brim next to the fa.-e is of green felt^braid and trimmed daintily with green^and black crushed roses. A duchess^bow covers the crown and trims the^back and the front of the hat.
Theladles reveled lest night In ths^display arranged by Madame Lewis,^who has charge of the dress-making^department. There were beautiful^goods In silks, satin, shaded uncut vel^^vets, satin de chlen, tinsel novelties, In^all colors, taffetas, duchess brocade,^and suitings In endless variety. Many^of the ladies were surprised last night,^on visiting the annex lately arranged^for the dress-making department.which^has been made complete In ill Its ap^^pointments.
Therewas a forest of goods In last^night's second floor display In waists^and cloaks, and furs and boys' cloth^^ing and ladies' wear, and yarns and^wraps, and all the articles that go to^complete the stock of the mammoth^establishment.
Manypeople of the practical turn ex^^pressed their admiration for the Copper^City company grocery department. In^connection with which Is a large Job^^bing department. Last evening Mr. P.^J. Hftinissy, Mr. H. J. Oiurch, Mr. K.^E. Moore and others assi-'ed the enter^^tainment of the i veiling'! guests.^These are the heads of departmen ^^,^under Mr. Hennessy, In the establish^^ment:
J.A. Canty, carpets.
D.It. McRae, cloaks.
MissJosephine TraV*. millinery.
MadamLewis, dressmaking.
J.It. Walsh, clothing.
OA.C Fierce, men's fuin.slung.
J.C. Healy, boots and shoes.
J.8. Casey, groceries.
H.J. Church, dry goods, Ac.
K.E. Moore, business office.
Fiftypeople are Included In the^working force at the Copper City Com^^mercial company's stores. One who^visits them Is astonished at the extent^and the variety of the stock; It would^be deemed pretentious In most cities^of fifty thousand people. The total of^^U*tn^ ss Is surprisingly large and the^rapid increase of trade, especially dur^^ing the past twelve months Is most^gratifying^the Copper City Commer^^cial company keeps pace with the^thrift and the rapid growth of the^Copper City Itself. The concern Is one^of the most prosperous In the North^^west, and It Is eminently a credit to the^city whose title It wears. It Is a solid,^well-managed and well-patronized^commercial establishment.
Ihe hven-iig'a Music.^During last evening's reception In^the Copper City Commercial company's^store Wasterlaln's band rendered the^following programme:
C.C. C. C. MarchChurch
Plazlcato PolkaStrauss
SchottlshM. Welch
WilliamTell OvertureRossini
GalopO. Elston
PsttyPilferer, who Will Ua to Jail If^(aught.
Nextthing to a man's breakfast In^point of his desires In the morning is^his morning paper^the Standard. The^disappointment therefore when It Is^stolen Is keen, and he seldom falls to^register a complaint at this office. Now^It has come to the knowledge of the^circulation department that the numer^^ous kicks received lately are not^caused by failure of the carriers to de^^liver the paper, but by the stealing of^the paper by persons who make It a^systematic business. Efforts to detect^the pilferers have so far failed, but It^Is the Intention to capture an offender^and he will be punished to the full ex^^tent of the law. Any information of^such thleying will be gladly received^at the Standard office, and the culprit^will be speedily taught the truth of^tho adage
'TIs a sin to steal a pin,^To steal a paper, 'tis a greater.
BeatHis Wife Because It Was Not^Ready.
DomesticDiscord on the Red Row^Gets Into the Police Court-^Tears and Recon^^ciliation.
AnAcceptable ^ hangc in i he Highway to^l^eer I
Theboard of county commissioners^will hold a special meeting at Deer^Lodge next Monday and among other^business Intend to consider the advisa^^bility of discontinuing the use of the^roads running through Carroll. This^will be good news to the people of An^^aconda who enjoy the beautiful drive^to Warm Springs, Lost Creek canyon^and Peer Lodge valley generally, as It^Is becoming dangerous of late for the^best of drivers to run the gauntlet of^locomotives, trolleys and the like that^pass over or near the wagon road Just^this side of Carroll. There Is plenty of^room south of Carroll for a good road,^no grading to speak of will be re^^quired, the, view of the smelters would^be even better than It Is at present^from the old road approaching Carroll^and all possible danger to life and limb^avoided.
Lavalto Montana.
J.T O'Brien of Anaconda, Mont,,^son-in-law of Mrs. S. White, spent a^few days here visiting Mrs. White.^Mr. O'Hrien left Brandon five years ago^and for three years done newspaper^work on the Anaconda Standard, the^largest and best daily newspaper In^the state of Montana. He Is now one^of the firm of Fox ^ OTirlen. real es^^tate and fire Insurance. He Is wrapped^up In his state and thinks Montana Is^the best state In the union, and tf dis^^puted ht will argue the point. He says^that his wife (nee Miss Beggs), Is thor^^oughly satisfied with her new home,^and that they could not be Induced to^return to Manitoba. He left Brandon^for his home on Tuesday morning last.^^Virden, Manitoba, Banner.
Ir, I nrrt-r . omlng.
Theprogramme of Dr. W. F. Carver's^shooting exhibition at the race Ira k^next ^uMdav afterno.in was issued^yesterday. There are 2S events sched^^uled including tide and shotgun shoot^^ing at all sorts of targets. Base balls,^oranges, apples, bricks, money, mar^^bles. ghLss ball*, etc., will he made vic^^tims of his bullets, while they are^thrown In midair. He will also shoot^from horseback while the horse Is gal^^loping at full speed. Admission to the^grounds Is M cents and the exhibition^bt gins at 3 o'clock.
TheKant I nil Kularglilg.
ManagerScott of the Townslte com^^pany, is very enthusiastic about the^growth of Hast Anaconda. There are^about 20 new houses already In sight^on the new addition.
TheAnaconda Water company Is ar-^ranclng to extend the mains on Park^avenue, Third. Fourth and Fifth^streets Into the newly platted section,^and expect to lay one mile of pipe this^fall.
Idon't understand this bill, Mr. Ka-^terer. I do not remember ordering any^Ice cream from you.^ ^It was at Airs.^Watktni* reception, ma'am. You and^your daughter ate a quart. The Wal^^kings have been unable to pay the bill,^and I'm trying to collect it from those^who really got ths stuff.^^JIarper'a Ba-^aar.
AwardedHighest Honors-World's Fair,
Apure I rape Gean of Tartar Powder. Free^from Ammonia, Alum or any Othd .\iulterant,^40 ibAtU THE STANDARD.
Themental woes of Mr. and Mrs. Joe^Tobokich, a Slavonian family living In^the Red Row on Park avenue, were^the subject of an hour's session In^Judge Fitzgerald's OOUTt yesterday af^^ternoon. Theoretically it was a divorce^case, practically Jot was on trial for^being drunk and disorderly. Neither^of them could talk English to a satis^^factory extent, but each could pour^fort'h a torrent of the language of the^Slavs, and when given the privilege^kept it up until stopped by the court.^Officer Niok Bosanlch was Interpret^^er for both. The cause of the trouble^was the old and prolific disturber of^the peace of families^the question of^who should carry the pocket-book. Mrs.^Tobokich said Chat Joe was accustomed^to beat and bruise her; that he knocked^her down and would have killed her If^the children had not been there Tues^^day evening. The cause of hit wrath^was t'hat she did not have supper ready^when he came from work, and she had^not been able to get the supper because^Joe carried away in his pocket the^grocer's and butcher's pass book. She^^aid she could not get things to eat^without the books, and Joe would not^let her 'have them.
Thenshe rattled away a long story^of how she had supported the family^and two boarders by taking In washing,^had clothed the children and paid the^rent, and wound It up by a flood of^tears. g^While she was sopping her eyes Joe^told his side of the case, which did not^differ much from his wife. Except that
Ihe did not want her to keep boarders,^they always went away without pay^^ing their b ^ard and he had not paid the
Irent because the boarders had two^roams, which he and his family had no
;use for, and as his wife insisted on
Ikeeping b iarders, she had to pay th.'^freight. He admitted using his fists on^her because no sup|^er was ready.
Mrs.Joe said she would not live with^him any more, and Joe retorted that^be did not want to live with her unless^she was a better woman and would^quit keplng boarders.
TheJudge told the hubby that If he^wanted to have her he could do so,^but lie would hav^ to take care of the^children. Joe said he would take them^away. Then Mrs. Joe's tears began to^rain and the court told him he oould^not do that, but w.^uld have to pay his^wife enough to keep the little ones.^His wife wanted $^o, and Joe said he^would go to Deer Lodge and get a di-^vlrce.
ottleerBosanldh told him tm better^leave his wife If they could not agree,^but Joe declared he would not get a^new boarding house at all: he would^stay right there and get a divorce. It^took some time to explain the fact to^him that this was impossible, and it^then began to look as though the pair^would make It up.
JudgeFitxgerald imopsed a fine of^110 and costs and told the defendant^that If he was arrested again on such a^charge the penalty would be ^0 days In^Deer Lodge Jail. Joe and Mrs. Joe then^left the court room to rustle the^amount of the fine, and Mrs. Tobokich^will hereafter have but one boarder.
Noticeto ths Tsspayera of Deer Lodge
Thetaxes of this county will be de^^linquent on the first Monday In De^^cember at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless^paid prior thereto ten per cent, will be^added to the amount thereof. Pay-^] ment of taxes may be made at the of-^| flee of the county treasurer at Deer^Lodge from and after this date be^^tween the hours of 9 and 12 a. m . and^1 and 6 p. m.
CountyTreasurer.^Deer Lodge, Mont., Oct. 14, U95.
Noticeto I earlier*.
Inthe next foar examinations Superin^^tendent S'.eere will select questions from^Fiske's t'lvics and Masterpieces of Amer^^ican Literature.
Inthe November examination in Amer^^ican Literature the questions will he^based on the flist three writers in the^^Masterpieces,^ and also on two of Em^^erson's essays, vli: ^Character^ and^^telf-Rellance.^1
UZABVraU THOMSON,^County Superintendent.
DeerI.n lge, Mont.. Oct. ft 1595.^The board of county commissioners of^Deer Lodge county, state of Montana,^hereby order and call a special session of^said board to he held at the office of the^county clerk. In the court house of said^county, on .Monday. Oct. 31. A. D. is;c. and^to continue in session two days if neces^^sary, to consider the following business,^to-wit:
FirstTo continue the roa l running^souih from Lea) creek In a southerly di^^rection to a point south of the Anaconda^Co.'s canal: thence west until it Inter-^{ sects with ihe Warm Springs road, and^I to discontinue the roads running through^1 Carroll.
1 Second^To take some action In regard^to opening a road from the Blackfoot riy-^I er to Hehnvllle.
ThirdTo appoint a chairman of the^board of health in and for the county of^riesr Lodge.
FourthTo examine lsto the advisabil^^ity of doing work on a road running from^tbe mouth of BUckfoqf canyon to Lin^^coln.
FifthTo consider ths proposition of^putting In a new bridge on Warm Spring^creek about four miles below Anaconda.^(Signed)A. M. WALKER.
C. H. WILLIAMS.^H. B. HOFFMAN.^Members of the Board of County Com^^missioners of said county.^Notice li therefore hereby given that^said special session will be held by said^board at the time and place to transact^the business specified tn the foregoing or^^der.
Datedthis 13th day of October. A. D.^|MJNO. B. FISHER.
CountyClrrk of Beer Ledge County.
Mo'icet ^ ^ re.Ihe ^.
K,i.e of r-a'.Tlek Corrlgan. deceased.^No:.,e kf hereby given ^y the nndw.-s'.g'n-^ed. the executors of the estate of FMrkh^Corrlgan. ^t^c. vsed. te^ the creditor-* of.^and all por-scne havtog claims against^rhe eald divi ised. to exhibit them ^ ;h^the JKXHMury vouchors. withlA foar^months af:. r i!^e first publication of th'j^to the said executory at Anacon^^da. M^wir., the same being :he place for^tbe transact Km of the business of swid^estate of Patrick Corrlgan. deceased, In^tbe county of l^eer U^lge, Montana.
DatedOctobtT 17, IK.
Wll1,1AM J liAI.I.AlillKlt.^Kxecutors ,.f he i^uite of Patrick v'orrt-
TheCity roaocll of the city of Anarondn,^Has Ordered the I nrcliaae for tbe time^of ibe 1 ir,. Departuirnt of Maid city of^One No. S wayne Host* wagon; One Set^of lirop llnrueas nnd Two Horses.^Sealed bids will be received from all^persons having such wagon or har^^ness for sale, and all persona having^horses of over 1,200 pounds weight and^not over Ave years of age, good, sound^and true may send the same for trial^by the fire department and If suitable^and the price Is reasonable, they will^be purchased by the city.
T.O LEARY. City Clerk.
Connoisseursof artistic Silver^^ware can examine the beautiful^naw Imperial Chrysanthemum^pattern of Sterling Spoons and^Forks m id- by the Qorham Co.,^and now on exhibition at our^store.
KepplerJewelry Co's,
112Main Street, Anaconda.
A VP n iB mono^ mads. Buy^^Dr\ V C1J your Wall Paper^wlthm tfie next ten days and^sayo ^0 per coat on your pur^^chase. Sp.endid assortment.^Call and see.
Faint, and Paper Shop.^Oak Street, Anaconda
MEast I'ark Are, Anaconda
Newline ot Hats, Caps, bhoes,^Trunks and Q nt's Furnlshmg-J^lor Winter Wear. ^Lowast Prices^in the city.
Cor.Main St., an 1 Commerolal At*.
Sunday,Oct. 20
Thechampion MAMM of the^world at the
Exhibitionat 3 P. M.
Admission50 cents.
EvanOpera House
KveryNight Beginning
FridayEvening, Oct. 18^Prof. W. Q. Alexander
Ishis humorous course of lectures on^HUMAN \ a i ILK Fubllc examinations on^the t.aito of prommeD clt.zea. teleetej by the^audience at the clou of eacu lecmre Ad-^mi-sion flmt night free. o^ii-eiiou taken at^ihse.ose. Front seats reserved for ladles and^their escorts.
TheTornado.^ Lincoln J. Carter's^Mammoth Scenic Production. The Aw^^ful Tornado, the Great Rigging Scene,^tlx tars furling a monster sail. The Col^^lision of Two Ocean Liners at full Speed.^The Mighty Open Sea Scene, with Waves^Kunnlng Mountain High. Dissecting^Room of a Medk-al College, Chicago^Harbor at Slg'ht, and many otiher Soenlc^Wonders
Tohold, as well as win auocess. keep^all your play-bill promises.^^Lincoln J.^Carter.
Saleof seats opens Monday at Smith^Drug Company
SuitsMade to Order From $23 Dp
AtIhe NEW TAILOR MOf, Ladle*'^f - al Jackets and (tpSt retire L Ladies'^I'tush Coats ami Capes s'.eamei and^repaired Men's Mill. cleaned aud^pressed for $J j^. All repa.rlti: neatly^done. Youi patroaage toicted, K.^sAMUELs, U^ Cedar si., Anaconda.
Ladies'Winter Weight Waists
r-^jjare showing the largest assortment of
nrstylish winter-weight waists ever seen
Inthe city, at prices fully 25 per cent,^lower.
. .,.T^*n_s. 12 dot. stylish flannelette waists^^^ --^kU'^Y T3^sk at ^
V*^l^*fik3*ife'T*)^W 10 lln^' stylish flann-dette waists
i^f^^5^^^R^Ca ,; 150
'11^^ WTs^^'/iTi^/^r'^ ' ^' ^^'v^^' 'V-rsteil waists at.. 100
'tu*\m.'\.:Jb.s^^SW^-jay-a^SKi;'-' s doi. stylish all wool serge
,... a: 2 00
'f-' 'W^1' v'JaVf * I ^'^ ^'v!h'i lil wool, in navy
v.f3$ / JL- ^ jjjf an I . I. ^.lists .it2 M
tfttodf fk'^JBr 3 I z sulisti .ill wot cicheon
v/07 I* ~*JSr waists at S 00
tdox stylish fancy plaid waists at 3 50^_WLadles' winter-weight wrappers, silk
!xwfinish Henrietta wrappers, at $6.50 to
tj-^lg^nV *U
Fancysateen wrappers at $2, $2.a
.. - ^ erjry -a,.^nd 12.50.
/^SrV^Fancy ftannele: I te wrappers at Jl u.
\S7VlGalV$2. $2.25 and $2.6.
SCalico wratuiers at 75 cents and $1.
SeeOur Blankets and Quilts^Before Purchasing.
noMain Street, Anaconda.
BitterRoot Development Company
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
Sash,Doors, Blinds, Etc., Urns, Hair Plaster and CamsaL^Agents ior tna Standard Prasaed Briolc and Hod Brick.
CommercialAvenue, Anaconda, Montana.
Mr.H. Myers, recently from Salt Lake^City, has opened up a first-class Tailor^Store In the Shields BuUdlng on Park^Avenue, where he is prepared to do tail^^oring of all kinds in the most approved^modern styles. Mr. Myers has for years^been recognized as the leading tailor ot^Salt Lake City and ha* numbered among^his patrons many of the tlrst citizens of^Salt Lake, including merchants, bankers^and professional men. Hii specialty Is^catering to the tastes of those who desSre^to be fashionably clad^at reasonable pri^^ces. He invites ths patronage of the good^people of Anaconda.
MostElegant Line of Ladies' Purses^Ever Seen in the City at L. A. KINO'S
Oneand one-half blocks east of Montana
Transientrates, J1.25 per day. Special^rate* for regular boarders. Good accom^^modations and first-class board. Your^patronage solicited. J. S. CHAIN.
ofAnicands has Just received a tat^^took of fall
Hecarries th* flne.t roods, gives you^th* best lit and norkmintlilp in the^city. Call aud tee fur yourself.
2IOCommerolal Ave , Anaconda.
The Faith of Yesterday Is the Fact of To-Day
Whonow would have thought a few^days ago that we would have reached^our present popularity so quickly. The^business we do tells more eloquently^than words, that prices like below^will tell:
Forthree days we will sell Ladles'^House and street Waists in Sateen^and Percale at
25ceach S^S 50c each I^65c each
IzSsszJtS^mm't Eastern Cost
Forthree days we will sellDa-S.rn-s. 9.
Men'sClothing and Furnishing lclll F rlvV *W^Goods at eta
Forthree days we will sell Ladies^Waists that are good values^$1 25, $ 1.50 for
Forthree days we will sell Ladles^Outing Flannel and Calico Wrap^^pers at
DontMake Any Mistake, Come Early and^Get the Plums.
IThe L Hi

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