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Havereduced the prices^of suits $10.00 a suit dur^^ing this month That is
a540.00 suit can be^bought for 930.00, and a^$50.00 goes for ^40.00.
ExamineThis Offer.
41East Tark Street, Butte.
Thomas0. Miles Enjoined From Ob^^structing the Highway.
TJ10Attorneys Manage to Arrange^Thing* 80 They Could Attend^the Came-The Percentage^of a Coal Agent.
CountyAttorney Wines yesterday^commenced an action In the district^court In the name of the state BgajMt^Thomas O. Miles to enjoin him^from obitrurtlnjc the county road on^his ranch west of Rutte. The affidavits^of Road Supervisor Howen and County^Commissioner Lloyd were llled with the^petition and show thai the road- has^been s public highway for 20 years^from llutte to Herman and Morton^gulches, and from Anaconda to Dillon,^and that It crosses the Miles ranch be^^low Silver Bow. .Miles came into pos^^session of the ranch lonK a t ier the^road was established and with the^knowledge that It was a public high^^way. Some time last April he built a^fence across the road and put In a Kate^with a lock and chair on It. Judx^^Speer Issued a temporary injunction^and ordered Mr. Miles to appear in^court at 10 o'clock on Nov. 2 and BaM^cause, If any, why the Injunction^should not be made permanent.
Thelawyers engaged In cases set for^trial In the district court yesterday^worked all kinds of schemes to secure^an adjournment so that they could at^^tend the football game, and what their^scheming failed to accomplish luck se^^cured for them. In Judge Speer's court^the case against James MeKinley,^dharged with robbery', was culled for^trial, but as 12 of the Jurors tried the^case of O'Brien, McKlnley's partner,^who got 12 years In the penitentiary,^they were disqualified to sit on McKln^^ley's case and the panel was soon ex^^hausted. A special venire of 50 nanu s^was Issued and male returnable to^^morrow morning and the court took an^adjournment until that time.
Thetrial of Sloan and McMahon, the^alleged advertising contract forg-'rs,^was continued until Monday morning.
InJudge Mcllatton's court the ap^^peal case of Peter H. Kelly against W.^H. Black, a suit for $68 claimed to be^due for labor, was called for trial.^Both the attorneys In the case were^apparently anxious to see the football^game, and feared the trial might take^up too much time, so the defendant's^attorney moved for a continuance and^the plaintiff's attorney announced to^the court that he would not resist the^motion and the court promptly over^^ruled It and ordered the case to pro^^ceed to trial. A jury was waived and a^small amount of testimony introduced,^after which the court took the case^under advisement and adjourned until^to-morrow morning.
Thedefendant in the case of M. C.^Harris against the Iwett Water Coal^Mining company, a fuit for $23,000 as^alleged commlsMOji on coal sold in the^state ^y the defendant while the plain^^tiff was, he claimed, the sole agent for^the company In Montana. Tt answer^denies that Harris had a contract, the^terms of which made him the sole^agent of the defendant In the state and^denies that he was to POeelVI II outs^a ton commission on all coal sold by^or for the company in Montana. It Is^alleged that his agency was eeataed to^Butte and vicinity and that he di 1 no:^use proper care or diligence as such^agent, but on the contrary he handled^other eoal also and gave it preference^over the defendant's product to the^defendant's great Injury. The answer^say* that Mr. Harris had been paid all^that was coming to him.
Smokela Mitllde. finest H*Tam clear r.i ^
torlesIn llarana, Cuba, lad Ossla, ' lor id*.
Home-manufacturedReady Mixed^Faints at Schatzleln's. 14 W. Broad^^way.
Seethat your tickets read Burling^^ton route via Northern Pacific at Bill^^ings. _
NewDesigns In Wall Paper at^Schatzleln's, 14 W. Broadway.
Plumbingand steam heating, go to^Walker ^ Atchison, 46 West Park St.
\^ i i.il Ktt ur.loii IC:ttr*.^Effective Oct. 6. special steamship ex^^cursion rates to Scandinavian, English,^German and French points have been^authorised; also an additional reduc^^tion in the through rates to Cape^Town and Johannesburg, effective Oct.^10, via the Great Northern railway.^J. K. Dawson, general agent, 41 N.^Main street, Butte .
ThomasStees Elected Grand Master of^the Grand Lodge.
TheCase of E. R. Powell of Ana^^conda-Helena Will Entertain tho^Delegates Next Yoar- Reports^and Other Matters.
Ur.mi1^^*ajaSrmlr Hull
Harmonylodge No. ML L ^^. D. of St.^George, will give a niasijU' rade ball^at St. George hall. Thursday Oct. 21.^Admission, 25 cents.
Theclosing session of the grand^M| of Montana, I. O. O. f\, was held^in Walkorville yesterday and a great^deal of work was aeompllshed. At the^morning session tho following grand^lodge officers were elected for the en^^suing year:
ilrandmaster, Thomas Stees of Fi^^delity lodge. No, S, Butte; deputy grand^master. .1. S. Kemp of Covenant lodge,^No. 6, Mi.-s ^ula; grand warden, J. M.^Rhodes of Gate City lodge, No. 37,^(Ilendlve; grand secretary, A. J. White^of Khlg, ly lodge, No. 12, Butte; grand^trotmrtr, Lincoln Working of silver^^Star lodge, No. 4'i, Kaat Heb ua; grand^ri pn seniative, George Pascoe of Itldge-^ly lodge, No. 12, Butte.
The[following officers were after^^wards appointed by the new grand^master:
Grandconductor, H. W. Nell! of^QttOM City lodge, No. 42, Helena; grand^Instructor, Andrew Dogan of Covenant^lodge, No. 6. Missoula; grand guardian,^W. J. Martin of Columbia lodge, No. 43,^Columbia Fulls; grand herald, II. S.^Clark of Illdgely lodge, No. 12, Butte;^grand chaplain, W. P. Burcher of Sun^Uiver lodge, No. 25, Sun River.
Mr.While, who was re-elected grand^secretary, ha-s held that office for 10^years, and now enters upon his elev^^en tii year.
A:the afternoon session the B^ wiy-^elected officers were installed with Im^^pressive ceremonies.
Atthe morning iiession reports were^received from the various standing^committees. The Judiciary commliiee^recommended, among other things,^that the grind masters liero.iftor, In^making tli^ ir reports, number their de^^cisions, and recommended that the con^^sideration of all decisions rendered on^quoatl his arising In trivial milters,^prior to an appeal, be Indefinitely post^^poned, for the reason that It is n^t^competent for parties engaged In trills^!^ solicit or obtain dee sionj on ques^^tions arUlng during the tlaM the cause^Is on trial, but that the (asstlM affe. t-^ing the rights of the part 1st must be^determinitl by appeal. AH the recom^^mendations of the Judiciary com mi. tee^were approved.
Thefinance committee made a report^of the b'.oksand accour.is of ill^ grand^seerc'ar:^ and |a^l grand treasurer and^found tiii-m correct. The committee^also v'.o iimend'd tha: the grand see-^retary's salary be tfcgra*s4 from JMiO^to $1,000, ^ recommendation that^brought out wine string opposition,^which resulted In a compromise ly^which th. salary was iHghtiy raised, in^connection with an appropriation to^furnish the secretary with additional^facilities for all office.
Theladies who represented lf^ Rc-^bckali 1 elgei In the stato and m. t for^the purpose of forming a H^ bekah^grand lodge, made lots of trouble for^the grand lodge by organizing without^tlrst following some stringent grand^lodge rules. The committee on RtOtkak^lodges made a long report to the grand^lodge this afternoon, In whl'h It was^set forth that the ladies had ;net and^perfected a petimainen't organization,^regardless of law, and that they had^been premature, and should first have^applied to the grand lodge for author^^ity and Instruction. The grand lo lge,^iRdore the mistake had been, called to^Us attention, had already made certain^orders under which the ladles acted^iast evening in the excuipiitlcition of^their work, thus further entangling the^legal question. The committee recom^^mended .that the matter be ro.fMTfafl to^tho judiciary committee with instruc^^tions to formulate a temporary dispen^^sation and ratify the action of tiie He-^b. kalis. Tho Judiciary committee took^tlie matter in hand and the trouble was^linally settled, even If it was not en^^tirely straightened out.
Itwas decided at dhe morning ses^^sion to hold the next annual grand^lodge ait Helena, although the Helena^delegates Wcrenot uinUeiilurly anxious^to have It. It Is very likely that this^melon Is the last one that will be^held outside of Butte and 11 el M in^in lay yean Ho come, for there h 11 been^a general though unexpressed opinion^in the grand lodge 'that Is is aafalt to^the delegates and to the small local^lodges to send the grand lodge to small^towns where the lodges can hardly af^^ford to bear the expenses, ^lit akwat^l^r^iks tie I i il lodge to take care ut^u grand lodge,^ Ball one of the prom-I^^ncut 4lUgatoo, ^ami it costs the^grand lodge from $iW0 to $S00 more to^hold the annual session in a small,^out-of-the-wmy place than It would In^Butte or Helena.^ The Helena people^\v re willing enough to let Ilixtte have^the next annual aeafloa but it was de^^cide! that Helena should put up at
thenext aaeetltag.
Thereport of Grand Master Nlcol re^^gard.ng the charges preferred against^K. it. Powell of Anaconda by Colfax^lodge of that cltv, that they are ln-^^uffl -lent and ordering the same dis^^missed, wan approved with the re^^mainder of ^he grand master's annual^report He based his decision on the^ground that the charges conflicted with^the ilaws of the sovereign grand lodge,^which reads las follows: ^It was held^that no person on being admitted^to membership In this order thereby^looses any rights he bad In his posses^^sion as a citizen.
Hisright to protection by the civil^authorities is not impaired by becom^^ing an odd Fellow: the laws of the^land and the courts which administer^theiii are the Mirefcl and nio^t proper^means by wlvlch Justice can be ob-^t lined.
Oneof the rules of the subordinate^lodges require* that all nif nitvre shall^seek their remedy for all rights on ac^^count of membership, or eonneeitloti^then with. In the tribunals of the order^only, without resorting to the civil^courts f. r their enforcement In any^event. It was charged against Mr.^Powell thai: he brought Colfax lodge^Into public shame and disdain by hav^^ing David Cohen arrested and brought^brfore the police court of Anaconda^on the charge of assault and batitery^after he no 1 i referred charges against^him. in the I ^ lge. with conduct unbe^^coming an Odt Fellow, and while such^charges were betng under Investiga^^tion, both charges referring to tho^same affray and growing out of their^membership in the lodsre. The charges
againstPowell recited Chat by his dis^^graceful conduct the members of Col^^fax lodge were forced to go Into the^police court and make public the cause^of the trouble beitween the two men^and thereby brought shame on the^lodg* ^nd Its members. The decision^of the grand lodge means that an Odd^Fellow can, If he wants) to, tell all his^troubles to a policeman, even if they^originate In a lodge room.
Theretiring grand master reported
thefollowing special appointments^slnre the last grand lodge meeting:
Dee.29, 1894, annotated Brother J.^Kennedy. P. G.. as I). D. O. M. for^Forsylhe lodge No. 53.
Jan.1, 1895. appointed Brother O. J.^Bristol, P. O.. as D. D. O. M.. for Ply^^mouth hfn No. 65.
Jan.21, 1S95, appointed Brother J. T.^Baker I). D. O. M. for Samaritan lodge^No. 10 in place of O. F. Parmenta, re^^signed.
Jan.28, 1895, appointed Brother^Charles Angus, P. G.. as I). D. G. M^for Faith lodge, D. of R., No. 18.
Feb.4, 1895, appointed Brother^George Wallace, P. G.. as D. D. G. M.^for Coal Valley lodge No. 54.
Feb.2.1, 1895, appointed Brother^George White, P. G.. as D. I). O. M. for^Laura lodge No. 19. I). of R.
May4, 1895, appointed Brother^George Pfl^ff. P. Oh as D. I). G. M. for^Falrvlew lodge No. 57.
Juno1, 1896, appointed Brother J F^Hen^ley, P. G.. as D. D. G. M. for Car^^bonate lodge No. 38, in place of E. V.^More, resigned.
June27. 1895. appointed Brother Will^^iam Hancock. P. G.. as D. D. G. ^it. for^Colusa lodge No. 38, in place of John^H. Martin, resigned.
Thegrand lodge completed its work^and adjourned sine die about I o'clock^list evening, and many of the delegates^'.. ^ at once for their homes. A num^^ber of BebekaJi delegates were present^from different lodges of the state, but^because of their extreme modesty their^names were not given out for publica^^tion. The grand lodge session was^probably one of the most successful^ever held In the state and every dele^^gate had some words of praise to^spetk for the members of Olive Branch^Indge, and especially the committees^on arrangement and entertainment, to^whom was due a great deal of credit^for the pleasant and expeditious man^^ner In which thlnge were conducted.^The Alice band was in Attendance at^every session of the lodge and furnish^^ed some excellent music, and the whole^session was concluded with a delightful^entertainment and banquet prepared^by the ladles of Cleopatra lodge.
ItWill Be la the Auditorium and Many^Prises Are Offered.
Thegrowing esthetlclsm of Butte Is^to be seen In the Interest which is^manifested in the approaching chry^^santhemum Show. This will be the^^third annual exhibition of chrysan^^themums In Butte. Instead of being^given at the greenhouses, as was the^case last yeir, the exhibition will take^place this year in Ithe Auditorium,^which will be more convenient. The^dates for the exhibition are Nov. 14,^15 and 11 The exhibition will be ar^^ranged into live divisions. The first^division will be open to the state for^commercial growers. First and second^cash prizes are offered in various^classes. For ^mum's^ cut flowers, open^to the world, two special prizes aro^given. For the best 25 blooms, 25 nam^^ed varieties, a silver cup, given by^Leys, will lie presented. It is a unique^and elegant cup, valued at $100. It Is^decorated with chrysanthemums In re^^lief In gold, silver and copper, twined^and wrought In Butte. For the best^seedling, not exhibited prior to 1895,^not less than three blooms, the first^prize will be a gold-lined silver vase,^I by Leyson. It stands 17 Inches high,^[ engraved in chrysanthemums, and is^j valued at $150.
Division2 is a competition In roses,^j open to tho world. There are eight^i prizes, ranging from $3 to $5. Class 3^In this division Is for carnations, open^to the world, there being eight prizes^, of $3 each for the best 26 blooms, the^prizes offered being for the various col^^ors, while one prize Is offered for the^: beet display of violets. Division 3 is^' open to the state. A prize of $3 Is^offered for the best display of house^plants; $5 for the best collection of^stone and greenhouse plants, and $10^* for the best collection of palms.
Division4 Is for cut flower arrange-^| ments and design; $7.50 Is offered for^I the best bouquet; the same for the best^funeral bouquet; $10 for the best basket^of ^mums^ and $2 for the best table^decoration, to be set for six plates.
Division6 is the amateur class, open^to the state. Prizes are offered for the^best geraniums, fuchias, begonias, cy^^press, ferns and palms.
ThoCommWiloaere In Session.
Thocounty commissioners were In^session again yestenlay and completed^their examination of the books of the^treasurer and clerk.
Apetition was received from^ resi^^dents of Montana street asking the^commissioners ^to grant the street rail^^way a franchise to run their proposed^friight and passenger line down that^street. Superintendent Wharton sup^^plemented the petition with a proposi^^tion 'to grade the county's portion of^Lower Montana street if the franchise^is granted. No acflon was taken on^the matter and .the commissioners ad^^journed until to-morrow.
biff Tebo's Order.
Thefollowing order, which will put an^I end to thick clouds of coal dust blow^^ing through the streets and into pedes^^trians' eyes on vrtndy days and also to^the par::al blockading of sidewalks^with idles of coal, was issued yesterday^loy Chi^f of Police Tebo:
Butte,Mont., Oct. 16, 1895.^^Notice is hereby given to all ^oal^dealers, delivering coal within the city^limits of the city of Hutte, that they^mi.st use a chute or funnel when un-^1 ^adiag coal through coal holes in the^r4aeeraJki and keep the coal off the^sidewalk, under penalty prescribed In^Section Iti, of Ordinance No. 121.
E.J. Tebo, Chief of Police.
Tailoringfor Gentlemen.
Gentlemenwho are particular about^their clothing, about having their gar^^ments made stylishly, who insist upon^a perfect tit, who want skilled work^^men to make them, who demand the^best material, who know when a suit^is right in style and price^that is the^trade I want. I have Just returned from^the eastern markets with the largest^and most carefully selected stock of^woolens ever opened In Butte and shall^be pleased to see you. Present location^No. 12 West Quartz, Butte, Mont. Hen^^ry Nelson
Corduroyvestings In all shades. The^latest fad at Henry Nelson's. No. 12^West Quartz.
TheD. J. Hennessy company are sell^^ing good underwear end half hose^cheaper than any other house In Butte.
FrankRebson'a stage for Whitehall^leaves Southern hotel, Butte dally at^12 o'clock noon.
FromMorning Until Night Yesterday Proved the Ian Merit of Our
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