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TheSights He Saw in India and^Cttiua and Japan.
Rav.F. Fransen of the Scandina^^vian Alliance. Visiting In Ana^^conda, Talks of His Travels^Around the Globe.
Adistinguished traveler I* spending^a f-'w days in Anieonda as the guest^of his Scandinavian friends, whom he^Is entertaining with rivivalisUc talks^and lectures of tils travels In foreign^lands.
Rev.F. Fransen Is the gentleman's^name and he was found yesterday at^the home of Charles Hamilton, on^Commercial avenue, by the Standard^reporter, to whom he tallied of his^work and his travels. Rev. Mr. Fran-^sen Is the director of the Scandina^^vian Alliance Missionary movement.
Wehave^ sadd he. ^that Is, the alli^^ance, between 1W and ltfu missionaries^now laboring In foreign lands. All of^these are supported by the Scandina^^vian churvhes at the United States.^The work Is Individualized In r.n*^country by making some single chun'h^responsible for the support of some^osrtln missionary. This centralises the^responsibility and also centralises the^interest in foreign missions, but the^result has been more than satisfactory.
Mywork now Is to stir up a deeper^Interest In the United States In this^kind of work and to send out others^to Join our forces now In Africa, Ju-^dea. China and Japan.
Ilanded about three weeks ago In^Vancouver from a trip which, when^completed, will have taken me around^the world. I saili d from New York^four years ag^, and spent IS months^In Sweden, where we secured 50 miss^^ionaries. Thence to India, where I re^^mained for some time studying Budd^^hism and its teachings.
Whatdo I think of the Hindoo^JugglersT Most of them are mere^sleight-of-hand ^performers, some are^spiritualists and their work may be^due to dlaboll.ial Influences. I believe^In the dsvll Just as 1 believe In Oo4j^that Is. I believe he exists and exerts^a power for evil. Those people do the^same things that mediums do In Bhls^country. Thev raise themselves from^the floor without visible support and^cause mysterteus grounds. A friend of^mine, whom I must credit, saw one^fellow run a Javelin through his head,^or do so to all awe aranr.-s. The de^^ception was perfect and a moment^later the wounded man was sound and^well.
Puddhtsmhas been spreading, per^^haps not actually, but in the activity^of Its followers, who have been 'teach^^ing its doctrines In this country. It is^a atrange faith that I can hardly con^^ceive will be received readily by civil^^ised people. The Buddhist priests^teach that nine life Iw^flsi Is divided^Into castes, simitar bo those which ex^^ist In India among the natives. There^are six of HMM castes In the future^life and a soul passes Into one of them^at death of the being. There Is no^such Kilns as the forgiveness of sin;^that is left out entirely of their life^and religion. Thev believe In the^transmigration of souls, and the soul^that sins once In this life must return^again and. according to his life, he^will be born again as a man to live^over again, or his soul will enter an^animal, or will be lost In purgatory.^But If he l^e virtuous, according to de^^gree, he will live foraver In the Pewa^Uakas, Phe lower heaven: the Brah^^min I,akas. the middle heaven, or if^absolutely perfect, he goes to Nirvana,^the highest heaven, where he spends^eternity In a blissful sleep, amount^^ing to annihilation.
InChina, which I next visited, I^was given ^ cordial welcome, and con^^trary to the general supposition. I^found the people, even In the interior^^ectlon, not unfriendly to missionaries.^I was not In that section where the^massacre occurred, but I saw several^persons who had been driven out of^the country. A lady, who oame down^from Hong Kow. told me of her ex^^periences and how the mandarins, the^oftlcers there, hid given her protec^^tion. The cause of the entire trouble^was this: The French minister at the^emperor's court, a new man In the^offiVe. Insisted on the enforcement of^a taw which had been for years a dead^letter anil was unimportant excejt In^aplrlt. The law wag that foreigners^had a right to buv and hold property^Without askkng the oonsenH of the^mandarin or anyone else. Tlie custom^has been of late veiars and was before^the law was es: iMisjhed. that a mis^^sionary desiring to acquire property^first asked permission from the man^^darin.
'Thiswas continued as custom after^the law making it an unnecessary pro^^cedure cam* Into effect. The minister^appealed to the emperor, and to fulllll^the treaty, the emperor Issued a de^^cree that the old law was In force. The^decree was s'nt to the govern.^rs or^^ l^eroys. who haw regal powers, and^fa the provinces of Sltywan and Fu-^c^hen trouble ensued. It is supposed^that those viceroys were guilty of dou^^ble dealing, a custom not unusual there.^That they Issued on^ open public after^endorsing the emperor's decree and an^other, a secret order, telling the people^to drive out the foreigners.
Thisis, by the way. what the riots^really were, against t'he foreigners, and^rot missionaries, though the latter^were included. It was an anti-foreigner^BJS ^\ .-mi nt.
Themandarins protected the for^^eigners wherever they could or when^angled to directly, but did not great^^ly exert themselves. In Sitywan no^lives were lost, but many thousands of^dollars worth of property were de^^stroyed. In Fukien io missionaries^were mui 1-red. Tne French govern^^ment w i's prompt to demand reparation^from the emperor, and he has ordered^the etosroy of Mtjrwma to reimburse^the forcigM-rs for every ^yen^ of their^loss.-s. This, it Is believed, will also^apply to the RrlMsh and American In^Fukien the viceroy 1s anxious to satisfy^tlx- 4. nand for r parat; in by killing 10^of his people, on the plan that one life^p.iv* for another. Four of those who^participated in the riots have been be-^h.-.ided and the vic-ny has six more^whom he will k.ll in .s: any time. It^oeems to moke no ^1 iff- r.-nce to him^whether they be guilty or not.
HumanHte Is not highly regarded In^China, either by the government or by^^he people. Beheading prisoners Is^common and suicides are of frequent^occurrence.
Aman who gets very angry at an^enrmv will often go out and commit^^ulclde Just for revenge. It is a com^^mon belief that his sp.rit will then be
ableto plague and harass his foe bet^^ter than the roan could by remaining^to hate him, and refusing to .-peak to^him forever. Resignations of official^offices are usually made by the harl^kari route. The officer falls on his^^VOH and there Is at once a vacancy^on the emperir's staff.
1did n ^t see any part of the war,^and believe that the conquest of China^by Japan is over. The ceded provinces^are under a powerful Russian influence^and, though they are unruly in submit^^ting to the new regime, their conquest^is only a matter of time.
TheJapanese are exceedingly friend^^ly n Americans and would frequently^salute me while passing through the^streets of Toklo with grei tings, and^on all occasions where I conversed ,^with them by means of an interpreter, |^expressed gratitude to the United^States for the Interest this government^has taken In their welfare.
Her,Mr. Fransen is a very pleasing^conversationalist, and speaks Kngllsh^fluently. Though born In Sweden, he^Is an American citizen, highly educated |^and commanding several languages. He |^Is wrapped up in his work and very ;^apt. If possible, to talk to his Inter- |^viewer and interview him. particularly^on religl ^us matters. A crop of long^hair. Inclined to curl, clusters In wooly I^fashion about his head and under 'his i^eyebrows there twinkle a pair of eyes^that look through those with whom he^converses like a man accustomed to^reading people. If he can be prevailed^upon to address an audience in Kn^^gllsh during 'his stay in Anaconda an^Instructive and Interesting lecture may^be expected. His engagements are,^however, entirely with the Scandinavi^^ans, to whom he will speak again to^^night at the new church.
Bvans'was Packed to the Doors to See
^theTornado.^^^The Tornado^ was witnessed by a^packed house last evening at Evans^opera house. The only audience that^has equaled the Jam was the one which^gathered to see ^The Fast Mail^ a few^weeks ago. w hich Is IJncoln J. Carter's^other success. ^The Tornado^ was all^that was claimed for it. The great^storm scene came as near to nature^as stage mechanism and contrivances^can. The roll of the distant thunder^as the storm threatened, the rising of^the wind, then the glare of the mid^^summer lightning, the gathering dark^^ness, and then the fury of the storm^in which a pretty home stage setting^was torn and tent, vanishing with real^^istic crash, flying debris and the wail^of the wind thnt howled over the de^^struction were all seen and heard even^as they sweep across Wisconsin's^pra Iries.
Theactors and actresses were over^^whelmed by the scenic olttract'lons, but^perhaps in a plav without a tornado,^a dissecting room, a Chicago slum^scene, the harbor at night, a full-rigged^ship, and o^ean collision to take up^attention they might wtin higher hon^^ors.
RawTrack Taxpayers Bring Suit^Against the Commissioners.
ItIs an Old Highway. Having Boon^In Uso for 25 Years, but the^County Dads Look at It Dif^^ferently Football.
TheCity rounrll of the city of Anaconda^Mas Ordered the I'orcuase for the Cm^of the tire Department of Nild city of^One -No. 3 warn* Hose wagon; One Set^of Drop Harness nnd Two Horses.
Sealedbids will be received from all^persons having such wagon or har^^ness for sale, and all persons having^horses of over 1,200 pounds weight and^not over five years of age, good, sound^and true may send the same for trial^by the fire department and If suitable^and the price Is reasonable, they will^be purchased by the city.
T.O LEARY. City Clerk.
Moilc Teachers' National Assoclntlou^^ lose* tnlil seen ^ of F irlleni nt.
Theannual session of the MusMc^Teachers' National association, which^Began In St. Louis on Oct. 2, closed in^a picturesque tumult of musical en^^thusiasm and in scenes of excitement^such as are seldom witnessed at any^assemblage of so dignified and so rep^^resentative a character. A main fea^^ture^main oharm of the, session had^been the rendering of an'excellent se^^ries of programmes by favorite artists^on concert grand pianos.
TheIncreasing Interest manifested In^these entertaimnente from the start^reached an acme and climax In the^closing hours, when Charles Kunkel,^the famous composer and concert pian^^ist, rendered a brilliant and tlhrllllng^recital, using a Kimball grand piano^as best adapted to the dignity and^greatness of the occasion and to the^critical character of the audience, com-^poaed almost conclusively of musicians^^^the Instrument thus selected being^the same as that used on select con^^cert occasions of the Columbian exhi^^bition.
Inthe course of this crowning and
closingrecital those elements of melt^^ing sweetness and of noble power In^th^ Kimball tone, so often referred to^by Paitl, Tamagno and oBher illustri^^ous musicians, were brought out with^a degree of fervor and ex passion and^with such might and majesty of art^that the vast audience. I,wing Itself in^a climax and transport of enthusiasm,^broke int.i a storm of pi Ledits that sub^^sided only to renew 'itself In yet wilder^demonstrations, till the tumultuous^ovation had continued for fully 15 min^^ute*. The s ene was stirring, pictur^^es.pie and animating In the extreme,^and one nevi r to be forgotten by those^who witnessed It.
Alth^ Opera Hnu-e lo-Mght.
ProfessorAlexander gives his first
lecturehere to-night at the opera^house. Owing to the faot that there^wiil be no admission fee charged at^t'.o foof and the limited seating capa^^city 'f the h.uise, all the front chairs^have been reserved for ladUts and^their escorts.
DeerLodge, Mont , Oct. 1^. 1^5.^The board of eounty commissioners of^Deer Lodge county, state of Montana,^hereby order art call a special session of^sild hoard to be held at the office of the^county sleek, in the court house of said^county, on Monday, Oct. 21. A. D. Met and^to continue in session two days If neces^^sary, to constdtt the following business,^to-wit:
FirstTo continue the road running^south from LaM creek In a southerly di^^rection to a point south of the Anaconda^Co.'s canal, thence west until it Inter^^sects w.th the Warm Springs road, and^to discoatlnue the roads running through^Carroll.
SecondTo take some action In regard^to opening a road from the Hlackfoot riv^^er to Helmvllle.
Th'.rdTo appoint a chairman of the^board of health In and for the county of^Peer Lodge.
KourthTo examine Into the advisabil^^ity of doing work on a road running from^the mouth of Hlackfoot canyon to Lin^^coln.
Flfth-Toconsider the proposition of^putting In a new bridge on Warm Spring^creek about four miles below Anaeonda.
(Signed)A M. WALKKH.
iih. HorrMAN,
Membersof the Board of County Com^^missioners of said county.^Notice la therefore ht rehy given that^said special session will he held hy sail^beard at the time and place to transact^the baslMee speiltle.l in the foregoing or^^der.
Datedthis 12th day of October. A. D.^1^S6.JNO. n. rUHBR,
County(^Ifrk of L^eer Lodge County.
Therattle for team of horse^, wagon^and harness will take place at the^Abba siI.k n. Park avenue, on the^evening of Wednesday, Oct. 21.
SpecialDispatch to the Standard.
DeerLodge, Oct. 17.^Several tax^In the vicinity of Race Track have com^^menced proceedings In the dlistriot court^ega.nst Mve owned of county commlseiori-^^ for their action in vacating, cloxang^and dM-.d inu.ng a certain portion of a^eeUBtp r. id. beginning at a point near^'the muthwesn corner of the northwest^quarter of ^ect'lan 8, township 6, north of^raniis 9 wejft, running in a nortlvnasoerly^direction to a point where it Interesects^w.th the lower mud runnjng from Deer^L/olge to Itaoei Track.
Thepla :.tiffs in the caise aire Hersaam^Johu ion, A. Darsen^ 11. Golden L. Cole^^man, John Johnson and J.*e Jacobean,^ami In thiir complaint they allege that^they owin land adjoining each other amd^k^n e.ther side of the road ordered dis^^continued by the board. That said road^had eeee rortilrel end used as a public^^h.ghway for more than 25 years; that all^of the valuable improvements erected on^^aid land are ntlar and alongside of said^.road. Mi th'at the elosl'ng of the same^has groa-tly inooinvcmlenced them xn the^working and cultivation of their lands.^The plaln'tlffs further allege that the ac-^t.on of t'he board of commissioners in^mUking such order lis Illegal and void, for^t'he roa'son that 'no viewers were appoint^^ed by them to view out said road to be^vacataed and to assess the damages that^would accrue by reason of the discomtln-^uaince of said road, as provided for by^law; that the closing of the road de^^prived! the pJalmtiffs of theiir property and^damaged the same without just compen^^sation having been made them or tender^^ed them; that t'hey alleged and claimed^damages at the time said defenJjante^made the order dJliscon'tiinulng the road;^or adequate remedy at law, or amy rigsTt^of appeal from the said action of tlis^board of county oomm isslonera The de^^fendants therefore petitioned the court^that a writ of certiorari be issued com^^manding the hoard of eounty commis^^sioners to cm'.ify to the court a transcript^of the record ami all proceedings had by^them .relative to the order maile by them^d jicontfnuing Obe road, and also requlr-^jni{ said defer.daints and the road super^^visor actlmg uniL-ir their orders to ctestet^Prom fun hot- proceed tigs in discontinuing^riild road. The pja1n::ffs also ask chat^an order be issued requiring the defend^^ants to open said roa 1 for the use and^convctntkince of the public. The court up-^ee examination of the affidavit and peti^^tion that were filed in the case ordered^the writ) Ml be issued and made it return^^able on the tch day of November.
Formany months the bolaird of eounty^commV^s:oniers had been harassed by the^Che corit^int;or.^ of the partus living In^tlhe vlc'Jn'jty of thlis road, some clamortng^to have tt closed, others to keep It open.^After giving the manter due etmsidera-^ti'on and hearing arguments of all the^parf-es MMM the commissonierB or^^dered the road closed a't a moetim*- held^on the 11th of June last. The members^of the board of county commissioner*^had made a personal inspection of the^ground in quesriom The record of the^meeting, which will be of particular tn-^terc.-'t now, reJalres that: ^The board met^at 1:30 p. m. Junie 11, and in the matter of^the petition of Andrew Hondrickson and^others for the vaoaJtjOin of a certain, pub^^lic lilerhway; The petition of Andrew^Hendirickson and others for tlie dis:*^n'rtn-^uaaace of a publJc highway therein de^^scribed, together with a map showing^said road, to'be vacalted eind discontinued,^having been presented and duly filed, and^eatlisfactery proof having been made by^affidavit filed with eaid petiUxn than no^^tice has been given by advertisements^posted on the front door of the county^clerk'e office of Deer Lodge eoumty, state^of Mon'tima, amd In tihnee public places In^the vVolmi'ty of said road more than 30^days previous to the presentation to this^board and la protest agatast the vacation^of said road having beeo presented, and^the board Waving taken eaid petition un^^der consideration and having beard evi^^dence for and agaJnisc tlhe vacatt'on and^disvonifinuiaince of said road, and on the^question of 'the public utll^ty thereof and^for au. l aguJm-'t any damages that might^be occasioned to anyone by ttlve discomtln-^BJSJSJOe of sa.il highway, and having made^n p. i-.-ona'l ^ x irn la'tlon. of said road, amd^as to t'he damages It might occasion as^dfcir. - aid by be ng V^catied: We find that^til.- - line is a 1'^rlmem!) to flw public and^ought to be vUi ated and discontinued;^ami we furtin r tlnd that no oree will suf^^fer any ^! itirig.^* by t'he vacation and dis-^sowl'jwm of s.r i highway.
Itis therefore ordered, adjudged and^d^cr'. t that sail road bo vacated and^CMOWtAMMda an I that the road sui^ervl-^eor of the road district where said road^, Is f'.tm' .d he .-rdered to vacate amd dis^^ci: nue said rood.^^A large -number of Devr Lodge peonle^i wcni 'to B'atte y\-'ierd'ay to at'tetid the^Soot bail same, notwithstanding the fact^th - u rid-lux game was being played at^Ii iim It was a contest of endurance be^^twe^ n ibs college and town teams, the^ooKegv team coming out victorious with^u - r. ci 4 to -' o its credit. The gams^! wan very in'erc9tin^ throughout, the^teams being pretty w'ell matched. The^, regulation aJMSJM of punishment was in-^: filcued on both side*, but Jimmie Beaton,^vi member of the town team, got a tittle^I the worst of It. having sustatned a broken^i Vg in i.i scrimmage. Professors Lane and^I McKee of the college staff refereed the^game.
Ilullta Spnr.
Thegrade for a spur from the B., A.^A P. main line to the Montana Dressed^Meat company's slaughter house has^been completed, and the track-layers^will complete the line In a few days.^The spur is half a mile In length.
Notlreto lesehers^In the next four examinations Superin^^tendent Steere will select questions from^Flake's Civics and Masterpieces of Amer^^ican Literature.
Inthe November examination In Amer^^ican Literature the questions will be^based on the first three writers in the^^Masterpieces,^ and also on two of Em^^erson's essays, vis: ^Character^ and^^^8elf-Ril.ince.
TheButte. Anaeenda ft Pacific Is the^^nly line running exclusive passenger^trains between Butte ant Anaeonda^Always ea time. Street car tickets^free.
Noticeto the Taxpayers of Doer Lodge
Thetaxes of this county will be de^^linquent on the first Monday In De^^cember at 6 o'clock p. in., and unless^paid prior thereto ten per cent, will be^added to the amount thereof. Pay^^ment of taxes may be made at the of^^fice of the county treasurer at Deer^Lodge from and after this date be^^tween the hours of 9 and 12 a. m., ami^1 and 6 p. m.
CountyTreasurer.^Deer Lodge, Mont., Oct. 14, 1895.
414Last Park Ats., Anaeonda,
Newline ot Hats, Caps, Shoes,^Trunns and G nt's I urnishings^lor Winter Wear. ^Lowest Pricos^In the city.
Oor.Main St., an I Commercial Are.
Sunday,Oct. 20
Theehamplon marksman of tbe^world at tbe
Exhibitionat 3 P. M.
AdmissionSO oents.
BBlkvans Opera House
I Every Night Beginning
6.1 Friday Evening, Oct. 18^Prof. W. Q. Alexander
In hli humorous course of lectures on
HUMANNATTKK I'ublio examinations on^the singe of prominent cit zea^ .elected by the^audience at the close of each lectnre Ad^^mission first night free. Collection taken at^lb. eiose. Kront seats reserved for ladles and^their escorts.
InSllyer Deposit Lace Work,^Cat Glass Colo^ne and At^^omizer Bottles, Hair and Nail^Urn.lies, LadieV Hat Brushes,^Whisk Brooms, Bon Bon^Trays, Tortoise ^hell Combs.^All bright, new goods. Come^and see them.
KepplerJewelry Co's,
112Main Street, Anaconda.
Allparties having accounts with the^Klit^' studio will please pay same only^to \V K. WoUf, manager Elite studio.^West I'ark avenue. Anaconda.
Calland examine new stock of goods^lust received at J. A. Hasley, ZU Oak
DrinkHarper Whiskey.
Ladies'Winter Weight Waists
are showing the largest assortment of
stylish winter-weight waists ever seen
WIn the city, at prices fully 26 per cent,
12doz. stylish flannelette walats
'j-v-^3k 1125
f./JjT^ 10 dor. stylish flannelette waists
''f$^rtro^ 'ai*^ 1^ doz stylish w irsted waists at.. 2 00^5^^T' liSt* doz- stylish all wool serge
C5^^^ i^*waists at 2 50
i^AW^it-J^^ '' Jj g doz. stylish all wool. In navy
^tV^'ijf ^^ ' red^ walsts at2 50
Sdoz. stylish all wool cocheon
waistsat t 00
doz. stylish fancy plaid waists at 3 60^, .JinWLadles' winter-weight wrappers, silk
ill= A '^*j^finish Henrietta wrappers, at $6.50 to
'V'S''^^J*'j^i'TrWFancy sateen wrappers at $2, $2.26
F'\ j^.v- ^ i^^''.(^3_4,111^thiU r^nl\^m*'y 'Fancy nannelettte wrappers at $1.5,
TUiO/nJ$2, $2.25 and $2.5.^0Calico wrappers at 76 cents and $1.
SeeOur Blankets and Quilts^Before Purchasing.
noMain Street, Anaconda.
BitterRoot Development Company
Lumber.Lath and Shingles.
Sasb,Door*. Blinds, Etc., Lima, Hair Plaster and Comsat.^Agents ior the Standard Pressed Brick arid Red Brick.
CommercialAvenue, Anaconda, Montana.
Mr.H. Myers, recently from Salt Lake^City has opened up a first-class Tailor^Store In the Shields Building on Park^Avenue, where hs is prepared to do tail^^oring of all kinds in the most approved^modern styles. Mr. Myers has for years^been recognized as the leading tailor of^Salt Lake City and has numbered among^his patrons many of the first citizens of^Salt Lake, Including merchants, bankers^and profes^lonal men. His specialty Is^catering to the tastes of those who desire^to be fashionably clad^at reasonable pri^^ces. He Invites the patronage of tbe good^people ef Anaconda.
MostElegant Line of Ladles' Purses^Ever Seen In the City at L. A. KINO'S
Oneand one-half blocks east of Montana
Transientrates, $1.25 per day. Special^rates for regular boarders. Good accom^^modations and first-class board. Tour^patronage solicited. 3. 8. CHAIN,^Proprietor.
ofAnaconda has Just received a one^stock of fall
Becarries the finest roods, gives you^the kest fit and workmanship In the^city. Call and ite for yourself.
210Commerolal Ave., Anaoonda.
ofthe fine weather, and get your^home renovated and fixed up for^the winter Tbe largest and best^assortment of Hal Taper In the^city P^lnlln.' a specialty. All^work first c ass and prices ine low^^est In the city Womd be pleased^to have the pub l^ cad and Inspect^our stock and pr.cet.
F.B. WRIGH f, ^*flSU
35The Faith of Yesterday Is the Fact of To-Day
Whonow would have thought a few^days ago that we would have reached^our present popularity so quickly. The^business we do tells more eloquently^than words, that prices like below^will tell:
Henand Women
aredally discovering that O'N'fdll's^Cash Store le a genuine source of sav^^ing. An unexpected rush yt trade has^made a rather decided hole In some al^our specialties, however, we are now^opening a tiew shlimient of goods and^can again make you happy with ex^^cessively low price*.
215Park Ave.
Fortnree days we will sell Ladies'Ckr% r^V*
Houseand street Waiats in Sateen ^^sy VCldl^and Percale at I*w
Forthree days we will ssll Ladies'-aa/,L
Wantstnat are gooi values atC(J^,CdCIl
$120, $1.50 ior
Forthree day a we will sell Ladies'gLm*maarL
OutingFlannel and Calico Wrap-|J C^,Cd-CIl
MULadlLwchTrdren EfleStCril COSt
Forthree days we will sell |_| n\^ D*^5r^^a^Man's Clothing and Furnishing | let 11 I 1 ICC
DontMake Any Mistake, Come Early and^Get the Plums.

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