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AnAttempt to Portray in Words a^Highly Original Personality.
HeIs Vanderbilfs Chum, Docs Not^Wear a Wig and Is Proud^of Being a Gentle^^man.
CnpyrUrb):.1^!9.'^.^Levi P. Morton i^ undoubtedly in*^most extraordinary man in public Ufa.^Hols the- onlv meml t ^i im- .'x'r.m.-^ly rich class in thin country with any^chance of obtaining the r. pulillean^presidential nomination. Ma competl-^tors^Heed, McKlnley, Harrison- are^all men Of pompamtlv.-ly moderate^means. Mr. Morton's wealth has bi ^n^conscrvativ.lv estimated at |la,aM,M0^It is Invested largely la the banking
business,the Arms of Morton, BUSS .\^Co., New York, and Morton, Rose ^^Co.. London. forming recognised chan^^nels in this direction, although Mr^Morton is seldom la London, b* bai his^office reserved for his exclislva use
overthere. The same ll tm* OC Ills
NewYork banking wtabUahanenl la^Naaaau street.
Personally.Levi P. .Morton Is a eery^distingue^there is really no English^equlval.nt for that W'.r.l-lndlvidfeaJ.^He would never give one the Impres^^sion of having sprung from the com^^mon people either in spe^ h or man^^ner. His face Is very yelloW I ' .king^and a Phj -Irian might suspect of I^bilious ten.lencv. The . urious niis-^apprehonslon that h ^ Wears I wig must
bedue to the perpetually groomed con^^dition of the governor*! load. For Mr.^.Morton has servants galore. II^ is al^^most alone among the governors ,^(^states In keeping a valet. This rale)^Is ^ Frenchman ar.l he is in OOMtaat^attendance upon his master^shaving^him every morning, helping him to^dress, and performing taoao Other effete^offices so customary to this . lass at^servitors.
Aloneamong our leading ital -nun
fulmillionaire hung abWWtbl the rain,^sad a very BWagry and tired Ift tho^, .me to l.e The governor, who has^wonderful powers ,,f endurance even^if he did faint In atfctM one hot day.
Bnallylavlted the^ to hw^wltthln*-^^elf It Is consld. red a great honor to^,,. ,skeil to lunch or dine with Oover-^n.'i M.orton. Men dined With^Hill and thought nothing of It. But^' ^^^ t Me: n .s .l:fl rent, some^^how. Kven when he eondeaoendi to
.t,.rkto veil that II U fine weather^^. are l avihu-. :.^^ words appear po-^..^, .^,. Nothing sounds tnvial that
n''.maliiy is more conspicuous in^novernor Morton than charm of man^^ner He probably owes his success in
f^And yet. far all that he
lk.^ ,^,e a trifle afraid of him In^Albany Wbta his orders are communl-^, ,,,.). the a ivemor would never ^ -^,1 10 gtVi a direct order hlnuel
rboly jumps about n Inatanl
^,,,.*. .^^.....anon ,n
aneiecutlve department thai
.^ ^ is i gpeoted. puts every man on
hisbest behavior in an instant.
Thegovernor's personal friends are^ftw lie and Cornelius VandwrbUt
havebeen intimate for years Mr.^Morton and Mr. VandKbllt dine to^^gether frequently, oddly enough Mr.^Morton and Mr. Dtpaw are not very^ilv personally, although the latter^ll ^booming^ the former.^,,f e mrs . the aneetloa suggested
mostprominently by Mr. Mortoai per-
sonkitty It, will he be ^ candidate for^the preal lency^ There can bo no doubt^thai R would like to be. He has an^h morable ambition in that direction.^At the same time he has a high no^^tion of his personal dignity and would^net engage In any unseemly scramble^for the nomination. In fact, the no^^li,, n of personal dignity seems to bo^the kev to Mr. Melton's character.^Ho lik.s to look upon himself as a^gentleman and would rather bi a gen^^tleman than be president. He would like^like to both, but if he cannot be the^latter without sacrificing Ills title to
theformer be will remain what he is.
Itin only fair to Mr. Morton to say-^that ids political career has bata some^^what marred by his social and finan^^cial prestige. It has been said that^his wealth and influence have been^the source of his political honors.^Tills may be true, but at the same
levir. mouths.
toFrance he .lined and wined Felix^Faure. General I,aussier, ^^ and Cassl-^mer-l'erier. Mr. Morton has dined
withthe Prince of Wales at the tatter's
ownpersonal table in Paris, an honor^rarely accorded. M. (irevy was .lur^^ing his lifetime a warm admirer ,if Mr^Morton, and they both dined vviili the^prince alone ..n one remarkable ,icea-^slon. Mr. Morton has also been the^guest of the Maniuls of Salisbury and^of William K, Gladstone. The gover^^nor Of New York, n.vdlcss to say.^speaks French like a native and was^once complimented on his faculty in^that tongue by no lees a person ig.
thanCardinal Ili.-hard. arehbish..p of
Paris.Mr. Morton is also eoneeraawi^with German and ins Italian is like^^wise very reap* c table,
Instudying the career of Mr. Mor^^ton, a most curious difference between^his career and that of other ^^ If-made^men will bee ^me manifest. The aver^^age American who begins the world^with working and hns his millions^when past l,is prime, rarely bmes ;i
leaderof culture. The Carnegie*, thi-^Pullmans, the Spreck.Is, do not cut^any figure in the social world. With^Mr. Morton It Is different. 11. i- as^powerful in aoeti 1] -the .rue inner cir^^cle^as he is in politics and finance.^His name appears In Ward McAllis^^ter 1 list of the sacr.d I'.a. He can^make and unmake families from the^social point of view. There is bo| a^living American to-day of whom ,; eaa^be said that he leads socially, iinan-^cially and politically with the single^exception of Levi Parsons .Morten.^Buch a r. c ird meani lb il the go^ rner^of New Yoik lias brains In hil head,^Mere money . - .uld n o !w. e achieved^such a result.
Mr.Morton is not WltboVI certain^personal peculiarities although he is^the most yJMali of men and oat of the^most generous, he Is something ,,' g^stickler for etiquette. He thinks the^governorship ,.f n, w York a very dig^^nified position and the BV n who sur^^round him obaerve o,uite punctilious^executive etiquette, Mr. MoftOa is a^great believer in rigid eb. dlenco and^when tie- g .\emor of n\ m Y ^rk s i^ ^ a^thing must be dOM it must ha done,^and that's all there is ab,.iit It, His^military staff are ,,blige.| to obey him^to the letter. John Jacob Astor is a^colonel on the s.aff of the governor and^when It rained t rribly i few n. : ths^ago on the oecaai m ,.f the Washington^arch dedication, the young minion tir.^acted as one .if the gu^iinai*j body
guard.Mr. As. r g t rather hungry^and tired and w. t after hanging about^the governor's headquarters all that^morning. Not one of the MMMfOUn fa-
tlnuesurrounding Um governor dared^say a word about going away ; , t. ^^dry and have a ajaal Finally, when^the parade had been abandon 1. the^governor remarked:
tSentleman,y..u are wet and w.arv.^Pray retire and take a Httle r it C .1 .-^nel Astor as a military man dots not^mind these things. He and the staff^Will remain and act as my HOOK.
BoColonel Astor and tag other yuuth-
H^has been ahot by another man
too;let us go to him!' I saw the lion s^tall erected in anger, and, turning to^the people, aald: t5top a little till I^load again.' While in the act of ram^^ming down the 'bullets. I heard a ^hout^and. looking half around. i saw the lion^in the act of springing upon me. He^caught me by the shoulder.and we both^came to the ground together. Growling^horribly, he shook me as a terrier dog^does a rat. The shock produced a stu^^por similar to that which seems to bo^felt by a mouse after the first grip of^the cat. It caused a eort of dreamlngsN^in which there was no sense of pain or^f ellug of terror, though I was quite^conscious of all that was happening^It was like what patients partially un^^der the Influence of chloroform de^^scribe^they ^ce the operation, but do^not feel the knife. This placidity is^probably iproduced In all animals killed^by the carnivora: and, if so, is a mer^^ciful provision of the Creator for les^^sening the pain of death. As he had^one paw on fhe back of my head, I^turned round to relieve myself of the^weight, and saw his eyes directed at^Mabalwa, who was aiming at him from^a distance of 10 to 15 yards. His gun^which was a flint one, missed fire In^both barrels. The animal Immediately^left me to attack him and bit hla thigh^Another man, whose life I had saved^nfter he had been tossed by a buffalo^attempted to spear the Hon. upon^which he turned from Mabalwe and^seized this fresh foe by the shoulder^At that moment the bullets the beast^bad received took effect and he fell^down dead. The whole was the work^of a few moments, and must have been^his paroxysm of dying rage. In order^to take out the charm from him the^Balcatia on the following day made a^huge bonfire over the carcass, which^was declared to be the largest ever^seen. Besides crunching the bone into^splinters eleven of his teeth had pene^^trated the upper part of my arm. The^bite of a lion resembles a gunshot^wound. It is generally followed by a^great deal of sloughing and discharge,^and ever afterwards pains are felt pe^^riodically In the part. I had on a tar^^tan Jacket, which I believed wiped off^the virus from the teeth that pierced^the flesh, for my two companions In^the affray have both suffered from the^usual pains, while I have escaped with^only the Inconvenience of a false Joint^in my limb. The wound of the man^who was bit In the shoulder actually^burst forth afresh on the same month^of the following year. This curious^point deserves the attention of In^^quirers.
TheMetric Syntem In Kngland.
Itis saf.l .to bo more than likely that^Grea t Britain will Boon adopt the me^^tric system of weights and measures.^A legislative committee composed of^men of all parties In the house of com^^mons has reported very strongly In fa-^for of it. Among the many reasons^which have led the commission to rec^^ommend the contemplated alteration^is 'the conviction that it will contribute^B^ fadHtata Great Britain's trade with^foreign countries. Nearly all of the^latter have adopted the metric system,^and Kngland is now almost the only^country to retain the old-fashioned^style, even the United States having^passed laws rendering the metrical sys^^tem compulsory for pharmaceutical^purposes.
Mealsserved n la Carte on the Great^Northern Lining Car*.^The Great Northern through train,^leaving Butte at 6:10 p. m^ carries a^dining car and will serve supper leav^^ing Butte a la carte hereater. This Is^the only line running dining car out of^Butte. Buffet and library car on every^through main line train.
PurifyAnd Enrich^Your Blood^By Taking
ff Sarsaparilla
Itwas the Only^Sarsaparilla admitted^At World's Fair.
AYER'SPILLS for tha Liver.
time,Mr. Morton has a head of his^own and when the national convention^matbl his rivals for the nomination^may be mad.- aware of the fact very^detinltely.
IncidentOf One Of PV^ Livingstone'* Fl-
geaetmiBanadMlanf )^^ nMae.^One of the most famous encounters^with a lion, from which the chief actor^escaped and was able to relate full par^^ticulars, is that recorded In the life of^l^r. Livingstone. ^I meant.^ he says,^^to have kept it to tell to my children^in my dotage,^ 'but friends considered^It to ma.rv.-l us that he was persuaded^to .vlate it la ills tlrst book. The testi^^mony of su li a man Is far more valu^^able than I oiinis of the average^sportsman m l traveler, and the story^in Dr. Livingstone's own words has (be-
iomc on ^ of the . i tastes of tbi Bngtiab
language. It Is as follows:^^The Bakatla of the village of Ma-
aoatawere troubled by lions which^|e iped Into the cattle pens by night and^destroyed th ir cows. They even at^^tacked the 'herds in op. n day. This^was so unusual an occurrence that the^people believed themselves to ba ga^^witched, 'given.' as they said, 'Into tho^power of the lions by a neighboring^tribe.' They went once to attack the^anhn ils, but being rather cowardly In^comparison with the lie.'bunas in gen-^i : al thi y r. turned without slayin^ any.
Itis well known that if one in a^troop of lions is killed the remainder^liava that part of the country. The^next time, therefore, the herds were^^tta had, I wand with the people toen-^COUrage them to rid themselves of the^nunoyanoo ay destroying one of th^^marauder*. We found the animals on^a small hill covcre.l with trees. The^II* n formed round it in a circle and^u: oh.ally .dosed up as they advanced.^Being below on the plain with I native^lolmaater named Mabalwe. I I iw^on,- of the Hons sitting on a piece of^ro k within the ring. Mahalwe And at^him and the ball hit the rock on which^the animal was sitting. He bit at the^spot truck, as a dog doe.* at a stick or^Itone thrown at aim; and then, leaping^away, broke through MM circle and cs-^caped unhurt. If tha liakutla had not^^ed according to the custom of the^country they would have speared him
^^ ~ at tenant t^ pal ^^ut. but they
UN:.^ ,i | t,, attack him. When the^circle was reformed we saw two other^lions in it. but dared not Are lest we^'^' 1 1 I s 'ti.e of the people. The^Vasts bunt through the line, and. as^^'^ Wl .. nt the men could not be^pr.a.i l | up ,n to face their foes, we
footsteps toward the village.^In Iin and the end of the hill 1
i^ ^'i sitting on a piece of rock,^ah ut m yarda off, with a little bush In^ft al ^' him 1 took a good aim at^i- .urt the bush and fired both^bai is im,, a. The men called out,^'J!^ is UMt, he Is shut:' Otluvr* crie.il,
TheLatest From Sooth Africa.
Latestadvices from Johannesburg and^other South African mining camps show^that valuable properties are being con^^stantly located.
Experiencedminers, machinists, engi^^neers, carpenters and timber men arc al^^ways In demand at good wages, while^fruit growing offers lucrative occupation^to parties understanding the business^and desiring to enter that field of indus^^try.
Johannesburg,a city .of 00,000 souls. Is^an excellent market for the various kind*^of fruit, which may be raised in abund^^ance in Che vicinity of the town at small^cost. The only fruit growers in the coun^^try, being an indolent class, do not sup^^ply the demand.
Personsdesiring to visit the ^Coming^Country^ can obtain Information by call^^ing upon or addressing tho undersigned,^agent for all steamship lines.
Throughtickets to Cape Town, Johan^^nesburg. English, Continental, Scandina^^vian and Finish points; In fact, to any^point on the globe, at lowest rates.
J.E. DAWSON, General Agent,^11 North Main street, Butte.
ivUna to I'rorta via ^Tlio Milwaukee^^Commencing Sunday, Sept. 22d^1895, the C, M. ^ St. P. Railway will^inaugurate dally through buffet sleep,^irg car service between St. Paul and^Minneapolis and Peoria, III., passing^through Faribault, Owatonna, Austin^Marshalltown, Oskaloosa, Keithsburg^etc. Leave Minneapolis 4:00 p. m. and^St. Paul 4:10 p. m. daily, arriving at^Peoria 10:00 o'clock next morning. For^particulars apply to local ticket agents,^cr address J. T. Conley, Assistant Gen^^eral Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
ai i.iiiy s Ufa naa*d
M\baby had croup and was saved by^gbUoa'a Cure,^ writes Mrs. J. E. Martin,^of Hiintsvllle, Ala.
Takingeffect Oct. 10th the Hurllng-^ton route will sejl first-class tickets to^all Missouri river points at $33; second^class. Ma, Phil Daniels. T.. F. and P.^A.. Uutte; W. W. Johnston, C. A., Hill^^ings, Mont.
Thereduced rates to the eastern^points go into effect on the 10th via^the Great Northern railway. Second-^class rate to St. Paul. Minneapolis and^Duluth. mo, Hates to points East, cor^^respondingly reduced. City ticket of^^fice 41 North Main street.
THISOLD RELIABLE SPECIALIST,^friend and benefactor of suffering hu^^manity nteas no Introduction or recom^^mendation to the sick and afflicted of San^Francisco and the Pacific coast. For^many years his offlces have been located^at 737 Market street, opposite the Exam^^iner office. He Is a graduate of the best^medical college In the world and has^made a life-long study and practice, in^famous hosptitals and elsewhere, of Ner^^vous, Chronic and Private diseases of^men and women. His well-known name^Is a sufficient guarantee of a perfect cure^of every case he undertakes.^Have you
Doesit concern your health, and all^that depends upon your health
DoesIt trouble and perplex you until^your head aches and your heart seems^too full to hold It
Isyour manhood trembling In the bal^^ance
Doyou feci tho need of sympathy,^counsel and aid
Thencome to Dr. Sweany, and in sa^^cred confidence tell him all.
Hewill do more than help you keep^your secret, lie will help you to forget^it.
Diseasesfully cured soon cease to be^even matters of memory.
Don'tconfess to your family. It will^only cause them shame and grief.
Don'ttell your closest friend. Friend^^ships are not always lasting and the^temptation to gossip is great.
Ifyou cannot come to San Francisco^write Dr. Sweany freely and fully, with^the assurance that your letter will be^k^pt carefully concealed from curious^eyes.
OfficeHours^9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 and 7
to8 p. m. Sundays, 10 to 12 a. m. only.
737Marke St., S. F., Cal.
Oppositethe Examiner office.
WhenTtahy na: sleh, yrr gave her Onsforto,
Whenaho was a child, she cried for Castoria.^Wbea Fhe became Miss, r.he clun^7 to Casroria,^When bhe hud v'ii.iaren, she gave them Caste: l
Fsfrlr.Spwil and Cnmfnrt
'Can be had by using the Northern Pa^^cific. Th. lr train Is the first to reaeih St.
Paul,Bntwttfcaaadkni rhe met u does not
leaveButte until 10:30 p. m., four hours^and 30 minutes later than trj.na o:i any^other line.
ReduceJrates to Austria, Germany^Sweden and all points In Europe. T.ekfts^to Chicago, No* York. Boston, Philadel^^phia and all eastern and Canadian points.^Call at Butte, Anaconda a Pac.llo pas^^senger depx for rates, maps, etc.
| Ilarper la a gentleman's whiskey.
whoca.c to pay a little more than the cost^Of ordinary trade cigarettes will find the
Madefrom tbl highest cost QoM Leaf^grown in Virginia, and are
Isnow issued in
Makingit the largest and best Daily^Newspaper published between^Chicago and San Francisco.
itr.n.rrto't. Hint, I^ ''^Im fiptmtwrkn, am^^ II ^nfcMlth. moil dlathtrvet. Wr*m S.rtag*.
STWoftin.HoJSuin. PreTeivtsiWctur^s^^ all^forma o^IVriTtte Diaetiei of both nal; ajidTMnale.
IIJlr^m ,11, ^!^ ..'^^ .0 ^M ..Mr.^, it si.on.^^In ifiivu Al.aior I. - Tb.Btst' of ill jlmil.r r^n.dl^.^^' pa HKiRT RFJ.T, S.JJrforJ. *^.
MALYDORMFC. CO., Lnnonstxr. O., U.'.*^Agts. Newbro Drug Co., Butte, Moot.
P!hlekr.t.V. T nt'l.h Diamond Hraatf.^ENNYR0YAL PILLS^OrlCif .^1 an.) Only Crnrnfar.
erc. ajwn,}* r-liable, lad*ct^ a.^Lirngfitt frtr'OtieUrnlnr a I'nq'uk fhh *^^ I Brand In \U A g^c^1 '^uU n^^ulhc\^jhoKM. irilcd with I'. . ritihoi. T^k^^In^^ mlhrr*^ H*H^r*r^iuM tuktttht-
oristintt imifufiiina At Urugtiati. or fvi 4*u^j i-tuni's f t imrtl-ularn, IraltataotiUi aid^*^ llfllrf fbr l-B'Ilrfc** ^^^ rttmrm^7 MmIL l r.imo Ti aHmoniala Vmi fcaawr.^i '4 Mfheata^r^ llcialctdCa^MatfMpM S^^^^^^oU bj ail Lx-ftJ Pruaina.rbllmdav. P
\Vi will mail on UM -t-^tlom.fTM information how^t.i ltow luiir upon a itM^ton.I. btop filling hair
,i11 1 ri'DluVP ni alp ^llM\1aV.^.
Al lr-
IHK i-t TUH Street,^I'UH'illllati, 0.
aPages,^7a Columns.
16Pages,^na Columns
The(beater Standard contains each ilay In^addition to the en.rial news et the world, full^Amoclate.1 nam ami Special State Heports^a^complete newspaper.
Whoaims to keep^abreast of the times
Takesthe Standard.
Dallyand Sunday, per monthg 1.00
aa .. one year, lu advance... lo.oo^Sundsy only, one year, In advance 2.00
a*AU postmasters and newsdealers author^^ized to receive subscriptions.
Ifyou are. see thai your ticket froa^aaapolls, lit. 1'aui or Duluta reads I
(C.5t. P. M. ^ O. Ry)
Three(3) Klrtt Class Trains Lsare Min^^neapolis and St. Paul for Chicago on ar^^rival ot trains from Anaconda as follow*!
LeaveMianeapolU 7:30 am; St Paul ^iio an.^Dally. Badger State Kiprets.^lias Parlor Car to Chicago. ArrlT* Mil^^waukee b.OO pin; Chicago 9:4} pm.
LeaverUnneapoUi 6:00 pm; St. Paul 6:js pm.
ExceptSunday. Atlantic ^ Southera^Express. Mas Wagner Buffet Sleeper and^HIKE Chair Car to Chicago. Arrive Chi^^cago ^;t^0 am.
LeaveMinneapolis 7:jo pm; St. Paul 8:10 pm.
DallyFamous North-Wettern Limited.^Has Pullman and Wagner PrlTate Com-^panment and 16 section Sleepers and^Buffet smoking Library Coaches to Chica^^go. Sleeper to Milwaukee. Breakfast in^Dining Car before reaching Chicago. Ar^^rive Milwaukee 7:V^ ara; Chicago ^:su am.
ForIllustrated Folder FREE dsscrtptlvs^of Splendid Train Service via This Line to^Bloux City. Omaha, Kantas City, Duluth.^Ashland, at well as to Milwaukee and^Chicago. Call on your Horns Agent or ad^^dress
(jeaeralPaiienger Agent,
MontanaCentral Railway
TbaPopular Koute to St Paul.Chlcaga^New York and all Points Bast.
oUi TL-ltELLlNA bXPKcSS Lvs ..
:io p. 1
...8 a. 1
No.IOO Main St.. Butte^g. L VurT.nky.j. E. Dawsox,
Q.P. A^ St, PauLQ. A.. Butte.
Prescription1 ^59
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Trya Want Ad
inthe Standard
Butte,Anaconda Si Paclflo R. R.
Alltrains arrive and depart from Butte,
AnacondaA J'aelflc Depot.
No.3, Butte exprrsa. dallyUM a in
No.1. Dutte expreaa, making^connection at Hutte with Great^Northern Railway through^tralnn from East IM Weat, ar^^rive* dally^.'^ p ra
No.2, Butte expreaa, departs^dally : 9:00 a m
No.4, Butte express for St. 1'aul^and all Eastern and Western^points, duuarts dally3:00 p ra
MontanaUnion Tims Card.^(Trains Arrive at Anaconda).^No. I*, from Garrison and all^point* weat on the N. P10:30 p m
No.1^!, Butte express11:35 a m
No.Iu3, Butte express6:00 p m
(TrainsLeave Anaconda).
No.104. Hutte passenger10:30 p m
No.100, Iiutte express9:00 a m
No.MA iiutte expreaa2:20 p ra
TrainNo. 10 connects at Butte with N.^P. east-hound overlond train.
No.102 connects at Silver Bow with U.^P. fast mall
Butte,Anaconda Si Paclflo R. r.
TimeSchedule.^All trains arrive and depart from Great^Northern Depot at Butte.
ARRIVEIN BUTTE.^No. 2, Anaconda exprcsa arrive*
dally10:00 a n*
No. 4, Anaconda express, con^^necting wirh Great Northern^Railway through trains for^East and West, arrive* daily... 4:15 p ra^DEPART FROM BUTTE.
No.S. Anaconda express, leaves^dally 10:43 ^ ffl
No.1, Anaconda express from St.^Paul. Helena and Intermediate^poiiita. leaves dally0.00 p m
No.2. Garrison express11:30 p ra
No.100, Anaconda express10:00 a m
No.102. Anaconda express3:50 p m*
No.607, U. P. fast mail7:15 a m
No.L Garrison express8:30 a ra
No.101, Anaconda express10:30 a m
No.103. Anaconda express6:00 p m
No.602, V. P. fast mall4:00 p ra
Connectsat Stuart with train from^Deer Lodge and Garrlnoo.
No.7, from St. Paul, Chicago^and all Eastern points, arrlvea^Northern Pacific local depot^daily at 9:1S a m
m.U. No. 2, from Spokane, Ta-^coma. Seattle, Portland and all^Coa^t points, arrives Montana
Uniondepot da.ly at11:30 pm
m.U. No. l for Spokane. Taco-^ma, Seattle, Portland and all^Coast and California point*,^leave Montana Union d^pot^dally at 8:30 ^ m
No.8, for St. Paul, Chicago and^all Eastern. Southern and Ca^^nadian points, leaves Northern^Pacific local drpct dally at10:30 pm
CroatNorthern.^TRAINS LEAVE RUTTE.^Train No. 24, Atlantic express,^east-bound, for St. Paul, Chi^^cago, New York and all east^^ern points6:10 p ra
TrainNo. 2, Butte and Helena,
expresss:00 a
TRAINSARRIVE BUTTE.^Train No. 23, Pacific expres*,^west-bound from St. Paul, Chi^^cago and all eastern points 3:30 pm
TrainNo. L Helena and Butte^ezpre*U:00 p m
No.7, From St. Paul, Chicago^and all Eastern points, arrives^Northern Pacific Local Depot^dally at
No.8, From Spokane, Tacoma.^Seattle, Portland and all Coast^points, arrives Montana Union^Depot dally at
9.15a 1
11:30p ra
No.7, For Spokane, Tacoma,^Seattle. Portland and all Coast^and California points, leave^Montana Union Depot daily at 8:30 a m
No.8,For 6t. Paul, Chicago, and^all Eastern, Southern and Ca^^nadian points, leaves Northern^Pacific Lccal Depot daily at... 7:00 p m
PullmanSleeping Cars, between Butt*^and St. Paul, upholstered Tourist Sleep^^ers; elegant day coaches and dining car^*ervice on all through trains.
ForInformation, time cards, map* and^tickets call on or write W. M. TUOHT,^Gen Agt 28 East Broadway, Butte,^Mont'., orCHARLES S. FEB,
GeneralPassenger Agent,^St. l'aul Minn.
Throughcar service is appre^^ciated on long journeys. II^you have do3ided to send your^wife and little ones to tha^^White Mountains to the sum^^mer resorts of the St. Lawrence,^to Portland, Bar Harbor, or^points on Iho coast of M;iinoi^the through car service of the^boo Lim from S^:. Paul and^Minneapolis to Boston will be^appreciated Call and see the^agents in reference to the low^excursion rate in effect August^lo to is inclusive.
Uuerat Piiwucar Agent

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