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1he Principal Braiioi Offlo* of Tin vmvtv^AtKliuNo. .1 law Broadway. i utts. Tela.^I lor* No. ill AtiTerUitnit rates furnished oa^^pplleailoD.
'eported far the fetauilsrd by U^liorlr *^Co., DrucfUts*^Oct. 11 Thermometer Barometer. Wind.^^ k m 38 e^g. a bore. 24.40 loebw. NW^^p. m. 41 dey. above. 4.SJ Incite*. ^^Uliibeit tem|^erature yetterday m| Lowest 36.
CarlUpman's Rosalind, union-made.^Fred Orton. piano tuner. Hamilton at
W.T. Melllek. the Idaho calttle king,^Is In the cltv.
JohnJ. Brouchall returned yesterday^from California.
MontanaEmployment ofllce, 122 N.^Main street. Butte.
JamesA. Murray returned yesterday^from an eastern trip.
Watchcleaning;, $1.(0; main springs,^$1. Wararnted. Mayer. 40 West Park.
Bathsat Murray's, under ^The Com^^bination^ on Sundays from 8 to 12 a. m.
Fora practical education, attend^Butte Business College, Owsley block.
DanTewey returned yesterday from^a visit to Deer Lodate and Aanaconda.
W.W. Johnston, the Burlington road a^commercial agent at Billings, la in the^city.
Governorand Mrs. H: -k.ir.ls and^Miss B. Rlckards are over from Hel^^ena.
Thenew form of ^The Greater^Standard^ meets with universal favor^In Butte.
Newforms of blanks for Quarts and^Placer locations can now be had at^Standard office, 21 E. Broadway.
Wemake cigars to suit your taste^at the J. T. Cigar Factory, oppositi^First National bank. North Main st.
Effortsare being made to break to^harness some of the elk that have been^at the Columbia gardens the last sum^^mer.
BeginningOct 10. the Northern Pa^^cific rate to St. Paul and Duluth. sec^^ond class, eastbound. will be reduced^from }35 to S30.
WilliamMurrlch had his arm badly^sprained at the Parrot smelter yester^^day and was removed to Murray ^^Freund's hospital.
Thefriends of A. F. Wey, formerly^proprietor of the McDermott hotel, are^pleased to learn that he will soon open^a hotel In Salt Lake.
Marriagelicenses were yesterday Is^^sued to Richard J. Oates and Mlsa^Lizzie E. Pearce and 'to Joseph Trem^^bly and Llszle O'Brien.
Bondand Llllard sour mash, Jl pe-^gallon, $2 per half gallon, 11 per qua*^bottle, 60 cents per pint bottle. Mot-^tana Liquor comany. 26 East Broai-^way.
Toulllook happy, feel better aid^take fewer chances of paying a dooor^bill If you'll come and get one of JUr^new overcoats. Boucher, the lark^Street Clothier.
Haveyou seen our fine worsted $4^pants. Nothing like ithem ever shown^here. Selling like hot cakes. Every^pair guaranteed. Boucher, tre Park^Street Clothier.
FrankAnderson pleaded nJt guilty^to the charge of assault in th^ first de^^gree on Jack Wilson yesterday and^Judge Turner set his examination for^next Monday afternocn.
Careless Results in the Death of^John McArthur.
Whlle'olngThis In the il,.h Or*^Srt a Case struck Him, and^^^ Died * Few Hours^Afterwards.
Contractorm^ ^ riniiui n Will Begin on I^This incrulug.
Workwill begin this mrnrnlng on the^new sewer In BJeel Broadway between^Covert street anc Doe avenue. The con^^tract was let Wtdnesday night by the^council to Conlt-actor John McCrlm-^mon. Owing tr the lateness of the^season. Mr. Mctrimmon will not delay,^but will push tie work to completion^without any d4ay. He will put as^many men at vork as It Is possible to^get on the Job, In order that the sewer^can be completed as soon as possible.^The sewer will be 640 feet In length.
AtMM council meeting when the con-^tnact was let to Mr. McCrlmmon Alder^^man Byrne suggested that some one be^appointed to vaitch Mr. McCrlmmon to^see chat he pays union wages. He un^^derstood that it was the custom with^some contractors to cut wages secretly^and this ought to be stopped.
Mr.McCrlmmon said yesterday after^^noon:
ItIs not necessary to have anyone^waitoh me. During eight months of ithe^year I work for wages myself. As soon^as this contract Is finished I will have^to seek a Job from some of the mining^companies for work. I am a working^man and work for wages most of the^time, and It la very far from my de^^sire or Intention to cut below 'the union^scale. Furthermore. I have always^paid union wages. If any of the alder^^men are under the impression that I^have not, alt all times, paid the union^scale in this community they are labor^^ing under a delusion. I always have^paid union wages, and shall continue^to do so.
Thiswill be the last of the public^work, in all probability, to be done this^season.
Lastyear several contracts were let^by the city to the Workingmen's as^^sembly of the Knights of Labor. Mem^^bers of this union did the work on the^co-operative plan, working themselves^and dividing the value of the contract.^Their Idea in doing this was that they^would dispense with the profit accruing^to the contractor through their labors,^and would get the whole business. This^year the union has not put In a bid for^any of the public work. It Is generally^understood that the experiment of do^^ing the work themselves was not a suc^^cess, the working-men engaged co-oper^^atively In the contracts receiving con^^siderably less than the union scale of^|3 per day.
Thedeath Is announced of M. Alfred^OerlIfi a French sculptor and medalist^of some note, who, accepting the tr.le of^^Citizen Camelinat.^ allowed himself to^be ntnninati'1 by the commune keeper of^the dies in the Paris mint. He escaped^the wors- consequences of this step an 1^continued in a somnwh.xr desultory man^^ner to work at h.s profession.
Anentertainment will be given at^Scandinavian hall to-night by the Tem^^plars of Temperance. Programme by^Miss Sorbin's school of elocution anil^delsarte.
Pianoboxes for sale cheap: Just the^thing for coal. Orton Bros., 305 North^Main
ThomasL. Graham's stage for Sher^^idan, via Silver Star, leaves Southern^Hotel. Butte, dally at I a. in . arriving^at Sheridan at 6 p. m.
joMcArthur. ataltlon tender art^the-foot level of the High Ore mine,^wh^ the ore Is unloaded, was fatally^inj^d to-day. The west shaft at the^Hi/Ore was not in use to-day, owing^to me repairs that were being made^toie chairs at the 1,200, and ore waa^beg 'hoisted In the east shaft from the^;u^ot level. Between 11 and 12 o'clock^th ore was coming up slower than^u^l, and McArthur carelessly de^^cided the pump shaft a few feet and^srted to o.l the chairs alt the 40. In^o.er to retch the otialrs he stuck his^hid out Into the east ahaft and, while^1 was In this position, the cage came^u swlfttls with a load of ore. McAr-^lur did lot hear It coming or, If he^id, he dfl ndt hear It soon enough to^escape, and the bonnet of the cage^struck hm Just above his left eye and^caved (hi skull in like an eggshell. He^was relieved Immediately to the Sis^^ters' hopital, where the Injury was^pronour/ed fatal. Several pieces of^broken Skull were removed and the^orbital process, that portion of the^skull potecting the eye, was also re^^moved. The injured man gave no sign^of retuning consciousness, and It was^once tought that he was dying on the^operatig table. He rallied, however,^but t* doctors said he could not live^more'han a few hours. In addition to^the rushed skull, he also sustained^sevcal cuts and bruises on his head,^whin were not, however, of a serious^nairre.
jcArthur1s about 30 years old and^urnarrled. He la a brother of ex-City^M-rshal Charles McArthur, who Is now^a Rimini and of ex-Street Commia-^s^ner P. F. McArthur. He has aiwth-^f brother, Ed., who Is station tender^t 'Che Never Sweat, and he also has^, brother In Canada. He also has two^istera In Butte, one of them unmar-^!ed.
DeputyMine Inspector Miles vlsltsd
themine soon aflter the accident. He^found the Shaft and chairs In perfect^condition, and states that the accident^resulted from McArthur's own careless^^ness. It was his duty, Mr. Miles says,^to oil the chairs about once a week,^during the noon hour, and he had no^business to oil them when the shaft^was In use.
McArthurdied late yesterday after^^noon and the body was removed to^Sherman's undertaking rooms. Coro^^ner Richards will conduct an Inquest at^the Butte undertaking moms at 2^o'clock Saturday afternoon.
tlonaof Montana, Mr. Kohrs was In^St. Paul Tuesday and. on being Inter^^viewed aa to the feeling of the people^here on the all-absorbing topic of free^coinage, he made the following senten^^tious and truthful statement:
Thepeople, and particularly the^newspapers of St. Paul and Minneapo^^lis, are taking a strong stand against^the west on the allver question. This^will hurt these clttea. We, In the West,^are not buying anything we can help^In these cities. We don't believe In^patronizing our enemies, and we regard^these cities as our enemies on the cur^^rency question. There Is Just as much^Interest as ever in that question.
ThisIs a legitimate reflex of Mon^^tana opinion, and It may be aald that^Mr. Kohra Is a far more competent^Judge than Wilbur F. Sanders or any^other corporation attorney or played-^out politician.
TheMead-ryllle Blaze and Znrre Ber^^nardo r^l^.n.-eil at the Same I line.
Thetwo buildings which were burned^down In Meadervllle early yesterday^morning were owned by Joe Allemandl,^whose loss Is about 11.500, with no In^^surance. One of the buildings was oc^^cupied by Zucco Bernardo's saloon and^the other was vacant. The fire has^stirred up quite a sensation in the^Italian colony and is the principal top^^ic of conversation among the Italians.^The Are was undoubtedly of Incendi^^ary origin and thcr are a number of^Italians, Including Allemandl himself,^who believe that It was started by Ber^^nardo himself who has not been seen^slnoe he closed up ^his saloon yester^^day morning about a quarter of an^hour before the Are broke out. Ber^^nardo Is about 45 years old, and he was^married about three years ago to a^handsome Italian girl of less than halt^his age. His wife skipped out very^suddenly last Wednesday, and It Is^supposed that stie eloped with Joe Mar^^ti, one of her fellow countrymen, with^whom she was very Intimate, who Is^said to have left on the same train^with her. The Italians in some way^connect yesterday morning's flf^ with^the elopement, but It la Impossible to^get at the real facts In the case.
TheYoung men Was Tee Merited to^Mpaak Hie Name- nosey and watch.
Adaring hold-up occurred a little be^^fore 12 o'clock last night at the corner^of Montana and Broadway. A young^man who was too exoited to give his^name was held up ait the point of a re^^volver and relieved of $18 and a gold^watch. The young fellow met Officer^Parlln less than 100 yards from rhe^corner, but he was too badly fright^^ened to call for help.
Foreignln-ar.ince CompuiM.^From dhe Blirhtrs Gazrtttex
Thedecision of the supreme court^Monday that the law requiring foreign^Insurance companies to pay a filing fee^of 50 cents on each $1,000 of their capi^^tal stock Is unconstitutional, may re^^sult In some embarrassment. Montana^Is not any too well off financially, many^of the appropriations by the last legis^^lature not having been available on^account of the scarcity of funds, and^the revenues of the state are barely^sufficient to meet the expenditures.^There are some thirty odd foreign fire^Insurance companies doing business In^Montana, their capital stock being in^round numbers. $:I7.000.000. Thus their^filing fee would amount to about $1^.-^000. and when the life Insurance com^^panies are taken Into account the ag^^gregate would probably rea^-h $2j.0O1.^As we understand the law this Is not^m annual tax. but a fee required to be^paid but once, and at first glance it^does not appear to amount to much.^But If the law is unconstitutional It Is^presmnat] that the companies that have^paid this fee are entitled to have It re^^funded, and no doubt they will require^the state to do so. That Is Where the^emKirrassment wll come In, and It^will be equal to the state losing a rev-^enu .' of some $25.00^.
aflMKind nr.Talk.
Fromth^^ Great Falls Tribune.
ItIs refreshing to kn,w that once In^a while a Montana man when he gets^Into eastern cities is not afraid to tell^the truth regarding the sentiments of^the people of the state. Such a man Is^Con Kohrs of Deer Lodge. He la an^old-timer and his busin'-ss Interests are^such that he is acquainted in all sec-
Iundent* I News From Every Part of the
Moiur.itHolly, N. J., Oct. H^During a^row M a color. J cake waik near Mores-^town U^: n.ght. J.i:ne^ ll.tnu'.rty, col^^ored, shoit I'har'fe* W'hiMn un, Beta Silas^Weesel'l. George Whittaker and Charles^W hi'mam, no: ^ of whom aire expwuvl to^recover. Some one rh^:i shot JlUggerty^In the back. Th* wound is considered^mor:*l
Alextydrla,Oct. 1*.^a ferry boat hav^^ing 60 pawerJrt ns on li^.ir i. oolliiU-1 to^^day near Ca1 m with a ^*: im -r at an-ihor.^The ferry bou't c.ipsiz. J ant 50 of those^on board, moe-dly workmon, were^Jr : 1. - I.
SanFranetsco, Oct. II.^St. Claire aimd^Ha'n.'^n were hainc! to-lay for murdVr^on th* 'hisrh e^u^. They k'lie-l Mate F.ts-^g*r^ild of 'the lurk KSSSST, atwl threw his^boJy ovierbovord. They eeaJMSd to ro'.xe^the vewsK-l after nnlr I Masf tile officers,^sail to ChUe and ajageafa, in cctstwvse^Math
.Newr^vk, Oct 18.^Thi Mat of the Bol-^(fjera' Qrpham Home of H.. Louis agajist^Russel S^age, George J. Ooukl, ot a I., ex^^ecutors of t^he estate of the late Jajr^Gould, was disoorj;j.uied to-day in the^supreme count by mutual agreement. The^suit wxs brought to recover sCueks auid^bouida of 'the ngsM of $l.us^.uu0. ^Uch, It^is udefouJants wrongfully du-
NewYork, Oct. 18^ Morris Scho.^nholx.^a convict**! firebug, was to-.lay sentenced^to IS ytars In Uie s'.ate prison. Scboen-^^holz was led from the court weep.ng.
Washington,OJL 18.^A pardKii hast^been gnamed by the presSJw* to (Jeorge^M. Vain Leuven, sentenced In Iowa to ;m-^prlsoramwn't for two years ar.U $1,U00 tine^for violation of t be peros.an1 J'aw.
WaSlurgton. Oot. IS.^A telegram was^'received at 'the jvuvy depa'ftm^wt this^marnOng from Mr. Orr sit MgesTtftk stat^^ing thai;, William Ou'Jld, mm of the mayor^of Nlaif'hviaie. had been sjccidienitally shot^and k'Jted there la'st eventing. The tele^^gram was tordwardad ^o Harper's Ferry^to trttjercept 'ohe nvay*r and daugihter, who^were an routs to Newport-News, wJieru^the young lady was to chrisien the gun-^boa't Nais'hvillle. te-mcrrcw.
Toledo.Ohio, Oot 18.^Testvrday tool^makers in all bicycle fae^to^r.n* except Vi^^king, amd i'n the machine sho.i^ of the^city, struck for a 10 per cent, advance of^wages. The Mamufaorurers' aK-eocatlon^this mornv..ng pwted notice* that rtretr^shops wwre closed. Th^e makes nwarty^G.000 Uie men to-diay.
Taris.Oct. 18 ^A *-pedU! to tlhe Eela'ire^from St. Petersburg says an exchange of^oommunrtcitVoii's ^ha* occurred hs%S*MSl^tihe Rusistan gnveminwinit amd ^be Japan^^ese minister at St. iKs.vr^sburg wXh r^f.r-^enee to the rercnit du wier* at Seoul, the^capital of Cor n. The Japanese minister^aisfured the Ru^is.n ajovei^nme.nt that i^o^culprJtis wiil be puno-i/n-.l. But Kut- a N^^o have ati^swvr*d ^lie \va* forced im^consequence of t'he riots to take Snips^eon*d' ire'd irMce5*'a'ry' to piweirve oruVr^ami niaJte the fjasenamen: mdtpendent of^foiei^rn iin .'erferen-'e.
Shainifhai,Oct. 18.^Adf.ieioniil advices^fnom Ktschow, wlh.-re the si;'^am^hlp Ku.n^SWee was dwtroy. 1 by am explosion^whuwh sank Ikt In ^shallow waiter la~t^W^^ni^i-.lay, cciWlrms 'tihe exclu^lre dis-^MtMk to the |gs^WlsM| press which sta^^ged t'tre^ lofs of life ^m belleAisl to be^w-ry gireat. The Kuen Sh.e was loa.lej^with troops. The expii.m.O'n, tihe cause of^which Is unknown* completely wreckel^the forward pomtlonl of the .-':ea.msh;p and^only 2t of tiho^^ on' board were saved.
NewYork. Oot. IS.^Miller, 8cho.ll ^^Co. will ship $400,000 Amerdan ftsl to^ru'en^m Ay era.
Ph-iadtiiphta,Oct. 18.-dJdward N. Slo-^cum. one of the pioneers of mineftret'sy,^djed y^et':^^r.lay evening alt the home of^his flo'rmMr partmer, Le w Simmons, In this^^ ^Jty. Ho was borm 'in Columbus, Oh.Ot HU^y. ia n^ a^'
KanakasFasalng away.
Thenatives of the Hawaiian Islands^and of Honolulu especially, view with^suspiolon every movement of the white^doctors on those Islands. The cholera^that Is now raging at Honolulu Is the^culmination of the natives' refusal to^obey the rules laid down by the Hon^^olulu health board.
Thenatives of Honolulu believe that^the white people there are bent upon^destroying them. Perhaps they are not^wholly to blame for holding such an^opinion. A half century ago the na^^tives of the Hawaiian Islands number^^ed over 175,000. They have now dwin^^dled down to a little less than 50,000.^Civilization has done but little for^them. Since the advent of Americans^and Europeans to those Islands they^have become the victims of the mom^loathsome of European diseases.
Thesame may be said of the Hawai^^ian as of the African, that they imbibe^all the vices of civilization and but a^small part of fts virtues.
Inanother 25 years a Kanakan will^be a curiosity In Honolulu. The Ned^Is passing away faster than the Amer^^ican Indian. The land that was onca^theirs will know them no more. The^native fully realizes this. They, how^^ever, live a happy-go-lucky kind of a^life. Their ftte they have accept^ 1 ai^I matter of course. It is their belief^that Uie whites on the islands have^combined against them for the purpose^of exterminating them.
SheIs Younp, Attractive, a Good Cos-^turner and a Tough.
TheGirl Is In a Prison Cell, Which^She Says ^la Nlco, I Don't^Think ^ - A Reform^School Subject.
SATURDAY'SCape and Jacket Sale
Cpona complaint to the county at^^torney yesterday by an aiunt and uncle^of the fjtrt, a warrant was issu.-l for^the arrest of Itessie Penrod on the^charge of vagrancy. The girl Is a way^^ward nnss, l^s.s ^hn 16 years of age.^and until a few months ago was a re^^spected member ^ f a very respectable^family of t^.iutli Butte. According to^the story told the prosecuting ohVers,^the gtrfl mother t]| 1 it L .^ I\.;^enl y.ais ago and h--r fitlieT placed^her In a ceivent art Penver, and then^utiati'lotied her entirely. She remained^In the convent uniW about a year ago^and was then taken out und brui^iit^td liutte hy her aunt, with whom she^lived until last 4th ..t July. On that^.lay she went to Anaconda ^n .111 ex^^cursion and was exp-cled t^ return In^ti e evening, but she did not return^until two or three days later. It was^^ i^ I'.rs: timi - in r guardians ha I cause^to su^p. ^: inythlng wrong, but she told^:.h^tn 1l1.it she visit.il with a lady^friend in Anaconda, and that she had^seeuied a i^.-,tion In the family of an^attorney of that olty. ^^n this re-pre^^sent 1 thin she was perm.tted to go back |^to Anaconda, but her uncle started an^Investigation and learned that she had
110position and had not beet, wlUi the^M ^ 1 referred to. The girl was^brought hack to Hutteaiul remained at^Imme only a few el.iys nml -then ran^away. Waen rfhe was found again she^was an inmate of the Castle, a house of
111repute, and refused to return home.^After that she was also found In a^ro ^m In the Copper block, and It la^oharged that she frequented resorts |^even lower than that. Her relatives^linailly concluded to bring the matter to^the attention of the ooumty attorney,^and the warrant for vagrancy was is^^sued, and if It is found, upon a hear^^ing, that she Is un'der 18. she will be^In! .rnie.i against in the district court^for Incorrigibility and sent to the re^^form school. Since the girl has left^her home she has become well known^to the police. She Is a very attractive^girl, and rather bright.
1he warrant was issued from Judge^Alnven's court on a complaint signed^by Officer Gray and the girl was ar^^rested about 10 o'clock last night hy^Officer J. J. Anderson and locked up In^the women's departnient of the county^jail. She was very Jolly until the keys^were turned on her ajid laughed and^whistled merrily. ^In a prison cell I^sit,^ she sar.g. but when she was^shown to her ^room^ the smile left her^face, and she remarked ^Well, this Is^nice^I don't think.^ The girl's ap^^pearance hardly bears out the state-^m -nt that she Is less than IK years of^or^, for she looks to be all of 18. Her^Sold spsrtarl^-s and slU dress look '.l a^111 tie out of place in a Jail, and the^Jailer r. maik. d, ^That's the*best look^^ing vag I have ever had.^ Her bonda^were placed at $.'.^^0. and It Is probible^that she will have to remain In Jail un^^til her trial.
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