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Bxtte De prtment.
4 a 8me fSdtoO0.
t Was Partleularly Notleatble
That t ie tmo learn Has lIe.
PION - Stter Playing AU
Arenmd-A Pow A.eldents.
Totr-awe hbombed people wtMases
* the b meatioa of the football sea
- h aM yeMsterday afternoon and
-me the Al Nebeuska team go down
behee the Yietosisus Hatter by a score
49 a to. While all the ooadltlons
whoe surreaded the game were net
a amspleuees as could have been
Wlghe1 fer, the eathubesets derived a
qu~etent measure of happiness roen
as aet that their dols won the open
ft om of the season and, too, with
Seo their opponents. To
IM ghth the threatening weather
iarnAd to keep a great many people
a eat the grounds, ad at about
the hrat whlo the game wg ea
ageaged to oommence, by which time
he elesds had eleared away to a great
ntent, sevesal headred people who
Vere eaioinly waiting up town for
street ears to the battle ground were
isnpslbd to either walk down or go
bask bease. For some reason or other
se street ear service was very poor,
but for which feet the attendance
weuld have been much larger. And
Smelly the Nebraskas were so easy that
the buttes did not really have an ep
potunalty to show their full eapabili
ties. It was easily apparent, however,
that the present Butte teem is a great
gabpuuemeat over that of last season,
bath In its individual makeup and In
team work, which is always the
steragest t in footbalL That the
bard wor of Captain Hooper and
Manager MoMillan has not been with
out good results was abundantly proved
by te feet that the team work of the
eaters was very nearly perfect
all of the players went Into It;
eand that they did not all get Into It on
eyegy play is doubtless due to the fact
that they bad such an easy game. The
same may be said of their interference,
mad for the sane reasons It was brill
lent ead efectual at times, while at
other times It was weak and ragged.
There is a marked and gratifying
ro t over last year however,
in the team work and Interference
and thin Improvement will continue an
on there is nothing left to be desired.
Ine oensIve play the Buttes were very
strean aed the weakness which showed
itself at times when they were on the
defeasve Is due to the fact that they
Leo- as yet had a full second eleven
line up against. This dimculty will
remedied at once and the team's
play will soon be up to the
standard of Its offensive play.
the Buttes had the ball they
a confidence that knew no di.
eeigageamnt and they played a quick,
msae tae.
great interest was also centerea in
*.ladivldual playing and all of the
S1 players were closely watched. This
particularly true of Dygert, at left
and Benson at quarter, and
er clever playing quickly elevated
them to the top notch in the approval
d the public. Dygert bucked the line
hard and with unfailing success, and
his phlayig all around wee of the bril
Neat order. Benson strengthened the
team at a unost vital point and one at
wbiih it has always been weak. He
uamps the bell quickly and surely, and
notwithstanding his small stature, he
Sees into every play and makes his
presence felt. It took the crowd only
a few minutes to realise that both Dy
gurt and Benson are very valuable men
Mgd both were loudly cheered. Mc
Plbersom, who for some reason was not
given a chance last year to show what
be could do, put up a great game at
right end. He was all over the field
and in every play and besides tackling
hard epd low he made good gains. Bob
Ellis put up a strong game at the oth
er end. Brahm, the new man at cen
ter, created a very favorable impres
atom and succeesfully stood off an ex
perienced and trickiy opponent. Hoop
er. McMillan. Slater, Perham, Laswell
and Wills, the old men, played with all
of their old-time vim and brilliancy
and they all contributed largely to the
suecess of the team. There was in
baet not a weak spot in the team.
Towards the close of the game sever
al of the substitutes were given a
chance to show their mettle. Among
them Bartlett shows ti up particularly
well. All of the Buttes showed a great
Improvement in their tackling and tht y
seldom missed a pair of legs. The Ne
braskas were clearly outclassed, and
there was no time when they were in
danger of scoring and breaking the
pos egg. Several of Captain Thomas'
tmen disappointed him at the last
minutes and their places had to be
filed with men who were hurriedly
picked up. There was a noticeable
lack et team work and their individual
plynlag was not of a startling rrder.
Shded and Hayward carried off the
lion's share of the honors which fell to
the losers. The visitors played for time
almost from the start and the Duttes
bit at the bait and did a great deal of
talking with them.
Hayward. the Nebraskas right tackle,
mutained a broken collar bone in the
firt half. Lehmer had his nose broken
in the second half and in the last play,
D. Gay Stivers, who was at quarter, re
esived a bad cut over the left eye.
W. I. Armstrong was referee, Thom
as Bowie umpire and A. J. Weaver of
Omaha and Chet Smith of Butte, lines
men. The team limed up as follows:
Name Position Weight
Mga ell.... .... ........L. F..........165
Thomas.... .... .......L T..........185
Wilson................L (3..........18o
Rammang... ..... .... C ..........17
Polear.......... ....R. (..........192
Hayward.... ..... ....R F..........175
Lehmer..... ........... . 1..........148
Fisak.... ..... ......Q. B.........150
Price..... ........ .....L H ..........t5
Sbedd... ...... .......R. I ..........170
Fair....... ......... ...F H.. .t... .175
Substitutes-Weaver. Tuck y. Kelly.
Name Position Weight
Brahm.... ...... .....C.........176
H ooper...... ...... .....L ..........213
McMillan... ..... ......R.. (1. 169
Slater........ ...... .. L. T ......... i 4
Perham ..... ...... .. It. ......... .
MacPherson... ..... .. 1: ........161
sllis............ . ..... 1:...........1:
Beason..... ...... .. . Q. It .........1:::,
Laswell... ....... ... F it.........17:
Dygert..... ............ I..
Gillis........ ....... 1 ...... 1S
Captain Ii' - % . tas a.lI
teek the north ga.l, w h uh gave the
Our Sb.e ot Epit WawaS In prosoume- ~
Cd by an th. lades to be tbe Firnaeot iM11
s«ea e.Cal'as w.:t PARK STRUEE. BUIfL
B '
. w..r mob ea o rt 3Ewa as gets w Ummomuam wiir £ WAS a,!"i 'a ý.... 1
N ar 1 CUM OS, D0lL........,."...1.... .............. .....ta ý
SM_________________e a bob 1 inv. -. BP RTESIfT
/ XBT LVALUES !a .................. s- a LOC
lN~r MIG. t or Pwk Gt S O Law rba yKbr #f ...........S. i.
Gaol.....~~~~~~~e ..... Sle.............. 4 l srt
a dome P~as ema en8 with ! seautVn ! o 36' flEet Weiurle. 4 S. UK weu G
75C t S ftaag 363lt ra a..
sad soft whit! worth, bara. Ep eem sale wo t easE
iered.Pi a a..""""" 7 C w in sa i n a s !s.uwm .t
B3aes the advantage of a streag wind
on their backs. Fair kicked of and
Gillis caught the pigskin on Butte's
15-yard Mae and with a great deed ot
artful dodging carried It bask U
yards. The smoke-eater were desious
of slsing up the ofensive work of their
opponents, and the ball was passed to
lasewell, who panted it 72 yards down
the field and when Fair finally fell on
It, It was only two yards from the
posts which were ornamented with the
visitors' colors. The Buttes followed
up the long kick in beautiful style and
two or three of them dropped em Fair
as he fell on the ball. The Nebraskans
started in to buck the Butte Uise, but
as they made no impression on it at
the irst attempt they dhanged their
tactics. Heyfron was seat around the
left end and was carried down by Per
ham after a five-yard run. sbedi gal
loped of in the same direction, but be
fore he got his legs well In motion
Gllis nailed him. He gained eight
yards, however. In the few jumps that
he took. Fair hit Butte's center for
two yards and repeated the play for
three yards. hedd essayed a sprint
around the left end, but made no gain,
but immediately afterwards gained a
yard through the center. By a great
streak of luck Fair dodged between
Perham and McPherson and tore off
10 yards. McKell was given the ball
for a right end run, but the mighty
Bill Slater broke through the Nebraska
line and carried the runner back three
yards. Heyward started around left
end, but had only taken two steps
when McMillan had him down. Fair
advanced the pigskin two yards around
left end, but the gain was not large
enough and Butte was given the ball
on downs. The first play was a wety
one and one that gave Donald 1ill1s'
admirers an opportunity to test their
lung powers.
Benson tossed 'the ball a little wild
to Perham and it rolled along the
ground in a promiscuous style that
sent a shiver through the crowd. Thg
Nebraskans made a concerted rush for
it, but GIllis snapped it up. With Cbp
tain Thomas' warriors all around him
his first impulse was 'to down Sbe
sphere, but after a hurried glance
whah took in the whole situation he
changed his mind. Taking a step or
two backwards he slipped out of the
struggling mase like an eel and, tuck
ing the ball under his arm, he darted
off around the left end liks a fasdh.
while the spectators yelled themselves
hoarse. The Buttes recovered from
their surprise almost instantly and
gave him as good support as possible.
but he was off so quiok and was run
ning so fast that there were only two
or three of the Butte who could keep
anywhere near him. He shook off six
or eight of his opponents as easily as
though they had been so many files,
and he made a clear gain of 25 yards
and went down with the ball on Ne
braska's 12-yard line. Dygert shot
through the center for five yards and
then flew around the left end to a
touchdown. This was the first oppor
tunity Dygert had had to show the
stuff he is made of and his brilliant
playing was cheered to the echo. The
touchdown was scored In just 14 min
utee of play. aewell kicked the ball
over tise bar and the cheering was
renewed and long continued.
Fair kicked off again for Nebraska
and IAswell caught the ball and car
rtied it back 25 yards, to 15 yards from
the center. Iaswell punted 80 yards
and Fair kicked the ball back to cen
ter. ILswell again punted for 20 yards.
Hayward slipped through Hooper and
Slater for four yards: Fair gained two
feet through the center and Bhedd hit
the line for two yards. Fair bucked
the line .unsuccesatully and Hayward
went through McMillan and Perhean
for six yards. In the serimmage that
followed Hayward's collar bone was
broken by some one falling across his
shoulder and he was compelled to re
tire, Tukey taking his place. Hayward
had been making steady gains for the
Nebeaskas and hia loss crippled them
rather seriously. Captain Thomas at
tempted a run around right end but
Ilygert carried him down before be
got started and he failed to make it.
Nebraska passed the ball back to Fair
for a punt, bat the Buttee broke
through the line so quickly that when
the ball was kicked it struck one of
them in the face and bounded high in
the air. McPherson took the ball out
of a forest of bands that were raised
to catch it and carried it forward five
yards. Then the smoke eaters went at
the Nebraska line in a whirlwind fash
ion and they did all sorts of things
to it. Gills shot around the left end
for ten yards and gained five more
through the center. Slater hit the line
so hard that he carried about half of
his opponents along with him for 15
yards, Leswell. Perham and Gillis
made five-yard gains through the line
and then Dygert hit the center for five
yards and carried the ball to another
touchdown. Lasweli failed to kick the
goal. -..aking the score 10 to 0 in
Butte's favor, after 25 minutes of play.
The only time that the Nebraskas
had the ball during the next ten mia
utes was when they kicked off. Fair
sent the ball to Butte's 10-yard line.
Gillis caught it there and by some
w. nderful runnirg and phenomenal
dodging carried it hick 55 yards or ten
yards into Nebr ska's territory. Cen
ter hu(ks then followed each other In
quick suecersion and Iaiswell, Gillis,
Perhamr. later and Dygert carried the
hall up to with!n a fi.wt of Nebraska's
goarl line and Slater with a mighty rush
t'.,k it: over. i-waiel calculated the
distance and ttw wind to a nicety and
If, 1all ctiled gra' fully between the
I-ts $"re -Butte. 16, All Nebras
ka. to.
The first half ended just as the goal
was kicked. Laswell klebed 44 for
butte at the oominnoemat ef the V
mosud halt ad seat the tau t
the goal posts. This gave the
hd. the spher as their 5-yard ma
They gained sin yards on a end
phy, but MePhereso secured the tall
on a tumble. The visitors regmised
possemsio of It. however. l a mimear
m-aner alter Perbem had -rised three
yards thremi She center "a WLS
had made a seven-yard run left
end. The visitors hit Bautes ester
four times bat gained euny threse yards
and Butte sot the bail on dowas. 041
Ms lost a yard In attempting as end
run. Icewell hit the line for three
yards and Beason panted 15 yards ever
left ead. At this Juncture Dlis seinred
on acosunt of an Injured bwader sad
Bartlett took his place at left end.
Two center backs by Nebraska were
beautifully blocked by Perham and
slater sad Butte agatn got the ball on
Moherson hit 46e center for lye
yards and Slater tore his way through
Wilson and Thomas for 1$ yards and
downed the ball Just Inside of Ne
braska's five-yard line. GNills went
through the same hole for four yards
mad then hit the line end'cmsried the
ball over. Iameall increased his popu
larly by kicking the goal and the seeme
stood 22 to 0.
Benson then dropped out of the ame
on account of sicknees and Dygart
went to quarter, while Brooks replaced
the latter at left half. The apper
ance of last year's captain on the feld
was the signal for hearty applause.
Perthasn caught the ball from Fair's
kick and carried it back beyond the
center and also carried a few of the
Nebraskas along with him just to show
that he has not lost any of his superb
strength. Gillis lost five yards as left
end sad the Nebraskas gat the ball on
downs. Shedd hit the center for three
yards and Fair gained two yards
through the line. Gulls grabbed Takey
at left end after he had made two
jumps and the Buttes took the ball on
downs. Brooks hit the line for three
yards and Immediately afterwards the
ex-captain and his auburn-haired see
cessor gained 15 yards around right end
with their famous belt play. Gillis bit
off 10 yards around left end. Idimer's
nose was broken in the scrimmage that
ensued and Weavor took his place at
right end. Slater crashed through the
line for five yards and Brooks and
G illis made eight-yard gains around
the ends. Sivers replaced Dygest at
quarter and was warmly received. Las
well went through Thomas for three
yards, but a moment later Butte lost
the ball on downs. Slater stopped lair
from going 'throug'h the center, and en
the next play McMillan broke through
the line and carried the runner back
five yards. Fair punted 30 yards and
the ball got away from Gillis and
Wraver pon- his stomach on it. Just be
fore the game ended Mickey Harring
ton replaced Hillis at right half. The
ball wan passed to Fair for a punt, but
h"".' ho rcidd kick it Bartlett broke
through the line and carried him back
six yards. And then the linesman's
wh sale ended the game and the delight
ed crowd made a rush for the gate"
and the street cars.
Passes sad Sleke.
Dr. MaCrimmon. the team's new field
surgeon, gave the injured prompt at
One of uen most pleasant feetures of
the game was the fact that the spec
tators were kept outside the ropes and
were not allowed to crowd in on the
field. Chief Tebe and the police have
earned the undying gratitude of the
players as well as the spectators.
Captain Thomas says that the Omaha
university club which he will bring
to Butte on July 4 will be the best teare
that can be got together and he Is
confident of winning. He says that the
Doane college team whith plays Is
Butte on June 13 Is a very strong or
In Iaswell and Dygert the Butte
team has the two best line buckers In
the West.
J. A. Polcar. the right guard of the
Nebraskas. Is sporting editor of the
Omaha Bee. He is something of a
crackajack on the gridiron.
Captain Thomas Alas been in Butte
with four teamn and has bees beates
three times and given two outs. HI
brought the Omaha university club
here fat on Thanksgiving day. 1p4.
and walloped the Buttes 46 to 4. This
crushing defeat led to the reaganisa
tion of the Buttes and when they mtw
the same team on July 4. 1836. they de
feated them 6 to 0. On Oct. i0. 11.
the Buttee defeated the University of
Nebraska 10 to A
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