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Txtiemestringency In the Hairs fm ( all
Which iii II ii il !^^ (.. i.
NewYork, Oct. !* ^The NWM of^the stock market to-day was dxml-^nated by extreme stringency In the^rates for call money, the ntreiM hig-h^point touched being % per cent, per^day plus ^ per cent. Interest, or al^^most equivalent to 100 per cent, per^annum. The lowest point was 10 per^cent, early in the day and the closing^was at (tti p^r cent. Even al Ike high^pice the offerings of funds were not^large, the supply cumin( chlelly from^the lenders of foreign money and the^trust companies. The stringency was^due to tihe efforts of the hankers to^strengthen themselves at much as pos^^sible In preparation for possible heavy^demnndV for acoommcidatl'ini In the^next few days. The hanks cannot call^loans made on Saturday and loans^made on Friday go over to Monday.^Then again, loana mad* on Monday^must carry over until Wednesday,^The flurry occasioned revived rumors^of the probable issue of clearing house^certificates, but It Is well known such^a step will not be taken except as a^last resource and the present strin.^gency Is not expected to last more than^a few days.
Thestringency Is confined to Wall^Street and it Is stated the needs of the^dry goods and other merchandise are^being supplied at 4 per cent, by their^commission banks. Money Is beng^drawn out of the banks to the extent^that legal tenders can be sac tired. An^Increased demand for cash gold and a^slight advance in the premium, or^^commission^ bullion dealers, was also^noted. Some apprehension Is expressed^that further stringency In money rates^may occur to-morrow. There Is prac^^tically no short time money to be ob^^tained. In one Instance 60 per cent,^was paid for a fire days' loan expiring^Nov. 4 on a loan of 1100,000. The stock^market steadied slightly from time to^time on covering of shorts, but the^trend was downward and closing ut^the lowest of the day.
Stacksand Bond*.
V.8. new 4's registered HUH
U.B. new 4's coupon 116',
V.8. 4's registered luti'i
u.8. 4's coupon IO.Mj
U.8. t's registered 110
V 8. S's coupon Ill
AdamsRx press 147
AmericanExpress 110
CanadianPacific. X',
Burlington V-\
GreatNorthern preferred113
CentralPacific 11*4
IllinoisCentral H
KansasA Texas preferred 23
LakeShore 144'4
LeadTrust 12
MichiganCentral 50
MissouriPacldc Mt
NationalCordage 4H
NationalCordage preferred *'
NerthAmerican Company 4*
NorthernPacific IV,
NorthernPailtlc pnferred
Northwesternpreferred 1411
NewYork Central 9\^*
NewYork A New Kngland I..1,
OregonShort Lino Il'-j
l'acltV Mall Mi
1'iillmaiiPalace |M
HloI i ran dc Western, offered lb
RioOraad* W estern pfd, offered .... 40
PockIsland 61^ i
8t. Paul ^;:^
Bt.Paul preferred IfJH
South,in Pacific 11
SugarIt.finery |UM
UnionPacific TH
tiBttsdExpress 4
FargoExpress N
Westernl'nlntl K^i,
GeneralElectric 17
NationalLinseed 16
Moneyon call very strong at inffioo per^cent,; closed at 80 per cent.: sterling ex^^change strong nt 14 54V(i4 W for demand^and 14 M-e i ^2 for (0 days.
Silver.64%: pig Iron, quiet: copper, eas^^ier; broker's price, 110.60; exchang ^ price.^I10.e04iio.70; lead, steady; broker's price.^$2.60, exchaiiKe pi lee, V X.u : lm.
Chicago,Oct at flttsl skies, were on^a basis of $3.3ti^Q3.36 for the poorest na^the beef steers up to 14.10 fm fancy cat^^tle, with trading largely at 14-174,To,^stockers and feeders, f2.7r.^i'I western^rar.gers were strong with sales of steers^and cows at U.WQl.M
HogsCommon to prime bogs sold at 13^03.45. with the bulk of sales at t3.ltaH.Hi^packers' droves fetching 13'u I ^^.
BheepInferior to good flocks o' sheep^were taken at $1.2f^'it3, and prime native^Sheep wore largely sold at $3^Lamhs sold chlelly at t^ . I.
Reeelpts-CattloS.Ouo; hogs. 2S,00^;^Sheep, 10,000.
Thebullish whirl which wheat rxperl-^erced yesterday afternoon was the in. N^raising of dust by the preliminary gusts^of wind which precede a hurricane. The^i\c rise of the previous .lay was In^^creased In the course of the flrst 5) min^^utes to-day hy an addition of anothei^December, which sold before at Mfce, aohl^as high as tv. The sudden Mm IBS It^seme suspicion that the hand of the ma^^nipulator was on the lever which on.^trolled the movement. But th.ie were^other considerations which haal mueh in^^fluence.
ChicagoProduce Marhet.
Cloee December wheat. Tl'sc; corn.^t4%Jc; oats. l^',c: January pork. P II I i I^$4.45: ribs, 1.1 82. Receipts: Win^bushels; corn. 3T.6.0U0 bushels: outs, DMN^bushels.
BostonMining stocks.
Doston.Oct. 29-lioaton ,\ Mem ih.i^ll's; Unite K I: -.-ton, 1%.
NewVork Wheal Market.
Wheatadvanced at the opening to-day.^scoring a gain of 2 rents. This was fol^^lowed by a partial loss and a nervous^close. News was bullish all day but a^sudden tUhti iiinit of the money market^at midday caused a hasty unloading of^long wheat that broke Dec.nil Bf from^T4s\^c down to ^V
fc-ilil i in. i.. ii Ytli.nl Markft.
BanFrancisco, Oct. 9-- At the local^call gejSftl ^li .it was stroiiK and actlv,^to-day ate I I li.a.- w.i^ ^^^^!^ .t :^^:..^; .^^^^rise In futures, which closed In point-:^hlghi-r than the lowest quotatluii v ^^day.
Iavtip.iiritile l..\^-re^t Ikililiei*.
Fromthe Chicago chronicle.
Theitn r. ase 1 p ipulanty of late of^What are known In society as ^rov^^e-red dinners^ has g I Ileal 11 ll mu^ h at^^tention and hints ns Is) Ike pr set cog.^t^tse^ f.^- mmrk functions ai^- Itn refoi ^^IB older. {5Uch o dinner is usually an j
elaboratefeast, at which, by word of^mouth or footnote In her invitation,^the hoatess exacts that her women^guests shall all come wearing their^hats. The dinner, of course, Is the or^^dinary 8 o'clock meal, served with^state, flowers, many courses and a vast^ili^ l'lay of silver. The women are cx-^pe. 1st. to arrive In frocks of the most^elaborate description, but everyone^must wear a hat. Smiie of them do^rather beg the question by donning^tiny bonnets but a strict observance^of the fad rcallj demands a hat, and^Up bigger, more loaded with flowers,^More plctaresqus as to lulm and gen^^erally daring and Haunting it Is, the^more one la supposed to cat.-r to the^beauty and eccentricity of the funo,^lion. To do the huts full credit the^hostess arranges her lights so as to^^how off their proportions and OOtOVI^to the best advantage, and the result^of these dinners has been a boon to the^milliners, while disastrous have been^the effects on many an Indulgent hus^^band's |mk-kct.
Prlnresees Matrhea Thai llaie^llroken h^ rirkle Lovers.
Fromthe San Francisco Chronicle.
Jiltingis an Indignity which Is by^no means confined to maidens of low^degree. It is a slight to which prin^^cesses of the blood are frequently sub-^Jei-ie-i, iho Insult being the mure pain^^ful to gear in soMequeBOi tt its glar^^ing publicity. Royal ladles are so^conspicuous b^ reii-.in nf their lofty^station that when tin princ-ly knight^breaks the troth that he hug plight. .1^and iiiles away,^ the whole world la^at once Informed thereof In a manner^that Is Intensely galling to the pride^and cb llcaey of the Illustrious damsel.
Attentionto the Jilting of royal^princesses Is celled by the- oltliial be-^iiotii.il the other day of Prim ^ ss Ihi-^ene of Montenegro to the only son nnd^heir of King Humbert of Italy. Tull,^stately and Very dark, her beauty be^^ing of the statuesque type, she was^i.mealed from her earliest childhood^at the court nf St. Petersburg tinner^the personul direction ns w il as at^the cost of the now widowed czarina,^the avowed object of the latter being^to ill the girl for the position of en-^sort to the czurowux, now the em^^peror. As soon as ever she was old^enough she was affianced to him, the^match being prompted by the all-pow^^erful Pan-Slavist party, which openly^expressed its aversion to any German-^born and Lutheran princess, and Its^strong preference for an empress who^would be a Slav by birth and reared^In the orthodox Greek faith. At the^last moment, however, Nicholas, with^that contrariness that distinguishes^young people whom their parents wish^to marry off, absolutely declined to^wed the bride selected for him, and^Princess Helene was, accordingly,^com pi lied tn return, deeply mortified,^to her father's tawdry and one-horse^court at Celtlnje, when- financial dif^^ficulties and ulternate extravagance^and excessive economy are the order^of the day. Her fiancee subsequently^led to the altar Princess Allx of Hesse.
Abouta year ago Princess Helene^received an offer of marriage from^King Alexander of Servla. Hut she^declined It in consequence of his par^^ticularly objectionable manners and^habits that offended the |4rBM of deli^^cacy and refinement which had been^Instilled into her at St. Petersburg.^She has now accepted I he crown prince^of Italy as a husband, and having^beef dls-app ilnted in her anticipations^of sharing th-- throne of the emperor^of all the Ktisalas, will be condoled hy^the prospect of becoming on (he death^of King Humbert, queen of Italy. Cu^^riously enough, the crown prince pre^^sents even a greater contrast In point^of stature and physique to the bride-^elect than did Nicholas of Russia. For,^whereas Helen,, is. In the words of the^poet, ^divinely tall,^ Prince Victor^Kmanuel enjoys the distinction of be^^ing quite the shortest scion of royalty^for his age In all Kurope, his height^being interior even to that of the^dwarf husband of Queen Isabella of^Bpaln.
PrincessHelene Is not the only dam^^sel of high degree who, after being dis^^appointed In the expectations of one^crown or coronet, has been consoled^with another. Thus, before being led^to the ultar by the emperor of the^French. Kugenle of Montijo wns Jilted^In turn by the Spanish Duke of Sesto^and also by Prince Napoleon, sur-^BSJSjed ^Ii SJI-plOB.^ The latter was^officially affianced to her. but broke off^the engiiKetncnt at the last moment In^deference to the Pud protests of his^reprobate father, old Jerome, ex-King^of Westphalia, and ex-husband of Miss^Kllzabeth Patterson of Italtlmore, who,^In a letter sino published, and which^is on record, pointed out to his son^that Mile, de Moattjo was neither ns^regards birth nor yet antecedents the^sort of person whop, the son of a king^could wed. Plon-plon yielded to his^parents' arrruments. and to this, above^everything else, must be attributed the^Intense animosity which the empress^manifested to him throughout her^husband's reign, and even after _she^became a widow her hostility to ^the^man who Jilted her being so great that^she furnished bis sen Victor with the^financial means which he needed to^start N his own account ns a rival^pr- tender to his father.
Normust I omit the case of Dcslree^Clary, who. after being Jilted by the^tit I Napoleon, married his comrade^and classmate. Hernsdotte. who sub^^sequently b^s-une king of Sweden and
Norway, Qoeea De sires was the
daughterof a Marseilles stockbroker,^was famed for her piquant nnd petite^b.-nuty as well as for her wit and clev^^erness Her married life after her^husband ascended his northern throne,^was far from happy, for completely^oblivious of his own humble origin, the^new-tledged king was everlastingly^UMntlBg her with her bourgeois birth.
KmptvssKllzabeth of Austria owes^her p --iion on the dual throne of^A its' r- II unc i ry to the fact that^Francis Joseph Jilted her eldest sis^^ter. Helena, f^r her sake. Princess^Helen,- . f Bavaria, like her namesake^nt Celtlnje. was betrothed almost In^her childhood to the pres. nt Kmperor^of Ait-ttia. and was most carefully^trained and educate*! with a view of^fitting !'^ r for Hps. proper discharge of^h-r eventual duties as empr'-s*. When^h SaeVCf, the time for her marriage^drew p.-ir Francis Joseph fell violent^^ly In love at first eluht with her^younger sister, and. much to the dis^^may of all iMncerned. Insisted on Jilt^^ing Hstma In order to marry the^school girl, scarce 1* years old. whom^ho literally adored proud, ambitious^and deeply in lore with her faithless^fl rhco it wss a terrible blow to H^i.^ene to see the Cinderella of the family^enrrv off th.- man she loved and the^, . . which she would have been so^d- lielit d to wear However, her goo-i^' Ksced her to keep her tnmhl-.^and sorrow to herself anil to put Jhe^heel Fl ^ posalMs on the matter. Not^only during the marriage festivities,^lot glag dining her subsequent life,^she acted t.- perfection the part of a^devoted and sympathetic sl^ter. and^to such t^ and to the public
atany rule, to rejoice opi nly at Eliz^^abeth's good fortune.
TheI'm h li ol ink, mother of the^young pBOBSsB of York and sieter of^old Duke ^;,'iiB,. of Cambridge, was^Jilted m the most ahaiieiul manner^by the late Prince of OTU ,' , w ho used^to be known in Psris by the nickname^of Citron.^ The ouieial engagement^had been announced, all the arrange^^ments made for the ' eddlng and the^prince had left The Hague for Lon^^don, where he was to I'lnaln until af^^ter the marriage had taken place. Un^^fortunately, he traveled via Paris,^and as Napoleon III , for political rea^^sons, was averse to the match, believ^^ing that an alliance of lliis kind would^be detrimental to the Interests of^France, he caused the up to that time^perfectly well-behaved prince to be en^^vironed hy such a setwork of tempta^^tions that he literally could not tear^himself away from tne brilliant capi^^tal of France. Meanwhile, his hand^^some Kngllsh bride, the lliilish court^and the British people were waiting^for him with an Indignation which in-^ereased with , \ ^ ry daj 's il las In Ins^arrival, and when at length news^reached London of a scandal of a sin^^gularly unsavory character tn which^he had become Involved on the boule^^vards, the nature of which was pur^^posely inti nsitied by the French au^^thorities mi.| press. Queen Victoria In-^siste.l on tmme.ilate explanation. To^this the prince replied that he no long^^er cared to wed Ptinc sa Mary. And^at Paris he remalncn until the end of^his days, his death being hastened by^dissipation.
Equallydispleasing was the Jilting^nf Prine.ss Matgueiit of Chartres by^the Duke of Orleans. Tended with the^most loving and devoted solicitude by^hla fair fiancee dining his Incarcera^^tion at Clalrvaux^she had established^herself with her mother in a villa at^the very prison gates, in order to be^m ar him^he threw himself Into such^a vortex of dissipation on IiIb release^that his uncle ana prospective father-^in-law was compelled to remonstrate^with him. The duke took this amiss,^declared that he had no Intention of^modifying his questionable mode of^existence and wound up by announc- I^Ing tnat he had altered his mind with 1^regard to Princess Marguerite and^wou.u under no circumstances marry^her. She has since become the wife of^the ga.iant young Duke of Magenta, |^eldest son and heir of Marshal Mac-^Mahon, while Philllpe di irleans Is^about to marry Archduchess Maria 1^Dorothy of Austria, whose maternal^great-grandfather was the Hebrew^Kohary, famous as a money lender In^Hungary at the close of the last cen- |^tury. The Semitic ancestry Is mani- i^tested In a particularly marked man- 1^ner in the features of tne young arch^^duchess and also in thus* of her moth^^er, who is a sister of Ferdinand of^Bulgaria.
Normust I omit from this enumera^^tion of Jilted princesses the names of^Princess .s.iplna of Havana, deserted^hy the late king of liavarla on the^very eve of the day appointed for the^w eiiilng, for reasons that have always^remained shrouded In mystery, the^princess subsequently marrying the^Due d'Alencon; of Princess Victoria of^Prussia, sisl.-r of Kmperor William,^who was forsaken by the late Prince^Alexander of Hatlenberg a few days^prior to the date fixed for the mar-^rlnge; In fact, the first Intimation that^the princess received of the slight In-^Iteteu upon her was the Information^that the prince hail married Mile. Lols-^Inger of the Darmstadt Court theater;^and of Princess Klsa nf Wurtemberg,^a lovely girl, possessed of a vast for^^tune, who has Just been Jilted by^Prince Alfred of Saxe-Coburg, only son^of the ruler of that Duchy^better^known by his Kngllsh title of Duke of^Kdlnbiirg. The match would have^been an excellent one, but he prefers^instead Feodore, the only daughter of^Princess Charlotte of Prussia, and or^her husband, Hernhard, heir to the^Duchy of Saxe-Melnlngen.
ToKeep li Fidget Quiet.
Lastweek my sster was constrained^to siend her youngest son on a long^railway Journey, says a writer In the^LstdX. She was greatly puzzled whait to^do to amuse the ^ hiM during the^weary hours of traveling, as he was^too young to entertain himself by^reading. Moreover, the boy was an^Irrepressible fidget, and an elderly re^^lation had very Mndly undertaken to^^take charge of the child, so that my^sister was naturally anxious to pr i-^vlde hKni with sum ^ occupation, w.th^which to employ his mischievous little^fingers and his busy little brain. This^was her device-^which I thoug.it was^so Ingenious that I would ncord It f^r^the benefit of such of our nadirs as^are mothers and guardians of little^Ixiys about to travel back to school,^fctho bought a number of little cheap^puzzles, games, etc., whleth coat from^one penny to sixpence each, and she^fastened each BttM gift In a separate^Aealcsl parcel, and wrote outs do the^name of the station, after leaving^which tt might be opened and played^with.
Sin-then acquired a Pradshaw's map
ofKurope and mount d It ^^n linen, and^drew Mm boy's- Journey In Ink on the^map. making an X at every statl ^n^win-re he was to have one of the mys^^terious NNWi which were all tied up^in one of those ^-onvenlerrt carrying^nets. I am afraid In the Suture that^my nephew- II. bhy will now associate^the chief towns In the north of Kurope^with the cunti-Ms of that fascinating^l^ag. and will XT St retm-mber Lelpsie as^the place where he obtained two flsh^and a magnet, Hanover where he un^^wrapped I box of colond chalks nnd a^picture book, and so on through nil th ^^major and minor towns along his^route. The 1,-ttle parcels Were s ^ ar^^ranged that there was one for every^the. . -quarters of an hour till 8 o'clock^at night, and on.- for every half hour^1 ^^! w. . i.' ; i - - - i h and 1.onion^the following numlng.
HeW*-* - hid.
Weoffer One Hundred Dollars Reward^for any case of Catarrh thai cannot be
curedl^v Hall's (^a:nrrh Cure.
FJ. CHKNKY ^ 00., Props . Toledo. O.
We.the uii.iersigne.t, have known F J.^Cheney for the last 15 years, and t*llev^^him prefectly honorabl* In all business^transactions and financially able to carry^out any obligation made by their Arm.^U . -i .v n nax, V\ il ^: sail I ^: uki its, To^^ledo. O.
Welding,Kinnan A Martin, Wholesale
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\Gail Borden (
1Eagle Brand
9 for ^ \f^r^ ^ ,;. (h*
Brit ind I
2a pi ru ci i o.tD i ok in- vsrs 5
Fromthe Toledo News.
ItIs eminently In accord with the fit^^ness of thlngi In this campaign that the^railroads should be championing the^cause of McKlnley. The Canton apostle of^liet.etlon. Plunder and Plutocaraey,^now engaged In Informing the coerced^callers at his cottage home regarding his^I- My acquired knowledge of gold In^l . BrsrigBB. himself hy signing fllK.iiUO^wi rth of notes on U^ an worth of capital,^and by taking popular subscriptions from^Sunday school children nnd others to^make up the consequent deficit In his^private treasury, what he knows about^gold has of course been painfully and la^^boriously extracted from the encyclope^^dias which compose his library since the^St. IajuIs convention. Filled to bursting^with this novel Information, he would^lack an audience if It were not for his^lii. nds the railroads, which have of old^att. sted the amicability of their relations^h^ providing him with free passes In open^id iiaie e of the Interstate commerce act.^Ho men are cajoled and coerced Into tak^^ing a free ride to the good democratic
townof Canton, there to sit under the^droppings from the lips of this fledgling^Chrysostom.
Nowthe railroads are something of^financiers themselves. Like McKlnley^they know all about It and still are learn^^ing every day. They hav^ Invented a form^of legal procedure known as ^frlvndly re^^ceiverships,^ a process, be It noted, which^for Its outright trickery and skullduggery^brought upon Itself no longer ago than^last summer the righteous wrath of the^American liar association. By this cheer^^ful device the stockholder loses all his^rights, and the road, being under the pro^^tection of the courts of the Cnited States,^Is able to acquire rights against organize.I^labor undreamed of elsewhere in the^'Kngllsh speaking world and denied the^roads which are conducted with sulttclent^skill to keep themselves out of bank^^ruptcy. The process. It will thus he seen,^puts a premium upon Incompetency, en^^courages cheating and piles up a mount^^ain of preposterous expenses for a fa^^vored few on the Inside of the wrecking^ring at the cost of the unfortunate sub^^scribers to the corporation's capital^stock.
Ill ^a . . 'I.in pnlB.ee
rtvjesr for tiuaorrhirs,^nits-t, *^,^rmaiurrbo-a,^' i unnatural .li^-^ciiarar*. off any iasaeitae-^li- ii. irntatieu wr uu^aa-^baa i ai'icosa m-an-^tirikie-a. Nuti-eatrlBfctnt.^Mold by i^.-assists,^or ^'til hi plain wratpiT,^hy . \|ir.ni, | i-imi.l. f,.r
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(Tim* Schedule EfTectlv* Wedr.caday,
July22. 18M.)^DEPART FROM ANACONDA.^No. Butte Express, for Hel^^ena, Great Falls. Beattl*. San^Francisco and all points west,
dailyl et a m
No.4. Butte Express, dally 1.00 p m
No.^, Copper City Flyer, for^Helena, Great Falls, St. Faul.^Chicago and all points east and
west,dally I:4^ p m
ARRIVE AT ANACONDA.^No. I, Copper City Flyer, daily . 10:45 a m^No. 1. Anaconda Express, dally.. 5:45 p m^No. I. Anaconda Express, dally..11:25 p m
*No.101, Butte Express 1:25 p tn
No.103. Butte Express 10:00 a m
No.106. Butt* Express 6:4i p m
No.107, Garrison Express 5:00 p m
'Connectswith train from Garrison.^Missoula and west.
Butt*Express 5:00 a ta
GarrisonExpress M b a ra
Butt*Express 1:4* p m
Butt*Expre-i* Mi p m
Connectsat Garrison for Helena and^Boseman. Grantsdal* and ^n onned.au^points west dally except Sunday.
BLl i t. TIAlt. CAHUa.
DEPARTFROM BUTTE.^No. t, Copper City Flyer, dally .10:05 a m^No. 1. Anaconda Express, daily.. 6:00 p m^No. I, Ahacond* Express, dally..10:15 p ra
ARRIVEIN BUTTE.^No. 2. Butte Express, dally .... 5:55 a ra
No.4, Butt* Express, dally 4:15 p ra
NoI. Copper Cltv Fiver, dally .. 5:10 p ra
Ne.2. N. P. Vtraf I*S a m
No. 4. Garrison Express 1:40 p m
No.I. Garrison and Anaconda
Express5:00 p m
No.100. Anaconda Express 10:05 a m
No.104. Anaconda Express 4:00 p m
No.107. U. P. Fast Mat: u:St p m
Connectsat Garrison with train from^Mlasoula and west.
No.L N. P. Flref 4:15 a a
'No. 5, Anaconda and Garrlsoa
Express5 05 a m
No.I. llarrtaon Express 2 20 p m
No.101 Anaconda Express It:It p m
No.405. U. P Fast Mill 4:00 p m
No.105, Anaconda Express5:05 p m
Connectsat Garr.son with N P. train^for Helena and east and Grantsdal* sail^[1151 Ullte*.5a, jw^lnra
No.1, from St. Paul and all^eastern points, arrives at M.^U. !^ put dally at 4:00 a m
No.7. Montana Accommodation,^from Livingston, arrives at N.^P. local depot dally, except^Sunday 10:ii a m
No.2, Atlantic Mail, from Port^^land and all Pacific coast^points, arrives at M. U. depot^daily at 1:50 a m
No.4, Montnna Accommodation,^for Grantsdale. arrives at M.^U. depot dally, except Sunday,
at1:40 p m
No.1. Pacific Mail, for Portland^and all Pacific coast and Cali^^fornia points, leaves M. U. de^^pot dally at^:Wa m
Ko.3, Montana Accommodation,^for Grantsdale, leaves M. U. de^^pot dally, except Sunday, at. 9:05 a m
No.1 Atlantic MhII. for St. Paul^and all eastern i^.hits. Iea\es^M. t*. depot dally at 2:00 a ni
No.^^ Montana Accommodation,^for I.ivlncston, leaven N. P lo^^cal depot dally, except Sunday,
at1:13 p m
Throughtickets to Japan and China
via.Taeoma and Northern 1'aiitlc Steam^^ship Company.^For Information, time cards, maps and
tickets,call on or write to
W M nollY.
GfiieralAgent. 1-1 Ea^t llr-iadway. Hutte.
OrCHARLES S FLIT. GeSMral Pass, n-
gvia..St. 1'..ul, M.t.u.
Noticefor Publication.^Lend Office at Helena, Mont, Oct 5,
NoticeIs hereby given that the fol-^lowlng-iinmed settler lias tiled notice of^his intention to make final proof In sup^^port of his claim, and that said proof^will be mode before the clerk of the^court at Hutte, Mont., on November 10,^ispfl, vis: Jul in Anderson for Ii. E. No.^4.71S for the 5JU NE14, NW SK14 and SK'4^N\V^4 section 32 township 2 north, rangu^Ji w est.
Henames the following witnesses to^prove his continuous residence upon and^cultivation of said land, vis:
BaxterLindsay, William Flatt, Ed^^ward Deno and Louis Meyers, all of^Deweys, Mont.
W.E. COX. Register. 1
Noticefor Piihllciilloa.
LandOffice, at Helena, Mont, Sept, 29,
NoticeIs hereby given thM tt-e frllew^Ing-named settler has Uleil Ma li.tention^to mak* 1 '..' l | ii if In support of his^claim, unl iiiil said proof will be made^In lilt the clerk of the Second Judicial^District court of Montana In and for Sil^^ver Bow county, at Butte, Mont., on No^^vember 5, 1896, via: Morgan E. Thomas^for H. E. No. 4,784. for the EH SWfc^and lots 3 and 4, section 30, township 4^north, range 9 west.
Henames the following witnesses to^prove his continuous residt-nc* upon and^cultivation of said land, vlx: Frank Krei-^trr, urang McClury, William Norton,^William Parrott. all of Stuart, Mont.
W.E. COX, Register.
Noticefor Publication.
Iind Office at Helena, Mont, Oct If,
NoticeIs hereby given that the follow^^ing-named settler has filed notice of his^Int- iitinn to make final pi-oof In support^of his claim, nnd that said proof will be^made before clerk of district court at^Deaf I.odgo. Mont., on November 17, 1896,^via: Charles T. Harrington for H. E. No^5.230, for the 8Wl4 section 34. township 5^north, range 11 west.
Henames the following witnesses to^prove his continuous residence upon and^cultivation of said land, vlx:
PeterLeteugood, Daniel James. Alexan^^der Qtsysr, William Jumea. Jr., all of An^^aconda, Mont.
W.E. COX. Register.
Noticefor Publication.
IjtndOffice at Helena. Mont, Oct T. 1896.
NoticeIs hereby given that the follow^^ing- named settler has tiled notice of her^intention to make tlna-l proof In support^of her i lam-., and that said proof will be^made before T. O'ta-ary, U. 8. commis^^sioner at Anaconda. Mont, on Nov. 24,^lv.*;. vlx: Mary Hallahnn for H. E 7677 for^th. Pits 1 and 2. section 10, township 4 N.,^large 11 W.
Shenames the following wltn-ss^s to^prove her continuous residence upon and^cultHatlon of. said land, vis: Peter Mr-^Vey.Cb.is A Hi--c.ilium. Hcorge c, Oog-^ncn, John Hallal.iin. pf Anaconda. Mont^W. K Cox, Registar.
Firstpublication Oct 22. lwi.

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