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T(k\Montana Office of the
It'smi1. Daly Block.^Miss i^^ne No. us Adver-
shedon application.
AFight cn the Q T. ind a^Crowd Broken Up.
Livelyi Ian ^e From the Second^itorv t Centrally Located^Build ik vnother Hound In^To - Day.
Mlasoula*.^A crowd of hn-al
ii ^^ o^ took thi* morn
ingi. til nit to m i a prta* fight maim mam^Young r*l^ hI ai I a colored unknown.^All '^ement* wrrr com-
Ih ted ^ hi hi light MHaa gut onto
a*declared i.rr. ThiM
afteiv^-r. arrangem*nta
^reII ^ff the fight on tha
I uit^ gild ,i ^ ' rowd of the elect a^-^ncmhled Innd-^lury nann In the
ienter of th' i Ity to aeo the men come^lofethel T ^ Hch waa for a purw^.i |M and tin i ideal waa a nM one^,,s far as II went. The men had fought^ali i iunda 01 an w hen Chief af Poise*^Angevin* k^1 ^md of the affair, lie^tried ill Hi' doors of the ImiIIiIIiik^wh re iln hulii v. ,ia In pi-ogre** l^uI ha^r#nM not gel In and he waa watching^the iin and araaaaertae] whai he
V., f i; 11l; I^ '!^ I. hen one of the door*
openedt'^ allow one of th*' *|^eeiatorn^In ic.iii. .mi. Aa tha ma'i ntartnd o*l^iif Ihe door he sided the chief ami
triedi^ 11' i':i^ It and don* Ihe dour.
I.utilBWer wax too ijuli k for hlni
Miniv.as iii Ihe hnllway and up the^^tain hefora the gang knew, what hud^rtappcncd.
AllIhe time thai the officer had II
trylniIhe door there had liecti an In^^let III I BU III IX ^ ^tl the other, aide of^the Mi' ' i. v ,it^ limif the progress of the^iifTaii and i^' icoonally Kelt Inn a^glimpse of the tight through a window'^which ill^ crowd inalde had forgotten^In curtain. This uutalde audience nral^the one thai had 'ill the fun after the^otTicer u^l Insi'L There waa the great^est scrgmhle that Ihfa city ever Hi aa^ai ^ii la Hi*' aparta knew thai the [m.liee^Were in ihe IiiiII'IIiik. Tlie crowd came^.I'.wn the atuirway 10 deep on l^|i of^cai h oilier and In any way lo got down-^On* Pie'i came il 'i'.n over the heada of^tin ath*ra althoUl coat or hat and all^Dial h'' wanted i^ d^^ waa lo net no me^^n-hen w here he niuld k^ i clothed, no^th.-tt Ihe pollei would not innpeel thut
hehad ln in ^l'e hall. Il waa like a
cramhie for idBce In a populist can-^v.'ntinn. KverybodJP wan for himself^and nolailidy thought of anyone elae.^It wits nulH for Ihoac on the oiilalde^The principals in the affair were ar-^rented and will have another no lu-^norrow in the pollen courl.
ItIk hard I^ find unynne that was^in, i. I.mi 11..in Himsc that will admit^that Ihtf) w in tip and came down II^in karmed that Flood hml th* bat tar of^iii.- tkht when the Batten hcottn it up.^Th* negro bad been pood at the start,^hail had grown a 'k aa the Hunt pr. ig ^^I mimI would have had the worsl^id it had Ihe cutest conilnucd. All
Iiho ^ii- int. n*i. d in the matter want^it understood Hiat it waa not it light,^bui ^lm| I) a spar-lng exlillilllon fm^points. Th.- |ium waa hung up sim^^ply I^ .in nit in; ihe Imixcjh. II may lie^. ,.sv p. i....\^ this In the police court^to-morrow and i^ tnny not.
IM I n.in Mr. Hells.
Mhtiouta,Dec i The followiiik letter^ha* t...^ received tl tin Standard oin^
Withii 'Il I'm' uk | ill III k.I 11. i II Him.
thef. leroenti I tdk in die llrst part ot^n art In direct ronMM with the lanttagl^ei' ii hjr] rantpaaed of alx good liuaineaa^men, ii Im Klven space, that Mr. Itettx^may have an ^i'i^. ^ tulnty to preactit h:s^rid of Ihe question, a hl.h he doea to tha
.reltnl'io ot IIMi^r aide entirely*. The
letterIn a* follows:
Totin Kdltor el tha Htandard:
Iah:ill all thai rag Ktalit to. a r*a*l^in treat i . i t^ t^^ i ^ atata ^ mattai
ii hnportnitai one that lull rests every
i^I I hit lit) ^ho la a lover od law^an.I erdel It matten not what hi* aciili-^M*nla aw) be toward any raMMM at^ernrd U) ii-tlcn tonarda theae ^delta oi^, m|.iitaily known ni^'\ rtetj '1 atera,^ ii one that slioul I
iimmend iiH. it to . \ery iieraun who mP
|m-mI r.-ep. ^ tn morality. In tie^OUtl et I a lih in st it^ that II waa not nt|^Intention to lake th.- Initiative step that
Ili'i- ill..eI ink. II to compel these^prople lo keep within the limit* of the^law tlthoiii I have full..I In my Ural^ultempl t^ ktaln i ^ .litlon at the hand*^^ - i'. law ai i ii Miffered mi nnpmrenl
yelin more nnngwlnn thna
01r thai tie law laid down ii|hjii omi^m.i' itI.-. .-I..iii I., enforced. We heat
IIio oil- m said that we need latter lawn
lai.iik. mtr) hnthnr, Thia I dan]
'' partial way, w. antra plenty atpamd^law., but I hi t.i. t ,.t the matter Is Unit^as du wnnl then uiorced. Ufa, I lay. I^m^ an th majorlt) of the peotde. I, tin
i ^ i Ina t^ do my part to nm in. I
Hi-I..^s ai. ^nt.a.. 1 or els.- haw then'^bleated ..rT nt our statute booka andf eeaw^rryim ot w much lawleaancsa. My ab^^ject oi vialtini tin.-, placea waa to dh^^i-otrer, if isiaslli.e. tr any af the youna
illsin the Harden^i It) fommerelal t'oileKe, an Institution
0which I stand al the head and hoi.i^wyarli renponrlbli rut nil ot ita nndar-^tahinai, ms n, ^ aj iheae places a^reaarlan that las | nM^Not only did I lind a number of ntWdantl^t' .mm i.i) ci i: |i 11. an una to Hve years an^d.-i- acr. l ot a m;nther of ualveralty atu^ileum una. i ai.. ami many other youths
1loaieatbi* llquon are sold in then-^i eesol ...hi .No parent who hit* ^ vet
ondttionot tnthnp^MliaKlUe the ^inut^thai i- i^ m.i; mum, to their boya by par.^nUttlna s-.k-b plac-ei ta esutt. It la the
I- I :llaen to Ha that
th.;^^. ai. enforvnl. An a* educator tu^r^er It ^ duty that I mi
join.unityto heh^l^pi lulls or vtl.
t ni w hleh the youth
ia-e!oiily exposed
Wccan affiird to have^you try all five ilavors^one^after an^ ither^^ .f StkXmgS^Btsi tea, and jjet your^money back if you don't^Kkc any.
Yourt. .i - trade for the^ne\t tin yens is Worth^halving.
ta Ft.- . ^u
Weboast of our university and the edu-^eatlenal udvantaaes offend the younc^people or this area! state, and yet we will^allow the gateways uf hell to awlim wide^open as an Indu.ement to attract tne^younn men to ntnaai of wlrkedneaa where^Ihrlr morals will lie eorrupted and their^chars, ten stained with Immoral pr e ttanj^so vile that extermination will be almost^linimasll.h Theae wean* m.-n have com*.^among us from ev*ry isirt of the country^to hei-onie edueale.i amI 1 li'iroiialily pre-^paro for life's great work. Many of them^will leave our city mm h worse than when^they entered If an allow M Ii pl o . s tn^eoutlnue. Ah! citliena of our fair e.iy,^will you and I remain silent In this mat^^ter^ We cannot snake off ihe responsibil^^ity. Where Is there a father or mother^of the sliahteat moral sentiments that^ei nsidcrs theae ^dens^ s decent place tor^their hoys to resort therein, -v.ti for a^abMjhi nlahl ' HIimw BM naah a parent and^I will show you a la w I sa ill ll'li There^are some pnah Iii our ^-|ty who think^I hat I am out of my line of huslti. aa^Whan I attempt lo nananl such a claaa of^p. i.ph- as I ha\. attacked to kc \. within^the limits of the law They nay Bant^Miiaht to In- done hy nther is-rfons. I ad^^mit the eharae. but I have wait..I In \a:n^and reallz. tiuw more fully than 1*1 i tin^truth of the statement, ^what is enry-^Imdy's liuslness Is noliody's liuslness.^ It^saems to me that It la some of my hu^l-^riesa after all 1'arentn and guarilluns^send thalf children and warda to my in^^stitution of lennilSK witli tin- exp'itatlon^that I am to link after llnlr Interem^and they hold me res|Hinsllile for their
' I olh in in II ami out of It. l^o
youthink tor a moment that I am so un^^reliable aa to Ink^ the obligation to hold^n.yself res|Minsll.|^ Tor such is-rformaine^of my duly and careful tralnina of the^)oung people ami then shirk the tespon-^BlblHtyT Hnch Is not alaive the oidiniiry^duty and reipilrement of every true^l.uclicr who Is coni|^%tctit In train an^Aii'eti.-un youth, lllaht here, tn my iu.Ik-^iti.nl. In when the fault lies with tin ^ li^^neal Ion of the Am. tl. an bay. We strive^i., tide h in a great Intellect, loll his mor^^als nr.- entirety neao.veteaoe. Tims, when
hegoes out to battle with tin . (ilitlleln of^life Ims moral suasion Is ilwmted: he is^less than half a man ami wholly unlit for
active life. How call the patent expect
ueecasfrom such unbalanced inltuls ami^emaciated manhood^ It Is the reckless^habits ami . an I. ss training ill youth that^pests the siKli-l.oai.l of failure in most^men's lives. | shall say to the mothers of^this city, Is II your destre In have v.mm^liny spend his Saturday nights ill such^^dersof iniquity^ until - mi- X n'eloek Hun-^day niornlng and on Huiuhiy evening en^^joy the company of a r.-sjici tntile young^lady^ HemeuilN r, iiiMthers. you may have
adaughter nad ana af tt.is ^ iass at ye aaj^men may be munopollalm your hamatnTal^girl'a time in lust the same tnnmiet^Would he be lattahhi to land yaay inno^^cent girl tn tin h It ii ^ V I'll, wailllllg III^time, lest iii^ enitny altaik your home.^My ohjeei for giving this e\platiatlou Is^not to rouse a feeling id enmity, but^fa thai to awahon a sense ot duty. How^can we expi.j people from all o\er ttie^country to Mad th- If children to our city
When we allow Kll.lt pla- s to limillll^wide npeti without any restil. tlons'* M n \^1 a rluht to ratse tttv lahM in .1. t. an^uKalnst such practice^^I haxe no ngamnjf to ttiaki for what I
ban*ana* and hfliiy* thai i nhaaM hi
upheldby all good cll!xetis.
Bi ^'. Kelts.
Missoula,lice i;. iv.
Missoula.Dec (.^Harry Honamnu^la seriously ill of taMBBitbV
Thewater in the Mi.ii'its on this^slil^ of the lai'ire hat. b**B lisine 'II
dayto-day. it Ik ha pad thai the thaw^wiii he rhechi d
N.J. Myers, w lien lie I^nea JudK*
Mvitsni'Xl mi'iith. will have hla^ffe^ in mom IT, aecond door of the^In ml National bank building. Wh*ll
hewin olnpenae Jaatlca t^ ail . np i^K. I.. Itnnner and f. r. Moaoard
wereat.long the lucky MissmuIii |
piew ho were .ill Ihe laal tralan to l^ t
mcmejthe bridges, thai warn washed^.mi Friday nlgtit,
T.hTarnaaJI was aiiMing ihe naaa^Btaajer* who w en- delay, d at llillnms^by th^ Tellowatone washout
Mis.T. W. Waliit t: is ^ xpec'eil dally
fromtin- Kaat. win ie : hai hang^vftnlttng for some time
Th..work .d repairing the bridga nl^Lightning creih wan made more dlffi-^cuii by ihe f,,i i that tne pii^ dtivar^of this division had been a. tit to I ha^bridge on tha TeilowntofM and ihls di-^vlnlon hnd to borrow one rrneg Idaho.
HIMII. m Is sllll lo^ king for a pre^^cedent for this variegated w eather.
'tin. Penan) ajaaannina^Missoula. Ih'i. ^^. The budge at^Lightning creek litis been repaired^and the train frngj the West Panama^tin.nigh lire at I Hi this uiiiniiig^Then- lies been no train from the^Kit! y d and Baa* is Igpaclnd till to-^inorrow mortiittg. The Stamlatd naan*^In on a fraiglM this nflemooB and was^weh nm.'. as the pmnaai here hud aOt^seen a paper for two days.
aMntni Bteanaak
TheMhwjoaJnma: Thai l^.x whi. n^h it 1,111) ii undertaking rnaanj this^uflcriiM. ii i untuni' d g sermon. Tin^text: The wage* of s.n Is death. A
wan ^ 'iiiHK and a. i oiti|.|islied. A
fewyears of a fa. I life and Ihe collin^lid shuts ^ut the world fnuti sight^Thnt w orld she loved, and :n w hh h
ahanhuahl ham raannlned for man)^yean Her father, who is still Uring,
laa nilnlster of the gospel. She was^cured as other girls in her class, given^a good education. She arrive-I at ^^^-^giaahond nad married. The Sill ling
nraannfortunate ami leparatloa fol^^lowed. Then tha woman, titled by^birth ami ednratior, for better things.
begana ^ arect which lusted luielly.^sin- sinned agalnat heme If insomuch^as she did not protect and nourish tin^life whh h c.Miles to all as a trust. In^that way aha was a sinter How she^stands with her Maker we do not know^and will not cant alaiut that, but this^much we brUev* wi do ana* and that^Is ittal no one hits the right to abuse^life as the Rnynahtn woman did. If^she desired a short life and a merry^one she had It. Hut her ideas of^pleasure were crude, as ate th^ id, as^of nil girls ^ ho li\e as she llv. .1 Some^of their don't know any hetear. She^did. and in earning the wages of sin^she found death We te n it to Mirr^^ors to say whether she .In .1 as one^without hope. All we knoii. or we^believe we know is that a healthily^organised w.-ninn by exeeases cut^sh.ut h.-r Itf^ In thnt she wronged^herself, ar.d she had no rlpht to ,|,,^thai, for she knew better. She did not^sin through Ignorance
^^o ^ ^^stmt., ll Ml Around tnaeonda.^I'hilipsliurg Mail We have heard It^whispered around town that anwai ll^iNer l.ixlgers have cone.^ tul a scheme^to build a atone wall around the ^Ity^of Anaconda and then get an act^passed through the legislature 11eat^ing a new county ..u; of th. remainder^of I^eer I^alge county, with, of eaagfai^| i...T leHlge as the county neat. W.^suggest, however, that they omit th
AWfll-Known l!i;=ouh Man Qu:tt!y.^vurrepti wisiy Drparts.
The Absence of tha Mixologist1^Connected With a Story In I^Which a Ctrl la Concnrned^May h'aveal something.
Missoula,lie. fl William Mace, the^well known saloon man. left town last^Monday At the time hla aliaence was^not noticed and nothing waa thought 1^of the fact that he waa not pang^around hla place of luudneM. WTn I^In had lieen gone two or three days '^some of hla frienda I., gan to inquire i^as to where he had gone, and then il^waa found that nobody knew that he^was going He had given them all^iln slip. It was not till Friday night^that hla friends admitted he had^lump..I Hi.- town. Then they began^an Investigation ^.f his affairs. It was^ranged that he had left his business^uffa'rs In B^^^i shape and there was^no apparent reason for his sudden und^s.. i ^t del tirtuie
Therehas b. n in the pant few^^lays, however, a report current^among his friends which haa haag^k.pt very iiulet. hut which, !f It ll^nil^, will ai count for hla aklpping^out The report connects the name of^Mama w ith thai of a young girl of th*^city In an ugly way. and It la likely^that II Is true Nolaaly knows where^Mace hus gone, but tne general sup^^position Is that lie la on hti way to^South Africa, where he haa aeveral^friends who formerly resided in this^i ity.
appointeeIn case the commlaalonera^allow a deputy for thia office II. haa
hadmuch experience In this InI
workand is familiar with tha ^ ounty.^He was one of the district ainmnora^this year and his work was thorough^and satisfactory
\^teudll)-^.laming lleshr to (let ^ lose^io ill, Pie (-.main-.
Missoula.Dec. t.^The pie counter^gossip of the past week has been as^brisk aa it was Immediately after el.-c-^lanh and there Is no apparent decrease^In ihe number of applicants for ihe^positions, local and otherwise, thai^will become vacant as soon as the^powers come Into away. In the^uial (hid. there are the land of-^the Indian ag'-in y. the poslolti. r^p. ssil.ly a deputy marshalship^have local interest. The land of^^fline was not changed hy Pf*n|.^Clevebuni till the terms of the
walland tak^. oiida into the new PI^ni the moat prosper^state and would add
ihecity of Ana-^^unty. as It is one^MM cities in the^inconsiderable
(Mountio the annual revenues uf the^new tuuiio.
Harrlaoaon upauts hud expired und^It Is not thought thai there will be^any different policy pursued by the^new administration. It may be,^though, that the alive, sentiment of^this section muy Induce Mr. MeKlri-^ley to make a change sooner and thai^lite new eaVlahl will M named earlier^in the new administration than if th*
11Si nt occaaaat* of th* om^e hold
tillthe expiration of their term*. The^name of Itobert r'lshci has l^een men^^tioned prxiearaantly in mnnwtlnai with^tin- ici ivvrnhip of tha land nvhan aa*
theresi et.is to la- tm strong oppoal-
Unain his candidacy, Pnr the po*i-
tif reglater of the luuil iifflee there
at'.-aid lo be several eark horse* In^grooming, hag ana* of them are mak^^ing any eihlbrtloaa of their .speed, par
tin-I'lat head ndisn age,,cy there la u^'I ^!' al ot' work being done in be^ball of one of the local Mi Kinley men^who Mtii'.-d with the cans,. ^r gohl nil
thetinn par the n ant unit ^, n. c
Myarn,who Ml'Vnd his country andWf^Prealdeul Harrison, is. mentioned aa^an applicant as are also Messrs. i'oii-^klitn and CmtMn, who ware his us*ist-^mntl in the previous icini uf office.^All of them are said to be certain of^appointment Mr. Myers pave excel-^leal aatlsfa.'tlnn when he had Ihe of-
ii...before and, if there rattsi he a
goldman iu Ihe office, he Is as good ua
Thereare several local MeKlnley^gang win. are of ihe opinion that their^Creator designed thetn especially lor^deputy 1'nii.d Slates marshals and '^thai their than, to serve ih.ir country^.on! draw I good salary has now coin...^They, in common with many others^who bavi pic mppetlten, have diacov-^n*l .1 il. .t tlie m. ra fin t thai Iln y^signed ihe post mortem declaration of^faith thai startled this eoiuinunily^with its presumption, is not enough lo^gtrn a ' ian a i inch mi anything. They^Und Unit Ih.-te are plenty of men who^were McICittley men befora election,^who have as peed a*i laim as they^have and who anmyg to be In battel^favor than they are. That meiniiru-
hle.1i. nt was no| half as efTco-
theas n was thought that It would
Inii ^ Inf slul.^ appointments, it
Issaid Ihat .ledge Reeve* will take a^pull at i lie string thai ho has mi the^popullsi party t^ secure i good place^for JadaT* Wan nag and ihat he has^been asstirid thai there Is a piece of^pi. for him. A. K. Itradish of the pep-^ttlist central lommltlee is in line for^an appotntannai as state paahl war^^den ami lits friends think that he^ntanaa n aganj ahow. Mr. lirudish^wantl it understood ihat when he^goes to Helena these .lays, he does^not go in the Intervals of anybody tun^Bradleb. and thai the stall incuts that^he I* boosting for Home one else ar.^out of the line of truth and do not^^ a tin slump of the genuine article^Thus far there hus Ism-ii no op. n an^nognct mm nt of any local candidacy^for tin | . n*tenn of stale bmnh examin^^er, which has bang] filled this yaaj h)
ii\iirs, ula man The opinion is free^^ly rxpreenod thut In the line of re^^trench men 1 and economy that Oav*^en t Smith will pursue, this office^may Com* 111 the Iln of unnecessary I^olBcen an.I that it will b* placed In^the list ^ f luxuries thnt cannot be af-
Inth^ appointment of deputie* for^the ..unity otlhes. it Is thought that |^the luckv ones will la. those mention^^ed in.^t^' lard some time ago.^i'I aftaared .^ Dhkinson will^pi i to asmaiiite w1, Rellew as I i^eh' ' .n nn.l to marrv .1' '*h. Verdi^^Si Mil) ^ h.- ha* a batch i.'^er* nre^t! r^.i, would onlv d which
th.-nenni thnt of ,. ,r
b*made Mr I'tn,
lightfol Ihe place .mi in. ^ ~ ,| Hml^while he Is familiar as an aitoruey^uli th. routine wori of the office, he^.an al-.. sp. ak From h. which will be^a valua de mc*air*menl in ihe office^111 tne sheriff's office, there vi ill prob-^ab'y b^- tn. change. The force that^Sheriff M' l-atighlln has had during^his past !^ 'in ha* hnaai a go.sl one and^will e cet ilned. Will t'ave will ion-^tlnue as deputy treasurer. The ap- |^pelatmeni of the deputy rawrii of th.^conn haa n^t yet been derided upon.^Sam Oarriek is still in the held *nd i^Thoanaj giaaa is a likely candidate
forIhe i a ... S. t'as Travis th^ pres-^^ ni deputy, has many friends who
wouldlike to see him In ihe place un- |^der the new clerk. Many pretnitiert^dent, crnts are hoping that the ap-^isilntin.nl will go to H. T Wilklnw.n.^who has Is en a valuulde factor In no J^many ^.f the county ^ anifialgns and I^wh.ise sirviitsji to th*' county democ^^racy ar*- admittiHl to have lieen^worthy ^^r this recognition Asneswir^liamilten will have to wait for the^, onimtssti ners to allow him a deputy .^Iiefor.. he can appoint one. N. |^. ,^Kna'pe la thought to an the probaldc i
withop iiywin^^ana H hl*
t.bini.,,,.ii anaaffJj ut the i-, ...... .t Ma^-
ilgernl,tdllterln* sl^-aiu^li.p l.iae.
l^ Angele*. Cal.. Dec. ^.-The much-^dla^ u^*ed ateamrhlp line from Japan to^a Southern California port which Jap^^anese capitalists have been toying with^for tome months will la- owned by^American*. The press dispab h-s from^Chicago slated that K. C. l'otter. son^of O. w. l'otter. the noicd tlnam ler of^that city, la working for the establish^^ment of suih a steamship line. It 1*^learned from Sen tary Wlllaid of the^chamber of commerce that the new* I*^iiirrect and lhal H e int.tptis. is In a^fair way to la- successful. Mr. Potter^has been In Southern Canfonila for^Man) day* and is now at the t'oronado^natal The project is backed by him^^self In conjunction with the largest^holder* of Santa Ke securities and the^Cramp* ship hullder* at Philadelphia.^The project will not lie officially con^^nected with the Santa I'e railway, but^will be in full aympuihy with that cor^^poration. The capital stock will lie^probably Siti.iiU0.0oti. and pledge* for a^large portion have ulready t.^ .-n ma le^The presence of Mr l'otter lu re Is due^to his de^lre to ascertain what Int rest^the capltallat* und merchants here will^take In the enterprlne and the ragaaflaal^have been very satisfactory The cham-^lier of commerce here has tuk^n ihe^matter in hand and is puidiin.: it fot-^wtud with zeal.
Theplan is to huve built the finest^passenger stais of the day. costing^ll.Md.WO each, to be is.'sm tons burden,^and In all particulars to excel the best^of the P. ^ ll. venae!*. The projector*^figure that Kast Indian traveler* to^Kngland will save al Last three days'^time as against la* Sin rani*. The^time on freight will also he materially^reduced and rates considerably re^^duced. The while enterprise I* based^on lines i.f magnificence, and the great-^eat possible speed with the expectation^of depriving the Canada Pacific of it!^trade and the Kngllsh P. at O. steam^^er* of a good proportion of theirs. The^^er\he Is lo be setni-monllily ut least.^The port has not la-en selected, but Is^likely to lie San Diego until San Pedro^Is made a d^. p water harbor.
Thesliver I lue*.^Western Mining World: Now that^the election has nettled the Milver ques^^tion for ut hast four years there are^Iwo propositions that confront both the^miner and th^ silver mine owner.^First. It Is wife to assume that the price^of silver will remuln below 71 cents^per ounce. Sci ond. at this figure ihe^silver mines that have censed opera^^tion* since the price of that metal da-^creased to a point that would not ud-^init of the profitable operation of mini's^and reduction works, cunnot be and^will not he operated under Ihe con^^ditions existing al the time of closing.^Knowing these facts, the proposition^that should engage the aif-ntion of all^right thinking men 1* what Is neces^^sary to enable the mine owner to op^^erate hi* properties at a profit, and^ihu* give employment to the miner^and to the employe at the reduction^v nrks. Whlh' w e are all shoutlm;^^hard times.' scarcity of money.^^^unfavorable silver legislation.^ and^many other ctiunen for existing trou-^bina, would it not be wiser to pause und^i^ke a local view- of the situation^ If^we i anii'it obtain what we desire by^legislative enactments let us adopt^such local measure* a* Will serve the^snme purpone. or as nearly so as possi^^ble, ft wn* prnvefl during the last
campsignthut the pric* of oonnnidl.
tie*rises and full* with the price of^silver, and when that was apavaa. It^was lino proven that the miner at 13^per day can buy nearly a* much w hen^allver Is 60 cent* an ounce us he can^with HlM when silver in 90 cents an^ounce. While this is Inn. recent Im^^provement* In the metallurgy af cop^^per has enabled the proditetien of cop^^per at a greater profit than three years^ago, und so the cupper miner objects^to haling his wages lowered simply to^give more work to his f-How miner la^the silver mines, although he realizes
thatit would be far better for I heal^to work for thun not to work ut ull.^Most of the ataman in California an^working for 13 u day. and many of^them for lesa. Why could il not ne so^arrunged Ihat the silver mines pad^wcrks could be operated on a different^bonis from the popper mines. Just as^mine* and railroads are now operated '^The section man work* at Ihe repair^^on the side ttai k in fionl of a mill for^11.75 a day. while the laborer working^for the mining company alongside of^the railroad in paid $.! per day for work^requiring no more skill. So when tha^mining coinpuny desires a siding built^it *ay^ to the railroad company. ^You^build the track, und we will pay the^bills a* It will co*t u* so much less for^laborer* if you hire thetn.^ Hut how-^can thl* be done^ Ity Ihe contract^*y^tem* such as is now in vogue in^the Homestake mines iu the Itluck^Hill* In lialtota. There the miner*^get from tto tn !HI centl per ton for ot.-^broken on the sill Moor and dlMinrn*^on the cage, and from 1.1 to CO cent*^lor ore broken in the stupes The^company furnish^* timbers framed at^the ntation^the miners place them^^and pay for all powder, rrtndl s. fuae^and any unusual breakage on drill ma^^chine*. In fact, without thin ivstein.^the great lloiueitake properties could^net operate. Again, their millH ar^^practically automatic, and in thin re^^spect great Improvement could lie^made in our Butte mill*, if the miner^and mill owner could be indued to^work hand In hand, many propel in s^pow Idle could he run full force, and^no more complaint need he heard of^^can ity of work or hard time*. Who^will make the proportion^ For every^mine owner there are a hundred min^^or*, each more deeply interested than^the capltalisi. Therefore It should be^the Miners' union who s,mill.I take up^the mat lei and so arrange it thai It^would In no way conflict with their in^^terests, and at the name time would^I'Hisen the ^ hains that now lock ninny^Idle stamps In Montana, and the , | _^^of every idle silver mine in the Weal
MoreReam ihout Mm . ii.
Madrid.Dec. C^ A report has uriwd^hero from Hav ana that Anton.,. Ma.. ^^^ha* gone to New York to con*ult with^Ihe Cul^an revolutionary c numltioe^t hel
HoiiiethillgIn Hep* nil llu.
MrJamc* Jones, of the drug Prm of^Jones * Son. Oowdea. I I.. In sp.ik tig of^Dr. Kion-* New IHacov.cy. aay* that .nt^winter h s wife waa attacked wl'.h l^^Or'.ppe. and her ca*e grew *o *er.oui^that physic'ia* M Cowden and Puna^could Jo no.h.nn for her. It no. m.-.l to de^^velop -n o tlaety Consumption. Having^Dr. K lie's New Dteoovery in ^turv. and^^elluia lot* of .;. he took ^^ bottle home,^und to the *iirpri*e of all she be ran tj ,^^et better from first doe... and half a .^^Veen .kdlar bottle* nana* her wand and^wet. Dr. King's New IMacovery for Coa-^^umpti.Mi. iNiuih* and i\^|.lf 11 guaran^^teed u ^lo thi good work. Try it Free^trial bottlci at any di ug st 'ic
AWeek I i ,,in l,, l.... ihe Great t'uuarll^W III Meet In t laeiaaaU.
innutl,Dec. I.^One week from to^^morrow the Pith council uf the American^Federation of Labor will meet hire for a^session of eight or ten day*. The two for-^eljfti representative* have already ar^^rived. There will be ljo delegate*, repre^^senting a membership of CnO.WO in fol^^low*: From liallorfal and International^unioni fur lew than t.uui memts rs. one^delegate t.oni to i.uui members, two dele^^gate*; *,*ut tu Hi.tiou memliers, ihne .1. i. -^gatel: lCOUl to K.Cvd memls ra. four del --^galea; J!.un to M.wu memls r*. live dele^^gates, and no on. Hut eaih delegate ha*^i.ui one vote for each Ion memlier* repre-^ni'.I The paramount queHtlon thi* year^will lie to anrr**t a more . umplete orsau-^laatlon of American workmen. More^atrenuou* eport* will be made to have^the eight-hour Ihw go Into effect May 1.^The loi.il oommlttio h is ne. ure.1 ^:.i^^i^for the exoeii**.* and entertainment of^the convention.
Trulya Hnrvel.
I'hilipsliurgMall: The Mail has re^^ceived and Invitation from the Ana^^conda Standard to pay thut office a^visit ami Inspect their new ^Observer^^Hoe press, h hich wan recently In^^stalled, of which courtesy we will^gladly avail ourselves at the first op^^portunity. The ' new Standard 1*^truly a marvel, and cannot hut aston^^ish anyone familiar with the neuspu-^per Purines*. It Is a paper that would^do credit to any city In the country^many times the size at Anaconda and^llutte The dally ^ .Ilium conslita of^1:' page* and the Sunday of 1C.
DearI.JIton P*. ut* Inform tour r^avirm that
*fwrttTenlr.il'tllv 1 vfl| nlMjl lu A^M
fprtrrIda pin purmttl lir mi\U h I ^^^ prr-
nftTyartofn'lfftrlf j fn in V-rvotm Hvikuca*,
tDVKKTISKMKNTH under thl* 1^+ A 2 cent* a word for the first Insertion^and 1 cent a word for each subsequent^insertion. No udra. Uken for leu than :^c^ nt*.
Classifiedadv* per line per month .11 Uj^(Count C word* to the line.)
PEOPLE'SEMPLOY MEN T BUREAU,^phone We supply private families,^hotels women cook*. Imarulng houies,^etc. Employer!, bring your orders her*.^People's Office, hi Owiley block. Butte.
clerk, elngle. I u. Bros. Ureal
WA.NTKI. TKl STWORTH Y l-EKSON^to travel: salary, 17*0 and expen*es;^referene*.: encloee nelf-addrerned stamp-^envelope. Manager. Box P. Chicago.
ST.^PAUiriiMi'LOYME^NT AND COL-^lectlon Agency. Ua N. Main Itreet.^Butte, Mont
WANTEDJt.lt A.NV KIND 111-' \Voltk~^t.-misyrary or permanent, t-y young,^healthy, steady man. Address C Utile^ory. care gttandard. Butte.
rtiu ,n v from sn
Iky ii mean lag..^t'itt tlunk heaven.
nu^ll I
Ihav.i uo lani I to f
ik.f ^ ' d anil lort.
inirlfliml luti ii In instiklti .,^I sin ii'.w well, ilforti'i^ mil siren*. ^nd nnvloni^to ictk** l!it^ i iTtsIn rin in^ ef mm. In , a n ta nil
Hsrlognotlilnf pnell i,r seodC. ^i !^. I wsufc^aomuu.r. Ailureis,JAME8 A llvllliis.
Boxn OSir, Mkb
iiyMm iii^ in^T.
atWttfaW laM , li'IlU'll-
)tary in lm lpU-s nit. r-^Intt iiitti Mf irn| i ^^FloiiM ul t hliiKH in to
tIII ^ *' iliHtllH't i lasm'H,
lh# ' Tru*'. the 1 h All^tlful, and the (iOihI.^ Tiw Wt% ^^f^Ihent* pfhlplaMI, will) th** aHpiration^to attiiIn them at^ a (m iHonal |iufH*n-^^ion, formR th*^ idtal uf a eOfllpHfta^man.
tlSatorthl ttjtii ol KM Ix.tlltlful i8
liirululf^| an ' KtM*ftt4 riMM of t-nio.^ttoiit). hh H'lnili uli'-ti nt (he ili lfi at.^ami the jttftt-lrl, oi iht* mainl aii'l^th'- .u,'l'liriM . Tlh ft' t motion* when^jifO'lutnl by otiji-rtu a|^p^ allnK to^i'ithtr tho ^^^^^ or tht car or to the^liU'h* r ^on^f ptioim of the m!t ^!^miikf up what (h piopt-rly t^ rmti|^tht* ^love of art,'* ami the ron- ip-^liuTiF thus inailc |i'^.-*mIiIi awake th^hltfheMt anjaMM uf emotioiih ^ hit I- RM^U capable of enjoylnK.
ItIf to this dab* of emotion*, that^lh*' | aintinga of (luatav Klchtcr a|^-^peal most laraely. H in extpitflt'- .kill^hoth In draw ina and coloring liat*^(riven us plctiirin of extellent ^ ^ I^;;r-^acter. Ma. i^orliailn ami ilgurctt ImIiik^vlvl'l prescntalloiiH of life. ^Their^i \ i ^^ '-an see, t h**l r lipt* almost rno\f,^ilo'ldoomof their skin is ex^iulsiii ly^(V Ii' ate. and th^ lr '^!^^ ^ ks warm and^itlowinir ^lth life and health.''
Agood i xamplt !m th** fare of the^Cnmtaii tiipsy Olrl^^the sweet lit^^tle thief with her short skirt well^rilled with the InmdoiiPt fruit of the^vine. Tht Kntpct ar*' not more v..um^In color than her own russet ch^ k.-.^As one looks at tin iinlf-detlaiit ^ x-^presslon of her gazelle.like vy^n, he^Is start!, i with (heir Ufe-ltke real^^ity, yet held a** with a stranK1' [tower^of fascihatlo'i.
Itla the coiK'i:rrcnt testimony of^Kichtci's most aide critics ih. t If^^ ould invest t]SM with a Hiipi'iui-^( hann. and Kct lh* hint of witt IdhK^swettness on a mouth, thus imhtihifi^a face with the ^low of penniilal^youth. It was hnid of that Uan'itul-^iieatlcn of Hlt htt-r's calleil ^I.ot*k^ing,^ whose wistful *\ch and i:^nii,-^latf once m-en tail ne\*-r U- forgot^^ten, ^It is not a picture: it Is an ap^^parition.
iTaKc M of ^rictoilal W'ondei -^hi nil.^
Theforitt-otna- Is a samph- page^from the heautlful new art work^ftiven to yearly suli^ rll^eni of the^Ai'.a^ oii(!a Htandard.
Thereaders of the (taper may^Judge of the clasa of desrripl.ve^matter hy thin pafje. There's nothinj;^lu the hook that r*^iuirt,s any apol-^oRy from tht Htan'lnnl. It is contl-^dently submitted on Its merits and^one only needs to examine to de-^i lare it a wonderful Iwok. ^'Pit tor ,i|^Wriidtrlar.d^ Is glvin free to suh-^scrlhers who pay om* yf-ar in^vane for th* dally Standard.
TheAnaconda Standard
AnacondaHutte-C.reui Fall^^Mls-
Whenyou write^to your friends
whoare coming west to^vi*lt you. Just add a |s^*t-^*^ rjpt like this: ^He ^ure^to i.ike the Burllnirt.ui^lioiitr.lt * much the ue^t.
Youare ijiiite safe in do-^in^ this hecnune our ^er-^i ^. mOM nmiir..., Knn-^BM city. dt. l^iuis. Cat la^m and ill other routh.m^and so itheeetern .-iti- s^Just ai |ood a* our *ervi^-e^Tn tho^ iHilnts. And that^*^ everyone who is ac^^quainted with It will tes^^tify i* the liesl there I*.^Th kct* und time-tables^on apidli'uilon to the lo^^cal anant apent.
IIII 1 Daniels, l ass'r Aneni. Hutte. Morn
W W. Johiision. Coni'l Aaent. HllllnKK,
wantkii: nit :i iodigi rofi uoiSt
i liousekeepinK. furnish.'I or iiiifurntsh-^] ed: mu^t be centrally located Addresa^H., Standard. Anaconda.
nTANTBO |ty MAN AND WIFK, TWO^or three unfurnlllierl rooms for house-^I tern part of city preferred.^A.ldre** II. I., cure Hlundard, Ana^^conda.
wanted-AllINK V i'i l 1,'lAN Knit^^hurt time on Ko^d security; hi*h litter^^ed. Butte liuslness Kxchutute, tj Kant^Purk ^t., Hutte.^^^
diii^iTick' rk iTi'KTr M^7i\\^nKea
forlaja cheap. Apply U^ It^ I..it^Rati r, Mouth llutte, lihicksnilih nn*B.
PODBAI.K^CHKAI\ M-K(HIM LODti-^hnt house, cenlriilly located: alio clfjar^and m a* st.ind. at half price. Huiinesa^Kxch :I .est Park, llutte.
FOR UAI.k HAItl) COAL^parlor minors, raaaaatata,
rriiv Br,
DHI'tJ8TOKK Kt)H 8AI.K IN MINIMI^catiip In aood seetlun of the nCitc: this^Is n kmimI opjiorliinlty for man with^spuill capital: invoice RJRti rush las^quired. ICiihi, easy payment!: owner not
adnaggtet. tdiltnai K. I*. 8.. MaanlaN^i.ihce. Anaeanda,
ilORRKHARNBRR RUOOT, CUTTEM^for rale cheap. W N. .Main. Hutte.
FORSAl7k-ONK OtKJD rPRlOHT PI-^nna. Addeeai A., Standard. Anaconda.
FORRA I. CON V KCT 11 )N K It \~STIT.^tlonery and cluur Ktore. Address Hox^1,1111. Hutte. No naetlts need apply.
I'm;sai.k CORMRR LOT Wi l li TWO^houses, laajatrn an Cedar St.. Anaconda.
KVANSOPBIU HOUBR~rOR HUNT^for aaaMa asnetdnas, dances, etc. ntz-
Patrlik.^L- Hti-lekfuiiden.
loom.1' South Mnutanit 81.. Ratta,^FOR RENT- THREK-ROOM ftTRNlgH-
e.lhouw. Apply *m K. Third street. An.
inMi. .
Fill;KKNT K-KOoM KI'ltNIRHBO^house inr aananaanaamg: mat ami leM^rratar. 11 aTnal Qagnan, Rntte.
lull KKNT I'l itNlsTn.li ltliOM8 FOR
nana*keegtng.nx haa) Qranite, Batte
FORRENT rURMliHBOi : ROOaU^in saaacta ntaaki ^t^ am h.-at. aalaa 11
W st Hrcii'lway. Hutte.
forrem on Jan. i. WT. gdMraai Baa o\^Aaaaaaany
anaarraanaenatenois w. Beandwar,
Inran front room, electric iiKht, feraeen
h.ai.Ani.lv W. Park St., Hutte.
I'OKItENT-TIIREK V S Fl i KN1811 Kl)^rooms. In I.tiiemenl; suitalde for IiKht^Iniasek-epiin: Hi' |^ r month. Call an*^I ween Vi and .', o'clock, ^1^ West Hroud-
liiltREKT^THI SAKAToiiA BALOON,^also a aafmsf shop in Walk'-rv ille. li.-^mitire nt J. a. Balrrnraa. w.-dkerviiie.
FURN1SHEOhooili^: E L EfTRIC^IiKht, steum heat, free hath: reasonatda^priei Horrr.nn house, t.'. R. Park. Hutte.
FOKRENT^Fl KNISHED ROOMS AT^reasonahlo price*.; steam heat and all^conveni. nr. s; rentlemen only. Kelly^Mock. T7 Kast Park strei t. Hutte.
1.11ST I'NIIIN PACIFIC KAII.RIIAT)^ticket from Au.-t. und* to San I'laneisco:
wiiinot i.e aannend aajeaj ptaaaatt ^i ay
partyowning same. Kewurd will he^pai-i on i. turn to Standard office. Ana-
FOUNDiiNK BLACK WiiHK HOME^w.ui whit- stripe In face and fan* white
reel taanara at fjeagnna agetngn for
Jimi s 8:iundei-s.
r/l7RNIBHEIIlvli^^!S AND HIIAKD 11^West ilianiui. Hutt. Mrs A. H Wall.
ARE8PECTABIAZ AND IN TBLU-^Kent vtaaaj adtn naaranai aidlity. de-^nlre* to go Into naakSMl wltli a true^woman or man ol means: highest and^most ratktbal rararaaean. Addrean^^Strictly KurdM.s*.^ Btaadard, Hutte.
PREWARD WH.I.'hK PAID 1 ^H RK~^turn of bay colt. 1 year old. hranded^^y^ on left Jaw. to M Lower Montana^*treet. Butte.
CliNSll.T M K8 MAVKK. FORT I NK^teller Itoom M K Park. Butte.
MMK.FRANKLIN. MEDIUM. TKI.l^^I a-i. f t- -. at and future, t^l West Park,^Butte, room J.
ofMlSSul'LA. MONT.
T.K. T Kyman.^0. A. Wolf
Surplusand Profits $15,00C
BaaBait n

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