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Printedrvery Par ^^ tk^i Tear.^Entered at Um poulo*'* at Anaconda as
MMMMt^411 aaattar.^Subscription MM r^W. m Advaac..
roilaiofro M it^1
rnitedstatu. Can-
6,irl M.At'O Kleawhera^poitu(ie added.
...fit)nn^... tut
ukhaving raid, at a cabinet meeting;^Mi lust Tuesday, that patl^-ii^ i
endedund that the government of tin*^I'nltcd Slates ought to Interfere
Inhis conduct U the freedom with^which he tells the reBSftBI ^ I hat the^McKlnley administration will do and^what It will leave undone along lines^illy and firmly to rcs^ ue the lal- of important legislation. It Ih to be
Dallyand Riir.l^y. one ''^Dal'v and Bunday.^Dalle and aunday. thr^ month. ..^Dall- .ad I UMU7. on* month ..^Sunday, one vear
TMrd ha. branch offices ^t
Butte.Missoula and Great Kail. where Hon^advertl. ni rate. will ^* furnished on ap-
Alliwaral bSrtSS letter, and co^-'^dwnd ^ ^ uld he addressed to THK^^TANPARI' I'^ HUSHING COMPANY.
TheAnaconda Standard guarantees It.^advertisers a Iwna fide paid circulation.^Pally and Bunday, thre. times greater^than that cf any other newspaper pub^^lished In II* n no of Montana. Advertis^^ing aontracl. aiH be ro.da aubject to thl.^guarantee.
Willbe raid for the arrest and conviction^^f any person cau.ht dealing the Stand^^ard from subscribers.
Mci.S't'A Y. I ^K( 'KM HKH 7. lv.it'..
To-dayUM eorreK|iondent^ at Wush-^Inglon will be telling how. when the^hand of the mb eM* ^^1 *^ m^b right^place. Hi. speaker rapped the chat-^tln^ BHWIlBB* to order and business^began. A clause In the federal i 'insti^^tution provides that the two housed of^rongreaa shall meet to-day. The open-^Ing at the BBBMa ^HI attract to the^national capital the |^olltlrlana of every^^Mb*, and from now until Inaugura^^tion day Washington will be the center^of iHilltlcal talk. The short session^will not greatly Interest the public; lla
time will Icciipied with routine
work.H Is nol counted on to bring^about ttM Ioiik heralded era of |irns-^perlly thai Is the task to which the^people who belong to ihe new order of^thing^ afler next March propoee to^address themselves. Probably both^houses will be Nja4l to receive the^president's message thla afternoon, ho^thai, lo-morrovv morning, the read-^era of the Standard will know of the^manner In which Mr. Cleveland lakes^his parting shot at the statesmen.
Nearthe Kltd.
Atmidnltrht the new* from the bed^^side of John II. FVllowa 1. th.it the^end Is at Mat Ills death will ckwe^a career that has been of more th^in^usual Interest. Mr. fellows ma not a^lawyer of l-ein.irkable hbill-It . but he^was a llgnie in politics. In that he wan^one of the ready s|..-ukers 1n demo^emtio eamimimi tlmea, his oraitoiy^w inning him a pi u-^ among the men^In the Tammany circle who did coni-^parativ. ly Utile of the planning but^who wen^ cxpeebst to point ithe moral^In convention halls or on the stump
MrFellows held his own for year*^In the line of service wt have men-^tinned with such New Yorker, an^Urady. ^Sunset'' Cm, SplnoU, Cock-^ran. ami others. A ilosen years ago.^or during the regency Of John Kelly,^tlr.tdy was T.imniany M mort ad ml ret I^orator: In rater yearn Mr. Keflows was^^ -.i-ilv i.ut ranked l.y i K'krun. u It hough^li^- was better trained than either of^Ile-iii In the Held of practical politics^and la' kept himself In favor longer^than ell le r of t h. ie
OMWoMthat came lo their cli
maxat the t'lueag.i invention of last
Julygave Mr NM a new leaae of I net If he prefers t^prominence in Hie |^^litical areata. He I concludes thai he^waa bltt rt\ nppiiaaf to the plan of the | atorsbli^m^ij^^nl^. and while Is- had vet-y mw. li^|.w weight m the ootnrafMtal than^MMT Hill or Mr. WMtney. he bs^k^a prominent pan in the orator), and^he was ..11 ^ f the moat lnu^atlent^among those who proposed to put a^g.^Mbi^g ticket In the tletd. Peraonally^Mr 1' II..H1 wa^ a i ^ isaiii gentleinni^ami he had h ^ BBBM of MbBJ I
X-w Y- rk'^ detaDOrtajBjB cdreb s.^pleas si him ,i]\\.i^s to rank a^ one
Havingwashouts in the front of^them and washouts to the rear of^tlicm. the train, ^i, IM Northern l'a^^i:i^ s Montana dn slun. are at a^standstill and tin , flc of the line Is^l^a- in ally suspended. While many of^the .in, s ..; |he ii i have recourse to^other la.'.vaw tt,,. Interiupiion Is^BttMMl fell in busineaa BBfcM); the^t . nr. . f tl-,nd the delays in
Umdelivery nl frrlgkl are an uncom^^fortable reminder of day* and week. In^the past wli.n the railway aer\i. ^^^^throucli...it Montana waa under eni-
iu Tha. Hi | f^ct Ini idcnt la
th-dis^ nmfoi t of th.- situation are that^the Interruption I. due to cauaea over^which kamaalty ha. no control and^that Jie reaumptM of the regular^i i ^ w ill be speedily :.^^^ .mi-^pllthcd. ^^^
Inthe t artlaat.
pBrill lolereat Ik. ntaaa of Mr
leanclltt! ^ it how Pre.ident
Clevelanddeal in hi* BMBBB#^villi the 1'uli.n i|u. .lion. Curloalty^a. to what tie- nmsmge all! .ay Is^. i i . I by the t*ct that rumors^are rife of .harp difference, of opin^^ion within the cabinet circle a. to Hie^lourke that ought to be puraued.
Seirelaiv'ill.. .~ deemed to be the^cabinet ne an. r who ha. been the a.l-^i vis-ate of an M|H^haj policy in dcal-
andfrom ruin and It. Inhabitants^from slaughter. ,
TheImprea.lon la that Secretary^Olnev hua been fully committed lo^thla policy for nearly a year and that,^last spring. President Cleveland v. a.^almost persuaded to adopt the aecre-^tary's view*. At that llm^, however,^ihe pjBBt positive aaaurani.-ea were^given from Madrid that the rebellion^would promptly lie crushed, and the^president concluded to pause. Now^that the administration Ih mo far ad^^vanced toward Us i lose. Mr. Cleve^^land Is repreaented as strongly dl.-^p.ised I^ leave the Cuban i|Ue.tl m .^the heritage for the next adii.inlslra-^A. cording to ih^ leport. that^have l.akisl nut respei ling last week s^cublnet talk, the president ^lll Insist:^mid thus Secretary tllney will not^round out his cabinet career with u^stroke of diplomacy out of whiih hit-^halo might hereafter be made.
tineof Maine's Men.
DI.euH.lngthe que^tlon of rBVBJMBi^lulls. Mr. Dingh y said lo a newspaper^reporter, last Saturday. Hu t the .s.-u-
alewill Hike the |iii i,ii|. 1-1. llted ,!t
IheHist session of the present (.in^^gress or nothing. Tie e..iigr.s^n:an^was asked whether hi. committee^would submit a revised measure, in^case assurance, were given that, with^Hi-, revisions, the bill would pruts. Mr.^Olngley'a answer wu. an emphatic^negative. ^The senate mini! io I on the^measure In tta possession,^ he said,^^or nol at all. We will not BBM an^^other bill.^^This talk may be cons'lrued to dl: -^' pone of the i|iiesti..ii thai bus been^i mm h dlacuHRcd, hh to the jiroliablllt y^! of tariff leglslullou during the session^lhat begins to-day. Th^ wolds of Ihe^I chairman and the manner in which he^Is dccrlbed as having uttered them^! are Ihe Haunting of a red rag before^the eye. of certain senators who, for^i the .ake of a principle which they^hold dear, refused to vote for Mr.^Plngley patchwork when It reached n^vote In the senate. ' Kvldently the^friends of the next administration are^willing lo bt thing, go from bad to^worse, ns far as the revenues are con-^rerned, until after next Inauguration^day
Meanwhile. Mr Dingley hlflBBBtf con^^tinues to be the hero of nil endless^amount of gossip. Ills recent pilgrim^age lo ^'anion started all the tongues^The Maine congressman protests that^his Interview with Major Mi Klnley^w as w ithout slgnillcaiu c. yet rutin.i s^Hy thick and fast lo Ihe effect that^only one cabinet appointun nt has been^tSMtalB sell led. and that la the se^^lection of Mr. Plngley for the depart^^ment ..f the treasury. If he la named,^the s. le. Hon will simply be an evi^^dence of the fai t that, for men who are^unit.Itli.us for political advancement,^the chairmanship of the house BBBV^milln ways and means Is n signiil-
HeIs Saying Nothing.
Someof the Washington correspon^^dents ale saying lhat Senator Sher^^man is not at all pleased ut the free^^dom wilh which his name Is mixed up^In Mr. HBBJaWl plans. In live or^six Instances reporteis have put to^the senator Ihe i|ueslion whether he^would accept a place in the cabinet.^In several cases Ihe senator', only re^^sponse was a Hat refusal to discuss^Ihe subject. In one Instance he Inti^^mated thai several |pie in tihio
weretaking bJMJBUM too many lib^^erties with his name.
ItIs agreed that the veteran sena^^tors ne has been aroused by the muss^of newspaper comment which has In^^ferred thai MBJBM w ill make Hie plans^and Sherman will follow llnin. that^llanna will put Sherman in Hie oabi-^.1 I hal. if llanna
lll.l like Hie sell
Shermanwill waltz out of^| the senate and make place for li(lit.^Hue can hardly blame Mr Sherman
If 1MB* tilings vex BMj II^ letllelM
la-rsthat wiihin iwenty years three^piesnbills have been bMBBB 1MB
'Ohio, lb- lias Iii left with Ills presi-
[d. titial aspirations ungialilled. yet be^' had a national reputation bebne ilar-^fleld or Hayes or Hi Klnley enjoyed^more ihan local fame Naturally it^stirs his iiulck MBBJST ,n^' n^ ui^'an^like BJhnr* B/MBi notoriety In BBBJ-^tii s is only a lew weeks old. should^take conspicuous liberties with bis^name. P Mr. llanna undertakes, in^view of what has transpired, lo assign^Senator Sherman to the cabinet, lie^BfBtaM) ^ill sere a failure
remenilic'edthat Mr llanna Is not an^..Hi. ^ r of the govetiimi in he is .Im^^ply the i nglneer of a political mac hine^will, h governmental form, do not rec^^ognize. At the same tune tie- public^realize, that what Mr. llanna say.^goc^. The real aim of hi. much talk^^ing is not . oneeali d. II deala In^trims In much that lie guys, but he^manages BjBMSB to ring in a word or^tWB which i. designed to Impress on^IM Blind of the public tin- idea that
Hi.-fri olnage question lias been dla-
BSBBlOf; lhat is an Issue which Mr.^llanna does put want to face again.
Kventhe New- Ydrk Post has occa^^sional gbaniH of reason. It rises t^^i. ,i.:^11; that Thou.at. C l'lalt Is an^agency that ^Is engage I much more^effectively than llrjan in destroying^ihe popular res|wct for American In^^stitutions and conlideme In American^. i me- nt us set forth in the w rltlen^...nsliluiIon and laws ' The Host^might luce added that another sued^agency Is lo he found in the person^of I.ariy CMMUB*
He'sGetting Lot^ of Valuable Adver^^tising Ju3t Now.
ItWill All Serve to Draw a Crowded^Hou.o to i: ea the Noted^ttago Artist Next^Thursday.
Possiblypro.perity tried lo return^via that California air ship.
If^iovernor-elect Smith in really of^M ^.-.ni..lineal turn of mind, he might^postpone his Inaugural ball until after^BB has made Ills a|.|iolntments and^utilize the music of the disappointed^candidates for dancing purposes.
TheLeiulvlllc grand Jury seems to^be opposed to free and unlimited cold
Itha. been some time since the J^I'ierpont .Morgan syndicate made a^hit, but Just wait till It gets onto Mc-^Kiiil.w's delivery.
rresideiitCleveland's annual mes-^sage to-day will be his last but It Is^fenced by tolcuiuph operators and ed^^itors pot his least.
'There Is an elopement epidemic In !^the wind^ says the MM Herald.^Huston's conservatism must be suffer^^ing a severe blow.
WhileMacro appears to have Wey- |^ler licked, lie is somewhat suspicious^of the Inl.unions of ltefereo Cleveland.
Mr.Keib y. of Missoula, has started^a campaign against the employment^of femnle clerks hy the legislature.^Kvldently h^ would have ihe legisla^^ture go at Its business calmly and^methodically and without any bustle.
Would Brother Moody have us tell
Ipie we are BfM b^ see them
whenwe are not'.^' anxiously Inquires^He- Washington Past We think not.^The best course to pursue is not to^BBS them til all on anything short of^three of | kind, unless you nre sure^of your bluff.
WithIhe death of her district attor^^ney. New Y'ork will lose one of the^best Follows in the world.
Illnaming bis Ik ^The First Hat-^He.^ Mr. lb.\un does not wish it un^^derstood that he accepts the doctrine^that the first shall be last.
TheIndications are that Ihe fulled^Stales senate Is alsiut to devote Its^energies P. the aci|Uisilion of a large^and varied assortment of ^unfinished^business ^
Weinfer that the excitement on the^I'acifie const over the Fllzsimiiions-^Shurkey debate has somewhat sub^^sided. The San Francisco Call enter^^tains Its readers with a powerful edi^^torial on Village Post masters'' and^the 1'.nilnnd tiregonlan has vigorous^^ly attacked the Mallhusinn theory.
Thecoming New York legislature is^evpect.d to provide for the free an-
ahsis..f all 1rs made In the stute.
The..nice of state boor Insp^. or^ought to be a fat one.
IThe Judge who tries Ihe burglar who^is said lo hu\o BSM Idelltitled by the^Impression of his teeth In the pumpkin^pie he had left half eaten in the pan-^Iry. may rule lhat that kjnd of evi^^dence is tooth in.
Wefail lo observe thai the physi^^cians and surgeons of the country are^Joining in the football prohibition
I^ ads a I. ^ ' ,H |n. |l ^ Blll.S t
linugMain ;u u hak. lie i. uAi^-'U^i
TheSalt Lake Tribune expresses the^' opinion that If a BJBBUBBBM whom II^refers to as ^old man Haggin^ could^i live |M years, he would own the^world But be would probably be sat-^isiie.l wilh that. If Judge (ioodwiii^were als.. living a! the time, old man^HanlB would cheerfully concede him^the tlesb and the .I^ ^ viI.
Illhis allusions to th^ alleged lm-^movement of the country s condition^however. Mr. Cleveland will hardly^1 dare no so far in his message as to^.Linn a restoration of BBBbMbMB
Iill Hie ballleship Ti xas
Adecision rendered In Judge Mc-^llaitoiis curt last week is BBMMff^strom; BUBMBUOB that the coming^session Bl Helena can make a batter^record than Its BfBaMBBBSf If It hires^fewer h.ingers-oii and BBBfB compe^^tent ilerks In this Instance th,. ques^^tion of the legality of a tax on certain^property In Silver How county was^raised. The act was Intended to be an^act to provide a remedy for the un^^law ful levy and collection of puldi.^revenue I'y the time It came from^the legislature. It was an act to pro^^vide for the unlawful levy and col^^lection of ta.e*. the words a rem^^edy^ being omitted.
IfIt is line thai IB.ro are to be no^HilMB Of liquors in the white house^dining Hie M administration, Mr^Cl.\eluiid will not be tempted to pay^his sue. essor any social . nils, not l.y a^Jugful.
BrotMffMoody is drawing an nver-
ageof I people lo his New York
revivalmeetings. If he keeps on,^M ...ly may reasonable expect to cli-^M.le the attention of the thoughtful^Xew York public with the Journal's^vellow kid.
BUtta, Dec. 6.^Nat Goodwin, the
aoteal BsaftBMsjh vM ^tUI raosjss
liutte'.opera house next Thurulay.^end his 1 .^ .i ii111111 leading lady,^Maxlne Klllott, have been (rttlng^Biors gratuitous advertising during^He la.t six month, than, per-^h.ipi, they have been looking for and^BMfS than Is usual even for such proni-^in- iit theatrical people as thty to re-^Scaroely a week has passed in^i\ months that did not furnish the^p.par. with something sensational^al.ollt one or Ihe other or bolh. The^BOfMS started In San Franelsi o just be^^fore le.odwiu uml his company sailed^for Australia, flrMfl he met ,u,d 111,^iliatoly engaged .Miss Klllott as leading^lady to accompany him on his tour. As^h^ already had a leading lady in illanch^Walsh the result of Miss Klllott'. en-^^BSMBMl could eusily be foreseen. He^niecl to make them believe that he^would have two leading ladies but his^effort to keep peace In the company^w as not successful.
Thetwo women accompanied him to^Australia but Miss Walsh did not re^^main long and returned to this coun^^try with severe stories tthuut her treat^^ment. The next steamer brought an^^other female member of the company^and she also gave out some harsh stor^^ies about (loodwln and his new leading^lady. Then came reports of disagree^^ments between lioodwln and his man^^ager, anil next the discovery was made^that Just before sailing for Australia^both lioodwln und Maxlne Klllott had^Instituted proceedings In Ihe San Fran^^cisco courts for divorce. Adv'antuge^was taken of their absence to rake up^und publish all sorts of stories about^the two, covering the whole periods of^their lives. Iloodwln's wife furnished^a few of the sensational articles and^ulso prepared to oppose his suit for^divorce. Miss Klliott's husband also^hail a tale to relate, but would not tight^his wife's application for divorce.
WhenMr. lioodwln returned from^Australia and saw what his suit had^stirred up. he w ithdrew It. but Miss El^^liott obtained her decree of separation.^The latest story raked up with which^Mr. Iloodwln's name is assis-lated Is^Hi^ result of the death of Miss Leila^Farrell. which occurred suddenly In^New York last Tuesday. Miss Farrell^was at one! time considered the most^beautifs] woman on the American^stage. She first appeared on the stage^as one of the three daughters In
Adonis. and her pretty face and^dainty figure won for her position. She^rext played the part of l'olly Stanhope^In ^Utile Jack Shoppard^ with (iood^^wiii. She made a sensation in a new^dance.
ThereIs no doubt that I.ella fully^, xpected to be Mrs. (loodwln No. 2.^but she was doomed to disappointment,^as the actor was married in October,^IBJB. to Miss Nellie Haker of Huffulo.^igainsl whom he brought Hie divorce^proceedings in California. Hefore this^marriage Miss Farrell found he would^not make her his wife. She then car^^ried a big bundle of love MM to a^lawyer's SBBCS In New York and had a^suit basvn to recover PMM damages^for breach of promise, (loodwln said^Ihe suit WM blackmail, but he decided^to compromise. On the announcement^of his second marriage. Miss Farrell^said she bad known all about It In ad^^vance and had given her consent.
Shettppenred for a while In the ^Mas^^cot,^ and then she fell III and went lo^Southern California. On her return to^New York she became the leading Hg-^ure in Ihe gayest life of the metropo^^lis. Then she drifted to Kuropc, Hitting^to I'aris. to Monte Carlo, to Home. Her^funds becoming low. she decided to re^^turn to the stage, but death cut short
tlreatFalls Deader: It must be^borne in mind when considering the^future welfare of the republican par^^ty In this state that Ihe party Is not^as thoroughly united as could be^wished, and lhat for the next few^years at least u spirit of conciliation^ami moderation will be necessary In Its^management. If there is lo be anv hope^of success. The QsMsri republicans^have no more right lo be exclusively^represented In the next state conven^^tion than have the Hart man republi^^cans. Kach of these gentlemen was^nominated by a portion of the dele^^gates to the last state convention, and^each asked the support of his fellow^citizens as a republican candidate.^That the democrats and populists^voted largely for Mr. Hurt man does^not take from his republicanism, nor^does it force those republicans who^nominated him into the demoii.uic^ranks. We admit that It will be a lit^^tle difficult to arrive at a fair basis of^representation. The vole of tioddurd^cannot be taken, neither can the vote^of Hart man. A very large number of^republican* did not vote for Mckin^^ley, so thai to take the presidential^vote would shut these out. Probably^the fairest way would oe to base the^call on the average vote received by^the candidates on the state ticket.^This would treat all factions equally,^and every republican who remained a^republican regardless of his views ..n^the BBMMrlsJ question would be repre^^sented at the convention.
OfHare and Magnificent
Byspecial arrangement thl. store will have on exhibition and .ale the^coming week the most superb collection of
Richand Elegant Fur Novelties
Kveryshown In thl. country outside of New Y'ork city at prices guaranteed^33 1-3 per cent, under the lowest quotation, ever made in the Northwe.t. This^rare and costly exhibit will lie under the personal direction of a representa^^tive of the great Kur house of
TheJohn R. Ruszits Fur Company of New York
Withbranches at Irfindon, Herlin and St. Petersburg^the largeit manufac^^turing furriers In the world^who come, direct from the New York establish^^ment to the big store, for the express purpose of making thl. unique and un-^usuul display.
WillJio Most Extraordinary
FromMink collar to Sealskin coat^along the entire range of Fur apparel^^ing^will be found rare and choice examples of the fur maker's art, at a bona^fide saving of fully one-third. Another forcible example of this store's pro^^gressive and up-to-date methods of merchandising.
Wegive with every pjir of^School Shoes bought of us a^Handsome Tablet. This Tablet^in made of Hood Paper, and is^verv useful, especially to School^Children. Our stock of
Isa large one, and prices as low^as the lowest.
Child',all-grain, button, heel or spring^heel, sole leather tip, .Ilea 12 to2....
Child'sall'grain, button, heel or spring^heel, sole leather tip, sixes 5 to 11....
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Child'aoll-graln, button, spring heel,
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$1.50;12 to 2, $1.75
Wehave finer and lighter grades^at from *1.00 to $ ^.W.
MailOrders ire Piefflptly Filled.
113North Main Street, ButtB.
Mr.MBBBM evidently Is vv MBJBJ la^',. i the country knew that he intemla^In I.^ the Mentor for the Mi Klnley ad-^nilnistratlon. To hegln with. Mr^Hunmt proposes that the inauguration^ceremony shall lie to his liking. He !^^somewhat disposed 1^ he spectai lilar ^^he promises that the affair shall he^the most lullliant of Its kind In the
Whateverhappens us i. spei ts pros-^pcrlty. there Is no likelihood g| the^nation's trttMBBBJBJ IBM MtWrfl Bl Hoke^Smith.
Theman who Is BBBBfl Hie Pullman^Palace Car company for damages re^^sulting from a cold lamthl in a sleep^^er is liable lo he noii-auited it' the de^^fendant eompnny can show that John^BaWTBBBB Bt Henjamtn Harrison was a^fellow passenger.
Sofar from restoring confidence, the^starling up of the Fttislmmons-ghar-^key mill in Sun Francis, a MM week^ap| ears to have severely sliak. n it.
TnTr^IHj tgalnsl \nn llauwh.
Herlin.Dae, ^. -fount FuIenU rg has^annsls of ceremonial life in the city of | started for Herlin to testify In the trial^Washington. To ^iuii .it- the inau- Major von Kauach. the commissioner
/Wvi*^u^ z'^z^** ^^i.M.t-a.^uv.i.ui,m, ^^ri%LQ^^t^iZrsjz
maytake upon himself as a matter of | ,u|t ,,f his trial for Intriguing ugalnst^course. The more auggesllve feature \ the authorities cf the foreign ottlee.
ANew Olllecr suggested.
DillonTribune: The Deer Lodge^county ^ onmilssloners are in need of a^No. I peacemaker. None hut those^auoeil with Hi st-. lass characters''^ami who can prove that they have at^least a strain of blue blood In their^veins need apply. His services are^BBBM to assist in patching up the^constantly recurring family Jars''^which oeeasion the lioard so niueh an- \^noyau, e. Those unaeeustomed to hard^work need not apply.
St.v ^ nsvllle Tribune: ^Taxes are^too high in this county.^ are the oft-^re| eate^! words of the lliller Knot tax-^puv.!.- And well may they think so.^Hut Hon It. 1!. Smith tins sounded Hie 1^call for economical retrenchment, and^I we hope to hear It reechoed down the^I line and take In Justices and eonsta-
h|s The legislators from Kavalll j^I county are economic men and will re^^spond^ Amen to the governor's call.
AnKagle Killed Wilh a ^tl^ kpln.
IFrom the Chi. ago Times-Herald.
Alarge eagle hovered aliout Irene^Ahhott s s, iiool house nearly all of^Monday last, and at the . lose of school^atlBaipt was frustrated hy the children,^pils. B hey about in years of age. Its^i. i iv.pt w as frustrated by the children.
but It followed them to l ow ell's mill.
whereMrs Frank Powell stuck It with^a stickpin and killed It. It was a fine^apetimen. measuring six feet six inches^frini tip to tip of wings. 1
Hrown-lt is reported that General^Maceo Is ill.^Jones^Is lhat so
I,i .w n - Ves; his doctor haa advised^him to get a wheel and take a dally^spin across the trocha.
ThePoor People's Store
340 East Park Street, Butte^:J42
TIIKKKftffl hnndrods of pooplt^ who^nail thin ^ad.^ every day and never^rome to the store. They think It la^too far. By coming a little farther^you Ri't Rood i xerelse and at the aamn^tlmt yt-t paid for your trouble. It Is sur-^priMlng how many |wople let a Rood bar^^gain tfo by. HHN are hundred* of men^paying '** ^ f*nt^ ft pound for plug rut to^^bacco and they ran buy the MM thing^here for .IT* cents. How long do you na\^^to work to make || cents^ There are oth^^ers* that pay '^^ c^nts for two cigars sev-^eial timet* In the day, and they can get^the HUM thing here three for 25 cents.^This price means four extra cigars for^every dollar you cpend. We can save you^L'^^ cents on the dollar If you're buying^i hewing.tobacoo.
Somewomen are paying 40 rents a gal^^lon for vinegar. They could aave 1.1 cents^and get at* good here for cents. Others^are paying H cents for a package of cof^^fee we sell for M cents and save you 'JO^i^ t nts on the dollar.
MJM ladles buy six bars of soap for -3^cents. You can net nine or ten here that^are just as good.
Donot pay 10 cents for a package of^bird seed or starch. We give you four for^2f^ cents.
Wedon't advertise to give you IS or 'M^pounds of sugar for |1.00 and make you^pay for It on the other goods you buy.^We sell everything cheap. There Is a i*pe-^cl.it bargain every day on our ^ and 10^cent counter.
MadeFrom Montana Hard Wheat^FIRST CLASS****,*

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