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Theprincipal ttraiich 0^nr^ of the^Standard Is at No. :i East Froedmay,^nutte. T.-lephone No. ^^. Advertising^rates furnished on application.
Hrpurtmfur the Miin.lur.l hy Gallogly ^^Co., lhim;1.t.,
Iee. *^ Theneoinf-ter. Bsremett... Y*^intl.^m. ^-^!^ df^. ^Iwt^. 2t.U0tn.-h.... N.V^*P-ro. SO dec. above. MmMM* MV^HigUent tt-oiis-rsturf. I I above; lowrit 'J-I.
TheIndications for Montana to-day arc.^^ lenerally fair; sumner In Kastern por^^tion; west winds.
WhatOld aud ^ Younp Read Daring^. The Month of NoTember.
Special Statistics Which Show^1 hat Children Are Re^apins Creat^Benefits From the Library^^ Figures That Tell.
Tomllnson.K. T - Three Youna Conttnen-
Trowhrlde.J. T OMIS for Himself.^Cudjo's Care, Fortunes of Toby Trut-^ford. M Itsaard, l*hll and His^Friends.
Wiggln.Mrs. Kate Doualas-Mini's^Christmas t'arol. Timothy s guest.
Every15th Sale
Whenthe purchase lias been made^at the suiiie price
JohnMonley. Clifton house, Mcader-^^ il^'. overshoes, 11..Ml; Tom Anderson, 410^North Main street, sweater ami cap,^12.W; Robert Williams, 211 South Arizona^street, socks, Kr; A. M Dusseaiilt, HI^Kast I'ark, overshot s, fl.U: J. I). Ashley.^MaKulre's opera house, nightshirt, I'm-; II.^F, Kccleston, (ireasou Springs, overalls^and jum|M^r, $1.7u; William Finm-nan, 27^West Quarts street, shoes Id. overshoes^il, underwear |3, shirts ii.'M; I I Dillon,^Whatley's cafe, ties, ^1; R. K. Hell. La^^in nil Mock, handkerchief. Mrs. M. A^Williams, 401 Knst Mercury, shirt and^tollar. 11.::..; Frank Deyolt. Ifran.-h sa-^lccn. Kasl I'ark. liar coat, |K: J. !' Thom^^as, US WyomlnK avenue, cuff holders, IV^C. II. Uartlett, ^4^ West I'ark. drawers,^II: M. II. lies . 1 IK Oklahoma street, huts,^^2; Tim Harrington, Simon street hoard-^Mj house, rubbers, SOc: Fren M, Fsrrlng-^ton, 62 West I'ark. underwear, 11.50.
OrtonRroa. PI.:: os md Organs.
Hollers,for sale^L. Kaufman.
FredOrton, piano tuner, 6 W. Quart*.
40per cent, off on electric lielts and^appliances. 42 W. Park, Butte.
Malaspring, |1: watch cleaning,^11.60. Warranted. Mayer. 40 W. Park.
Kendrlcksign writer and general bill^poster moved to 20 W. Broadway.
K.(i. Mm lay ami Francis S.at Inn^came over from Ureal Falls yesterday.
LouisS. Cohn shows I he largest and^finest line of holiday presents in the^city.
Th sale of seals for Nat (loodvvin^v 111 open Wednesday instead of Tues^^day.
Theimprovements at S. V. Kemper's^rink should commend It to every^skater.
Mrs.Krickson and children, Mrs. and^Miss Shlpman arrived from Lt wistowu^yesterday.
Dr.M. K. Knowles. veterinary sur^^geon, Uutte hotel, 10 to 12 a. m., and I^to 5 p. m.
ThorntonSprings artesian hot water^can be jampled at ^The Kilt^,^ next to^Whatley's.
J.O. W. Hyams of the Boston ft^Montana Mining company arrived In^Butte yesterday.
Ifyou wish to dress correctly have^jour clothes made by Schilling Bros.,^opposite piwtornce.
TheCopper State cigar, a perfect per-^fecto. Home, hand and union made.^Montana Liquor company.
OccidentFlour ' manufactured by^Russell Miller Milling company, for^sale by P. J. Brophy ^ Co.
Takeadvantage of warm wealhi r^prices to own the king of cold weather^coats. You'll tlnd It at Bom her s, the^Park street clothier, for $Ki.
SheriffMclaughlin of Choteati coun^^ty was in the city yesterday with live^prisoners who were being taken to Deer^Lodge for terms of from 2 to 10 years.
Finegold and silver mounted meer^^schaum and briar pipes, cigar ^ml cig^^arette holders, cases and cigar mols-^teners. all new designs, at Louis S^Conn's.
Thelatest and most beautiful novel^^ties In the toilet, nianhuro. ...liar and^tuff, hankerchicf ami necktie eases,^work boxes, photo albums, etc., at^Louis S. Conn's.
FrankHarsons was arrested yester^^day for vagrancy. He was found prowl^^ing around the Sherman house in West^Quartz street, and the point- regarded^liim as a suspicious character.
DickThierman returned vest, rday^from a month's trip to Portland, San^Francisco. Los Angeles and other coast^c ities. While away he visited at Napa.^Cal.. with the old folks, whom he had^not seen for 12 years.
M.J. tlelger tailed at the Standard^office last evening to deny the refjOfl^that he is connected with the llysland-^er. He says that he is not connected^with any paper except his own, which^Is a monthly publication.
Thefigures of Public Librarian Davie*^show that during Notember Mil Iswks^were Issued for home use, which Is an In^^crease of more than It pel1 cent. o.cr the^prnious month and or 19 |ier cent, over^th^* eorres|tondliiK month of last year.^The Increase In the reading room luetic^was VGS, or 22 per cent, over the pre^^vious month and a little less than 2 per^1 cent, over the issue for November
Theattendant c In the reference d. part-^j nient was 1.717. an increase of P7, nearly^| 4tt per cent, over the attendance in octo-^, ber uml of .Viit. more than 47 per cut.,^ioter the attendance for the eorrepsontl-^Ing month last year.^During November some s|H-rtal statls-^; ties of value MM kept by the hio ai \^: with the abject of determining the rela^^tive use of the library by children ami^; adults. Lists of hooks for young people or^I others arc frequently made or essays^written telling what should be read and^very little attention paid. SMI pi^on tlm basis of pure assump^^tion, as to what lin y initially it^read. Hut at this stage It is generally^. . needed that to be of real vatM 1 Ml^^ Inn's books should be Interesting as^1 well an Instructive. Hence an occasional^nob- as to what the young actually read^In un institution like tin- Butte MM Ms^^lle library, where they are encouraged^^ bill Ml coerced to higher Ideals, cannot^full to be nl Interest ami value
Routedifficulty has existed as to .lust^where to draw the line, and also In del. r-^mlning whether the book borrowers draw-^books for th^msel\es or act as messeii-^I gem for others. But the attempt was^made to consider any is-rson Jmcnile^who apiHared to be of actual school age,^ami in this consideration as well as the^other mentioned it Is believed that the^errors balance each other.^The classified home issue for November
OfIlle two classes considered was found
asIndicated by the following tables:
NaturalSelt nee ...
Ilistoiy and Travel
., S7
^41^I'l I
MMlof llig Buttles.
Tothe Ktlitor of the Standard:
PleaseInsert in the next Issue of your^valuable paper the dates of tin- CW^^tat) Sullivan and Corbeti-Ja'kson^fights. Respectfully. A Sulw. rlber.
Corhett-Jackson.May 21. IMfl. at the^California Athletic club; draw; 62^rounds.
Corliett-Sullivan.Sept. 7. ims, at New^Orleans: Corliett won In 21 rounds.
Mailorders for holiday goods^receive prompt attention.
Silksalmost given away at Court-^cnay. Case ^ IJravelle s silk sale this^week.
Largeblack and brown mastiff.^Owner will receive dog by paying re^^ward at M Kast Mercury
tlreatchance in silks this week al^Courtenay, Case A Oravelle's silk sale.
Calland get a useful present, buy a^pair of shoes or rubbers and go away^happy. John Tassell. 25 West Park.
Carloadsof fancy slippers for Xmas^presents. $1. John Tassell. 20 West^Fsrk.
fillyour Christmas prest-jit in SiiK^during Courtenay, Case ^ tlravelltj'a^tiilk sale this week.
Fromthis table it appears that In the^classes generally considered as lei realm-^Hading, viz: magazines ami tit lion, the^i.cortl of the young people was slightly^SStSSff than that of their elders. Tin- pel -^i'iiit:u;i' of bouks in the classes mostly^^ It t oted to what Is considered the di v^^est and ntost difficult mutter (philosophy,^science and i^oeliy^. was also less. Hut in^ihose i lasses which combine most thor^^oughly the elements of Instruction ami^Ttc-reutlon (Brll^e Mesiaa, Ma MM and^history), the percentage of the Ihivs and^guts eras much higher.
Itshould be observed that in this,,^classes tlie btsiks druvvn were getierully^those that would Is- classed as juvenile,^hut the Important thine Is that, allowing^this observation, the children select I^larger proportion of their reading from^other objects thun simple recreation than
doolder people. II Will also be observed
thatthe total number ol Issiks drawn by^the young people was but little over half^of that drawn by adults, which is some^^what different from what we had ex-
Theabove figures and observations ure^as definite us tan BS obtulm-d In the lltn-^lletl time allowed from other matters,^when the work of the whole month Is^a nsliler. il. Hut for a single tiny we can^do belter. Hence we feel that It will be^of value to print a list of the liooks^drawn on a representative day by the^youiu people, and next Week We ho|M- to^print a corresponding list of the hooks^Issued to adults The day sclented for^compiling this list was Wednesday. Nov.
i*i win :i 7ii 1ks wire issued to children
and172 to adults. As It happened (evi^^dently from the recreative nature of the^day following!, the paoasWJM of tletion^issued on this day was aliove the average^for the month in Istih ^ lasses. The list^of children's books is us follows:^Adiims. W. T.-Cross and Crescent, Try
Again Young Lieutenant.^Al. ott. Louisa M.~Jo's Boys. Old Fash^^ioned Otrl
Alger,llor. Jr Julius, Paul the Pet Idler,^Young Outlaw.
Authorsand Publishers I'.alnton, ^i -Art^of Authorship
Ballaatjrae,it M MMerji and Hn Me^^ier, l lot Ilia Hunters
IMniss.Je- -Midshipman Farragut.
BreWS, llel. II D TWO College QMi
Hutnett.Mts. Fes. II. The One I Knew |
Bestof All^Carryl. C. K.^Davy and the tioblin.^clu lev. Mrs. Ktlnah D Sally Williams^Clarke, H. II Hoy Life In las I'nlted
Htabs Nat y.^Clark.-, MMiiea S Daily Dimple at I
ii. .1 i l-'.-iiiiii.in I'l^ K Is.uns.
Insninpolltull. Tile MatM volume.
DarMit Mlg-Rulers of the Haa
Douglas.Amanda M N' III- Kinnanl's^l\oigdom.
Farrar,C. A. J ^Down the West MM h.
F.nn. ^i Manvllle Menhanloc.
rudey, Mrs. Martha Klsi-'s Holidays,
MMat Vlanmede.^Fisher. Fes. C ^Little Maid of Arcatly,
Fosdiik. C. A ^Frank on a (liiultost.^Harris. Mrs. M ^ Pt rfet t Adonis.^Helnib.irg, YV Magdalen's Fortunes.^Mentt. O, A Condemned ss a Nihilist,
WithWolfe In Canada.^Holmes. Mis Mary J. Marian C.rey.^Join s. C II.- Short Life of Oladstone.^Kulei ' Ja Otis^-Andt ^s W ard. How
TommySaved the Barn, Slb nt Ivie^Kcigthley. 8. R - Csvsllers.^Kellogg. Htjak^FMMt Boys of Pleasant
Ker,1).^V'ossaek and Czar.
Klog. t'api '' It^! w i .a the I.in- s.^Troo|^-r Ross and fllgnal Mttt
Kingston.W H. ^J. -Hendricks the^Hunttr. James Hralthwali'-.
Ijng. And Vi How Falrv Book.
LtMs,Lucy C -Prudence.
Moulton.Mrs. L. C.-Btiltlme Stories.
Munroe.Kirk Rb k Dab. Wakulla.
Ogden.Huth -l-oyal Little Redcont^I Pyle, Howard^Merry Adventures of Rob-^In Hood
Head,t ^ple I' S. Id Sto;
Reld.Capt Mayne-W ar Trail,^i Retlew of Reviews, vol. 12.^! Riley. Ja. Whlteomb- Flying Islands of^I the Night Pipes o' Psn st Zektsbury.
St.Nicholas, Dec. Is*.
StNicholas. Vol. 0. i^rt 2: vol. 7. part 1.^voL 11. part 2
Matt,Sir Walter-Ijtdy of the Like.^1 Si iid b r. Dor K.-Bodbys on Wheels.^1 Stoddsrd, W. 'J.-Swordmaker's Son.
A1 la-It l ight Section In the History of^4'nluniit) .lane.
Anold-timer of M-uitii , i. ^:^ g ^ It.^fillet*, who was m D. a.lw h I :'n v. are^ago. tells NUite Intel nhiing fa Is alg^ut^t'alamity Jan-, cone-riilng In oi en^much has l^en nritt-n that is p^nly^liuth ami partly notion. Mr. Ilihn^tells of his iters.null oh.- rvalons and^w rites M follow s
Whilepnts|svting up Ceda^ Civt-k^this fall ajitl ri uling lix- Stan lard^whi n I was lucky en..tigu to gel a^ctsjty. I noticed In th - Issue of ^K-t.^2o .in at-ti. ;- ^b, nt C.iuti.lt J in -,^cstpietl from th ^ Baltimore- Ann v an^As I was In Dculwood in '7ti I cut^enlighten thut pt|^r regarding the^deeds of Ihit t.r.ce fannnis w.in.tn. I^know nothing ulsaii h r lit - iititil^June. 7*. eget|K that she was u tMM^for Cu-^tt r lit '75, wlit-n Iv was through^the hills taking i ill while in n. it l^e-^ing an Itnlian i- .'tun i professor^Jennings was along as an expert, but^in *7*^ the Partly pntsp- . t^ : s tbs kisl m^from all over the I'nlted Stabs CM*^ter Chy was hullt(up and desei tel for^IV adwis tl tnsid- tif two inonihs I ar^^rived In Ihtnlwood in May ami com-^MMMM work in claim M on White^Wood. At the start Jack M Till, who^shot Wihl Bill, was winking the^Botchford claim II. Shortly after^Wild Hill ami Calamity Jain upp^In town.
Janew -nt to all the dance halls,^da i' d ami a- til lis- a man. had u^buckkin suit, can: i i six lanotrranq^a big knife nml th. | i ailed h rt'i!.un^^ity Jane. In a few nights more she^had on woman s at lire and wore^that so I nig as I knew h-r, but sum.-^tlm- In June I think Wild Hill was^rhot by Jack Mc^'all who wis w uk-^ing at lit' claim mentltMietl g tttng^out lagging for thlfling purposee. He^was with others playing poker with^Wild Bill and Bill broke him He^csked Bill br mon y to gi I his din-^nt r. Bill said. 'I dun e gi nerally win^a mans money and give it back.' but^gave him 75 cents to tat on. .M ill^got his dinner and came back .nil^step|^ed behind Wild Bill, pulb d ^ill^li:s six-*In !^ : and In ^ I ill ^ fatal shot^that stalled tlm graveyard on the^hillside Just above Dcadwoisl. After^filing the whot Jack went out and flown.^th-^lre -t a short distanDO at-d stait.il^to muunt a horse that was hitt his|
He then W tit b: -k to th^ s ilo.m
whereIn- had shot Hill, siI in the
dooranil snapped th - oth. r th e t iir-^ttldges, but they all failed to go off.^He t'htn startetl back, gut un tin- horse^and found it w as bill it. I He pulled^out his knJfe iMtd Was about In etll the^i-ope when Ike Brown ran up and s lid,^'Jack, you nr.- my pi Isor -r.' Jack^^Mli ' AH righ'l.' and Ml i^ aMrt I, M0^w t- Hied by n Jury t f six m-n. Two^of them arefS IM M- ,n|s and mi' was^h's latlner while nt work. After Ml^trial h- will's aisiultteil and went down^to the MM, wh re lb - boys rals-d^t.Miu for (11 in an I gate linn a geld^watih and a fin ^ h.us H- start.sl^nut uf t he hills ami In BulT Da fMjl w is^arrested, taken to Y'ankton, M .1.^cunvlctt d ami b IM 1
CalamityJane had nothing what^^ever In do with Hint. Nei- did she^drive the stage Into Deadwood when^the dt iver was slim lot ii u .it HI^l.ak ^ whi owned No. mi t,n White^Wood that drove (he si.it. in with^th- d ad driver sitting by his side^At thai tint^ Calamity was r.-p^to be Willi Persimmon Bill ami was^supposed to be oho of ill.' aoedw|M of^that vt ry stage. I never knew of her^doing any gieat deeds any more than^I ing a si . ul fur Custer. Ike llr iw n^was shot a few Sundays after while^out liNiking fur suite- Indians that^w 11* expecting !^^ surprise an ox i ilu^gi Ing Irto Deadwoml. but h'ld pulled^t^ut early in the mi. ruing and a^pieaeh-r was on bis way to Ciisik^City to prtacli wb ti an Indian nsl-^up anil .-Jin | him llitnugh the hi art^Ike Brown was looking In a clump uf^tiruvli atxl poking his gun Into the^bt usli wh. n in Indian shot him. Win n^h- wan brought into town Calamity^Jam wanted to h .Id a wake ov i- bun^but she did not hat e In r way.
Iu-nderstisjil that Calamity Jan-^died In Colorado about six or eight^years ago I ha\, not seen tin Cal^^amity Jane who is now In Montana^and cannul tell whether she is Hi-^same person who was In D-adwm^i 20^years ago or not.
TheBpMO C H. C.ellispl,.. C, f^Clay, O. B. Clny. New Yoik I;. K. W il^slier. St. Joe; K. B. Defiolia, Sun^Fraiuisco. J B. Ml kards. II Plofgreti.^Helena W R, dally. Anui oiubi W. B^Fb t. her Ma.1.1.ix. Whit^ Sulphur^Spi'iigs: J. II. Anket and wife, sut^Francisco; .1. Chtibuig, Omaha, .1. R^Morse. L. C. Fyhrle. Dillon; .1 \^Browne, MaltMa; M. it. Browalea and^wife. Anaconda: It C. Chatiib'ts. Suit^l.ak-. B. W. Cooper. Chicagn; li. I:
Llbbv.L. F. Lannlna, Beat tie.
Th-McDertnoil R D. Kilgerton, .1^T. Root. J. I! Clayb. rg. Ib b-na: J^Dunn. Chicago; Mrs. c. It Hurkeii
c.r. BMrkett, Plpewtoae; c Da hi
K. A. Reb hel. Ore*) Falls M. Willi^ter, Argentet: It H Brow a. o. F.^Woodman. J. W. MM and wife,^Mrs H. B. Bttrgy. Helena S F An-^iIn. K. J. Isdell, Kd i 'anltt .11. W I. ^^hall: Itoberl Ritinout. A lliishii.il^St. Paul: c. W. Bray. Fort Rett ton; 1:^I.. Clinton. London. I! T Cord, H. T^Toomey. Livingston: W F Stnnii'i.^omaha; c. W. ' lot h.tin. O, K. Bproule,^Helena. Hiram Knowles, Missoula.
r.^. Mast IssMeWa^Judge Hiram Knowles nml Clerk^lb urge W. Bproule arrived In Hutu-^last evening ami i short ses. b u of th.^I'nlted States court will be aavvaOssd^this morning to . onsen i th- a (la^^the Butte at Boston rompuny. A. B.^Bigelovv. Matth-w Line l.-otiatd Let^isohn. ^l H. Ball and Ibuai- Slet I^will als' ask permission to Institute^suit against the Butte ^ Huston. J u n^W. Forbls. Thomas Cou-h and K. C.^Perkins for isissession uf the lirouml^Bquirrel. of which they allege they are^the rightful owners.
iwa cBjiP affaii oxLewis^Co
ItCo'ts a Pile of Money to Conduct^the Bcnest ele Ca^^.
TheOi fondant Smiles In thn Belief^That the Jury Will Acquit^Hlm-Tht^ Conclusion Is^Not In iMrttta
Kidtilove Snle
TurSale and l:\hibit
Th-n, nesteel murder ease has been ,^nn trial just two weeks and is liable i^to run tie- greater part or all of this 1^wet i, ai an expense to the comity of^aUoii |1M a My. The |1 Jurors, at M^eat h. draw 110 a day ami cost the^roil my Sled each, or tit in all, for^meals every day. There un- It ^\il-^nesses now under eul^|nienu who huwi
not^. t In i x.n .1 and d aw t.'.l a
dayas tat c The total expense for lite^July and witnesses figures up tint a^(jay. In the loial dally e^p^MQ of Mi^trial must Is- kachsMO the salary of^paMje Sp t r, salaries of stenograph-^e.uiri clerk, prosecuting MMVMf^and bailln^. ami heat, light, wear anil^tear on th- building and other Inci^^dentals. Not us many witnesses as^are aliivf enumerated were in attend-^am - dining the hist days of the trial,^but the expense for extra jurors for^the regular panel and spe. lal venue^more than make up tin- differs am,
Takingevery Item Imnsldi ra^^tion the total Mat of tin- teal will be^tween $2..V^ and ^::.fs^i. That^amount. In the opinion of linneeteste^anil his attorneys, will Is- spent to^honorably at quit IMMfMdMt. BoteCs^Steele is (Inn In th- MMf that the^Jury will tb-clare him not guilty.^While talking With a fil-nd the oilier^tlay he Inquired as to I he rondltMl of^the weather. He was told thai It was^scver. lv . old.
\\ell.'' he Sill.I. ^I hope It Will
warmup by I he time I gel out
HeMM Mt believe I tint any Jury^would convlti a man for killing the^alleged seducer of his wife. If it hud
notIn for the defense of Insanity
theJury might have MM M to ac^^cept the ^outraged husband' plea as
Mareis welkins, in evldeare to ..pp,..,.
thatview of Hi- affair, though ipie
familiarv ith the fails that were not^brought out at lb- trial, know that^Bone slt-elo was any I lung but an out^^raged husbamt.
Therecan la- no satisfactory speeu-^lalion us lo Hie out. nine of Hi- trial^for easier all the clrt-umstances thjfre^Woajel be no surprise if the ilefenilant^was acquitted ami again there would
be Utile surprise If be Were found
guiltyof murder in Ilu- first degree i^The surprise in the laller esse would f^be ill IM fad lhal a Jury in Slier^How county would return sin h a ver^^dict sneer any i IrruMMwoa
(Mia,nla^ai wholt
FurExhibit and Sale
Asp. eial Mil ^ nt our Immense stock^of hlcli el.i.s Furs comm^.^nv* to-iin^r-^row.
Knowin}-:What to Buy^and ol Whom
Isone of the prin^^cipal In tore In^I in b.g Kin ^ and^Fur tlaim nts ^^f^any kind.
P.rfectli' r lWible^
Th^ low -t pries^kn a n.
Ma n ufa-turlng^ill ..it own store,^tind-r onr ^^w n p. r-^ential nil i * is.^ii.^buyiisx fins in the
ssaWl w ^ ri I. in their i a w^^m us In a BMMM to r-tall^prices.
W.t i t a ml will save y oil 2.'. to JSH^p. r c ut. on any kind of a fur gar^^ni nt qu di d by anv Fa.Pin hulls--.
Kieven year*. ^ .* reliable soiling^places Us at the top notch of t!i ^ fur^bu i -s. Compare uur styles, get our^prb ' s.
Lewis'Mamlkcrchicf 5a!c
K\ e r r y lleeem^ls-r. Just In time^for Xmas. our nut-^uiar s ib- .^f liantl-^ktrthyfs ^ big gt-r^and better than^ever^uur slorti In^holiday attire.
Tin- best siyb^and values ever^sliv.wn. Sonie of^Ih in appear thil:^. Itki dug..ii Handkerchiefs, fancy Mt^^w ill be nice for f-hildren; .1.- MMk^I MM Linen f'ambiic Han.lk-r.^I boi.li r. nv each.^Hiin.lk-ielu-fs, MtMOel
ItBeat.* Them All
| Arknowh 'Ik ! h
;SfWtnK Mil' tiili'
oi!t4-:^r uny Na.n'hi^| I.Uht Kniiiiln-r N^^them nt
th.-verML w,l!^.^ on th* raark*^t. t9U^HMM . IH^^1 fail to
i:r.Kjsi i-
slyl-and wear- / 7 7^Ciirpet. for4- jj
Wive, Persuade You1- Hu^bnds
Tocull ul mv ilon. Bm it' M^eMMOl suit vim ill My article^tlint you iiiiiv Matd to ^i\i' a thiii.li
toytMsT koM* for CkristnM. Wt^linvc everytbing in otoxik nriniiMrj .^whcllicr il Im n l'nr|ii-l ttir tin- I'm-^lor or UstoliniM tnr tin- Kitchen.
Whatdo You Think of Th;se Prices
Sl7.eof room Sxll' feet, covered
wllha vI 111littiI^ uf i ^il-
Kileof room 11x1.'. .
wllha heavy grade of Lino^^leum, for
MMof room L'xbl, ftnnish-.|^v u Ii a g.ssl slyl.^lug Ingrain
sin-of riHim Ustl fi . furnish'
.d with nn elegant heat v^high gradn Ingrain OtMBl^for
Sizeof room 1l-:lx1.' f.-. l. fur^^nish. 4 with an ^ \lra giatle^of llrtissels Carpet, lor
MMof rli l-xll fl. I in ,
,arpel.'tl w Ith your i hoi.f
tlfull line of Velvet I 'a i pels,
Sizeof room 13x13 ft. ti In.,^carpeted with MM grade nn Art^body llrussels, as low LL.UU
sv/...I' rasM l-'xll ft., finnish-^ei with MM
WeWill close out ii tllllllber flf ntlstlt
llrusselsCnrp.-ls this araet st a saving^of from li to Ilu per raMi M you.
Brownfield=CantvCarpet Co
Trlephunc,t^^4, WVTNL
Ircnch Dyeinu anil Cleaning;
ITh. ..nlv Ii.i.im in tie- \..rtliw...t Unit i.. -^ III^^i Fmi.'li t.t.s....... We Kusra-ite.r work t
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Ino WKST 0.M.KSA HTKKKT. Itl'TTK. MnNT.^PAUMII:, Proprietor.
chiefs,col .f.
innMM^honli r, .'^^ . ach.
:ixflog, n fancy and plain and M^^stitched llnndk. t. hiet.c * 1-.!e ea.li.^lit- quality.
HMM Un.. eh sen lawn, lntitial^ll.indketehi -Is IU .' li- .etch, value, Itile^ib r.. n plain lu tiistuchf I and t m-^l.t. Idemd edge al I.'1,.': the BM grade.
OL'ilox.-n (Ine anil linen MMstMAetl^Hsn.tkeii hb-fs. .1 widths t^f hem. 2.V^MM; y.ibie. Mb,
IMn ^ nibtoid. r.-I Swiss llnml-^r. blefs. Mr; 5*0 t|U^lltles.
l.tNJttpurelinen baudkerchirfa,^wtMik 75e ttA, M two^alika, mm 87 1 .'^ Mek.
Mthn. n pur.- linen Handkerchiefs,^one in li In in. bought all a dealer hail,^wui ih tl each. Sal^ price, Mr li h.^M.M d .7.1 n
1..1IMIolher slvl.-s i no two alikt l. from^Ihne sample lines, piles are fs\ B'4c^II 1-lc. PS-. li1,!-, IV, an, .'^s-, 30c. .'tic.^up to tl ^ each
0.K. Lewis ^ Co.
lo you wsnl ^. eal your Christmas^turkey without Its coating you anything^^^|'h.,I is what mi i an do by buying your^groceries from in We are MMJ to have^a car load of II m for Christmas snd^every rash . ustomer who buys Twenty^Dollars worth of groceries durlne IBM^month befor. Christmas sill receive a^turk. v w tin trge.
lbTub Fr-sh creamery Hurler... .11.0^ln-lb Tub Cms', creamery lluttei ^^_si-;ii Tut) Fresh i'ream.rv Butter.:.. 4.M
hilbs Fate y t'l ined i'urrants IM
II.|l,s i-Crow ii Kalslns 1.00
',-lloxLayer Kaisln* M
I.' lbs See.Ih s. li .lStns ^.M
illbs New Nuts Ml
:.lbs Ctlron or I .- men Peel i.aj
Ii'.allun N. w York Apple Ctder M
lib Can Curtice l.ioe. Plum Pudding 30^1 in Cm Curtice liros. Plum Pudding ^^Kenned) * llngllsh rrull Cake, i^er fti 30^BChepp's Bhredded Coroenut. per Ib .
olivesIn riulk. t^-r at *
.VlbPall Jelly
tlreenRlv.r Wicker. years old.
SOTgallon BOO
California Hi in.It, t years old, per
oldTom ^iln. per gsllon 3.^0
Jamahn MM, |i-r gsllon t ^0
Anyof the also - In quart liottlss.. Ii^\ yesr-old fori. Sh. rry. Angelk'a or
Muscatel,le i sallon l.M
.-,y.iir-tgil Ciur. t. pi r gallon SO
ButteCash Grocery Co
..- I 'l. a v. 'mini si ^ . Uutte, M..:.:.
Preventeduml etmi hj kMtjt-^Mf tin- Bowell rctfiiliir w illi
Apurely vegetable ..impound^for the cute ^.f si. k headache,^mountain fever, ttlsxlness and
allailments of kidneys, liver^and bowels. Clears the oom^^ph xu.n. I'm Ittei th- btood.
Tl1 l l'HONF. IM
:.'01S. Mum Street Butte, Mont.
if our best
iiv of IfosJMtte Cat f)| [A^Mr tCl.tXl
Trya Want Ad
inthe Standard
Wholesaleand Detail Dealer in
Mine,Mill, Assayers' and^Chemists' Supplies
83-3SB. Cranlta St.. Butte. Mont.
WhenIn want of goods write too
Rices.1 carry the largest stock In the^orthn-x-st.
i^ .S ami im Htri'tt.^Kor rhrlrttniHi- frMrntB. Hrin*: me your^CMiMnii ur mt hair and huvo lut^dt^^lyl^' hair ( hain mad** for ^V^ 50.
Men'sWhite Shirts
No.1( North Main St., P.utte. Mont
PHYSICIANAND ICMfllOet.^established In IM for the honorabls^and scientific treatment of all disss i^of the Genlto-l'niiaty Organs, Skin^and Mao4, S.,^; bl rtnl \^Diseases. In every term N^rvousn^ss.^I weaknesses and 11 1 ' ''-ns of yout-.g^middle-aged an.i
andall private chronic and spt lal^ifawcsoi of men an^ wotu n. Uupture,^Stricture and IM t.
-I'lrHlTJS riilaunili ired Bhirtfi, rami* with oiui-^V-V less hack ami sloovt1 stays, linen bosom^ami hamls reinforced front ami hask, as well as^orer point of ihouNlcrs, cut lai'irc, ami a perfect^shirt in every way. The greate^t bargain ever^offered.
OMPiiirffo s|t^ k^for Xmaa nml
WeInvite You^
WetldiuKPresents now on cxIiilntioB at our store, eonoiattltc of tiin-^tMMMrtM Cliinii l^iiii|i^ nml Tul.lcs, Jewelry, I/uuiioipI-. Si l\ei-wdf.'.^0(M-ra ^ilasses ml Cut liliiss. ami our prices the loMMl in tin- city.
FineImported I'hiim Cup and Sa r ami Sulnl S:l\ ^^ ^p...^n - ifi.L'.i
Child's(Silver S. -(Knit.-, Km !. fid Spuiiii) . . . - .50
GraduateOptician and Jeweler.121 N. Vain 5t,. Butte
Gans^ Klein,
LargestClothiers in Monlina
no112 N .rth Main St., Butte

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