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Pennsylranii'sProposition h Taken^Under Discussion.
AnIntorcitlng Summary of the^Great Cams of Football aa It^Haa Progressed During tha^Season In tho tast.
Atelegram H^a received by Mana^^ger McMillan j MM day from UM^Iim.i team stating tin- aino'iiii
vhl. h il could romi' In Itlltte. The^guarantee demanded la somewhat^than had lieen (lguro.i ^m anil^tin matter la ^^w win dlaruaakm.^A derision v pr.ibai.ly l^^- rosy asd^t..-,lav and If Usl Huttrs Ma their way^Hear t^^ ruirn ^^u^ even on tin' Kaine,^Pennsylvania's proposition will, no^iloul.l. Iw accepted.
Tli.'N' ^ Y 'rk \\'i^rl^t liaa ompil.-'l^the fnltnwlnsj rwMrd of the Irtwlintr^f,^ il ill fanw if ^tvc country for the^|^r^ s -n: aeon
;,!)^-Point' Scored
p!it I W ^! I/.St. S. m--I. V .: i
Dess and Rancy ^Silks
SilksAlmost Given Away
m,ACK AND COLORED SATIN. ^^ahadox an.I regular W and TV quallly
St'RAIland JAPANKRK SII.KS. black^or colored, all pure - IK north 7V any-^where, all prettiest shade.)
I1I.ackiirocai'f.h sii.ks worth^ii B an,i K.'V yunl, in il.^.uit ^id^handsome dculgns. iii-a^'k i'UYSTM,^liciiKaltue. ^f rich, st iM^ ^ t an,i rasMy^a-ortk ^i n sajafl ijkst ' oit'is DM^1/il'DltKX.' a perfect ^llk, worth ii ^'^^^. n,| hakk fancy SII.KS rich ^^il
(inuiioun nr iw-Nt eatses, worth ii H aa i
S.Syar^l. all at
25cyard^25c yard
SATINDIVHKH8K. black or colored, a
and27 Inches wide. retails at 11.25 and^ E C
tl.Myard, all best color*^ #J
1NKS of eilia quality, other (torea^7 C C
chargerji a yard/ jj
BLACKSATIN. 24 Inchei wide, heavye^P/*
linenback, worth |l .M in any cityJ
50cyard^$1.50 yd
FANCYSII.KS, every variety of iihade.^avery possible combination of color, all^pure Milk. and worth UM a yard; best^drslK^^ obtainable for wutsts or dress^trimming*
BLACKBROCADED SILK, rich and ele^^gant pattern, of latest design*, floral^scroll or fancy figures, actual value^II.a and 11.50
FLACKSATIN DICIIKSHK. Mcrveil.^leuan or Khadam. 20 Inches wide, in su-^Ban 7V und 11.00 qualities; every inch
BLACKBROCADED SILK In rare artls-^tlc designs and alwaya aold at II ml^yard. With theaeoffer FANCY
SILKof superior weave and BtetttaM^combinations of harmonloun coloring:
cheapeverywhere at 11.it); all at
BLACKHHOCADED SILK Black Bro-^cadcl Silk, richest designs and finest^^ilk. always sold at |2.i^i and K.:t) yd. . .
.11. 4
I'!1 ^ *
Huttc.^I'etm .1^Y^i^. . .^II.
4'ormll.Hmwii ..^twrlktfe.
TheWorld haa th.- following n stimc^.^f th^ fintlwill sw^on which lias cliis.^l^In 4he East:
'liemHmM f'^^ll^all neajion 'if UM^h.i^ .-ii I I the pi is li.-n^^ laid ^,^^^^^tli ir ban r- ami Ilk- rtgomus traln-^lin; of nnmtba h:u^ I^ 11 broken. To^^oma ^f them the rvnt and n In r from^Hnxtctv comes with ^^yful rallsfac-^lioii. ^hl^ t ^ otln-rs wdth imp Salt*^|e^lntni, iit and rhi^ ^l^^ci-ni!nalion to^win U tier t\^rtiii ^^ !^^^ fall. The m a-^won his ben a imi-tn-ula 1 lv foifunHte^one f..r Hi - iT'imc from lln- lad that^there have UN fewvr tnjurlen. hum^w|iiaLlillti(t and rotiirh play. Not a^man h is I ^ 11 put off the Held for
ThlKewUMf la a r,end 4o !^^^prou.l of. and all lo\ era* of the t*(H^rt^mttrbt ^vll isinxrafiliate the pUyvra^fin- tic ir ni inb action In kis-|^inif thi-^rWrly 1 Ii tn^ nls mil of the Kame.
Inth.. cm.^-is between th^ Illff^F nr Harvard. Yale. Princeton and^1'cnns^ 1\.1111 i ih, ic ha\o bevn sur-^prl*^ and diaapiwilnttnenta, but I^think I am warranted In wtylnK flic^l^^t bum ahvayn w^m. There have^l^ cii no fluke or luck w ins, but^hard. Intelllirent plnylnir haj^ ncc'tin^l^every lime a merited victory.
Princeton,both from the Imlni.l^ual ,|iiiillfli-ail'iii of her playcrx ami^her b un work. de*^rvif^ th^- tltk^ of^champion. In b'tli of her lari;. 011-^t -sts she domoiistinted lier supe riority^lllnl gave an cxh Idtlon of Kl'lentillc^fmdball that will b^^ long remrmU-re I^and talked of at Cnmbrl^lKe. I'layliiK^on h'-r rival's ground, ^hc cni'ountensl^a surprise in llarvanl'a nublsrrn re-^wixtance Unit might well have broken^up any I-.sin's efllclewy. but I Ills did^not hapiH'ti to th^^ Naamti conllngeiil.^The, .11.1^' ' i'. .I f. r I he siiiiml ball as^pool all I termined as ever, uu.l^forced 111^ ^^iiiiim.ii to .K'kiiow U .lge d '- ! **^''^ In^^f,^t bv Iho sore of 12 to II. II hna^I... n .1 feature issullar to every game^thai I'i-iiic*ton has played (hat her^men pla^ -.1 letter ball the last half^than the Ural, and every minute a,In,,I !^: ,t v\ ,111 He pc n . ne-llt.
Illthe Y . I. , ime th,- Ti;;ei ^ gave^th- pr-tti, , \i ibilion of f,s (ball^s,s^n ^n many .1 da\. Not knowing the^Utter u.iakn .--s ..f Yak 'a def, ni*'. they^tilled ii|^ 11 H.urd s kicking to win th^.^ibi) V il, ^ ni-h rs were t,Hi expert^In blocking kicks to jxtmlt of Ibis,^and I'riucvt.'ii una i n, . I 1,, adopt the^rttCMlag (MM, Tin- comph le change^of their pi. 11^ .an- d 11, I a s ml.lance^of a rattl in.I llalr.l himself. hH^main useful-i..~s sp.dleil, was the cool^^est man on the Hold. It oertaJnly^show^sl great g^ nernlahlp. and this^a I 1 m ^^ I' in- a'de to adapt thein-^s l\ s to any kind of piny was the^prim ^ fact. ^^ in Iholr Kttrsvw. They^Vkayid g. ^ 1. op a r^H^tl^nll and w^^servol lo win.
Affairsnt N.-w Haven were In 1111^1111- Ml. I ci iidlMon during the , ntne^M m CapUia Murpby started with^poor mat, 1-. 11, and aa iiiuount of work
oraaaeaaaa taaM mend aiallwa it
;i' Hi^ kltid of a 11st)in thai had ^off^aixl on days ^ Tin v nhow, ,] at HaM
thattin \ ciild play with the pro|^-r !^spirit, aid then Cay would v|nk down 1^to freshman form. The casv with I
whichtaaaai m*m ,1 apaa laaaa aTaian il^tin awaltaMa ..f tia ir dacaaaa, and it
'^ with th, llghltnw
ofthe nn ti to Isihater it up Thev |^am ie a !^ am of substitute* and did the .^l^-s[ th. i ,s.n! 1 T|,.. fact thai 1 hoy I
d.'. ,: I bv n aW Hi 11. w llil'e
Inaralagthe r,siin^-s .^f Taif men, te^mally a g'ssl thing for the sport. The^championship should change hands^^^^na^.|,.nally far u*. ImssI Interrats of^taa k in: llan.ird at 1rt.1l out tins^Hvwaon to p;,i^Htraighl f.axUill.
andto do away with what has been^aaltfd the papier gnnie. c.nip.. 1^most v . r ,lal^ ~ne trick*, sh- has^aurely bii^ken awav from h.r old^^n^s and although defeated Iter mip-^p iiTs must [.-. I cn,niirag.il over her^nhowing. with th, mateiial that ,.|i-^tf-m Camhridgv fp,n, paaf to aaaf^tbrc la no ti-ason for h r non-suc-^eus* io\!ng themen Ui Praaar-
^m. : Yah- , l'iiiiil,..,n^hl|^ form would^bf rvw h-ii In la .11 ^r,k-r The iafBBI^haa I'-. 11 mi h. r -vm.-oi of play. Thla^jr*^r iwrtl-uUrly I think sh.' a-ork.il^th, 11 ^ |ai hanl at the atari, judg.
Ink-f1 th- iui nler .,f a.idd. nts
Thenuini^r .,f crlpplca ^^c^a^ilaaoaa^of an^ , r h- r rn
.Th- timkers aapi w.srrbij an I^I,Trass nil .|,v Igat 1 1
ani-.ngtlw. i,k^y.T^, Tnfir form wxajkl^^;n^ ' ^ ^^ ^^^ .1 n.it^* hlrhs-r r^^^'^^^^ ... , unf. riuiiat- . ^ -^ftlinstan,,. V. p. reived a s, v, re^ab-sk to h.r oonMcooa In h.-r .1. 1 at
I.) 1.1 fay. m ^ |, ,!^, tmm a ,,.
' ^^' : s4iow.il th-ni i-'
ii.i e ^, ^ ^^ ...... ,.,^ fU,^K,llt ,., , ...
In ^ ' ^I should 1, lv
Ilk,I to^a.i^ h.^r atrk* of play op.ut
nns^ ,.i.ia^ otuek to the
rtnwmm ivs alyl- She had a^strong, hvuvy line ami iuv.1 II t^advantage. The ba.ni :w u^iiaild not compare with that
pal, g,..,l
y.nr. Th. y mis-se.l th - might^ III^and agile little Williams
'It a ditllcult to ^rran.;e Hal ,.r.b r I^of the Dig F' ur d I'mil. I^. but on n^basts of s^i^n^ In the hi* mati-hea It^nni-l I..- -t ,|. .1 1 hui l'i 11. . 1 .11. of^r airs... iiii.|U.i4tlonnbly lint; I'enn-^ayUaiwi hteh defeated Harvard bv^it narrow- 1 I^. men.I. Han ai l.^third. Inasmucli as h. 1 defeat b^^I'm; -.-ton waa not so d.i slve i^^Tata'*, and lh^- New llu\ 11 1 am^whore It Is li 't a. 11st. tiled to Is',^last.
Ihe Lecture by the Visiting and Dis^^tinguished vountess.
Thereis Nothing New Under the Son.
Thisremark Is often made, sometimes discussed, but ever repeated.^We are not now taking atnek of what might be aald for or against It. aa^we .ii,. nutlsth-d that w can convince uny 0111 1h.1t IMtr n^w brand of goods
bhePresents Hor Ideas In a Lucid,^Logical Manner, and Her^Arguments Lear the im^^print of Slncortty.
A Splriiillii l^lilbllboi of Hie lirrillllll
Systemof Paaabjai Oaaawa,
Theexhlbllmi given by the c.erman-^Amerlcan Turn Van in y slciday after-^neon at Its hall In West Broadway was^enjoyed by 11 large crowd. The exhi^^bition was an illustration of the let^mail system of physical culture and^was one of the liesl athletic perform^^ances all the way through that has^ever la-en seen In Itulte. Every nimc-^ment was executed with unusual pre*^clslon and correctness and In a man^^ner Unit reflected great credit on Rob^^ert Schneider, the club's Instructor.^Fifteen active Turners, a clans of 12^girls from 4 to 14 years old. and a hoys'^class of about the same ages partici^^pated In the performance, which was^so long thai it took three hours without^Intermission to complete It. The pro^^gramme consisted of wand exercises,^horse vaulting, exercises on the parallel^and horizontal bars and the forming^of pyramids by the active turners, In^^dian 1 lug swlnglag by Max Meyer, and^free exercises, side vaulting, dumb bell^exercises, climbing, Jumping, bottle^play and cat and mouse play by the^children's classes.
theto.-, n
Hi^-11111111 Injure.) In^Mountain Mine.
JamesRrennan, foreman of the tin-en^Mountain mine, was severely Injured^by n fall of ground about 4 o'clock yes-^nftenio.in. He sustained an^ugly scalp wound which laid I he skull^bare, 1 wo bad cuts on his face and Ills^idlest was s. \ erely bruised and con^^tused He was taken to the Sisters'^hoepltaj, where Ills Injuries were at^^tended to. He was spilling blood Inst^evening. Ian it was not thought that^that came frOM his lungs. Ills condi^^tion Is not regarded as dangerous, un^^less Home Internal injuries, of which^there nr,- at present no indications, arc^de\ eloped.
ToAdjust the IMIHcully lloieilng titer^1i1, lip..11. House.
ItIs thought very likely that the^trouble over Mngitlre's opera house w ill^be sell led to-day. The arbitrators ap^^pointed by the building trades council^and James a. Murray will meet at ID^o'clock this morning la select the third^arbitrator. If a third man is agree,I on
withoutdlnValty nothing, apparently,
.anprevent 11 settlement of the dllli^cully.
lieWill I III the PSjbaB1 During Faliler^Hat. 10' Absence.
FalberIStsf C.allagher preached the I^sermon at St. Patrick's church last i^evening. Father t.allagher has arrived I^to take Father Patens' place during^the bitter's absence In Belgium. Father^tlallagher met many of the members^of the parish before and after the set \ -^Ice and all were favorably Impressed^wllh Mm.
Mo- tiroun.l *h|iilrr.-l ^llne Is 4'bised^t'mluihlt b^ a Dispute.
Theliround Squirrel mine closed^! down Saturday, throwing about '.'11 111,11^i out of employment. The shut-down Is^I supposed to be ow Ing to n dispute over^i the ownership of a fraction of lite^I claim.
:To-Dat is ah ihut laaarsaaal ii.twem
Lh|iddnlln and ^ iii I'rr Out. I'rintlty.
ThisIs the last day for the payment^of taxes without penalty. Those who^h ive not paid up and don t pay lo-day^^ will have to pay 11 pemijly of in p i^cent. In a.Milieu to the taxes. It la^thought that the dellnqaetil list this^xcar will not l^- us large us usual.
Arood remedy, and there is not any.^thing on the market that equals^French Tansy Tablets for the rell^f
andcure of painful or irr. gulsr^menses. These tablets remove till ob^^structions, no matter what the cause.^Manufactured by a. Augeudre, Paris,^Fran. ,., and for sale only by D. M.^NSir bra Drug Co.. Hutte. Mont., sols^j sg. nts. Price. M per box; sent by^Basil securely sealed.
m-ae.but P
KatieSullivan, daughter of John^Sullivan of No. North Main street,^dl.d yestenmy. The funeral will aa^lu ld from the residence Tuesday at 2^.' lock p. m.
Highestof all in Leavening Pon/cr^ latest U. S. Gov't Report
TheCounl.ss Wachtnieisler lecturetl^yesterday afternoon at Stecs' hall on^^Man and Woman, the Masters of^Their own liestiiiioH.^ ami if any one^in llic audience had an Idea that the-^oeophy lean.il to fatalism the notion^was alnndon. d before the lecture was^coinoletiil. The countess show.il that^,ach one In the posseswion of his free^will had in his own hands his destiny.^The levture was chiefly ilevotcd to the^thought^the power behind every act^of human life As 0110 thinks, she ar^^gued, so he acta, and his actloiia build^up the character not only for this life^but for tho future life. The prime^necessity of controlling thoughts waa^Imprceecd upon the minds of her au^^dience. If evil thought* assail one,^Instead of controlling and thus feed^^ing them, we should turn to things^more pleasant. To build up the true^man It is nec^weary to feed the body^on pure food, control dewlre, concen^^trate the mind and think spiritual^thought.
Inthe evening the oufrtess spoke^on the ^Social Evils of the Day.^ She^began her lecture by explaining that^there at a unity running through tin-^whole creation by the same law that^controls the affairs of men. Animals^form themselves Into social communi^^ties, all working for a common frodd.^It Is only the man stage of evolution^that the avnac of ^I am I.^ the actise^of separation. In which one soca that^he Is not his n-.|ghl^or, but himself,^and thai It la lo his intcreet to do for^himself In spVte of what bis fcilow nian^has developed. Then commences the^struggle for existence, each trying to^snatch from any and nil others the^good things In life
Th..countess s|~'ke briefly 011 edu^^cation and ohowiil that solflshnee* la^eng.mleiiil from the v , ry e arliest age^by font, ring ambition In the youth^and (he desire to hn'ome a self-made^man Drunk.'tinnw was then taken^up and its horrors put forward In^r..ilisllc colors. The Roman debauch^^ees. In their drunk, nness, never^showed the maddening Influences pro-^due I In our own lime by strong^drink In the 17th century the dan^^gerous and deathly art of distillation^came to us. Hy this praaaai the al^^cohol Im came separated from the pro-^duet in which nature had Involved it,^thus strung drink, containing oil was^rendered a dangerous poison. It was^lirsl ns d as a specific for the plague.^It then canre into usse as a medicine^and lastly as a beverage. Then when^Hi' chemical effects begun to declare^ilc mselves, a. iwralysls look place In^the brain and spinal cord, and it la^said 1 hat the brain once so affected^n. ver regain* Us proper activity.
Thecountess declared that the best^remedy against It waa vegetarianism,^for it Is well known that no vegetari^^an has ever t**en a drunkard. In eat^^ing mult we take on the ph\ si -al 111-^lure of the animal, thus IncreoslnsMhe^lower passions within us. She dw. lt^on the cruelties of the slaughter^houses, saying th.U If every man were^bis own butcher titer.' wtiuld Im- fewer^meat mters. The countess then turn^^ed to the poKlHon of the women of the^day. stiying that man and woman^weni not separate beings, but were^bolh halve* of one whole. Neither w-as^high nor low. The right is his who^can recognise it. A perception! of^right by any living being carrle* with^it the idea of Hie exercise and enjoy^^ment 1 f that right. Tho countess de^^nounced In severe language the Im.^molality of the present day. and said^t't.il If women would i nly take up the^cudgel in the defense ,1' rhclr weak,^unfortunate Batter*. the foundling^hospital* would ho les-.- w,;i fill d. Wo^^man is punish. ,1 by desert kin; the^man Is allowed to go scott free and^even to uastn-late wild pure-minded^woman and I^ marry .1 pure young^girl wMl - he has a Ida k s-t.iin on lit*^soul, if woman would only ttffsaMM^pul.licit ami cover with opprobrium^t 10 man who ruin* n \oung girl there^Mi 1 Id ha more exemption from such^crimes.
Thisis Hit- UlM of the series of lec^^tures that the count -ss has delivered
.I'h c;t) Those who hate hoard^h.-r admit that she praaatfl h.-r hi, as^In a lucid and legion' manner and^that h.r arguments bear the imprint^of sincerity and earnest imrpose. She^^ ^. nsiders that it I* not a new- doctrine^she tea ho* but a sub'lme philosophy^of life that has been gl. an.'d from the^w is.loin ^ :' the ages and I* now- eom-^pe.-h. nsively cxpress.il In the word^rlicuBophy.
fV7 i;,Hids sebvled now may be re-^^sWfaaaan.-d and paid for during th-^holidaya
New designs In ws!! paper at^Schstxleln's. 14 W. Broadway.
Home-manfarturedReady Mixed^paints at Schataleln'a,M W.Broadway.
TheAnaconda Standard one v. ar I n.^The morncro Is.und Pictorial W'ondet-^Isnd g-k-s free ns a premium.
Bet,the display at Calkins'. '
Isthe most attractive, both in quality and appearance, on the market.^They have been put up. not to equal other brands, but as the best. Un^^der this brand is packed canned fruit, vegetables, meats, flsh and table^condiments, and we psfl assured that a trial order of these goods will sat^^isfy the most fastidious taste. It Is the selling of such goods as these that^has made the White Front the great grocery emporium for family trade,^and ever Justifies the remark that
Ifyou buy your Orooorios ut Courtney's they are good.
WiteFrdDnutt (Krocseiry
308,310, 312 N. Main StreetTolophono 185
AutOgraphiCRegisters.Every Ob^rvl*f Merchsnt Will Concede...
THAT* bis .tally I forgotten rltarKes exceed*1*1).OS
illrilfr,tm i ,|in|^titcs over ^ecunts circcis. JSt
Thesuvlngof one-half hour's bookkeeping work
dally.Is worth at least ^*
ma a method which checks his cash account, en-^^^ iw5IB forces honesty and accuracy among his em-
PSjjSBrployes. and advertises his business every time
TAVijfWS\he makes a aale, will surely benefit him to the
vjy^M8extent of -W
vBLtSMfTotal of thlngi eonled pj.32
ttavhfeyi The dally cost of our system for average slxe
storeIs less than 10.06
Excess of results over expendltia/es 10.24
MontanaElectric Co. Oen'I Afts. ^^ ^ ^-^^^ M^^t
|Only Exclusive Jobber and Wholesale S^Grocer in Western Montana*
BSweetheirt Meats, .
SuccessMilk,^^ Anderson Preserying^ Co.
ofCamden, N. J.^u Erie PreserTing Co.
ofBufialo, N. T.^p Fergus Mills ^Big A^ Flour,
Winslo\T,Rand ^ Watson's
QuakerRolled Oats and
NnlavenaFlakes, z^Jarris Celebrated
BlackberryBrandy ^^and Borazaide,^Hotel Brunswick and Rail Splitter Cigan.
ZExclusiya 7X T~^iCD 7X \/ Ii =:
ZWholesale rt. l^ *-j jTv^V. i Retail^. Z
ETelephone 473East Park, corner Arizona St
Dolts,Toys. Hooks, Game ft. any-^tliltiK a'lj ^'V^*rythinii that you or^the children ran possibly need or^wish l'i^r. We woult] like you to^flee our big has* rneiit bazar, rjOxKK^fet t. $Xkm4 to overflowing with th^^iiewi-Ht llolblay (iooiU that the^markets of the world oan furnish.^If you can't come and see It, do^the ni'Xt best thin*^ write to us^^and we will send you a price list^from which you can select all the^holiday Klfts you have to buy. HI*^discounts to Hunday h- hool com^^mittees for gift* or treo furnish^^ings.
Montana'sHrcatrst Store.
TheLeading Business Firms of Moataai
Offlcehalf a block north of F. 0k
410North Main St.. Butts.
at.E. MATER. Assayer^Samples by^mall or express will receive prompt and^careful attention. Gold and silver bullion^a specialty. No. 40 West Park street.
Butte.P. O. Box Sll.
gkoce1m.lOAJMiWOUD ^ HEZNO^-
DR.T. A. 0RI0O-
OCULIBT.Praetlos limited to Eye, Ear, Nose,^Throat and Chest. Office. Postofllcs build^^ing, a East Broadway. Butte. Mont.
SI'ECIAI.IHT.-^-^J [ Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nosa and)
OfflceHours^9 a. m. to 1} m. and from^1 to G and ^ to 8:30 p. ra. Offlce rooms-^^16, 17 and II Iazxle Block, Butte, Mont.
DunnBltiek, (Jroat Falls, Mont.
TheIliKli-ClaKS Novelty Temple of tha^West. The only bouse between CblcaKo^and Han Francisco playing Kastern At^^tractions.
Openthe year round.^ADMISSION 25 cenU
FirstClass Table Board
MBAI.TICKKTS. good for 21 meals.. 6.M
15.W. Uranite St., Butte.
TheCash Clothing Co.
NoPlace Like It to Duv
Men'sFine Neckwear, Shirts, Half Hose or Hats
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BetterGoods at IstVM Prices Than Any House in Butte. Everything h^Must be Kight iu Every Respect, or Your Money Back. ~
Il,*|.lttl and Oflh. s corner (Juartx and^Alaska .treetn. Butte. Mont, Telephone
CVrbcrMam aud 1 ark btreets, Butte. .;, and ... foi Ambuuutc,

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