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TheNorthern Montana Office of the^Standard la located in the Born-Cory^Block. Great Falla. directly opposite^the Park Hotel. Advertising rate* fur-^nlshed on application.
Boundand Gagged ind His Money^and Jewelry Stolen.
A Marked Improvement In the^Mall Servlca-Local Drama^to Delight tha Falls^- Personal.
Brit,Dec. ^.^ShetltT Dwyer and Chief^of Police (luerin drove out from (Ireut^Falls Thursday afternoon and arrested^a man named Alexander McCarthy for^burglarizing a house at Armtngton, oo-^tupied liy Quay Kee, a Chinese tailor.^The celestial was found asleep l^y the^burglar, who bound and gagged him^and then leisurely searched the house,^finding and appropriating a silver^watch valued at si.^' and considerable^clothing belonging to customers. Al^^though none of the missing articles^have yet been found the police believe^the work was done by McCarthy, who^is known as a crook and who hah lieen^wanted In Great Falls for some time^for participating In a series of ( rimes^which embrace everything from petty^larceny to highway robbery. He whm^heavily Ironed, thrown in Jail and Fri^^day morning taken to the Falls. Mc^^Carthy came here two weeks ago ami^has since been laying around saloons^and tough resorts. A month ago he^was charged with holding up and rob^^ing a man at Shelby Junction, but there^was not evidence enough to convict^him and he was turned loose to prey^upon the public. He Is regarded as a^dangerous crook ami a safe man to be^behind the walls of a penitentiary.
ManagerKittle will leave to-mornm-^for a brief business trip to Hint^ and^Anaconda.
Hereafterthe mail between Great^Falls and Belt will be carried on the^trains Instead of by the slow stage^coach process. The improvement is^due to the Influence of Senator Mantle^with poalofllce officials In Washington.
Thepostofflce right continues to oc^^cupy the attention of the personal^friends of the two leading candidates^for the plum.
To-morrowevening the Knights and^l.ady Maccabees will entertain their^friends with a reception and dance at^Odd Fellows' hall. Klalnirate arrange^^ments have been made for the occasion,^which promises to lie one of the leading^social events of the month.
Mr.and Mrs. Wilson returned to Hel^^ena Tuesday afternoon, after spending^several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. H.^W. Millard.
companyon the west side, but pre^^sume this notoriety will result In my^dismissal. She is not my legal artfi^simply for the reason that she has
new,In di\ on ^ '! ft ini her husban i
InEngland, whom she deserted eight^years ago to elope with Harry Brett,^the scion of a wealthy and aristocrat^^ic house in Kngland. She came out to^Helena, and for a time occupied elab^^orate quarters at the Broadwater and^moved in the exclusive society for^which Helena is renow ned. Tin. ^^^or four years ago lti.it was sletteg^city clerk of Helena and alMiut two^years ago was arrested and fill leg^of forging city warrants and given a^term of 10 years at Deer Lodge. She^came to the prison door with him and^subsequently I met her on numerous^occasions. Her first husband, whom^she deserted, occupies a high social^position In Kngland now, but refuses^to recognise her.
Imake this explanation In order^to bring all the fads out in the case^and to let the public know the truth^of the subject. My part In the story
IIs not one of which I am proud at all,^but I (in not want to lie charged with
jthe ruin of any young woman when^there is absolutely no truth in the
Istatement. There is also a rumor cur^^rent to the effect that I have a
backand am living with my divorced^wife. This Is a lie pure and simple,^and is calculated to Injure a worthy^woman who has had more trouble
]now than the public knows of. I have^met my former wife, now a member
1of the Salvation army, and Mho Ins^advised me to change my ways MM^lead an upright and honest life. I say^this much in l^ehalf of a little woman^who is entitled to the respect of nil.^^With a view of securing the facts
jIn a case that has attracted wide at^^tention (n this city during the past
;:i(i hours, a Standard reporter called
ion Mrs. Fentie No. i this evening. She
:is now stopping with Mrs. Sims, a for-
[tune teller, at No. 12S^, First avenue^^Mtfc, and is a bright, attractive, well^educated woman aliout 30 years of^age. She admitted leaving her hus^^band in Kngland and coining to Mon^^tana with Hrett. but In a hesitating^and confused manner claimed to have
Isecured a divorce from her husband^She refused to say In what part of^Kngland he resided. She also ad^^mitted having lived with Hrett lor^several years, and says their friends^In Helena all supposed thev were^married. Since Hrett s downfall she^claims to have lived quietly In Hel^^ena and to have earned money enough^by canvassing and selling notions to^support herself In a modest wav. She^was getting along nicely, she says,^when Fentie appeared on the scene^and his glib tongue und suave manner^(harmed and captivated her to such^an extent that she promised to mar^^ry nlm after an acquaintance of two^or three weeks. She admits having^lived with him prior to their marriage,^bat says she wanted to be married ..11^Kngllsh territory and postponed the^ceremony until they reached Leth-^blidge. where they were married by^R*V, Father Van Tlghain of the Cath^^olic church. She claims to be suffer^^ing from rheumatism und unable to^work and an effort Is lielng made bv^her friends to assist her. She main^^tains that Fentie Is guilty of forgery^and other crimes and she has learned^his true character since they were^married. She tells an apparently^straight story In a straightforward^way and is evidently a victim of many^unfortunate Incidents of life.
)AND 'EAT' ^R ^FT VT\ HT\rR Travelers' Guide
^ssvJ _A^ JL-^ MmA^ J-^ANACONI . IIK 1 AIM*
TheDemands and Requests of Some^of the Party Wheel Horses.
GrandAnnual Display^Holiday Goods
MenWhose Ambition Ha^ Placed^Them In a Position Where^Most Any Old Thing Is^Accepted.
Initialproceedings were taken this^afternoon for*the organization of a lo^^cal dramatic company.
MissMaud Burgher Is now in charge^of one of the departments at Cllngan's.
C.E. Cooper has severed his connec^^tion with the company store and will^remove to Salt Lake city In the Imme^^diate future.
inthe mines last Tuesday John Mat-^teson foolishly attempted to stop a^rapidly moving car. Ills ankle was^broken.
Theball given by the lllack Diamond^Fire company was largely attended^and proved one of the most enjoyable^social soirees ever held in Belt.
Mrs.Fitzgerald lias returned from a^visit of two weeks with relatives and^friends In (ireat Falls.
Thefriends of Conductor Tom Krett-^nan regret that he and Jim Mill have^dissolved partnership and that the deal^compels Tom's retirement from the^business of collecting fares. Conductor^Jewell now wields the punch and pill hi^the bell rope.
Mr.and Mrs. M. Meyers are more^than usually happy over the advent of^a charming little heiress at their home.
TheHelt and Sand Coulee friends of^Thomas Lee. who was murdered at^Walkervllle by Kill Kay. are gratified^that the latter was given a long sen^^tence for his cowardly crime. All pat^^ties to the trouble are known In this^section and It was generally thought^that Day was too intimate with the^Lee family during their residence over^In Sand Coulee.
MissT. E. Casey has removed to the^Falls, where she will reside In the fu^^ture.
JohnCastner says the late storm^was the worst that has 01 eurred for^M years^and John has been riuht here^during all that time and ought to know.
DuneMrl^eod will continue to act aR^deputy sheriff-In-command under the^administration of Sheriff Proctor. He Is^a good officer and has held the position^for many years.
Mr.Fentie and Mr^. Hrett Tell the Public^the Story of Their I.Ives.
OreatFalls. Dec 8.^Charles J. Fen^^tie called at the Standard office to^^night and emphatically denied the ro^^mantic story of marriage and deser^^tion told by his wife and published in^to-day's Standard. Fentie said: ^I^have little to say regarding the unfor^^tunate affair that resulted in my in^^carceration at Deer Lodge and only^refer to the subject because it Is^necessary to admit that I was pardon^^ed from that Institution. After leav^^ing Deer I^odge I went to Helena and^called on this woman who now poses^as a deserted and Invalid wife. Sic^resided at No. .115 Montana avenue,^was known as Mrs. Brett, and 1 have^previously met her in the Brejtoaj*^tlary. where she occasionally visited^her alleged husband, who is serving a^term for forgery. I lived with hot^nearly a month in Helena and thea^we came to Oreat Falls, remained^several days, went up to Augusta and^from there to Choteau. where we kept^house for two or three weeks, she liv^^ing as my wife. We finally drifted to^I,ethbrldge. and while under the Influ^^ence of liquor I permitted her to call^In a priest and we went through the^ceremony of a marriage We finally^came down here, and as I was unable^to secure employment of any kind,^she got a room in the Canary Meek^and I furnished her with a meal tick^^et and told her I would endeavor to^secure work. I have been employ.]^for several days with the railroad
Conductand HnMneu of the HSi r Ii.^ported lij the AnxUtitut Secretary.
Washington,Dec. ^.^The report of As^^sistant Secretary or the Interior Key-^nolds for the present y* a r shows the |h^I-^Icy pursued In the arrangement of pen^^sion affairs It states the ImiHiiiant^changes In tho rulings und pr.o th e .111.1^the following out of a general plan for^securing euuliy. uniformity and Justice^In the determination Of appeals. The us- )^slstant secretary says: ^The liberal and^g( nerous spirit which prompted the en^^actment or the pension laws has lieen the^guide or mm department in their run.^Htruetion. Termer aifluillciitions have not^been disturbed save wh. re fraud, error in^law or mistake was apparent. Figures STS^etteil to show mm significance of tile re^^duction of pending cases and to demon^^strate, tor the first time in eight years,^that the work of the iiltloe dnrliiK mm^past year was devoted to . ..n.-dd. 1 Inn cur^^rent appeals.
Thecommissioner of pensions was re^^versed in ^:.!^^; (^f u,e . uses ruled upon.^The r* port say.^: ' (ien.ral satist.o lion^has followed Hi. recommendation or last^year for such legislation as will Insure^better pride,-linn to the pension fluid due^to coni|M tents und others follow, ^l l,v^tlie law. d i re. ^ t i 1 ik all quarterly pa\niciits^to b. mude by . heck. Gratifying results^have followed tin passuKe of the act of I^March -, IN*^,, which secured an extenOtON^of eases wherein iHiymellts of accrued^pensions could be made, us well us that^of the .ei ol March ^. !^!^;. relating to the^commencement of pensions under act of^June Ti. I^!^t. The siiKgestlon Is attain^made as to the advisability of such legis^^lation as will lodge in the federal ecu is^the light of any one on Is half of the gov^^ernment to ask better protection to the^l^ uslon fund of those slumbering under^legal disabilities.
Theact of Aug. L 1V.J. relates to pen^^sionable title of those who served is^nurses during the war of MM rebellion^Title Is eontlmil to those who served in^r^ ^ino-nlul posts, camp or general hospi^^tals. The refusal of the war department^to re^ ognlze those .is properly emplov.-d^^AM served In the first three classes men^^tioned tends to defeat their title and ren^^der this jKUilon of the act nugatory.^Attention Is Invited to this end^in order that the proi^er legis^^lation may lie enacted to remove any^d. seizing claimant of an unjust and un^^intentional discrimination, (in the 1st of^February. 1W6. a new division was or^^ganized In the office uf the seeretury by^his order and the board of is-nsion up*^peals was thereby merged in this ii.-w di^^vision, which was designated tin- division^of pension affairs.' Hy this means ail^matters relating to pensions were^brought Into one division and under the^assistant secretary's supervision. The re^^sult has been to harmonize and syst.-m-^lze this branch, and It also h is b d 1,, us^greater expedition In the hands of a com^^petent force.
How^ Thl^.
Weoffer One I minlr, d Dollars Reward^for any case of Catarrh that cannot be^cured by Hall's Catarrh ('ur.^V J CIIF.NKY * CO., Prups . Toledo, o
We.the undersigned, have known F J^Cheney for the last ^ years, and believe^him perfectly honorable In all hu^in. ^^transactions and financially able to carry^out any obligation made b^ their nrm^West * Truax Wholesale Druggists, To^^ledo. U.
Waldlng.Klnnan It Msrtln, Wholesale^Druggists. Toledo. 0)
Hall'sCstarrh Cure is taken Internally,^acting directly upon the blood and mu^rous surfaces of the system. Price Tic^per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testl-^mnnlsls free.
Hall'sFamily Pills are the best.
Orea Falls. Dec. ( - Th^- friends of^Oliver M. Holmes, editor and publish- |^er of the Ureal Falls News, are In-^cHnwl to believe thai he will I.^ognized somehow in the distribution of^^OMtieaJ hauiots by governor Smith.^Mr. Moines is the old. original, simon- 1^pur^ daddy of populism In Northern^Montana and tun devoted tin**, talent^and hard labor lo building up and^f ^M' 1 n.g the grow th of the third |^ai ty
in 1 ' 1- -olunl\ . He made a . I^ in
andstrong race for clerk of the die- ^^ir.ct court this year and was ,1^!' ,it..l^by a few votes aft.-r a hard political^fight win on,* of the best politicians^an i mi*t popular men in the county.^Ills newepuper law long been n-vog- I^nixed as the official organ of the pop^^ulism BOJtjr, in this - lion of the -late. .^and It is thought a little ^phut^ wowM^perhaps help him out a 1.11 in keeping^bisly and soul togi'her until unoth.r^c (i.i| i.iKn i ills around ^li m In- will b^useful In helping U^ elect -others to^office. At times a crumb c ist up..11^the watei-s ernes tiack In tin- .-h ip ^^a barrel of hardtack and it i-t urKnl^by some of Mr. llolnvee' friends that^this u. uld lie a good tun., for tit^ gov^^ernor to roll a crumb Into the current^and watch results.
Tlc'tvIs ami lo reason to 1c li.-\ ^ that^the Hon. Emmet It. I '.111 Ml, 1 M^sontatlvo-eloct from th'.s city, will be^heard from at the next session of the^leglslatun- that is, if In- is given a^fair opening and cat. hcs the sp. ak^ 1 s^eye. Mr. (Vitioll Iuls little lis.- 1..^^^DOMMMMOs ami will favor irau-.i. 1 nu^business en the floor of the leuis
Afterglatuing carefully over the^newly wloot.-d logislatuiv from all pat Is^of the state, a sarcastic and disgrunt^^led republican s^i\s ^Dr. Wartvn . f^Warm Springs, representative-elect^from Deer L'xtge county, will be a^valtfisl ami useful nn mbe-r of the hOMM^during the next session of tin' legisla^^ture. He has had years of experience^under the careful training of Drs.^Mitch. II and Mussighr.nl and has^trundle.I s.^in.- very bad cases. ||e will^be kept busy whenever tin- house is In^session.
ItIs understovsl that Representative^Stork, a genultio populist of the agri^^cultural variety, will Introduce a bill I^fixing live maximum |wiss^-nojer tariff^on all railoads in the state at three^cents per mile. In a MM the lion.^C. F. Stork is independent 01' PgUroaMs '^^he travels by team. But Stork Is a^ginsl fellow, honest, conscientious and I^will want to work 16 hours a day dur^^ing the s^e^^ion. He and O JviaiUo wj I^both forge to the front unless they !^are laswicd by .thai sergeant -at arras. I
(Time S. bed ile I'.T. ctlvs U .nlr.esday,
JulyB, UKl^DEPAKT FROM ANACONDA.^No Unit.. Express, for ll'l-^ena. Oreat Falls. MealHs. Han^Francisco and all points west,
dally,^:^^ a m
No.t. Butte Express, dally J *^ P m
No ^. Copper City Flyer, for^, Helena, (ireat Fails, at Paul.^Chicago and ull points east and
west,dally ^ I^1 r m
AKItlVEAT ANAI'o.NDA.^No. I. Copper (ity Flyer, daily . 1IMS a m^No. I. Ana(onda Express, dally.. 5:45pm^! Xo. ^^. Anaconda Express dally ,1I:S p m
;No. Inl, Hutte ExpressM.M a m
No.Int. Hutte Express1'^ P m
No i^\ Unit.. Kxpress5:1.1 pm
No.PC. Harrison ExpressM '^ P m
No l'^^. Ilutt^ Eipress^:^^ a ss
No.lie. Oarrlnon ExpressI0:ffi a m
No IW, Hutte ExpressJ ^ P m
NoMs, Hun.. Kxpreas1^::^ p m
,^Connects ,,t silver Bow with V. P. Fast^1 Mall
DEPAKTKltOM WI'TTK.^No. 3, c..|.|.. city Flyer, daily .10:0A a m^No. I, Ana.oiol.t Express, daily . *^ ^*^ pm^No. i. Ana. on.la Express, dally. lo.U p m^AR1UVE IN BI'TTE.
No.1. Bu'te fipraea. dally I:i6 a m
No4. Butte Expr. ss. dally 4:11 P m
No.^. Copper City Flyer, dally . i.Mpm
THEWAV to do it is to make jtout p.Timhiiri from our^immense Holiday Btock. It compri.sos all the latest^Novelties of tlie Season in
Bric-a=Brac,Toys, Dolls, Cut Glass
Infact everything suitable bar ^ CtuistniM Gift Come
earlyami make your selections.
MailOr^rs Will Receive Prompt Attention
BeeHive Co.
16-18-20-22-24\V. Onmite street, Batte, Moat
Thetvappears to be a growing dis^^position on the part of u, g.Midly num^^ber of republioans over In Forgo* '^county to brvak away from th^- m^-^chin '. throw off the Power yoke worn^since the organization ^^f the count\^and stampede In the diret Uoli of Tmn^('niter's corral. The liars are dm* 11^and 'here is a general Invitation for^Hntlth ami White and the rest of the^boys to take a front seat In the itnlo-^sutv. of course Vrooman is barrel^and It Is said he couldn't g'-t the col^^lar off anyway.
Thereis n rumor current to the ,.(^^feet that Judge Pomeroy will engage^in the pruotic- of law at Kalis|m-ll,^after his retirement from the bMMll^and that he has l^^en rvtn ned at a^prl'icels salary as leading counsel for^a large eirr|s^ratlon In that pan of the^^^tale. Mis loni; yettrw ..f exp^i i( icn-on^the Pencil atid his ;. and profound^knowledge of law, oreat-s an a. tiv.^demiiiid for the J11.lv,.^'- ttervhvs. tin.I^he :s kept busy d^'litiitig retanlers. So^Smith of ColumMa F.t'is , ,.^ li ivetb-^old l*-n^h anyway
JudgeDulios. bus nn sffeetlre^m.-thod of ridding tile Tenth Jtldici.il^district of roughs, t.oishs. tMevi .^crooks. He |s rmlts them to K,,d^along the highway of light crime un^^til they are nipped tn some r^ :i!ly seri^^ous violation of the law and that^settles it. They are MMMNy (Wind^guilty and the court elocjuently ad^^monishes the culprits to reform while^there is y,-t time and tle-n i;iv. s '.111^a llf-- seivtinoe In the pen.tenttary,^where he Is sure theyhave to
obeyWm.* i..
Whenmost needed it is not unusual tor^your family physician to be awav frees^home H11 h was the SgperMtsO, or Mr. .1^f, Rcheiick. editor of the Caddo Ind T..^palm. 1- when bis little Kbi. two years ol^ui;.-, was 1 breatcned aitb a se\. re u 1 to. k^.,1 d' He says. ^My wire boosted that
Iko for the doctor, but as our family phi -^sielun was gut of town, I purchnsed ^ ) .^(^tie of ^'lieislMilain'i fiMlga Jsass ^^which i.li{QJLJ^not be ^tt4i
II.. nt but tl* ^ for sale by druaatsts.
vtoiitatinI 1. Iwlo ItMtes.^White^m^4 Mepeyi. TU^ lisrr Mmn
tainthinks.that the Montana far1
arenot enterprising because they fail^to supply the Unite market with pro-^tmti it is true, as the lejpkjrr stated
twoweeks uk^, that 1*0 pel' ( cut of the
proilu e used In Hutte is shipped from^outside the state, but It Is not the^fault of the ranchmen. Flathead^county alone could supply half of the^vegetables used In Hint.-, but for yen-^past tons and tons of vegetables hay.-^rotted for lack of shipping rates thai^permit them to reach the Hutte mar^ket. In the meantime, the I'nlon Pa^( illc has hauled to Unite thousands sf^tons of I'tah pnslucts. Itec.-ntly this^condition has been broUKht so forcibly^to the notb-e of the railways that they^are making an erfort to tlx the rates^so that Montana produce may be sold^in the Hutte market, as it should I.^Hutte people are known to have a^preference for the home product, and^the fanners know it. The solution or^the matter rest s entirely with the 1 at -^tying lines entering lltitte.
MMfor Publication.
V.B. Land Office, Helena, Mont, Oct M,
1that David ^1
FancyDressed ('hick, lisIllc
Coffee,Arb.. U^M or XXXXis.
PlumPudding 1 lb. canlit
lilbs. Sugartl.m
Challenge Flour per sackII 115
Mochaand Java Cuffse, t xtra line
I'dlbs. fancy KulsinsIl.tsi
Appl.s, aI. p. i- Ik.xUM
Ch.-ese,lull en amIV
Syrup,I gslt.'.o
Syrup. galpg
Syrup,pmt kegwoo
Only BtrH BMk Ikmmm in^until ni'(ler~.
C.0. I). Grocers
Si\\'. st park Str.cl. Hutte.
HasNo Equal
lllItI Vj^^^^A,
tig^t Hp
IIH^^^^^^r. v ,
ri:i-:i. '
Subscribefor the^Standard.
NutleeIs hereby glv.^piowinll end Anthony J McCarthy,^whose postolll.e abbess Is Anaconda,^Montana, and Chiubs Jaeckel, whose^I c .i,,tli s .eblress Is W arm Springs, Moli^^lalia, have this day filed an application^for a patent tor 1,3*1 lliuur MM of the^(li orgs lode mining claim, situated In n^^otganlied mining district. User Lodge^. ., t., yp 1'..c.i. ttic cotillon, . curse an 1^^ ^t. ut of the said mining claim, deslg-^mited by an oltbdal survey tiiereot, as^Survey No i^ ^-.i, township No. a north,^ranse No I! west, b.una more particu^^larly N't tart* and iI mTIIs I In the ofll-^. ,.|l I I i ROteS and plat thereof on tile In^this onVc, as rollows. to-slt: Ihglnnlng^1,1 the Miutliwrst (orner. a pine post 5^iiudies iquars, 4 feet long, set 1 foot deep,^with mound ot stone around post, and^ir.arki I 1 : tor egraer No. 1. from^which P. S locution monument No. MIS,^MaMtakei for MmJVWft Hi supposed town-^Mllp t north, range 1.' west, bears north^p, degros 4^ minulra west 2M bet, run^^ning theme north 'it degrees 14 minutes^^.v. 1 no pet. thence north at) degrees M^avlRMtSS east 1S37 5 feet; thence south M^Biaes ;I4 lillr.utes east 47'J feet: thence^:0.1th 1. ib en ^S 45 minutes west 1.341 fe^t^(,, ..on. r No 1. the place of beginning,^teataMai sa an a of KJI acres, claimed^b^ applicants for patent.^Tl location of this mine Is recorded In
t|,.. .iftl.c .d the riciuder Of I'eer I ,lld(pl
'\on pa^e 111 In lon.k 1 ol lodcT^^ The adjoining claim Is on the south, tha^ROSIld Vp lode, unsurveyed^Hate of llrst pulilteatlon Oct. V. 1**1.
W B. cox. Ibslster.^Jos II Harper. I' S Claim Agent
NoII. from St. Paul snd all^Pastern |siliit^, arrive at N. P.^local ih p.ii laHy at10:4^ a m
M.P., No. 2. from Portland and^all Intermediate points, ar^^rives at M. If. depot dally ....11:40 p m
M.V., No. 1. mixed, from tlarrl-^son and Helena, arrives at M.^P. depot dally 5.90 p m
TKAISSOKPAKT.^M I^ . No 1 1.11 I'm Hand and all
Intermediatepoints, leaves M.
If,d, |K^t daily f:SS a m
No I.', for St. Paul and all
Kast.rn polntc. leaves N. P.
Ml,1 tmfi dally IQ:H p ra
Mif.. No 7. mixed, to Oarrlaon,
connectingwith N P. through
train for all Eastern points,
leavesM r depot dally5:30 p m
Mixed,to Whitehall, leaves N. P.
I.sal de|Mit dally at T:30 a. m^i.uly except Sunday: en Thurs^^days this train will run through
tuPonv and Norrts.^Trains Nns. II sag 12 will have
Standard Pullman Sleeping
Carslo and from the P,a^l.
Throughtaken to Jspsn and China^via Tacoma and Northern Pacltlc Steam^^ship ('ompany.
PurInformation, time cards, maps and^tickets, cell on or write to
W M. TITOHT.^ilrneral Agent. 11 East llroadway. Butte,^or CHARLES s PEE, C.eneral Passenger^Aaent, St. Paul, Minn.
ThePopular limits to St. Paul. Chicago.^N. w York and all Points East. Buffet^Library Csrs, Luxurious Sleeping Cars.^^feSjajM Inning Cars, Upholstered Tourist
lalives: Atlantic Express1:45 p. m.
Leaves:Cleat Palls Locsl9:90 a m.
Arrives: Pa. Itie ExpressT ^ a.m.
Arrives:Ureal Palls I .^ ^^ .119:15 p. m.
Tbk. t OtVee, No. 41 North Main street,^Butte. J. P. I^\\VSON. i^. A.
iTiiatitii uiort} i^tt ^nnniii 4
hrany'ithcr mftlKKl DO YOU KNOW thai in^Itr-ltini OfVfMltsM,IrUtpMtoltsM oionihlv rpfi.iln,^nine iMtl tn iMUUIlg Wf CAN SAVE V00^M ONE V. I'mtjiwiiif, anil i ^i^V^li^*t* writi-
I ^iU I li 'i !^ Nop ^(
r-iiif'ijr f r li.j.orrtiiA-a,
vt niui irili i^Whit**, unnatural rlu-^rhaj-gn, af say HiHaniui-i-^Uoa, it iiii u ..r i.. .^lioti of oiueoui di^ in-^braJiN. Nuii-aatrtBitt-iit.
WillfM^attiv4*ij mrt) Ooanr^rl amior mommy ra
fiadrtl Nn. 1 fur lionor-
^N'^^. j for ' i '''**., will^04)1 rniM ^tri 'fir**
rkId by all -j.
S.LI by
5mlthDrug Co.,
Anaconda.^.E.aa!lofly ft Co.,^Butte.
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TheDelicious Fragrance
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SmithDrug Co., Ana. ^ nda.
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