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Th Northern Montana Office nf th
ronseelover the shooting and Welcome^Is a KiMxi deal safer here than he -.vou'd
Ills\ki KIIK.
Mftadardia lorated In the Harh-CoryHere, with a noos- about my neck.
Block. Great Falla, directly oppoeiteAn IninotSS k m. I I.,i
theI'srk HoteL Advertising rates fur-Rh all hut overnenMO me. on
nlshedon application.\ Th. , vb of my own nrfctoL
JamesMcTaggart Run Over by a^G. N. Freight Train.
EfficientWork of the Creat Falls^Police Forco-Welcome, the^Murderer, Will Havo a^Weak Defense.
OreatFnlis, Dec. 27.^A man lunuil^James McTaggart was run over and^killed by u freight train near Durham,^on the Kallspell division, Friday night,^and the mangled remulns were taken^to Havre, where a coroner's inquest^was held yesterday. A verdict of ac^^cidental death was returned ami the^body was interred in the Havre ceme^^tery.
Chiefof Police McC'ann of Helena Is^In the city and to-morrow afternoon^will take back to the Capital City^three prisoners who are wanted for^burglarizing the residence of Mrs.^Catharine Jtyan. Mrs. Kyan and the^family were^ east and their home was^broken Into Christmas night and^robbed of several hundred dollars'^worth, of valuablt s. A description of^the suspet l^ d thieves was sent out and^Chief MeCann followed the trail of the^burglars to this city, where one of the^men was arrested Inst night and two^more of the gang run to cover this^afternoon. The fourlli inun Is yet 11^large, but It is hell-veel na will I^- sna-^tured during the next f vv hours. The^prisoners at^ reglsleied at police head^^quarters as John .Murray, Join OoOOl^and William J OB to,
To-dayChief MrCunn and Chief of^I' dlcit (iuerin recovered a larg 'amount^of the plunder, whiih had nana. aoM to^inmates of dilferent houses of ill fame^and to a pawnshop on Scroti.1 street^south. The thieves were Identified as^the men who sold the goods and the^OVldOMS against litem is e one Iiimvc.^To u Standard reporter CM*! McCaM^said: ' We hnvo tIn- right men and^only need on ^. more to complete the
gangwho have been doing .1 |I too]
Of1 rooked work lately. Two ot the^prisoners are veil known |o MM atel^MN served sentenc es for peilt larceny^before. Wo have them now on a oharftVO^of burglary In the night time and lin y^will spend terms In Deer Dodge for^their last Job. 1 want to take this 00-^^ aslon to compliment Chief Quarto and
theooliee foriI (Ileal Kalis for their
cleverwork in assisting us in running^down crooks. In th^ past they have^ever responded to our call for assist^^ance and on Innumerable OOOOOMMM^have caught Heeing birds who were^vanted in Helena. 1'nder the splendid^leadership of Chief (Iuerin the mem^^bers of the police force of this city^have established a firm reputation for^efficiency and good detective work.
Theelection ease of Dh kerinan vs.^Oclsthorpe will probably be finished^Monday. Saturday's session cleared^up a great deal of the ease, and as ob^^jections were few, much ground was^covered. The ballots from the West^Great Falls precinct were offered In^evidence, and in spite of the objections^raised bv the defendant that the bal^^lots had been kept properly sealed^since election, they were admitted. The^result of the recounl gave llelsthorpe^lis; Dickernian, !t:i. This was a loss of^one for Dlckerman and 11 for Gels^^thorpe. The ballots, which had been^rejected by the Judges of election at^West Hell were then offered In evi^^dence. They were admitted. On the^recount Gclsttiorpe lost 12 ami Dieker-^111:111 gained two. So far Dickonn.in,^tin tnojlootont has gained Hi which^completely wipes out the majority^given Gchuhorpe on Hie ret tints. Sev^^enty-seven Hartman-Gelsthorpe bal^^lots have been rejected.
JosephA. lie licit has been appointed^by the court the MOM utor of tin- entail
ofbis late wile, Bnmbotn J. Benolt,
Awrit of certiorari directed to Sher^^iff Dvvyer has been granted by Judge^Denton on the application of Ernefll^Sc hiller. It Is returnable- Dec ::i. The^sh'-rill' is ordered to show- cause why he^recognized the execution issued in (In^^sult of the Reality company vs. M. J.^Place as prior to the execution In the^case of Sthuler vs. Place. It is claimed^that the Realty company lias tievr^tiled In Montana a certili' ate of incor^^poration nnd ccinsciiiiontly has no^Hooding In law.
The-following officers havc-been elect^^ed by Olive Chapter, order of the Root^^em Star: Worthy matron, Mrs. Kate^Heernstein; worthy patron, It. W.Han^^son; associate matron, Mrs. Lydia^Hamilton; sec retary, Miss Kva 11*001^treasurer, Mrs. Fannie Huston; inn-^ductress. Miss Fdith Diblde; associate^conductress, Mrs. Kmma A. I'.erty;^Adah, Mrs. Frances Nathan: Huth,^Mrs. Mary Nightllnger; Ksther, Mrs.^Julie Griflln; Martha, Mrs. Carrie II.^Hickory; Kleetn, Mrs. Maggie Iiwyer;^warder, Mrs. W. H. Kace; sentinel, Al^^bert Nightlinger.
CoronerV'eittnan returned this aft^^ernoon from Belt, where the inquest^over the body of the late Arthur \ ieau^waa concluded last night. A verdict^was returned to the effect that Vieau^waa murdered by Pete Welcome. To a^Standard reporter Coroner Weltman^said to-night: ^The evidence brought^out the fact that the crime was a cold^^blooded murder. Vieau was evidently^killed in his stable Wednesday morn^^ing. Welcome hiding behind a manure^pile and shooting his victim through^the back twice. Either wound would^have proved fatal, as both bullets^broke Vleau's back bone. Then to^make sure his work. Welcome stood^over his prostrate foe and, placing a^M-callber Smith ft Wesson gun over^his heart, flr-d the last shot, tin run^lielng so el. se that his vic tim's cloth^^ing and flesh were powder burned. The^body, while yd warm, waa doubled up^and concealed until that nUht when It^was placed in a wagon and conveyed^to Welcome's house and thrown down^In front of a winj ^w. and several slabs^removed from the itttter to make it ap^^pear as If Vieau wus shot while at^^tempting to break into the house.^However, the body had grown eohfl and^it was Impossible for Welcome to^straighten it out In the way a holy^would He on the ground after death.^The chain of evidence about W. It OM^is very complete and Is sufflc ently^strong to insure his conviction of uae^of the most cowardly crimes ever eotc-^ntilt'.-d in Montaaa. T!^ ^ people of n^ :t^and ot that laanMty are greatly In-
Ala.--^ 11.1 s' TI10' 1 have longe 1
Tolead her to the altar.^I'd counted on no other than
Ametiiphoiic halter.
IMush to wear the thing Good sooth,
Myheacl 1 sh.ctne to shorn- it!^Ye t net for worlds on worlds would I
!-e1 her, my lady, know it,
Iclare not t-!l he r what I think.
Hc-memb'rlngher itn|cttt^innei|^Knibrucc win n she he stccsc.l the -,ttt
lhrfairy fingers fashioned.
Herheart I' was that prompted her,
Herpretty hands oheved It;^The noose here- is the net result.
AndLove laughed ^in 11 she made It.
But,oh, when I a-wooinu- wetit
Andwon her, little i n ked I^That on my wedding day she'd deck
MeWilli a home-made necktie!
Huston Olole,..
FromHlack and White.
Thedifficulty of apprehending the^female character Is well-nigh Insur^^mountable. Woman lias been called^chameleon, weather-cock enigma; but^an enigma has a solution which may^be rearhed by patience or accident, a^weathercock will confess the bent of^the wind for however short a space,^and the color of a chameleon can be^pe 1 ioclieally proved by Ita dietary. But^woman^ she Is a reiterating question,^an argument sans crux, a volume with^unc ut leaves dotted alsiut through the^most exc itlng chapte rs. For you like^to know the sort of creature you an^^cle sling w ith--a painter especially, since^his lame- hangs on his know ledge^henc e- the se- ruminations around Hetty.
Hetty^ you say^do we not all know
her.' Doe-s not her dimpled face- |r
outof th.- weekly papers, and do not^their c'oliimies expose and magnify e v^^ery llitlo detail e^f her lite-he-r fads,^he r fancies nnd le r follie s.' Cannot are^see her night afte r night whisking her^mazy skirts in the linn -light and open^^ing the tarnation folds ot her lips to^patter enchanting license use and pout^promises 11s brittle as pie- crust'.' Dear^little H.lty! How her twinkling foH^make nn t ry. light as ^. a loam frothing^sea shells; heov our pulses thr eb and^d.in* ^^ in pace with OOfO! how our ears
deep-oil 111. fragile, e lining tnnc-S of he If
daintyvoice- as It coe|uets with banali^^ties, flirts with the ve ry bars of mclody
lliatsilly 11 huve tried to make witty
Inthis way I I lion 1;hI I knew her^^^very trick and wile- and whim, till 1^emtio to paint her pie lure-, till one after^another my charcoal lines were lilekeei^from the- cnnwis and I succumbed to^thell paralyzing sense ot total defeat^tvliic li is altnosi always the punishment^ot swollen ambition. WnoJ was wrong'.'^I ask d myself. What had I miss.-.I '
Thepose, th* c \l 1 e ssioli. the throb cef
moiion Weeks passedj iie-n 1 worked^again, made- a ne w- si 11 ly ami e einsulted^my Cousin lamia. She knew something^cef dancing, and was at that time prae -^tiring ballet steps, a necessary accom^^paniment^so she had been teeld - to her^debut In COMle opera.
Theface- Is perfection.^ she- said.^^The little- droop ill the- left sfS ShS^must have be e n Lorn w inking-and the^upward curve at the turner of the lip,^they couldn't be improved.
Perhapsif I could get more action^^more of the warmth w hich goes with^the action.
Itwould affect the flesh tint, cer^^tainly. Von should see me pirouetting^ut Dupres a peony Isn't In It.
Isheetild like to see you,^ I said,^Jumping at a probable solution e^f my^difficulties, ^particularly in daylight.^Take- me- to your class.
Oh,I don't dance in the class; I^have a private lesson when the girls are^geeiie. You cun come this afternoon^at 4.
Wemade- a long Journey on the top^of nn omnibus lo a hole somewhere In^Lambeth.
He-rewo are at last.^ said my cous^^in, leaping dow n w ilh agility anil hard^^ly Stopping the OtStnlbtlS for her exit.
We-slighted almost In front of a^quaint building w hic h looke-d like an^excrescence^a wart^on the visage of^a dilapidated chapel. Laura led the^way up a garden In slxe somewhat^large r titan a postage stump, w here^two heartseases, aofs Invaders of IhS^el.solatc- gravel, ttiesl to blink gotten^e ye s through a 1 anopy ^^r dust. Tli ^^door v as opened by a youth w ho min-^gled all air ecf preipiii-iorship w ith that^nf a waite r at a third-rat ^ c afe. He^waved a hand tee rooms, or r.ithe-r cab^^ins, mi tin- right, through whic h Laura^led me.
Tinre Laura slipped eeff her walking^shoes and announced h r Intention to^tank- a change- of toilet.
1forthwith .-cape^! through the fur-^thOff door and found mySSIf Ul n large,^hare roenn. facing a mlddle-ag^-d man^w ho was evldciiily the dane Ing master.^M. Pupre s. 1 1 xplalne-cl my pfOMnjOg^und my Interest in the lialb t.
Iam ace ciinpanying my cousin.^Miss Loritnar^ - this was the stage^name by which sin- was Known^^In or^^der to paint the pecse of one- my sitters.^I want more vibrating actuality and^hops to sketch it her
Maiscertaoiement - cef course. Ze^beauty of se human form is never s-c^fhe-n it moves to my wish. You Vttt
fadd, but still recognisable, of himself^dressed In tights or other theatre el^frippery. He took evident pleasure in .^wat lung my appreciation ecf the curl- 1^ous altitude's In whic h to shmv off in^their fullest perfection the lithe mus^^cles and magnificent symmetry of his^^Vile- frame, ha had ls-^ n |ioiiray^-d
Yeeumust have danced a great^deal,^ I questioned, seeing that sonic^remark was required of nie.
'Dainet'' he said, lifting his eyes^to the smudgy celling. Yes. It Is 14^year sgo, but I remember It lilt^ ^'^ --^terday. All overe vone moment, a coup^4s I 'Uet ve tall It.
Ibegg^-d for an explanntlein.
Ivas se flrsl^re very llrst. One^leap Into se air I ccuild de so high^he said, lifting his he ad d. se ripti\e-l\ ;^^a leap sat no vone- vould dan^my^fortune vas made. Pupils rume frc 111^all se countries to learn from me some-^loot|a pas' but sen- vas 110 time '/^ 11.^vone night sere came a king to see me-^--me. se king of se dunce uh' I may^say r.at now It Is all gone' 1 dam tel.^se air vas no lighter san I. Again 1^dam . .1. high, high, higher, and sen- -^crae k'
Hebtought his two hsnds togethe r^with a sharp clic k. His face was con^rained with emotion, and presently he^took a handkere hlef from his p... k- 1^and wiped the elamp from his I row.
Yes,^he continue.l. ^It is fecfteen^year^but to me It is to-day. /.-re-In^my leg wus a break^- In' pointed tee th-^pi n - a little above his ankle an.I l^ low^the calf. ^You could put a finger into^it^that vone muscle vas my fortune- ,^11 vas gone -split in vein- moment. '
Hissad eyes stared blankly out from^the cracked, unclean w indow as though^reviewing a vast panorama of his early |^years.
Howsad. terrible' Is this a coin-^^Mf accident^^ I inquired of him.
Common^Yes, se coup ci^ fouet; rait^sis vas vorse For long 1 lay In hesd, my^hates made insd to know sat all vas^ovare, sat all vas lost Zey effore^d me half^vage to teach, bat, no^not vers I had^been ii- llrst^se very llrst I left England^and my trli-nds. 1 hupeel tor evore
Wasthat not foolishV I uske d, view^^ing the greasy curtain and other sur^^rounding evMenoeo of poverty,
Voollsh^Ah. ve am all vools vhen ve
lei\e. 1 hUel IcWcel: She MIS .cllllilSt Wt**t
ibut she vus too young, a child dancer ot^feefte n humme rs. Ho avert, so I^ inn'ul.^She learnt from me my nth OtfStJ I'-st-.^; every is-rfee-ilou. She vould hav l^'ti my I^rlets, my nnson but after xis 1 ran. Vln n
lb;Vieau Murder lias Aroused the
tievoral Ladles Will Keep Upon^house on New Year's Day^^^btanU.ird^ Circulators lit^Town Social Gossip.
licit.Mont , IV .- :: The- fMhl miir.b r^ll.lsiaused II ptiel'elllllil IH uSHlletn tie-re ulcel^the brutal crime Is |he top-e ot eole^ [
lloll Oil iVtiy Side. \\ ^ le'eenie s \ flSlen let
thetr.egede sue I Cii U . ee.htedilt lust.
tlllttllee 1 \ Idence ad-lll. e 0 ., I I lie hi hi . I^Ihee'lcat a.-S SO elailllltnS tlli.l plllellc icell-
1.urni has hlreaely i'e^nii te I him u( an^atriN-loua and iuo.^t euwarelly mordei^Hoih men came to Muuiaim fnuu tbe^Kieni-h district In LeOsyeff Canada, and^hate- realde^l ul the i*. e i,e 01 the nasi i^^I01 several yepsis. Just nt t'iW time II is^a fortunate thing (er n/sesSOOM thai he is^safely Ih hitni the SaTS of the county tail 1^in Ure-at Kalis. Had he nsOS allowed^1. iimIn in line Hell jail nmil after the I^coroner's Inquest It is mote iiiuit Itkeiv^the e exility would have hag paved the^hen\ y expense ot prosecuting him
Managee-Kittle id the Anaconda com^natiy's Heit buslncea Is expeeied 1st eg^from the Mouth In g few el.eys. He has^be en absent two weeks
TheMllliatd miiiea will commence shqc^piiin c-oal to the He-lnse anlMa at RMs
aitsfJan. 1. ami tin- ana cei nal gaan
willtea materially Inerease d
Theladles 01 the Mae. alec s hav* elect^ed the following sgkSSVS la the eiiaauiK^term. Anna Bonrgh, IV 1.. c . Clara D^w^^ST, I. C; Villa HtalTorel. lieutenant;^Kails illeake, It. K ; Mamie A Conk, t
i\. MSKKIe Net'lc', se w -use I
I.e-eee,M. A A ; Mary Orav. ehaplaiu.^Ilnitua Lennon. sentinel. N.mnie M M 1
Thefdetids of Je^s^-pli lupine will N-^sl.nl to burn lint In- Ids aanataj troiu^the nfaia of a aMtonl e^i-eeallon where .^In he lost his tight le g unci tint the clan^^ger |eolllt has Icecn passe-cl.
Alarge hamher of lull la-ltes have- an-
1eiinecsi their nnrans a kee |.mg ^..p. u
liceiihe^ on New leir'-e d.i^. and .alb iee
mysense eatiu- I knew that 1 eoupi 11 1 will bo aeeorled a nie-t ^i.e.'eiia ^ei
more-ric h -only a poor dead clog In her I ceaOe
vay.For lis I tle^l se cecimtry I MMM I Mrs l l.eia I!. MM e.f KMshsg Is the^luck afte r fes fte e-n year, no loiuf-r a I giu-st a Mrs. II. I'arnmu torjng tha holt-^meat Halvaclor, but plain M. Dapreav- I gay*
backto Hetty^Mis I' Walling Is le|eortcel dangerously
Hetty^^1 ^,choe^-d. 1 ill freiiu a comblnaiion of lanfeh s.^^Yes, the llrst ilancer In Londnn -my Thomas L\ Bnllsf and MfWl II COS^leellte 11. 11y -you have-seen lier .'^ Atnl he [ p,.), sS'^s t silve rs and shining IikIiIs el^lifted a hand to a portrait ove r Ills pll- the' tttaieetaiel's ^ lr. ulailecn OSOeaiiit
low.( nan in lam two or ihas gays galng
lusentnlziel with ciistnay tin- (MM face | the ^.. k and did a thriving nentnona, n
them. rry smile, ai the corner ot the^He.
ThisIs th^- v.ry woman I am living t^^paint.
Sapiisll! lie exclaimed, and again^wIihcI Ids brow. ^TOO will ki ' P my Se ^^cret'.' Ze ve urs of ^a^ rlllce, lot them not^In known to her.^ alia la., was vviiukeld^and livid wilh anxiety.
Yourrontldence is sacred: I am hon-^orecl by II.^ I said, extending a hand, toi
aJust then opened the diMir u|K^n us tm^i^-l^-i, /. I
Htandard'alist Ot SllbSc I llaJ M ill Itell 1-^l:irge-i- than .di ana new-papeiK eon^j Mnod ami Is glowing light uloiig ecu h
uiciutti.it is tin. aaata noveanna tef ia
'i amp. ami Is found In OVay nahaas
license-and in must eel the hntlli s eef lie it
ThememlH-ra ol tin- loc al lesia** of the
iA. OL 1^. W. have elected the I cellclW Hut
Ilafjfsrai \s . ^; ^ i. v iuii.i, m. W.i U L
iliarmoii, foreman; Di Allen, ^^vcisee)i
I'. I^. James ill, ree cerelei . |e H|H^aun.
Lauractit- r. d in a short, fan-plaited^frock with blac k silk knlrkei i^^ k Ts^at .I Mae-k frills sin ending h-r knees.^Her silken hose and shiny pumps mud^^her already graceful as she chased I v^way of experiment across the hai^boards frcem the citangee-toothe'd piano^at one end tee Hie camp c hairs at the^other. The ballet master made his^way to a small conservatory- a hospi^^tal for effete bulbs and straggling, go-^forrreej geraniums^and snatching up a^v at-ring can laid the dust which al-^reidy began to thicken the air.
Thenoperations Itegan. To m^ they^were deeply Interesting, because Bet^^tys face and form were continually^be teito my eyes and the one thing^wanting to make my work a chef^i d e.euvre was, I hoped, on the verge of^I discovery, l.anra placed herself in an^1 attitude, glane ed at her instructor.who^had armeel himself with a fid.lie, and^with lis first tones commenced a series^, of evolutions. .^^. t, t.i.. .[. |n hand. I^; InBaresd he r movements, now noting a^six-step shuttle straight a-down the^i length of the boards; now sketching^I th^ teCthni of her fee-t. swayed Inversely^with every bend of the knees. Then^came an ethc-rc aliseel milkmaid st'-p^that might have tec. n termed an arm^akimbo gallop had not the two wrls's^! be^en pressed further forw ard against^the waist, with her fink palms glow^^ing outvard. In this |-ose Laura's^limbs looVed oleduiate as sawelust^vvlnl.- Hetty's had bent ilk- wax to the^' will of the inml-br. M.anwhile DM^' faille- flutte re.l ...ml th- master now^I anil then ex.-tr.plined the grace of any^I particular attituele- he desind^| (in tl.e -..all of the littb- bed-chamber^where M. Pupres courteously arcom-^| panicd me were many photographs,
'1 have much to be graleful for tie h m^- to you.^ i said. M^ pic lure is almost^ac-hleveel.
Winn He t'y nc j.1 c nine to IBS studio all ^^thought my anntlng ^a^ I omplete d, and^skiiipecl aboul In funit of (he canvas with^the lanslne joy of gatMM vanity.
Whydidn't yeru tell me It w.ea clone-,^and I needn't have got Into the se ' ' she^said, lifting the hem of her game- skirt lo^her Hps- a las.iuuttng HMti trie k, srMeh,^to iish her own expreaslon, Invariably^^brought down the house.^^j looked ul the laughing row of white^teeth Mid thought of Duptes
Youstill want a touch or two. Just get^Into position for one moment.
You'llspoil me,^ she ^arne^el. Jumping^to lu r place on the ' throne^ unci shoot^^ing out an ankle thai would have un^^hinged Diogenes.
Neethlngcould spoil you.^ I said gal^^lantly, und a palnl tube hsesfted In the 04-^rectlon of my head was thu reward of my
Youdidn't aim as well as yon die nee^How did you leurn-iit a training achool
To clan, nf Hah! Training seheToIa can't
tenonthe nn.- poetry of atsant They
kioe k Hue prose Into you, but- hut the^pcetry I learnt from^oh-a man who w is^gre at In his clay.
'Salvador^^ I ventured.
Sheblushed faintly.
How did yon know^^^^You gave the cue-. Halvaclor was the
-.re it. st name' 1 eoul.l think of^
You know something of dancing,^then^
Veryl'tlle. I have hemil In. had an ne-^cident or something that affe cte d Ids ca^^rve t.
Yes:It turned his h^ae|. lie wis to^hi.vo married me-, ben, like- all men. lie-^was ungrateful; be chantceW-rhanged
gninaa Mi my.
1nurse .1 him night nn 1 day. He hgi^no mother, no sister and 1 thought I^cc aM tee all the worb! to him. Lltlle girls^.-er. romantic and he was loo III to know.^I . forn ho recovered consciousness I sent^an old wnman to attend him. lent one-day.
WhenWell enough, lie bolleei
Lordknows'^ (He tty's HUafOanO was^I not .lohnsonlun ^ ^Do you thp.k I w.is go^^ing to crawl after him and grovel^
There.Is no groveling where love lev^^els
HutIt didn't level.^ she sulci, angrily,^c. though the reproach stung^ it didn't^level. I would have i hi.ekoet my whole fu^^ture for him I would now, while he^oh,^elon't talk of It.^ she exclaimed, huskily,^whisking the back of her hand nrross her^ryes. ^1 tell myself It was all for the
be^ t
Thetone Invlle-d a query, but I mail.,^rot answer. There were heard thrill^ in^tha ah^, and my brush, pregnant nttn thstt^Subtle rhythm, was traveling fast
WhT don't you esy It win^^ she p^r- j t,,,,,., i^slstesl. ^You know that love^^reexl love -^It worse than handc uffs
'A cloying tr^^rl^ to the wings of lo^^de pendenee^eh^ Keota woeiid hive been^j glad of the treacle, neve-rthe I nj
Perhaps.Wouldn't w# Just drown lr,^' It If we could^ Hat. afte r all. 1 should^I have been a fat lump of domesticity bv^row.^ she lr.ughed. straightening h. -^| lithe limbs and resuming her ^^I tlrnal entile
Ina moment she had become th-^i wrrld s Hetty again-ttewltrhlng. coy, a-^i s^ urlante Betty.
Huta teardrop still clung to h-r fye -^lashe-a.
fe'vre, res e-ie c-l . .1
lall, tlllslee-, M leeeiolha. liivsl l.ius, Dlte
\I* let* I. Cli.imheli.ctn and i.awv.e^A Iteu-helor's e lule lias leeen organlgl I
witha large ineiuhel ahlp ot c lanks Who
hav*.foreawiern Hie Jeevs eel matiimcmv^ciiirlng the yesir lvsT. The leaders of Ihe
.i gaiuxatloii are. ha1c|-|.eMdes| | ^ tiles Wine
eiHildn'tgel inurrliel if they would, ami
whorinhn thai srsulsln'l n timid
HenryHaines has gone over tee the Q4H^IMge country to devHop iinmerona min^^ing luope ttle s In whic h he la luierestrii.
Didit ever occur to yon whose hair Is^thin and constantly falling ofT that this
.auno nawMntf HalTi It air Rnaaa
l-e il -'Oe J. Hie. | \
Ilecc Set oil the I ooel i |ee- Vim hlllr* at MJS^Kale let 7.SOO gSa l e r Heeiir.
Ililtl-h Printer and Hint Inner. I/Oiulon^' The making and breaking of r-e eirds in
ic.niiec lioli with the ope ratlcen of typS- 1^setting machine ry, la an e-ve-ut as nine ti^! arrangeel fc^r as a turf meeting, or In
oceanmivIgietion^1 The Linotype- generally t-eke-s the leael^in conte sts of this sort, and thus It Is In- :^te re sling to call attention to a rem u kulele |^i*e-ord of feet tv)m-selling maele hy tour ;^el' tin- live- llhn'yte*' maehleie- o|a^rators^employed upon the Ne w Have n, Conn., i^Ite giste r, de moMrieflog, us 11 cIcms, wh.ct^' e.eu l.o done by aoh. r nnd Industrious
printerstaken In.in tie- ^ use, who, with '^( hss thng two years' e'Xpeile nee upon Ihe ;^j mac hlne s. ve i tv pe. at tin- rate of 7,*eu ems^' p^ r hour.
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The^iakes^ were given o il und tl '^mc'ti orelen-d to work overtime, and It^to* k those fo ir ec|^. ruteers j.ist one hoor^and gj minatei to set M.lsi ems solid^minion, an uv. t.n;.. en |;; Ij.i tins rueh, I.e.^Ing at the r.ete- of i.e-ev ems |s-r hour.
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SunFrancisco, I hs $ - Sir ftnrhaga
Cesla won. Hlu*- Hell second. I
lata third; line. I I- Five and a half
fUHeellgs D. J. Teeblll Weill. K^'c^| Wlll-
lunnanali Btsnha third, ti, 1:11%.
Seve ii and a half furlongs Little. Crip
pie weell, Major Ceee^k |c ^Il I. I'h'UI*-! -
sieinthird time, |:M. One nkllo, lb^^llaldwin bo|. I haneln an. purse ll.Mai
St. Ua Won. Ml. Melile ge.r II. se- olet
Huinartthird llm^*. 1 41 Mil. and a^half Juilge Denny wen. Aniens ace -^did Key del Itandidos third, time,^j t '^ Hix furlonsa P%ejasa ween.^K . alskv seceiiid, P-tran h thli'l
ii*.ite proa*fas Baanifl laani yaase
toI *|ual Hla Reeeerel.
N.vv Yeerk. Dec. It- When Kdward^Pay-oi Weston, tie- o-year-old pedea-^inan. at M oeloe k to-night left the^trac k een which he hael emleave,r*-*l t*^^c-eiual his receerd. Hi miles in :4 hours,^he had valke-el 10; miles yards
The-*,|c| man went tee th ^f ih-
sk.itlts rink, in whl'h the trtck i^ sit^^uated, threw himself on a e ..t ami w.-pt^bitterly. A numU r of Mends gnthef l^ancunel and sought to cons .1*- him, but^Weston refu*^-.| to lie c*einf. rt.-el und^i r-pruacherd himself for his failure.
Atgen Orlr.inee.
Sen- Orleans. IV. '.'.; Seven fur-
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LoyalPrtoM ttiir.i. Una, l Ma*
furl-ngs Marie i\ won. Elkln snd.
lootHays third Unas, 1 II OM mile^^ Itossmar won. oveieila se^ ecnel. F M^II. third, time. I fi'i Handicap, six^furlongs-U^n*iy won, p. Dunne sec-^^ nil Koonlge ii third, lime. 1 11%. Six^furlcengs I. Ill I SIM won. Little- Hue 1;^second. Rcesny third, time. 1:13. Hlx^fur!, ngs Dorothy III won. InMniMl^gaanf Ida Wagn-r third, time. 1:8%.
si*LI* % I aveel^ llitrrre.e l.^r.
NewYeerk. 1*1 ^^.-^len. Danbl II^Hie kb-s. ex-mlnist. i He Spain will aoah^on th*- Chbnn epiatlon on Jac kson's^biitbelay. Jan ^. in BrooUy** acl^eH.^t-^ii-.g Intelfei ^ ' : th. l^nit*-.| stat^-s 111^favor cef the Cuban*.
Thewife of Mr P Hetelnaon a protni-^n*nt Pimh-rm^n ..f llariwe k. N Y . waa^s:ck with rheumatism for hv. mot tha In
s|-Uklllg of I' ^tr H.ee.lllSec!, ij|V-
rhamteerluna Halo Italm Is the only
URStock of^Pictorialt^-.^^Wonderland ^^is getting low ^^ and^when the present edi^^tion is gone, there will^be no more to offer.^The publishers of this^work, the Werner Co.,^have written us saying^that the edition closed^out the entire stock.
Thebook The Standjrd of^^fers its yeirly subscribers is^flie origin tl $7.50 subscription^edition, bound ii halt MDrocco^Ic.ither. v*^ The cttect of the^binding is very pleasing, and^the contents of the work can^not be excelled by any book^on the market. Painting and^sculpture by artists ol all na^^tionalities are reproduced by a^superior copper-plate process,^which gives a steel engraving^effect to every picture. The^most famous paintings the^world has ever seen ar: repro^^duced ^ nothing that is not^famous finds a plicc in ^Pic^^torial Wonderland.
TheAngelus, the celebrated^canvas abou^ 25 inches square,^which sold for $110,000, is^pictured among others equally^as well known. The whole^book consists of 504 pages,^printed on heavy plate paper.
Itis common talk that The^Standard is the best news^^paper in this section^there's^nothing wrong in the state^^ment. ^^* The Standard will^continue to p-int the bett paper^during 1897. and charge for it^$10.00 a year^just the same^as others ask.
Forthe timr that ^ Pictorial^Wonderland^ is on hand we^will present the book to each^subscriber who pays $10.00^for The Daily Standard. The^paper and th: book are both of^the highest class, and this is^an of er that is not of the catch*^order, ft'l a plain statem:nt:^has business merit, from the^fact that by making one col^^lection of $10.00 we save the^time used ia making twelve^collections during the year^^not to mention the time con^^sumed in finding you at home.^Pay a year in advance and be^sure of securing ^Pictorial^Wonderland.
Mj^ ^ +
Anacondao*B-itte-^Great Falls^^*Missoula.j
t tle.TTl |^ll
Forth^- r. in f e.f n : i^Many ve-rv I. . ^^heirn cured lev I1 I'm^bottle by Srust'ata.

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