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VOL.VIII.^NO. 118.
EWKHK pioneers in the path^ling wliich we have steadily^advanced our record of
HonestGoods at Honest Prices
Togetherwith alert |^til^lic service,^keeps us at the front. We have^an established reputation for deal^^ing only in first class goods of the^most reliable makers.
Althoughour Xmas trade was^the finest we ever had, we have^still a line assortment of goods^suitable for
..NewYear Gifts..
Ourassortment of I^iamouds,^Rubies, Emeralds and every other^prveious stone, set in Kings,^Brooches, Pendants, Earring! aud^Studs is the finest in the city.
Inevery conceivable design.
Goldand Silver Watches
Ofthe Finest American^and Swiss Makes
BlwfUagSilver Combs and^Bmihtl. .Manieiii-e Sets, .Mirrors,^I'owder and Cream BoXM, Atom^^izers, Gold Headed CfcBM and liti-^brellas, Optra GhMMM of every^conceivable design.
DRUGGISTS,, 12 North Main Street, Butte. Mont
Keepsthe 5kin Smooth.^Price,^25 Cents per Bottle.
Variff oa These Goods Discussed bj^Representatives of Firms
borneWant a Specific Duty. Oth^^er. Ad Vah rem arid a Few^lioth - ^ he - ugar sched^^ule for 1 o-~ay
WashingtonI^. r. 19-Silk Mi NtM^^ manufacturer* wan bofots ihe Wapi
anilmean* commit tee to-iluy. Arthur^, B. Sanford ol Kail Hiver. represent itiK^; the Cotton Yarn Spinners' association
of the I'nltwl SUle^. ab.iul I,,PM
1spindle*, said that tho main trouble
withIhe present law whs that the uj-
11mItvtM u'-io practically ad rahsrsai^ami permitted of enleaMes aadeeraraa
Hon.The present M hi dulf would lie^sat lyfaetnry If two provisos were^stricken ^Ut whlrh levied duties en^varus Ml exceeding -'-'i D4 nl* pat puunil
10s rents, exceeding -^^^ net and exceed-^lag I^ cents, li cents, ami cxeeedinK II)^cent!*, 4.*i per cent, ad valorem. San-^ford produced statistics showing that
inMM the innation of vain* Won
MT.PMrounds and In 1*9.'. l,ttt,M^pound*. He siiiii thiii the roMmoaer
gradeof yarn could lie iiianufaetur1 d^in this country, and especially In the^South, owing to the long hours and^(heap lull..i. perhaps as cheap as in^Kngland He feci gnlzed that some time^in the future the South might become^a eompetltor In the manufacture of^I'm r varns.
SinionIt. Chase of Fall [liver, Mass..^on liehalf of the cotton cloth manufac^^turers, said those who he represented^did not ash an no n asi d duty, although^M liner trade! they did not b!H ad
Ittale11 d Hon. They f(mtaed that
thenew classification in t lie act et '^ M^was In the right direction. \\ hat they^desired v. as I w Ih:'i aim ndments
tocompel the Import at ton of certain
ilassses under specific duties, as they
Her.Ii.riaad.i1 thai aha^^ had crept
in.Chi's. Md M Mlltln had a sharp^tilt over the effect Iveaeai of ad valorem^duties. ^Ad valorem duties.^ Cluise^said, ^catch nothing In the customs^house ' I'rocreding. Chaas said the
sellingprice of gIs was kept down
totin lowest point by competition. Ml -^Mlllln attempted to show this was not^a fact In the ease ol many protOI ti d ar-^tiolcs. but chase In elated that It v.as
tineevent where artificial combina*
'Then,in your opinion artilicial com-
UnatloMdo eg tot^^ asked ifcMlllln.^^1 have so understood,'' replied Chaae,^w.ii.' rjaculated Bteeie ol Indiana,^linking blandly across the tab I. at Ifc^^Mlllln, ^What an- you going to do about^It'.^'
Ahi rli s of interesting MeatlOM pal^b* Diagley dereloped the i^u timi the^nutnul'ai ;urers here paid much higher^taxes than those In Kngt nul. Ctt M^said his mill paid I'.'l.oOu tggeg, WhlU^a .Itntlnr mill In Kiighind would pay^l.ul l.l.OtW. In Kngland I^erything was^done to stimulate manufacture*; Ihe^employer, were dealt h niontly with^and workmen were forced to give up^part of their wages. Hare the em^^ployer paid all and UN smploys noth^^ing.
Arepreeentatlvs of the cotton mow^^ers of the Mlaalealpjil valley, w. R.^craig. of vii ksiuirg. Miss, at peered to
urgea tariff duty on Kgypliau cotton.^This prodm t was underselling the ^
traetapta cotton of the Mississippi i ai-
11y. having greiitiy decreaasd at i^ric^
duringthe past I! y. ars.
Thesame i|t|ostlon uns dlscussid by^C, P. linker, treasurer of the Lawfef
Manufacturing company ol Lowell,
Mass. H. said Kgypllan cotton was
linerthan the American goods; that it
hadless waste and a hotter mini and^that the American product coull not^l^. os. d for cert a In goods for ^ hi' h lb*^Rgyptlaa ^us used, and manufacturers^WOT* willing to pay IH cents a pound^more for BgyptlM g^^ds In which^either class could be used. The ex^^pense Of producing BsyPtUW cotton^was great beca M thi land had to lie^irrigated.
TheSouth would In selling iis birth-^right for a im ss of pottage to ask for
thisprotect low,^ commented Wheeler^of Aialuima.
who do yi.ii call its birthright^
askedChairman I HagV v.
FYoeinstitutions, fro* trade, fret ev^^ery th ill g,^ replied Wheeler.
RoherlW. Cooper, president of the^Britl.b Hosiery company ol Olasyellle.^it. L, pr.mated Igeros to r*^s*a thai
thelost of producing the grade of
goodsBwanfactared by his arm is si M
perdozen In th- ITBltod States and H
ints in del many. P.yj a* ol Mow York^Incidentally said fretthU tram Oer-^maay la New York and Chicago were
oftenas cheap as from Nee England^points to the same cities. Jontes Tal-^eott of the American Hosiery company
ofNew Britain. Con a., awnafactarera
ofhose and underwear. A. I.. Ililyeu^of the Philadelphia Knitting mills anil^Robert Pllllaaa of Philadelphia, re pre-^seetlng th^ manufacturers of cotton^hosiery, also appeared and made argu^^ments.
Atthe afternoon session silk and silk
Is were taken up. P. K. Stonor of
W'rightsvtile.Perm . Read a brief asking^for a new i lassillcatlon of cmhroMered^curtains anil other embroidered good.-.
Theduty on such g1. was reduced
bfthe act of MM from *^ to M per cent.^Most of these goods, he said, were BOW^made in Belgium and many million,^were annually imported. He asked for^lsith an ad valorem and a s|*ei itlc^duty. W. II. Chapman, a silk button^manufacturer of i:ast Hampton. Mass..^made a bffgf argument in mvaf of^placing silk buttons in the silk sched^^ule. I. ('. Hovey of New York, repro-^s-nting the Textile Manufacturer* as-^soiiation. a|i| eun d to make a g, n. ral^argument In favor of a return to .po-^ChM duties. ^I know of hut two coun^^tries.^ said he. ^w hich cling to ad valo-^'^ iti duties, one is th^* grrat Patted^States and the other Is Turkey.^ Mr.
Horeym.eioiy eoorad the stool pig-^cons'* to whom imported (roods wi re^consigned He MM it as his opinion^that on silks, owing to in iTvaluation,^the government received but rt,1 per^l i t . while the duty was t^^ |ior cent.^This lompli ted the hearing to-day and^tht committee adjourn.d until to-mor^^row, when the schedule will lie taken
Im-li n. rise in.^The exclusive an^^nouncement made by the Washington^I'ost to-day that Secretary Olney and^Senor Dupuy de Lstme. the Spanish^minister at Washington, have practi^^cally terminated the negotiation* of
theCuban question and are to lie sub^^mitted to congress w hen It reassemble,^on Jan. I, la creating much Interest^heM PNtn Interviews with the Span^^ish consul general and representatives^of leading Cuban tlrms in London, the^ass.^ hi. I | ress learned that th*1 news^I* generally satisfactory and not uncx-^pe^ ted.
Iir l^ Acquainted M ilh ( row nrd llt a.U,
hutHun Away Willi n Musli Inn.
HudaI'esth. I^ec. in^The pres. n. ^^here of Princess de Caraman t'hlniay.^formerly Miss ('lure Ward, an h'li -s^^f Detroit, Mich., who (toped from^Paris last summer with a Hungarian^gypsy musician minn-d Janresl Uigo.^has cais.d a sensation In certain cir^^cle*. The princess yesterday received^I delegation of members of the pres.,^to whom sin- spoke in the trust man^^ner. She said that she wished to cor^^rect the statement that her husband, a^BelgUva nobleman of French birth, had^liehaved in an ungenllenianly manner^towards her. On Ihe aagMafft ^be In^^sisted the prince had always conducted^himself as a gentleman. Hut he was of^a cold, reserved nature, and was al-^way* more at his club than with IiIm
family.The couple Mv. I we chllarea
Thepiincess was then iisk-l why she^left her husband and replied: That is^a remarkable story. I ha\ ^^ also MMi^myself why 1 have done so and 1 OM^lind no reply to the mMMM hM^after mr inarilnge I went wnh my
hno hand la Btraeaeet At lirst I Ioaii t^th- BobjlM artotocracy eery sympa^^thetic When. Iiow ver. there was talk^of a high person having shown me a^special favor, an entire change Oc^^curred. The sympathy llrst shown no^was withdrawn and therefore I Weal^lo Pan*. 1 there became acejUAlnted^With M. Jam ^ si in tie car.' Palliard.^He was acting as bandmaster. Iligu^liked get better than his holovVd gtaato.^The root ^ ^il know ^ iii conclusion ll i^m inces* said: ^I should like \. ry miiort^to see my children again, but the law^has glceti them to th.'lr rather. I. on^the other band, have gtVM up half my^Income, tU.Me, for their edacatl n. 1^^hall renwtla two moMthf la Hungary.'*^Th- high personage refi ttod t^ by the^lirlni ess in this int. 11 h ^ and' ' stood^here to refer to Klag Leopold of n.-l-^galam, and is said to furnish the cause
forthi rvfaeal af the qm-eii of iteigium^to be In trod weed la th. prlacoaa, ai a^gsrdea p.my al Iaraim the royal parti^and palace near Bteea.ni. The suit for
divorceinslitiI by the prince against
hiswife Is now in piogiess at t'harle-^rolx, Uclglum.
ANiiinlii r of I'rominenl r^ilHlein*H TtaH
thei bahrtaaoa
Clevelnnd.Ohio. Pee. 19.- There were
mimber of promlnMl irlaltori al that
oIllceof M. A. Ilutmit lo-day Ang
themwere Hon- Haafy C. Payne of^Wisconsin of the national executive^commit Hon. W. J Oabora of Mas^^sachusetts. Senator Clark and Hon.^Pngat W. Moodell of Wyoming. Judge^Robert eon, a prominent politician ^f^South Dakota, and a half dozen w ll-^-tmntrn i ihio repiil'llenns. 'S#'^^l of tho ..^^nam d met together ai hanna's office^and held a long conference with Ihe^national chafa man. It was slated lhal^Payne and iisborne mme here to coll^^ier with HaaM mi business connected^with the national exc. nttve eowunlttee,^lien. A. MeCook. who was tin guest
ofHum at the w*lna^m.r. daiiag his
briefvisit in Cleveland, left or Cnnloii^oi-day to c all m the preeld.nt elact.^As Ihe result of the visit to day nil^sorts of cabinet rumors were In ctrcw-
latloa,luit thoW oteaUMd to know mM^thai the slat, had not baeg .tree p.n-^tlally completed, ladi. mm geni It
mall who Mauds Very close to .V.i^.i
McKlnleyand HaaM said to-da\ that
hehud gI reasons for believing that
notlo cm ecd om or two members of
thecabinet natter the Incoming admin-^t-tralion had been decided upon. The^conference at lianna's gflbm In day^uas li. I.I behind closed doors and at its^conclusion. HaaM escorted several of^his r tailors to Um Union I on gat ^ lub^for lunch.
MinnesotaSuffers ths Loss^Couple of Backs.
olumblaNational and the Wash^^ington Co to tho wall-Other^Uefunct Instltutlons-What^Lckels bays
Mlnncii|Klls. Iter. 21 -The Columbia^National bank, a small Institution ut^comparatively recent establishment, and^tli.ion capital, closed this morning and^Is in the hands or the hank examiner.^According to the last statm.nl. Pan, IT.^it had loans and discount;, or fitvll-'i.^bonds to secure rli . illation. ^.^'^ ^^^^: real^estate and moitgag.s. Hv.l1*. due from
otherbanks. Mr -*:, casli i*e. ^ I s.-.
othercash Items. Itl.VC. Liabilities. Na^^tional bank notes outstanding. *M.' i^^1.^due other lunik*. tUUMl d.'|s^slls -III.J. el
lorbeck. Ilul.-Vt.. i-crtlilcaics or depo.lt.^S43..VM. certtlnd all.I cashier * checks.^i3.SU: bills pa^ablc. il'..l^^'.
i'lishlerJos.ph Jejhtstef sold: ^\\v^could have stood Ihe pressure a little^longer, hut lo prut.-, t dc|*M.|tor* w.^closed I his morning We hue Cl.ww In^cash and Inside of Ml day* we . ^l- . i to
huvi rally IIiw.imi morIl.-cted. inn
totalliabilities are only Kli.iwn Thrr.^is no doubt we will be able to pa) dc|ios|.^tors in full and effect a fair settlement^with the stockholders. The PeeeS* witb-^druwals of city and slate muds and by^i-ouiury correspond, nts SaSJSSd UM trou^^ble.
Tin-olheer* an Charles Klttleson^pjssjident: II. Thorsun. xic srsMaMtl Jo^^seph Jobs ter cashier. The bank i- in
chargeor Osama M. Cnfgsm, gspaty
oiiii'i roller. 1 beasVa,M said he. ^the
SUflpellslOII Will lllll cause an\ Itirther
truul.lcThe naUsisal banks nl this city^are strong Mum.dally, as we satisli.d^ourselves li) examination:
Washington.Ihe ^.-1N'puty Cnmp-^troller Collin, next In rank lo Krkel*.^happened to be lii Minocii|adls lo-day^anil was din ted lo lake temporal)^charge or the Columbia bank. Kxamlner^Cook was ordered from Chicago to take^mfMMgal charge The latest r^ i^irt rc-
SShrSd, thai id lit U. gave ass. is ol
pdl.nn.but ibi^ have probably shrunk^MBM
Thecomptroller iiscrllx-s Ihe failure to^a lot or slow nasal* on which ready M^ry could not be rcallKed. and says this^has Im-cIi the chum' of most ol the rcci lit^bank failures.
Minneapolis.IVc. ^i The Washington^ba'ik. a stale Institution, closed II- doors^this liiK.il. II hud u capital of ()^^^^*^^ anil^BJ Its last stall lllellt at the i lose ol i lee^IT had t'^^7.l'M loans and illseiiunts. $14.-^j'.'T.OVerdrilfls secured; ilUl.lll'i la sto. k*
millssepes; Ht,i71 real seta Is ami Mstfll^mM on hand. The isMritl were mjajsj;^certlHeil de|sislls tlll':.^7. bank deposits.^MUM, A. C. llogatl. city treasurer, was^one or Ihe rounders or th* bank and BM
orthe directors, and 11. K. Itreecke cash^^ier.
Th SUSpi nsion or the Washington^bank was due to the fact that lis i II-^Mtteie, In ing tin- same as that Si the^suspended Columbian National bank^and S' indla bank, became alarmed^ami hegaa m draw out deposits ihls^morning at a rate that th^ manage^^ment decided lhal Ihe best Interests of
day.The trial of C. (^. Atkins i ashler,^will follow Tin re ^re In Indictments^against eai h.
Whalt.g.l. ^a^. About ll.
Washington,Iksc. js. -t'omidroller^label* said this gftenbsM that he reel*^no apprehension over the bank failures^which have occurted of Isle. Two more^failures th^ Commercial .National of^Koanoke and ihe Columbian National
f IMgasMMMg Will' added I^ tile list
lo-day.They are comparatively aagen^Institution*, however, and mid. i ordi^^nary circumstance* their rallure. It is^said, would annu l only passing atten^^tion. Mr Ki k. ls. when ask d to day^by a represcntatue af the SSOQlialsd^press as lo the general banking situs-^lion, said. ^t^r course bank failure*^are mote or loss disquieting, but those^which hnve SSJCmisd racMlly have lit^^tle or no significance atlai hid to them.^They wire due largely to local causes,^wholly um .inn., i d with Ihe genetal^condition of the bank* throughout the^lountry al laige The case or Ihe Vi^^la* bank was mil a rallure al all. bill^was a mete voluntary liquidation.sjmsfy^depositor being paid In roll The Ivm^rallure* to-day are i.r minor gajamrt^^ance, tn each t a*e the bank - lapltal^being only c ^' is*).
A*against 'h. se few failures hg I^on haul CIIUaM Ihe g'llclal adltloM^of lh^ bank* Is evi . II. nt l'n..er the^last call on |^ec. 17. iinlformlv fa\ .r-^able retMUIs vv.ro re elved and show-^on average reserve of considerably,^..hove M nay rag**, mmMyai by law.^one ol the last rc|Mirls. lhal or die^lliooklyn hntik*. shows Ihe avetage re^^serve held lo be MJ pel cent, lltnl most
.f Ihe sspoefjg run r, or 1* per cc'ni.
above legal reiillllellii til^ In eai h
n-e, to-i, ih.. asset* In deijii gsggsj an^entirely satiarai lory showing us sang*
piled Willi 111^ iMtMttth On 'll'' ^ I' I
ilis evident lhal the national bunks^lo-da^ art* a* staid^ is I1. ^) ^ ver wee...
andthe spasmodic fastU( a bank
hereand Uhnra through defects p. ^u-^liar lo the tailing banks af small tin-^portani^ Is wholly without general so-,^iiitlcance. I am adv ised fioin .Minneap-^. lis thm th^ rallure I here has . asl..ti^^ed no dlslui bam .^ heyowd the Inslilu-^i ion eoni erned.
twoOHARRMO i iirpsks.
IheNiinil i-r nf t bibn. at I lie I ntnstroptw^Is 'ii.
SI. l^llll*. Pec. IK. A Speelnl to the
Itepiii'liefrom Birmingham, Ala., says:^Two more ( hailed raTpass were round
deep under 111^ ll hi M g| SlllldllV s
wi.ik or the itirmmgham mint ral saa-
setigir train ami brot ght hers t^ ! I]^They were loo badly burned ror Ideti^tilbatloti. hut it Is regarded reasonably^rertala that they nr.. Ihe bodlea or S.^W. Tlhbs and wile of Alger, who me^missing. Th^ howsti ret ttfered lo-day^run th^ list or dead up to M. A. II^Hlatoa or Pratl PMy ^^* heir le dij^semciiiiig for his I^, yenr-obl son vvho,^he says, loft bsSJM for Curtie) on Sat-
ardjgyami was lo Mrs left Qurney for
lllocionSunday nsoenhsg, He has not^-Hue be. ii In aid ^I*, and it Is feared^that he, tiM^, was a v n Um of the wreck,^which will make M llv.* lost. The^de ith of Andrew llrywon. nn ln)urei|^pass, nger, whit h is ifki Ic to orour at^any hour, Will Swell the death list lo M.
ThiTesrera in raasibhi or victims of the
wreckat III.a ton |o-day, and Ihe busi^^ness ef the town wasbuspi nded To the
HeUM Vieau^Glad of It.
allwould be servi
Ill- Mammoth Affair Was t arried i roni
hntmanami Psassnasd to
('anion,fihio. Dse, M.^The big tin^^horn which nttracted so much atten-^Hon in the Illinois campaign reached^Canton to-day. Unit^ by the men nl^DotWtaf. 111., who Hi out Nov. Hi I^^make th ^ trig and rati) the horn to^canton. Th- horn I* M r.-t long and^has a Is II six hssl in dliuueier ami n -^quires about ii dozen nn n to blow It.^'l h. u rn are laborers. I w o of thmi h*
lagoarpoatsra, two ihaaers ami two
painter*,li was a oi million in their^uli'lerti king thai the citizens of D' ca-^tur would contribute a purse of U.gM^In tin ivnt that an nggsAl sum ws*^rakwd by the men WtriM on th.- mutch^to CnatoW, MM the m.-n huv.- not hid^smooth sailing. Tin y d clai'd that up^to th^ time ihev reached Ind'anapolis^they had giaMl success, but that since^that '.ini^ they have not made expenses.
Thehospitality shown th. m has Mm^generous with but vry row ogMagJaM^They have heM nici by lainds and^drum Dorp, and other organization* in^the states through which Mbey passed.
Themen soon atler !^ aching th. city^went to the McKlnley home ami pn-^scute.! the horn ta the preaasV nl-^dei t.^vvho peooteod the visiiors v.ry cordial^^ly, en aeiount or the lnces*ant rain-^rall no demonstration was mad'
c,on.Ans.ni McCoofc. one of the^^Fighting McCooks' of Med) York,^-rent the afternoon with Major Mc^^Klnley. His i.ill was of a s.a In I nature^and undcr-to. d to l^- without political^signifii am e.
banklis emedltbsa Is ntoet excellent,^the assets being |t*Si,iH*i and Ihe liabili^^ties IMtuMgi There is a little real es^^tate among th^ former and tin v . in^be 'iilicklv converted Into moMy.
I nv.r. Inc. .H.-l^r. 1^. II. iMiigan.^ptesident id Hie Carlsinal. N.illoiial^bank or Lcadvlllc, lias Is.n chosen cash^^ier or the l.alik ol i'onifllcric or thi*^etiy. lie says the Carlsinate kasg will^proluihly li'cn late graduiilly during the^gsin year, as IsasgViSSI Is no longer a^profitable field fur so large an Inslltu-^tion.
ll Is llefiised lite Itini Ml less and * Hull
Jacksonville,Kin . In- _^i 'pp,. mas-^tei .nd owm r ..r MM MhajSUthsS
sMpjaagDmaatisssj heaflap pesssnatod a
nianlfvsiiiof ihe cargo and asked fir
clearance paper* p. Neuvlliis. Cuba.
Thecargo consisted or arm* and sm-^| munition Th^ i olio, lag refused i b ar-
nnceuntil he should hear from Wagfe.
gsgMkiand a t' I'grain was g gl asking^] ror Instructions No reply was roeolTod^| up lo a lale hour, in ease i b arnin e
Hull be refMod, the owners or ihw
liaunlbevwill bring suit against the
governmentror damages
Ikil.tvla, III. I^.c. iti-Lbiiiulailon of
UMAlii- sang or chb.igo sretmaislsd
IhesaSpSasMl of thS Van Nortwlik bank^of Italtivin. III . and Hie asslvnnn nt of^William 8. and .1 H. Van Noriwlrk Tn.
liabilitiesare said lo aggregate two mil^^lion dollars Assets, larg.lv in paper
mill*, aggregate C.M^Willi am and
JohnVan Nortwb-k s bank did not gat u^lo-.tiv. TheSs was no run on the other^banks id llaiavla as a result or the clos^^ing ol the Van startWie! bank and no^rail'ir.-s ..re NfsalMgj The Van Maris^wicks held Ml share* ol the Atlas Mas^tlonnl bank Tue closing or the bsM her.^bl due to Hie assignment ol the brothers^to the MnnPJabM Trust company. Chi^^cago.
CasaaafQrigms, who was in ihagaa or
theVan Nortwlik bank, said to-day he^had no ggamatSM the bank would gSJSSV^.in. until \1 eclock yesieplay noon,^when c. c. Wilson, representing MM^Kipiltalile *rrn-i lompatiy. walked into^the bank, saving he had hSSS sent down^by the company to take charge ^The as-^stirtimeiit ^San I^ I tie Van Nortwi^ ks^include* everything Ihey have, .-veil to^tln lr bSWHsSMad, -aid lirlme-. and It is
n^ I. in i nUteri ^^r the Kink will
isp. nl in full. CassMef Hiiines mfaaad
to give any stalement as lo Ihe as-. ts
amiUabttttleil 'of the bank The Van^N'ortvvieks ar. understood lo have gone^to Applctou. Wis . last ntghf WhoeS John^Van N'ortwl'k i- pre,I.lent of a lunik Is--^sides Iw-fng ksiersoesd with hM brother in^the Appleton Manuracturtng eomiainy.
Thedirectors or the First National^bank of llalavia held a m.'eting last^night to di-. uss the niitliMik and giv.- it^out that Ihe Klr-t Nitloiial soul.I lie
abb to gmgj .'11 'bill.lids lo-day.
lingVil li's \.s4m ialbill.
IVc.2^ ^ The annual gsoet-^MegthweMoeg TMMMhg^lation was held to-day. Tha^KTetary CMafe bImwm that
paymentsfor the year^to ilH'i 4 .a. and the reher
outto disabled memlier*.
ggaatlatum has a gPMMggffs^*. a rtt loss of prj during
Chiiago.^ing of the^Men's aesiM^rep. It of S'
theMath^amounted^fund* pai^^1 liisi Th
shipof in^ih^ year.
pasaaasi* itu^sia.
Kt.PatOrahagaj, Dee. J9.^Famine I*^pn vailing In the province ,.r Kherson^It is esllmatid that 7.V^ '*m n aides will^be rmuired tvt Ihe leliel ol the gut-
Washington.I^^.^curr m y MMk I ^^^the to-day that lh.^b ink of gang ' hi
li -Cumptroll. r of
elveila telegraph llo-
*'um men i..i Marhsaal
V.i. has -u .perilled
payment.Hank Kv .miner Sand- was sent^to take charge la k* Is does no! regard^Ihe rallure a* serious.
The1-1 r.|sot Nov 1 show,.! tie i--^sets of the bank to Is- ijk1 M, 111. lading^Imnds fur . Ir. ul.illon. ami sto. ks tim.n*.^snrpl is fc.'.^... undlv lde.1 protlts |e'^^^owing d. ls.-ll..rs. trr. DO. other liabilities.^MsMML Th, failure Is .itlrlbuted by L^ k-^. Ir In part to s|*-i illations.
It^ I s.
I.'n\ir I^^-.Th*- 'rit! ^^f Kr.nik K
Atkln. pn*-iifJ* nt of thi- ^1^funi-t i'oIo-^th*U^ K-ivirtiCM Iwink i h.trpr*-^l mith r^-* *\\-^Inic ^l^*|*or^HM. kniiwintff the- bunk to ln-^4o|v**nt Im k. i lo-.l.ty in th** * rimtn tl^i court, a Jury luwiitf u^.-*'n McurvU ^*-ut- 1
indUm IiIm *^^ uiihtinm Mm oi^j.i-
lloilltlili' | ll-Mi i a | .11 mil||)
ril* ^ h Hollun.
S|-i | linpiiti h to tin- HtaiHlartJ
Hftfim.I^^ tj. 11. I* Maury. Ih^-^^ ^iiMK.fUHfi WlMM annul i m t^ ^|tlfHt\^^u*^in an examination for th^* har wt-r*-^it^^'iitly o*tilarn| tn hav** roiiMiltut**!^a ^ ^^ni^-nit.t ti inurt. to-.lay M..| | n,.,.
Um,thionifh ^ ..riM i n wrtkxmu ^^f^Ifutle. !^ hav*- hiniK'll pwt% 1 af ^^^n.^'^iu|it. Hfl fjH ankH that h*' 1m^ al-^tavrfal t^ uithMiau Um ^^!.).^^ tjnnalil**^anc^fn* w hu h ^t*r^- ^!^^^ Ian ^! I^y th^*
hu|t*iiMi til *iav^ U *-n ini|^ rti-
n-nt.tli|i|iani. MrafMM ami ..h-^. n^-.^nixl r^ -kiilimit whi n th^ ohj.-i lk^MM^j^partM huvi* .a^f^n rt'rnivi*^| With Um^ni'illon hi** aftMitvltM. mih* fnun J^ *hn li^WtlkMM MMi HM oth-r hmm Miiuiv^hltiiK.'lf Mr \VH1^ MM M',\^*arH In UM^a.TMaUt that in thM two var* that^Maury ta* i^*;nl law in f^N ^ilti^ ^* h--^way a |..-^T^ -- t K^*iitli*inan mi l tha' iV^n^'Vt*r ap|^*-ar^ ^l la* kinic In t 'tj.. *t Ml^th*- saUprftiif oi anv ^^tl^*r muii Mi^Mauiy. in hlM al1l^la\it. ^BfMrtVV I^nl-^ti-nr. *a^lnic 'hat h^* -ImI ii t havp any^MtMl ^^f **fT*-n^iink Aft* r a^ kioiw I-^MlglMI that th** aiiMv*i-rM Mf| ii.^t VlMM^ihi y HMVM have le^n*n. h^- MJfS that h*^^*tU|'|m^^^i-^1 an ^'XaiiiiniriK ^ ^^nimit f^v ul^l mark th** MMtl an I not ih-^Jii'lK' f*. atnl MttriMMi bf MpjrttMj That^in fuliimttliisi th*' IMWIll wh' h I fill^t^^ th** f|u*-!^tl*^ti^ ^i|-iniritlfi|, | ha^l no^lnt*-ntlon ^*r thought of th^* urtn Ih--^ttifcr a *^ititfni|.i . f tIiIh rrMMTt! thai at^th** in1 ^^ of HiitiniittlnisT ItM MkM an-^^wall th** !*ani^- u*t^* MsMaMtal In a^aplrit of fun. ami thai whil*- I now **...^that Um ^^nif Win* Mi|i|^aiit. ^h^*y v. ^ i^^not lfitt'inl* ^! io gfataa any *lIj-r* ^ t^ M
itth**rNf Um HMajNwn af thin i**^urt ar
forth** napVjaatl ^^t any ^^xauiinintT^i oniniitt***' that r.iuht pajBJpaM th**^Rama*; that pa hi ant^w**ri w^^r^* ^arittrti^lutMtlly ami that Mai atTlant tun** or rat*^li'rtratl' n. h** waiM ha\*- MMBJ that th*^^nnrw-ri r^-f^-ri '^^! Mi arara MpBaM ami^iiiil.rop^*r to MUMtnM an ^^ xamlnati*^n i-a-^(^**^*^.'^ *
Th* r**c* nt ^ amfaiarnth** ftMa
irat*.of Hilvr Itow ^ out t ^ an an or-^iranliatlon. latlbM. ^* I*. Harnn-ct.-n.^atthouah thr.i- h*^*k*^ i..'*- ^ ^ aagMrtaa
Ithth** law Hal a stat^ iiit fit -^f r^'-^^ *-lpta ari^l ^li^i^urt^**in^*ntii of thi* il^*rno-^tratic BMaKf aaittaj t ominiU*.t: t^j-Jay.
Thot lord-stained Clothe** of th*i^IV*urdoror Knu^^(1 Th# . riaoner^Ruht*arraft9 tha i wful Used^While A^lu'!p
S-h l'it|..it. li lo th- Ht in loint
tr. it K.illri, ,^^^^^Al .i Kit.* hour
Hli.nn* |(m^,i . ^lUil Mt th^^ si..i^i..r*i of-^hv .iinl i*.hi| ^I ha\f Ji^Pi iri^vtMl a t^-l-
plioii. iiif-^.iu.- irun l^*t^ii^ rthfiirt^HI.i' k .itnl A^i-liiM i t.uii' . Alton ^-y^tirii-n, alio art* t.uw at Manna Billion imi^iloir any feaflfl 'u (Mm ut^ fn^ai a ^rtu
^ilaaatviMa ^t writ^Mn** mm! ViaMt'i
;lmk1 w lii ri rli-- lattt-r a.m inui . . ^*^!^Mai aw k '11,1 v havi i|,r ikithlna I a^!^^ Wtrlioim v|Ma h^* lomn.liteit |Im^(ill t rinii'. i'li- hlttUMi ^ii lolln un l v-Mt^^rapj aNpfaatal hi ^ MaaM aUvaj matt m^ahi^h kam fotiiul ihla mortiliuj hMMri in^a lit11*' alu^ al UM top ^^' Wi'liftrrt'-M^I'oii-i- Tli. ^ .in r^eitiii.io-i| with uori- ^^i^|iiin nt .t h, i.i-ilv .io|M .r,r.i it ^ i ^^^( i ^
'vl'i^. u i ^*) ii\ I^- vui^ aiu rirT bi*^i k
I..in . in.mli in ti..t V...in s...h kIh^**1 in^\w^ iM. Mai T'H**^' g '.ittin sfMjri Ml^ri-turm^l fi-.ni^th. moMNiiu^t vim m MMi^ii (miI-'s \\ ^ t, unit- a i* * \ iiit-nll^ l^ ln^i
inuni...Hii mi.i afiar Um aaatli of hut vic^^tim i ^^f*r^-itl^ il tin tMMly until (h^* aaat^HiKhl. VMM ^^ V'x^ *ajMal to Wrltomt -t^hoijMi* mill thronn ilowii hy .^ wlndoa,^itniii aiit.'i -. . i tl MMBJ Ban torn, an^If hy Wan
Ui iIm ^.! i r sWaaaM ^ iraattpr man liv^^ing* In tin' m'ttfhi-orhooii aattal it Vtra i i
Ii'^li,. ||) hilll t^ti Imi ^i||.**.m Will Mr, t ^4
'^.ir^ tlitiist !^^. kt*i| up. a itki-il mm M^\Vi |. onn- a IMIVBI Mini a**k-i| him If iitj^hal H Ml Vi. in 1h.il moitii'ipt U^|* oom^r.In ||m affirm'th ^ mil mM Vi- M
Ihint tiihli'ii nvrr tin- Mil .in hour ia*f*%i^iiai
IIi h. affak of i-ioi'M, T ^^ ^^ 'ii-K fnun Ma^j tnrinil MM Ma] UM ^b.' t i ^ m^rr of ^hn
n^ i^i. nt i.inl ih-^ m *^- af Im iraKt-iiy
Mbbbmi^ui It ^ TfM ^i* ^ la-ajMjM
VMMno- ih.it .i (MM laaBMIMB uf tli^t^i Uim ami W i-li-om*'n luHiM- ^hn^h MoorJ^I atalM ' ni^Hln r^', ^'ul th.- MBJhMM tif^tin' foul artBM I** *a* MMrf ItiMt. lit ^iy
aflBMB,MTaaoaaMi i- aaMaal t^^ Uk paa
|i.a*t.tftir -In proM ^ iiloii han math a
IMitti -t it. no-ill of fii. li.^! Thi- |iriMoiii*r i'Vhli iitly ul-aii *^ in hM
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aa|Bil'l \ ^ f. I kill V Iraii I tin ^ ire^' a hut (In v ilo to no . h^' Im ih .nl an^1 1 tin
aiBM lh- mM thi** in i imm laal Ml
noilouhl i f hi ^ . artii'Miii.'toi ,iinl Himvrit^ll^ ihiMHi^' lii- tiim- in |sla^1ii^i ^ anli wi'h)^m In r atMBBan ami MM not MjtB*! until^or .1 u'lliH-k In ih-- mortilna I .am Mvn*
1 ^ ^ .I'tinit I o ^ Im I, li.' iirop.** i iiiitoiiMy^, ftoin M*^ iot, iml ahilr )i-i t.i-t ii|o p.
tla4n*d oit Into Um rorri.lor bmbbubj^1 atJMtl) to aM uhl' \\ ^ I. onn t1ro|^|Mi| .in
^in- kni-i', r n*- it hi 4 li.itnhi an-1 irn^ . if^r iWImk aim alth a kuu at aoni- ohj-. t.^.itnl a mnrm*tit lah-r, j^iMtf I-f.i ^ nral- in
li.iv- ill*** h iri ^ ff t W^ in**^n. l^ h in**i1^ni- |mI allh ^ frpnilwl try an*l irhwl .
iil ^*^li toanril ihf ohj.t i nt ^lit* h ho ha*t^iMa 1 lh- vt 1-4 awaki' i* *1 Uy hl^ na n a^*^^n^ | Moo.l fnr a nionn tit In a aaMl aBBa^illtIon. ami th* n. tr^*nil'llnR aith ni-rvmi*.^n^ | nl MMpsMaJ ^'' 'l^ In* rrir^'.iif^|^to hlw ti*l|, ^^^ imI i-hmi'ly hy |h^ horrar-^Mrliki-n prlfonrrM alio hut iaa^*tly^vt.itt ht-il tin- i iiit'onlnn rt m ir.nl ^^f llM^MBM WiMffBtB Vli-uu mm kill-^). Thi- In^tlit .iii.i iinn- In* ha*^ Run*1 throtiffh 1 *ir.^(ii fur mam ami on Imth ofranlonM ha^Man fan! iieli i |i wh*-n h^ ^ ra a U**l n ^^m^thi- rot
M.inno. tin- Italian nho Mint ami klll-^a| Whlli- in l.ltth- i'hi.jiii ..im- w*:*-kM^BM BBl alio li now aWBltlMI t rl if. wiu
an aj I -a Itm-h* of t In- r*^ \\v
niornlitatami in- ho -lot*. Im.n |^rot^tral*n|^alth m-rv on .tn-^ i, MBMBMhS ^ BTBaMB^(..-it of rln- rim., in ^. ^.^^^i'li- .(ml nmanit gf^o\^r hif own ^^-million ami proh hlo fait*.^Thin morn I nit Wi u-onir ohai rv**^l ttia^Itiillati MaMfMfl .^n -1 rfBaMMJ o**-r 10^Marino. arahlMil hint hy thi- arm at tha^Minn- lino- Hhouilnii What fnr inn i-ry^^Von iifral.C You ii i-iiwaril. I iViil Vlt-mi^ami am not afrihl, hut vt i^ Ki.nl I nhot^him.'
lN|.utv Itl.i. k ami Mr tlr**e-n will r*^-^IBIW tn morrow afi.rtn-m 'irlnifl'ir with)^tln-m Wi-h-omt * rloihiiisc ami otln-r ^\l-^.t. in .^ of t^ nlmllar n iiurr K**m*' tlme-i^ttn r^ an* mHlci'ltur ^ IrrUMMt m ^ ^ ^ a-^nii l-il Willi a * rim*-, hut tin-r- i*-t- rinn^^BBs%l*VVaff ill IhN .iff i ^l I li.iv** y**t^lit In ar rMM irmmlly mini BMMM In Im*.^half of tin- i '^ ih l ^ hit mm it-i I work. I kava^to nlKlit fur 1 ^^ t-r IgBsflp wltti |sBBBJ M^^r-^i i* w ho a a - lo .la v i.-ri'.-m ^ .1 to ^^na^y i-ar 111 tlo* |w*n for lnirn hirlituic * haj^rooniM of In Ht**ph^-nM h ihi* Konl hlo'k.
Morrl- W lii K\ \ i*n a ld^ iI.i \ -.-lit. t|. ^^ I . -*
w.-kf^ir |M*tv l/in.nv MM CaM iMBfBj^' |^nt him In tin MWi-at..ml ^i-riirt^M a
. nftonion to .h.y whhh n-iiltiM in hk^j^irialanm* nt ami awaiti m ^- thK aft**rno*)ti
jon tin ttravrr ^ harrr*- of hurietary.
1n.lt r lh * th** aBBMBfMBI l ^|M^rl ub^I'ruae-i nl.- ihi* Thra^#* I'rlraila).
W'anhlnirtoii,I^^n'. ^tt.^Tht* auihorltloa^] of iht* tr**;iMui y ilt pai t nn nf ami Ih**^i|^-par1tii*-nt ^^f* Juat:^ *^ **xp^-^ t tin- pffBM^MMbBJ of tht* allt-K***l f1lli'^unt**rina'
Miiaim-rThrt*** Frl.-ml-* will h** un^1t-r^M*-i tlon :^J of thr MBBja] Mtatui'm.^t*tt* ii..ri -^^2 m ^lir**i-t***l aMjainut thtf^artninic in 1 tm-untlnic of iruna .-n a vna^.^ail Inh-ml*-*! to Im* um*-.| auatfiMt a^fri* tiill^ nati' ii An Ih*^*^*^* *ai iMturnJ th^^^Thr^. Krl*mli* h^\^- glvi-n ^ in utnntan-^i tlal ^l**tutl an to ih** uiounltuic ami linnaf
^f a 11 nil alt mb raftil-nr** aun. It u a***^In v*.| h) .trt.ial** that imii ^2*2 will^^paiy to Hmj i aa*'.
IaXinl.rft if Win \oti- in I ir. ul ili.tn.
Uaihiiiictoii. I^*. .'.* ^*hi^ f Hax-rt^of iht Mt^ ti t *-*-r\it-.- ha^ i-ettiril a ^ in u-^t-ir u.irninpr aaainnl ^ n**.v ^ iuni^*rf-it^||i nati'ihal ^^ank nata .^n th** 1'rit.in^KaUoaaJ hank of Datroit. Mi. h. jh**^n-t|e* im th^* i^t'^hit i ..*^ thi- -um** haml^a Im h t r.'.lm -i tl. r^*^ **ni ^ otmt**rft^it
^n ihf NaiiBMBj Hank ^if ^ ^mrriarcf* of^Kbb Y^^rk. 1 'm- BBBJafBiaaBall fi*^-^lara B that Um ha* k ^ f th*- MB la up*^^^*iil*t (low n.
leoml'.n.l^. ^.-Tht' hlrthday of^W 'liairi K ^ :ia^lMti^ti^ u a.-* t hratrtl^in Hawanlm In lay Th t*- waa the^urMial fl'Mrd of Mltfirafna an^l I* U^*ra^ft' in honn* ami abroad. UlBBMBBB^^a ho wa-* l..Tn i n l^.-i ;*, l^ .i is **nj*iy-^inR BBbMMbI h*alth
Hurlon a lufit.thlliuott.
Alha:^. X V . I^^^^oiv**rni^r
Martonha** ai'i^ ^ ^ f r..i Vthl**y W.^CBBJ hiM i^rlvat** ^^iTftarv, a form**r^X**w York ^ it^ n -aMpa|^r man. a innn-^1 af ^f Ho- ^tat** railn-aii ^.umniiMlua,

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