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WERE pioneers in the path^alone* which aaj have steadily^advanced our record of
HonestGoods at Honest Prices
Togetherwith alert public service,^keeps us at the trout. We have^an established reputation for deal^iii^ only in first class goods of the^nios-t reliable makers.
Althoughour Xinas trade was^the finest we ever had, we have^still a fine assortment of goods^suitable for
..NewYear Gifts..
Ourassortment of Diamond-;,^Rubies, Emeralds and every other^precious stone, set in Rings,^Urooehes, Pendants, Earrings and^Studs is the finest in the city.
Inevery conceivable design.
Goldand Silver Watches
Ofthe Finest American^and Swiss Makes
SlerlingSilver Combs and^Rruslu s. Manicure Sets, Minors,^Powder and Cream Boxes. Atom^^izers. Gold Headed Canes and I'm-^brelias, Optra Classes of every
EiitorMcCullagh Found oa the Stone^Pavement Under Bis \^iu^Lw
ItIs Supposed hat He Went to^the Window to Lrea;he^Fresh ~ir and hell to^the Oround.
I'tah.compiled by Wells. Fargo ^ Cn,^The statement shown an output -I^;t..^^6i.MS0 pounds of cupper, ..1,1ui.Mn^pounds of unrefined lead. tt,T2H.i0.ri^ounces of Im silver and M.SM ounces^of line gold. Computing the gold anil^silver at their mint valuation and other^metals at their value at the eeaiioai'il^makes a toUU valuation of the product^ll.'.K'jT.'jrtti, showing un increase of^^1,3JT,:I07 over last year.
Nutngnsed Yet.
Washington.Dec. 31.-The new maty^between the I'nlteil Stales and Ureal^Itritain by which all difference* between^the two countries for the next rtve years^are to he referred to arbitration, will not^In signed it present, ami tirohalily not^II I'-re the end of n-xt month.
St.I.oul-, Pee. ^,\.-Joseph H. Mct'ul-^high. editor of the St. Louis lilolio-li. 1110-^etat atid one of the iiest-known newspa^^per gnat in the ouuutry, i^ tend m IIm re-^suit of a full of B feci Hum a BBaganV^story window of lus apartments Si the^residence of his sister-in-law. Mrs Kale^Maidon. at No. ::.v\7 West *'lne houle-^leld. The i^o^I^. which was void in death^ami elad only in a nlghtgUWa, was ills-^roi.reil hy Mrs. M inimi * i-olored siiv.uil^aliout 7 o clock I Lis morning.
InMnedestetyan betas, sollllsil by the^strvunl Mrs. Mantnn dbjgateksd bat^^ cu i h ma 11 to summon 111. C, II. Hughes,^who resides in the netghbel hood and who^was McVullukh s physh Ian during his^I t illness. Vr. Hugss1 cuiicliiM'm n-m^the eomlilion nf the h^dy when he oim-^lued it Is that MeCultagti lunged bend^111-', from the window about |:M ^^'^ io^ k.^on the ground aioiiml tho fulindatlou ol^the house is a slen ^ water lahU-. in the^| full Mcl'ullugii struck a sharp corner of^this stone with the left side of his head,^Ir. during the parietal lane The physi-^ei ,ti |s of tin- opinion that death Mb^W^ d^In.mediately after the shock of the fall.^Tin- victim's head was lying in a small
poalof Meed which bad dripped trass, the
wound.Jus-t how Mfi'iill.-tgh liappi-ned to^fall out of tin window tan oliiy BS a in.li^^ter of eonleclure. lie had heen III M v-^nal months Md latterly was cum pel I. d^to keep to his room. He SSSSSd his l-at^nl; lit un tttemli-I. as he had always slept^^li i iiik his Rtassa
Wednesdayevening he was in the host^of spirits. uMMNgKh In- complained of not
beingquite so well. The smothering sen^^sation which hud tioabl.d him at Inter^Vlils during his Illness had returned to
kinin a mild form an i rendered Mm but
tii-idand drowsy. He retired to heel nl-oilt^1 o'clock. leaving word with the h-us^^hold I ha I he did not wish IS he gisturbod^unless It was. hy his BUyxtcisn, I ^r.^Hughes made his customary nlgni nail^about ;;.*^^ o'clock sad exureeeed ^urnrtor^to lleCullagh a) Hairing him hi i^cii at
BMtjsa early hour.^^I am very weary'' BcCuBugh mid,
sadl thought 1 wnnld gel as much rest^ns possiMe Itt-nkent^ The sbystclaa ad^^nuatatered to his patient's anode, saw
thatcvciv thlag In the room was itsd^i lor the night ami thai tat hot i li trtttdO*.^i was raised alio,it an huh for vUHtUBtrXa.
jiheiihe bade McCullsgh goad nlgbl^turned off the slsetrtc UgM and retired
[ai-jrogoing lo hod Mrs. Manlou look'-I^I Il.to Mt I'ullatfh's room. Sin- saw that
' everything Is ths ream was m erdet ami^I then sstared to bat own snaftsaMita
Ahrulmldnlcht s| I woke up i:u! di ti led^I nn odne ot eseapbag |.iis. gag invevluf.Ui J
Iami found ^ burner hi Ine eesabtaatlsa^mis mid aawtrV Hghl easndMesr, which
hgsjgg suspended In the eorn^ r of Mr-
DRUGGISTS,12 North Ma^o Street, Butte. Mont
Keepsthe 5kin Smooth.^Price,^35 Cents per Bottle.
iyees ^ haasjee,^rhlladclphla. Dee. .11.-Following Is^from the last liullelln of t'Laiinian
OldSOgof the U A. if.'. Declared pro^^fessionals Lyman Royce and William^iMers. Butte; William Nugle. DUIsa.^Sjspend. d fur nsmpethag In uiu^tne-^t loiied and Huni'.ay ' races^Brown,^Hutte, Meet., until July. 1SH7.
theI.mil Hn. t|^ciI tooled.
Havana.Dei U.- The corrsspuadsal ot
GentlemenTestify to the Defendant'|^rorm^r bood Cktacter.
Irank Uu and. tho Witness, Tells^How the ^I'lav Came Up^^and How the Looks^Were Kept.
SpeciallMspnUh to tin- Slai .lard
Phllli'Slnirg.|1m . :!l.^The Axtell case^is dragging rather weaniy glssaj gem^it now locks us if. despite tin- efforts^of Judite Hiantly in ex|^dlte matters.^^Bang at thoaa- interested in the case will
in-p. raattted to eat lhah Nov. fear's^dinner al home. By bgreeaesai fun. I..
h Wilson and K. M. tlanlner of Bagf^man were psmlttsd to testify for the^tefl use tii v ssaralngj, Tln-lr testimony^I was to the eili-ct that tin y had known
tionhas heen expressed at the custom^of one of the Palllffs who has heen^heard to express Ids own views of the^case In the presence of the Jury. The^court's attent Ion will prnhnldy bo calgsd^to this matter hefore the close of tin^trial.
tullagh'g loom. open. .Mrs. Jlanion turn-^i nl on un electric lit.i gad sluii oft the^I itus. hteCuUaah vraae up. .lee.^ sbg said,
^old you knew ggg was ggeg^aag 111 voal^room, you woulil have BSSg a dead man
intin- morning u i had mm diseorersd It.1
McI'iiIL'kIiWi s apparenily too inawsy
'to realhm what id., rtstsi ta bia mat lie^^arsMNd mi hsggggasi n piy a.ui fgd
asltrpaii.iln. .Mrs. Mi nion rnised the
ggeawindow a utile higher so that the
fumesof tin ggg bsjmM leave Hie room,^and then returned to bed. Indications
Homedto he thai IgeCalmgh I ad ^;c.l Out
ofhid for ^eawrhangi and in trying to
lainon an Ihietrh Hghl he turned on the^tas. He did not noil.- tin- odor and re.
tu.itagain, SMeesssrsMmgl taag r,^careful mvegtlgattga warraaig ti^ cea-
i111sIon thai in- smg awakened biter a^tin motniuK hy a smntlieiiiiK attack and
iambsag out of isai agggg, n, rvssjg ami
Uastsadyfrom tin- SgsH, went to the win^^dow for more dr. Aa In- Ihroej Ha Bash
upto its fuii height he was Bttamhiy^ovi-rnimi' wuii traaaassm hat his be si net
amirolled out ov^ ^ the sill and tell tu lltg^^ it :^th.
Thefilm nil i- set for '1 o'cloi k Sat'ir-
gayafteraaea at Mrs. gfaaesa's n-siih n- ^-.^Ki v. Dr. W. w. heard yaamr of tin- gee-^ond I la pi i-i rhgrch, ami Hev. John Ray*
dir.a prcn.lmnt I'nli. ri.Mi nuiilsler ol
tinscity, will ceadact wrvieea.
M.K nl. i |^ Slid In He Inmr ihle lu lie^11 r ii ii I ^^ n 11 Oiiif'-rem ^*,
Chicago.DOC. 31 ^A Washington spe^^cial to the News contains the follow^^ing: Ctgagreeeviag Moadell of Wyo^^ming, who arrived t^ da) from fameey
Where he lilt etvlew ^-i| i'resiil- nl-el. i t
MeKlaley.said: Major M^ Klnh v is^In earliest on the subject of Intern.i-
tinnalagreement, lie is in aI with
thespirit of rYnulor Wohnu s res. i i^lion and heaarvai thui gctloa should be^tak'-ii at once .He is in fa-.cr of tail^^ing the i outer, in i early in the spring^He says It is Idle to tail of p 'StponiMg^action until after I'o tariff is dlsp. ,|
if. hot ause if aayihlni is to be a i ora^^pllslu d the prelin in u^ -tops srill have
toIn- taken nt nine.''
Weattrn repubili anj in ronnn-ss er^ re^RiUcli luleivsted in tin w hi hmught^from t'anion hy Montlell. Caid con-^gressiiiaii 1'ixipe, uf Wisconsin: ^I am^glad Use areeedeat-eWct takes tha^pi ^i .c mi- Mmatailiam ssaiatahssd in^i he platform serioitfl). The large ma-^bsiity of tin- ripaliUneae tu tin1 western
andmiddle weatein slates rated the
i-epuiiiii-nntlraai becaaas they an pt^^ed the platform pledge In good fuitli
TweiTaliundrid ; ha p I'reo-'tfti on
aRiLcb I ar Kilty.
HayIn tho hotin Ik-iI^oi1 by a^^'latch kJropp-d b/ thr^ .^;ari-^lln Ammals, In nn Inelo-^sure, couldn't ticape.
SpecialIMsi it,h to |gej flap dart.
OreatFalls. Dec. tl.^ Jerry stellihev^at lived in town to*alghl from us^ranch, reai Klntmy and !^ r^-rts that In^lost |...I..-.. .-Sunday .it.-initon hy^lire. The shci p iv-re ^np|tne^l In an^^^in Insure with tons oi hay. and the^latter was brassed by I match dropped]^by the hen! r.
Illfl\^ a;!li,i: - nn d|- .... ,1.1-1 |^t^the sheds and before the im, - ron^~l^animals ^ .mid be rearued, I.Urt ot them^I peilsti, .1. The sh-ds an t hay were alsit^destroyed
OFF FOrt cuba.
.Indlfi-gfS) in. br a ^ a mini i- e.
(anion. Ohio. I ^. . si.- The sjssjal^ttambef af estlteri srere greeted b) Mu-^iur McKtahsy In Ills library to-dny.^'i hoi,uis ^ pOoaaor ban rraacioea v as^a culler this morning. Mi. O'Coanmr^11 ^ (Ins.- friend of Judge Wnym r.^alio is pi'oi.ilnenily no nl mm ^^! mr a^cabinet position He Say:, the Jlli)^;e^has lb-, following of niii-'-ieiilhs of the^pcopi| of thai si i ttotl n! the nuinlry. Is^an al le man ami tin ^In sohln r ami Un^^people out there believe he lias goes]
piospeitsoi rseeivlng an appoiataaeat,
lb-said In- would ceiianilv say a good
wordlor the Californlas if an usspoc-^tunny presented Itself, O'Connor's^name ha-^ been sasatloaed in bommu* ^ nitheteadln^lloa with the rallectoreblp nt the port 1 made .-
of.-sun Pram I* o anil h^that lie had In.pes ot raioiahle eotisnl^.-ration ulnn die time for the appoint-
sssallo Is mailtes. Mr. o'l'onnor
wusa member of tin Twenty-third
regiment,O. V. [H during Us ^ar and^,i eoiiiiii,le of .Major Mc-^is mi his way lo t'leve-
lelnot deny , f,,,- Kim i.la
ITIg til the
The4 ..iiiiii i,Put 1 ,Uc- i f irg.i i
thmnla tit* iiisnri-Hui*.
Jacknim(lie. I I I . Dec St.^The^steamer t nmmodore ^ leaied at the ctrs*^torn bouse at j o'clock th,is s/teeagsa]^with a i argo or srms and amn unliion^cmsigneil to Salvador Clsneros. ptest-^d. lit of the Csbaa republic at t 'enfll-^gos. i'iiUh a i row of Zl men were csr-
il ied, despite the fin I Ihs' ^ lie I'nul
doreis only N tone toglst r. Meat of
Iheaewere Cubana, Among the n-am-
ibet was sttipli.-ti tVi.n.-, the iiovells*.^; who slen. I as a ecu:-, in a'. IJ) | -^month.
t'learsneepapers wen issi.eil, gats^a formal protest was^nor Soils, Spanish lonsul
istherefore^Kinley. ii..
laud,where^ia lat Ivea.
heformerly lived, to visit
Aris.mi Mineral Output,
I'hocnix.Aral, Dm, m. The^outpul of Arlaona for laM, the^beiag mainly based on n^got cl inic from dlffen nt
theassoeiaP-! press here nuide liniuiries^this afternoon n rardtog tin- ststesssatl^sttrlbtttsd |e Sen Mirabel, i!,. widow
oftin- biBoiguni Oalaaal Blrsbtl thai^ahe mm btfsrssed beCers Isavlsg ruim
forthe [TaMsd fttates ilini Ma - o WSI
alive.The Ipualeh otiieiair lasHly re^g-arhsd thai Dea K tgaadhy bus), was^Havana'! ^sjaaseatf union.' sthsrsjim
bTltier SJml |, | ^ oaH On.
Madrid,Dec n.^The Impartlal to^^day prima a vlolenl article on the mill-^lam government in Caha and ergee
tin.iI'll) tain i'i neral \'.'^ \hr he rc-
piaiedby Oeaaral Aaearttga, the area*^. ni S| gBlah matbsti r of a m
Bumsjhrsjsasii Tin Was Ket Be^mittcd t^^ Km-r the Contest(
andMien- ll Keetg,
Parta Pstsetlie took in
PDttaVlUe,l*a.. Dee, 31.^Some start^^ling testimony was- given to-day al the^preliminary hearing of B. a. Van ITaUt-^erburg, who has charge of John Wnna-^tnnker s senatorlnl campalun al Hai tis-
SpeelalDispatch to the Stlandar.l.^San Krunclsco. Dec. SI.^PiagldV nt
Hamjdsisjiof tin- PtschVi Area tear
Athletica-sociation litis issue I his ui-
ttmatumwith reference to Hall and
laswcll. lltld delivered il lo Mlalli'.V!^McMillan. It is to tin- etr.it that^neither of Ibese men shall pnrticipat'^in to-morrow 's game of foul Pall, which^is scheduled to take plaee batWtUSJ tin^(ilympics gad Dal tea at CetlUal park.^This inforniatlon was mmtahmd In a I^letter sent by Humphreys to ,\|.Millan^this morning. As p.mn as the bjsjtta |^boys were mnile gcSgBJsmsled With the i
fact,they held 11 sjejathag ami ascMed I^to tun play the (ilympbs n|ggg Hall^gad. LaatveH nn- persalttad to play srlth
themami Humphreys will mil ha ap^^prised of this action until to-monov.
McMillanwas the . ply gdM rated
Infavor of playing I Manuel Hall uml^IsWanaM, Keatlssr OtUhi get Hooper are-^In shape to ha till u:i^1 with the four I^.^^k. n-.u.i .:, j men on the side line. Stivers v.oul.l h. j
.-peosjil In various parts I the only substitute I- ft. There hi dai.- ,^' ger of disiiuiilillcutlons during the gurne |^and the I;ulUs don I purpose I,, tak ^^the worst of it by having their t. tm I^cut down to suit the whims of .Mr. 1
burg,end w ho w as nrreeled last^charged win, tttomptlngto bribe I^tejaalallre W* nster c. Webm of Hamp-^ton county to von- lot- Mr. Wenamaker^for senator. After Mr. \ un Valken-^burs hud Is-en called and pleaded not
guilty,the aroaerattoa can ^i ,r. Ttllard,
whosaid he w^s employ-il hy the In^^terstate detective ag.-tK y of Scranton.^Tltlard said he was s-nl to Un- Watia-^maker people early in the summer in^hir^- out to them and then dls I se all
jinformation he could get to his ^j\ :i-
!ors. He described Iriterv bra ^ h-- had^with Mr. Vun Valkenbutr. lb- said it^was agreed he was In help the latter^seime voles against Senator Quay and
1candidate for I nked Slates s ^ci, ,;.
;He told how he had conspired with and i
,induced Van^money to lu ll
ofthe stab-, notably In Luzerne. ^ino\-^Inir a phot'igtaphic reoeli.t from Dr.^Mackey of Luz rne eoutity for HJM^and pledging him to vote for W'.ma-^maher TUIard achnowledgped that h-^had k^ pt f '.n out of the m spinal sum.^which was }! ^^. He said it bad been^gtvea him by Vun Valkenbuig. The^i .i -f tidant s counsel objected to that^' testimony as having no bearin;; on the^' Weiss case, but the Justice admitted it^I A reevss was tl. n tirken. Mr. Van^| Valkenl'iirg says Tillaid's Btatosjssatt bj^a tissue of lies.
AI i ncile BasSSSr*! I lime.
Peiiblo,Col.. Iv^-. Jl.^Dr. Carrl.^| Johnson, a wtM haown feeaaJa ah)^clan, formerly of Washington. I). t\.^was to-day found guilty uf murder in^I the second degree. She was charged^w ith having caused the d. alh of Mrs^j Kiln Kels- y last September by i riminal^malpractice. Mrs. Mnsssaj wiM ptob-^I ably Ik.- sentenced to pt iscn for
Ilith ^ Mineral Output.^Salt I-ake. Dee. 31^The Trihun^ to- |^morrow morning will print a statement^j of the mineral product for the year of,
Hun.pl'.-ys and his eleven. The Call^fornla team has been s'r-n--'tro-he.|^p|fife tn,. I'htistmna rTStne, but to V hat^extent is tnd known to-night. This^evening th'- Itutles b. 'i di I the gun^^boats Oregon and M^Im^i .. at i! n-
illalhat^.f M. j. McCormk k ami - ^ ^ t^an hour throwing sh^ lis at each o,!i-r.
tnhujaei - 1 s (^ issle,^Spert-ii Dssyabsh to tin- st j dmd
Helena.Dee. si - ^'.oveTior I'i.'card ^^to-day nnnn-d as delegt s from .Mon^^tana to th^- nuttoaal gaad roads' roo-^cress, w hi h w ill n - t at Orlando, Kla .^FVb. :'. th.- follow lag: k-.i rh-h h^Hay and Harry ^'. Tagt r. Helena; John^McMurra^. Ana. ..i d i
Th-Newl.ro Drug lompany of Hui'-^wn^ iaeoftsirati-1 to-day b^ Andre- J.^I^n\ \-:* sisi '-s V Booth and Impont X^\. . r.. a cajmeJ sitK-k of lio
\rew sin' ^ ripsrxmtly inouhau-' '^\eiii e)T ftoe lb:,- -rtnlte has rer .-ntly^l-evn found ni .. Ft ricbsourtt, \'s.
tin-d^ rendani Axtell for a nasahet
years.a;,d ih.il uhil- they knew- him
hiraaraeter was gbsrre repvaaeh, ami^after so leotifyiag they irera tscaaed^ami lilt for home. Qenaral Wilson is^rommandai ol the flrnad Army ami I-:.^M. Uardaer is the graad master mark*
man. i the A. ^ i. I'. W. for the Jurisilu -^lion of Montana and it is thought that
thiir testimony win huu- greal wetghl
Withtin- Jury. Both geatleasN were
drivento Drummead by T. D. Brown,^who is th^- commander of tin- Confed^^erate nrmy post uf this city,
,\ithe morning ^ Hon Vranh Da-^rand, the romplalnlng wltneaa, was on
th-stand uml stated thai Axtell had
alwayshad his complete roafRtenet ng^to tip- time In- sjull hi- employment,^Darand usstrhed faUy us to ail th. sep-^ae.ii- rnargsg and showed thai tin- ae-^l ^ 'l iti^ Innl chaaged ^ nlrn s on the^boafea and had swiped ' eiervihliig In^sit!.' and that tin falM ami im oir.-et^^ ntin-- rial evi u the erasures wen- nil
inAxtefl'a bnndwrlllng The wttaem^was given H 'fast iiuartir^ by defend-^ant's attorney on i roan ingmingling,^ami wiiile fully ans-vcrlng the lawyer's^gneatkMM also casteed the dereaae soeas^pain and confusion by ehunenlll ex-^plaining Ike whole tmnsuetton mm tell^^ing hi -1 how the pl ay came up before
jailobjection could possibly Is- Int'-r-^I posed by the bewildered lav. yer.
| hi )-:. Conation, formerly of Butte, but^nosj Dtsnusd'i saaaager, teethbsd as nn
-^ Xpert biiokkc.-p-r. I,nl grjBsM SSXejud
j-ii erooo-examlaation that he was net
ane\| irt, and his testtniony covered
thaSinn greened as the ether exports
andnnthlng new was brought out ex-
lieptihat Mr. Caturdon'i temper wus
sotnew hat rulTlnl by Jndgl Inn fee, de-^t fetidant's attorney I'liiinty t'onmsta-^I siom i HoMnnd. formerly Dawaad s gen-^i-al niauugei', icstiiiiil ii.^ I- certain^ahortagen and pope t'lnrk. another ex^^pert i. stilled as to there hi ins an over-^balaace in the cash at tin- tune Axtell^i|iiil the store and Judg. Duffen^promptly Objoctad and moved to strike^out his testimony on the ground that it^was not u dime to hjgvre too Beach^money.
'ohicr Kmc of th.- First National^bank told about tin cashing of |wi^^checks slbsgsil to have been stolen hy^the defendant. ^^ K '.t. Beaat ggmal
oftin- Northern l'a^ irlc railway, was^called, hut for BBSne reason th- BrUOOCW-^Uaa islo d him a f.-w uuestions ami^then dropped him and h^- was pfamptlj
aneeaeaby tha dafonee, intaem aftei
witnesswas put on th- stand and talk^^ed for a while, who, so far as most of^th.. si cotuioi s v, n- i nn arm d. sresmd^aofjbxsg in particular either for or^' against the defnndnni ami some of the^jurors sssaaad sleepily in their large^^ I mi hall n Wh^ ii the prosecution rest^^ed defendant's aiicrm-y mad.- th- fol^^low ing nastauai
\..wlollies tie- defendant, J .tin s.
Axteiii,y his attorney, ami woven the
inuttt^ ad\ise the Jury to sexsult the^defendant on the grounds that there is^le t si.:;':i h nt tcsliiia-ny to sustain a^...million.'' Jud-.e Deafe* loin, inl-il^thai the only testimony offend hy tin-
pr cut tan an ii - bexehB ^^f th^ runs-
plaitr.c wittn --. that oth.-rs. durinx^the satin* perioil in which Axt-lls eni-^^ l- .-cent Is i Inlmed to have taken^t l.e ^-. had i haig- of ^r did work BU the^I - okni thai at hem had free access to^li asli end that the plus-cut am ha 1^fa1 I to produi ^^ sny evidence showing^thai VXteB had ev. r taken any granajr,^r-'in-.i ^n U-'.h sides ate arguing th.-^motion al ihe evening s^ ssion The^exwri rtnen 's still crowded with inter-^I p-etaiors and isnh side are lie-^i:i;. . bssgty watched
mineralllgur.s^pons senl tin^liona was
asfollows: Hold. JiJ.ikhi.imhi. silver,^t,iaa,ON ouncee; copper, lej.M^i
pounds.bad. : lou.iino pounds. Tin-^k-tihl proiluctlop bgjf been mainly from^pyiitio ores, a targe amounl beam xtoo^produced in conjuitctlon with sulpbur-^etb popper. Over half of the sih-r
iam- from the county of Mojav-. in tin-
noetaeeapan of the territory, from
sin.illproperties. Tlie i upper came^from the hroine mine In Vswupa
coin,ty, niii Dam mi on at Qlobe, De-^troll eomnnni g| Clifton, Copnei Qaeea
minesat t Tlfton.
haMd i inn raah,
SanFrancisco. Dec. ;i|.^Itarrett dt^Sherwood, tin- oldest gad at sue time
111.-ktlgSSt retail Jewelry Brat ill t'ali-
fornta,have failed, The Arm was^started ever M yean ago by Robert
Shcia-I ami J s. It.ii r ^tt, I loth m, a
becamemillionaires Barret) axed so^yean age ami Bherwood retired to de-^rote Ills lime to oilier interests. His
nephew,w. J. Fdicrwi, succeeded
tillii ami has since conducted the Imsl-
aemvA lone, period ^f poor busineee is
thei aits- of the fall'ir- Th- liabilities
wiMnot exd $1 n ^iin, most of whii I, is
owedto tin- Toeole htnnafncturtng
compaay,WetnCo, ami Hlrnch
gib t marti ill ^ natei ^ Brunt
Whichwa^ made In wr i-^dtoctor. Tin groaml wepi^thai the in -s tnd regulations of port*^' of entry in Caha prt nihil the Imponu-^; ItotM of munitions of sygf except upon^the writti-n peiiiilss'on of the governor^, gem :..l of the l-land and ulso upon
ihe groaad thai ll is the hallaf of the
consulthai tin- arms are to he used by
ithe lasurgt ins against th.- kingdom of^Spnin ainl .^i t^.- ^ ui to which th-y^in eenelg'i -d. Th ^ t'i ^'vn -onsut ls^^sin-d a rertlsV sti. has ^ tt itgttagj his^i-fiisai gad tn.- reason th r-of. Tha
Commodorewent down the river al^u (,^v o'cl.m k ami an oPher fioin tin- ni^.^i tie cutter lloutweli was placed un^board Id sc. that in otli should bs^tak-n -n li.i.ir.1 while boIuc down thu^t iver.
Tin-Bt^ amer Three Friends arrlve.l^In port shortly after noon to-dny ft ssj^K | VV ^ with I'eter ll. Knight, dep^^uty collector of r*UUtOOM al Kay 'V.- .^on board An etllcer from tin- . 1111 s^Itoul iveli ^^ a ; plao i on ml Tho^I,, ii nas In d until tt shall be libelled!^by ihe district attorney, who was out^of th- city to-day.
lltihoisMen ire I iiiit'.ilenl Ihat IhesiUer
CXuaxaxtaa^tui it.- Batnrned
toIII,- senate.
Bli is I Ms patch to the gtM 1^I'.olse. Dec Si. MimlH-rs of the legls-^' tature n-o now g, m-rally usseuibled^In rn, and tin- prellmtnary moves nr-^In progress. The principal Interest was^ccnti-tcil in the aliunde of J. J. Mi -^1'arty of t ustcr county, who is a lead^^ing i a t n 11' I a t ^ foi jieak r. M.-Carty^i i - uples u peculiar position. He Is ll^pi pulist and was tiecsed on the fusion^ticket. Tin- eotiv'-n' n-ii that nominated^1,1m, howi-M r, adopixl tesolutiotis In^^struct Ing aba to vata for Dubois. To- I al^i day h- is out v 11ti a statement d.-clar- I th^t ing thai he arM ant anuxearl Dahnax,
:ll- rives as Ins n a. oil that the Dubois^men ran a ticket in opposition to Men,^This is claimed to ubsolv I him.^The populists an- making strenuous
|efforts la fori e all fusion UnXXthnri into ,
ia caucus to-inorr-w night. I'upulls'.^bsggatg claim that th- ^ uncus will Is- I
-he'd and will In- participated In by all
fusionists.Lending hhhxaeratte ftsassa-
IstS.however, s.iy |t is their belief thai ;
th-aanmcrnts mm nnynxtats srlH , a-.i us
s-parat.-ly.This Is a vital point. The^pop'illsts feel somew hat alarmed at tin
tendencyof the nsmimiats t
andIter loner Killrd^II n-tm ad.
Speel.iltii-oat li t^ I Im Standard^Qlenn'l rerty, Idaho. Dee. SI.^The
Inqust on the body of J' ha i\ aam r,^found bun id under the irrigatinn ditch^mi his ram b m ar ban the Urn insi.,
wasconcluded to-day. The |osi-mor-
temexamlnnltan showed that a bullet
froma '-i.iiiber gun held i lose to the
In.oi bud entered the skull above the^i | ^ ear panning through the head,^blowing lie- top of th- skull off and a^portion -i' 11 ^^ forehead, ^ ausing hastnnt
death. Una this the head received
bardblows by a heavy htaal Instru-^m m. fracturing ^very bons except the
lowerJaw and the tan rhe.-k. Further^testimony shnu.i! that al tin tire- of^the homicide K.-nsler was in bed and^ll,.- bullet p iss,,| IMIt of his head and
throughUb h sd of the i^^l into tho
wail-1 tin- mm.m against which the lied-
itendsti. barying Itself th.-re tmsn
ah-ii ii iv a- nfterwufd extracted. The^bed headboard whs cleverly whit led^and tin- wall papered over. A sack^containing two canvas sheets smeared^thickly with c'mted p|.md was discov^^ered burled on the pr-mlses. and was^brought nun court. Witnesses testified^to Mrs K^ nsler's utter Indifference
inline the search for Kenuler befurn
-In-w as sa .pi- li d She stated that she^SUgpnetd he walked into Snake river^and drowned hlmaelf, there lieing^tru' ks I, .tiling there Al Freel. the^Kenntare' hired inun. and her alle^al^pa-amour and u^ complice, offered to
helpth- searchers, hut tried to lead^i he in away from near the house and^to prevent searches aliout the yard.^Tin v.-rdlct of the Jury is th^t Kensler
cameto his death by a hullM unlaw^^fully ami criminally tired from a rill*^in tin- hands of Josi- Kensler or Freel
ii'his reutdenceOct !^. tn^-^ t-'th betas
andthere present and ch-irge*
Joan-K^ nab r and Free! with the clime
ofw iifui nnraV r
away,but th.-y believe ih-y ^ an s^--
l-tlle i illipliitll e With th- fllslol ,11
ringe.t,-nt whnh pledges the senator-^ship to them if they can get th- if dem^^ocratic alii-, lata Joint Batman,
BeanlorDubois Is exysH-ted h.-re to^^morrow uml it Is und'tstool that^strong national demncratle intlu-r.ee in^his gsjsmarl with make lis advent with^him. There is no change in tin- sena^^torial rltaettnr among the pupulinta^Tin- u ti\e . aa lldales are sift.-.l down^to Judg- Cnlgett, T^ xas Annel and 0^W. t'lHip-r. ^! ^ugh many others ar^-^still regarded as possil'il.tles. bit have^i.oi mad- any formal announcement.^There Is manifestly a strong movement^among democrats In favor uf R. Z.^juhnosa Thi - ^ ^uauueting him naassar^to f.el that the populists will not be^able t.i an- upon a man w hont the^d--n-, . rats will support, and that the^populist vote will tv. ntually lie brouxht^to J-hnson in order to d-feat Dunem,^DahnB men. however, are vere ggaaV^dent. Their ranks ar- absolutely aohel^and lha] elaim thug will go Into the^. ..litest with :^9 votes that will Slav^with him to the end. Thiny-sn will^be n.-cesauiy to a choice.
ti-an I i aurisrn.
s.inFlam i- ... Dsn, P. Jethsy Sam^Doggntt'i mnnterly rule oa Lucky^^Baldwin's Argeatlaa in the Califorabb^Oaks stake was the s.i.sntion at Ingle-*^side to-day, T'irsina. lo all appear*^iimes. ii , ! tin- race at bia mercy, out^a hil- Ft-, man on the latter waa^watching Buiiinn i-Time, win ^: i- aredi^In P.- ih ^ ^ ii-y i|i!i;.i i - u idlng-^home, Doggetl an* his cham-e and,^tak rig Ar,I'.- -, i -.site aide,
i'i.Vi beat out tl: fa\ hj .. -hurt head.
Thestake was valued at l^.ra^.
s.v -n i i . i .111 a m von, San^Marco sevond. I'ci iinh mrd; tinie.^1Si ti ^nk K. wop.
Fla-'.tt.lid: time.
mileand an
eighth,lali - 11,5^Toisina mcond, ^ -^lime. ;':n| File fur
Baeelwu tarn -
tun-.1 Miie and
Inxannv mi.
i ;a lhir,l
i. ^ i -:. i.
gen'lna\^on.^, i* Time third;^.^ -t'aspar wen,
I,atenutlo third:^i sixteenth- tin e
Idab'^ Mmer it Oieput.
S; ^\ I -i-1 * the Stanii- !
Bol.-. 1 ei t ^The i'nlted States as-^an) Bice hete has n- I: an! 'mm all^tin- i- i s Put only the smaller o^ea^Ph.- stnaati.m of the min^^eral outpu for Idaho for ltog waa:^Gold, ll.-'^'-.fas; silver. l.'i.rTT.Xt*; bmd,^$total. Ilj.lt;.|t30.
NeaUnlej*a \ MM Uaana.
ton,tthio. Dec :i Saturday morn-^Mr* Men. alley will |MVe
cicon for Oevclund. where th#y will be^jests -f n in,,i ai riiairman and Mrs.^M ok A. li inns for about a week.

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