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TheWestern Montana Ofrles of tha^Standard In at Room 1. Daly Block.
Missoula.Telephone No. 118. Ad^af^^ttsing rate* furnished on application.
Superior. Hugh Iimr.l .it! M
KniinaLsCofnbs IN now in Ml^null^bent on matrimony ami Misses Llllle^Pent and Josephine Legos are also here^preparing for similar events, in which^they w ill figure with Joseph Murine and^Joseph Charetle us the other parties
Mrs. MilI and Mrs Keith will
keepopen house to-morrow afternoon.^The Hloda club will receive In the e\e.^nlng.
ProfessorReitz Explains the Gibney^thicken Episode.
OnlyWnntoit to Keep tho Fowls on^tho Othor sldo of tho Fonce^^Tho Return of tha^Clarks.
Missoula.Per. Jl -Principal K. ilz^nays that Hie report that lie look some^of Mrs. tlibnev's i hiekeiis is not cor^^rect. The slorv. as he tells it. la Bate*^manually as follows: Mrs. c.ii.h.Vh^thickens had annoyed him for some^time bv firming over lata bis yard mm^Banking themselves familiar arlU bis^pramlaea. In older to acare Mis. Olb-^ney Into keeping the fowlsal home. Mr.^KclU ntid Ins asosi late. Mr. loo.-'',^chased the . hi. kens iironml tha ^a^l^and made them squawk, once liny^caught one and put il under a pail to^miimwk some mora. II s(|iui^kcil all^rinht and i hat was whal made Mis.^Olbncy ttilnk ihal they had a hen in^the house, on the night thai Mrs. tlib-^ney came Into the Ksita residence Hie
chickenshad In chased around the
yardtill they had made noise enough
laattract tha atantioa of Mrs. Ulbney.
ThenMessrs. Kelt/, and Kows.t ran
iniotie- bona*, and cloaad Iha i\
Soonlira, Glbnt) cama to tba front
doorand ciil.-red. Then Mr. Reltl lold^Mr. Howaer, who was in a back room,^la aqaawk like ^ ban. This Mr. Horn-
serdi.l and be did il so well thai Mrs.^Olbncy though! that il was one of her^hens. Then Mr. RoWBer lold her in ^^pure joke that they hud one of her^^ hlckens and was going to kill and have^p.,I pi.. This was merely u Joke and^was not Intended to do unytliing more^than to scare Mrs. (libney. As a mat^^ter of fact. Mr. Raltl ^-'.vs. ba has never^taken any of the ebb kens but has done^this ^Imply to try to keep the chickens^on Hie 11II nicy Hide a| tba feme.
Thetrain from tba Kusl this after^^noon brought Mr. and Mrs. Kd Clark,^who were p.inloned by tba governor^last week and who^ pardon was con^^tinued yeaterday by Iha Plata board a|^pardons. Mr. Clark called nl Iha
fManoardoffice tins afterni with hla
attorney.1. Q, Iit iiny. ami said Hint he^anil Mrs. Clark aN \nv grateful to^their friends iii Missoula w bo used their^Influence to aecure their pardon. Tba^old people are overji yed a( i heir i ^^lease and will remain In iha clly for^aome time till th^ v i omplete Ho n plan:;^for the future. The Thompson Fall*^hoys w ho wer. ajag par4onew yesterday^w iil return to Ho n IMM in this coun^^ty. Ties.' pardons were u pleasant
MawYear s girt la tba recipients an i
thegeneral opinion her.- la that in nil^cases they Wele worthily bestowed.
Dr.Roi kmnn reiurnad to day from^Qiiigley. where ha met Receiver ijuig-^ley of the Cold, n S. ppti r Mining com^^pany. As suited in ike Standard to^^day. Mr. Qulgley lefl last nlglii for Iha^But. He will return in two weeks. To^Dr, Rockmaa be aald that all claims^against the rompitn) will be paid in^full within a month and that there Is^money enough hack of the company^now to carry Iha WOfb of construction^nt the mines and Btilbt lo completion.^He does noi think tli.it ooiisl rini i. .n^work w ill be resumed I ill after the cold^weather, ns tin- winter Is now so far^ndvunied. Tom Ward, who wits head^bookkeeper of the company, is now in^charge of the effica, and all claims
ngitimitba i wanaai nnal ba present^^ed to him at once. Dr. Rock man feels^eauMenl thai the end will i^- ail right^for tba i n .in..is of the companj. of^whii ii bo is one of tba prtnclpol anaa.
TheeaMtemplaled est of the stnnd-
nrd'swar cotICOpMldenl did not mate^^rialize a* il was rudely broken almost^before ii bad commenced, and this^morning's light was one of the worst^that has baan chronicled. Il occurred
onWest Froal ilreel aarty nils morn^^ing, and was it free-for-all. with nu^^merous culms. Il ilnl not last long,^but when il was over there was but one^man ..n hi* feat, ami be ourveyed Iha^ruin ihnt ha bud Wrought ami Hon^went In lied.
Thebiggest ball that Missoula ever^s.i.v was the inas.|uerade hi the Feder^^ation hall this evening. The immense^building w as ^ rowdod and the variety^ami elegance nf the continues was be^^wildering. All sorts of characters were^represented and the task of Hie judges^in the award of prizes was moot ditli-^i ult. At tl is hour the awards have not^been announced.
Anotherball that at trailed a big^crowd, but ono of a differeiu . h.nurter^from lb^ bhj one. was the French^hnl BMMMua at tba Lyceum I heater.
Thiswas a hummer and the night will^apparently not be long enough lor Hie^Hffair. It called out a ::.iy crowd and^the merriment was high and gay from^the stal l. It w M small, but il was BU -^fully French.
I.F. Kennedy Arrealed on Suspicion o
ii.inn aha banana.
KansasCity, Dee. :il.-Janus F. Ken^^nedy, alleged leader of the Irlo of rob^^bers who robbed the Chicago ^ Alton^casthounil passenger train at Blue Cut^last week, was arrested at his home at^Craokerneck, near the scene of the rol^-^Im ry, yesterday and brought lu re to-day.^Detectives have shadowed Kennedy since^the day following the robbery and made^the arrest on til. strength fit two tin bank^notes ill Ills possession which were lil. li-^illleil as those taken from the express^company's safe. The corners of the notes^bad Is en torn off in hurriedly taking the
notesfrom tile envelope. In Iha envelope,
whichwas left behind, Iha niH-Ing cur^^ia rs were found and exactly titled the^bills found on Kennedy,^Kennedy |g abHM M years ON and sa^\
inis a lo.oniotivc ^ agkaaar, fermerty
havingworked on Hie Southern Pnette
railwayal Hoaataa, lag. lie rsfnaea la
talkabout the robbery, lie Is lnlleve.1 to^bare led the gang that lo ld up I be same^tlaiu III the same place two months ago.^At the jail In-day Engineer James Wilkin^and Fireman A. E. PUM of the loot.d^train, recognised Kennedy as the leader^of both train holdups. Me spent money^freely, paving for uUfehaaea With l-'i
pleees. Kennedy lallle I i.'Ill lloilsloll iii
S.pletnber last, having been ilisehaiged
bytin Beutbera Paekbo ami blacklisted.
Washington.Dae. III.- Senator Wall-^hall or Mississippi aanannesa that ha is^appoaad la the Cameron Ouban reeelutlou^for the raaaao thai in his opinion I bare^is noi ^any reauhhe in Cuba.^ to reeaa
nlze.The amatar added: ' I am sorry Ibki^Is so. lor Cuba from Hie beginning has^bad my *) lapalhy.
Albany.N. Y^ Hi. . ::].-Frank C. Me^^l.eween, inspeetiir general of tba nation^^al guard of New York, baa been removed^fiom affiea by Qovemor Morton for hav^^ing auaaaitted ids annual reparl tirst to^the rniied MatM officbila bmtaad of tba
adjutantgem ral.
Cleveland,I H, The denslly or Hie
heavylog Which hung ovir tills secllim^for si'Veral days was greatly increased^to-day, At II a'chtch II was almoM is^dark as Bjfbt. The fog proved disastrous
iotelegraph lines. Communication was
maintainedWilli distant points only with^Ho- greatest dltUciiliy.
WestHay ciiy. Mich.. Dae, M Mgwaid
Kasperwas killed and John Keller la-^tally burned in an explosion in the Moni^^tor coal mines, live miles south of this^citytbkl BMrnblg. Mtrbael Simons was In^^line, i. Over M other millers eecaped.
I'eatri.e.N. ii. Dee
andMen hauls' bank,^went into voluntary
itis aaneonced that
bepaid ill full at eOOt
H.The Kartn. r i
astate matltutbm.^nquMatkm la-day.^the dapaaltara will
Palais,Dee. ^I -The French steamer^Deugferea from Paoaaaa for this port kba^fauadared ami It of bar crew drowned.
NewYork. Dae. ^I The steamer Her^^nia.la, whi.ii r lea pad yimarany for ber-^miala, passed Ml of i(auranlliie |o-day
'Ilie revenue ellltel' Matlb lttail. Xvaletllllg
Ii.r. aaaaad out just ahead. It is expected^i the cutter will keen In company with the^Hi mm.la to i bt yirmile limn.
RawYork. Doe, M. 'fhe anpHenttam or^' Martha** Hendrtcka to make aermaneni^the leaapaeary mjunethm raatmwlng hi..^Maahattna Bhnrnted hallway ram pan)
iDam ile.daring a dlvhletit was denie.l to^day by Judge Trulll in Iha BUpeaOM court
1The aaafloatkm was baaed upon the aba-
Igatioti that the ill\ ideml has not been^I carta d.
Chieago.Die. M. F. S. 1^ryer of the^banking tlrm of K. S. I^ry. r Co.. drag^^ged down by the collapM of the Nation.il^Hank or Illinois. Is very sii k with Inilani-^mathm of the kidneys, not even the nu ni-^ban of his family being allowed lo lee
LeadviUe,^^board la-day^bam y nherhT.^been . onslderi
TheNew Superintendent Is for a Law^Providing for Free Text Books.
HoThlnki Montana Would Profit^by buch a Departure and That^bchool (Jhlldron Would^Bo Benefited.
Special|iis|..itcli to the Standard.
Helena,lice. 111.^ one of the most Im^^portant iim stlons to be del bled by the^legislature which goes Into session in^tills lily Monday will be the text-book^question. State Superintendent of^PwhMe Instrin lion-cb i t K. A. Carleton^is decidedly iii favor of free i. xt books.^In an interview on the subject to-day^he said:
Ihave luen greatly encouraged,^since the ^uhHnalhm or my views on
thetext book iiUestioll. some weeks^ago, by the lone of letters received^from different members of the legisla^^ture from all over ihe state. A Mmbbaff^of members have called upon me to In^^quire concerning the proposed school^book law. and all, thus far, huve ex-^praaaad a belief kg Ha met its ami prom^^ised lo support il. Tile press of the^stale, so far as I have unserved, will^: upporl tin' measure.
Sotne slight OhJatltlOa lo free text
bookshas been made on the ground^thai It Is a si Io nf tne bonk pub^^lishers, and that by it they expect lo^reap a rich harvest. The reverse, how^^ever, is the truth. School 1k pub^^lishers oppose flee text books, for Hie^vae* good reason that under a free text
Ik law tin y can sell only about lit)
pel'cent as many Iks ns under the
presentsyslem. The reason of this Is
Ihalwhen Ihe Ilu are furnished by
theslate and loaned lo lit^ pupils they^ink.- much bell, r care of Hie books and
theylast much longer. Another reoeou
whybook publishers oppoao this law is
ihalthey are compelled lo cell their
Iks al much lower pries.
'Tli..opposition of school hook pub^^lishers was lo be expelled, but il was
not expected thai lhab oppoalUon^would apepnr in such a mm disguise.^^Public lentlmenl is last crystallizing
iiiionthis matter and favorably to it^The tein hers ate in favor of tba law .^and the tot as WolL The parents favor^, It. It magna a great burden taken
ifrom tba ibouMera of Ibonaanda of
I^ but holiest patents. The recent
state(aell of Hie irndea ami labor
assemblies,held at Ureal Falls, passed
|atrong reeolutlona endotamg fro., school
Ika, 'Ihe general discussion of the
aubject,and there is much of it, is a^most favorable Indication.
Whyshould we not have such tl^law f Wh^ should not Molilalia as well^as other stntes enjoy lis benefit!7 In^the many slabs and terrltorlea of tba^union whet., each a law is in force it^lias proved a great success. Some tell^us thai we ought not to pass sin h a^law for Ihe reason that we DOM not af^^ford It; Ihal Montana is UW poor; that^it means an additional burden to Hie^taxpayers, Which in these bard Umag^ought mil to bo placed upon them; that^economy and reform Is Hie keynote of^He Incoming administration, and that
(lieelite-t merit of such a luw Would noi^be in keeping with BHCh a state policy.^Such should reflect tli.it Ihe slale's r. \ -
Ililies l nine from Hie pockets of Un^^people. Bat how does il increase Ihe^lavs or burdens of the people by such^oy's of the
'ul..Dae. .^.I -The county^elected Thomas c. O'Mu-^He la a populist and baa^d favorable la the sii iki i^in an Interview ba said ha would enforce^tba law* i^ Iha letter Ha dtacbarged the^under ihorltl and all Iha eaputtei ami an-^Bounced thai ha would have m^ Miners
anieaan u in his otlb e.
I'M|| ever occur to you whose hair Is^thin and constantly failing on^ that this
ian l... pravanted^ Hall's Hair fteuewei
Isa sare iWBMdj.
Missoula.TVo. 31.-O. p, Cooper niui
Mu Rtekman. em of wlmm will r'p-^ri^'tit Ravalli county in the stale sen^^ate, were passeuy. is for Ibi. na this^aflerno. n.
K. I^. Wk r. pi ^s.m.'tivlect,
fromllavalli County, .ame down the^xaMey this nftertn on and is in the city^looking over the unlveratly.
I. v. Bean returned this afternoua
fromSt. I'aul, and went up to Hamil^^ton at once.
MajorA. I,. Human has returned^from his Bwropoan trip none the v.u se^for near except tin- loss of tlesh inci^^dent to severe attin ks of sii kness. and^the chin thai he received all through^Kurnpe, where, he suys. tiny do^not In-nt their steamer-, their cars or^their hotels. He is glad to get back
HenJohnson, the veteran BllmaW of^the Florence hotel, came back this aft-^argjaao from a visit to his Bid home in^ChdOksMhe. Mo., where he has been for^three weeks. He had a go.sl time but^did not g. l any 'possum.
Thereis un epiihmlc of marrying at
Actionsspeak louder^than words^^ask your gro^^cer if we really mean money-^back if you don't like Schil^^ling s Best tea.
As.i if t l .mpany
PresidentKroger has the same num^^ber of grandchildren as 17110011 Victo^^ria) but thep ara not apriakled over the^thrones ol iaflrone.
QUeenVbCtaHa is said to have been
gnnb pleased with a pcaoeat of fruit.
boxesin all. sent her from Canada.^II comprises apples, peats, grapes and^Mtlim m.
Ml'Tntiim Svkes caused to be |iljllt.^^ d ill Fin lisll papers lldvel I isenu nts^Mhlch notify all whom it may concern^ihal ho will pay 110 more debts run-
Iraetedby his wMkt, sir Tut ton is to
y.arsold and wealthy, while l.a.ly
,S\ k. s is about Ml
Oneof the deer Mesas* 1 knmad in Kai-^ka'k.i county, Mich., this year, was^laki a out by a woman. Mrs. BuaTtja^Hetael, AlthmaSh waff along in years^it . amps . in nl ry full w ith her hbtt-
1band during UM d^. r hiintiniT season,^and is as bandy with the gun. as well
jas the neonst, hs most men are.
\iHo- \. \^ York suli-treastiry.wlv re^ihe BUmeroUi war pensioners of the^state cash their pension checks. Mat*^have quite a 1 oMaiithm of 11 user names.
iThe pi o. of honor is tudd by John IhSJ^1 llaptlst TheonkDwa Fbs.f. Then- ar^'
ontli. ||at At.. 1 Cain. Christian Cannty.
Ilni7.ilPepper Amelia A. Turnip. Ad.
amApple. August lllizr.ssurd. Hirdsong
Crow. Love Liar and Temperance
aropy ..f the Deutsche Oaanmhbaat*^t^r. MTU-TI, printetl by the royal seer, t^murl printing press and presented by^Iha hue Kmiross Augusta tt^ QWMMI^Victarkt, Is offered for sole by a^Frankfort-on 1 he-Main second hand^bookseller. Tin- book has in It the nu-^togrupk dedication: ^To my dear Vic^^toria, from h. r faithful sister, cousin^and friend. Augusta.
JohnW Maynard of Ann Arbor,^Ml. h.. and bis wife celebrated Iha six^Heth anniversary of their wedding ^^f. w days ago They have lived in the^same house for r.2 years. Mr. Maynard
gavea g1 part of the land for the
site,,r th^ Fnlverslty of Mlchlgun;^and. In fact, it was the gift that doom^^ed the commissioners to establish the^university in Ann Arla.r. Frederick A^Maynard. the pr^s-nt attorney general^of Michigan, is his sou.
legislation,whereby the^books are redta ad and th^quired is greatly lessened.'
The taxpayer, tin.br the are
ystem,must keep evefiaatlnnay^perpetually going into his pocket
moneywilh which to buy these school^baooka and school utensils, and that,^too, under a law a lib h compels hltn to^buy eertala hooka and pay vastly mora^for I hem than ha wonm have to pay ho
thestale, as an nddltioiial tax, under
afree ten! 11% law, The argument of
economy,an far as 11 opposes tree icxt^i.ooks. is no argument m alL The sim^^ple fnot is, If we are to Is1 economical^in the true s.-nso of the word then WO^should pass sin b 11 law. Is il 1101 easier^for the taxpayer to pay two dollars to
thestale than nvs or tea dollars to tin-^school book publishers^ Thia is Ho-
wholeargument, as it seems ^o me. ks
anut Hindi, in s.^ far as the economlcol^or lax pay in'.', features of ibis legislation
iscollect lied.
Huieven this objection, whoa ran-^si.i. red on oilier grounds, vanishes, Tho
Ischool district can, If deemed best, un^^der 11 ire., text book law. be required
topay the stale for all books furnished^il. and lbs district will thus have the
benefitsof tho greatly reduced price,^ami tba pupils also lime tba benefits of
fyeabooks. In this way not a dollar^need be taken from Iha Mate treasury.^Hill there is even yet, I believe, a more^excellent way, and one by which not a^dollar need BVOf be taken from Ihe^stale treasury Of from Ihe pockets of
thepeople Das the money received)^from rentals of school lands to buy Hie
Iks w lib.
Inlfc:'.^^ Ihe slate superintendent of^public instructtoU of Montana distrib^^uted some J.d.noo lo the 171 sehool dis^^tricts of the state. This was money^who h had accumulated from the rent^^als .d school lands; MMM of Ibis
momy would bnvs furnished the hooks^to ihe pupils of Montana for the year
IMi.^., and probably t4,0M or $T.a.^l for
theyear 'v;^; Hnd this maayyy been^used for iiu^ purpose, how nun n great^^er benefits would the schools of the
slat, have ri\c^l than tiny already
receive under lb)- distribution. i.ir
when'in* sum is dhMrlbuted 10 the .^.70^seh.M.i dbttrtcta, the a^etrinative share^of em h district was very Incotisiiicr-^al le and was not apple. iab d. ProO^Bchool l ooks are right along Ihe line^of nomy ami iwfotani and not in op^^position b^ It. L'nfier this law nil pu^^pils ilesiring to own th. Ir own Iks
arepermitted to buy them at the ac^^tual cost to lb^ Slllle. So that there is
noforce in the objection made that^men u law ib es not allow private own^^ership ol 1ks.
Tin.dang, r of spreading eoatafibnaa
diseasesamong the children has been^suggested, but the pupils are constant^^ly borrowing 'sinks from one another,^they frequently sit In Ihe same seal^ami study from th.- same lxiok. I'pon^the playground, in the s. ho,,I room. In^going la and from school, the pupils^are in daily and constant tontaet with^one another. In these and many other^1 way s contagion may he spread equally^I as 'well. Hut all danger from this^^ source. If any there may is-, Is removed^by h thorough and regular disinfecting
.of the s, hooi books. N,, caaaanaMna ^^f
ihischaracter are heard in those states^; Hint III IIIM km which have adopted ihis^' law . The opponents of free text Looks,^j If such there are, must titnl other rea^^sons for their opposition.
The argument is all in favor. It^seems to me, of free s^ hool txsiks and^I free sehool supplies of every character.^Montana parents who have lived In^other states and territories which enjoy^I the blessings of free school books know^how to appreciate the benefits of such^a law. Will the legislature pass such^a ksWt It certainly ought to. and many^I friends of tho BManMN I^ li'-vc It will.^ 1^I
Pictorial,*, *^u Wonderland n^is getting low nil and^when the present edi^^tion is gone, there will^be no more to offer^The publishers of this^work, the Werner Co.,^have written us saying^that the edition closed^out the entire stock.
Thebook The Standard of^^fers its yearly subscribers is^the original $7.50 subscription^edition, bound in half Morocco^leather. ^^ The effect of the^binding is very pleasing, and^the contents of the work can^not be excelled by any book^on the market, Painting and^sculpture by artists of all na^^tionalities are reproduced by a^superior copper-plate process,^which gives a steel engraving^effect to every picture. The^most famous paintings the^world has ever seen ar; repro^^duced^ nothing that is not^famous finds a place in ^Pic^^torial Wonderland.
TheAngelus, the celebrated^canvas about 25 inches square,^which sold for $110,000, is^pictured among others equally^as well known. The whole^book consists of 504 pages,^printed on heavy plate paper.
Itis common talk that The^Standard is the best news^^paper in this sectio.i^there's^nothing wrong in the state^^ment. ** The Standard will^continue to print the best paper^during 1897, and charge for it^$10.00 a year^just the same^as others ask.
Forthe time that ^ Pictorial^Wonderland^ is on hand we^will present the book to each^subscriber who pays $10.00^for The Daily Standard. The^paper and the book are both of^the highest class, and this is^an offer that is not of the catch^order. It's a plain statement;^has business m:rit, from the^fact that by making one col^^lection of $10.00 we save the^time used in making twelve^collections during the year^^not to mention the time con^^sumed in finding you at home.^Pay a year in advance and be^sure of securing ^Pictorial^Wonderland.
a ^^ c-
Anacondaj^ Butted Great Falls^j*MissoulaJ*
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I'KOPi.ESEMPLOYMENT BUREAU,^'phono 21)5. To employers and all patrona^of our huslneaa we wlah Merry Chriat-^ni.is and a happy New Year. People's^Office. Owsley block, Hutte.
WANTEl i ^ 1NTEU TTd KNT LADIES^for city and country work; (alary or^eoanahnnon, Ilnom 1 Lellingcr block,
UVNTIlIi ( I'll MtDN Til HllAUD:^mother s care utven. Hear M E. HroaU-^way. Hutte.
WANTEDIITVATION AS WORKING^housekeeper or nurse by experienced^woman.. Address M. It., Standard,
WANTEDfMN WORTH OF i:l^-HANU^furniture an.I itovea. :.^.S E. Park, Hutte.
IVANTE Si. i ATION BT THOROUGH,^practical mm as bookkeeper or dales^^man; ^ years' experience In genernl re^^tall trade; |.. ^-t references. Address Env^erson. llox 4^. llutte.
WANTKD-SITI \TloN All LAI'N-^ilr. ss. or will ia kitcbSa work. Address
at,c , Btandard, Aaaeanan.
roomhouse an.I bouse for rent; eultabls^lor private family: Rood locution. Ad^^dress A.. Standard. Hutte.
FORSALE FURNITURE, BEDROOM^set. bookcase. loitiiRe, chairs und kitch^^en utensils, to^ West Copper, Hutte, up
FORHALE-NEW HOUSE AND FUR-^nlture very reasonable; centrally lo^^cated; poor health reason for sellliiK.^Address O.. Standard, liuttc.
l'liltSALE^THEBE8T PAY1NO LOUU-^bkf house in the city. Address Box 60H,
FORSALE^YOUNG FRESH MILK^cow. Mf. So Arizona, Butte.
1'iiUSALE HI.Al'K (^^)('KER PUPS. 82^East Oold Hutte.
AUCTIONSALE-TEN HEAD OF JER-^sey cows will be sold ut public sale at^I'ri.b of Butte stable, Montuna and^Mercury streets, on Monday, Jan 4, al
Iafclacb i^. m.
Piir^~HALE-A i,-SECTION RANCH,^all under cultivation, including- orchard:^will be sold with all fanning Implements^und live stoek: situated Ki miles from^Butts on main linn of Northern Puoilln^railroad Far further particulars apply^to U M. HaftoFi Coluiado Smelting
btlnlngcampany, Hutte, Mont
PollSALE llol Si; ANIi LOT, NO. ^|
CUin- QrH Terrace. Batta,
KVBRALBAROAINI IN LODOINU^aaaasa, stores and restaurants; one 2r^-^room hotel: also short time money to^loan SB good m ent ity, llutte Business
KxchatiKe,t:. East Park street, Hulte,
Forbale corner lot with two
houses. Inquire ^_^^_^] Cedar at., Anaconda.
EVANS^OPERA HOUbE FOR RENT^for public meetlnKs. dances, etc. Fltx-^Patrli k ^ Striektudden.
FORRENT i ROOM ll^^TEL.^ FI'R-^nish. d eointilete. with R rek'ular board^^ers: fMI i^ r awntn. RnCts Bwlaaaa Ex-
ebaime,I^. East Park street, llutte.
TOREN1BOARDING HOUSE Si iRTH^af Oagnoa mine. laqabfS :::l W. Wool-^man Street. HlHto.
FORKENT A ^-ROOM PLANTER ED^houac. Iiirnlslied or unfurnished, ut R|^Walnut street. Anaconda.
FORRENT FURNIBHED ROOMS FOR^housekeeping. I-^1' W. (iulena, Hutle.
KnitRENT^TO ItHSI'ECTABLE. PBR-^^nnenl parly, a room wilh all modern^eonveiilenees. with private family on^west side. Address c. K., Standard of^^fice. Butte.
FORRENT IM' It NISI IE I)-ROOMS Ft) It^light housekeeping 10 North WushlnB-
tollstreet, Hutte.
FORRENT FURNIBHED AND UN-^furnished rooms cheap. Garrison block,^Wyoming street. Hutte.
FORR EN T^ FURNISH EI) ROOM8IN^Mantle block: ateam heat, hatha. 11^West Htoadway, Hutte.
FUI'.NISH ED ROOMS:~ ELECTRIC^light, steam heat, free bath: reasonable^prices. Hoffman house. 45 E. Park, Butte.
eurofemale diseases without the use of
th..gnlfa. Raswi I DslBagar liik. Hutte.
madams franklin. medium,^tells past, present and future. H West
Pnrk,Butte, mom I DatratopUaj sittings^We.liday and Friday evenings.
MADAMESPENCER, FORTUNE TEL-^l.r. tells pust and future. 131 W. Oalena,
wh n n ra i hi in im
OitiorBsrn Ranaabs fnil. take
DefterVlfcn 'liMter'. Knglinh
Onebox. *1.00; six bnien. a*. 00.^E. E. UAi.i.oiii.v k i^.. Ii :'i.', Mnntaan^Wetteni .\j.-n:^.
T.H. T. Rymaa.^O. A. Wo;f
Vice Presides!
Surplusand Frofits 115,000
ThePerfume of Violet*
Thepurity of the lily, the glow of the rose,^and the flu*h of Hebe combine ia Ponost'i

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