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TheNorthern Montana Ofrlre of th^^Standard Is located In the Itach-Cory^Block, Great Fall*, directly opposite^the Park Hotel. Advertising ratea fur^^nished on application.
TheSlate Tethers Conclude a Pro-^fi.abl-i Session.
ScenesAlorii^ the Fiver and in the^City and Suburbs Will Bo Vis^^ited Papers and Discus^^sion Yesterday.
GreatFulls. Mont., I^cc. 31.^The^third ami ^ in* day of thv Montana^State Teachers' association o|^-n ^ ^1^v. ith un excursion to th^- mill iter, which^wax thoroughly enjoyed hy tin- InrgS^number who look advantage of the In-^vitatlon extended liy the school trus^^tees of Great Fulls. At 111 o'clock the^convention psconvsnod. TlM flrsit paper^on the programme was that hy S. A^Merritl of Missoula, the subject being^^Kducation of the Masses,^ which ha si^already heen published in the Siaiel-^ard. Ow ing to FTofsSSSr Msrrltt'S un-^avoidalile alisi m e. 1 'lofess. ,r Van ISu-^ren of White Sulphur Springs read a^very abb* paper on ^Lessons from a^l oinparativi; sillily of sehool systems.^^The leading ideas of the paper nsrei^After every exhaustive war. stubs en^^deavor to regain pristine and position^by paying attention to internal iin-^pi'ovenu 111 s. it this direction, ichooli
takeup the most uttentioii and elabo^^rate systems are develop, i|. Fram e^und fillHUm were cite.I as Ulastra-^tlons mid ^ gSBSral rsfsrsBOS VII made^to Kuropean sehool systems. The re^^quirements for a teacher in Kurope are^very rigid and the si hooi system is
tkornghlyorganised and frequently in-
spiclrelby expel ts. It is a pi eiilii r fact^that teacher.s' salines ate high r In^Furope t ha n in America. In thfcl coun^^try, examinations are neither uniform^nor thorough. Then- Is no guarantee^that compel! ncy will h^ ISOOgntSSd nor^faithful Service rewarded. The courses^of study in tic schools me not uniform.
Few States pave flee lext hooks. Ill
thiscountry free kindergartens Hre not^well support! d by the people mid the^same is true of manual and industrial^schools.
inclosing Mr. Van Buren talced the
nsrociatlonto rccomtnotul lo the legis^^lature that ^ provision h^ made for^graduating a clan from the state nor^^mal school cueh year and thai lo this^end a portmine nt tax of QMS Bfth of a^mill be made; that county superintend-^ents Should I^' fe p| ^oit)t, -d by the state^board of education for a term of at^b ust four years; that the state hoard^of education should determine upon a^course of study for the first eight^grades of nil schools, nml thai the same^board should elect leal le.oks which^should be supplied free. Then resolu^^tions were reierred to the committee.^Following Prufeaaor van Barea'a pa-
per.Miss Kva It. Connor of Great Falls^sang Ihe prize song, ^Our Mountain^Home,^ which was composed by el, I'.^Pavles of Butte, After wards Superin^^tendent Kern of Butte sang the second^prize song, ^i Mir Mountain State.'*^which was composed aad written by^Superintendent K in and Mis. Kith.
Professor.). ''. Templeton of Ketcaa^and Miss Fannie M igness of Helena,^had both prspareJ pa pen in the Altscns**
slonof the SMhJSCt of Professor Mar*^ritt's paper,^Kdui ation of the Musses.^^Professor Templeton In substance said:^^If there Is any difference 10 ha made^between the education of tin' classes^and that of the masses it should be MS^of humanity. The object of education^is to make men.^ Processor Templetoa
thinreviewed the educational idols^proposed by philosophers and educa^^tors, showing th it no matter w hat rad^^ical difference! in other linos there was^a unanimity in this. The aim in edu^^cation Is to develop moral individuals^and to cultivate a broad Interest In af^^fairs^In a word, to develop character.^The intellect Is but n small part of edu^^cation. Statistics of the state slew thai
!7 pupils out of a bun Ire,1 leave school^before Completing the tOOTCS In the
grammartrades. In searching f 'f a^reason for this, ha sai.i thai mnmrnorr*
Ismwas the oar SI Of Montana niol the
Mentionsvalue of money was creeping
inon the minds of the children. Chll*
drenin whom this idea is Incnlcuated^urn through Ufa dwarfed. Wkal Moa*
tnnaneeds is mere of the Scotch de.^votlon to education. Montanans urn
apatksttein aval I era of education aad^last yenr there were 1 .l.non in th,- state^who did not attend Behoof,
Mrs.Fannie MxgnSSS nbly dlSCTSBJOi^the same proposition, hiving particular^stress upon lhs^ Imllve. t teaching of^morals. Her p iper was listened 10 with^^jreat attention. At this point Profi s^^sor Hastings of Bvtts moved that the^contention proceed to the tmamsaa of
theelection of inXOSfS in order to eon-
TtadaMsthe delegates who ateked to
leaveon the p. pi. trail south. The^motion did not pert vail.^^FdiK atloaal Ideals,*' was the su'-
1ectof the nagt paper, nnd was read
byWilliam If. Ah r of Missoula. Mr.^ahsr said that edntiallmial Idas la must^l^e in harmony with the n 11 u re. If th y^are not we on1 simply drifting;. Ideals^must be to the adaoator w hat worhlng^plans are to the buililer. Aimless^teaching produces worthiest results.^The daily tasks must be Inspired by^high lib als. He insisted that a hfoad^and liberal foundation should be laii!^iluring the tirst years of a child's^schooling. Mr. Aber also called atten^^tion to the peasant lech of both physi^^cal and art training in primary schools.
Atthe business meeting which fol^^lowed the iiis, uaatan af this last paper.
thecommittee ^ii i hild study reported^an approval of each work, recommend^^ing the organization of a department^of child studv la the association. The^report was adopted. Kducation should^be a life purpose anil should prepare^for all kinds of life, tmth physic 11 and^non-physical. Provision should be^made for Imth. but the physical should^by no means l^e made of sole or su^^preme Importance. A prai tie.nl educa^^tion renders I man most useful la him^^self anil to his fellow men and leads to^a complete anil systematic develop^^ment of the whole man. Mr. Abet^called I artb ulnr at t, ation to the tolas
oftraining ihe powers , skasrvatloo^at an early age and attsd facts th it^substantiated his argument.
rr. Craig nanstmced the orsnadnataaa
ofthe department ,,f high' r edu' ation^and requested that the pn siil-nt , f^that departin -nt be a vice pr-sldent ^f^the association. The request was^granted. The committee on p: ^ siele nt's^address re|h,rteil in high e..m. udation
ofthe address and rssaassaaaMled that^H he printed and distributed. The re^^port a as adapted.
Theconvention then proceeded to the^c lit lion of aaaaaggb Ou the lirst baiit
forpresident, J. C Templeton of Helena^received ^4 votes and C. M. Charles of^Miles City, IS. Templeton was declared^elected and the convention adjourned^until evening. The small \.,to cast was^due to the fact that many teachers bad^already taken th^ train for the south.
Thedepartnvnt of higher education^held another meeting this afternoon at^which the following pa|^ers were read:^^The Home BjSd of a I'nlversity Kdu^^cation,'' by W. H. Johnson, principal of^Ihe Hainan Hinh school: ^The Sciences^In Preparatory and High Schools.^ by^Prof. W. H. Williams af the state col^^lege of agriculture; ^The Spiritual Kb^,^ment.^ hp Prof. J. C. Tempi.'ton of the^We^leyan university. An informal dis^^cussion followed each paper and was
partlclpatsdin by many pvssi al At^the same time during the afternoon^^^^re held Important meetings of the^county superintendents depart Stent,^and also of the primary djepartl ^ tit. it^winch special programmes of much Im^^portance were discussed.
Thetreating tsachera are all loud h
praiseof c.r. i.t Palls and the hearty^Welcome Which they llHVi' leeeived. su^^perintend,-nt Kern, in taknM af kkaseM
andthe Bgtte teachers, wishes to ex^^press through the Standanl their ap^^preciation of the welcome. Supeiin-^[ondenl Kara said that the convention^was the most enthusiastic and success-^fill one ever aetd m the state, fat
N,w Year's large preparations are t .^ing made hy ihe teacln is to visit the^Qrsat falls and other points of interest^In and about the city.
EdwardT Martin Will Contest b^I Kiioi of kDounell.
ThoCase Promisos to Bo a Whole^Lot More Interosting I ban^tho Uickerman-Uela-^thorpo Recount.
Welcome*gSaM I pen the Illuod-Slalnrd^tiarmeuU ^With a KhuiUler.
GreatFalls, Dec. M. Taaaalf Sheriff^^ Mash ^nd Assistant County Attorney^Qssjsg ratnmad last night from the^sei ne of the Vieau murder. Thejf
hroaghtthe big Ostt'i gun with which
thecrime was committed, the clothing^worn by Welcome and his victim and^| a dozen different articles stained with^blood. These were taken Into the office^at the county Jail and Welcome was^j brought from his cell to review them.^^Open un the sack with Vienu's^clothes,^ said Sheriff lHvyer, and Jailer^McDonald dragged the sack to the cen^^ter Of the room and pull, d the articles
outone by one. A |1 of Mood was
formedfrom the aitii MM and as the
Ibauiy Frenchman not teed it his face^I turned an ashen hue and for the tirst^time since his Incarceration ii^- trem^^bled and quivered before the gaze of^I the otlict IS.
Andthe blood of the Victim ran^i fresh In the presence of the nwdsrsr,
\quoted Depaty sheriff itiack. as ha
jpointed to the black pool on the lloor.^[ it looked for a Sjosjisal as If Welcome
Wouldbrink dowa, but he recovered
ihis composure and glare,I at IhOM
Iaroand him. t'n ths ioor was i piece^I of the blood alslacd coupling pole cut
Ifrom the wagon used by Welcome in^; cart tag the body to his house. It was
'nearly three b et long and when Wel^^come noticed it he reached down io^! grab It, but the sheriff got hold of the^; pole gad pal II away. After ths im i-
ident the prisoner WM taken back 10^his cell and remained rilenl Md^thoughtful during the balance iff tin^nijdit. lie v us nnalgned before Judge^Raoo this afternoon for a pn llmlnsrj^examlaatloa, hill the naaa was aaall]^! adjourned until Saturday aaornlag.
Thei . S. Hie t . i'.
Denver,Dan aV^' lie case of the pnite^i
Statesagainst the Colon Pecllic rallio.ul^was dismissed to-duy by Judge llallett^In the United Slates ilislrlet court. Till.-^netion was lirouglil hy the government on^behalf ot MM people for the purpose ol^charing titles to land purchased from the^railroad secured by the government^grants. Judge llallett also declined to Is^^sue an order compelling the I'nlon Pa-^etge, Denver A Gulf to pay taxes on Pull^^man cars used hy the railway company in^Colorudo.
Youngman,^ said a wealthy city man
toala spendthrift nephew, i laid the tret^foundation ^( my fortune hp saving rat
fares. ^1 didn't know you ever drove^one. uncle,^ icinaiked tho youth.^TH ^^Hits.
TheThing for Him. ^Don't you think l
ourhtto take Iron^^ Iisnjksd the big fat^num. who thought he would ha funny^villi the doctor. ^Certainly: nnd I would^recenuaend hoop Iron.^- Detroit Kreo
Here)what deestJhSJ mean^^ shsatsd^WhsspUr. as ha fsend Ms youngest riding^a st nam at kit over the tag M Ike piano.
This is all right. Mamma sold if I'd^slay in I could play un tli, plana** OS
ttaMft ^ Pi'aaa
II,- You ha\e no Idea of the extent and^rerea M my love, l could die for you.^ga*^Yes, I suppose so: but dear me,
whit a sTavagard I ahould have if ail the
lletlWhs wele willing to ole for me had
heaptak, n at tank nwd.^Daaaao Tr^n-^s^ ript.
Somepeople.^ mused the stern-fea^^tured mini, us ke finished reading the
Rerceeditorial desnacintloa af trust a
some people can get along WtthoUt
beingraonopollata, hat I couldn't.^With two eons al college mm] a da u.:ii-^ter aiaiiled la a Front h count, i hare
tobe a tnonopiillst to make hgth ends
Acurious fact, and one of Interest^Just now. is that Ike pi* I Of furs has
fallenthis winter, while I hey are mora^fashionable then i ver. a buyer for a^famous house told the reason for thai^unusual condition. ^Kassla aad Mberla^are about the greatest for-prodacuag
countries, he said, ^and loth have^In building railroads al a grosl rate.
Tinsaxten if the i airns of supply, and^i aroukta'l ha aargrkanl to see a sun
furtherdt dine.
TheInhabitants of Wheeling. W. Va.,^are soon to have a chain e to vote up- |^on a ^hart. t that has just been com-^plett d. Among the more important^provisions Is one to prevent the con^^tribution of valuable public frant hises^10 private parlies. Another provides^that of the members of the common^council four shall be elected at large.^Still another provides that no caucus^of the aldermen shall be held to de^^termine action upon any public ^iues-^tion. The city Is giv- n the right to^maintain electric lighting plants and^to acquire other ^natural monopolies.
Asafe in a business house is quite as^oft, n valuable from Its fire-proof qual^^ities, w hich keep the books containing^! the records of the business In time of^I fire, as liecause it is burglar proof.^Many safes contain only a minimum^amount of nu ney. if any. A large^firm keeps a candle burning on the^lop of the safe in the saans all night,^lighting a Baaaard, whtrh reads: This^saf* is unlock-,I. Ptssng do not de^^stroy the tSOkn^ Tills Is for the tSB^^efit of the stray burglar, and Is a p ^-^lite request for him to leave tinharm-
d soiii-th'tig which will be of no ser^^vice to him.
Nigi.iBonasea ^aahnar
Theprim ip.al meal of the busy,^work-lilled day. says a prominent ^!^ c-^tor. should he aatBB at night, when the^nerves and muscles and whole ph^^i al^system need rasttag and strengthening^ar.d Btianatattng after the day's de^^mands u|hui th -m Sb-^-plessness rare^^ly troubles the healthy, cheerful per^^son who h.'* ,1!r'-l w .- ^^^ .it. 1 well at^any URM from ; Is 'J u'vlotii.
GreatFalls. Dee. M.^ Another elec^^tion contest, Involving the otllce of^clerk and n corder of Gas, tide county,^is more than likely la set upy the at^^tention of the district Judne during the^early weeks of 1V'7. Saturday morn^^ing. Larsnal a Mantoos^ representing
EdwardT. Martin, late democratic can^^didate lor clerk and recorder, will lib^a motion In the district court to Strike^from the files the stipulation dismissing
th-contest suti of Jossnt R. HastM
againstU M. IfcDonnell. The motion
willi', based eg alleged fraud, bribery.
corruptpractice and conspiracy. The^court will be permitted to reinstate the^case and to older | recount of the votes^cast for the different candidates for^clerk and recorder at the late election.^This will give Martin a chance to In^^tervene In said action.
Thegrounds taken for the motion^are: FlrBt^That said contestant and^contestee or their attorneys or either^of them had no power, right or author^^ity under the luw to dtsmtss said ac^^tion and contest by stipulation without^a hearing having been had
SecondThat the court could not, un^^der the law. dismiss the contest by rea^^son of snid stipulation, because said^contest was a matter of public concern
Third- That said stlpul.tt ion between^said contestant and said contestee was^brought about through fraud and brib^^ery contrary lo law.
Foulill-That the said F. T. Marl In^received the highest number of legal^rotes oast in ths election held on the^trd day of November, lvm, for the nfkee
ofclerk and r, colder In and for the^county of Cascade, stale of Montana,^and a as duly i k ii, d to aatd oiiice.
Fifth-Thatthe Ssrruct tally kept^upon the votes cast for the eaaM af^clerk ami recorder, as shown by Ike^votes recounted in the con teal of Dtck-^enaan va. gelslkocao in the ahove-
nnn.cdcourt, showed said K. T. Martin^to have n eelvi d more b yal \,,ics Ihan^either Jos, ph VI. Huston or said I.. M^Mi Donnell
SixthThat said stipulation between^said contestant and said contestee was^made for a Consideration made upon^the piirt of said contSStSS to said con^^testant, to-wlt: That said contestant^should receive a deeMty/ahlp In the of^^fice of rJsrk and recorder, if he, the said^Huston. Would sign tic natd stipulation^to dismiss said contest against said^contestee,. which wns contrary to law^and In Violation Of the public will.
Seventh-Thatboth said contestant^and said contestee are Ineligible lo and
disqualifiedfrom hoi,limr the nanus af^i li rk and roc circle r in and f u ihe coun^^ty of Caacmie, state of Montana.
Ktgktk-Thatboth rnnlaslsnl nml^contesp e received ths namasr nf votes^cast for them in said stoetlog by reason^of indue, no nls held out by them to
electors contrary to law,
NinthThat said C. T. Martin re^^ceived the highest number of leua!^votes cast for siiid offlce and WSI ilu'\^edee-ted as such clerk und recorder at^said election.
TenthThat the county commission^^ers of said county of Cascade, Montana,^and the returning board thereof unlaw^^fully issued to said U M. McDonnell a^certificate of election, which should^have bees Issueel and delivered to said^H. T. Martin.
Eleventh^That said Joseph H. Hus^^ton and said Lawrsaos M. McDonnell
didnot receive more than l.L'OO votes^each for saiel office of e lerk and re^^corder of said Cascade county, Mon^^tana, and that said K. T. Martin re^^ceived more than 1.1M2 legal votes.
TwelfthThat said Joseph K. Huston
andsaid Uswrence M. McDonnell each^and both offered brii.es to electors of
saidcounty prior to said election.
Amongthe uttlilinits made is one of^rather a sensational nature from the^plaintiff, F. T. Martin, who nib gee that^he, us a qualified electee, received Ihe^nomination for c ounty cle rk at the r^^ ^:-
alardemocratic r on vent km and thai^he received a greater number of legal^vot.-s than either of tks other tva can^^didates for the Offcast The' II, ilillllil t loll^of e tiler candidal, s Is refe rred to at^some length and the evidence In the^Huston-McDonnell contest cite d, n is^th, n alleged that Huston and Mi Den*^ask entered an agrsanaeal whereby
tiny cue h kept a tally of the vote s cast^for clerk mid recorder during the^count in IkS Die liermnn-Geisi horpe^contest case and that, lading that^Martin had retoived more legal votes,^according to the recount, than either^Huston or McDonnell, they then aad
thep-airreeel that AbTioiin,'I should^ha\e the 0B^U0 und that MUBtOU should
beappointed deputy, in constderatloa^^ f which Huston atgned a stlpomtlon
mlsslagIkS suit; that this agt
meataraa entered lata for ths pur pons^of preventing a recount af Ike ballots^i ^ . which wi'ii,i bars shown the^elc tlon ,,r the said B, T. Martin, it is^also alleged that afte r the tiling of the^stipulation McDonnell advised gam
.Moore-,one of his deputies, that he had^no further use for him as ha and Hus^^ton had compromised the- contest anon^the t.rms agreed above-, nnd that th^^leaseea said compromise- was rnt,t-,|^Into was that Martin had received^more legal votes than either he (Mc^^Donnell) eer Huston. Th^ case already^Is attracting wble attention unci a good^di'al of interest is centered In the re^^sult.
WithMunyon's Improve! Homoeo^^pathic Rem^tiies in the House,^Mothers Can Ecnme the
ProfessorMuny.,n is honored to-day^as th,' leading authority in the' medical^! world. His new ami humane Btttkods^! of treatment have swept away all the^old-fashion, ,| ide'iis of doctoring with^poisonous drugs ihnt of ate a do/ i,
dlseassgin the eMorl lo gat rid ,-f sna
liedoes neet ^ 1 iiiiti that he- h is one r^ m^. that will i ure all nemplalnts. but^that he hits prepared a spec 18c cms for^ne-aiiy every disease. He does not^claim that Munyon's Itheuiuat'sm Cure^will cure consumption, dyspepsia or^at:\ other ce.inplainl. but le doe's assert^that It will cure- rheumatlam, Muu-^yon's Dyspe psia Cure is prepared sg^^ptessly to cure- dyspeslu; Munyon's
|Cough Cure is to c ure ceeiighs. Mun^^yon's Catarrh Kcmedlss to cure ca^^tarrh; Munyon's Kidney Cure- to cure^kidne y trsahtm. The same may lie^said eef all Munyon's different remedies.
|They may be obtained at all drug^stores, mostly at l!5 cents a bottle.^Ptsraonnl letters to Professor Maaynn,
|MM Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., an-
Iswered with free medic al advice' for
iany disease.
Wilt^ Company, j
Iflour, feed, hay and grain, \
t1-ethhriJcCe Sand Coulee, and Belt Coal. 0
0OVaVfl PlOkaptlj Fille 1 mi ! Iv tc .1Tele|ilioiie '^^'^'^ #
fjii lirst Ave. South, flreat Falls, Mont. f
sa*%fsV%%^^%*^% ft %%^%^f^^%^eS^svf^e%n^aVM
TheCreat Falls Implement Co.
Cornerl irst A\e. Stuth and I ourth .^t.
rVfttltlfor the Deering Harvester Machinery.
Dc.ilcisin all kintU of Farm [mpkBUMmU, ^BgOIUl and
CofyggpOBdaPcMBolMtexl ami I'reimjtt Attentiuti ^iivc^ii to OranMVi
TheYear 18% Takes a Placa in His^^tory by the Side of '9J.
~l^. i MUMJ. F. KEUOE^S
TheFinest Whiskies, Wines and Liquors
Oalv||Ht4tsma)sSfS W'pt in Blaaki Fl^ls^r^tely Arranircl t'lnh Knn^^ la^Coaaecntme
Reviewsof tho Iwn Lending Com^^mercial Agencies in tli^ i mm-^try-lhe Hast W, , k^Was DuNt
Mll ir.d ll\enut n^^,ih
turnerV-e. end Strfft
Ai urlom Attn, hniriil.
Thersla a riirlnua case n( unlmal at^^tachment In Marysvllle, Wis Al.out two^months ago a cat cave* SSftt la two kit^^tens In a nest adjuinma a hen house', lie-^fore the little ones were old enough to^o|^ n the Ir c yen, a hen, observing them in^their bed. went and sat upon th, m. eov-^erlng them as she would little chickens^This aha (till c ontinue n In do. und will^tieiht Kith a i 'Hi;'fine,, ,n v j. r^on who at -^tempts to take them from her. As the-y^peep out from nn ler hqr wings she push^^es them ha' k with her beak ami talks to^th^m In the hen language 8h^ leaves^tl Tn only an hour or two every day In^order lo get fooel. The mother cat nurs, s^theklttensand eloes not object In the-least^la the authorl'y saarnsd tg the hen. an1
strongi.tt.ce tetn-nt has Is en forme d Is--^!*^ en tho kittens anel the hen.
Ttl -^^ He le I B llll |c c -. . Hi. Clt*.
Ftointh^ t'fmlnanti Trlleunte.
garl' esetstmed the nearsighteei man^ns the in-lividiril in the teaggy gar-^p ents lablM-d htm In the ey^^ ccith an^tittilirella. ' rsa'rs no ge-ntl 'innn.^^\ et the m -est d i 0^ let an*, v^Ii wan c4^|.. %ll^s ]at in hi r
lay'^Jjfu: ^ | ^~
|fuii' ^^U^k*k^:* .1 i' n***
theman tn th,^tMrih is smekins a rtgntetta*
l^nels ^jlU^, l^^iilre-. gft the ramphlrc^I sttM out rfcjM ,,jKk and uttvi it- '
Tromthe r^et^^Amit P
\.w Yeirk. Dan, tl. -H. tl. iMm *^ On,
We ekly Heview of Trade will mgl There^hievee liein mole ceimmerel.il falluma M^thuti In any previoinc ^e-.ir SBSSgl^IVfl, about I4.v.ch, against l:l.l:^7 la -t year.^\^iih liabilities of l:..', ^ ^ ^^^ i u.c iii.-i |t,:;.-^llie.eso last .^,-.er. an Ini-reuse iti number en^about 1J per cent, and In liabilities of Zi
perrent. The aatkMgs tsaka M ismasatMa^tee irrssanst tgnrm until m-xt week, tat^the miinti.iv ratarns harstsfnra prepared
sli.iw.eithat fl^,nw.iiMl un-!, over last^year was In two monlh-e, Aueu I un
gepteamariM vhfeh amnafaetnrtag lav
I,IlllieS WeTe $1 ^ ^'.*^^ !^^! IlllKIT til.Ill I.Ill
year,tradlne |ln,li^^,i^l ai d brokers nml^oilier eeiminer. i ii latsrests |M,SBjaM^larger, nr ths latter emm tii.eii.iict out
Of .iteollt glN IMMI.IHIO Were III t llOSU tWCi
months; nt the mainifciiirliin diss
-.1;* oul nf nlsjut gi^,;iiu,iMt In the
wlioleiye ar were^ 111 HsMI las gaWMhS^and of the trading class 1:1 VII.Mm out Of^nbciiit J|i^v.:.e-i inn in the whole rsST, TtJS
ratioof defasllud liaMMUea ts etmrmg
Inuse c xe liainje s w.es II.':; p, r tl.'^^'
asasaatMeM tad rear sal Mm in MM
Theaverage of elcl'aiiltiiiK kaMHthn w.i.^$l!^t..M iigaiusl IH.'e la.H \i'iir and ^.^.^).(I^, in
I'orthe first time detailed BSMtht]^si.item, tits were ;ilso |,uI^le-Ii, 11 for the^laet part of the panic year IMtl. slmwlnj!^i-eemmercl.il labilities amsaatlBg to ll.l^OtKi.WW. The year closes with an epidemic^of failures, mainly at Ihe West and li-
taaka,lean sad trust esasmiasa or naa^^eeraa dependent on them. The ac tion nf
eIssrtni houses In the various plHi'es Indi^^cates no want of essaVlsaeSe and several^bunks w ide Ii have faile d will be enable el^to pay In full, but dtachnMMS of un^^OUndnem In widely known Institutions
inthe ataermal atata af sspnlar leeung^after un asettmg aaatoal an smastarif is^^sues has caused distrust and suspicion
winre it is fnmasat iy andeaarved. There
hasbeen no monetary pressure to cause-^tumid^, nor have import nit we ste rn
prsdjnetsaneMned In vslas, Thsts has ev-^Mantly teen km liberal aastnaasa give n
bysome' e oiicerns to speculative ope ra^^tines. No dmln on eastern funds has re^^sulted sine^ the hr^t alarm at the two
largefailures aad the nmasg seal them
hasall Htm Sad, failures often grow^more fr.-eiii, nt as annual se-Mlemcnls aSs^prune h. M ill,lay dullne ss has In in It, ti-^sllle-el by the failure s ami the efforts of^ptaal oemMnatlOaa ts make new arrange,^mints. With Iron. coke, cotton anel hi,lis.^all somewhat hewer, there- Is aammt tl ii I -^\.^^,1 i lent el. in i' ttial business win soon
ire leiin largi r and safar than taftra for a^hmg Unas, aad ssvsral ^etahttaannaata,^aasnag tkssa Ike faaksm Chrpst nsrha,^which eaaatsg MM hands when full, and
'heMaryland gtSSl eeempany, will now^.-^art ope cetIons. Wool sale - cb e reaseel 24^|ecr rent. In the first four months ami^Stem smaller than for live years; ele.
eranssiM p,r esat. in ihe* sassnd four
BmatkSjwhe-n nan word was eomtner for^^ward, and we-i'- smet Ihe .smallest aval^know n c xeept In the panic of hell, but
aaaimoasman nada ma ssjgrsgnla ciur-
laglb^ list 'our months ssaffg Sgsnl lo
thator i.est rear,
sjradeli ^ efi ^aaaetc
XewYolk, I^er. ^1. Hr.ielslre.l's for
Halnf da jf arin say: OsnaraJ trade ims^I,^en rutlier more nulet, bihI tliis v/est
proves e,I,e of the dullest eef 111^ dull
maasnarkark haa Istsasrsd Iks f,,n-
nigftetof revived demand early In No-^vcmber. The uneasiness last wee-k^c aused by Northw aStSI n bank failure's^is continued hy similar e inbarriissnients^at ( nieugo anil Minneapolis. The se^batik failures seem to be the outcome^of conditions originating In the banks^ami not due to MS situation of general^trade. DsananagMtkM weather, the^tnakinir sf krrsalsrMi and the cus^^tomary absence of demand In whole^^sale line's have BSnMSasd tej proelue e^more than lie- usual holiday dullness.^More' favorable reports include tp'avy^vxpeirts of flour and general mere tian-^dise from Tacoma to China and Japan^The total business failures In the^DsjMsd States in 1^W tin whn h liabili^^ties exceed ggsafsj nmahsr 12.112. an^Increase of 1^^ |s-r cent ove r Ivj.^,, whe'n^the total increased 2 percent e oinpar^-il^with ls!^4. in which year failures fell eeff^In per cent from 1V^.(. when the total^was lie**', the lagest on record. Total^liabilities of those failing in MM^amount'd to $24T.^si.tsio. |^ r , ent^more' than laft year and t!5 per ce-nt^more than in the- pear IMt, be'inn e^-^esedad eaty hy the total liabilities in^the year IMfc IU.MS.SSa, Th.- ratio of^assets to lialeilities anionir those failing^In \K^i was aa per cent, an evidence of^an unuc tally high rate whb h is ex-^reeded hy th^ onrreageeadlsM ^ *-^hlMt for IMg, The commercial death^r;t,- in |s-c. 140 p.-r cent, by whbh is^neant that Lett |,r cent eef every lun^:n,I'- i.-.1-. tlrrrs and corporations in^benstae m last year failed. This death^rut-' was exceeded only b^ that in 1893.
'. o I. ' MIS I *^! pe r 111 ill t\^i the'
,mm i ^ '.' I a I death rats was 1.22 and in^MK IM gag ^ ^ nu
Tin:i i.m noi'hk.
Aropular Hotel Which Kajayi ^ Uknjl^I '.i I t un Mm,
^rent gaaa) Dan ai - The rim house
Isone, eef the tee si known bote Is ||| Noilll-
ern Montana, und for years b is eajsyed^hi cxe ,-lb-ut piitronage. The* rim is bi-^^ cted on l-'trst avenue south, is-lwe-e-n^gsesnd und Thlrel atreete, in the tiuslness^' titer of IhS city, and Is gMdSn in Us^cPIHiiutim nls. The^ rate s are reasonable^anel th,' management of the' house rev^mtvas ih^ ssrasanl attenttm el Its pes*,
prlelors,Messrs. 4eiili,ct:h, r .v clocksi.-t-^ler, w ho have, a pr ic Ile al knowlclge eel
everyavtaM M ma tnskmsa i tot h g nth -
menare obi re side ids of the territory and^state, und ur^* known as enc rgc tkt, pro-
grsssgrsand sneassafM tasln ss sn I^They reserved und sgaaad Ike rim ho.is,-^treat from the esstraetan early in Ml,^gad tsars has tn ^ as , !:.ni^i* la iha asm^agement sln-c The t^o trmthmMS aass^BSBSskMSd In the* same business for some^ye ars ul Mai vsvilb' nml oil, ten c, uci'l
ll.l\ee 11 W'i'le* e-ll'l'lo of flic-lids iii those'
SlttMwho will ta gmtMWd to barn ot^tbelr SSntkHNd BSnSSH III I iresl K ills
Mr.tmtMgkar aaans to tfsataaa N real
o.o trom Nebraska, and bs-atrcl In Hen^ton elurlng the besem eluxs of |tat obi^town, anil has slue* been prominent It^both business und political - levies.
Mr.leockstetter ts u native* of Ohio anil^Sams to the* ISVtMsry from Hunilusk)^wlo re |c* was rasrsd and clueated^ In
IM4He has tssa setlvely engaged hi bus^Inssa siin e, has grown md pvaagsisd
withtho torntorv Slid statw and Is per-^s, rally popular nksrsrw known. Kim i^coming lo Montana he has wisely lolneel^the ranks nf the be neillcts nnd Is happy In^the e-ompanlonsh!p of Mrs QeaenkStSMSr,^who Is well and popularly know In the so^^cial circ les of Helena, Qfsat Tails and^northe rn Montana.
ASketch nf W. S. Frary'a New Tlesl-^dSgtl Hie N..rill Sid*'.
(ireatKail*. 1 ^^^^^. M, The iaeathM of^f'lty Treasurer Krury's nen rcsldeeiice
atike lurner af Ihoartt a venae north^and Fifth etdsst I* Ideal In every Pf
S|ieet. Th^ v|,-\v Is ^^ XI el lell I. gild to
Inksadvantage of it Mr. Frary has^rulsed lii.c lot sllgktly above the aids-^u .iik.
Tin*house', now nearly completed. Is^n handsome colonial reeldenoe, with a
aideporc h estandlng in rum its front,^v.ith fargs, vrhlte-tumsd entaant sap*^porting u brood roof.
Theinsiete is arranged In excellent^tiiste. Tli^ broad hall has h highly-^polished ouk Hour. gad al the llfht
arisesthe main stairway, with hand^^some heart I sad rail, itch palatlasj ami^delicate spindle lianlstaia Tin* mrgs,^nell-Ugkted parka '^^ Bnlshed in Ivory,
',hit^ and gold Hack of the parlor Is
theerven Ing room with a large* span^IIroplm ^ and i handsome mantel rest^log upon four rnlnntna At the tight^Un* dining room, with a rhlan tlesel^in sns corner, a latlced i 're h ope n^^fnon tin' dining rcieem. There la ale, a^arell-appolaled batliVs pai try trhlrk^i ^ io a pUssnal kitchen tttt^ii with^all riodern i mive nlenese s and Ssnnecterd^ley stairwiiys with tin las,-ment and
theBoor shove, tTpon Ihe isnsad floor^am fear principal rksaiheis. with am-
ple,b- n and a Inrg*', w, ll-iippoliit, d
bathroam, .\' ova Is tie^ attic.
Th most Strlklag IMng within the^Ii ,o Is the finish, whnh. with tip* ex^^ception of the- parlor |s IfSlSd in na^^tive uunarach, a weeod which, when^I ' tie r known. v\ill be need for finishing^In phMa of imported wo.hIs. a- It pre-^seiiis a handsome surface' and tak-s a^teaatlfai i alak. Mr. I'rary's house^was designed by Architect White of^this elty and built by ''lark ^ Kuner,^c ontractots.
I..edllu' loins ill the city. It will be oh-^^erved that e ach SMMBter of the firm haa^had Ionic business e\perle in .*, and tins,^Icgelher with bird work and clover man-^Sgeawat, has placed the lirm ef I'ostel.^Jantlaa g gtaaley In the front rank of^business liens, s In this city.
New York. !^^', :i The ye ar dosed ou^the- it org exchange with a typical holi-^elay s|h e iil.ilieeu. I. isir., 's was at a mini^^mum .m l repi. seI . hb'tly the evening
upof old eantraeta, The laetnatmaa in
prbeswre trivial as a rnle anel this^gmvameal Irregular The railway stocks^wesie pr.ertl. ally Segfca tad,
gTOCKIand MMOM^I^. S new I s re^,-ist. re,| 130
i s aan i s esapea 11*0
IU. s. i n regtstenred ii^'
'I'. S. I s e enepoei 112
I'.X. r.'s registered 114
iI 8. I'l coupon Ill
I'll,111.- U s of 1V^ ll^l
At,lilecon 13'
AdngMKxpr.si l.'eO
Aimrb ,in Kxpr- ss ltr
c'.inaellaiiI' ll lib' Ve^4
UrealNortbern preferred 11H
fenirulPacific 1.1
Illinoisc'entr.il ^2
KansasA Tc lies pref, rreel 2^-\
I.like*.Shore, ex ellv l.'.l
I.e.edTrust St^,
MichiganiVniral. egnllv si
MlmsarlI'm itic i:'7
NeerthAmen, iii Caaapaay ^'
KertherePactga it
NorthernI'.o Hie preferred rtjee.
NewYork Central, ex-dlv:c\
Ne-w Yeerk eSr Knglllllil V.
(iregouHhort Line 1.1
r.ielttcMall 14
I'il 11 nee li I'll n e 1..2
Itloe Iran,b Western
III,etirunde' Western irefcrrcsl |*i
Rssg Island ^it
Ht.I'aul preferred intf
gestheral^atts Mm
Sugarllehne-ry Ilu^,
LfatmPactSa t
1eiiied Kxnrem4o
KargoKx press M
Meetcrn I'nlon mm
fmnarslHec-tnc :ai,
KattaaalUasssd m
Mone'Ve it- V 'I ^ p. r -II. eleese'el lit 3
percent.: -.terllng ^ xch-mge steady at
tiM'.iiv.', far gssmad ami M^MW
tlv ,l4 tor i^i il i^ s.
MMTAIiMA It K KT.^Sliver, (ilr,: pig imn. gfatMl copper^Heady i tvnanr*a pries in ;.v saatamss^pri. e, 111.'si. b id t:iu;g. broker's price,^IJ ^, e xe hange pri, (Veil! u.'i.
Live.-^ h k
rhtmgnDee ' L'atUe^mdea at tUI^^ i for no- esamsm und ths dmsssd tnM
sup to fe*|.^e. .^, fir the l..s^ shipping^ittle, erlth sales i..r..-u ^t tt.wtit.tm ami
!, Xpert, ^S were L,,ee.l I,livers ;.t 41 - -i I 'si.
1 i.. I., is ami fe..!, rs. J.:.,|. ,,,|v,^. tl.aV
HeagiOsmsma to lean drsvsa sobi at
it3.Mlll.i0; packing hogs went largely at
Sll.. |1 S.'b I W, Te ceil a ti.l-ls nf t2.2.','eji
2M for a f, w s, i!iwi^s u|, pi f!,.'I..^-0 for^g,m^el ekstm gsStS sf ikSSge A f*'*r extnc*
AQMnsS at One of the i'loeperous Itusi-^ness Houses,^firrat Kalis, lire hWlka ^'Heehlv.'^ li^the appropriate nan^' of the well-known^mmnMMMa house of F^ ster. Jar-lli.,*^Stanley, ami the ir haiidsomrly arrange ^1^(tore on Central nvSMM la a veritable'^I Ma of ladaStry Tine pr, MM firm ^lart,'el^In builinss in April, l-'-i Just after the^panic, whent It was cotistdcre'd a ve-te^ture*sonie- time to cmlark In a iu-w enter^^prise. At fast tho st.^ k consisted ,,f a
largeaid etajaat a. -^ m. m of , tuna.
e-re. ke-ry. glassware, lauipn, silverware.
Sattry and housefuruishlnn |oodei. Aside
fromheaping up .md enianjgaj this dam^of ^srekaasma, the gns has sdMsd a
compi, to Ilii^ of irSSIffMS^ , -nt-: c :e g fv.^crythlng aggSTtSjalSg to the business,^and their trap- SOS overs every por^^tion of tlo- c;ty ami l^ growl.i^ right^along ii. I t'l/sPr. tli^* heael of the tlrm.^was for many v.ars . loseIy Saaanstad^with on** of the in ^-* - . e'essful houses in^Mlnnia|eolis. end Ins experience has ma.^Piii'Iv SSatsti I the house In Its onw crd^i Ii to - ,-s. Jeehn Jareline, the sVe*-^tmd nsaSMS ,t IhS SraX wu^ lor many^ye ars esaasctsd with prominent hous,^^tn Toronto and Winnipeg, and II H.^M latty, Ihe iuiuor partner, was formerly^engaged Iii merehaii'l xlns In Iowa. CSm-
1!,*^^ he I.e.-if..I ^'. r^ 1*1 ' for tlVi-
je.itsw_j connected ami cue ot tUcj
tin.'sheep sobi .it t','i:7^. yearlings,^$2 ^'-^^il lambs. t3.,^^isii.Iii.
ReceiptsCatUe. IJMi hugs, ii.oou;
She-p. UM
Wlll.ATMAHKKT^The Liverpool nkSM market was ap-^itly r* lu* taut to extend Its sympathy
tothe full measure elf ve-| e-r.I.e ^ s 1 eent
declineIt opeiu*d '-jd lower than It^closed and re, ov. re-el half of that a little^Utti r In the Jay Rain in India ^ c-^to h.ive Influence-el some of these who i^at the opening decline Rusin, s^ was not^enlarged by or.i.-rs from any outalde^source.
CHICAGOMtODl'CK MVKKET.^^ 'lose- May nVl'e ^rn. Z^t-r':
pork.IT^^, lard, M.H: ribs.^1 I ReWheal ' '.'100 bushels;
^e - an\Mt kaanaax
Roston.Dec. 31 Bwton 4k Montana.
m\.gatM A Baetoa, ^s*
\- v S' ATEMKNT^W ,I -it.^To-day's stat
ofthe roe tion of the treasury^show- Avsllabk .ash balance. t225*l.V-
Wl.gold reserve. 11X4,7X1473.
AndNtver Mbmf a Beiur Opportunity tar^Teeity Making. Writs
L^ MI RK i\ i CO.. Bankers* Brokers
enKfall,, Hulkling. Chicaga.
M\ hi- - ^ tn* i si^v , it ^iiii ,t r^^Di is^- raanma 'or tl e^ir UmI ^^ ttlatueieejei m*t
Si * .*^ luteerma'-ien, aad l^ai!y MarXealeSX
tsr.heel* frer.^,.-..ji Attcotian |l^ca t^ Oat-ol las a OrOcrt,

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