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HewDeer Lodpe Valley Looked in Old^Pior.e.T Da vs.
CldRecords . hat I oil of Hl^s War-^dorln^s over the Raglan, nrid^His Visit to the Ito of the^1uturo Anaconda
Writtenfur the Now V. ar St.it. lard.
WithinS3 years, n short third of a^century, tin' than;.- that have OMM^to pass in Door Ledge ^ ountj arc of a
characterthat is ast.ninI lo IkoM
whohave the happy privilege ol look-
Inghackwai.l IIiroiiuh the iiiim ^I time.^In those days, the .lays of ^^'.*. tin stage^coach ami tlM tnyuss srsrs still Hi^^only means of travel, the only . ttios,^as they were dlgnlfled in MM. .ore^rani|.s where the placer miner pill to d^his lent ami stah '! Lis claim. The^only one of th. se uhi.h still endures^la i)eer Lodge, that at lliai tune was^greater IBM Uuite, claim) d rivalry^with ii. i.na. an l waa the metropolis of^Western Monnna. There were than
only6,000 |pie in the eouniy. which
consistedof the pr.s. ni territory ol^Bilver Bow, Qranlte and Deer Lodge
counties.Tile chief industry ..I I lie^people Has placer mining;, and they
wereMattered iii the many gulch ^^and valleys, QoM crook Doaatlng of IM^population; tiphir gulch had 100; Lin^^coln gulch re. koiu-.l iIimi. K.-ai . ounttd^4.w. stiver Bow, Butte, Highland and^all the south t-iit) mustered but IM all^told. Hut by these t;.^'^i people there^was. It Is estimate.!, a total of 121,270.-^000 In gold taken front the placer mini^in H months.
Fortheir Christmas dinners In thai^year the sturdy pioneers who were^ahie to Indulge iii luxuries paid ^i each
forchi. kens, butter was worth Wli
to|i per p..mi.i. and pork sold h n^cents. Vogetsbees, beeti and i ibbnge |^were In the market in limited quantity^at 16 cents p.r pound. Turkeys were^not quoted at nil. hul whal need ins^there for tin keys, when game ^^f all^kinds was so plentiful thai in an hour
thesettler was al.le lo scute !'.
nientthan he and his neighbors could^consume in the entire hollda) sense i^Urouse. deer, elk, moose or even buffalo^were lo he had for the limlimi. win. h^was not difficult since three bison were^killed in a dooryard within the count;
thaty. ii
Thesecond oldest paper in the slat.-,^the New Not tkWSSt, was born thai^year, the contract for the building of^the penitentiary at Deer Lodge had^not heeii awarded, the state capital^was at Virginia t'ity until Helens se^cureii it by m.ans tiny spoka plalnl)^aisnit then, and Mlssouls count) III
beganto assume iiuporianee with the
atanip..ie to Cedar creek.
Thechief Wealth of Butte, Us copper^mines, had got been discovered, silver^minim; was in its Infancy, and the^placers were in the heyday of youth
Anacondawa MM dlcaiUod Of until^years later, In. ..y a huppy . in u in -^stance, by a trick of that an pre* rvi^tlve of aits, the Standard is enabled lo^present a view of the tie of this city^as an SSStoevT saw It In the fall of that^year Qraavtttt smart, now the I'nlt-^ed PtatOl minister ta l'aiaga \. rude^Up the Warm Springs , nnyon, he
ownbed Moon) Haggin, then unnamed,^of course, and probably was the lira^while man lo make the as. out of Ihe^sentinel of the valley. He wrote an In
hnjeatmgdcocrl niton of the trip whl. h^was ptihllsheil In iho New NorthWenl^In (Ictoher of I Mia.
Mr.Stuart did mil carry u kodak^the snap-shot camera was Unknown^hut he could scarcely portray more
vividlythe scenes he nan by the cam^^era than he did by his pen. for those^early-day leaders. The snap shot at ^^Warm flprlngs and the picturesque^mound; at OregSOU, With Its novel hot j^house; al the silica mines and Ihe pe- j
raUarspring on Mill creek, and, lastly,^across the ^heart of the valley, where^the hunch grass mow healthy ami'^strong.^ lied no titling to be recn^niied hy presont-.lay leaders, though^the site of the ineani asylum, the gn ai
pleasurercsorl. the Iron mm ; and the^city of Anaconda Ho n c,a\ ^ r,, Mun of^their present importance,
Mr.Smart said of his trip three h^the VallC) :
Wepassed by tke^which a Ihta tlitn ol'^and dlssjotl Ing in th.^and found an 'angel
shuif 11. cot... win. baa a
storeat the oroaaing of Warm HpriiiKu^creek, baying from him ihe an
missing;limn our . . until issariste, a*e^pursue.I the even I. nor ol uur Way Up
thevalley, past smiling rancheros and^herds of sin k cattle for which this^region Is famous, through ^ i . n, ih^^bunch gram of which Ii marv. ui io^behold, lamenting by the wny the^money we were losing |.\ not havnu;^cattle to eat it up. Al Connor's i*^^fat, altaalid on the Deer I. e, where^it comes out of tke canyon below '.. r-^man gulch in tke valley, are mini ^ ol^unknown ext. at and richness in thi^cre. k l.eil nn.I bars.
Ina ravine ^ ..nilnfrom the
right.Just below tin- mill and up nboul^half a mile from th- river, ait th ^ up^^per hot springs. Tiny break '. i'!i n
thelow. grassy, grant * rid at the^foot of the mount,on. Thei ^ ^ ^
oreis;ht of different siscs within i^spate of gj yards. Tic temperature^ranges from it.; .! a:r. .-s to ;... ...
Fahrenheit. The water ll llmi il ., I^apparently tasteless, although II -\^posits a very small Quantity of some^^thing resembling boras, on the .^that lie partly in the wan r, and lastea
likea mixture of soda and borax In^the springs are also considerable qnan-^titles of a blaeh aand, which looks st-^^etty lik. iron flttngr The small pi., es^of quarts and granite in the springs^are covered with n glnatng like pottery,^These springs do not deposit .my tufa^like '.lie 'Deer L.Kigo.' A family living^here have constructed a platform of^logs over th^ stream where the splines^unite and where the temperature ^;^the wrat.r fubo.it 7:. Inches) :- 15^ de^^grees, on which tiny hav. placed a^couple of feel deep ..f earth, in which^tomatoes and ^ ui i mber* wi re grow ma^luxuriantly and had almost reached^maturity, being th. first i have evei^Been In th* valley, which i: too fn tj
forthem uinler ordinal., condltl
Tbe parties who are mining near^the mill have taken thi^In a dltc h and conveyed it h^niulcea. thus enabling ihein t mini^when the river water freezes. Whal a^gain^**'* Place to start a laundrj If^there was only a soap mine con'^and then- n ay I ^ i loo, I \^ter and soap gi ^^^ 'allj
Westwardacre^- the h^valley we found tie .!^on account of ti e ui^the bunch gi ^^^thrifty on Its fav. t H^sand which In ao com]^is as hard as a turni Ike v, a^Inp no mark Bp-^turning up Brui ly'i^of na.und on the I II^of the rond. which^thouKh a sprln^ v. i ^^^ ^^i,,d of It and UI n^,.h-^i I here v
HeerLodge' from^StOaai was rlsiie,-
nanlnsarntng air.^^nawarea' in inc
ioutidthat there i
whith had made the mound hy deposit-^\r\f a tufa rock whi.h is in ooaoantrie
layerslike th^ Dear Lodge, hut Is of^different com pool t Ion, Ising harder^without the foliated structure and^Wken struck. kIvIuk forth a meiulllc^sound like ens; iron. The spring fills* a^basin soma is fool iti dlnaaotor and
Hows a so all stream o\ er the rlni. The^water Is Iroin one to two feet ,i^^^^;^ and^clear, with a p.i nliar earthy mste.
Th-hottnea or the ia-tr. conotota of a
whitish .nud into whli it a s tick cui he^thnist to an unknown depth. About^40 yards northeast of ihis uprlnn is a^nearly horizontal de|m.sj| ,,f similar
tnfaDapping a labia ^^r bench on Ike^si.ie of the monnlala for nearly kaM ^^mile, giving evidence of loir; continued^net log of this oi similar springs Iii past^ages and I.. lore the country had re-^eeived lis pr. s ni i iinflguratioii, as^part ,,f iiiis tableland has been carried
awayhy the gi n i. r lhat once till, d
ih.nan yon of Brandy's creek.
T. w. HARRIS) in.
Anaconda.Pec. ;|, iy^;.
Prsapeeaaea Dan Try tihu nThsn ^nir
sheeptiulrh Peters Out.
Fromthe r.rooklyn ilagle.
llIs announced lhat someone has dis^^covered i races of gold in certain ogoa^^rations in the neighleo hood of Flush-^big, and that there Is c.insi.l. ral.l. \^etti mi nt In the vicinity. The old-lime^residents are dazzled l.y visions of . al.-^hage plots and truck patches swarming^With prospei tors armed with pick and^sho\. l, delving down Into the alluvial^gravels and hrlnglnK to light gilt taring^nugg.iH as Mg as turnips. Ureams of^a t'ripple Croak on the north shore and^a consequent Iin In building lots and
miningclaims float through their^brains and the March for planer dig^^gings is reported to threatea aariouaTy^that other ancient ami well-eotabllsbed^Industry on Lon4 Island s shores, lo-
wit,..ie hunt for Captain Kktd'i traaa*^urea. Report has it thai a aaUafactory
lumpof the ahUlng metal has really
beenunearthed and poach tree iwigs^and other ilh ining toils are said to^have ui ne to a premium. If the dis^^covery had been made some w eeks ago.^say during Ihe height of the summer^season, Ike mailer might haVS he.mi^dismissed as another evidence of the^untiring genius of the summer hotel^keeper, searching for OIHaolllIng lhat^should rival the aaa serpen I for Inter^^est aa.i atractlveneoa. Coming al this^time of tho year, however, there may
htabout I lie narralive jusl a susple-^log of a llavor of a real sotatS^scheme.
iif course it would he much pleas-
anterto dig (or goof in the neighbor-^hood of Brooklyn and New rork, than
amidAlaskan snows, or on the windy
si.ie,,f a Rocky aaonntala peak, gov*
sralthousand feel above the sea level.
Thenear nelgkborkood of New rork^ami Brooklyn would afford the guile^^less miner more opportunities for fun^of a dei Idi'dly more varied character^than In . in tind In the dona of Head^Mill. gul. h or some equally high fla^^vored locality. On Long island he^would not be obliged to act aa his own^police force ami justice of the peace.
andcould slow away his gold dual In^any number of near-l.y safe deposits^companies, it cannot be dealed, there^fore, thai Long lakusd .iocs preoenl a^derable number of naramounl ad^^vantages for gold mining, so far as the^comfort and convenience of the miner
i'. ..in rn. .1. It is also very likely lhat^the dehor in the alluvial gravels of^which Long Island is mainly composed^nii^.hi iind traces of ''color,^ as the^placer miners term It. Hut before the^Iin s. ts 111, and the crowd of pros^^pectors headed for the Flushing hills
beginsto overtai the carrying capac^^ity of the Lang Island railroad, It
wouldbe well to examine Into the^l^n^ .abilities as to returns for the dig^^gers.
LongIsland, geologically speaking, is^I terminal moraine. The gravels, sand^and Lam which make up her soil were^brought down ages ago, In front of a^gla. ler that had plowed Its way soutli-^ward from tho upper part of the con-^tin, nt, As this great mass of lot^pushed Its way toward a lower lati^^tude. It ground up a large qllintlll of^rock into sand and gravel. In its
courseii encountered huge primeval^ledgi i of rock, whh h ii poflahed or pul-^veriied, pushing In front of the hreaal^of i..^ whi.h formed the end of the
darterand enormous mass of debt is^thus accumulated, or dropping Ihe
itonyn again all through melting at^the lerrolnaa it did not move very^swil'ih. ii was not nn Ideal of rapid^transit in its progress, hut It kepi
moving,through antrtaalve eras, until
suchtime its th^ glacier fronl readied^the primordial ocean. In time the as^^tronomical and gravitation causes for^this phenomenon gave way to normal^...:i.lin..its. end Hie lee disappeared.
rii.. .o i nn.i gravel which it had car^^ried in front of it as a snow plow
pushesSnOW hefura |t rested where the
aio a r stopped ami formed the founda^^tion for 'be bank Which we now call
LongInland, That, in outltao, was the
islands origin ami It has not been
Kreati dliled by the sen. As the
imoved over the country, pal-^ferll ng it ^ rocks In the White OKMtU-
II the Adll imrtat kg. Of else-
vil.i lite nol'thw Hid ol US for Ve
knowthe dlrootkW in wlib h the glacier^moved it ground up tit.- rocks or^iover which it passed. Now. if
ii... i, contained any gold-bearing^^ mart.-, .a ,,' it passetl over any see lion^.a , nintrj v here gold existed I onipara-
tlvelynei i the aurfaaa m any forga, it^ironkl push the pulverised quartz and^strai nuggeta along with the rest of^the material in the terminal moraine,
andwhen the moraine slopped moving^m . tun ol the disappearance of the^.there the gold would he de^^posited 11 might come to pass that^a 11... . , f it would be discovered in^^ci dental fashion m the neigh-
'...rliI of Flushing or .lsewh.ro
alonnthe north shore. Thee is noth^^ing impossible nor improbable in such^I. li all dep. ada a nether Ike^glacier In Ihe course of Us ages long^h | a--. .! over any gold-beat'ng^rock li i b fact that distinct and^well n aik..I traces of gold have been
i,n the country between Long^d and t'anada. In the eastern^pari of Duchess county n shaft for the^nl of a supposed gold [edge
isev. a bow being excavated. Kv- ry
littkwhile we hear of the discovery of^precious niei.iN in th^ rocks of New^and. If the gold-hearing quartr
existsthere it s quite likely that some^M a, ^ , f ;i n ay hO found In Long Isl^^and : ^.. v ^ ^ I I sand banks. H would^I,.. , iirioKs i' such traces wa r- not^tolled, b.r | I... .T deposits of g.d.l owe^ih. ir origin to the disintegration of the^quart! and the washing out of the free
Sirli a tt u i- as quartz d. posits, how^^ever, can no I lapex-ted on Long Isl^^and There are no ledges of quartz-^bearing r^ i. there. Nor can 't !^^ that^th.- ,1. posits of goM dust and nuggets^Ore in iufli. it tb quantity to pay the
mostskillful minor for his labor. An
Mon Long island, if he could
gatherthe whole of it. would not ho^sufficient, In ull likelihood, lo 'grub^Stake^ him r a month. Hold may he^found in Long lsiand truck psAches by^digging, but not in Cripple Creek fash-^i n The kiatory of Sutter's mil! will^hat i ^ it-If In the vicinity of^Flushing.
nbet ji in. stntMtard.
SumoLivingston Beminifroencm of thi Memoifable Rail*^ron.l Strike of
Writtenfur Ihe New Year Standard.
It'snothing hut an old strUU hat,^out of gUtl and shape, fad. d, dirly and
Laiaedwith bannul hhsad, with a long^K'u-h in ll..' nuwn; liut It points a mor^^al and adorns a laic just the same.
sand back; or, by the eternal gods,^I'll mow ^^ ii down!^^These vol.. the worda Which fell
fii tin- lips ol I'.iptuia l,o. kwood at
Livingston,Mont., one sultry July^afternoon Iwo y.ais ago.
Tin-wonis w.re aooompaated hy a
voll.y ol oaths and furious, hideout^iavootlves, as ihe taplaln. white with^rage, alighted from the rear end of ^^I'ullinan palace ear and strode pomp-^OUSl) up the plan..nn, closely followed^by a strong guard of colored soldiers^from Purl Custer,
llwas during tin memorable sym^^pathetic rallroa 1 Strike inaugurated at
midnight..r the Mth of June. KM 'i he^great snuggle between organized labor^on the on. hand and pooled capital on^the oilier had then been In progress^for nearly two weeks. Railway com^^munication had been practically sus^^pended on many of the iiiilroads In va^^rious pails of the l ulled States. In^Livingston the Northern t'aritlc yards^were full of tie.l-up freight and pas^^senger (tains ami Die round house^overtaxed With ^dead^ locomotives.^I luring all this lime not a w heel had^turned on the Montana division, save^for one light engine who. li had been^run lo Helena and ha^ k by flunt, J. D,^Finn and Master Mechanic Angus
Thosewen- exciting linns all over
th.-country in Livingston on the^morning of tho day in question the^news was paaaed from mouth to mouth^thai two tralnloada of federal troops,^with belated pnaanugagu, were en route^nanl over the Northern Pactflc ami^ba.i paaaed Billings, As the time draw
marfor their arrival at the Cateway
City,Livingston turned out en masse,^Wiih feverish anilely 2,000 people
awaitedthe appearance of Ihe trains.
Itwas laic in ihe afternoon when they
hovein sight, coming at a snail's pace^beyond the bridge which spans the
Yellowstone,At the eastern approach,
thefirst .section came lo a full stop;
thlawas the flrsi exclamation point, a
BQUadroaof sold ten was sent out to^raeonnoiter. The bridge was carefully^Inspected, i.in was found not to have
beenniol. st, ,|. Th - trains moved on^into the city. Tin y were loaded down^with soldiers, who, aimed lo the teeth,^swarmed the train from cowcatcher to
theroar platform of the last Pulhnan,
idlingin lb. can, on top, in Hie vesti^^bules, on ihe steps ami. in fa. i, every^^where bill on tho trucks, When the^Inst section pull. .1 up ill front of the^depot, ih. platform was black with^men. women ami children and the
crowdStretched i'ar down the yards.
Thestrikers, of course, of whom than
wereover ^^^. Including the simp em^^ploy s. mingled Willi Ihe crowd.
Everybody,however, maintained a re-^spectful silence. There waa not Ikon,^nor, indeed, had there ever been, any^attempl guide to commit an overt act.^The strikers were peaceably inclined,^notwithstanding the news had gone^abroad lhat Livingston was n seditious^sp.d the hot bed of the strike.
Hulas I was saying. Captain Lock-^wood alighted. He gave every evi^^dence of being greatly excited, not lo^say somewhat intoxicated. With^clanking saber which hung from a belt^of twisted golden at rungs, he strode up^tho platform, resplendent in full dress^officer's uniform. The squadron of^colored SO Id ten which followed, ad^^vanced with flsed bayonets ami belts
fullof cartridges.
Standback, there,^ loudly com^^manded Captain Lockwood, ^ami ht
damnedquick about it, ton; Hy Qod,^I'm running this town!''
Thenext instant there was the^gleam of a bl ight blade of steel in the^tunllghl and the Irate captain's saber^described a half Circle in the air and^lencended with terrible force upon the^head of Switchman frank To land, one^of the most peaceable-Inclined of ail
thestrikers. The bios disfigured the
strawhat whi.h he wore an.i laid hare^his skull. Ah Iho blood spurt..I front^Ihe Ion;; v,:ish and ran down his face
andne. k in a crimson stream, the^crowd attered an exclamation of sur^^prise and indignation at the perpetra^^tion of an a. I thai was as unjust nnd
uncalledfor as it was brutaL Bui not
liteslightest disturbance resulted;^looking hack at Ihe scene now, tic for
boarnnturclsed by the assembled
crowddue In a measure, no doubt, to^Ihe fact that the stale was, al that^lime, under martial law -seems almost^incredible.
Aftera lew oilier minor episodes, the^trains nwved on, u company of soldiers^being left at Livingston, under com^^mand of Lieutenant O'Neal of fori^Custer.
Thenc\l dav n slight disturbance^was creatid at the depot, when an im-
partuntnon-union man was set upon
hysome Of the st i ik. i s. A carrier w a.t^hurriedly dispatched by the railway^Offli ials to the round house, where th
soldiersw.re stationed. Lieutenant^o'N. ai responded promptly, corning up
onthe double quick wnh a squadron,
thecolored sohii.rs. in compliance
withorders, loading their pieces as^th. y ran. Al sight of the blue coats^rushing up with leveled carbines, the^strikers and their sympathizers fell^back and lined up against the city^nark feme. When within ^^'^ feet came^the command trUSg the olllcer;
n.iit^ Hah i ready!
Hadthe word ^tire^ been gtVSU, It
wouldhave been ins gun ateranca, for
hewas (tasked with men who had^their minds mad.' up to riddle him^with bullets the very second he ut-
toredthe word winch would have^meant certain death to B score or more^of citizens. The lieutenant Is doubtless^not aware to this day that in the brief^interval that Intervened while he was^coining on the run with his men, as^many as M citlsens, Instinctively and^simultaneously, sought their pistol
potk. ts and thai each of these, not one^divining the design of the other, hail^determined to shoot down like a dog^the otli. er who dared give the com^^mand tire^ Some will doubtless de^^cline to believe that anybody seriously
contemplatedanything of this kind.^Hut let them believe as they may 1^was ritiht there and know whereof I^speak.
Hutta return to Ihe hat It was^given by Mr. TohUkd 10 Sheriff J. ht,^i^onrow. nl the latter^* request, the of-^tlcr dcslilng to pet serve it to ha pro^^duced In evidence against Captain^Loekwoi d should the east ter of the un^^provoked assault ever conic before the^courts, as v. as at that time anticipated^n OUId lie the result.
Kversince, up to a few days ago. the^hat has bean in the slier ft^s office at^Livingston, where n hum; on a nail, a^relic of the greatest struggle between^capital nnd labor that this ceajatff^ever ggn .
Atthe present time it Is in Ana^^conda, hi peeeesnhan ^^t the man arko^wore It w li. n Captain Lodtwoea^^^ass. d through Li\im;s! at. Smee that
eventfulday KtOi.k TokUsd has bang a^wanderer upon the face of the earth,^otlo r men who took puit in that great
strikeare railroadiai agnsa, hut got
sowith To land. His name |g on the^blacklist, at the very top, In big, Ida. k^letters. Weary with trying to get a^Job on a railroad, lie has given it up in^despair. Arriving in Ana. ,nda recent^^ly, he sint fur Ids old straw hat and^will keep it as a memento of the mem^^orable strike and Its attendant failure,^conscious of the fait that If his wrongs^an- got nght.d in this world he'll he a^long time flood before he gels justice.
Thusis told tho tale of Toland's^straw hat.
Tliemoral.' Cannot the reader^gut aa
'I ^on t monkey with the puissant^l'nite.1 States army.
WALTERALDBBIOK,^Anaconda, Dan, St, lsS.
lintFurnished by th: Auac-.nda
THEYHAVE rWO b:g plants
|hp Forces of Nature Haraes^eU^for tho Hloasuro and Profit of^tho Heople of tho copper^City ^ rure \Aator.
Kverytiniig Kver Arrmtetl Hn.t nt Least
On 1 pin.,ie .Vlcmher.^Fnni the Washington Post.
Womenhave a weakness fo coun^^terfeiting. The first person ever ox. -^cuted for that crime was a woman.^She was an Knglish woman, named^llarbara Spencer, and whs put to death^In 17:11 for making false shillings. She^was strangled and burned at the stake.^Curiously enough, her accompli.es^were acijuited.
.Nancyhi.Id was one of the most re^^markable female counterfeiters' tvor^known In this country. She belonged^to a family of noted forgers. She rar-^rl..1 on her notarioua trade for more^than M years in Chicago, and was ar^^rested there many times, tin one of^these no asi.ins a hd of llbre paper w as^discovered on her person. The gov-
srassenloauDinai w ere rasnplototy nt a
loSS10 Know how she had obtained^this. Finally she confess, d that a^chemical solution had bora used to^wash Ihe fa.es of the miles and make^them perfectly clean. Thus she was^in the habit of taking |1 bills and^ehaagtag them Into large .1. nomina^^tions. The government authorities re^^leased her In return for this valuable
lafortnatiouami par toiling taunt what^las solution was. However, th. y bad
hershadow , d by flOteCllVag and tlnally^caught h. r with $17,ami worth of coun^^terfeit money in g box. She was found^guilt) upon seven different IndlCtmenl
forcounterfeiting and was sentenced^la eight years in state prison, where^she finally died.
Oneof the cleverest tricks ever^pla^.d on L'ncle flam was invented by^ii woman who lived in 1'hilad Iphia.^HOT plan was to take $10 and ltd gold^pieces, and with a small drill worked^by steam power, to bars out ihe inside^and then refill them with some has,-
ajatalibeing very oarefnl that they^should weigh exactly the right amount^when she had Bnished, This aba ac^^complished by drilling through the^milled . dge of the coin, and th* n, after^lllllng the hole, covered ii with u little^of the extracted gold. In this way she^made |7.r^0 on every eagle and about^$16 on every double eagle. The officials^of the secret service say that this Is^the safest device ever invented. f.,r^cheating the treasury.
Counterfeitingis very apt to run In^families. This, of course, is nntural,^as a father brings up his son or^daughter to follow his profession.^Women who would otherwise be good^are often led into this sort of crime by^man y ing men w ho carry it on as a^business. Bttl sometimes It works Hu^^nt her way. Women teach their hits-^hands how to make false money. This^is w hat sagnened when Ban Boyd n yr-
rledMary AckerRUM of Indiana. Her^father was one of the most successful^counterfeiters of his day, and his^daughter had a thorough acquaint^^ance with the art. Mrs. Boyd carefully^taught her husband all the secrets of^the trade, and he became one the^Boa) fumoiis forgers of the age.^They canied on the business with
racka high degree of skin that they^w. re not captured for years, and, wh. ii^at last the set ret service Hawkshawi^did run then down, not a single coun^^terfeit plate, note or coin was found in^their possession. When their house^was marched $s,on) in g..o.i money
w.i.jfound. This Small amount was
nilthe money they had accumulated
duringall their years of crime, tlf^course, (he offlosrs cotiht not touch it.^Aft. rw ar.l IgHhllSlfl evident e w as se^^cured to convict them nnd they WON^s. tit to prison. They both Claimed b
kgconverted while in state prison, and
aftertheir release BOtUod in Chicago,^wh.p' they Bp patently lived nn hon^^est life.
AggaU Hint annoyed the secret ser^^vice very ttin. li wus that of a woman^who employed a clover dodgo, sh-
wentto a large shop and selected a^valuable shawl. To pay for this she^hamled the clerk a Baited Slabs
treasurynote for $i.o^m^. He took the^money and disappeared, not returning^for several minutes. When he came^haik she uskod him why he had kept^her wailing, and he Confessed that he^had taken the bill to a bank near by^to be sure that It was good. She pro^^tended to he very angry and said that^she would not buy the shawl on any^ac. unit and walked out of Ihe shop.^A little later in the day she returned,^anil said that as she could not And^any other shawl that suited her gg^Well In the other shops, she had de^^rided to take It in spite of the Insult^Offered her. She gave him the H,f4t^bill, and getting the shawl and the^change, left the shop. The owner of^the shop afterward discovered that the^note he finally accepted was a coun^^terfeit. The tirst hill had been flood,^but on her return she gave him the^false one. which was a wonderfully^. lev. r Imitation. The secret service^was much agitated about this and sev^^eral others of the thousand-dollar bills^which turned up. but they have since^. aptured the plates.
Practicallyevery gang of counter^^feiters ever arrested has had women^associates. In the otllre of the s.. r. t^service In Washington there Is a large^frame, four fUSt ggjgnwBj tilled with the^photographs of women who have cith^^er made or passed false money. Men^almost always employ their wives or^daughters for the purpose of ^shov^^ing^ their counterfeits.
Inpclnt of ^lcctrle light and street rail^^way *. r\ioo and li!.' tin Id lug facilities An^BSanfla Is pr. eminently .IIMlngnisli. d and^conspicuously favored. In no city in the
v\t ^t save las gnuas and nuungui * sf na^^ture Ik en made more subservient to the^will of man or utilized to heller a.lvau-^tiigo than In the in.tni|^oll.s of liter^Lodge co'iiuy. Through the Instrumental^^ity of modern appliances, supplied hy the
Aaassadagnsstn Laxht, gadrwag and
i'ovvtrcompany, Ihe l oppt r I'lty BSBOta^of as tine nn electric system as is In ex^^istent.' In any c ity in the land.
Sixyears ago, when the company first^hi gun to supply the city with light and
eiei'tit.sewer far rartaos jMsrsessa, it
waslittle ii reamed that the Anaconda of^to-day would hg the mighty city that she^is. During tlnse yearn the improvements^made by the compuny to Its plant Lave^Is t u of a charuct'T in thorough keeping^with the astonishing growth of the city
andosssmesaurats with the needs for
guatlyincreased service, until to-day the^company has In successful ssssattag two^of the finest plants iii the Weal, the e.i-^pactly ol which Is considerably In excess^of even the prcstnt l.lg demand.
Thenew addition to the old water now^er station ahOVt the race truck was com^^pleted last May and is equipped with the^rrost modern ma. hln. ry, having the^luttst improved nnd most universally ap^^proved types of direct connected turbines^ai d dynamos. This plant Is run cx. lu-^si\. ly by water and has a capacity of I..sk)^ho: ^!^ power. The scarce Is Warm Springs^ere, k, with h supplies an inim. use r^ ser^^ves* front which ihe water is esadnoted lo
theItalian through a Hume Hin t Miles^long. The extn me fluctuation In the wa^^ter supply, however, ggnfo it haMrvhstass
tomake any farther additions lo Mils^plant, although the demand lor light and^power Increased SO rapidly that ll bo^^tanic necessary to furnish an enlarged^service, Il was decided, therefore, to eon-^BtrUOt a s palate and distinct pOWOT
hsustto i.e operated by ste.nn. tSeh.tiug
asite at the lower works of the Anaconda
Copper.Mining oeeapaay, the erection of a
newstation was begun last Hiptimbcr^and rushed rapidly to completion. HOTS^wus Installed a M horse-power steam^plant which has BSOS In slice, ssl'til ami
uninterrupted..p. ration si nee the rust oi^lust November, All the are un.i knmnaas*
centlights at the works, as well us tic^commercial arc lights, arc supplied by^this new .steam station.
Atthese tWO BtatkUUl Is gent rated the^subilo current which gives to AassUUsfln^an electric .service nowhere surpassed.^Tho double plant Is Incomparably the^n.. st complete in the state, furnishing the^works with HI are llgnts. the smelters^with t,SSJ im am!, sc. nts, tho city and va-^lious commercial Institutions with SU^ares and MM Incandesc. nts, and supply^^ing electric power lo the street railway,
foundry,ceavector sraaea si Ihe works
unithigh line tramway. In addition nu^^merous uth.r motors receive their supply^of the ibctrle fluid front these powerful^generating plants, a conspicuous ggamptf
beingtho splendid service rendered the
tsndardin tho operation of Its new per^^fecting press.
Suaethe inauguration of the cle. trie^cub rprtaa tho SSSipsny has had many^obstacles to surmount ami much to con^^tend Willi is order to bring the service up^to lis present high standard of excellence^ami slate of perfection. IP doubled ^fforts^and steady application to the work ill^haad, however, have brought th. ir own^reward, and the company proposes to
continueto keep fuiiy abreast of the tttnea
andadd to the plants as occasion may^rfcOUlre, ll hi worthy sf note that the
Municipalgovernment of Anaconda has^not exercised a paiwbnlnoua policy with^regard to lighting tho city In the past,^and it is to I... hoped thai the council will
continuelo k. i^ step with the onward
narchof progress and let their light so
ShkMthat oth. IS may see their good^a orks.
Tkeelectric street DM aervlcs supplied^by this company cannot he too highly^aMBOiended. The system comprises the^operation of six miles of Hack and tho^llll IIIISSI WTO of three motor cars ggfl U^tiallers. Two if the motors and four of^the trailers are in dally use and their^opeiutlou compare.* favorably with that
inrugae hi saber burgs ettws, it is the
ahaand object of the rnmpsny to main^^tain as raged a service as Is |.os^lble over^Its satire line; under the now schedule^now la t fleet more flWSUeSt trips are^made and a more rapid transit obtains. It^lias afflnya DOSS the paHsy of thS man^^agement to endeavor to furnish a^fruitless service, and In the fu^^ture, as in tho pSSt, no pains^will hi spared to oblige patrons in^the matter of providing saaotal transpor^^tation fai'iiib. s (or th^ m eaunsdatwn of
Carrellurn! other suburban rSStSOSAs who^ibsire to take part in any festivity th..t^n.ay pi 11001 tin tr returning to their re-^si i. the homes 1m fore the last car leaves.
ofthe happy .lenlions of Anaconda. Tho^source Is never-fulling and the purity SS^^fSJ siloned. It ts nature's purest brew^^healthful, llfe-glvlng water. The aaSSSSUSS^exert h^ a a watchful t are over the supply^end It Is hnpossible for It to bseSUM^tainted kg impurities. Nature has provided^fllb rers which the cunning hand of^man could net opprou 'h in design and^make.
Thepressors la ample for lire fighting:^the . hlef of the Anaconda fir. department^la his last monthly report states that the^pitssure at ull if tlio city plugs Is :^.^p.. n.ls un.l says the system Is equal to^any lire omergir.cy that may misc.
gnOsgme ius ornh aateaeoo,^from the IVtroit Free Press.
Thepatient's symptoms Indicated^cardiac troubles, ami the doctor got out^his StsghOSCOM ami applied It to his^chest to test the action of the heart.
TheSatlenl flushed angrily, unbut-^tonod his VOSt, and took from his Inside
pockstft $5 bill wrapped i^ a poms gfl
Ithink It's carrying thtnes n little^^oo far.^ he sRid. ^when you doctors go^to looking through a man with an X-^ray to st- |, ,.. much money he has.
I . .'!:, ANAt'uXli.V Ac PACIFIC HY.
(TimeS'hedulo KfT.vtivo Thursday, De^^cember lath, 1sw.)^MPAM l ltO.M ANACONDA.^No. 2, Ilutte Kxpress, for Hel^^ena. (Jinit PUfla, Heattle, Ban^Krun. lseo and ull points west,
dally^:-o a m
No 4, RuttS I'xprtss. dd.ly.... 3.0U p m^No. 6. Copper City Flyer, for^Helena, Oreal Falls, St. Paul.^Chicago and ull points east
andwest, dally 8:10 p m
AJUtrYflAT ANACONDA.^No. X, Copper City Flyer, dally. .10:53 a m^v^ !' A^'^ ^'^''i gnTpresS dully. 5:0o p m^No. j. Ana oml.i Kxpress, dally.10:Su p m
MKPAHTI'KOM Ill'TTE.^No. 3, Cotip. r City Flyer, dally.10:00 a m^No. 1, Amie,,nd.i Kxtuess, dally.. 6:H0 p m^No. 6, Anaconda Kxpress. daily 9:D5 p m
AJUUTI IN HFTTK.^No. J, Ibttte Kxpress, daily.... 9:25 a m^No. 1, Hutte Kxpress, daily.... 4:00 p m^No. Coinir^r^rny Flyer, dally 9:25 p m
IhitteKxpress 1:10 p m
ButteEx| i sj 5:55 p m
|:^'' Bsi ss io:5o p m
IlutteKxpress 9;oi u ni
Connectsnt Stuart for (iarrtson and^points gam on Northern Pastfle; at 811-
verBow with union Mai l ast Mail.
'Connectsat Carrlson with Northern^nt M ^ train for Pfaat
ButteKxpress ^:oo a m
'HutteKxpr. ss 2:43 p m
ButteBspn m H:i3 p n
Klarriaaagbqmnvj Khasaai
TltAIlMAflJUVI IN r.t'TTK.^Anaconda and Harrison Ex-
arosill:^p m
OarrlaaaAeeoans^afatfan InUpsi
AnaeonflsBspremW:05 a m
AaaesaoaflTpremlam p n
AnacondaKxpress 9:15 p m
UnloaPacific Fast Mail Han P m
Connectsat Harrison with Northern^Pscifta train for tho West.
'Cnnne.is at QaiTiSOn with the North^^ern Pacific train for the East.
TRAIN!UBAVB1 BUTTst, i^^Anaconda und tlurrlson Ex^^press 9:no a m
MQarrbunAccommodation|ssj pm
AnacondaBsprem .'12:111 p m
Asaasndafesprsm |gg p m
AnacondaKxf less sew p m
t'nlonPueblo Fast Mall 4:00 p m
AsCl. nr as Costal, It Is Nature's Pun st^Prow.
Anaconda'swab r supply Is ample for^the net.Is of a city of pm mm inhabitants^and its ipiahty Is 11s pure as Its gBSntity^Ij abundant, it Is a gravity system. The^works are owned and operate.1 hy the^Arotonda Water company.
Theimmense storage reservoir, situ^^ated In Hfo gulch, about two and o
hulfmiles ahUVS the city, is only partly^artificial When nature fashioned the sur^^roundings of An.eon.la she was In her^most gruclous mood, and, us If In nnta l-^patlon of the founding of a gnat . ,ty at^thin |K)lnt, she very ronsldeiittcly pro^^vided mi almost natural reservoir. Tho^han.l of man bus completed the work the^Creator left saSSUShOd, This H mi-natu^^ral reservoir has a rapacity of nearly ton^million gallons of water. It Is lapsed bar a^10-Inch main of welded steel tub. s and a^| gork main of Kalom. rn Iron. The fall^is such that th. re Is no possible chance^for tho water to become rusty er gath. r^other Impurities.
The6-ln.h main, which connects with^both the large reservoir and the num.',^runs parallel with the pi-Inch main for a^considerable distance, but branches off^neur the outskirts of the city sod runs to^a distributing res. rv olr en a hill overlook^^ing the town. This reservoir has a :l-lnch^brick wall lined with cement; the dlmen-^sltns are 10x00, in feel deep. As It is over^JO feet higher than the city and iii feet^lewer than the main reservoir, the r.-^s,ne supply of water which It holds^would easily tide ov. r any accident to tin^ages lines outside of town.
Thet ntlre water BSgofly comes from^th- numerous sprints whi.h dot Mount^I'.sldy's south Tn san-kt^*e^' gSUM from^base to summit Gushing forth froai ^ arth^and rocky crevices, the crystal Bold rustl^^es down the mountain sale, as pare as^ever BSWed from Olympian heights, and^is held in check In the big basin to Is- dis^^tributed through the mains for the use
No.11. from St. Paul and all^Eastern points, arrive at N. P.^local depot dally ut10:45 a m
M.V., No. 2, from Portland and^all Intermediate points, ar^^rives at M. 0, depot dally ...11:03 pm
M.V., No. \ mixed, from Garri^^son and Helena, arrives ut M.^U. depot dally 5:00 p ra
M.U., No. 1. for PUT thi Sd and all^interim dlute points, hUMTSJ M.^U. depot daily 9:00 a m
No.12, for tit. Paul and all^Eastern points, leaves N. P.
local.!^ pot dally 10:55 p ra
M.L'., No. 7, mixed, to Garrison,^OSaaesthUJ with N. P. through^train for ull Bsstern points,
ISSVSSIt V. depot daily5:30 p ra
Mxi!. to Whit, hall, leaves N. P.^local depot dally at 7:30 u. m
dailyesospt hwsidayi es Tarns-^gn)... in la sdll i un through^to Pony and Norrls.^Trail i Nos. 11 and 12 will have
gunlard Pnlhnaa Sleeping
Catsoi and from the East.
atrough tickets to Japan nnd China^via Tat waa and Northern l'acltlo Steam^^ship Company.
l'.irInformation, time cards, maps and,^tickets, call on or write to
W.M. TUOIIT.^General Arent. 13 East Hroadway, Butt*.^Or CHARLES B, I'Hi:. QoaotSl Passenger^Agont, St. Paul. Minn.
TOiif.LF.NA. URKAT^f vi.i.S AM) the east
ThePopular Route to St Paul. Chlcaro.^New York and all Points East. Buffet^Library Cars, Luxurious Sleeping Cars.^Ki gsnt Pining Cars, Upholstered Tourist^Cars.
Leaves:Atlantic gs.piemP. m.
Leaves:Great Kails Local....1:80 a. m.
Arrives: Pacific gSBWOSi7:30 am.
Arrives:C.rest Falls Local....1:15 p. m.^Tick.; Offloa. NO, tl North Main street,^Butte. J. B, DAWgON, a. A.
willquickly cure you of all nervous^fdasssea, such as lost man .ooj, pains^lo the hack, Bessgtal nm.ssions, nervous^debility, unfitness to marry, exhaust^^ing drains, impot. ncy and all Its hor^^rors. A written guarantee and monty^refai led If eta bav.-s does not effect a^I, ^:. j:11..0 per box. -'ix far
K.by mail, securely sealed. Manufao^tu'red by A. Au*' adrt-. aPr:s. Address^sil mail tj D. M NKWt'.RO DKL'13
CO..swi^ ageatSj liuttc. Monu

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