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AllAbout Events and Men in Montana During the^Year That Ended Last Xisht.
1Tn Western .Montana terrible wind^storms prevail ami rallwa) train,^completely suspended hy heavy^anowa; at Philipsburg I'.lizabcth^MlnliiK ^ umpatiy goes to the wall; at^Hutto Charles lluinni commits suicide-^by blueing his brain* out.
2At Hull. Carrie Hlllott, a friendless^stranger, makes an Ineffectual at^^tempt at filicide.
JAt Helena. ^iuy Si. John Storey gels^three yearn fur burglary, at Seattle^the Butte- (ootbnll team oompletat Ma^coast law by defeating Ihe (^cattle s^^ to 2: at Hutte- the SiI\^ ^ r l'.^W ^ .unij^bar h^^ld memorial *^-i \ :^ e.i in honor^of Ihe late Judge H W. Cole.
At^inat Kalis an HHNWdll at^^tempt Is made to burn Um ^l^era^house; at Billings a ball uaine Is^played In lh^- wInter time.
7At Helena the initiative Ik tak-n by^the city cumuli to Inroellgala Un^^charges of hrllicry against ^ ^ iialr al^^dermen: mat Qteodlva Qeorge^ Uleo-^^on |l crushed to ibath Ml a rati^mine: at Great Falls Daniel Mlvelrn,^the former husband of Miss Mattle^Overman of San Piudm m nnlnl^fame, tells what he knows al-un the^\e miian.
IAt Oreat Fa lis the . iiy . .nine ..^up the \ ai i- ' 1 show
IAt Butte tlmlier trespass suits are^commenced by the governincut, and^the tsindsincii of Simon Jacoba, i Ik-^defaulting city treasurer, raahi offer^of settlement, at Helena Attorney^Genera! Haskell says the new In i e-^laws are constitutional.
10At Ib-le-iiii Judge Gilbert removes^K. L. llontier and J. II Mills as le^^t-elvers of the Xorthei n I'io Itk and^appoints Andrew V. Burleigh: ai An^^aconda Febr Jensen dropa dead in^the Metropolitan saloon, al Butte^Joseph Milano Is given a m idi, i I'.'i^$2.iiiiI against i he Kenyon-Connell^company tor Injuries received in the^powder explosion.
IIAt Helena Alderman Edwardl ex^^pectorates in the face of Alderman^Keith: at Deaf Lodge Binery Bchoon-
overaccidentally shoots and kills^Charlie Housnian. aged Hi al Mllei^City W. o. Corn well convicted of^stealing cattle; at Missoula tIn- MIs-^aouia OoM Mining company is lacor-^porated.
12At tlreal Falls the Montana Itucco^company Is Incorporated, at Uutte^Jarob I). Sheffer meets Instant death^in the Specie mine: at Butte the an^^nual statement of building operations^fnr the past year shows an expendi^^ture of over |;l.r.li.000, at Missoula A. J.^Thomas' two stores closed under at^^tachments.
11At Unite the weather |^ like spring^and two games of football are played^at Waikeiviiie Chris Bennetts killed
inthe Magna I'h.iita mine.
14At Hartford Henry N. Hunter of^Helena run down anil killed by a^cieat Northern engine; at Helena the
supreme'court grains a now trial 10^Paul Metcalf. mm I. led of the murder^of Frank Hunter in Beaverhead^count y.
1Gat Boar i naii nrigollalloagi completed^for the eatabllahmenl of ^ pork pack-^tag plant
17At Helena the city council anal
JudgeBlake to call ^ irand .buy to
Investigatecharges of bribeiy made
againstcertain aldermen; at Miles
City James Manskier. an alleged
stock metier, realeta arreel and la
shedami killed in a caboose by Stoc k
Detectivew. D. smith; at Butte a^Texas officer arrives In c harge of^T. Da vies, the defaulting Butti rep-^resentative of the mlanotila Mercan^^tile company; at Bun,- II. A. McU od^meets Math ill the .Mountain Con^mine.
isAt Hillings sheriff Barky leaves for^Call font la to secure Warren C. Good^^win on a charge of criminal assault;^at Great Falls suits are commenced^against Hie Great Falls ^ Canadian^railroad for $7.i.ihm damages: at Ureal^Falls returns fioia wool consigned to^Huston houses in IvCi Just received^und net the owrieis II cents per^pound.
15-.Near Great Falls Andrew Wagner,^a she. p harder, falls over a c hit and
likilledj Ht Terry. Custer county, tin-^destroys A. i' Smith's hi ore and stock^of merchandise; at Unite Hie Butte^Clty Water company eOed for HcjdNi
atfhniiiiiau Charles W, Hoffman^elected president of the Boaemaa Na^^tional bank to succeed Kmery Cobb.
20-At lb 1. na I'leasani I Ira pel cont i.-t-^ed in the Ualted States court of mur^^der in the tirst decree for the killing^of hisswee atari at Fort Cuater; at^OantenrUle Ike a. P. a. lode* uui ren^^ders its c harb r.
21 At Heh na Judge Hlake oyerrub ^ I
motionfor a new- trial in the Gay
murdercase it Mlles^'ii^ Hiron-
ersJury holdi stock Detective Bmlih^blameless for the killing of a sloc k^rustler who was restating arreat; at^Butte the boa darner of the late city
treasurer,Simon Jacobs, make good^the defalcation.
24-At Helena Ac-tine Governor Botkln^appoints Miss Agnes Fall. Steele lo^chrleten the new gunboat City of^Ib-lena at Newport Newa, Ya ; II^Livingston Trio y oonvicti d of volun^^tary ajaaalaughter for the killing of^Anderaoa hi Horr.
25-At Hozeman John It. T^ahl. a IMn-^bler. sui. lcbm by shooting, at Slevens-^vllle the Itavalll county giatnl Jury^Indicts the eclltor of the Northweal^Tribune for libel and gontratee Hi.-^county efllcera of any fraudulent^transae tions.
26-At Ibhtia the annual report of^State Superintendent St.^^^^^^^ shows
Jy.jJ ehildri n of school age- in the^state; at Peer Lodge Charles A^Hrown gets one year t,.r assault with^intent to BcMMBM murder.
28At Belraa suit is Inatituted ngnlnal
theMolilalia Ceiitial for L'.'e in^ b| the^^widow of J. j{. ReBclie, killed in the^Hutte yards: at Hillings two c aara of^nmt^llpi x reported In the free In.linn^^ amp. ut Hutte the en tin ;i^,-i^ of^the Kenyon-Conm ll c ompany sold at^eheriff's sale to satisfy a JUllgllleill by^default f.,r pil,^7j obtained b\ W. A.^Clark .V: Bra,
29At Anaconda Dr. George c I^.uu:-^las. an honored ^:. a. It. veteran^found ibad In Isd. al Butte .1 ai
Youngibea in the |r hnuar from an
overdone ol marphlpe; at I.^^Washini'ton Kills, an aged farmer,^thrown from his wagon and billed.
30At Livingston H.my Ib.ehl. i has a^narrow escape )....,
andtells th^ ^.fli,, .s that his aban^^doned wife was bia aaanilai I at l.iv-^Ingston Judgiin nt |n f:u. . ^^plaintiff is rendered In the II^ault of Jacob Re4tag i^ Harrj Oaa*^aert et al.; at BoaemM vandal* enti r^the Preabyterian church and iuhi lha^furnitui I
IIAt Phillpeburg Nellie Horton Is^robbed of J'.'hi urortk of d^near Anaconcla the- body at T ^ra Mai -^well I^ fouml In the bottom ol^ahaft on the Twin Tree claim; al^Helena Fred I. Llttlefleld is found^dead In hia ro-.-m in the rear ut his
etore;al Hutt^- notice of appeal given^from the decision of Jinlge Bpoar, da-^i luring the liccnee law unconstitu^^tional.
FKItltl'AIt Y.
IAt Livingston llc-ITi rlln's opera^house destroyed by tire; at Hutte It Is
sinuate ^| that the population of that^city and suburb* is 40.114.
1'-At He xcmait ib ath c hilms a Montana^plone. r in the poison of John S. .\b n-^denluill. at Helena Pleasant Drape r^sentc nc c c| to |^. haiig.-d on May 2'.^:^at Helena Mrs. K. W. Knight. Jr . se^^cures a dtV0t^ee; at Hutte UM II. ^ H.^mines close down for an Indefinite^pried 1 at Kid Lodge John It. An^^drews is gpepotnted postmaster; at
Ileal Falls Hev. It. Al. Italnsc-y re^^signs his pastorate of the Presby^^terian church.
3Al Hun. there were Ci deaths dur^^ing January.
4-At Hi-l.-iia the- Wllllard-Ilennett Live^^stock company is Incorporated with^a lapital stock of ^..ci.imki, ut Hutte a^Swedish Lutheran aactety is oi-gun-
l(eclwith a meiiibershlp of k^.
5-At llc le na A. N. Adams makes nn^assignment; at Hillings the new opera^house is formally opendd; at Lan-
duskyJas Winters ihoetg ami kills
Johni 'in ry.
6-At liel. ua Governor III-tarda writes^to Sec rc-lary (iluey and asks that the^department take steps to seem-.- the^deportation of raaegadi Canadian
trees; at llc le na the governor giants^a pardon to Harry C. Wilson, s. ut up
fiomIr Lodge in \k^.\ for six years
forrobbing u box c ar; at Seba's slllc-a^quarry west of Anaconda 111 roc min-^c is ate blown up while thawing giant^powder, Morion I.Inn. II being killed;
atButte David Hanafleld, the ilayer
OlTom Lynch, Is c onvicted of mttrdi r
inthe simi degree.
7-At the lloie-nian tunnel daylight Is^let through Um big bore for the Mist^time sinc-e the file ill September, 1KM.
8-At Helena plans are adopted for the^const ruction of the Soldiers' Home^building at Columbia Fulls.
9-At Livingston the county commis^^sioners award the contract for the^construction of a bridge across Hie^Yellowstone to Ok K. Peppard of Mis^^soula; ut Hutte Andrew Nelson tncela
deathat the Hetaaa matter; at Butte^Judge Speer sentences David Mantbdd^to L'a years in the penitentiary; at^Clinton, Mbsonla county. Jack Du-^c-'-.v. a logger, is crushed to death: at
HeelLodgecms the formal opening
olthe HusinesH Men's c lub; near Hig^Timber Colonel John Glbney (Itehel^Jac k I is found dCc*d In his cabin.
IIAt Bulla the pOpUhnl state central
committeedaoMaa to hold lha Brat^state convention at lioulder on June^2:1; at Helena occurs the meeting of
theexecutive committee for Montana^of the North wee tern Immlgrai
convention.II At Anaconda the Star Creek Min^^ing company is ln^ orpornted and i ap-^Itallaed for isn.un; ai Hi lean suit is^brought by U dlffercnl people agalnat^the Helena capltol committee to re^^cover sums aggregating |4^Moi at
HutteThomas H. Oliver is c rushed^Lo death in the Huston K- Montana.^II Al Hillings Yardinusler T. V. BrUCO
ofthe Burlington is Inatantly killed^while coupling cara; B, a. Tipton se-^c nit s a Iraaa of the Butte and Ann*^rondo race trache; the United Btntaa^c ue nit court of appe als decldea that^Hi.- federal conns have not egolualvo^lurladlctlon ovei Indian reaervatlona.^II ai Helena a football te am is organ-^lxeei; Qovornor Blchnrda issues a
punlamation directing ilie i|iiaiiintin-^ing of all sheep iinporlecl into Mon^^tana from Wyoming, Coloia.lo and^oilier wi-slc-rn states.^Hi Ai Ibdena the Ureal Northern be-
iins io remove its ronndhouae ami
enginesto Clanc y; at Anaconda is in-
atltutoda lodge of the Independent^iinler of Foresters; nt Hutte Judge^Bpeer aentoncea Frank White, the
longman, ami George Howard, the
shoiiman, convicted of robbery, lo
lvand 20 yours respec tively In the^penitentiary; at Clinton George^Se lilcrm, a logger, meets a frightful
17At Livingston T. II. Preston be^^comes temporarily Insane, tiles to kill^Ins wife and In arrested; at St. Paul^Varoii llelslllleld weds Mrs. Marie F.^e Iiixiehi, a Chicago widow; at Hulte^the- A. P. A. de'cldes to uct with the^ie publicans in the municipal cam^^paign, ut Livingston Is In session the^annual convocation of the bodies of
theAncient und Accepted dcotttah^Kite of Five Masons for the Jurisdic^^tion of Kastern Montana.^U AI Cinnabar, Park county, occurs^the death of Harry Qaaoort, a will-^know u Montana pioneer; nt Hutte a^highw ayiiiau shoots and wounds Mis^t'.i man Bbelm and holds up Slreet^Car Conductor Hyiie-s. while- three^other dc-speiadocs hold up John li.^Murphy under the glare of an electric^light; at lledena the nUIWVHie ceiiirt
afllrmathe denth aentenca of William^i il| n lair, convii ted of the murdei^of I hi k Johnson.
II At Heiitoii MlckneJ I'latny. a wedl-^known dMouanna uf Choteau county. I^liins himself nil, with the statement^thai ha had siwt and kille d his part^^ner, T, j. Hnnlda.la aelf-defenaa,
MAt Helena) the saloon keen utganlM
iln Llipior iH'ulera' Proleellve asso-^e latkM in order to handicap ihe pro- i
hIMtloadetoj at Uvtngaton fmnlel
i^ Connor, u IioIhi. deals a c ompanion !^a death blow with un MM durtag the I^progress of a ciiunketi low; in Mon^^tana the knights of Pythias celebrate-
the32nd annlvaranry of the aatgbHah-
BMnt of ihe Pythian ord-r. President
J.J. liiii ami unity of the Qrenl^Northern \islt Unite- and Anacomla.^21 W \\ a:\-i-Mlle N0.1i1 Fori est meelB^Inatnnl death by u carloael of lagging ,
tailingon him; at Hutte the High Org '^i;..!d X- C. ppci Mining enir.piiny In- I^corpornted with a onpttal utock of^llta.ejga; at Mlaauula the midwinter ;
-ting of the Western Montana
rrultKrowcra*MgootntJao opens.^SI ai Beer i.odge- the oewa is nootvod^^ I the Bndlns of the body of Jatm-s |^ninet y near Bhjukfanl city: nt
I'hllilslung occurs the- dedication of i^that city's in w high n hool hulldllig.
\iButte the Jury returns n verdict^for I12MM i'.images In the plalntltls'^favor in tin- lanious mining suit of^the Hutte'X Huston va. the l.e-xingloli^e oiupauy.
24 Th. Oraajooa Siirtngs open und^-r^the- llialKgllllanl of Con Hayes; the \^annual report of the I Inn ton ^v Mon- i^tuna company show* gross receipt* i^tor the past \ . ar to have been M.ve'.-^- ii. expenses at Hutte and Great Falls^C icm...nil. othe-r expenses }:^5f^,3(5: at^^ 'olnmbUI UcLCUlred the meeting of the l^Btlllwatir Woolgrowers association; ,^Ul Missoula th-- grand Jury returns an 1^indii iment against District Clerk Me- I^t'nnnell.
26Antone Hanson N'ordsand Is run^ovc i and killed on the NorthernPac Ith^i ear Honn stake tunm-l while stealing |^a rid.- Sam LeGrant commenrea suit^against the city of Anaconda for^|H.i,0^J0 damascs for false imprison- |
mint.Miles City bonds In the sum of^ti; eon sell at par; at Glasgow John^Currlugton Is hound over to the dis^^trict court on a charge of criminally^assaulting his little sister.
28-At Hutte the saloonkeepers meet^and form the Saloonkeepers' Protec^^tive association; Mayor Thompson of^Hutte writes to Senator Mantle and^endorses the action of Montana's rep^^resentatives in congress.
29The Crittenden evangelist party ar^^rives at Hutte to conduct a series of^revival meetings; Helena city bonds^In the sum of 1475,000 sell at par and^accrued interest.
1-March come s in like a roaring; Hon,^bringing with it the tirst genuine blix-
nnrdoi t in- aangun,
2Iln- third annual meeting of the A.^P. A. slate council convenes in Ana^^conda.
2The lire in the Hozeman tunnel takes^a BOO start und rages with greater^fury than ever; at Helena the ^u-^preuie court levcrses Judge Me lint-^ton's school text Ik decision und
cle. lares that trustees can adopt^UrknteVOf text books they doom best;^at Horr, l'ark county, a rebelllou^among tin- miners Is suppressed by
Sherift Young ami forf speclul
deputies;al Missoula the city coun^^cil makes u horixontal reduction ^in^salaries.
4At Hutte Davtd T. Davis is Inciner^^ate d In his cabin.
fi-AtButte a Florence Crittenib-n lies-^cue home is founded by popular sub^^scription, at Helena Judge Hluke re^^sentences William Hlggeistufl to be^hanged on April v.
TAt Hutte- Knglne-i-r Cyrus Hawley^falls down in the Silver Lake house^and expires a few minutes later; the^Unite .\ Horton company's llnanclal^trouliles c ulminate in g suit brought^against the company to recover the^BUM of im.lll and attachment! be^^ing lcvle d on all tin- property.
'jAt Anae. mln gambling Is suppressed^by Hie city council; al Great Falls
st\c- Leyden, on trial tor the murder^Of Victor llg ill a I bit saloon, gets off^with manslaughter; at Hutte Silas K.^King institutes suit against the Mon^^tana On Purchasing company for
Ml,lamagee; at Butta Al Leans
10-Tlu- Male mining and Immigration^convention convenes in Helena.
11-At Hutte lha Great Northern car^repairers go out on a strike because^of a reduction of |5 per month In^1 heir wages.
nThe news of the death of Dr. W. A.^Hiirlelgh, one of the- pioneers of Mon^^tana, at his home in Yunkton, S. I). Is^received with profound regret;^Thomas Couch and J. F. Forbls ap^^pointed receivers for the Hutte ^^Huston company; at Hutte William^Donnelly Is killed in the St. Lawrence^mine.
ir^ At Glasgow John Currlugton Is con^^victed of criminal assault on his little^sister and Is sentenced by Judge Du^Hose lo life imprisonment.
16At Timberllne, Gallatin county,^Peter Scolllck. a bartender, shoots^ami kills Philip Beadle; near Hillings^two Italians, employed at the North^^ern Pac ilie stone QUOITy, are blow n^Into eternity; at Hutte Mrs. Kale^i 'iii ran ^ utm her throat.
IVAt Hillings Charhs Mihaels is ar^^rested for attempted murder In Kan^^sas; ai Anaconda William Webster is^arrauted for shooting a Booemeu
man;at Anaconda Terrenes IfcOlU*
nis.otiee wealthy and influential, dlaa
isAt Butta Officer Fred Pnrlla is foul^^ly assassinated by n gang of toughs^and one of his assailants. Rode rich^M. Judge, being closely pursued, com*
initssuic ide; at Hutte the |H,oMdam^^age suit of Mrs. Morrow against l^r.^Joseph u/ayerbeoral is thrown out of^conn on a technicality.^19-At Hillings occurs the denth of^County Aaaeaaor Frank s. Whitney;
atHutte Kd Kdwanls is arrested as
theaccomplice of Boderlch M. Judge^in the inn! del- of Officer Par Iln; al^Camp Creak Mike Lyon meata death
Inthe Columbia mine; at Malta Will^^iam Lnmeroui and Calvin O'Nell ar^^rested (or an Indian murder in w\ ^-^tiling,
20Al rod Missoula OTM0 Siatiton^shoots and wounds Robert J. Davis.
21ai Helena Judge Knowlea order* ^^Dillon Chinaman deported; at Butta^Kd Kdwarda, alias Campbell, Is held^to the district court for the munb r of^i lancer Parlln; al Big Timber Daniel
Lam.y is adjudgl d Insuiie.
22At Helena I'c reign insurance- com^^panies mandamus the county treas-^urer to e-ouipet him to tile their char^^ters without compensation; nt Liv^^ingston Herbert Magoc, a sheep herd^^er from Sweet Glass county. In Or^^dered Committed to the insane asy^^lum; at Great Fulls Judge- Hc-nton^sentem e-s Steve- Le-yclen to 'he pen for^three- years; ut Lima Alex Porter is^run over by a switch engine und^killed
HAt BUtta Chief of Police- Te-lio pre^^pares new rules for the government^of tin- departmetit; springlike weath-^er prevails throughout .Montana.
24Al Helena the supreme court af-^iinns the Judgment of the lower
courtin denying William Gay a new-^trial; Mrs. Jennie 11. Kimball, taken^III in Hutte. dies upon reaching St.^Paul; at Helena dismissed members
oftin- Hozeman Agricultural oolleoju
facultyappear before the state board
ofeducatton and demand an In venti^^lation; at Hutte begins th.- fifth an^^nual convention of the silver Bon
countySunday school.^2.i At Miles begins the ne-w trial of
WilliamBnltoy, convicted at Qlen- I^eiive of tin- murder of Joha Barkley I
andsente-need to be hung: William I
Montgomery, Churiea Cunningham |^ami Frank Hill of lieuverhead coun^^ty taken tee the reform school.
It At Mi.-soula Is re ce ived tin- news of I^the- suic ide at Victor of Hattta QUI- j^man; in lha Hitter Boat valley^spring How Ing begins; at licit Sam^^uel Jones Is crushed to death In the^Cnutnor mine.
27At Victor indignant e iti/.ens strip 1^to the- waist Charles Alb-n, the vile '^slanderer who was the direct cause^of Hal tie Olllman'a suicide, give him^lie lasln s and order him out of town;^At Wie k- s tin- Molilalia Central rail^^road ticket ofhoa and telegraph are
dealtoy id by an Inoendtury tire.
25At Missoula occurs the (bath of
sisterMary NetheJJn of the sister^^hood of tha Order of Providence.
2: Tin- Pieabyterlnna of South Hutte^basin the ereeilon of a church: at^nuasaiaa occtm the death of Samuel^Le-w Is. a pioneer.
30-AtHint.- occurs the tirst regular^practice of the toot hall team: at^Hutte the total registration, as re-^VhMdi for Hie city ele-eiion Is 3.T4S.
elAt Hele na bids are received for the^maim. nan. - of state convicts; at^Hutle L. J. LaOchaUaU ^: Co., whole^^sale McfUOV dealers, fail: at Helena^Governor lib kanls appoints T. C.^Davidson of Anaconda as one oi the^hoard of managers eef the soldiers'^home, vice F. F. Ferris of Knxeman,^resigned, at Great Falls John Sebas^^tian, on trial for the miiiele-r of his^wife, Is found guilty of murder In^the si-, and degree and sentenced lo^life Imprisonment.
1-AtHutte the county commissioners
gaoumerharga .-r the Women's and^Children s home and pay off the out^^standing Indebtedness.^2 Al MiUs City the Jury In the Uailey
murdercase fail to agree and are^discharged; at Helmville occurs tin-^death of Henry Helm, a De-er Lodge^county pioneer; at Anaconda Tom^Hretinan Is tiurned to death at the^Anuconda works; the annual repoii^of Postmaster Lynch of Hutte shows^that Hutte'a postoffU-e Is entitled to^lie placed In the first class.
4At Helena Governor Hie kards de-^c lines to commute the death se ni. n. e^of William UigRerstaff; at Hamilton^w .irk begins on the new Catholic^church.
t~AtHelena William Higg.-rstaff Is^hanged for the mureler cif Die k John^^son, and Dr. W. L. Steele la reeb c te-d^mayor; at Great Falls city bonds In
the sum of $14,i are voted at
PhilipshurgT. 8. McConkey Is elect-^od mayor; at Hutte in the city elec ^^tion the A. P. As. are defeated; at^Helena the supreme court hands^down a decision holding the license^law constitutional.
7At Anae ondO the A. O. U. W. lodge^eh (ides to erect a temple on Ceng-^ii. re nil avenue.
5-At Hasin tin- Hope mine takes fin^unci seven men are entombed; at^Ibhna the supremo court overrul -s^Hill Gay s mot ion for a rehearing,^ami the Montana Medical iwsociation^meets In urn. mil BBUVeUtion; at^Hozenian Is convenecl the twe lfth an- I^nuul em ampme-nt of the G. A. It. of I^Montana, al a meeting of the Still-^waier Wi Igrowers' ussoclutlon ol^Kastern Montana, held at Columbus,^resolutions were passed erdorsiug^the course of Senators Carter and^Mantle in veiling against tin- Dlngley^revenue bill.
9At Hasin all hope of rescuing alive
thescu-n men entombed in the Bono^ii.itie is given up; at Dillon occurs^the ceremony Incident tec the laying^oi the i oini r stmI tin- Si.it.- Nor^^mal school; near Great Falls occ urs^the death of ThoOnM Corl.arly, un^oM-Umer,
10At Ib-lena Juc'ge Hlake re-sentences^Hill Hay lo be hanged, on May 2.1.
11At Hasin the body of John Hue kley
isrecovered from the Hope nBne; at^Butte Con Lowney, John Quintan,
KdShie Ids, Janu s Dw ycr, John Mc^^Veigh and l'at D'ltoiirk.- are blown^into shreds by un explosion of giant^powder in the St. Lawn-iicce mine;^at Livingston Frank Vaughn, aged^ta. is arrested on a charge of Bonding^cilisee-nc- valentines through Un^^made; at Stevensville James Hobb is^incineruted at the Whip Poor Will^mine.
12/achat lah Alexander Is run over^and killed on the H., A. ^ P. road;^the Northern Pacific inaugurab-s a^doulde transcontinental train se-rv-^Ice; at Laurel, Yellowstone e-ounty, Is^Instituted an A. O. IT. W. lodge.
13At Livingston about ,10,001) gallons^of coal oil go up in Haines and smoke.
14At Groat Falls Tom Collins, a Mon^^tana Central switchman, meets^death on the rail; at lSHsitt the cor^^oner's Jury lays the blame for the^Hope mine^ disaster on the company.
letAt liutte John G. Shea fulls clown^a chute in the High tire mine mid is^killed. Minnie A. Cameron brings^suit for $20,000 damage s ugainsl the^K nyoii-Connell company, and H. H.^Cohen, one of Montana's oldest pio^^neers, dies; at Missoula ^Hobby^^Hums is found dead In bid; Montana^is visited by ti heavy fall of snow;^at Hutle J. F. Kelly, the well-known^mere haul. OOmmlta suic ide.
ItAl Butta Captain Shepherd, the
venerable soldier and every body's^friend, ili.-s.
17Near Helena a dastardly attempt^is made to blow up Mr.-. Mary Mc-
Klnnonand her c abin, ami tin- grand
JuryBnda a true- hill against Lee^Parish for trespassing on the Crow^reservation.
18At Neihart six minora an- blown^into tin- next world by a terrific eg-^ploaion of dynamite in the Broadwa^^ter; Hlltte vote s ii spe c ial sc hool tax
ofWMM ii111' it m. Blnch is ap^^pointed receiver for the Kouyoa-^Coliliell company: a colony of Hol^^landers leu ate- m ar Hig Timber,^let^Bllagctcvrda prevail in Eaatern .Mon^^tana and In Fe-rgus county snow^^falls to the depth of u laches; at^Ubot William Young, a sln-e-p herder,^gets lost In the storm unci sin umios^to the cold.
20At Miles City occurs tie- annual
mealingor the Montana Btockgrow-^ors' association und Kastern Mon^^tana Woolgrowcrs' association; at^Hutte Joe Klatiki s saloon and e-afo
isattached for jt.2:m, ami Thomaa
L.Holltday, 1UMepor for the late
J.F. Kelly, follows in th.- footsteps^of his employer and blows cut Ins^brains; at Neihart IhakamOU John^While Is crushed tu denth by the^cars.
21The Anaconcla Theater aaapclatlon
isincorporated and the lltltlatlva^taken for the BpaOtlOU of a building^to cost IIMM; al Livingston H^Shetlield nnel Andy Vance are arrest^^ed for killing elk in the National^park; at Hutte Mrs. Minnie Cameron^loses her |20.llelil damage suit against^the Kenyon-Coniiell company.
22At Helena the stute board of prison^commissioners decide to erect a
throeglory addlUan, ikoxiio feet, to
theDeer Lodge- penitentiary; at^lioulder Charles K. BOVOO is eleSQUit-^ted of the c harge of iiiiirib-r: al Liv^^ingston Hums is acojutttod of tln^^charge of niurder.
tjAl Hutte- St. George's day is cele^^brated on a grand scale.
MAt Anacenenda the ntrnci is let for^the erection ol a Hibernian hail; at
LivingstonThomas II. PreotOU sets^lite to his residence Tor the purpose^of laetnorntlngj his a ifc.
2T.Al i,real Falls m. Kaufman, the-^clothier, makes an assignment.
26 At Livingston a suit involving the^ownership of a valuable spring at^Hunter's Hot Springs is decided in^favor of C. P.. Mendc-nhall: the cities^Of Montana fittingly celebrate the^77th anniversary of the establish^^ment of I bid Fe llow ship.
28-At ButtO the dead body of nn In^^fant Is discovered in an abandoned^shaft.
29-At Helena the land olllee NeotVOU^oilb in! notitlcation of the passage by-^congress of a law for the relief of^set Hera on the abandoned portion of^the Fort Asslnnlbolne military reser^^vation.
H'l\t Helena foreclosure suit la^brought agahnat the proprietors of^Ihe Cosmopolitan hotel, the amount
ofthe mart gaga beiag |7tjlt; at
ItonnerIs cimplcted the new electric-^light plant.
l_A,tHelena a strnnger who regis-^lered as ^C. Walker, Portland, ore..^^COtnmlta suicide at the Grand hot -I:^at Mission Sleliiig, ne-ar Livingston, a^passenger train and stock train^crush Into each other, resulting in^ihe death of Knglncer Fanning and^Hrakenum Downing.
IAt Hom iuan Pe-ter BchoOicfc Is e .n-^vlcted of murder in the secotul de^^gree.
4At Hoxeman Herbert L. Bchur, a^stranger. Is run over and killed: at^Anaconda Charles Me.Minn is aec-1-^dciitally electrocuted; at Hutte Hn b-^ard M. Wells blows his brains out;^near Whitehall is toUJOd the dead^iKidy of J. K. lte-ddish. w ho had bOM^murdered.
8Near Hozeman Kobc-rt Strange ts^killed by 0 dynamite explosion.
11-The state republican convention I^convenes In Hutte and elects de-le^^gates to the; St. Louis national con- 1^vent ion. |
14At Hutte Robert Boyle is fatally^Injured In the High Ore mine; the^Pioabjleriana de c ide to build a new^church to cost $i5.ono.
1^At Pioneer Philip Allen kills his^former wife.
17 At I .ut t. August Marshall is killed^in the Wake-I'p-JIm mine; at Llv- '^ingston great grains of gold are be^^ing taken from the bar.- of the Ycl- '^lowstone.
dc apt.i.n ja. k Crawford plonda lot^Bill Gay's life; at Miles City, a Fort^Keogh soldie r takes roufch on rats ,^and dies.
20A cablegram from Berlin, Ger^^many, contains the news of the death^of Dr. Charles F. Mussigbrod of^Warm Springs. Mont.; at Anaconda^ground is broken for the H.. A. ^ P. I^machine shoos; near Benton Leon-^grd Stryker oonunlta siii.-ide by |^shooting.
21At Ib-lena Governor lUekards^grants Hill Gay a two weeks' respite;^at Hutte Joseph Pellxer loses his life^In the- Parrot smelter.
22At the Che yenii^ age-ney, Custer^county, an Indian uprising is toOTOd .^ami two companies of soldiers from^Fort Custer nte sent to the scene.
23Philip Allen, the murderer, gives^him; If up and Is taken to Dee r^I^'dgc; at Hutte the Trades and La^^bor assembly decides to send free^^liver speakers to the Kast.
21At Hutte George Hill is killed in^the Six i )Cloc k mine.
23At Boyle'a place, rjw Mlaoonaa,
HlchaidScott, a colored soldier at |^Fort Missoula, is shot and kill cl by^Charles Carter; at HeleM ^Fred'' [^Itolllns, who for II years sueee-ssful- ;^ly aaaaquamded as a man, make s a^clean breast of eve rythlng; at Ana- I^acOndn the Ancient Order Of llib'-rnl- !^uns. Jurisdiction of Montana, meets^In biennial session: at Hutte- the^Cathollca w ipe oul their church deu^^of IMtMi the census of Gre-at Falls^shows a population of over ll.nno.
26At Hutte John Nolan and Peter^Ce.nroy are kill, d by a blast in the^J. I. c. mine; at Hutte It is ascer^^tained that Rev. Francis Hermanns,^Ihe niinsterlal murderer of Salt l,ake.^pawned a trunk full of clothes be-^longing to one of his victims.
M'I'd.- Iftk anUUOl convention of tho^Society of Christian Kndeuvor meets^In Livineston.
20A. Hutle th^ smoke eaters elefeat^a score of 22 to 0.
21At Butti John It. Sullivan Is killed^the All-Ni braaka football te am by^by a cable train.
1At Anaconcla Bobbie Nicke l ONM Is^a violent death while playing with a I^small ste am boOor of his ow n inaiiu- !^factnre,
3The spring freshets begin ami the
rivi-rsare on the rampage; formal 1
ordersissued by See rotary Carlisle^transfer!ing the port of entry for the I^district nf Montana and Idaho from ;^Benton to Gnat Falls; at Hutte the^city council, by a vote of M to 2,^paaOOO an ordinance prohibiting gum-^bttnaj within the city limits ufter ]^Aug. 4.
fr-AtHelena Gove-rnor Rlckordl da-^Cidea not to interfere In the Bill Gay^murder COOO,
7At Hillings the wool season opoaa^end the Yellowstone Is 12 ine lies^above last year's liij.'h wiitc-r mark;^Ul Missoula tha tirst year of the state I^unlve-rsltv closes.
8At Helena Hill Gay is hanged for
themurdero( James Marks in Mea-
hOTcounty on May 12. IMi at Ir ,
LoiIkc-is witnessed the commence^me ut exercises of the College ol Mon- I^tana.
9At Anaconda Grand Master Work^^man t. R. cSoverelgn of tha Knlghti
ofLabor delivers an addr-ss; the i^Knights of Pythias grand lodge
meetain Mvlngaton.
10The Pntrlotlo Order Sons ^t Aanar- i
leameet In Hutle; at Missoula the^Ministerial association be gins a cru^^sade against the saloons.
11At lire at Falls Hev. F. A. Biggin 1^utters a public pruyer for the cause^of free sllv;-r.
12Hig Timber experiences a ^10,n^^0^tire.
PI-TheHutte- Miners' union celebrates^Its 1MIi anniversary in grand style;^tha Buttes elefeat the Donne college^fOotbull team by a score of 20 to 0;^near Kail spell Presion BoOVOOi a^school teacher, is drowned In the ;^flathjCUd river; at Missoula Charles
Ca-ter is si-nteg1 to 20 years in the
penitentiaryfor Ihe murder of a fel^^low- soldier.
16Tin- deportation of the Cree In^^dia na begins.
17The district convention of the^WoodaneU Of the World convenes in^Helena.
19At Hutte W. M. Ronald is found^unconscious in his room at the Pal^^mer house and dies a ton minoles^lab r; Charles Luthka sub ide a near^Columbia Gardens.
2nGumave Nissem. founder of tlo-^Montana Illustrated, charged with^passing bogus checks at Gre-at Falls;
the state democratic convention
meetsin Butte and etOCtg delegales^to the Chicago c onvention.
22At Helena is incorporated the
HerahfieldCattle oompenny with a
Oapttalstock of $1011.0011; at Living^^ston Congressman Harlman is gl\i-n^an enthusiastic rooeuettoo on his re^^turn from St. Louis; at Great Calls^a Cree Indian commits suic ide rather^than be taken hack to Canada.^2.1-Al Booeman the City is fairly^ablnaa in honor of Congressman
Hartmaa'areturn; the popullats meet^in state ceanventleau at Boulder ami^elect deleejntea to St. Louis; j..im^Holland run over on the Anaconda^hill und instantly killed: close of the^I Ith annual convocation of the Kpin-^i opal I odles of Montana at I lo;- -man.
21At Helena A. W. Lyman, manag^^ing editor of the Indepi intent, dis^^poses of his Interpol in the paper to^George W. Graham, and re tires.
2. At Great Falls $ no c worth Of city^bonds sell at pur: at Hutte- a nionsb-r^denionst rat Ion oc c urs in honor of^Congressman Harlman; at Missoula^occurs the annual meeting of the^Montana Press association.
26-The Twenty-oaoond United states^infantry, stationed at Forts Harri^^son nnel Keogh. exchange | locea with^the Second Infantry of Fecit t'nialiu.
27On the BUM Moot reservation two^Indian brotl.e rs murder a hulf-breeil^ami abduct his wife, and upon being^pursued the woman Is gMcTnOfod and^one- of th^ brothers commits suicide.
2V Near Hutte John Foilye-r. uged 16,
isdrowned while bathing.
23At Ib-lena Dr. W. G. Fei-leston of^Chicago assumes the managing edi^^torship of the independent,
30At Llbby Cre-ek hi I s.-jfer mur^^ders Jae k Traine r m a saloon.
2At Ttes ker Hrakeman Alex Kalten-^haoh is fatally injured on the R. A.
3At Butte William OregOT Is killed^in the Demier mine; at Hoiem.m oc^^curs a Mhe-h-sale Jail delivery.
4The Boston ^ Mc ntana band ac^^companies the democratic delegatleen^to Chicago; at Anaconda Nick La-^clch is run over and killed on the^P.. A. * I*.
6At Fort P-c-k agency the little son^of Dr. Atkinson is drowned in Poplar^river.
7--At BanoaanU arrangements are^made for the eooiSeletkm of the Fnlt- I^ed States fsh hatchery.
-NearMonarch Thomas rounds Is^kllb-d lii a runaway accident; al^Hutte the A. P. A. Examiner sus-^pends publication; at Gregson^Springs C N. Freeman of Philips-
burgis found dead In a bathroom.
11At Missoula the home team Is de^^feated by the- Spokane baseball club^by a score of 21 to 18.
12At Missoula the new Northern Pa^^cific dc-pec- is de stroyed by fire.
13At Bonner Fred Therrlault la^drowned In the mill pond.
14The L ^^. G. T. grand lodge con^^venes In annual session at Boulder.
IAl Deer Lodge the grand Jury in^^dicts Gustav Beraud of Anaconda for^criminal assault; the Montana Na^^tional tin.ltdt.i'.o annual en^^campment at Fort Kills.
16 At Butte Mrs. Kd Heimharh takes^awful revenge on Mrs. Thomaa Hnell-^ing by throwing vitriol In her face.
15At Livingston occurs a disastrous^fire
19The anual race meeting begins at
21At Cokedale Thomas Craig, a^ranc her, is waylaid and murdered by
unknown parties.
22At Butte the Colorado Mining *^Sme lting company obtains Judgment^for INjil agalnat the Original Butte
Miningcompany.^H At Mloontlla occ urs the death of^Captain Krsklne; at Butte three^damage suits for $10.000 each are^brought against the Hope Mining^company.
21At Bell Rudolph H. Harms meets
death in the Castner mine.^2t1 II Hasin the Hope mine Is sold at
ejMrifflsale.^M Near llOOOman Michael Donahoe
Commitssuicide.^27 In Cuater county several alleged
slock rustlers are arrested.^30 N'.ir Cascade Hyron Strong, a
rancher, is found dead in bed; the
s-aieDental aaoiuilgHon holds its^tirst mee ting In Butte,^n At Anaconda the dend body of
LouisL. BetTetl is found In the city
1ark luke; in Teton county Louis
Millercommits suicide.
Al'c; I'ST.^I At Oreal Pal la Switchman Patrick
I'uniiisof tha .Montana Central falls
fromthe cars and Is killed.^4 At Livingston the county court
houseis Completed ut a total cost of
.'.At lleh-na occurs the biennial re^^treat of secular priests.
Iin the Qallatla valley the wheat^harve st be gins.
7At .Malta David Knight is found^dead In a shed; at Butte William^Burke is killed in the Barns mine^and William BoblOOB. meets death In^the Gladstone mine.
8At Mllllgan, Cascade e-ounty, tho^infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Mason is^fatally bitten by a rattlesnake.
9At Havre- Gueslppi Hablauz is^killed by the- cats; at Butte the home^team defeats the All-Nebraska foot^^ball ClUb by a score of 10 to 0.
10At Hutte Alfred Olds meets death^in the 1 'arrot mine.
11At Missoula occ urs the death of^^I nch- Hob^ Foster.
12The head camp of the Woodmen of^the World meets in Helena, and the^tenth annual conference of the Meth^^odist i hutch opens at Dillon; at^Hutte- Mrs. Mary Pabsi commits sui^^cide; at Livingston Phil Wilson, aged^8 years. Is drow ned In a canal.
II-At Burlington, Silver Bow county,^John CrOUOa commits suicide-.
14At Hutte J. L. Bonesteel rOtUIM^home-, finds Frank H. Cole, a printer,^In bod with his WtfOj and shoots him^dead.
IIAt Hutte Blanche McGarvIn com^^mits suicide, and the race meeting
17Ai Hutte throe persons try to end^their lives unci fail.
15At Livingston A. B. Wolf, an erst^^while ue |l-to-elo hotel man of Miles^Oily, did in the poor house; the^Stale Bpworth league meets In an^^nual convention at Butte; Peter^Ryan, John Campbell and Lurry^Manning are killed in the,- St. Law^^rence mine.
IIThe slat^ fair and rOOOg begin at^Ibhna.
MThe annual session of the North
Montanamission convenes at Sand^Colli.--; mar Missoula .Mis. Charles^Bheldon is dragged to death by a^runaway team; nt Butta Harry N.^Winn. I.. , kk. per Of the State Sav-^banke is arreoted on a charge of^etnbeigllng |E,*N; the seventh an^^nual convention of tlM State Fire^^men's naaocinUon la in session at^Ib-lena.
22Al Morse Plains Fireman Frizzle,^Braki-maii B Igor and Wilier Fisk^an- kill.-d in 0 Northern Pacific^wrec k; at Anaconda occurs the an^^nual picnic of the Butte Miners'^union. .
2!-ai Anaconda Ruby Clny ends her^life with a dose of morphine.
HAt Billings L. P. VYIfltaton, son of^ex-Associate Juatlce Willlston, is
founddead In his .heel.
M s' Prlctat'a Croaalng, Caaoado oojojh
ty.AViiPa.n Mi Miilun is arrested for^criminal gaouull on a little girl.
27Fnrdmaater c. K. Brown af the^Montana Central at Castle Junction,^a membetr of the logtalntinu^ is run^over and killed: at Helena occurs the^annual meeting of the Society of^Montana Monoora and the fifth an^^nual session Of the De-gree of Honor,
28Near Belt Joseph C. Mitchell la^struck by lightning and killed.
29At Butte Harry N. Wing, the de^^faulting bookkeeper, pleads guilty to^grand larceny.
30At Anaconda S00 Catholic Knights^of America of Butte indulge In n^grand picnic-.
1\ work train goes through a bridge*^on the Pony branch of the Northern^Pa. ilie- and Patrick Croniti loses hia
2At Butte Constable Thomas^Coombg is brutally beaten by a gang^of hoboes: in-ar Anacomla Docile^Fountain is killed by lightning: the^populists meet in state convention^at Helena.
2The democrats me-et in state coa-^vention at Missoula.
4At Helena the First National bank^suspends; m ar i dd BtlveBT How. Val^^entin.- Wagltei is found, dead, evi^^dently murdered; the devmocrata and^populists fuse in state convention^assembled.
. Ai Missoula Isaac- Palin is drowned^in the Missoula rive r. at Hutte Har^^ry N. Wring, the defaulting book^^keeper, la se-ntc nee d to three ye-ara^In the aenttentlori ; near Helena^Francis Benoux Is found dead In a
promt koto; at H.h-na the contract
isI- i for the ^ (ouvaileu for the state^capltol building.
^ \t en. or.da Oscar Sweet blowa
ou-l.ls brina.
7The Northern Pacific becins the^erection of a new steel bridge across^the Yellow stole-, near Merrill.
INorthern and Western .Montana^experience a heavy fall of snow.
9At BOOnonaa the county superin^^tendent of sc hoois revokes the cer-^Uehaataa af six school teachers who^failed to alt nd the county institute;^the republic ans melt In state conven^^tion in lb lena.
10-At Helena the Fnlted States grand^jury returns a true bill against^Frank J. NeeMtt, Hozeman's rx-^pc-stn is-., r. wii e is charged with em^^bezzlement: the Anaconda Copper^company lets a e-ontract for the erec-^iie.n of g silver mill at the refinery.
11At Basin the Hope Mining com^^pany is reorganized by Ctah par^^ties; at Helena K. D. Kdgerton Is ap-^lHiinted raootvor for the suspended^First NRtional bank.
II It at F.L.s William McMillan^Is convicted of criminal assault: at^rhi t, Caocaeda county, Drakeman

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