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ronton,Mo.; one recaptured.^*^ Peter EffbMl killx riv pirio^ and
himselfat Rockvllle. lnil.^30^ Bill T.i\ lor exei nted.
1The shnh at Parata assassinated.^Traders an.l missionaries massacred^by Solomon Island bead huntera.
7H. H. Holme* tiara ted.
14_seottJackson, one of the murder^^ers of Pearl l$r^ an. convicted^JINK
4A Milwaukee- tr.-u-y car aaibnahed^In the t-u buries, the e eitidui tor ahot^and the in-'tniiiian Ml tally wound^^ed.
j_Ahnmli thrown Into a Barcelona^procession kills ^i\ pMW
1^ Mra. Annie Meyer, Knitllsh baby^farmer, exe. II ted.
2* Mrs. FleniiiiK. all. pod poison.-r of^her moth.ir, acquitted la Kaa Tom
27At Philadelphia, Actor Gentry con^^victed of the murder of Madge^Torke.
30 Hoisting slrikers at fli-claml mo!^^non-union men. riot quelled l^y po^^lice.
! 0*4*11, the Akron, Ohio, mtir.b rer,^con\ ieteil
13Mutineers on the American l^ark^Herbert Fuller murder raptaln Nash,
' his wif* and ^ at pad Officer Itunlairy.
Thre.horn* tfcfctY** lynched m the
14President Faun- of France nhot at^In Paris by a madman
ITFurther rioting takes place between^IHatreland ilrtlnn aad police.
25Six men killed In a race riot near^Jasper. Fla.
30Three negroes killed and two white*,^wounded In a Georgia race dlot.^Al'iilST
1A massacre of Mohammedans be^^gins on Hainan Islnnd. China.
8Three murderers lynched at Hahn-^vllle. La.
24-BUIPool in, the Oklahoma bandit,^killed by a posse
5Two murderers of Sheriff Rodgcrs.^at Olencoe. Mich., lynched.
21Striking silver miners near I,oad-^vtlle attaek mines with dynamite and^Winchesters: live men killed.
1Oraln riots break out in India.
2Bud fhattln and his live children^murdered at I tcvil's Bluff, Ark. A^passenger train held W k*i rohbeel^near Albueiue-niue*, N. M.
5An Austrian sclentIrlc party mas^^sacred by Solomon islanders.
7_TheBank of She-iluti'iu-. Minn,^robbed by two bleyellsts, who shot^dead Oashier Thobutn and Collector^Woe ids.
^One of the Sherburne robbers kills^a pursuing otlleer and commit* sui^^cide; the other captured aesl day.
14_Threeoutlaws killed at Meeker,^OaL Immediately after robbing n^bank. A I'nlon Pacific train mlilie-el^near fnitah. t'tiih.
IBT^-nan released. County Oommla-^sinner Banibuseh of Juneau. Wis.^confesses to being a defaults* Bam^disappears.
20-Defaulter Bambuach commits sui^^cide In Virginia.
21-Hamlin J. Andrus. a wealthy chem-^Ist of Yonkeis. N. V.. hlown to DtaOOtl^by a mysti rlous bomb explosion.
23An Alton passenger train roMieil^near Independence* Mo^NOVEMBER
3Captain Halfleld murder* three men^at Mattewan. W^ V^.. but is cap^^tured next clay.
7Mrs. Castle, the mm ton aire klepto-^manlae of San Fratielsi o, OOOVleted^In I^mdon of shop lifting.
/^Existence*of a wlclesprea.l forgery^and fraud syndic ate elIhi losi eI by the^arrest of Edward Valentin* In Brook^^lyn.
HAn Italian consul and eight Other^Italian ottielals massacred by S^i-^mnlls in Baal Afrtcn.
4Five hunilroel Milwaukee people ]^oi-^sceneel by bake r's In.-ail.
7Tlie twee mm ile-nr.. ..r Mrs. Winne r^lynched In Raj eoun'y. Miss.eurl.
18-Thre e murde rers lytic he el at Kus-^Hellvlllc, Ky.
23An express train mbbed ul Blue^Cut, near Kansas City.
I-Hewitt iimi Taylor lower the mile*^hleyele tandem recorel, Hying start,^to i:4T :-r..
10F.ddie. Connelly defeat* Dim* in
three-rounels, (he latter brciikiiiK his^arm.
IIThe Aoslralian system of sinning^whs introduced em tin S.tn Frnncise ee^trac k.
17At Cleveland Me l.eod wins a wrest^^ling match against Atherton.^i^ Choylnakl Kie^, Ks out Hail n 11
23l.askar w ins tlo- International i be**^tout-name nt over Melnlti, Plllabury^anil TaehlcoHn.
ZR-ftaIIaicher wins la* (*nlc ag.. Millard^tournainent. At St. Paul John ate-^CullciUKh Of Winnipeg lovers the 10-
ntt*skating racord. 13:16.
I! In Ieion Cl-e-e-eloli ullips J ^ - til
Smithin two round*
7George Greek (^Young Corbett^) feN^^fonts Naedhaat In etartii round*
11Ema Lewis falhi to thro* Burl^Pcheller ami the later i lalm* the 17^^pound wrtetttng rhampionahlp of
12The U A. W. abolishe s Plena* It
14At Coronada Bench, Col., McCree^breaks the- mile Mi ve I. record paced,^standing start. 1 :l'.c I-S,
IB At Coronado Bench, C, S.. Weils^lowers the- thraa quarter-mlle bicycle^record, paced, flying start. 1:11 Z-o;^makes a mil.- in 1 41 1 ^:^.
50At I'iitsburg. Donotrhue, world's^chamiiion. defeats Tho*ton, the Nor^^wegian, in a skating race, Joe Dre *^knocks out Kid Ryu in three^mumls.
51Fitisinimons knock* eait Maher In^eine round, winning ' h, ^ worlds^heavy we ig lit eknmptonahlp.
32Donoghun low en tin- two-mil.
skatingracord; 7:Mtt.^24^At Indianapolis. Hkkl breaks 100
targetscouttnuouvly, a new record.
27ixird Dunrnven expelled from the^New York Yarht club.
I-McCoy knocks out Ryan In 1^.^rounds.
13A cable chess match between Amer^^ica and Kngland begins; won by^Americans.
H-Woleott defeats Collins CBright
Eye*) in seven rounds.^SI^Clearwater wins a pool tournament
againstKeogh at Plltslnirg
28^ ^xfnrd wins Its annual boat rnci^with Cambridge.
30-Kverhaidtknocks out Leeds In U^rounds.
COlympian names ope-neel near Ath^^ens; all event* but one won by^Americans
8The Tennenwi Derby won by Ber-^ciair: 1
IIAt San Praactaeo Kdgren throws a^18-pound hammer 148 feet six Inches,^a new- ranord,
UMcKeever gets the decision In a 20-^round bout w ith Qrtffo. The Nation^^al Baseball League season opens.
17 Iv.-g de feats BcJsaanar at billiards^in Boston.
S3McCoy kncKks out Bosworth In two^rounds.
24At San Diego. Cal., F.vans breaks^the mile bicycl* pacad record;^l:f^2 1-t.; half mil., ::]^:,, quarter.
1Green (Young CorV.it) get* ihc de
cisionIn a 10-round contest with
t The Kentucky Derby won by Ben
Iit ash In 2:07\.
e^Kid McCoy knocks out Jim Daly In^three reeuiids. Harry Cross of Vale^^bant* the hummer-throw ing record^by e ight fat i
8-At New York C.llbert of Iowa, wins^the pigeon shooting championship.
9-At Pittsburg De ^^ro wins the
world's |I championship against
12The Metropolitan Handicap won by
'mint, r Tenor m 1 :,3.^16^Yale defeats Princeton In athletic
IS-Kiel McCoy defeats Mysterious^Billy Smith on a foul. Tommy Hyan^knock* out Dunfee In six rounds.
BPrtnC* l.ief wins the t^akle-y Derby^In Cincinnati;
Thewing shot championship of the^ITnltad States won by J. K. Itiley of^Kansas City.
30 Yale wins the Intercollegiate ath^^letic tournament; Wefers of ^^erg*^town lowers the 220-yard running^time; :21 2-5.
IIn London Lavigue lieats Burge In^eight rounds. Camponbert wins the^Fre nh Darby,
3-The- Prince of Wales' colt Pemslin-^man w ins the English Derby.
4The Brooklyn Hr.ndlcap won by Sir^Walter in 2:08.
IIAt Denver Ceorge Card bre-uks the^amateur paced mile bicycle reiord.^1:48 2-B.
14De Oro successfully de-fends the^pool championship against Kliy.
15L^^on defeats Connors In nine^rounds.
16Dlxon and Flaherty fight a 20-^round clraw.
17The- mile tamlc-m bicycle record^lowered at Cambridge. Mass., by Tom^and Nut Butler in 2:05 4-5.
18-TheNational Derby at St. Louis^won ley Prince- Ue-f In 2:34.
is Mahe-r whips Slavln In four rounds.
2UHamilton breaks the mile standing^start, unpuccd bicycle record. 2:00%.^alsee the- twei-mlle- paced standing^start re-cord, 3:55 4-5.
HShow alter suc c essfully defends the^ftiworlmk chess ehamptonahlp^against Barry, ityan defeats Maber^In nine rouneis.
23The Suhurhan Handicap won by^Henry of Navarre In 2:07.^I 24- t'eerli-it and Sharkey light a four-^round clrnw.
HCornell wins a boat rnce ngalnsl^Harvard Btiel tin- I'tilve rsn y of^Pennsylvania. Ben Itrush wins tin-
LatonlaDerby at Ctnclnnntl in l:4*H.^21 Tin- haifmiie- American iwtmmlng^raeord lowered at Wayne, Pa-, by^Binder to H:^.
7At Ilenle-y-ein-Thanies. i:ngland.^the- Y'ale crew b*ntW by I.eaneler in
tin-iie-st grnnd rhalleng* boat race.
ILenimar Menu New College.
IIBlntrln knocks out Joe llutle-r in II^rounds. Man bury of Australia wins^tin- world's sculling championship at^Uond m ^galnal Hauling.
l Btanton defcents Pranler, ^the ^Ok-^lahoma KM,^ In thne round*,
l':iAt Halifax Oandaur and Roger*^win tin- World'* double sculling^rhnmplonahlp, three-miles aad turn.^AUGC8T.
iDnmlen wins tba DatrsM Derby in^^:iti'4.
e.Robert J defeat* Prank In i Cleve^^land pacing rac* and ineee-s tin (aat-^est fourth le at on record In S:M%.
.Tka mile tingle-paced competition^Mcycm record lowered by Ed Bald
alBuffalo to 1:01 I-.^.. At Columbus^John It. Qentry lowers his own pac^^ing rei ord la - 03
Iciarage of Baltimore wins the Du-^ponl shooting e up al Chii ago.
k. B. Anderaoa make* ^ mil* la i M,^pared by a k^com*tlre; Ik* faateat
mileever lidd** een a bicycle. l.as^^kar wins first prize in the Nureiu-^bourg e he ss tournainent.
|oHarry bests l-ianiiagan in six^teeunds. The- I.. A. W. meet begins^ill l.olliss llle.
UCooper oi Detroit wins the lira-^mile national hicyi lo c hampionship^in Louisville.
14Al Louisville- Tom Butler w ins the^mil.- national lele yeie c hniiipionshlp.
IIImp. Ogdea wins the Fuiutitv and
IIstake of Jtt.imo.
21Ji^ Patcben lowers tka etallloa mile^pacing racord to l:M
AtIllngh.iuiptein Call Be vee bec-uks^the two-thirds mile world's amate ur
bicyclerecord and equal* tka prof**-^sion.ii record; BM,^H The Canadian ran defender. Can^^non, defeat! Ik* Chicago ehallenge-r^Vein i dor in the llrst international
lakeragntta, Wr*na receivers lb*^tennla c hampionship from Movey.
Jei \ ineedor again defeated Iuusc
sheround* the- wrong stake- boat
glChoylnakl knocks out htcAuttff* in^four roanda
I\ hgbl batwaaa Myaterloni Billy
Bmlthand Jim Ityan was awarded
totil.- latter on a foul^7 \t Wefers Point, N. J.. Wafer*^breaks the Me-yard bicycle racord in^:n ^econdn Al London Oaudaur w ins
Ike*workl'l BCnlllng championship^a^l rr Si msbui y.
IAi Milwaukee c! J, Whiiaker of^Chirnga estnblisli.s g U*W world's
swimmingracord] for h^-^ yards: l:fA^l! Mavln knocks out Kllrnta in h-ss^than three minutes.
II.\t Ne w fork Jame* Michael breaks^the competition paced hour Mcycle^record; :'.' miles, l.tHkt yards.
21tt'Dounell defents Slavln in five^rmtnels.
ZiJohn I! Oenlry juices a mile- In^|:MH, lowering all pn-vious harness
25Dix- n ind White leox n l'ei-re^uncl^draw. At Chicago tllritn breaks the^24-heeiir bleyclc n-curd; 4Sti miles, LIU
y BnMlotare wins the* National^Lengna baatkoll pennant.
l'sAt Trenton John S. Johnson low. n^the mile hi. yckl receerd tee 1:47.
9Jupe l-te iks the 2-yeur-olel Hutting^receerd, I 11%,
eii'Tc ^BER
IAt l^ AVI r Clinton It. Coulter breaks
themile unpacod barycki receerd in^l:M 1-5.
4The Hungarian niilleniuni c he ss c on-^press begins.
8George lire-en ( ^Young Corbet,!^)^given Hie de. islon in a 10-round tight^witli Tom Tracy. At CktoagO John^S JokttaeTMJ) braakl the two-mile- paced^flying st.nt receerd: l:Mt-eV Balti^^more- wins the Teniple liaseball cu|i
ov.r Cleveiaod.^U^Wokotl defeat* yuinn in 17 roanda
Palnu-rof Kngland whl|^s Murphy of
Bo*toein M rotnadn, Lnpaley of To-
le-elokriatl lb* ce ntury hle-ycb- rec^^ord. rMIng It] mile* over a dirt rond^In se v. ti hours.
IIAt Chi. ago Mlohnel breuks four bl-
bteycktrecord* twei mib-s. I:g|; three
inihit I; four miles, 7:25; the
miles.^:171-5.^17 Nuremberg chess Judges award a
specialprlie to Pllksbnry for having
playedthe moat brilliant game of th-
anmmertournament,^fj \t Me mi-hls Coeeper lowers the
ajnartermile nnpnood ktcycat raoard
te :2^2-5.
:tll.n hi. Sinllh. a Chicago h-tb r c ar^^rier in. teasis the- ^-4-heiur Ame-rican^renpl bicycle receerd tee 29:^\ miles
27-Lnrlnge defeat* Bmkoidl in 24^rounds atid win* the weerld's light^^weight ciiuinpioiishlp.
29At NnakvllHl Job* S Johnson lowers^the fBaWter, third and half-mil-- bl-^cye-le records; :J0 :274-5 and :44 1-3.
gtMatthews knocks out Stanton Ab^^bott in seven rounds.
31Hollo Helke s of Dayton breaks the^world's record for rapid firing at clay^pigeons; too birds broken out of 106^thrown in three minutes aeven ^w-^onds.
NOVEMBER.7^At Toronto John Davidson makes
newc|uarter-mlle records for tenth^standing and flying start re-cords;^former, paced, In ;28 4-5; latter, un-^paced, In :27 2-5. At Washington^Wefers beats two world's running^records for 100 and SOU yards; :09 3.5^and :3'j2-5.
9At London Muldoon's ^Picanlnny,^^Billie Hill, defeats Arthur Callan of^Mane heater in 15 rounds. At Johan^^nesburg Gocldard whips Denver Kd^Smith In four rounds.
12At New York the following records^were much-: By Johnson, three-^quarter mile. 1:10; by Michael, two^nilli-s, l:US-ct; three miles, 5:22; feeur^miles, T:lli five miles, 9:07 4-5: six^miles, 11:00 1-5; seven miles, 12:53 3-5;^eight miles, 14:46 3-5; nine, miles,^16:40 2-5: 10 miles. 18:33 1-5.
It;Maher whips Choylnski In the sixth^round. At Denver Hackenberger^rides, unpacccl, 25 miles in 1:04:1!0, a^new world's record.
20-McAullffe defeats Carroll in seven^rounds.
23Armstrong bests Hlavin In four
27Kmc- de-feats Dixon In a 20-round^light, winning the featherweight
J,mowski w ins the Vienna Interna^^tional chess championship.
DECEMBER.2^Fltzslmmeens knoc ks out Sharkey In^eight round, but loses the decision on^an alleged foul.
4At Denver Gardiner of Chicago^makes a new professional bicycle rec^^ord for a half mile, unpact-d, in^:B7 2-5.
5Leonard knocks out Abbott In three^rounds.
6At Denver Sage-r and Swanbrough^establish new tandem bicycle rec^^ords up to 10 miles.
11CreeOOO whips O'Brien in nine
11M.-n i and 1 eonnvnn l^^X a draw.^Hale wins the six-clay bicycle race In^N*W York: 1.H10 miles.
22Kynn whips McCarthy in seven^rounds.
23-Grimm wins the trap shooting^championship of the ITnltad states^over Carver.
archat olo-
1Alfred i:. Beach, editor Scientific^American. New Yeerk.
I Prime- Alexander of Haltenberg.^fi^Colonel Thomas W. Knox, Juvenile-^story writer. New York.
8Paul Verlolne, Pre ne-h poet.
14-Henry S. Tyler, mayor of Louis^^ville-.
17 Prank Lawle*, ex-congressman,
IICharle s Flocpi. t. ex-pe-emler of^Prance, Ueutenaal Fyvimi Astrup.^Norwegian Arctic explorer.
in-Bemnrd Olllnm, cartoon let, New
2'iPrince Henry of Battenberc. Car^^dinal William It. Metcnan, arch-^btahop of Tours.
4Lord Prederlck Letgkton, president^of the British Royal Academy.
MTheodore Runyon, American um-^banaadirr la Berlin. Ptern 0, Bru-^aot, French literature.
M-Captnl* Wohlgi-inutli. Austrian^Arctic egplorer.^Benor Fioreiii, Itnlloa
FEBRUARY,I K- r, .lustin A. Smith,
eago Standard.^7 William n. BngHak,
IRelnbotd Root, Bogll*h orkmtaltati
i u. ii. CrntaBgraaMoan, Te xas.
Key.Ban ford Hunt, Matkwdfcri Book^concern, New York.
15-Mra, Bllaa J. Nicholson, propria^treaa, New Orleans Picayun^.
13BdgnT W. Nye. hiuneeiist, North^Carolina. Michael D. Harter, ex-^reingn-ssman, l'ostorla, uhlo, tley sui^^cide.) George D. Iloiunson, ex-gov^^ernor, BprlOgfwId, Mass.
25Henry C. Bowen, editor New Tork^^ Independent. Joaepk Fytfe, rear ad^^miral V, s. N., retired, Paorce, Neb.
26-Arse-nelleiissaye, Kre-uch lltera-^teur.
|7Rev, Churl.m D, l*nmir. editor Phil^^adelphia Reformed Chunk Maaaan-^gar.
2Charl. s C. Coffin, authcer, Brookllne,
IFri-de-rlck Cifeenhnlge, governor of^Massachusetts, I.owell. Archbishop^P.-ter It. Kenrick. Cnthedic, St.
IPhlUp J. A. Harper, publisher. New^Ymk.
7-J.II. McVlcker, actnr-manOefgr,^Chicago.
-Bear Admiral Henry Walker. I'. S.^N^ NOO York.
9c'harl- s l^oe'. chief {untie* of N \v^Hampshire-. Dover.
inDr. J N. Howe, proprietor ^Ameri^^can Fi. Id,^ Chicago,
IIDr. Juan Oundtacht, Oemoui nat-^uraltat in Cubn
ft\i- aander McLachlan, Canadian^poet, to urge Richmond, Bngllah^pomtaf
:\William Q. Jiiiige, preaMenl Amer^^ican Theoeophlce] society, New
82ktetjor W, H. Webst.r. chief engi^^neer ^ iv i ear*) Ice rommlaalnner, Wn-^h-^ington Presaldenl Hyppolyte of Hay-^ti. Thomas Hughes. Rngllah novel^^ist. Mrs. Jennie* It. Kim'etll. opera^manager. Philadelphia.
MCounl Mortern, leader Cuban ro-^form party in Spain.
M Rabbi Anton Wise. New Y'.efk.
MissF. Jennie Doty, ortgiaator e.f the-^OMo Women'! Pruande, Clevainnd.^APRIL
IReajawl* F. Tweed, aducntor and^author, Cambrldgo, Mass.
r.BrncMi F. Dnea, Frenck anlnter.
Counl Mattel, originator of a niedi-^e al sysl.-ni. Hologna.
inoovernor Jonea of Nevada. Bishop^Btaren v. Ryan, Cntbolic, Buffalo,^John a. CoekerlU, American journal^^ist in Egypt.
nM. Tt icoitpis. ex-premler of Qreeco.
MVictor ^^ Ttlgner, Austrian ^ctsln-^tor. Bar-en ConatantlM V. de tlriinm,^e arto -nist. Nan Tot k.
17BdWeird Pardrtdege, grain *n**nakv
tor.Chleagee.^I*. Vitlnir L Boreman. tirst governor^West Virginia, Parker*bwg. Arthus
BStetson, actor and nianage-r. Bos-^top.
_i Bnran Brrach, Hebrew philanthro^^pist. Leoa sax. Fn nek ^eaneaamL^H j s Coaey, Irish Fenloa leader.^:t Qsorge Munro. publisher. Now
JSMr Henry IV.rkes. premier New-^South Wal. s. Helnrich li. von Treit-^schke-. Qerangg historian.
30l^r. H. C, Nle holson, telegraphic In^^ventor, Kentucky.
5Coloned J T. North, ^Nitrate King.
:Honaignlour Louis OnlknkiiH pre^^mier and elipleemat, ROana
IIHenry C. Bunn. r. eclltor of Tuck.^Nuttley, N. J.
It-Kate- Field, American essayist In^Hawaii.
19 Archduke Charles Leiul^. brother of
theaaaparor ef Austria.
2.'William a. Wallace, ex-senator^freem Pe-nnsylvania.
OenernlLuc In* FalrckUd ex-gov^^ernor ami con-mander-in-i hlef R. A.^H.. Madison. Wis
HA. v.^. Mellette, ex-go\ornor of
BnuthDakota.^Set^ Kdward Armitage, English painter.^30^Mark M. Pomeney, humorist. New
3O. P. Stearn, ex-Unlte^d Statea sen^^ator, Minnesota.
4Austin Corbin, railroad capitalist.^New- Yeerk, chy railroad accident.)^Ernesto Rosso, Italian actor.
6Josiah W. Begole, ex-governor,^Flint. Mich. A. H. McOuffy. compiler^of school readers, Cincinnati, John^W. Hauc k. brewer, Cincinnati.
t;Qeneral Itafacl Quesada of Cuba in^New York.
8Jules Simon, ex-premier of France.^Frank Mayo, actor, Grand Island,^Nell.
13Alpheus Feleh, ex-governor. Ann^Arbor, Mich. Sir Oecerge W. Dasent,^English translator of Norae litera^^ture.
14Senor Rlbelro, Spanish ex-minister^of the colonies.
20 Benjamin F. Bristow, ex-secretary^of the treasury. New York.
S28ir Augustus Harris, English the^^atrical manager.
23Sir Charles Pestwich, English geol^^ogist.
25Lyman Trumbull, ex-l'nlted States^senator, Chicago.
26John W. Kelly, variety actor, New^York.
1Harriet Beeeher Stowe, novelist,^Hartford.
2Joseph C. MrKlbben, American^statesman and soldier.
6clenerai Pierre, United States min^^ister to Guatemala.
7Sir John Pender, English capitalist.^^^William A. Hershixer, puissant and
sovereigngrand commander Ce-^reneau branch of Masons, Colum^^bus.
10 Frank Hurd, free trade statesman,^Toledo.
14M. Ilistrovo, Russian eliplomr.t.^Luther W. Mason, author of the^chart system of teaching music,^Huckfleld, Me.
15William E. Hussell, ex-governor of^Massachusetts. Cardinal Raphael^M. Lavah-tta, senior bishop of the^Roman Catholic hcirarchy, Borne.
16-Edmund L. A. H. de Goneourt,
Frenchauthor.^17^William H. Gibson, author and
artist,Washington. Conn.^20^Charles Dickens, jr., son of the En^^glish novelist.^21 Mrs. John Hoey, actress. New
York. James W. Harper, publisher,
NewYork.^J2 Qeneral Qanrpa W. Jones, ex-
t^lilted States senator, Bfjbajqtta,
ITWilliam II. Smith, journalist, Chi^^cago.
29-Robert W. Garrett, ex-presieb-nt of^the) Baltimore ^ Onlo railroad, Balti^^more.
1W. H. r -lden, D. D.. secretary In^^ternational Missionary I'nion, Clif^^ton Springs. N. Y.
3Sir William H. Grove, English elec^^trician.
IGeorge V. Anthony, ex-governor,^Tope-ka, Kan. Bobert Eraser, actor^and playwright, New York.
10Baroness Te-nnysein. England.
UProfessor Lillenthal, Germany, by
glall from his own flying machine-.^U^Ba-Preildenl Cam para of Bolivia.
CharlesL. HIKlrcth. poet, New York.
Prof. Hubert A. Newton, New
13Sir John Milials. painter and presi^^dent of the British Royal Academy.
14Dr. William Sclirader. elcctrkiun,^I'nlversitv of Missouri.
17Abigui Dodge, (Gail Mamiltem), es^^sayist. Hamilton, Mass.
lf_prof. F. Nichols Crouch, scene;^writer. Portland, Me. Miss Flora^Flnlayson, songstress. Sun Frun-^elaoo.
19-W. D. Balfour, provim ial se c retary^of Ontario. Prof. Josiah D. Whitney,^geologist. Harvard university.
20-Prof. A. H. Green. English geolo^^gist.
25-Hamid Bin Thwain Bin Said, sul^^tan of Zanzibar. The khuliia of the^Seiudan.
26-Arthur Ma. Arthur, the judge- who^presided at Ihc Guiteau trial. Wash^^ington. _
27-Bnreen Jerome F. Pichon. French^author. Harry Hill, sportsman,^Long Island.
29F. M. Drake, general passenger^ugent Big Fptir railroad.
;;oPrince Lohanoff-Rnstovsky, Rus^^sian BtlUlatW of foreign affairs.^Carles S. Helnhart, painter, New-^York.
1-Charles YVhaihurton, founder Phila-^delphta Telegraph.
2-Prof. L. N. Fowler, phrenologist,^New Y'ork.
4Commander John s. NawaU, i*. s.
N.,cruise-r Detroit.
^PercyGaunt, composer, Pulenville,^|f, X. Dr. George B. Good-.-, assist^^ant secretary Kmtthaonlaa institu^^tion. Washington.
aHenry H. Payne. ex-Pnlted States^senator. Cle-velaml. BOY. M. Swin^^dells, editor liiilaelelphiu .Metho^^dist.
IdPrince Egon von Hohenlobe, dor-^mun deputy. Luiji Palmie-ro, Italian^me-teoieilogist.
11Prof. Frauds J. Child, educator,^Hai vanl unh *r*lty.
|| I...uls F. Barrett, actor. New Y'ork.
i;Bnock Pratt, phllaalhroplat Balti^^more, N. K. Whlpp. supreme com-^mander United American Mechanics,^Marion. ^ ^hio.
21-l.cv. Louis E. S. Baker, temper-
Hr.ee lecturer, Nantucket, Mass.^Pianiess Olga of Montenegro.^J2 Fmu Katkerlun Kiafsky-Lohse,
Germans-uigstre ss.^24 ^ Biircn deer ,-if Pln*pang, Swedish
atateamanoib cr D Ealoti. aecre-^tnry Home Mission aodetr, New-^York Bessi- BellWoed, Irish music-^hall singer. James F. Joy. railroad^promoter, Detroit. Geni'ial Mexia of
27-PaulKalligns. Greek Jurist.^OCTOBER
3-William Morris, English poet.
5Annie Lewis, actress, Washington.^|^VlCtOf ele l.esseps. French CUMl
promoter.Bishop Henry T. Bae h-^man of the Moravian church, Gruce^Hill, Fla.
7General Troc hu. defender of Paris.
SQllHI Du Maurle-r, English novel^^ist and caricaturist. General George^A. Sheridan, political orator, W ash^^ington.
10-Levi K. Fuller, ex-governor of Ver^^mont.
H_HenryW. Benson, archbishop of^Canterbury, England. ROT. Crosby^W Wheeler. Amerie-an missionary to^Armenia. E. Towner Root, music^publisher. Cincinnati.
12Ex-Premier Frijsenburg of Nor^^way.
14-Thomas W. Ferry, ex-senator from^Michigan. Grand Baplds.
Ie5 August Till Ml. French botanist.^17^Henry K. Abbey, theatrical mana^^ger, New York.
15Horace Rubles, editor Milwaukee^Sentinel.
3^Charle s F Crisp, ex-speaker of the^I'nited States house of representa^^tives. Atlanta. Columbus Delano,^ex-secretary of the Interior, Mount^V.inon. Uhlo. Captain General Pa-^via of Spain.
25Sir Albert Sassewn, English-Indian^philanthropist.
26M. Challemel-Laeour, ex-presldent^of the French senate.
27Henry S. Quick, actor. Fon du Lac.^Wis.
30OardinAl Prince GustAve von H ^-^h^nlnh* Hi hllllligftml. Rome. Dr.^H. Newell Murtin, English Liolo-
31-GeneralJoseph T. Torrence, Chi^^cago.
NOVEMBER.6-Duke William of Wurtemburg^Mrs. William H. Vanderbilt, New-^York.
9Napoleon^Ne-w Yeirk
10-Dr. Edward H. Parker, American^poet and lehyslc ian. John A. Gylden,^tlerman astronomer.
11Joseph G. Cheenman, president of
12-Mrs. Scott Slddona, English ac-^tress, in Paris.
17Isaac C. Parker, the ^Hanging
Judge. Fort Smith, Ark.^1*^ Prince von Stollberg-Wernlgerode,
presidentPrussian di- t.
21William A. Haupt, playwright,^New York.
22George W. G. Ferris, designer of^the Ferris wiiee-l, PtttabUkg-
23Italo Campanlni, Italian tenor.
24Governor Eraser of New Brunswick.^26^Coventry Patmore. Lngllsh author.
29John Scott, ex-l'nltcd States sena^^tor, Philadelphia.
30-Lord John Savllle, English diplo^^mat. William Stelnway, piano man^^ufacturer, New York.
3Mrs. Sarah E. Mink, national presi^^dent Woman's Auxiliary of the G. A.^R.r Watertown. N. Y.
4Albert Aronson, theatrical manager,^New York.
6Henry F. Pease. M. P.. ex-president i^_ British Lllieral Federation.
7Colonel John R. Fellows, lawyer and^politic-Ian, New York. Hev. Louis^Pralskse hatls. editor Rofnrmlerte Kir-^chen Zeltung, Cleveland. Willlnm^Drury. largest Amcricuii land owner,^New Boston, III.
9 Louis A. Rogeard, French publicist.^14^Emlle Chatrousse, French sculptor.
16Jean Cardinal Buyer of France.
17Alexander Hermann, magician,^near, Hoc-heater, N. Y.
18Roawell G. Hurt', ex-congressman,^Michigan.
21Charles T. McClenac hen. sovereign^grand inspector general, etc., thiity-^thlrel degree Masons.
23W. II. Hatch, ex-congressman,^Kansas City.
ThelaamenM Bo*e*njamn*l of the Depnrt
nient.*etore*^Department stems have advanced!^fortunately in Doth the c*uality of the^goods sold ami the- amount of the suh-s.^The business of several amounts an^^nually to from $7.r^00.ooo h^ ttfstOMM,^and this, raUaThly speaking, is as much^money as many a pff*o*P*ron* railway^LVM mile* long handle* la a Iwelre-^month; one groat store* in the West^carries a rent account of almost. If met^cjulte, $400,000 a year; the mall order
businesseef another a mount i to Mta.tot
ayear; n number of houses send lo the^homes eef their customers more than^M,#M packages In a single clay, while^pe i lia i s as many mm ^^ arc- e an led^away In th* bunds of the shoppers. In^the* busiest day* QUlt* 100,0(10 persons^have visited each of the very large st^stores of New York, Philadelphia. Chi^^cago and Brooklyn, One Arm spends^more than f*M,IM a year feer advert la-^ii.g; and single depart men td In si viral^Stoves sell meere than fd,tM,tM worth Of^.roods annually.-Prom ^The Conduct^of Great Busitn ssi s- The De partment^Store.^ by Samuel HopklM Adums, in^the January Scrihne-r's.
I- il 4 linmet H^ ( urcd
by local a|ipllrations, as they cannot
reachthe diseased portion of the ear.^There Is only one way to cure deafness,^and that Is hy constitutional remedies.^Deafness 1* caused by an Inflamed condi^^tion of the mucous lining of the Eustach^^ian Tube. Winn this tube gets inflamed^you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect^hearing, and when It Is entirely closed^deafness is the result, and unless the In^^flammation can he taken out and thu^tube restor^d to its normal condition,^hearing will be destroyed forever; nlnej^cases out of ten are caused hy catarrh,^which Is nothing but an Inflamed condi^^tion of the mucous surfaces.
Wewill give One Hundred Dollars for^any case of Deafnesa (caused hy catarrh)^that cannot lie cured hy Hull's Catarrh^Cure. Bend for circulars, free.
F.J. CHBNBY ^ CO., Toledo, O.
Soldby Druggists. 7.V-.
Hull'sFamily Pills are the best.
Thehin i ot fat* horan tnn th* anwlM, tka
yontawho in urror bare daabed tha cup of Ufa^to the floor. It ii a fearfal horror to be an^^irone; as aa ox to-day, to ha aa weak aa a klttea^to-ineirrow. It ttaioletnn waralog; It skoald^ha heeded. Cutch yoursaif In thaalck of time.^If you canaot help jourxlf he
GRKATHt nt tt
willhelp you. Ilndra* in a paraly vamtahla
preparation,but le a powerful one.
Huitjranrei'orn, rebuilds reuaw* the flreio.^Ufa ltliiorraaa. It ll nian'i beet fr'enj. If^you euffer from weakBeiic, from unpaired or loit^manhood, if fee have s*.*d up jour kldneye 01^Injured jreur lirer yon should write and lears^all about th-Ureal liadyan. Clrcalare aad tes^^timonial* free
btocktou,Market aud Ellu -te.,^^as raisciaco, Calilomia
Always FIRST *
ElectricHitters is a medicine suited for^any season, but perhaps more Ketierally
goadedwkea tka laagnld, exhausted fcei-
InKprevails, when the- liver is torpid and^^hlggt*ll und th* need of a tonic and al^^terative is felt. A prompt use of this^mcd.cine h.'s often averted lonn ind per*^haps fatal Ml kill* fevers. No medicine^wlli act more surely in counterac ting and^freeing the s^.'tern from the malarial poi^^son. Headache, indigestion, constipation,^llzilne ss yield to BkeOtri* Bitters. DOc and^Jl.00 per bottle at ^ny drug store.
!Eagle Brand !
JFor M years the latdkjj brand. It U tha J^2 Betlt enj thee ^tyM economical. O^2 A PERFECT FOOD FOR INFANTS S
beenattKiiietl hy^1'robpO' tunn and^capitahf-iH fnim tli^* use ot ^^ur Dcrff'ied
Inihee r DrteJ FOR CttUSHINC OHE0.^Hn^uul ^ MOtXPERIMBIIT.^inforiDntloii. I Capfi'HT i*u^r*inlet'fl bf^GATES IRON WORKS. CHICAGO.
PI::Wiii non polnnnnutj^fTuftly f'^r Gtinorrntcff..^(^'Itft, S pe roi u t o rr bar *,^'A in ^^ unnatural^^harKfk. nr any .nflamma-^titin, irritation or ulcfra*^lion ^^f uiucnuR ni^ni-^brant's. N-.n ant r;n\-ti'.^Sold hy DravfcrlaU,^or tr-nt tn plain wrapprr,^bf t'kpttMfl, prTaifl, fut^fl.nn. M .1 bottha, *j 7^.^Circular ann*. on reguwte
mmRK TP rtAPl'lNCSR IM STKI.TJC1T11. JOT^^*- and gltdnes* fhine forth frcmi the ey*^of the manly and strong. Confidence, aelf-^ejteem and lote of society rome with the^return of nature's vigor. Electricity, th*^force of vitality, makes men great. It^brings bark the fire of youth It helps^manhood.
Dr.Saoden'a Electric Belt Is the chrsen^spring from which is drawn the vital en^^ergy which infuiies the velnt of nsen and^develops the* nerve and physical powers.^The vigorous standard of our ruce is im^^proved hy It.
l)oyou wish to read the stnry of how^vital force is renewed by electricity^ If to.^get Dr. Sanden'^ book. ^Three CkMUM of^Men,^ which will be sent, closely sealed,^free from observauou, upon request.
253Washington St., Toitland. Or*.
TheStockton Woolen Mills,^Stockton, (^al., mauut'aeture a^line of all wool Cassimere^Pants. Woolen Underwear,^Flannels and Hlankcts of the^very best quality; a.**k for them.
CopporRiYGtcd Ovoralls.
Havehevn for a quarter of a century the standard overalls for miners, me^^chanics, laborers, etc. Strong and servlcahle. Hest quality de r.lm used, care^^fully made. AN seams douMe stitche-d and filled, nnd rrlrf.iioed with capper^rfveis. Continuous fly. preventing ripping at the e rotch. High cut from crotch^t^ waist', mid. insuring perfect fit. Wide ci.t lc.-s, so they may je worn over^woolen pants. Sc.aie pri. e aa ordinary overalls.

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