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ASensible Custom That Degenerated^to an Extravagance, '
Inborne Ways the Chinese Form^of New Year's Calling Is^Far Ahead of All^Others.
Withthe disappearance of the cus^^tom of making Ntiv Year's calis from^the circles whose members consider^themselves ^In society^ in the bit; cities^of the land, unit one of the most i h . -^Uhed resources of ths prof ss.onal Joke^foundryman, for it furnished many a^situation that was truly humorous^when regarded from his yttw point. To^the temperance lecturer, too, Um At*^cadence of New War's I ;ills must have^come with a shook, sine b VMM of^the diversity and abundance of re^^freshments furnished forth, the num^^ber and variety of available ^exam^^ples^ developed on Jan. 1 easily exceed^^ed, at least In picturcsqucneSH, those^of nearly all the year's remaining days.^Hut no matter how much, or by whom,^the memory of the custom may be re^^gretted, it seems to have vanished per^^manently as a general observance. Cer^^tain It is that to-day it as dead as a^door nail In the swell circles w hose^members once held it in the highest re^^gard.and its individual observance, here^and there, always excites surprise and^the use of the words ^old fashioned^^by those who hear about it.
AlthoughNew Year's calling has^often been termed ^a good old Knick^^erbocker custom,^ it did not really^originate on Manhattan Island. It has^been In vogue for centuries among th ^^Chinese, hut in a somewhat different^form from that which was popular in^the United States so many years. The^men of the Flowery Kingdom not only^call upon one another on their New^Year's day, but they pay their debta^then, too. In fact ,to square himself^^with his creditors is the Chinaman's^chief, if not Ms only Object, in making^New Year's calls, and Joaquin Miller^once wrote a most pathetic yarn ubout^a ^Chink^ of his acquaintance who^stuck himself to death with a jack-^knife he^ auae it,, could not niei t his ob^^ligations at the beginning of the year.
Nosuch overwhelming desire to pay^debts at this period is known to co-ex^^ist with any of the western civiliza^^tions, nor Is it characteristic of any^Orientals save those who dwell in I'ai^Cathay^not even the Japanese, many^of whose customs are so similar with^those of the Chinese, and whoeo race^undoubtedly sprang from Um Mil^original stem. In fact, the Japs, as^the oi eident.il world Is beginning to^Bad out, do not like to pay at all un^^less they have In, anil If the chrysan^^themum eonquoal of China shall intro^^duce Into the Celestial empire the^principle of paying only on compulsion,^it will have at least one deplorable re^^sult.
Asa matter of fact, the paying of^New Year's calls probably Originated^independently In almost every clime.^Feasting and duinlnug on the Bret day^of the year have bet n customary ever^since there have been records. Old-^time Kuropean chieftains used to s t^^New Year's^ apart as n day on which^they would condescend to receive sub^^stantial tribute from their underling*.
QueenKllzabi th received New T( u s^rails every year, and there was always^much rivalry between her ambitious^courtiers as to the quality and value^of the gifts they should bestow upon^the virgin sovereign. It was on Now^Year's day that ^ somewhat famous^Mr. Raleigh^Mr Walter Raleigh he^was called^gladdened the nneon'l^heart with a Memorable pair of silk^stockings^the Brat ever made and^worn in England.
InHolland the custom of making^New Year's calls had bat n general long^before the settlement of NfW Amster^^dam, and the natives of the Nether^^lands who came to live In the new
NOTall the stealthy blades that^ever sought^To cleave between the quivering
fleshand life,^Not ill the enginery^wrought
Torend his fellows on the fields of^strife,
Norill the festering ills that still are^rife
Inthis infected world, nor all its crime,^Bear guilt ot half the blood that stains
thyhand, O Time.
Copyright,i^,. by BaMbJ SynJicite
Pressedby thy iron^scourge, the veteran
Withmuffled drums,^With banners trail^^ing low,
Marchever onward to pursue the
Ofthose who sunk beneath the
\ictor'l blow,^More vanquished in their final over^^turn w
Thanthose they reft from thee; and
withtheir sl;iin^They wait for that last trump that^ends
0Time, thy reign.
whilevisiting was general. It was be^^tween friends and neighbors only, and^not at all like the New Year's calls of^a later date. It was proper in the de^^lightful and primitive days of the^Dated In New Amsterdam for everyone^to call on the governor llrst; after that^the general rounds were made, and It^was a hilarious lot of Dutchmen who^Anally went to rest at about 10 o'clock^in the evening.
Inthose days the nearby colonies of^New Kngland were too Puritanical and^the l'cnnsylvunians were too Quaker^^ish for New Year's calling. As to N^ *^Jersey the present writer has found no^record whatever, but It appears In a
beginningof the present century that^the change from a neighborly observ^^ance to one of old fashion had been^well begun. The younger women of^such households as had daughters were^the hostesses, and great was their ri^^valry, one with another, in respect of^richly loaded refreshment tables and^elegance of toilet. Thy, dudes of those^days^they called them ^beaux^ and^'dandles^ and gallants^ then^attired^themselves in Iheir baa] and st art ^-d^out early In the morning, calling llrst^at the bouaea where matrons received,^and afterward upon the younger ladies.
Thedrinks thut were offered at every I Thil^house of uny prominence were ardent Jan
ofN'.'vv York rivaled one another in the^length of their calling lists, and the^calls soon came to be nothing more^than hasty stops more rapid gorging*^of enke and gulpings of wine Instead^of the old-time friendly calls of men^upon the families of their friends and^acquaintances Then the ladies the^matrons as well as lad young women^began to vie with one another in the^number of their cullers. This led tolas^most extraordinary practices. Callers^were recruited, Indeed, much as rue-^totnen are drummed up by dealers m^soup Purda announcing thai Mlaa
or-Thntwould be ^al home' on
iwere aeal out almoei Indlai nun
A, *
AWi ft^* or rt^^**$
fk'H'oxjl#t of Dw urine i *
worldbrought th^ practice with them, j gen
And.of course, they ba l p ^ nty tit
anddr.ink at ev ry beana where New-^Year's calls w re received ^for who^ever i. ard o! Dutchmen w h ^ did aat^take -^1 car* af their stomachs
Thi-rthe town was only a huddle of^houses in th ^ point of :he lelaad, and^awry on a Jw:*w w. :; ..-' v..--c;
ralway that 'he cu^fom did not and divers-, and whosoever declined to^me v hi-sp^^-.d ov er the country partake thereof wan not thereafter ^in
untilarter the . iv.i war.it-^ to latrodarn a bit af lattnr-4
TheKtiglish w I... f -tiled In and al^)Ut ! slang, though it is not recorded thai^New Amsterdam, however, were as I there were many Instances of that sort,^niu. h devoted to she v ist im as tlIt w;.s ii. t until about the iiiidoUe t I
Dutch,for It had groan to almost as , the century. ^-r thereabouts, that the^great propori.oi s in England as in Hoi- al um which finally l^d to the cust -^land.ll vua fcul until abviit iLv. , ducline bvtan.
Bjataty.and the burdens af the postmen
w tncreaoed as asaau as they arata^ii r. ^^ yeeui ago in adraacn af st. y^i- |!r
aal ^ day. ,^**W.J
'Iranthe Sunday papers of the ^.^in- i 1'v '^1 ^ i - ^ ^ t ^ ^ ^ho w ..aid | H'i ~
andlie u^eK..t th^ie i., -ii- ' e.lw.tli
ladleshad never met or heard of and^desir. l nev r to meet again. Men^would go ( ailing In couples and parties,^and i ven tn droves of Itil or more, re^^maining as short a lime at each stop^^ping place ns possible, and announcing
everywherehow many calls they hud
alreadymade anil how many Ihey ex^peeted to make before they Unshod.^At ^ very place they drank and at each
place,,,f ionise, a different brand of^wine The result was u most appalling^assoitment of ^Jags^ long before sun^^down, and a crowding of the poh.. |ta-^tlons al Bight. Naturally enougil the^second day of January was always a
M.ld day In the pollnils, and the
Judges,sonf whom probably hud
post.calling headaches thems.lv.s.^were wont to mark S. 8., for ^sentence^Biispcnil.il.'^ after the name of every^^one who could show thai he had made
abaaat of hlmaelf In the ... scrvamf
the'good old Knickerbocker custom
Mostof the callers went on foot in^those .lavs, and ail w ore what Is now^known as evening dress on their New^Vein's rounds. In fact, It was almost^a breach of etiquette among young^men of society to wear any aaul but a^s^ allow-tail w lilh making th^- New^Year s rounds.
I.ale In th. fifties the abuse culm- to^be ^ gnat that the newspapers and '^the ministers took It up. and many |^were th,. aaHtoriala arrttteii and many |
thesermons pr. ached against |i It^was not lot g (..-fore these attacks be^^gan la tnke some effect, but the cus^^tom was still In a nourishing condition^at tin close of th.- war. In I'xto so many^eatraragancea bad come into arlatanra^In rotitieetioti with N. vv Year's culls^that one ,.f the lllustrat. d w eekll^ s^gave s. v.ml pages to pn Hires an I let-^It r ; re ^ denagaasf to admlanilaf u^death bi .vv ia ^ partlcalar form af Ina^aba a which obliged en ry public man^to ret .Ive lords..f ^.i Ih ra from his^own and other districts at his home ,,n^that day.
Itttiu-a have beau almost as late as^this that the custom begun rapidlv to^grow In oilier citi.s. and. no doubt,^this was augmented by the outcry In^the New York newspapers against the^custom us an , xlra\ugan. ^ of metro-^paMbH fashionable society. Almost^^ \ ^ i y city In the ITaited Stutes had^Just such an lapariaaea as N^w York^had pravloaaly had. even to the publi^^cation of lists of callers in the ue\vspa-^pof though that did not obtain sway^from N'.vv York, to any great extent,^till late In the eighties. The writer was^one of the \2 reporters attached to a^to .vsp ip. r in Mil interior town In IH'0,^who w. re detailed to get up the list for^the Sunday Issue pi. , ding Jan. L^Bach was ordered to attire himself in^a spike tail suit and ha wear a high^hat. and each was furnished with I cal^^Tleti the ,ity was districted, and to^each of the doi.-n w is assigned a dis^^trict. The sight of lbs \i men rigg-.i^out in swallow tails getting Into the It^cabs In front of th ^ ..rrlce attracted^gnat attention, as It was intended it^should. Some of the men had never^worn such suits before, and were^obliged to borrow or hire their suits.^It i- unnecessary to add that they pre^^sented i, most i enical apt^cura.nco^at the office that nluht. Some of theni^rapartaal hi ^ a at thoroughly bofunV
dbdcondition, having found the em-^I maaailianl Of filling at hundreds of^atrange bonnes and asking set ques^^tions ab ^u' !fen Y ar's receptions so^gr. .ii a-^ ' ^ -to require al-nost
aajnaltynnmatnna and generally more^pi luagld calls upon the gin mills of
thetow n.
Atlast 'he custom began to declin -^.^^I t aavoig the really smart set
inevery ^ hty, thongb for years after tt^died with what Is now called the ^Four
Hi^' In N v York, it tlourish-
unllniite.i virulence among
,. ,, I ha the lists w.re sure t^^ 1~- be-! th. s- low. i- down. It Is nlated as one
iVr^eura in; v.... . 1 by au: ... ^ ahMaa ;hs | of th; ataadaag j kes of ^winy that
sometime In the seventies a family^now of the vary Inner circle, but then^clamoroiislv hammering at society's^door, hrought down upon themselves^the amused contempt of those whom
theyenv te.i by annoaaclag in the pa-
pcisthat the ludl. s would rec eive, and^then setting up a most elaborate^spread. Thai a were plenty of callers.^Indeed, but not inun the ranks this^family desired to enter, ll was a wild^m..b of nobodies who swooped down^upon tin- bouse and gorged Itself with^the alnes and confections so liberally^provided, and the inorlltlontlon of the^host .'lid host.-ss was exceeded only by^the wr.ck the revelers b-ft lM-hlnd^th.iii.
Thereis still some N vv Year's^calling In more than one city that the^writer knows of. Nowhere, however,^N the , ustoiii pairahyhaai as an elabo^^rate social function, but simply as a^sensible Intercuaag* of onartaaaal be^^tween good frb nds.
StstniH.lcnv. |oi^es that have been mls-^.llte.t.sl will be redeemed upon applica^^nt n to tlm ivistotlh a d. tiartment.
0rnor Atkinson ..f r,eornla has Just
approwadaa ad af Iba legislature mak^^ing Women eligible to the office of stat*
pe..p|.hs-. Turkej thai it takes bM^M. ' ^^ ws to ^ i IV' toenail and live
araaaablaaI ^ equal one Persian in sharp^business daalhaga
Th,.gov rnaaent statin of Victoria eati-^auttea the wheal rand el Iba colony at^7,i ua) bushels a .puuitity which he con-^^I :^ i s siiftl. i. in tor local wants.
1'pto I ml train a w^ i^ raised In China^for the labia only Since then experiments^,ve I.. -, ,.!.. IM making wine, which
nanHsd \^ ^ y aneceaafalhy.
Ahi Ida's aka hnaaaaai by means of^atyrtla and orange blossoms to represent^a uredding bell, and costing nearly SM,^was ^ faatiire of a recent wediling in Kn-^ic'dsh high llf^.
s.v. nte^ a yaaag native waaaan recently^i i ih aaaaahaatiaa at the medical
Bruneiof Agra. India, and one of the num.^b, r. Miss T.. Singh, made th^ aecond^highest mark in tao university.
Th servant girls of lietrott are taking^sttps toward th^ formation of a labor^liaaaa, which Is to classify the occupation.^Hlpul ite wages to lie paid and to atiang ^^for afternoons and evenings ^out.
the annual ' .atlle crop^' of New South^Wale* Is about *^).'^^'. with an annual^consumption In Sydie y of lH.OOO head.^The Qneeaahaad cuttle crop^' la at^out^1.imi,i^si head, with an annual consumption
otabout n\na haaA
\v. i baai lennlad whole was the chief^dish at a state dinner recently given by^Iba | ii^ ^ al Mon'.ete gro. It was brought^in Manning hot. ln.ida the boar was a tur^^key Hid inside the turkey was a snipe^* hi -li hud been shot by the host.
Actingunder the authority grante.l by^the South Carolina legislature, C..tiers!^11\Kb L Parlay is collecting and will pub-^| Uoh m permanent form the rolls af all^I the companies raised In that BtaSB for^M vice iii laa . otiimb rate army
Adepot has be. n established In London^^ here motor vehicles may be renaaaf and^I. Skilled mechanics, thoroughly^Ml d In motor v hide work, will be *'Pt^In readlm sa to answer calls irom disabled^\ chicles In any part Of the city.
Abill will h^ Introduced it the next ses^^sion of th,. Missouri legislature to change^the divorce laws of that state so that In
dfault divorce suits the Innaaaajaf the^absent party to the lull w'H be looked^after in court by a hi U yer appoint**1^the trial Judge.
1Us ^man enla H - of war has Issued^i cral order ^ . the effect that military^rs urn no I gsr to he rendered at^th^ funerala of onVara who h^^* commit-^led suicide, whose names sr^ likewise to^.do pul lassaai af hafag k.pt aa-^aasi

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