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IfTon Haven't One Buy a Lot or^Two and Build.
TheAnaconda Towntlte Company^Has some Choice Residence^Lots I hat Will Be sold^on tasy Terms,
Anyonereading IMHN Issues of the^ttgaiard.TTtttl its .Ic-e. rtptlons of An:n nu^^lla iiml tin' story of the iiossthllltie* of the^city, cannot fall to HMM sbWI It In a^Kooiiplai r for koo'I iico|di- t^^ r.ni.iin. AM^once thin conclusion In reached the desire^would naturally ln^ to secure a permit-^innt BSSM in u spot so highly favored by^the great MMMH of nature, bo well^augmented hy the Imlustry, skill and en-^terprisi- of man.
Oneof the lirst duties of every well-^meuiilng liumuii MM i^ to estaldish u^in . side of his own. Not only Is It his duty^no to do from moral and natural reasons,^hut as well from I wis.-. MNMRsMl and^lnianilal rjolnt of view. Hent-puyinif Is a^most serious ohstacle In the way of pros^^perity, and th^- man who eh-siics to ac^^cumulate u competence, or anything like^It, in order that he may spend his old aK^^In BegM and comfort, cannot more sun ly^olistmet his own road to success than by^paying rent for the privilege of having a^roof to shelter him.
Ina growing city like Anaconda, where^men are steadily employed at good wages,^tl ere Is no excuse for every one not own^^ing a home. Rap*1 dally Is this so because^the Townslte company has on Its list very^desirable lots for sale in every portion ot^the city. The prices of these lots are not^only within the reach of all. but can also^he seiaired on easy payments and reason^^able time, so that a purchaser can secure^his lot by paying only a part of the pur^^chase money down, then build his home,^ami, by layln^ away a part of his earn-^li gs every month^hardly more than he^would have otherwise paid for rent^he^can meet his payments as they become^due, until he Is soon the own. r of his^own roof-tree, the slave of rent-exactors^no longer.
Seeminglythese facts have not been^rightly appreciated by a great number of^our people, many of whom for a half^dozen years or more have paid high rents^monthly, which, If calculated, would^amount to a snug fortune to the tenant,^who, unfortunately, has naught to show^for it all. True, some of the wiser ones^have had the foresight to at once secure^homes and to afterwards gradually Invest^furplus earnings 111 lots and houses, the^rents from which have so added to their^rarnlngs that many of them are now ^^;iosltion to retire with ^ handsome lent^roll and conifortabty eajoy iln ir remain^^ing years, a position in Which every cili-^n n of this meat republic should be before^ltd SsTS MMM M, and could he hy wisely^ciasplm: such opportunities us Anaconda^lft'iucls.
Thevast amount of building done In this^-Ity during th^ season just closed is hard.^Ijf rtiniltri by many cities elsewhere 0(^oopulations approaching 100, And yet
tis predicted, by those well Informed,
:hatbuilding here the coming season will^Tar exceed tills year's work. This is not^surprising when it is recalled H at the
Itin nei for ooasfortahli. atodlina gag^rnir-sizeii iniiises with Modern eon yen-
lencesis ns yet far in ex, s*a of the sup^^ply. Nor will the supply soon reach IBS^:lcmand. for not only is the city's popula^^tion Increasing apace, bin It la I fact that
Ihaproportion of families to the number^Of unmarried people is growing greater.
MMsteadily receiving good wages an-^fi Mowing the natural Instinctive desire^for the pleasures of home and the ties^mid joys af family Ufa, and weddings are^of dally occurrence, followed primarily as
Icondition precedent to I hi need ol suit^^able homes.
TheAnaconda Townslte c inipany has^been In charge of the real estate of tins^city from Its early years and has sold^lots for a. few hundred dollars which. In a^few years, could not be purchased for ua^many ihousands. During these years^ami^the work continues-have been built^splendid business blocks that would he^a credit to any city, and homes ami art*^\ate residences that for beauty, cheer and^comfort are not *xcelled elsewhere.
Theoffices of the Anuconda Townslte^company are conveniently located In^pleasant quartern on the second floor ot^the Btandard building, corner of Main and^Third streets, where plats and maps of^the city and additions can be seen and^had. The manager and his assistants are^ever ready, day and evening, lo give full
Iiformation, ficts and figures to Intend^^ing Investors. Choice- lots in various parts^of the city at prices from two hundred^dollars upward will he displayed to pros^^pective purc hasers, who will be shown^over the ground In a carriage by repre^^sentatives from the townslte office.
LetIt not be forgotten that Anaconda,^even though its growth has been phe^^nomenal. Is really as yet In its infancy,^and those who allow present opportunities^to escape w ill look back in Iha years to^i ome even as many to .lay regretlully re^^fer to what might SAT* I^ ^ n had they^but Invested In the ^^ is pasi. Now ll^the accepted time.^ Act at once, for Ana-^cc nda's real aetata prices now are hut a^faction of what tiny will at live yeais^he ncc.
Home,Pares! Hemic.
sustainthe government to the end; and.^bo It further
Resolved.That we are In sympathy^with the people of t*uba who are strug^^gling for their liberty and are In favor ot^recognition by the United Htates Immedi^^ately of the independe nce of Cube.
Followingthe meeting several bun^^dled signed the roll, dec laring themse Ives^ready for enlistment In case of war with^Spain.
MamMeeting in Which ^^inpathy for the .^('ledums Is Kxprt'seeeel.
I'hoenlx. Ariz.. Dec. :s^.-The court^house was creiweled tills eve ning by citi-^xe ns drawn by the publishe d c all of a^mass meeting to express the sympathy j^of Arizona with Cuba. Mayor Monilion i
ofI'hoeiils, called the ming to order!
nndwas one of the principal speakers, j^The chairman was J. I.. II. Alexander. 1^clerk of the supreme court. Among the^strangest advoc ates of the acknowledge- i^rre nt of Cuban ncllhri-rcnc e y was Chief^Justice lluker. who stated that It was {^Ins belief that Spain herself had Indicated^the way In her ready recognition in lstil^of Southern Ixdllgere ncy. He-solutions^were passed as follows:
Win re is. The- patriotism of the peo^^ple of Arizona and their loyalty has am^put In question by reason of a certain^^ ^ gram ^. ni b^ i c i.-rnor B .1 Prank-^In to the New Yolk Journal, stating^that In the case of war between the^1 aMel States and Spain on the Cuban^cuiestlon Arizona would not furnish a :^volunteer; anil
Whereas,The statement In said tele^^gram does not reflect or voice the sen- !^timent of the people of Arizona in the j^premises now: therefore be It
Resolved.That the state-ment of Gov^^ernor Franklin contained In his telegram^to the New York Journal be hereby re-^pudiated and condemned, as It does not^express the sentiments and feelings of^the people of Arizona in the matter, the !^people of Arizona being patriotic and loy^^al to the government, and would. In case^of war between the t'nlted States and^Sraln or any other nation, stand firmly '^by the government and furnish lheir pro^^portion of able-bodied men and means to j
TheState Legislature.
FortKenton River Press: It la al^^ready apparent, from the gossip float^^ing around the streets at Helena, that^the Incoming: state legislature proposes^to Institute reforms of an important^nature in state and county govern^^ment. What these changes) will he is a^subject for speculation, but it is be^^lieved that sniiie of tin- pre sent offices^will lie abolisheel wherever such action^can Is^ taken w ithout detriment to the^welfare of Montana at large. Some in-^tereating Helena eorresponclenc-e of the^llulte Inter Mountain suggests that im^^position of county clerk unci n-corder in^nit aevereJ couatle] may ha seglegated
Intotwo depart mi-tils, and that the^ciltlce- uf coumy auditor will he ,-i I^ ^1 -^lshc-el In counties where that position^now obtains.
Theabove Is not the only county^matter which Is likely to e-ome up fur^c oiisideratiieii hy the legislature. The^other matter Is decidedly more im-^inriant, and It Is void or any gem*^btUhOa of ntreiichnii-nt pec uniarily.
Itwill necessitate ilstaldishing of
salariesand iln- remodeling of a provta-^lon of the i oiies. It Is in regard to the^county rommlealofiari The plan talk^^ed of now Is to have Ihe-ni paid a regu^^lar salary. As it Is now tin y mo sim^^ply paid for cai h day they mee t and^Hans,ut business. The result is that^county matte rs are not looked after as^thoroughly nr as systematically as they^c ould or would he if it were possible to^llnd a coWllHlMtopat at any time of the^day. To remedy this the proposed hill,^by paying the- rnwiMlaaloneri a regular^salary, will compel one of the in to re ^^main at the county court house all^day, each commissioner taking; his^turn ut staying there. That will have^a commissioner there at all limes for^the people's convenience and e nalde^the board to look niter the Interests of^the county more minutely. Another^change talked of relative to county^commissioners Is to pass a law more^definitely detining their powers. The^law on the-ir authority is very obscure^on some matters, and a lawyer, speak^^ing of the mat tor to-day, said It would^take a suit before the supre-me court to^settle It. Hy the enactment of a law^thoroughly dellning their powers, the^commissioners could act without hesi^^tancy In matters upon which to-day^they cannot for fear of causing a law ^^suit. If the power of the rommlssion-^ers Is not defined by the forthcoming^legislature hy the enactment of a 1)111^It Is very probable that the obscure^points will he settled hy appealing to^the supreme court.
I.ilei-nryCrilicism In Mori-a.
Kiiinithe New York Sun.
inpearly nil the big AeMurtaient
soresin New York ROW the booh de^^partment is a feat nr.- ami in almost all^'uses ii Is in charge of young women.
TheIks dealt in are for the most
partpopular nove ls and Cheap editions^of standard works. The forme r are^published In artistic line-ii covers and^tin y are piled high on lug tables mark-^eel 1T^ c ents, i;.-, cents and :I0 e -nls, prices
lowI't-than the paper1 covered editions^of these books sold for two or three^years ago.
ForInstances one may buy some of^Anthony Hope 's en- Robert Uoula Itev-^tneon'g storie s in linen bindings nncl in^fairly good print for l.i cents a volume,^Some of the ( lassies in the satin- dPOSi
nappurchased for tin- mm price,^it is it noticeable fnc t that the majority
ofthe young women Who arc stationed^at the hook counter* have very little
appreciationof whaJ tin y are selling.^They are willing to offer advice at em. .-^If tin- pnrrhnaer healtatea In a choice,
Aman Who made the discovery se v^^eral clays ago that the department^stores sold books and went the rounds^to see w lial he could ml caBM to the^i (inclusion that tin- young woman who^sold Iks recognised only two writ^^ers, and with all due- respect to them.
tin-yware Bertha m. Clap and a young^woman who lives in Brooklyn and gets
hername into the newspapers at regu^^lar advertising rates.
Wheneverthe man hesitated for a^moment or two, In whatever store it^happened to be. the enterprising young^Woman handed him a gtofy by one or^the other of these two w liters, Willi the^remark, ^This Is nice. |*va read it my^^self, and it's just grand.^ In the lirst^store win-re this advice was given It^amused the man and in tin- second^store It Interested him. and thereafter^he made a bet with himse-lf that tin-^same advice would be given in every^other stole, and he happened to win.^Perhaps the young women who have^read other books were not working thai^afternoon.
Bawnaagin Saneapac
FromIhe Atlanta Constitution.
AGeorgia editor who has been east^^ing about for rhyme s for the legislature^gi ts it down as follows:
Hoodcorn lie ker
An'human narur'!
TheKing of tills in Hec-cr.am'a-BEECHA.VS.
KeppterJewelry Co
it.Ill jr.. lis up.
TheExtensive Plants of the Ana^^conda Copper Mining Company.
FiguresThat Are Astonishing In
iheir Extent-At the Fire clay^Works and Manufactory-^Many Men bmployed.
Theb--i brick manufactured In the^Rocky mountain legion is that mad.^by the brick department of the Ana^^conda Copper Mining company, in this^city. The reason for this Is apparent^to anyone who will Investigate the^business of hrickmaklng. Tin- ln-st of^male-rial is used. Ihe latest unproved^machinery Is secured and only experl-^enced men are employed In the works.
Theeiutput of the company for the^past 1:' months Is ihe greatest in its^jUatory The capacity of the plant has
lieendoubled, and all the time, when^Weather permitted, work has been ag^^gressively carried mi.
Tieseason did m l open until late. It^was the last of April before anything^could In- done, and a snow storm early^In September caused the suspension of^operations.
Inthat time^live months^12.SM.n00^red brick w ere- burned, of which about^4,200.000 were made by the new yard^at Mill Cree k, which did not start un^^til June 1 and c losed Se-pt 4.
Theseason for lire- brick making ran^from April to November and 1,200,000^was the out put.
ieiders for omamentnl brick were^filled promptly, supplying every de^^mand.
Theaverage force of men employed^throughout the season w as IN,
Thisdepart meal furntahed the brick
usedm building the II. A. ^ 1*. rail^^road shops, the silver smelter, the- gen^^eral utile e building, the Margaret the^^ater, Ihe lumber department ware^^house In llutte and other smalle r build^^ings about Anaconda. There Is a visi^^ble supply of pl.ooo.000 bric k, whicji Is^belie-ved to be sulllcient to meet ull de^^mands until next season opens.
Someother tlgures may give a fur^^ther conception of the extent and im^^portance of this department, when It^is known that 4.IHW cords of wood were^burned this summer and about 6.000^tons of silica from DttMn. Fire clay^was used from Lost Cre-e-k. Mill Creek.^Three Forks and tJreat Falls, amount^^ing to a total of 12,000 Tons. The work^of taking out this day and silica, of^cutting the wood and hauling same hy^team and railroad to the works em^^ployed many men In addition to those^used In the actual manufacture of^brick and they are not inc luded In the^lad above mentioned.
Thelower yard Is a model In every^respect and is the- addition to the^equipment this year. There is a c a^^po Ity for lta,(M brick every 21 hours,^hut this ynir the Work was done- by^one shift per day. which made a pro^^duct of r.o.ism brick.
Theequipment In thla yard Boaelati^of two Mmum h machlnea, two se-if-^siinding machlnea for molds, two disin^^tegrators, v hich perfectly pulverize- the^Clay and throw mil all rockg anil for^^eign anilatlal Tneoe machlnea are^ope rated by an e-ngine and boiler of r.ii-
heelse- poW (T. A lloof Ml wlllell SOO.IIOO
brickmay be- dried was pol ice tly le-ve-l-^ed unci Dime are team ways (end side^^line ks, s.e thai ail mate rial and pro^^ducts are handled with the- grimiest^economy of thin- and labor. The build^^ings are an oll'icc. a dwelling nml a^\-a., house, in addition to those af ihe
Attin- upper works, or those In the
weeternpart of the city, the nanai Ity^Is !H,nun brick per day. whh h was the-^work accomplished this year.
Thisdepartment la under Ihe super^vision of Buperintendenl John s^Dougherty, who has as his lieutenants^P, s. Campbell al the oM yard and^.lames Ma. Hon.il l at the Mill Creek
Thisis one of the great Imlusirics^which addj a considerable qnoU to the^prosperity of Anaconda, and though
attractingbut slight attention, the im-^portaivr it cannot i^- overlooked in
reviewing the business of tag Veal^The capital invested is more than tl.'eO.-^ooii. and distributes more than Jloo.ooo^yearly In wages ganotbf the people of^this city and state.
ThatJoyful Keeling^With the exhilarating sense of renewed^health and strength and Internal cleanlt.^ness, which follows the use of Syrup^of Figs, is unknown to the few who bar*^not progressed beyond the old-time medi^^cines and the cheap substitutes some^^times offered but never accepted by the^well Informed.
11.,A. ^ P. Railway, annual and time^passes far IIPt, will gg honored for^passage uniil January lath. is^^.
Prof.Olson, 617 Cherry. P. O. box 754.
Forreliable plumbing go to J. A.^Hi.; ley, 215 Oak street.
TheAnaconda Standard on^ ye ar tl1).^The morocco bound Pictorial Wonder*^land goes free as a premium.
Subscribefor the- Siandar.l.
FfewYear (Sreedimigj
Totlie People of Anaconda and Vicinity.
Lookat This Offer.
Withevery QnJttM ^^f Wlii-ki-v. Half Dot. Cut Whiskey G!:i-m ^^With PVatyOttlkxi uf Wine. Belli I^^z. ''ut Wine ^;i;i-^mv^With every Case- of BodwVsMt Beer, Hull' I^ei/. f*TltPtTTffllpTgftl^With even- Bottle of Liquor, u nice Cut Whiskey (ilas- or^Wine (ilass.
KvcrylwulyhaYOVM that we c-any the iie-st in town. Then why^imt conn- to the jiluet' where yuii know you will p-t the prope r^ftanls, Everybody invited to (imp in ami sample our Liquor*.
KentuckyLiquor St ue,
OppositePost Office.Hallahan ^ lacCallum.
ToYou All
CopperCity^Commercial Company
WilliamI.. Hog* U It. Krownloe, R a^Chambers, Mm.us I^*ly, F. a\^Bauge-ini, W. U. Thoruloa.
Hoge,Daly ^ Co. Bankers
Buyand m^ll O.jmntlo end Kore-ign Kx~^change and tranva.-t a Qgatfnl Hanking^Vu^lnt-u. i'olU. iloni |ernni|it ^y at [en Jed
to.Bggneage drawn cm Laagtan, iviin-
burgli,Maajnw, Uul lln, lletifaal, I'arti,^llambuig. gnrtai and all tbu leading^ecilidi uf Kurupe.
National1'ark BankNew Tcyk
OmahaNational IlankOmaha
K.i^t National IlankSt. Paul
Walla,Kurgu A CoBan Kreyiclaco
UtahNational IlankOgdaa
Hog*,Urownlae .4 CoUutta
Mcrohanta'Naliona* BankHeal ana
tArablaMraa. 4 CeDeer L^dge
BKaprateMliigtliA l.-id'-ig K .ro'ga and o
Auiet.cani nmpaJloa,
Thi will give you winw Id.-a nf the ini-^mc-niee eargalag *^^ are offering in our
atore. We can lit you. feme In am] lee.
MontanaMeat Co.
Branch,22 f. Park St., Butte
M.iir-iiiMii ii! r
ryfJCKMlUnn AMD JANl AitT L^Matinee New Y.ar'H l)a^^fXMajOVK *i liltANT'H c'ie.\li:i^IAN,.S^In the Itolllcking Musical Kare e ('wne-ily
Till: I'AZZI.KR. :
Andmen- Icizaling tliaii K\cr:
Regular|-rl- ^^^ !*^ ats on sale De.-. 30.
Frc.oitli^ Bitt'r R e-.t Stoe-W Farm.
Homel:cd Turkeys, Ducks^Chickens, (ieese, Quail^and (irouse.
OvctPfCin UT i|iiatitity, Dclicci-^UjMCIa (,u^ Montana Trout. Our^iiiiirkets i-aniiot be ^urji:i^-i-d in the-
U.G. UKOWNEI.L, Proprietor.
Buggies,Morses anil Saddles for Hlra
Alsorroprlator of Paataarer, Baggaga ao4^Liprau Lloa, t uoaretlODl^who all tralas.
Oflaaaad Stabl*. flit I Mr tel..
PLUMBINO110801 and Hot Water^Heating. Estlmaua fitrolahed ea ap^^plication. Address J. A. HAJalsBT, U^Oak atrcMt, Anaconda. Montana,
Physicianana ^argaon ot at Ann's Bag.
Offloaa^xt la Montana HotaL
Noticeof Change of County Seat^of Deer Lodge County, Hon-^tana.
WluTcas.at tha general rlootlon of
countyofficers for the county ot Deer^Leggje, h.-lel In and for *.uj cuunty on^the third day of November. A. D. 1^%.^tic aenattag of ihn change of the county^scat of said county from the city of^I icer l.odg^ where It la now located, kg^tin. city of An.i.'nnda. In said county.
\ . - aacy seeeaMtc .1 to the eteaterg of said
count),and was duly voted upon hy the^electees of ^.Ud county: and, whereas,^three Ihouaand two h indr.-d and thirty-^two votes were cast for the city of An^^aconda nnd fourteen hundred and right^votes were cast for tho city of Deer^Lessee; and. whereas, a majority of all^the legal votes cast hy those voting on
- i ^ ^,'. a! .- nl e;., tion eu said
dayilc.dared in favor ot the removal ot^the county seat of Over l^Hlge county^from the- city of Deer l-odge, Montana,^where it Is now located, to th^ city of^Anaconda. IB feald county.
Noil.- is hereby given, th.tt froos and
aftertin- . ^^! d ly vf J m an luff, the^c ity of Am i. Made, is de clared to be. and^Is the county seat of Ihe county of Duor^Loclue. Montana.
latgned)a M. WALK Kit Chairman.
tSlgiie.1) II. WILLIAM a,
rjagneel)II 11 HOFFMAN,^Tas B ai I or County ^'^ imlaaloners ot^lie County of peer Lodge, Montana.
tSeal)Clerk of the Hoard of County^Coassslasionera of the Co.nty^of Dei r Lodge, Montana.
Portlandand Swell Body Cutters

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