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Theprincipal Branch Ofilcs of the^Ftandard Is at No. SI Fast Broadway,^Butte. Telephone No. 422 Advertising^rates furnished on application.
Iteportedfor the Ntaudiint by Gallo(ly ^^Co., Druggists.
Vrt.31. Th^rni^m^ l^r. Bamm* tor. Wln.l.^8s.ni. 2H lien, ahnvf. '-M*. in^lien. NW^8 p. in. 31deg. sb^\r. 23 i)a ini hn. N NW^Highest temprrsture ;^.^^ aliove; luwvit '25.
TheIndications for Montana to-day are:
Cloudy,with local snows; winds shifting^to north; colder Thursday nlt,ht.
Every15th Sale
Whenthe purviiuse Las been mado^at the .same price
WKKKKNIM NO nice. 2^.
F.W. Vokes. sox, ^ c ents; P. A. Mor-^rell, Bony, Mont., mitts, 7D cents; H.r-^lard Hlavaschy, Silver Itow, Mitts.^cents; Mrs. Mollenry. 333 Kast Ifroailwav,^handkerchiefs, }1U; TelT Herbert, Chicago,^collar and sox. 50 cents: Muhle 1 Marr,^20 Kast Mercury, i hirts, J,'i; James Drls-^coll. I'nion hotel, Walkervlllc. collars, -)^cents; Kd Llbby, Mirror saloon, ties, $1..'*);^J. J. Welsen, 322 South Ohio avenue, sox,^M cents; Miss Kate Ki hoe, 211 North Al-^nl unia, suspenders, |1; T. It. Avery, Mc^^Dermott hotel, tie, 75 cents; T. J. MonH^-^^ iali. Koulder, shoes, $3; Hose Martin, 13^West Broadway, suspenders anil gloves,^12.73; Jerry Donovan, N34 North Mon^^tana, shirt and collar, II.73: It. 11. Kelly,^409 East Halt-tut, tie and handkerchiefs,^$1.25; Mrs. Delia llarhou, 17 West Broad^^way, ties, H; Ole Larson, M Kast l'atk,^hat. 36; Frank Malstrom, 42 Kast Park,^handkerchiefs, 25 rents. J. 11. Rooney, 12^Kast Park, buttons and bows. 11.25; Chas.^Ross, North Walkerville, tie, 5U cents;^Mrs. Congdon, 210 South Caylord street,^handkerchiefs, $1; J. H. Copps, '.5 Fast^Bark street, hiishrllng, 50 cents: Mrs.^Lawrence, 44 Kust Park, handkerchiefs,^ft cents.
(tentpiunos from Often Bros.^Wi A. Burns Is up from Hamilton.^(Iratid Hall ltcm'.haw hall New Year's.^Lessons in skating given at the Butte^rink.
GeorgeJ. Hopkins is up from Croat^Falls.
AlexMetzel of Pullet^the cpy.
SamI. Silverman, tkl^man, l.s in toWB.
Con Hayes a as up^Springs yesterday.
Nomof^ t.nd Ice at^since the canvas is mi.
CityClerk McMillan Is cor.llned to^his room with neuralgia.
Mainspring. }1; witch cleaning,^}1 50. Warranted. Mayer. 40 W. Bark.
Electricholts nnd applllincss Bold on^M duy's trial. C^ll at 42 W, Park. Butte.
ArthurBlmek, \\ in^ was slrnt in Dub^^lin gulch Christmas night, Is recover^^ing.
tothe wife of Owen^Iray Bock terrace, a
Sptlngs,Is in
from(Iregson^the Hullo rink
marrested yesterday
nt' tograi ii
BornDec.^Kurley of thi^son.
(1.I,. BmM^afternoon for talking bills^poles.
Dr.M. K KnowVaa, vet riniry sur^^geon. Butte hotel, 10 to 1. a. BL and^tn I p, m.
DAM-l-ANABitters, ti e ^-^inline dis^^tillation. J.1 50 a botile. Montana^Liquor Co.
Abeautiful souvenir v. ill be given to^every lady skater ul Holland street^rink to-day.
TheButte hotel has ad.I. d lo its stock^100.000 of the llnest brands of Key West^and importi d cigars.
I.ownoy'schocolates. Whitman's^creams und bin lions, best cui.dlea mi^earth, at Louis S. Cohn's.
Youwant a suit: you want the latest^style und want il to lit. Try Schilling^Bp.s.. opposite post office.
JohnH. Carder of the tirni of Carder^Brothers left yesterday for Culiforn: i^for three months' re^ n atlon.
AlFord ple.ided guilty before Judgt^Almnn yesterday to assault in the third^il fjTSS and was lined $5 and costs.
Dr.J. I* Tani. M ^ and residence^McDermott hotel. s-l'i a. m., 2-1, 7-S p.^in. Tel. Hi:!. Night Mill attended to.
Ladleshalf arise during the holidav 1^at the Butte rink.
Oneof the deputies appointed by^Sheriff Keagan 11 I'.. M. Tlnu .pson. In^^stead of James Thmnps ^n as reported.
WillBmter. alias Bill Nye. uas ar^^rested yesterday mmiiing for being a^common vagrant and In ling ftbi ul the^street';.
JohnDillon will give a matireo per-^formancc of his great comedy. ^Want*^eil. the Earth.^ at the o|n ra house this^afternoon.
MartinBuckley, member of the leg^^islature from Jefferson county, was ...^the city last evening and will go over^to Helena to-day.
NewYear's services will lie comput^^ed at H o'clock this evening by Rev Mr.^Pedersmi at the Independent Scandina^^vian church. COTM t Alaska and ipfi r^streets.
Youmay wish to re, i|.it. by buy^^ing your fre ml a Nat Ycai's present^Elegant assortment of pipes and every^^thing pertaining to sniok rs' ^ njoyment^at Louis 8. Conn s.
ManagerHick Sutton has tUcided to^give a special New Year s matinee of^Ten Niehts In a Har Room.'' at th^^I'nion Fan.tly theater this afternoon.^The play s-ems to have taught on in^great shape.
Thereare two kinds of stickers in^underwear^one stick. Iiecause it won t^sell: the other sticks :he liaeks of the^wearers because it is full of burrs and^prickers. Moral: Buy of Boucher, and^avoid l^elng stuck.
Wehave sold several drops of Santa^Clara v ine during '!*^. The great 23^-^irallon casks have l^een reflll.il lately^and the old price of MM a gallon for^Santa Clars port, sherry and muscatel^still prevails. Montana Lijuor Co.
TheNew Year Struck Butte in the^Best of Humor.
Houses Shook, telegraph Poles^twayed, t oopla i anced ar.d^Had a Coed iimo In .viore^Ways Than One.
People Iroin AU l^^rl^ Vis* Mi-Ivor-^T^#^UII.
Y.-ft-xdayladies nentlemeii from In^town am! also from neighboring placn^anil oniM ar districts ih'onsisl the |^ar-^lors of Mclvor-Tyndall. the world-famous^English Myslic. al tie B u'e hotel.
Theold year went out lasl I^drunk. There is no use mincing n^mU^about It. The old year was simply in^a horrible condition^as drunk as a^lord. The streets were topsy turvy. the^telegraph poles w. re leaning i lear over^Into the sheet, the buildings w.-n- un^^even and everything indicated that the^old year was going out m a condition^of disreputable intoxication. Bun^were .swaying from side to s.d ; i^were dam nig jigs and tln ie\ ay
littlein Butte which seemed to bs. in^sober senses.
Thele w year did t.ot seem lo have^much advantag ^ over tiie old year,^eillier. If the old year went out yes^^tenlay in a heaslly stale of intoxica^^tion the new year, to say the least, had^a beautiful jag on. It was a pretty^lively youngster it wanted to see the^town and it did not care who knew It.^The whistles began blowing and the^guns iMgM popping, about 20 minutes^before miiiniglit and they kept it up^without Intermission until long alter^the new year had been tinnly Installed^as monarch of all he surveyiil. Ttuv^boys took a last drink osj the old y air,^then went out on the siieet and yelled^and ihen went back and took a first^^ li ink on the new year. Then they^swore off and drank some nnue and^dually passed a unanimous resolution^that swearing off does nothing until^midnight of Jan. 1. A man must c-.'l*.^brate some time.
Thesociety ladles of Butte danced^the old year out and the new year in.^Few more splendid dances have been^seen In Butte than the iinal leap ^car^bull given at Benshaw hall by tin so^^ciety ladies to their gentlemen friends.^As a matter of fact the gentlemen^should have paid for the suppers and^the hacks alt r midnight, b ap year^having died ut 12 o'clock, but the ladi's^would not have il. They had invib d^Hie gentlemen to a leap year ball, and^although leap year had MMMd When^the ball broke up, the ladies reta.in d^the management of Hie ball up to the^dose and paid all bills, 'liny said it^would lie their last (hance until MM,^and they disliked to suit, nuer thi lr^privili ges for so long a t ime. Suit was^decided that leap ^e.ir vviubl not be^over until ti a. m.
Nobodyhad a better |UM than the^members of the Butl tiers' union. Tuey^hud a little social sess:on Of their own^to soi tin years chance and they had a^royal good time. While the years^Changed, they ate. drank, told stories,^smoked and weie Merry. They did not^quit until daylight and nowhere In^Butte was there a merrier time.
Tl^^ obi year had left OVOT a tew odds
andends of weather, winch it worked^off on the last day. but nothing eery^se\. r^. There Were a few bars of sun^^shine, a itansa or two of smoke, a few^Hurries of snow esjuall, and altogether^IBVe 'h day a rather SniScelUMieOUS^appearance The new year started in^promptly with a fall of snow, but there^Is no telling whether It means business^or is only giving a spoHmcn of what It^can do.
Creditorsof W. D. Flow.rs ^ Ca Are^in a Ccntioversy.
HiTTK, M^ 'NT.
NewYear's Day,
Storetloscil All Dnv.
Manyvolumes could l^e written of his^wonderful i-ift. yet a slnnle visit to the^famous mystic will convince the trutli-^sei ki r thiit he Is tie Mat v. oinlerlul and^original scientist ^^^ .r sen on this or any^other QfllUinl The following letter Is^one of the man^ testimonials Mclvor-^Tvnihill hiis received:
1lake great pleasure at all limes In^MtakMriedging the existence of merit, no^matter In what form It may npia-ar.^W hen 1 lirsl visile I j oil It was wllh ap^^prehensions and doubt i's to your, or any^person's, ability to Ion I' ll the futni'^evenis In .nil person's eareer. In my sev^^eral sittings with you you read for inc. a.-,^fiom a liook. the entire history of my^past life and surrounding circumstances,^both peisoiial and business. Your Bjdtftoi^on future business moves have already^^tOrOU that you can nail the future as^well as the past. Your advice on how to^UaTWtUS the latent powers In one's make^up Is a boon every one should possess.^I Hiring the year of KM or UM, when SOU
Vlslle.lHie Btty Of Boise. Idaho, I ealle.l
onyou ami consulted you rig.irding ^^eeriiiin mining propoaltUM IhOU poMHUgi^and Pad i then ha.l lb. faith In your abil^^ity whleh i now iosse.--^. ami hod i taken
youradvice at that time, lo day my^pockets would be lln.e by litiliv (lions
ado.i bare, and shall roatkrao to loo-
ommendsjy frlen.ls lo vi it you. knowing^that the |niv ers w';l h von possess are
rsooatJalla the bapeaaeai iind sjfuaaortty
ofall WHhlng you everv success, sln-^eerely.A. H TTNER,
JaiiiiesonPirn k. Spokane .Wash.^^Hours IroH M a. m. la 1 p ni 2 to (^and 7 to I p. in., al the Butte hotel.
MayorThompson 1^ takeil for Informal^lion 4 onrerning \\ ainlel.'l's.
Mi'yorThompson b e ncclvnl a letter
froMMrs., Harriet Bayder, at Mkhart,^lad., irniKing InoUtrtes about hat ^on.^William Snyder. She ^iii,s that he for-
MartyHvoi al Oroat rails, hit the post^^master of that elty Inform, d her Hint he^Bad novnl lo Butte, lb Is a barber by
in1 beaters at^| Wile oad two
trade,and also ' piay^times.^ Sl.e sa) s li- In
iaolhsr'.iter of Inquiry lUjaarrud by^the ma vol- is from Dan (lroaa ^^r Leweb,^Hoy.i rouaty. Nei^. He wants to haaw if^Mr. Thoatpaon Is acquakltod with his^hrother-ln-1 ^ w. a m:in named Tom 1 n^-^laii. Mr. OToea ab.o v.'.tnts to know If Do-^Inn was shot some lime .luring I..si sum^mer nnd how It happen* I He said DobM
oashifWafd to gambb ami the last tka*^his rstattres heard of him he was al^Whitehall Proai warn of kwaorbtdss the^mayor has been sjnohkl to answer the In^^quiries.
TheI in menu Muck of A. F. Btafi the
\\baaseass Kkaressaaa.
Fewaeopi* outatde of those in ^the^trade^ i sail as ihat la Buiie is located^not only ihe greatest wholesale house^h lloatana ami probably the only ox-^elusive wholesale grocery in Montana,^but also tin- greatest wholesale house^to he found In any of the mountain I^states. The wholesale house referred i i
isthat ..f A. K. Bray, at the BOTthl bet^corner of Bark und Arizona siieet. Mr.
Brayhas a w oil-deserved reputation as^cue of Montana's ablest, shrewdest,^n: ^st progressive business tin i.. II^^made himself Sad he did a good J^ !'.^II has been PI years In Butte and a
manof his aature could not live in ^ ^^ilty VI years without bei oming one of^the city's leading citizens.
Itwas two yars ago that Mr. 1'- ay^i fi the retell ha the wholesale grocery^liuslnsSa, and in making the ehi ng^^in- can lad bis succeas with him. lie^became the loadsr.ot course, for II is hie
natureto lead. Bis StOTS OR Bark
streetih.es not look very big from the^front, hut it runs bach 4^^^ feet and is^crowded full of groceries, tin- amount
ofwhich one could have little conception^except after a personal examination. H i^ships more goods than any otic r bosess^in 'he mountain states and does not
retailbusiness al ail. Only dealers can
buyfrom him and ho does all hi- buy-
iIngdirect from the manufacturers, a ^^!
notfrom traveling men. As an HIB1^' pic of the magnitude of his bUSdaOSS 't
;may be stated that h ^ Hnports mors ^f^crossc ^ Btackweira famous London^^ ods than aay sthor house west of
Chicago.In addi'ioii to an SSMnnoun^I store chucked full to tin' ceiHUg with^^ Iks liest gi-iiceries. Mr. Bray has live^i ^ arh.ads i f ^-^nods on th^ tracks not yet^i unpacked.
,\l!Montana fools pride in the gnat
sue.essachieved by A. P. Bray. 11
showswhat enterprising Montunn liusl-
n.-ssnu n car. do.
1John Dillon, in ^Wanted, the Karth.^^j appeared at the Murray ra house
lastnight und agi.in reminded the i
piethat he is an BOOST of the best^school and one of the very Isrosnaal^I comedians in the world. The i hariu-^i ter of J. v. smiih in ^Wanted, the^Karth,'' is a part in which the deliifht-^ful und polished comedian Is at his^best. H^ Is exceedingly funny and^i keeps his audi, tie' in constant laimh-^ter. He Is the same old John Dillon^whom we have known and admired fi r^years.
Missup|k^rt. with one unfortunate^exception, is good. .Margaret Shaw, as^the Hub- sunU-am. Klaxv. is sapt ^ aally^good She Is a bricht and STUSOMSS lit^^tle woman and caught the audietn .^^with her .lever ways Qsorps T. Meet h^is a creditable villain ami B. F. VA-^wards is v^ry good as the .vrmiged hus^^band UUbM Soellman plays a gI
Mrs.Van Dooilo and Uim-i'a h^plays the rather tryinr part of Obsdys^Kenwood. D. M. Hreg'ory. / ok Kvans^and Thomas D-pue are also go.xl in^thotr parte, ^Wsntifl. the Karth.'' w ill
berssssatsd at a matlaos this aftsmoaa
andasain to-night and to-m^^rrovv^night.
Japanand China are Isith d. v. lop^^ing their railroad factlHIen The Bald^^win liKomotiv works has orders for 11^I loi otnot'.ves for Japan and eight 1 r^I China, ar.d the Rogers locommive^works has an order for M loiomotives^i for Jaoan.
footbaiL TO-DAY.^Tin- sTsja s.to.iii Jsasses WttJ Piny ii
l.tinte'lo-i^il^ .
TheRbj|| ^ boo) Juniors will play^football will) themselves ill 2:SI o'eloel^this afttmOQU for a puise of l.'.n aad^the cut ^ receipts. The teums will be as^follows:
HighSchoolHigh School
JuniorsProper. Posit loos. Juniors.
AdamsC.'. BbjSioW
i'orterH. UHawley.
WilliamsIt. TTr-mlnilh
BrownH KMclsrod
RoachI.. I!Strang
LynchI* rI toe nbsj
JohnsU, KBUlllvaS
Prsthsftonii. itMi i.i an
Wolf leapt)... B il. B.Wortb'gton (cap)
NadoaaU R. Biiiu^;ns
Hopkinsr. BBoy.r
Substitutes-High School Juniors
proper!Thlvterge, Rlter, Das Jardea.
HighSet.. .1 Jinn us: Ainsworlh. Clay-^born. Pondhoef.^Average weight, about nr. pounds.
TiieBsaaslnaiinn ^l Williiiin Itnyse, tt hi.^sln.l at Vt. II. l iter.
Theexamination of William Royal^for assault in the llrsl deirree In 'aking^two lastfectlvs shots at W. H. Fib i a^ft w days a -o was hsM beforo Jud.s'e
Aimi.nyosterday afternoon. Aoabslanl^Ciut'tv Attorney Booth did the press*^l uting while Messrs. Cutler o-nit Yam ey
apptatedfor the defense. To., defend-^ant did not deny that he tired the shots,^but claimed tlin* he was diunk nnd
didtut Intend to iite ti,. shot a ami^had no notion of bit ting ins sroascut-^ing witness or anyone else. Qn cross-
eXambtatlonIn- admitl.-d thai he had^bought il.- gssj) ,i short lime before.^A^, the conclusion ..f the TTStelS ition^Boys., was l oin. 1 ovi r lo the dlstrn t^eosirt under bonds ot j^.i'
CLAIM JU ping.
CareprsasnssdProspesls si lac] keoosss]^\i^.n'i I).- ii ^ rtessted^a sjosahst of yartisa surtsd mit of
Bultelast evening for the BSJgpoSS I f^lumping clHiir.s. Most of the |.a-l|ej.,^it Is sai l, started for the vicinity of^Uaylnrd. Tlv hills SSjrroUSJdlSSJ BtSttS^were also v eil tilled wilh locators at^midnight. BeVSeal liarties left a few^days ago to make IseuttsSSS near the
Idaholine win re. it is rlalnstd. several
goodproperties are subj. et to r.-loi a-^tion. In Silvr Bow county very few^mining claims of sny value went un-^represt-nted the pnst year, although In^many cases tin annual work was put^off as long as poaslbaa Several no^^tices of reiiresentatlon work wen Mod^with the i b-rk and record, r the past
TheButt.^W. A. Burns. Hamilton:^K. M. Leonard, i.ioby. Miss Maud^Smith. Miss Dai.-v Smith, c.anisin: II.
li. Hc.-s, I.. W. Cole. K. B. C,Ales. II.
Harris.K. K. Shark.-y. New York.^Alex Mstast PuMir ^prtags; j U.^WTsst, St. Louis; J. F. Wlemscarry.^Chet sgo.
TheMcDermott^^^. C. Thornton.^Portland: John Dillon. New York: Jas.^I', tell. W. J. Sharmi and wife. C. F.^Woodman, Helena; M. M. Bow rs and^srifa Pen I si, K. 'if. ^^ It Lake;^.vi^.^ M.^-. h. MI^sT|h^1ln:an, V ^ shaw,^Mr crssfory. Mr f'-r.n.- Mr Kv.ins,^Mr. Baber. Mr. Meeoti. y^*s I'lllon^eoin|iatiy: Mis;- Vlrle Whltat k. Idaho;^, Charles Bagif, Chicago.
MinersPrlng Suit Against Cham^berlalr i erdr.cks for Wages^1 hey allege to fo Due-^Cases In Court.
Thecreditors of W. D. Flowers A Co..^I . vc gotten Into a i oiitroveny among^themselves, and Jmhcc h|m'.-r yestenlay^granted a temporsiy Iniunctlon to the^Molilalia Lumber no.I Manilla, tn'lntc I
resspany,on., of lbs sNdstsrn hi rsstrasa
JP, Pearson, another . redllor. Irom '^learkSJ down and dismantling the new
quartsmill called ^the lovstvhbj bam^ti in.^ on ihe only Chaaee hshj saaka hi
lliyhlai.ilgulch. There are II liens on the^mill by as many ire.liters, and Pearson^sseUTSd ^* Judemeiit for SSSOStJUSSJ like^IbH and SS SSSOwttSS M Issued. The^mill, which Is worth Uiwe. n t.isiii and^j:.imi, was n.lvertliM'il for sale under the^law governing personal prspsfty. and^^h. n It was sold Person hid It In fur I t^The oiher creditors . lalmlng that the mill^was a part of u real i slate Interest, were^i hsi by surprise, us they expected that^the law governing the sale of real estate
under execution would apply. Yesterday^Hie Montana Lumber company brought
isuit against Flowers and Pearson and tiie^i.'her lien holders, who are J. lloss Clark
|.V i'o MM Isiodel. J. C. Price. John It.^Rows, II. D. Hart, John P Martin. Peter
IHow an and 1.. II. nl.l. s. The company^sc. s for ajBS.TO due for material fiirnlsiied^^inl for t:-i' on an assigned account^from tin' Vulean Boiler works The SUM*^plaint In the case alleges that the mill
bssjust been essspieted and is of grsai
jvalue, and If properly spsfatsd WOUld be
remunerativefor all parties httersetsd m^It. but that Pearson threatens to bBSf It^dears, sepsrste the aiachbsery and re^^move it. if sHewed to do so. it is slleged,
ili. plaintiff would be without sseUTtty,
isboib Psarses and Flowers ass bnsxV
rentand unable to respon.l in dSSMgeS^A temporary restraining order was Is-
MichaelRelit yesterday brought suit^Sgalasl M J. Chi tuber la In and .1 I'^Hendricks for fSKl.T.^., claimed to be due^himself and others for warns as minets^is follows: Kelts, f.l'j days. ll.H.Ti; James^Tlgh. :^l days, thf.: I'lnl. v Mi Bae. 47',
days,net.it; .lames Harrktgtea, Mtstteya,
EIHngweedk- lteznor brsugbl suit^ai.-..in^i John flslrlag lor t-tTiclaimed
tohe due on aceoutit. An attachment was
Theadministrator of the esiato of Lee I^K. Allen, deweaissd. Hied Ids Haul account^! In court yesterday, showing tlnu he re-^reived 12*2.95. paid out IUi.'..iV. and has'
Vi'-'von bead. An seesual Mad hi the
mailerof tin estate of Andrew Nelson^shows I Slot pit anio.no lilt to J.^.lii. of^| which t'-h '^^^ wa.i paid out leaving R.H2.0^.^on Ii ii ml.
Oenstnldemurrers BJSfS ve lerd.iy tiled^lo the i ilv | SSSBpktkHS against the Kust^National hank and Morcan Pros, lor I he I
surrenderami eaMsjbjaUea of a MMhhst'
IIWSJSd warrants.
The admlnlsiiator ofthe SOtStS of
.Inns Tuohy. StSSSbSSd,aske.l permls-
s'onof the court to givea lease oil the
Tkotassne bids . laim.
4.o. i. W^ Mssete,
Bllltelodge. No. 1, A. O. I'. \\'., el.'l't-
sdihe following nastetS last evening^Pant master workman. W. T. Jackson; '^master workmnn, William Mcilulgan; ]^foreinii'i. Dan T. Lewis; overseer. F. L.^lirnndey: weordsr. Many S. Wabs^financier, C. H. Moore: ree. Ivor. C.eorge^Pascoej trustee. Dun Thomas, medli il
^ imlners, Dm J. S. Hammond. L^Holmes. J. W. Ounn. The A. O, I'. W.
haspaid out IMS, In the stale of
Mmiianadining the year lo Hie widows^of di ceased members und for BtcbW SJ
.!'n,i mi srs. The cost io members has^been tUM per ||a,sss, Tiier.- are LdW^members In silver Bow county belong.^Ini t.. the different todges, Then srs
al....SM members of tlv D. of ||.. w bb h
isth.- loins saxillary to the A. o.^r. w.
ii.-it.mit- Basted*^John Jiidd v. as arrested a few days
apomi i; chanjs of stsalkaj Has from |^Jennie Wfkm n. The authorities con-
ilder.il the bond too light for the crime
and yesterday he was takes bsfass
JudgeHolland again and Ins bonds^rinsed from UN lo IS.UN,
Janus P. til is a Helena visitor In^Buile.
Mleast Maud and Daisv Smilh of^OarriSOB Sirlved in town last evening.
Bolll Dee 21, to the wife of John |^Bhss ot No. M i;ast La Piatt.- StTSSt, a^| daughter.
Tl' matron of the poor farm gave a
'delightful N'. w year's anrli to about^i ir.o uf in-'' friends lust aggnL
B.uoiu-sIlirs. h has given |:^.n.i^si t..
adow a home for Jewish consump^^tives in Knglimd.
Thelather of John Ok VST Hobfcf has^purr hast d lbs sated London psvlsw,
|Ihe Aeiidemy.
i John Jaeah Asaar ami Qwrsrasr
Mortonare memliers of the Schell I^I Hoispany of Bkkssbsck.
Di.kens daughter has completed a^Ig ' tiled My Father as I Km w .
' lllll'.'' Wlllell Will be published soon.
IMany of the leading men of Franc^have b. come teetantlers. Among tin tn^ere President Fuure ami Alphotise^Daud. t.
Thelargest annual is nsion is |1^.'..iio.i.^piti.l by Hreat Britain to tka Duke of
Rirhmnad it si a satpaWsty Irsss the^time .d Charles II.^Jin.ii. rronune has tasst brssjgM suit
inam -i ii N. ' Y'U k .b nl ist lo r ^ r
.liimagesfor pain suffered while being
]put in readiness for false testis.
\Uo. kland. Me . woman, who sings^flmdy, has developed a very strange^a. i ..mplishmcnt^that of singing duets^e.irrylng two separate and dlslln. t^parts. Tl . first part Is sung in the or-^dktary via S. Whist the second part,^which is produced by a contraction of
thecheek, is loW, but Very SWeet.
Thelus^io| of Hartford, having ex- I^^ [.reused a . ^ ry . 'n|.hatn opinion on the^modern female costume, a woman^writes to London Truth that the real^cause of th- Kpisoopal eoSMWS Is not^his lordship's objection to feminine^aabltfoatS but Jealousy of the adop^^tion by the s.x of bishop sleeves.^^And why. she asks, should a bishop^war so feminine a garment us an^ai t n if a woman ^ annul put un a^vest'.'
ColonelD. W. Hughes Is ,i mieer^gsnhss who BVSS in Audrain county.^Missouri. He has inventsd many inn-^trtvances of on- sort or another In the^course of his career, the most Import^^ant of which Is a corn renting ma^^chine. ^^ut of thir he made consider^^able money, hut his hopes of a fortune^now founded mi an instrument Witch.
ilalms. will aot saty reveal the i u-^llnary value of eggs, hut also the send^^er of their embryonic occupants.
LookOver Your Tickets
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Itmay not ailil MMl to ymir^Now fsisT'i dn tn koow how we
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MoreGttdSi^More facilities,^More CktlQCS,^More for the Money
Thanliver Before.
Keepwell pooted t^n the doinga
ofthis stun^laiiiiiny MkJ I'dirii
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0.K. Lewis ^ Co.
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ButteCash Grocery Co.
tor Park \ Wyomlns Bts., Bute, Mont.
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Thann new Carpet, sen oil Cloth^I or Linoleum. Other sessible sad^0useful articles ^.^:^ fnuatl in ourO
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ARTBQUA REM, ail si,, i^Lai ^^ ('urtntaa, s.ilk Cur^^tains. Chanllk) and Demnsh
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SsckaTarnbourette Btsela^Rsttas Sti.-ds. \\ i. ker work^Bsskets, Hesd l; sis, s.ifa^rillows. Sill. Table t'ov-rs.^Silk liai.i Siatfs, Cushion^Covets. Silk guilts, Klder-^down Comforts, l ine White^Ulankets. Hand ll.iits. Tel.-^Slopes, Vaii.-'-s anil Trunks.
.1ui iSliaUl V#
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Thisincludes articl. s in n-arly every^line we curry.
AnOpportunity You Cannot^Afford to SUflktt
is-.'o\v Bros Israr, Pu^ie.
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b.it'suit' ^irlst ir.-.^Sel I io all .:rut:UU^Sfl'.u by
5mlthDrug Co.,
Anaconda.Li. LQriBsfJu \ Co..
Howtlnie files from III-' date sn^which a muii distinsuishes himself,^^Msseskuxtos I'ust
Th real purpose of ariiitiuii.m is to^slio.v Hint the other fellow Is vironic ^^I.. A. If. Hull. tin.
Youcan make l as uf headway some^^times hy akSSltttni that fsn are VfUSSJ^\\ bsa you are net Ufe.
Perhapstiieri k.^k1 nili;ht h^. aecini-^pllsh.-d hy rtnMne a curfew fur (rrown^people.*^Nea V.'ik I*resn
Wesay that tin- a^^xl .lie younic. As^a mutter of f.u t. it Is the young that^die kihhI.--Host ui Transcript.
Thel.est conversationalist Is the one^who can U.-i' n ihe loudest without be^^traying his annoyance-ruck.
VetssMt*!n ...
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Wh. n Mrs It.iWton hve l In Piismaw^she wouldn't ^^ '.' a kowii unless It was^made In CMssate '
'Ves. si I BSSJ taat she lives in Ohlcsit^.^^h^ wan t w '.ir my sown made outside of^Parts''
Preventedand rared by kot^p-^ing th^ Bowels regular with
A pu' eompounl
f.r tie- cure ^:' sick headache.
Ilztlnes iiiti^ail ailments i^( kidneys, liver^and bowels. CI.are the com^^plex..:!. Furlfl-s the blood.
Depositsof marl are said to be as^valuable for feettbhjtSSJ material as the^phosphate Isds of Florida liaie ls-.:i^found near llatuburs. Ark.
Forsale by U. U. Nesyra l^r^s Ca,^, L'utie. and bniLb Drug Co., .vi ... o..ua.

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