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AreStandard Quality,^Keliable, Nicety of Cut,^Honorably Made,^Right in Price, and
TwoChinamen Ruth^^lessly Slaughtered.
headrestf 1 was a littto U^^ la,which^lay a dug which soeaied contained and
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43E. Park Street
ChinaJoo and Pins Hock tho Vic^^tims of Uno of tho ..lost Horri-^blo Crimea That blot the I'aROs^of Butte's History-/tied, inof^^fensive Human Leings Moo;^Ueath at the Hands of Men^Whoso Motive. Apparently, Was^Robbory-No Clue to the Perpe^^trators- Little, If Any, Money .9^Believed to Have Been Secured.
Acrime that rivals the flathoM in all^Butte's history was dt. ^ ov.-red yoster-^^lay ait.111,1011 in tho southweetern out^^skirts of tho city. Two Chinamen,^aged and Inoffensive, familiar hikIii., in^Butts streets lor many .wars, eking out^11 scant existence from day to day, were^(band murdered in a manner most hor-^rllile. No due was l.lt, n|^parently,^from which to true the murderers, but^there is little douht that the deed WM^performed by holmes for the few pen.^nlea t!i ^ defenaeleea Ckiaamen might
lia\e had about them.
Thes|n.t was a fitting place for the^commission 01' a crime so horrible, on^the east side of Lower Montana street,^a little north of the R, A. ^ 1*. rail^^road trestle, a little bypath runs oft^from the street, and a distance of per^^haps M feet reaches two little cabins^w lib It nestle under the dump of the^Vulcan mine. There is a little patch of^grOMd) surroundinK the cabin which^hud been cultivated as a garden for^the raising of vegetables to be peddled^in Ilutte. The proprietor of the modest^little place was China Joe, known well^to every householder In Hutte. For^more than 20 years China Joe. whose^real name was La Fotik, had lived in^Hutte. He was a familiar sight in the^residence portion of Hutte as ho ped^^dled his pardon truck, his eggs ami his^( lib kens from door to door from early^spring until cold weather killed his^garden in the (all Unlike many iiutte
Chinamen,Joe never became rich. He^scarcely made enough during the slim^^mer 10 keep him through the winter.^He was regarded bj the wealthier den^^iisens of Chinatown us rather an ob^^ject oi charity, and they often helped^him during lb^ Winter months when^his days of trading HUM over.^luaghaMlve ^ ton on in.
ChinaJoe (MM to 1 tut to In the prime^of III-, and when Wednesday 11 in h t'*^dastardly crime ended ins existence he^was mine than 60 years of age, While^Chit; 1 Joe was proprietor of the main^cabin there was beside It a smaller cab^^in Which was occupied by Flag Hock.^The two cabins have a common parti^^tion, bull there is no doorway connect^^ing then. Ptag Rock was ai poor as^China Joe, but not so old and was stur^^dier, about 4s yearn of ugo, and made^his ihtag by chopping wood and) doing^other odd jobs (ran kouae to kouae,^The two ChinuMieii had occupied the^enliiris for nearly two yours.
Thedetaila of the horrible crime of^gfodnooday nigkl or Thursday mora
lugmay never be known. A Uttlo snow^f^ll in Butte about midnight of Wed^nesiluy night, and the fan that there^hi re no tracka in the mou leadk the
policelo believe thnt tin: CTlH was
eommlttedlbofaru the snow fell, some
timeoa Wednesday owning. Inquiry^of the Chinamen fails to show that^either of the Murderod nu n had been^seen since ubout 5 o'clock Wednesday^afternoon. Whenever tko deed was^done the murderers wire undisturbed^and have kadi plenty of time to cover^their trUi ks.
TheAwful BOMUUeuWa^It was about 1 o'clock yesterday afl-^trBOOBI that a Cliinaiiian nanied Ah^Fouk, a friend of China Joe. walked up^to the door of Joe's cabin to pay him a^visit. The door was unfastened and he^pushed his way in. lty the daylight, he^saw a body on the floor und a moment's^examination showed him that the body^was that of Ping Hock and that mur^^der bad been committed. The discov^^erer of the ghastly sight lout not a min^^ute, inn ited up to Chinatown tad noti^^fied Lmiie, the well-known Chinese ln-
iirpreter, Louie notified tko pottoa and
CityDetective IfeiklejokH started for^the scene, followed soon afterward by^Chief of I'olice Tebo, Assistant Coro^^ner Harris. Louie and OthOfU,
ittook but a brief 1 xaminallon to^show that the murder, instead of being^a single one, was double. In the main^cabin the body of Ping lb^k was^stretched on tho floor, while in the.^corner of a dutrout adjoining It had^boon thrown the bloody, ghastly body^of China Joe, It was so dark in the^cabin that on n w ith the help of a half^^OUeU candles It was very difficult to^take ai curate note of the interior. The^main cahtai occupied by China Joe, is
aboutIf feel i ^ 14. Tko oatranoo k by^a door at the ^ ast. which is the only^entrance, and tin re is no WtadOW. The^ititrar.ee is ikrOUgh a little coop or^shack in which China Joe kepi his^chickens. The Intel or is well crowded^with kegau, trunks nnd naekagau, while^heii s. dried vagttabtsa und dried hah^are suspended ir-un tlie ceiling. At the^left of the entrance Is a ta'-b . and Ju^t^UOfoad that, leaning against a box,^was found an old rusty ax-, the vv.-ap-^on which committed the terrible^crimes, in ihoeonikweel eoraer nad in^:l I aortkWUUl corner are beds. The^former win disturbed and tumhl. I.
whiletlx latter kad not keen touched.
Betweenthese two I ied^, lying: on the^tb^ r with ftie feet to the wall, lay the^imiiIv of Ptag Hock. The back of the^head tested en a valise which had to-en^turned npetdo down and which was^I milled as the property of Ptag li nk.^The only wound was ,n the back of^th^ head, wh'eh had been battered in^with the ha- k of the axe. In raisin*^tie- head and moving the cap. a hand-^full of brains fell from the head to the^floor. The fur tap was not cut. which^showed plainly that the murderous^blow was inflicted with the back of the^a\e H .. k had apparently just enter^^ed the cabin, for not only was his fur^cap on, but also his mittens.
DumbVt itiirwa.
Closeto the valiae on which Hock's
lhllvlousof the ghastly surroundings.^In fail the placOsfVas. aliv* wjth .al^^and do**..- There M^aS^ a litter of young^pupa ond^r the kai in the southeast^cuner, there was a big black dog^resting on top of the lied, and there^was a big yellow dog tied up at the^entrance to the cabin There was also^a yellow dug. and black and yellow cats^roaming around Inside, tin the bed in^the northwest corner was a hop layout^and two long reed pipes for tobai ^^together with a box of tobacco. The^hop layout looked as though it had not^been used for a long time. At the^north side of the main cabin Is a low^in ranee Into a dark dugout. The dug^^out is i rowded wi:h vegetables which^are piled on the Hour and suspended^from the roof.
1^^^^.'Il hy HIiiiiiI} II.Ill,U.
Inthe northeast corner of this dug^^out, crumped up as though thrown In^there, was found the body of China Joe.^it was on a pile of potatoes and a gn at^splotch of blood covered the wall w here^the head had apparently Htnn k w hen^the body WUJ thrown in there. Jo ^ '^^clothes were bloody but his hands did^not indicate that he hud boon aide !.^^make much resistance. There WON six^distinct WOUadl on Ills head, all of them^Inflicted by the axe. The ri.;ht law had^been broken by a blow on the cheek^There w as a dot p ^ lit of un inch and^a half over the left eye, another cut on^the top of the head on the left, another^on tlie tighl side of the head over lin^^ear, aaothar at the b.uk of the head^and anoihi r on the chin. Some of the^wounds bad apparently been Inflicted^hy the blade of the auo, others by the^buck und side of th.' axe. It seemed^as though almost any one of them^might have CU^id death, and It Is
probablethat ooveral of the blows had
u Inflicted after he had fallen to
Fromthe dugout or rtore room In^which Joe's body was found there is a^low pas.-ac.eway leading westward ton^collar o hi, h extends along the itlliic^west side of the cabin nnd the dugout^and Isltlllof vegetables. Nothing- to add^to the knowledge of thoee seeking for^the criminals was to be found in the^cllar. It has a window, but no floor,^Ping Il'.ek's cabin Is nt the south ^.f
'hina Joe's, but ;i |.patent ly il had not^beta entered by the murderers.
Hi,,work of gfeoullak Roooeooa
Thepuekutl Of ^'hina Joe w, re turn^^ed inside out. and one of the pockea of^Ping Hock was in a similar position.^Be*Ida Ptag Hock wore u number of
articles which had evidently IR
takenfrom his poohotl and not parried^away. There was a little bundle of^memorandum books, a license for pod^dllng. issued to Lum Sing on June 10^last, hy City Treasurer Yoder, a leave^of absence from the National Guards'^encampment, issued by Captain Gard^^ner ami a pocket bonk which contained^a few papers hut no money. A pack^^age of papers was found near the body^of China Joe.
HieCaninl'l Weapon.
Theaxe used for the murders w as old^and dilapidated but none the less dead^^ly. The handle had keen splintered^long ago and was bound with wire. The^axe proper was rusty and dttll and had
evidentlyoutlived its usefulness in a^legttlmato lino. From its msiy ap^^pearance it teemed likely that it had^been picked up on the ground some^^where outside the cabins. There was^another and much t^ Iter axe in the
cabin,but it I'ore no marfca Of NI
Theold uxe was a mass of blood and^it seemed I font Us appearance that the^handle hud beak grasped by a bloody^hand.
ttu..l ies n^ t^ the ^ ardor.
Twotheories lia\e been udvani nl US^^o the murder. Hue is that the crime
wascommitted by koboeo in ararch al
aaaney,th. other thai ^ Wgfi commit^^ted by Chlnroo klgkbindera The for^^mer theory IIIWI altogether the more^likely to be correct. The fact that the^pocketfl wire turned Inside out would
indicatethat robbery was IIbj.-.-i.
andChinamen would not be likely to^look In another Chinaman's pockets for^noney us they wMon carry it there.^If koboti. committed tko murder, the)^W^ re frighten) d away before tin y had^examined the pi n e. The cabin is full
ofbox. s and trunks Which had not
ieendieturbed. Only the pockets of^the Chinamen nnd one hod had keen^mnaacked. Ritber tko robber* wore^disturbed in their queot or they know^vhai tin- money was eoaeanled in the^i. il. went tin re for it and atUTChod no^i n i t her.
nunnil 'he circumstances, it seems
Icarthai ^ hina Joe was alone in the
cabinw hen the murderers first entered.^A few blows from the ux^- settled him^Sjuf the body WM thrown into the dug^^out. Apparently while the robbers
weresearching for money, Ptag Hock^entered the cabin. Perhaps tho cries^of his partner summoned hint, it seams
morelikely, however, that he had just^come from work or from up town, as^he had on his mittens and his fur cap.^One blow in the back of the head set^^tled him. It would then seem that the^murderers became fricnghtened lifter^this second act, feared Dial they might^he Interrupted again and left without^completing their search. No examina^^tion of Iho boxes and barrels has been^made by the coroner or the police, but^it Is not believed that the Chinamen^had any money.
I'ruhublylliol No Money.^Louie, the Chines* int. rpreter. said
lastevening; 'Them two nu n wore
themost harmless. Inoffensive China^^men in town. They did not have an^SBOOay among the t'liiiese. all of whom^w.re Interested in seeing them get^along, both being very Poor. ISoth lo-^gether Would Hot be likely to have a^dollar iii cash. China Joe tried to sell^nie s line chickens a few days ago. I^asked him then how many he had and^ko said two doX' ii. When I was do.wi^there t^,-day I suw lli. ie w. re only live^chii keps. So he may ha\ ^^ sold Die rest^and if he did lie may have had a tide^money about him. China Joo was not^SMUTied, but i thick Ping Hock lias a^wife in China.^ Louie was sure tie^crime had ben committed by white^nu n and speks of the murder of thr. e^Chinamen m China gulch, beyoM tho^i' llumbia gatd, ns, a few years ago.^Predertcha, who was subsequently
hang!I at San QUUUtkt, CUL, was tup-^posed to lw the leader of that uffair.^Th.- murderers of th. thne CI mam i,^hi tired ifin'i in this case.
Thefact tlint Ping Hock had on his^cap and mittens i. Ads to D,.- I. lief thl ^^ihe murd. rs won Bet c, muMttsd In .!,^^i ei,ih- : the nlgkt, hat either ^ irly on^gfodh^ -1 | ^ ening or yosti rdaymoru-^ng. P.ng Rock would not lik -ly have
^^ n dn ss. i as he w i- in ih- mid-lie^^^f tin- night. Mega of the nosghhotn
-.nieinber to huve ^. ^ \\ elih'-r ,.f^I'hlnanun sine gfedaesdny uft. rttoon.^^ M. f T^l.i^'^ 0|^iiii.in.^Chief of police Tebo is of the opinion^I nl th- , rime was the work of hob... -^It is possibl.-.^ said Mr. Mm, that^some deHctiv- might examine thOOS^sal ins and titnl MM due la th-- mur-^d crs. Hut I must confess that I^-an t find a mark or a trace there^which lould s-rve for a ^due. The place^has a reputation as a hop Joint. I kaVU^gone through it half a dozen limes the^; im y.-ur. aid have ruid.-d it three or^four times, conflsi aliua the hop U^y.^outa. We usually went down theri-^ifter receiving a te|.-phs^ne inemaage^from people In that vicinity to the ef^^fect thai white women had Just gone^in thete, but. we found men In there-
severaltimes -^m^king hop. I would^not Judge, however, that there was any^hop smoking going on at the time of^these murders. Then- was no Indies.^Hon of that.
Wehope to tie able to get tome clus^as to the identity of the murderer or^murderers, but the chances seem very^slim. They must have la-en the com^^monest of hoboes who did It. Crimin^^als of a higher class would not have at^^tempted such a monstrous crime unless^they had ascertained to a certainty^that there was plenty of money lo I.*^got as a reward fur their crime. They^would also have taken weapons of their^own and not trusted to a rusty axe. |^Highbinders also would have fiOM^xx itlt a weapon proper to the occaatoaj-^It seems to me that acts were those^of penniless hoboes, who were desper^^ate enough to commit murder for a dol^^lar or two. They probably had no re^^volver or other weapon and used the^figs that w handy.''
ThekedtaaVwore removed kf the cor^^oner to the Unite undertaking rooms.^Th- inquest will begin at 10 o'clock on^Saturdav morning.
J.J. Handall, whu lives In the vici^^nity of the gUMO of tie- murder, said^last ^ venlng that he had se n suspi^^cious characters hanging around the^pl.i e at various times and a few nights^ago China Joe was seen running up^th- road from the cabin trying ' help.'^^Oohou Irrsslad sa tjMptatau.^Tien Cohen was arrested by Police^Captahi Waters at I M o'clock this^Morning on suspicion. Tin- informa^^tion v hlch lei lo the arrest was given^by May Miller. She said that sli- lived^in a cable adjoining that of China Jo--,^and thai Cohen Hay, d there. Cohen^had been coming there ritlit along^sin,.- last sunnier, lie would quarrel^with them and fight and made trouble^with the Chinamen They culled him^tin- dovUM and Moused to think he
coulddo anything in- cheaa Ha una^a hop land and got In the habit Wt^going down tin re to smoke on, e in a
While. When lie left lie WOUjId hold IhO
Chlnameaup (or a dallnr or two ko^take Up town and cut on. Tiny often^gave knu Un- mnusy because tin y ware^afraid uf him. There is nothing to Im^^plicate Cohen with the murder eacepi^that he had frequently had trouble^with them there had qtiurrol.-.l With^them ami had threatened to kin them^In case they did nit clxe him the^money he wanted.
Cohenwas arrested merely on stts-^ph ion and will be held pending a fur^^ther inveetlgal ion.
INMUCK AM' MO UTAH,^ghjara That Teli skoal 11,.- gana*i (Mfufe
oilla Ilutte.
Duringtlie last few yens Ihe growth^of Hutte. has kOM so gradual thai lew^peraeau have realized wluil wondrous^strides the city 1ms been making. 1'p to^Nov. 30 A. IX Jeiiks. tin- building inspec^^tor had Issued 'Ml bulliiiiiK' penults lor llie^11 months beginning Jan. 1, and this
monthih^ number will be Incrtassd^about ia The total cost of tin- Blrueturi s
forIhe sreetlOH of which these permits^wne taken out will be about H::^.i^^^. The^must costly building ImpTUVaUH uis now^uiiil. r way In Ihe city are the new school
'bouee, kh\M*i nou winns of the Catkolle^ekuroki iiv^11: now Pissbytsrtaa efcufok,
.'17,V'. and the throe new stores on the^' Ml N.imnra. bl.s k. (fiMM Winn taMgUHS
iins new bdepkoM afaeu atinetMu wufl^! have cost gU,MI ami will in- a dlreel s m-^1 n rporl of u buii.bin- en' i' .i in s in u be^by tin- lelapkeaa MMgony. The uddttlanul^. buatasM for this BMntk win piabakiy
|bring the lolal Bp to INMta, PokfaWkll Is
!a list of th^ a umber of permits Issue i
MCkmonth, MgatkUT with th. est of the
I'.' mils.^ 'list
IJanuary 17I MM
Ptkmnry.'^^ ^.'^^^'
!March ^II, I
iMay -a Si.WI
lane:^ mji i
\iigust'^'^'^^ i*^..'--:
S.pt. niber
KovaMbar^ BU
Ofthe :uni pcnnlis Knnile.l in ^.-re for^the erection of boUdkUH ISi lis n;in h
asIMM ar ie in-. Those who renahad tie
fournnd b\^- iIkiiii- mark are:
H,ii. Carder 1 Utd
Mrs.Maltie V\*h I M
jiutiesa Murmy i I
A.^'Prist la ii 1,1 i
T.P. Newton ^. ^i
ArthurXudeau I,M
P.w. Hai Mats' M '
Amiriw ^i. Dakl l.nn
CharlesOswald UflH
.em r Hagfcsa :.*^
.Mrs.O. II. Hopkins bM
PstsrHale MM
ii.ht Paltaraaa UH
K. W. Harney I'.ixi
JohnP. Parker I gf
AnnaSeville UN
Charlesl'assinore l.'^^i
AylisworlhA Viillton .'..i^m
JosephNadeau t.'^H
RockyMountain BoH Tel. Coli,M
PaartakVaM LM
iMknrlMckci MM
K.G. Smith MM
m.gandaMM MM
ii.K. Jones lvw
t.h. Knpahan
A.1^. I'napni.iu -.v
OliverChevrier I.ae
AllanJ. Davis j.Oki
B,P. Trol l.SO
lokU(Mrdeaux 2.7nu
Mrs. M ik'u-le Hurry 4.'^^i
It.M. Cunipln II r..'^^'
2, e^i
i jm
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AHappy year
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PrahmanDry Goods Co.,
Hittt^, Montann
OWfLBVBLOCK. ^^grin tan op km mo, jami ikv t, un
AInhl h time nrw classes sill be oraui laid Tims., pn '^ 11 eg may make arrang^-
nutits.till 11^tr this week nnd be assigned to proper ih pHrtnrnts
Ratesreason.il l,' A ror llal Invitation extended to all lo call and see our rooms^nnd Investigate our faclllltli-s.
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P-rmilsbMHd by the Inspector^During the Month
ThoTotal Cost Ii $09,970 - A Com-^p.ir.itivo Table tor the Last^bight rv.onlhs of tho^J wo Years I'.-.bt.
K.I^. Kryo
.1un. s gbaeki Maa
D.1^. Mi ^ '^^ gM i
FrankJ. Lgnek
Mrs.^^ gf, Bvana
j.c. prkaudl
htJ. Media
Mrs.il. II. Hopkins
0,h. (MoaaaskMf
Wis.J. MeNaaaara
saaaandaM i w^ i Umi
TJ. Hurt y
StH, iijumln
VV.P. Cobban
M-s.Win. Putt r
VAliltmiiii * WI. ^ ^ ^ v
Prkrtei laa h n 'i
r*gf, BUnsgwesd
Mrs.Walk, r
i-uthol!'-^ karch
atj. Mstaoilaad MM
W.3. Cobban MM
WillII in^ MM
Possmon.*j Co MM
Slend go ml S...i1hi
WkeuIke permit fur tl ii.. tion of the^^hool laUM ^t KM MUHNPSM .-orner M^Idaho and Park strcts was taken out tin^[s-rsun at whom- req i*-at il was Issued^placed th. .00 ^f the t.iiildlnc it |fc.iV^.^^. .1 th ^f t posit, ^: to kr-iu say it w II^Is. ai W^t Is'.OOi. The routr.ii tors have^already ask^ J for II^. ^^i worth of extmt.
Gladstone'slittle aranddauahter, Doro^^thy i'p w. never wears shoes and stoek-^lias at sli. eittuT in the house or out of
dor^, aaaagt iu to* a.
I...Ill^Ij I
2.' ^*^4.,
Thereport of Building la p n 'or^Jenkl for tin- Mania of DeciMbi r is as^follows:
Toiho lion, ktajror aad Cltjr Cawwit
Mmte City. .Montana, leiiil.tneii i
naveih-- honor to submit the folio wing
reportof business transact.-.! in the nf.^lice of the building Inspector, for tie
naoMtkof December, lV'i. I IlilVC MrVOU^pet ii lit h as follows; *
Nallie. Oaat.l-'ie.
Mrs.MendeUohn^ '^')No.
f,F. Fox HO| I no
M.^'. Ma. baud s^.UL'.Ml
.1.W. Davis 4.^.oI.no
CharlesHeckler :WNo.
C.at Williams 4.^11 00
atSlater Mll ot)
Felix Al-X!^l0 I 00
JohnMi PaddeuINI.MJ
.i.innsnennm. *'^oi *
A.W. Wilkinsons002.50
ItosannaPrSM h.i^iNo
JohnTatro MgI.MJ
n.ii. OoMwnkM4')No.
Buttsgtreet lty. On^oo I.MJ
II M Patterson3.2^^.'. on
m H Hippie4*^1 on
ihiv id KKgelseon SONn,
JamesMr.iw n4UO1.00
P..II. Tippet I!^^^- '.O
JohnHerkland 2-MlI i^
S.W. Nixon 4:'^1 '^*
Katei.. Cobban Iii1.00
Pa^lie re ft I'll., Hifh
Siii Building 16,00027^^^
Daii l J- Charb s 71No.
Hustonii. Harris ^2 '^'
HustonH. HarrisKM2 ^hi
\|.he- K. J-ttte4*1 I 'M
m.J. WeJkee^^'^ N*
J W. Piiiitiss-I'M 1 ^^
J.W. PhsrlssM 1 M
N...penults. ::.!. Coat of buildings.^It-'.'.'iO.OO. Fees, K3. KespOCtfultj! sub-^^tttad,J 1 '^ Jenks.
Pn -; insp . tor.
Illltte,Th e, at, tfigfv
The folUwiitg irsllve tside
shoes the number of |* t mils and cost^..f bulbllnus from May 1.to !^^^- .
It,l^:-^-. and fri in Mo '. 1 V^. to D-c.
:--hi Btghl^^ nth*. Month*.
iv*ir^. i *^*i.
No.of rs-rmlts1*1 Ml
Totalcoat J- -'^^^ *toi.^-1
I.', hi Ii9.j0
wat is gsMs ^^^ Mens,
Thel i ' ^ ^ Ion rant Silver Mow^county ill.M -'
The|r ^ f Ike -i' 'v received front
thetreasury dnnui; the year ending^Nov: ilo. Jl i.Uvl'.'.
Therewss exin-nded on the county^i roads of Ml I si Bou ^ unty during the^some period. 125.471.77
\ Mlank Iks. stationery and printing
costth.- county |v^-^^ ^*.
Pemdeexpect too much credit for^b. havlng themselves properly, - hen in^fact it is really a debt they owe to ^o-^, clety.^Milwaukee Journal.
Wiiolesalaand Retail Dealer in
Mine,Mill, Assayers' and^Chemiats' Supplies
33-35L. Uranlte St, Uutte, Mont.^Whm In want of goods write for
ariia i oarry the larnuul stock in ure^Nortliwtst.
Weo-iv ^ a/ith ev. ry p^ir of^S- hool Shot i benight of nj ^^Mandsnnie' lahlet. Thifi TfiMfil^in Rtfidd of Qood ftgJMhT| finil 11^vd-v useful, especially to School^Chiktatfih *-^ur .stock of
Ikit larcje mic, ami [^r:ci^i as low
Usthe luwoi.
Child'sall-grain, button, kaej or spring^heel, sole leather t p. sis-^ \i to 1
Child'sall-grain, button, heel or spring^heel, sole leather tip, slses 5 to 11.. .
91.00;1 to '2, U.23
Cblld'aoil-grain, button, spring heel,^sizes 1.' to i
Chll-r*Kangaroo calf, button, heel or^spring heel, il to 2
Child'sKa-ig iroo calf, button, sp- .^heel, patent leather Mp. heavy sols,^slSM i t ^ U
11.50;12 to $1.73
We^grrg tin r and Iiirlit.-r jjnkic*
atfrom |1.00 to UM.
MagmidariwskaaovMi i-nifj.
iuNorth Main Street, Butta.
N^ Vork Hah Ir -^.-..- M-i* and
\h ^ mint.
lonCraaM, e I I ^ r Jar.
No.1^ N ^.^' -t.. Eutte. Mont.
KstaMishfdIn IMS far the honorable^and tclentilc treetment of All diseases^of the CT-.tJ-OYinaxy Organs. Skim^and Blood, Sypkllis and Vensreal^Dlsessss In evsry form. Nervousness,^weaknesses and tndlecretlona of young^middle-aged and prsmaturely old men;^and sit prtvats. chxeale and special^4i^sw^e. of man and wtmett. Kuflora,^fitxlcturs aad PUaa,

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