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mentalinventory of Al
SnMen Who Are in Charge of Big^Mines in Butte.
ShortSketches That Toll Whore^1 hey C'amo From and How^They Happened to Get^Into IV.inlntr.
TheStandard present* to Its readers^en this pap- the likeness. ^ ^^^ si* ^1 tlM
miningnu n whs autre iciped la un
Veluplluttc's rosoute ch.
CharlesC. Rihpt, general manager^of Km properties m the Bocteta AUOUy-^gM dos Minis di' Lexington if^ ami ad^^jacent t^^ Butte, is a native ot S\v 11 -^s^i^land. His futhoi wax one of the early
pioneersof California, ami as Mr,^Hueser, jr., v as with his father ha ke
Oaylordhad charge ^.f an Iron foundry^at Waterhuiy. i'hiim.. in which capaci-^y he conceived a crude Idea ot the^principles involved In the reduction of^ores containing precious minerals. I'n-^d. r his iMTsoual supervision the Par^^rot has blossomed as the rose and^yielded to its ..^ klioldots millions of^dollars that rumht have otherwise still^he slumltering heneath the crass roots^of Montana soil. Mi. Hay lord is an In^^defatigable worker, sml his new ami^colossal smelter on the Jefferson will^attest the greatness of his p nlus and^capabilities.
Kol.ertD. Oram, another of the^group, is the assistant general man^^ager of the Parrot company's entire^possessions, having In en appointed to^the position at the last iiirrtlng of the^direitow held in this city last June.^He was Isirn in Sunhury. I'a.. veaiH^liut at the uki' of |j MSU the^meat battle with life in its reality. He^litst learned telegraphy and in can*^puny with Kd V. Maze, now general^agent for the Union Pacific Railroad
companyhere, went to New Mexico,^wtieie both worked together until MUI^^get drove them NaHk. i ^n Arriving in^Itutte, which was in the early Wl, they^secured employment and the latent ca-^pabilltiaa Ot loth soon developed till 111-^selves. (Irani worked at \armus occu^^pations. First he was a telegrapher,^tic n agent for the Atlantic fast freight^line and later general ^h livery elerk at^the posloflico. This position proved to
Aftertaking a
dcrgulch and the prospects for a hanl^winter. Mr. Clark concluded b* go to
Utauat^rl spend the i1 season among
theSl.trinons lit went, but early the^folio*hut spring returned to Virginia^City and engaged in placer mining.^At thi.: 1 uslness he made money, but^he thought he saw more In merchan^^dising and opened u store al Hlockfoot^City. In l^W he bought an Interest In^a mine in Hear gulch and a year later^tool; a government contract la) carry^the mail between Missoula and Walla^Walla, a distance of alxiut inn miles.^It required twelve days to make this^a trip one way and iienuently In winter^snow shoes had to be used on the^mountains. .Mr Clark gave up the^mall carrying business In 1ST4 and went^to speculating in grain. A year at this^satistbd his ambitions b^ become a^grain broker and he came to Hutle^and ln'caii to operate in mines. He has
In here ev er since and has been very
successfulMr. t'lark was elected to^the tlrsi legislature of the state. He^was married in l^7:^. his wife's maiden^name beting Miss A E. l.ipplncott.
TheCity Water Mains Have Been^Extended Out There.
IntorestlngHorse Gcssip Irorn the^Principal Racing Centers of^the t-ountrv ^ I he Na^^tional stallion haco.
PR.CfcS OF CcHEALS,^t.rnln 1- Oniitol at a Higher I'igure Tlinn
SpecialCorrespond, If thr Standard
llnzenian,Dec. 31.^Although the prices^on ).'raln have dropped In the past three
ueekahats in the QaHalla valley, fraai
comeidentified with the development
historyof the I'acillc states. The in^^terest awakened in mining circles by^the discovery of tha t'onistock lode in^.\e\ada decided his calling and he lit^once began to apply himself. After an^apprenticeship in Hie chemical labora^^tory ,,r the late I^r. tJIdeon E. M^
andsome experience on the Comsto. k^and in California gold mines. Mr. Rin^^ger concluded lo study mining ami^i tie! a 11urc,y in Buropa and took a citin se^at the academies of Freiberg. Clans-^Ihal and llerlin, further preparing him^^self through practical observations^during extensive travels in Europe.^His more practical ideas, however,^were garnered In the western mining^states of this country. Mr. Rtteger^tajM to Montana in UM t^^ Ml an en^^gagement With the Anacoiida company.
butbeing tendered the position of man^^ager for the Lexington company after^his arrival here he accepted the offer^and has since guided the affairs of the^company in a manner highly satisfac^^tory la the owners of the property.
BenjaminTtbbey, superintendent at^the Parrot mine, w as born in Baajafort,
Wales.In IWs. At the age of I years^he began work In the coal mines, at^which occupation he remained until he^was It, when ho came with bis patents^to ibis country. Mr. Tibbey Krai Bet-^tied al Si. Clair in tha coal regions of^I' iinsylviinia, and wont to work as a^coal miner. Ho labored hard and
faithfully,observing as ho went along^the methods of operation and ventila^^tion. Ho believed that life held far
himmmaihlng neater than the pick^and shovel, and although ha bad plenty
ofwork nl good pay he caught the^western fever and came as the crow^Hies as far as Iowa. There he Mopped^for a short time^just long enough to^g.i his hoar Inge- and then nMM la^Butte, landing here in the Spring of^1STH. He went to work as a miner,^putting In some hard licks in various^mines until May 1, ISM, at which time
bethe best he ever held, for although^there was not much money In the Job
Itwas while handing out letters to nu^^merous callers that he first tin t tha^lady who is now his wife, the eldest^daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. Qaylord. In^addition to being the assistant general^manager of the company's business,^Mr Omul la iiso ^ itockhoMer In the^Parrot ami is deetined lo become one
ofthe wealthy residents of Butte. Ma^is energetic and progressive, possess^^ing an executive ability eecond to no^oilier young man in Unite, and the^direct ore made aa mistake iii placing^him where he now is.
Thomas W. lluzzo was born In
EnglandN yearn ago, but at the age
offour went With his parents to Ire^^land ami then Scotland, in which coun^^tries he remained until ho was 11. In
thelatter pari of imi he rami to Amir^ica und nettled al Irondale, New jer^^sey, where he began his career as a^miner In the iron mines at that place.^Two years there was enough to satisfy^Mr. Buano and he Milled up stakes and^went to the Lake Superior region,^w here ha remained until isti. ^ He
Workedat and In the mines of that^section, Aral as a miner, then tool^shnrpi int. accountant and then be^^came a superintendent, having charge
Ofthe Advent lire. Mass. Xm I hw ostei n
Aatecami Buawrmut mines of Ontano-^gon county ami the Huron ami Calu^^met A Hecla In Houghton county. The
latter is one of the largest copper
propert lee in Michigan, After spend^^ing 2it years In Michigan he went to^California, where he mined on his own^hook about a year, after whit li he re-^trai 'I lii'; Steps Last n s far as I'tnh.^There he engaged in mining and smelt^^ing. Later in developed some proper^^ties in Colorado and Idaho. About^two years ago Mr. Buaao was placed^at the head of the Alice company's
possessionsIn this district, and not^^withstanding the low ngnrs at winch^silver has been quoted since IM ha
IIii 17 per cent, on the limitations of l^e-
rsweatl^. then siiu remains a most an*
conraglngcomlition of affairs in this^county, as grain is to-day from LT, to ..'^per cat. Mghst thai al any time In^three years nasi previous lo October ot
thisyear, in simply hearing the fact men^^tioned thai from I, peats per bushel as^Us highest market rsiUS during HM^wheal h;:s gone to ^ cents during the^nasi few months, il di ^ set seem lo Im^^press upon the general public that wheat^in lliis : v.iit up no.1,- than Put per
cut. An almost tergottefl iigure aaan^wheal hole is $i per bushel, it not k li I
avery long time since Wheal heaUghl this^SatB long way from the price of wheal BS^q ioted In the past thrtS \eirs. This win^^ter Buds a gI many . nips being arid
bjihe ranchmen for thli dollar mark.
butwheal haVing dropped during the^nionih of December from 113 cents to mi^cents per bushel, the prospect of anathi r
raiseto a slill higher point Is not ex^^pect oil by the grain merchants, nor is it
probable. Wheat siartiiir at 4n and
ceataper bushel at the harvest thus Is
now7r, ami so cents, a gala of TT per cent.
inabout tares months' Ihna., with the
prospectsfavor.ible to wheat holding Its^own at this rUure through the winter.
Parleyat l-i cents is :;o per cent, ahead^of Its starting point In September, and
o,tsat Tr, cents have advunned -^1 per
cent,per PS) pounds since crops Were^threshed last fall, ami still iii bath these^instances this Is leas than was belnn^paid on Hie. 1.
Hay.in nice, bright timothy, is bring^^ing jii per ton now sad wild hay M and
|s.:,i).With butler :^^o a pouinl ami eggs^^V a dozen, prices are exceptionally gomt.
viry favors bis to the producer, and taki n^altogether are omens of better days for^Bos man ami every raeMent of tins great^agrlcuHwral section,^w. j. Msvanaan, wna.was justice nf ike
IM'iicehere for the past two years, and so^dubbed ^Judge^ Stevenson, baa eloped
withhimself. lOjUg cast the last of Hi.^week, and as bS owes many bills hcrea-
hotook charge of the Parrot mine and^began sinking a shaft from tha grass
roots.Mr. Tibbey is still managing
thePatTOt, and besides having sunk^the shaft l.PH) feet he has extracted
1.mi.i^,ii tons ,,f ore from the under^^ground wmkings. Prudency, economy^ami skill have narked his manage^^ment from the start, and to-day ha has^th ^ b. si ventilntt d and one of taa best^timbered quartz mines in the Went.^This fact has been admitted by mining
linn, experts and the state inspector of^mines. His rules governing the nation)!^of employes while on duty are strictly
enforced.In eaunUMnasaif which thole
arefewer acckteats at tha Parrot than
anyether mine of Its siz.- in Montana.^Mr. Tibbey has often been asked tf
gI ventilation is as necessary in
1,1.11f mining as in gaseous coal mines^and his answer has always been:^^What Is ventilation and its use to the^human system'.' A man is so consti^^tuted that his body is dependent upon^the materials with which he is sur^^rounded for nourishment and support.
PrewoMym^ subject winch concerns
thehealth of the body deserves greater^attention than that of the air in which^one exists. The carbon of the food^mlted with tha oxygen Of the air fur-^pishes fuel for the body, which e,vo|\,s^the heat In exactly the same way as^does a fire or candle.
J.E. Oaylord, whose portrait appears^in the group, is the secretary and^ti asiinr for the Parrot Oold. Silver^ami Copper Minln.T and Smelting com^^pany. He is also a stockholder in the^Concern, and has charge of the erection^of the company's new smelter on the^JsaTsiSOg river. Mr. Caylor.l was kern^In I'matllla county. New Jersey, Jan.
Pt4fan,i has been In the smelting^hueanoai since isv.3, at which time he^was placed at the head of the parrot^In this ^ ity by Franklin Parrel, his
lanl her In law, of Annanaa, Conn., who
Isalso a large stockholder in the com-^|.:ny. aUjfnru mowing to JJutte Mr.
Theextension of (he i it y w liter mains^has iHvn completed as far as the en^^trance to the race track and about '.0^nu n arc now employed laying the pipes^to and arWUnd the track Itself. Stand^pipes will l^e plac.-d a: convenient^potata around the track so as to fa-^^ IMtnte sprinkling and dual storms te xt^s.ason will be robbed of mui h of their
terror. Now that I bars is ts in- an
abundanceof water at the track it has^been suggested thut the fertilising ma^^terial from the stabb s be dumped Into^the inhVId, Whlrk, with a little irriga^^tion, could by this means be converted^into a big stretch of real green mass,^and add gteatly to the beamy of the^surroundings. Manager Tipton has^several plans for the still further im^^provement of the Unit.- irai k in xt sea^^son and he will arrive here early in
Pebruaryto put them Into effect.
Shorti Dnvht sold their horses. Sally^Sensible, Ian lao and Itoad Wanner, for
kfMe,o ii at San Pruhctuea anil have^gone out of the racing business. Shot^bought Sally Sensible from Busk Smith^out of a selling race in Bulti lam sum*^tiler tor ^oho an^: a groat deal of trouble^was stirred up over the sale Smith
reptevlnedthe Blly, but when he was^threatened with exnunnon from all^,io^key club tracks he gave ber up to
Atthe recent meeting 'if the dlret torn^of the Jo, key rhlk the scale oi weights^was raised four pounds, ami the mini^^mum weight is now m peuuga The
boost \w itlit lor aged horses in all^tin es up to a niilo and a hall is nan l-ti^and the highest i- I .^, hoi 1-year olds
inexclusive J-\,.it-old lines Hie Weight^Is IJJ and for eat -ohls IM, This is^the lit si i hatige that has been made In^the tubs for a good many years and It ^^will utilities! humbly result In Intlir^racing. I'nder the old weights it wis |^rpegnently ai i laaatj to put ap a poor^boy ar roeapol a banvi Jockej to train
downso Sne that lie did Rot have BUf-
Bdenlstrength to handle his monnl
.bok Waits, tin- weil-kno n Kagtiek^Jockey, has lo go II,rough a rourae of^the strictest dieting to got down to M
pounds.1 niring tin past se s.ni Walts^has steered, anwng otln r mcceasfttl^horses, the winners of Iks perhy nnd^Si. bnger, These are fiats in strong^contrast to the days, when Jimmy Mc^^Laughlin returned to the saddle ami re^^tired again in vol) short order because^ha found it impossible to ride less than^l irrt pounds.
Inthe list of Ameriian lockoyi Mc-^Calferty. who can pilot a horse al IM^pounds, la the Icivo si. ami atrnwd lo^him coines Pred Tarat. WM pulls a I^wry face if he has to si al, a pound or I^two leas than II] pounds, v. Cannon,^in spite of weighing iwo pounds mors
thanMcCaATerty, rode In eyj races to
tin-last named H, Jack Watts witk^his im pounds of avoirdupois had tfl^mounts in Tnml's - .
TheHitter hoot si..1 k farm is areU I^wsatwaeated in Ike National gtalHon I
race,the print of the rYeotrbes-
terassociaiion. which CMsed an I'd 1^with '.i'iS entries. This nice is a credit
totha enterprise and good maaagi menl i^of tiie jocki ^ club w bleb now asanagea ^^Morris Park, and is the liral Important^slake to i lose for yearllngn. The race t
willbe run at the spring ^ting In
ISHs.and is for the pin^ of stallions
nominatedAept. ;. is;n;. Tnoeandltlons^are as follows: Poals, ttie progeny of I^stall urns imiiimati il as above, to be en^^tered bv I I. IkM, at tin each, the j
onlyfoi ft it If declared i^v Dec. I. iv:o^If left In after DOC. I. lM'T. a further^Mb* rlptlon ^^f Ml each. If left in alter i^May I. Ivli*. a lurtlur subacrlption ol^f'^^ each. Starters to pay Mat sddl-^tlonai
Thel:iiter Hoot simk farm nominat^^ed tin- stallions imp, Inverneaa, Tam^^many, Molilalia ami Sam Lucas ami
thefollowing at ih. ir produce are en^^tered Is t ho rat s
ciif Afhant, bv Tammany, dam Af^^finity.
chc Crutch, by Tammany, dam^r.eain stcher.^ii e Croker, by Tammany, dam Be
Chi lllthyla, by Tamasany. dam Imp
Cht Senator Mails, by Tammany.
damhup, Buttermt 11
Chc Tatnor. by Tainiuany. dam imp.
it^^ Namely, by nam Lot as, dam Imp
IIc Silv.-r BeaUX, by Montana, dam^Belle of Butte.
Chc Moll r, by Montana^Petticoat.
Chi Nli oimu tills, by
ChC Mal-lak-vva. bv^dam .Missoula.
Chc Larva, by Imp.^Huttertly.
chf ivy Bkaam, b)^dam Florid.
WeWish You ami Yours a Happy^and Prosperous Xcw Year, and trust
iremay merit your confidence in the
future a^ in the j^as(, and that our^9 business relations with you will he
everpleasant. Again wishing you
andyours the eompliinents of the
J season, we are, yours,
12022 N. Main St., Batt
LONHl:SS. MhuhnfuT
ButtesFavorite Concert Hall.
TheHamann Ladies Orchestra
winrender i sp-^ lal Unalcai Pititinmms during the Holldnys . very ewanhnl
fromI to |] o'i Im k.
Wehiin.lie PAIWT CKUEHRATBD BOHEMIAN BEER and IMPORT-^BD Bt^TTliED HKEH only. ^ ^ur line ^f Imported and Domestic W in. .-.^Liquors and Cigars are ike best on tha Market,
LunchesServed at all Hours,
CornerMain and Broadway, Butte.
Inverness,dam^imp Inverness,
hasmade money for the stockholders^and kept tin- property In Bret-claae
shape.Although well njong In years.^Mr. BttUno is still Icile ami hearty and^bids fair to ha aide to remain an the^Held of action for many years to come.^He uttrlhuteH his heartiness la the^fact that he has lived almost an ahso-
iut temperate existence, nardly know^^ing what the taste of Intoxicating|^Manor is like. BaaMea harng a good aii-^round Buna and mill man. Mr. busm^is also a mathemnticlaa of no mean
ability, He has. during his lifetime,^I held several positions that renwjred^more than Utrajngg knowledge In this^line of nraffe,
Josephk. Clark, nsneraj nuMMgrn^ for
theMoult.hi Minim; ioni|^any here an I^superintendent of oawratloaa at the^Ma] (lower mine near Whitehall, and u^hading citizen of Montana, was horn
inFayette county, fennel 11 aula. Put*^1'. 1M-. His father and mother were^also natives of Pennsylvania, hut his
nandnnrantac-ume from the North al^Ireland shortly after the revolutionary^war. Mr. Clark's lather died In Iowa^at the aso of T'j years 1) years iiro,^hut his mother Is IIvIiir al Los An-^Keh s. Cal. Sh- is al out ^B.
JosephK. ('lurk lived on a farm In^Jnwa until he was Ju years old and^then struck out for himself, going in^the direction af Colorado. In the fall^of l^cj he wa* found working on a^ranc h n. a' Uenver. Two years later^h^ enter.il the government cjuarter-^meater's department at Santa fa, Naur^Mexico. Put army rations supplement^^ed hy Mexican chili lolorow^and s^mall pay for his muwf^was not altogether to his lik^^ing and he returned to Colorado ^^n^the hurric ane dec k of a cayuse. landing |^at the port of Denve r. There he joined^a mule team outfit hound for Virginia^City, this state, and was soon sailing^over the Isisom of a loumlless prairie^towards Alder gulch. In Navmnber,^1SS1, the train arrived at Virginia City.
limits,it Is FiipiMjscd he has gone to stay.^The ^judge^ left unite suddenly on a litis-^IneSS Irlp to l.lv iiiKston. and when lie got^there he called uihjii his frnmd, Chain^Bang, at III- saloon, and Incidentally^wrote out a chec k on the c oiiinieri i.il^National bant here for il and cashed the^same. As he had no account with Hie^hank ti e el..-, k was rcturiiecl yrstcrilav^lo Mr. lierg. ^Judge^ Stevenson had just^collected from the county some f^i as his^fee s for tin past i|Uartcr us jUKtlcr of the^I^ in e. w hleh. with the t:'^, -^ ^ ure.l at i.u -^ItigMton. was the amount the ^Judge^^look for his visit east. He leaves a wife
andfamily of little nam bahaad him at
Afterweeks nf pleasant weather, the^roads having Is en In clegHtit sh.i|~ unci^l i^ ycllng one of Ha pastimes of Christ,^mas week, there was a small fall of^sim-v on Thursday morning. Its total,^however, was only one inch, much too^Hill.- for calling out the sleigh baha
PaulJ Davies came In from Three^forks Thiirsel.iy to take his position on^Jan. 4 as deputy cle rk of the c ourt under^A. V. Ctal, the i lerk-elect.
w.o, Pes k. it is aanafaaaad, win con-
litue as I ookki - pi r in the- e nmity clerk s^egftM uiiiler II. f, MiNaughton. the^i ininty c le rk e h i t. E. H 1* hum.e he e-^ihe present dspUty, to eontlnue also us^^ I.puty under the new ofHe-er.
LAPIKSAi'I'IlKCIATK^A good remeMy, and thiTe is not any^^thing on the market that eo.ua!*^^tench Tansy TaMets for the relief^and CUTS of painful or irregular^menses. These tatdetg remove all ob^^structions, tto matter what th... . ^^^Manufactured hy A^ Augrndr r.u:^France, and for s.ie- onfy ^.j D. M.^Newi.ro ni ne Co., Butte, li- .r,f . idle^agents. PrfCe, $: per Isix; seut hy mail^^^ i ur. ly fe-al' I
it nay ha staled that the proper
namesot the- horse Hard Tick is Hard^Tack imp. not ^Imported Hani Turk^in Bngtaad.^ win ^ Bnrnsy Bt kreiber
sawthat name on the hoard In San^Francisco he threatened to name ana^of ins ^ nits Sauai Kraut in to-imany.
Atthe sale of Italic ho del Paso year-^nngS at San FiamiMo ihl.i week tin
getof Saivator hnuiuht modsat nek ^ a^il. Eagsai Leigh bough) the rich e(f
thesale, a strapping chestnut colt, hy^Imp. Islington brother to Isinglass, for^J.'eOn. and Mr. QfUy, a WWg-knuWB Kng-
iishsranBH ountry rider. paM ii'eu for
ahandsiernU hay nuM by Mldlothoiaii-
Inorilt r hi elogg ^^it tin' liiilinn e ot ^^iir Holitltty (ioods we will offer
our^iiM-k of
Toys,Dolls and Japanese Goods,
Ourline of ObJTI Top '1'aliles, l,uiii|i^, Lamp f^hhaWi China aipl^Oroekerjf Ware i^ tM finest in the i'ity.
Wehave them in all Styles and Prices.
hasbeafSen down for gI
anel his been pre sen ted '
AnolphBore, gels by
S'.ibiKrilsj for the Standard.
'11 f-liie-e ev es o^ .e. '-f l^e' Iti'Se Sh
rana half mile- at Morris Park in l^v^^with Hi poundn up In ^ (^'. which still^stands as the- r^ e ord. Bh* vvill he Med^for breeding purposes Sim is 1.' years
oldand was sire.i by Ortnlen*Cwnnhi^Pangy,
,Chicago rac ing juan are awtthag ready^to liitniluie a I.ill in th^ -tat. I'.gi-la-^ture- at BprhmjnwM this winter. As Illi^^nois vtatt.Is to-elay. race track battang^is merely gamPtlng under the criminal
code-. The proposed leill Will legalize
leettlngon the trae ks Thirty days at^each track lit all the y want In CheaagO^This vvill give them a season of three^months of the sport at Hawthorne-.^Harlem and Washington I'ark. Fif^^teen d^vs will I... set apart for the trot^^ting meetings eef the Northwestern^Btetdrra' association.
.1.Id... rlosnwaa He ad.
SanFranclsio. live. 30.^J. Koss Jack- I^I son died to-night from the e fleets of an I
eeeananfor cance r e^f the I,t.older Mr.
J.i.ksou was one of the- ts st kneewn new.-- 1^I paper men on ttie Pacific coast ami was^j gated us a club man und Holivmian. ,
20Ninth Main Btreet, Botto, Mont.
ThaBARTM MRDtCAL IKBTITDTB will give FRISK TREATMENT t|^all who ap|.lv ai It....it. 'i. Nee. ;:jt N. Mam street, Butte^during the next gf^da^ s
The-Doctors are siMetaleati la nil CHRONIC imskasks
Entirelyto vv treatment for CATARRH cure or nor BU]
lie v rure CHRONIC RHEI'MATISM J It Fergusen t Ft-rgusen House),
Norfolk.Net myi I have been a giI - from rheu it -m for three
to^^^ ii ralkrred my palm In TEN MIM'TES I feel like a
seem in The] rAtaiuMarea la all BLeOOD DIHEA8E8, speciaau*aghnav
wIse^cer no pay
Thejcure l^V8l'KP^IA and DISEASES of the STdMACH \ND LIVER.
InDISEASES l)F WnMF.N their reputation is well estainishnd. Opera^^tions at- usuall^ uimeeessary l.ady attendant constantly in oflloe.
Th v reston vitality to TOtTNO atnl MIDDLE v^: p:I ^ MEN. or no pay.
The)treat t ^KIN DISEASES. Poaitively the only cure for FACE^I IMPL.EK and RLACKHEADB
Theyare S|-^ laliata In nil dlstaaes of the KIDNEYS nnd URINARY^OROANg No i are, na pay.
Itroata v..a nothing to consult specialists and learn your true condi^^tion Tha only raaenns will in- the actual vest of the medicines.
Ladyalwavs in attendance.
Roomt, W li Main St. Butte. Hours 9 to 12. 2 to 6, I to 9.
aStandard Want Adv

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