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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, January 02, 1897, Image 6

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4'nplr*af PJB IN tl W ^MlliMf1 In^nr.ipprr* for ana^l ^ ^1 ^red In all
Qxaaih^Mre*ul ih.i ^Man.' nl d^ ill .term*^n impj I'lMiau*' ib-r Ik. I'dM
Mateo,^ aaada it ml '1, ^ri-ljtu runn.
trie*..' |mm
JohnLMsklV Writes Interesting^Leiters fm Tkm
TheCent of Llvnp: la High - BUOP^Wo.t'hrr, I .mr ^ .' ^'^^tty^Women, No Bnakea, Ul t3^of Work, Hid Uaff^*p,
theroad to handle th^ vr.*t amount of^bcahaaM Ihnt ha* rom^ la It.
AiHM time the aaad waa built It yen*^conn nipl id d 1 .^- .Mr. ll. lnsii 10 ultmi.it* !v^chaapa It 10 .111 ahwtrfa llni' or i-f th. t^w 1- found to !^^^ not feasible, then he^^(^nl^l 111.ik*- i! a hroa I gumtc II'^-. I'^r^^ ''.it reason Itie* were rut *ta ndaril^kagttB ami Hie rill- laid so Hint by IM^I^n;^ I.-1 t,f another rail alsnulanl
ninlnarrow gauge .urn could Inith l^c^run over tin- roinl In thi^ sumo train.
Ii1. now r^'|iorli'i| ihat I he ^^!^-^ 11'1^-^*^ ! ni^ has Uen found the rheapcat pad^nie.-t feasible and that the t-tiunKt^ will^b. made this v|irlnp. It will al ho I*' ox-^t'id.il t.. !h^ inw road which la l-eliig^In lit from Trail to Hohson. The aktoP.^ti' ; of Hie rlnlit-'if-^\ay also for tin- new^MM h BtOgreaaMj ralmlly and IM con-^tlaeton Bad the work comisirntlvely^^ ^ as |iii 1,. |m I,ut Utile miow mid Ihr^^. 1*',.^^^ ^'i far has MM mild. If tho wlii-^m I. mild Ihmiighoiil Hi. 1 null MataN^l aw the road finished and 111 op-ra^^tion !^^^ April 1.
inthe hook cases ^tr(fttmtt!trt!ttnt^tttnntnt!t!tntft^tn^t!mrttt!ttf^nmtttt!t!ttK
Hennessy'sHennessy's|Kennessy's 3
AMiiionslVolumes Addad to the Free^iub .c Library.
iiiif' .v^a gatttlag^n.avds or^Intel aated^1.1lor to^S Kov, ii,
JohnBradi haw. aho : rt .^rnontti .- gra for Jo i^along w' ii. ii- is ki own^people In Butte, who will be^In h.-ar.iik of till at Ifari . In^his wife. Who b 11 II ^^In says:
I had a md-ndid trio and . ^ived h^nMot of th^^ way. I have had aplondld^health all nlonir, I was , ri lly u pi la ^^^In thi* rlty. II If alaao nli'.' i place^ii* Pmiii.i Rom. Thar* ^r^ line atreeta
Midavenues l.n.'d Willi all kiinis id in^mid pkraahi r] Ilka lb* r Itfornia IMM^IM only thinit ti^ y ^horl of hi^*w and wafer. 1 wonl through ^^
parklu-day lhal ^ is W^U
Js11 llnr d.'pnt ^ ll'l ii iIn- ^ ^ ^^'
everyhalf lim'r. Ni-arly i'll tea^oxen and Utile MUlM m * I* I
alehrn *mtarda* i-i ^ toMMnuk learn,^lie wn* In Hi^ lead and i ^ v^' n hi^ oh^well a^ a mulo. We saw in .ny o^trtihe*^iiml iinii loi'es on the roe L It I ^
hereIn tin- da) Imi I al nl it, nk
Mont.ma.They i il-e ^ v. n Kind ^i H ^^-
ttjMaiand oranci - and mi ^ n i
Inanother letter Mr. Brail
Thl*is Sunday. I ^^ ^l l^i-lMireli IfeeJ ejornlN*T. Thi^rlghi mrh the sin i i n ^^when ^\e stun. There an^MM . hiir. 'i, s hn re, Tl i h^I'l.nn In s i f .ill hlndi 1^war hri w taf;, NoImmI) 1^a irun or pl^lol. I'm all
\ I vi Ill-elJaille lletueeti It i ^ Ii I'upila -
tton h^ iii.- I't ,,pi-rs.
Th fiiol'iitll Kain ^ yesioiilay itfler-^^oon bfjtweoti the H|n Behool Jnaibri
tadthe High RelI I'tup is was won
bytha InliiT by ^ m ore uf m to | In a^^ ix. itun; OOntaat than the Henri*
woMldiRdk-ate, Thi- gruuada wmr* in
Ir MMUtkm, th^ in Id MM*tJ nlino.it
,imIM ibael ol lea and ooeorod nrltli a^i Hrhi eMtlng of miow wMek p*va a^i ban ml I^timrt footMts* Th-^at wm i b*rd DM from Finn to Km*^i l imi i^ He r snl. , i iit. il In |Ma ||rM
half,in the aewond hair the Prenawj^ptayid ii lunklnK irtinit1 nnd three
;tOW hdO* i s Wol'i- m i,n il l,\ Nail. all.
|AdaJM and Wolf. 11^ |ikms kicked two^U mm Itai I vp m fallewai
1Koals. Th
iiraa n
Brth^ rtoa.,
Woir(cap,),.i^i SadeaaL
..I.jr.^...I.t.^...I. ^^,.r p.
..r. I.
..r.^. ..r.^.. .r.^. .ii
wrltMi^ in.' BaptiM^
IIIII^ hotel^..'m II Ml T hu^^ll n- aboM ' ^^i M MMtbM
iw.-iiin hava
i aid nilni s
hnvepleaty of ilrearati and ami iMk
Thepollee are mi ill. Aii ' ^ !'^ n ^^^not net a ^ Ivtl .i mi From I hew They^hale aawrtl llllll Thin Is ^ tin. . ^ii ^^.^hut for ilr dual Thai b m Ihh lerrl^Me. We h .i^ tn-w potati i :^^ * and^beeto, carr.ns. I, inn e. H il l' . everyl^IJvtn* I* ^^' i^ i 'i. I ' ii 1^aiii'h, oidoiiH i^ ^^. him n pou ^ ]^ la, ' tr^rots and rahl IK^ K nnd '.' i ids a pound,^enta nnd mi n in i i'i r il' ^ n, elm y. i
75rent* nnd $1 ee-h. ind very Ir and
rmnll.lie. r and mutton -i^ - ^'
pound,foal very hh.li at ^I i out
ofthe inn sii. ii. I'ver) im is aotd far^MmMMc. Hour b M.M per indrad. Tar-^key* nr.- ti ^'^i j, eaeh. a l !^^ uea oat la^flW and nniall boiaea, weighing HOI and^PW pound*, eost 175 nnd For B rent*^you pM I Bteal cooal H'^: of three Hill^^ptaeaa at bn ad, a link buttat. ^ up
nflea, ii pief ni'.Iii' li I^ v IWa
pgaaea,not a thing .is. Pm i la yon
geta email I^^aln. a spooni'il o! .
gftapand aoup In addtttton Buch h meal^a* we get in Bulla far MS o nta woukJ^PPM tl here. A bad I* 'J^ cenla. a raoM^with two alngia is ds is ^:. or M a arts i^^ataapaaai la location, a mh..ii iiou* with 1^Ihni' iimiiiis gad wan r ^ i^ 'i Ii ^ ^ i'^per monlh. A slnt-le us.in with nltujl^t*'d. washsi. ml. i*^wl, towel, ahnda al^wiinio*. tad ban floor la tl* per monlh,^Travellnu' from place lo placi li verj^high, attacr by uab, ear or rail, A dec^hoiis.' with feaca around ii. four rooa^^liii grater and some lues and ahruul rj^reata flvu to |l:n per month. Milk I* 9a^ii'iiiM a qaart, gad iwo ^ ilru* a i^Ham I* I^ a*^l 'jit i eni* |air |Kiunil I wo
IlllVlsepaOfde lO HtllJ UWIIj n' 'HI heri l
thinkI ahull return in Ann rh
uh1 earn hai k tin- mom1) m) pnai
root.The fever is aoaiethlni
Onlyone out of W get* wi .
atlongmen die In three duy*. AImiiii
pi-opleare eaMlni In re every W' i
gidngla work Mondu) a* ^ i .. r-
MMarfor an Am,in., i eontrai'lor, I pel
(..wi per ^!.i ^ Tunis uli|. Ii i ^j ill l.i
coetPi her-'
Ina letter il;^ ti .1 Nov. Ml I :i i ! I^wrlli s.
ItI* verv hot lo re. I'hl^liotiesi time of tin pi ar, Tl ' ^^ppajaaPk hni I havi wm n no i
nilI* iis red a- palm. Tl^are red. Tie had ^^^ 'In ^^any* lure in Hi^ world, ii^fi anion. Then must Im^ ;h^ ivlilti 11^pie in and .n un .1 i he Hi)re I
grassand nice Irei . gtmo ' i i
facaiatown.-, aoau ^^r lie^f^ w Pewara Phe In tnu.-i mna^mode of eorraaati'd iron gi ibivd
btii'kor ii.IoIh' I 'i, I-on i , iI
illhave a pon h. Then are .. i^this country. Tha window* iiml il^^kept glial ...'in i a ii^l hioa^ia i,ii\ all the time: There I t i^of aaiMlag going on. Thi
Wearllnlll sun.': l '.i ^1
material,wli h n i ^.,-eK ui- n
iii,ii have III^ n U l;s and
whatareuldn i ' plvi lot^with good ti i ^'^ i. ; -
thickand hi i. k nnd hill,- Tl lea
Worse. The^ i .^ i ^ '
arcagon biryck 111 .11 i Pi 11*
InUnit^ In the next i^try and ettj are h^Mink, s ia ^ i.,i
ina latter dated N n. v. Mi. Brag^wriies:
'TheDab h are ..'.In i lot rl^Inw*. Om I* to alon i ImnilKi
Rt him....
Ptndorf...^Sullivan..^(lav ley...
Downey,,,Tram bath^q, ii. .Mi Uaaa.,^h. h. Worth's ti.ip.i.i ii i.^h. b. Joe. ii'i |iaa..l. h. b.
thpklnaf. b. Boyerf b,
.1dills, Nadeaa, WUIIatna, Parlln,^Wi if ami Broara did the beat muk for
Hi '.' li.nei.i nnd M( Lean and lioyat^.Irl th,- li^d idgylng iof the .1 udm i.
i'e oi r berg or th^ vietoiTini'i team^are hlpbl) e hit ad aver the reeatlt, ns it^ihelr llr.-i Kiiinc UiIm year. T h ^^Funlori have challeaaTed I bean tu an^^other BaUM for t *l ii side.
BA.b le.GR ^ 11 rUOE.
\|*l aa*J Han lloli* His lie.I I'i li lol It, '.^\ ri esl i ll.
B,J. Sweeney whs nrrepled early^rday morning for ataallnkf |1M in
i ll . nil a UN mite from his brother*^In n . ^ins Haiklaa. who runs the Me-
NaOHUPhouse. II.llTili- and his wife^w ilt ml In spend .New Year's eve with^i utile Ii h nds, iiml they sent out and pjat^Bweer y in look after tha chlklrea Mr*^lap ihear aha* ace, Harkhaadal aot like
totake his money with nlPJI, so he hid
itin the baby'a aria, aTMaa he retara*^d in imph that Baaaaay aad im
iiimiiy were iiniii missing, ii^ reported^be matter to the pottce ami gave ihem
i il, crlptlon of Bweetn-y, who wan
tonni by officer Lanphier aaawt l:M
0i inek yaatarday rnornlttp coacealed^under nn encuM In the Oreal WtallMia^rotuai aotpaa, Ha wm atrlpped tp tli
kinat ih^ jail ami carefully aaarcaed
.11 1 ft \ is found in his PM It. The t'.^'
1n|^ Mad Hie re; i of tlio money was^mlaatnaT. Bweaaay is a |oiiap fellow^bImmi) .^ ycara old with a tough aiaar*^acter, RarklM hM a*aatated him fpa*^i|U mtly and tried to ptafM u man of^hlga, l ot in.- klndaeM was raiaMMl
.villithe basest Ingial ilude.
* ^ i
OUc i IN mj i I E.
renilLa*P*M lleeel.eil i alll'rs -Tliealel^^Hie ll i rai l Inn.
New-Year's day was a regular Sun-
d1 iffalr fan Bwtta, Maarly avarythlap
(ccpini^ saloons was ckOMd up nnd
i^. people were im the ptreata. Bev.^eral Maniy laaiea kapl op g hoaaeaad^.^il eallers In a moel hnapllabki^. . The matinee |g*ifurauincea ai the^i is brottpht oul btp crowda John^. n in ^\\ anted, the Bart a.^ and^i .Nieliis In a liar RaoPa^M an ap-^proprtata KeW Vein's play al Hie l'nl.
^ii theater, were the attracttoata,
allu il ii
iu. a t.
!^ atlelh tiinli iry Mill It^ I.I..
araladTaht BMadaar.^The '. ii. ii. T. win oaktbrate taelr^^ iweniteth Malvaraary this etretttap ut^ni - r hull mi Waal Broadway A .shot-:^ii ' i .nun.' will i^^ rendered followed^by in address by MaaMni llullurd of^ii i '. mpanlMt ^'( Unite PRy Lodca^vn ii. The ptoejraaMae is as followa:
ity the ataaiherg
Ii riial Mtisn .Mrs. I'resiott
\ . i si,,|,iMiss Kmlly Thomas
'^^ ii ^iiMiss Jeiini^ Morris
V.H.iiKolaMiss ICoHauiond Morris
I ^ iluclaaj th^ SpeakerMr. Baitta
-Mussena Milliard
ils.The .^I. Till r^- .,'^. Il IS loo u^\
nnn w ho .^*'ipnort.^I...., to h^III money.
Had.-at n^fMrtaa R^Iraaa N' i^K^ arytl in
teirildetl^tin- Y.^mln^mini,^nut. Tl ^^h. re th ia^I like
comingera iwo ^^mount
.imiladeraea Leave hat Little^tor Otaea i MMBtootogata^p ii Captala Watera ami Jalkw^i tnderaoa captured about aM af^1 is ami the hVaaaoaal appntas
littaf hail theietn at a live bird^match In Caatervtlkl yealer-^inoon. The Hist mutch was at
odAnderson took ft re! money
wiiiia eleaa nenre. while Watera WM^..! with alae, Tin- aacewd aaptrk^'^iida and Captain Wateii^kill ! them all ami took tlrat aBOajey.^1Ii '. not ahiK't ill the second
nay,i m
lb.| la
!^T^ no* .
W I,...
i^ ppaaa BaUM t in,
iiBaeer yMterday rei
MR.HliiN2 ^ , HtJAH.^Tlic Motive l'^a^ i- i , i i.,, ,i ,.,
ttla gnootmei i^th.it aev. ral imp.^rtunt i i^aaade la the spring in tha n^eratlng the ivhunbi .. '.^aaya the Bpotane v ^^the owner of ih r*
turnfrora I.^ IT
thecoet of irattafornali^er froni ateaon to cbsr-trl^ported 'hat ba hn^not onb prai I^be lean aa^aoMei ga* n^The fact u t the R
ha*nrri nl ^:
feredwlih Hi- busin^^^V Wwetl r:i at nil. In f^coneiantly li ^^month It naa I.' ^ii
i.' urn I 'ai . ni^ rl. b^w a. her
rli ime, aan 'l^ ''^B 'he serious
ofher fat Mr, Mrs. Si^^. r left^D Da^ niioti last night. ^^v. lag In
j^ii^ . i . ar iii i fat Mr, w im is
IdHaate {s little or no baaa)
Ifor his r very.
Tw. ' t piano*, neatly new. nt P^n. Steward Music iv, n
lai^n .p. ken I la. en.
rtml eater Qaeette.^^ lucen of Holland haa the^I being vi^ oatapokec
Muchto Intorost tho Literary Peo^^ple and bonders of I utto^Ap^^propriate bubjocts for^the Young r-olks-
Annaaj aaaMaaBJaaal puldleutlona few^a. of nmre i'U' i.st ihun the h'inl-an-^aaal kaaagal or IM ^Annals of Hie Ainer-
ii-inAiartaaay of Political and s.*-iui^Bclence The eighth volume aaaapVia*^lu, ih^ papers uiul procccdlnga from^July io Daaaaaaer, UmX i* or aaara than
uiial Inb rest and contains umong^other faatPMa daacvMaaoaa of Metal
Mtrtapaluniks, |M llnaii 'lal p;ocedu:e^in PUaMl legislatures, railrnad piMilin^^and piopoiTioiial representation. ^Th^^Detective Faculty as Illustrated from^Judicial Records and th^ \ettialltles of^I Xpel i.-tlee.^ by \V. II. llllllcy, nr., la
liriniarilya book for lawyers, but will^be of paten st in gcncrul readers us
I'.C Hoard, who Is well-known ns
th atttkor of ihe ^American Boy*I^Handy Book,^ baa compiled a valMMa^Work ^ti ^Outdoor GeBIM for All Sea^^sons; tiie AraerloM Boy*i Monk of^Si oi t.^ th^ charai ter ^^( wkloh Is pafll-^clently bad grated by IM title. Tim re-^s art Ml ofejckllemMa among the Ro^^me ric remahna ami of Patrie in the
I'lamnls ami tentplga tt l.gypt have
hada tendency to populariM arch-^aeolopy. iiui wa belleva that Tha^hjtinfl Wait ,^ by Rlbrldpe s. Bre^ ka^aid John AMen is llm lirm book wrli-^li n for tl^' i IpllHI purpose of iBterMt-
lagthe yoi.io- ipie in the RMtkodi
irtirln -ail's of achacnlnntc work. This^is a Hi'. ;.- nf a liny's lit ' amon-.r thuse
etcavatlniIhe i laneta soil ^f Oraece,^-:11^t cann fall i^ add Intaraat t^^ lbs^atttdy ^I Im lory and ol goteMP.
PeterComey'a ^Voyaaaa in the^Northern Pacl ie^ is a l ook MibMahad
Inlloni'ltdii ai d nanaliH sonic voyngos^made In tka early part of the centur.v.^Amoag literary petaali perkaM the^Crttk ii tin- lead lap PAaiaorlty, The^volume just added to thai aMagry pjakM^the act of I ,mud \ illumes IOHIIllata^from July lo Dacawbar. UPi, and from^July, Is'j. in Jane. Mae. It contains
niii reviews of nearly all M^ofeao(Mta^laaaed in this country or in Bngiand^dartnpj tkai iiarkid. h is Maad only for
usein IMI Un ary. ^ Taj i'hat ad. *.^ by
NormanD, Qmj v, i11 aaaaal i^^ iimae in^amreh of games and aaaajhM for the^Wlntl r evenings.
araraat* anaaad by a lending adtaaav^tlonnl boom is aritltled ^State Kdaoa^Hon for Ihe People in Amoilca, Ba^^inpe. India and Australia.^ It consists^of essays on various slate educational^ii piis, and is chlelly of interest from^ihe fact that tho papers arc almost^wholly from other than Anaertcaa pen*.
Tinfourteenth aaHajp ^f tha ^Johns^Hopk'tis rniverriiy Studies in lllstorl-^i ,i and Political Science^ keeps up the
highi'.eal whic h has always bu n real-^lied In theee pubHi atlona. This vol-^uni^ contains carwfttl artteaM M Ih
ronatltutlonalhlatory of Hawaii, tka^city government of Baltimore, Hie hls-^tory of laxaiion in Connccllcut and^oiin r armkw teaaoa,
Ihinn I volumeaof IM London Qraphlc^ami im Batarday Retrtaw, reoaatly
addedlo the Its) ^f reference Iks of
ihelibraryiitala fnii BMoamta of re^^cent aVenta In Hi^ history of the world.^Tho Nineteenth CantaPT, from Janti-^nry to June. Is'Mi, Is a recent contribu^^tion in tie illaTlggglnn of current sm io-
loplcal rubk ma The seeoud vol anf
Palgrave'iDtetwraary nf Political^economy,^ amhraeinn aabjaeta from
Crlo M, will be well,'tned by palroiis
ofth.- reference depart at oaL
OarBanday acMol bmckara nnd pn*^pile . ;n lied Intereatlng the volume of^^Pelnubel'a Not.* for I^^7.^ Tim let eel^laiund volume of AppkHM'a rViMlkgr^Bclence Monthly Ireata acceptahly of^i uri ml si i. nt|flc prohlaroa.
Tint' an n ,:ii at iiuniy book!! nnd a
Braalmany Iks about books, nnd of
bateiiiii.h attention has been given lo^tin sui j^ii of books f'^r the young.
Perhapathe beal authority In ibis Una^In the American I .'briny iinaoihnlon is^Miss C. M. !i^ wins of ih^ Martford,^conn., library, Her excellenl Hat has^been combined i^ Ith the list prepared^by .'^im P, Bnrpent, formerly bbrarwp^uf th - UoWelL Mass.. library, and the^whole auppl mcnted and broughi down^to recent date by Mary M. ami Abhi r..
iirpi-nl. The list is carefully ilassl-^ged and most of the titles ar^ elm 1-^dated ''j abort clear and comprehen^^sive ^Hies-. Wa imiiee in accordance^with real era ataadarda IMI book* by^Horatka Alper, oii.er i^|.tie ami Harry^Caaileinoii are oinitieil. probably !^^-^i.ins.' I hey are loo latereatUlp, but
Her ika are UaaaHed wrlttea by nu-
Ihorawhose literary style is not su-^perlor. ^'n ih^ whole Sargent's ^Read^^me for Hie Young^ Is an excellent work^mid one which will long remain a^ataadard.
Mr*.Helen Bkla ntarretL in ^After^CoHepte. WfcaUt far Ohrta,^ dkaeaaaM^an Intereatiap and important topic.^Hue of Hie moat valuable of the report*^of i'i^ i ensus bureau Is ^Ttepoit on^Parma nnd Homes: ITopii^lorship and^Indehtednem in tka Plaited stales at^ihe iiiii Ceaeiaa, !Ma,^ by ii. k. Holawa
nnd.1. S. Lord, apadal ngcnls. The
BtTureaami comment! win be foaad^very aaefal and woajM be more so if^Ikey were for ippt, Ipgnead ^^f aeku] \^jreatra ok) Mothers, .hildrcii and klu-^derparten I ai ham all aMaUd be glad
p.haves* to ^Calbtfan'a Btaalnp
ilainis. i.implied and arranged by^Kleainor w Ithey WUkard,
Thncker.ij'*Kliulne-s i.f Heart.
An instance or hts kudaeai or
tlioiight.among many, occurs lo my
mind.Profeaaor PawcetL not pel M.^P.. but evidently conlemplatiug a prox^^imate eleitimi for aoBM lin Ky Im-h.
took 111^ initiative sp p fi l a liberal
candidate,ami Joan ,1 the lb form club.^Ho wa* silting s uiary nt beach time,^nnd. in his hilndneaa, onl) keaitai an^vote,.- arouad him.^ttits, bathonad to^I pip him to cm^^ i .1' uri know him.^^three not-^i p. raonal-
IStartling...^1 1^
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cooPflgttdDinie SipHimgs
Thcieb.ilhs ar^ the gatapl in the Northwest. Vo refer fOPJ to anyone arha^lias Riven our l'iithi^ a In al. Those troubled with Kli'itt.iatism. X. in-.i ia.^PyaMB*dg or General 1^ btllty pill tln.l ^ !i -se baths will ki\^ ilium inuiicdiato^iwUpf, CMraapaagMace aotlcitad.
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V make WhJta Shirts frnm 11.C^, to^J; Suit* to onli r 5*00 bh pp. I'atits to^crJcr from ^^^ ui S ot by mail.
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UhS. Mam Street Batte, Munt.
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r,.sr. ^: ib kanj a. ii. Barret,
E.1'. I I a .tt.B*. K. \S Ham,
.V. K r,f, V. iUUnJe,
T. M. IToaffens.
I,:L:: '/ 1 IlRA house
John.Mamilre, .Manager.
ThnXlghtsand kT^ m Year'a Matinee,
Brgin n lap^thi i:si^.\\'. DSC S, l^w.
AppMlaigia of tile , \e!-wi leotile Come-
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Wantedthe Larth
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AlataTaElaautri k^aMftakaara, aaaaMd bp
theworld famous nondi r worker Ainirl.^Ih^ wind's preutcBt male linpersonntnr,
i:ii Wnaigir: Bnaiand*a praabaM oharaii
t.i-cnaiii;' inll.it, Nellie Ma^ulre: tlio^praal whirlwind darner, Knda Moloor:^tin charactir \oc.rist and Imrleaque ar^^t.sie. Miss Lama Arnold: Ihe 1'i.Iircrnla
biiinkahaala. Bafferty and Thomhhi;
A:,.'lea's Irhah cliaracter \o.allst, Kran-^ils Silver: and our all-Mar novelty com.^puny in tin- great burteae.ua of
ixn'N. rr* to DATS.^
unionfamily theater
Cor.rark ami M' mana St*.
WMKXor DBG S to jan. I.
TenNighis in a Bar Room
Tataparaaca v Bstra matine* Fru
,' ij. Jan. ' A llai V X a V' ir. It Is IB )^Brat p| a year. Tarn o\ *r a nca* l^af.
VticsofAdaii'-*.: Ki-,-*nliig pr.crF. i.'ic.^SSc and SOc, Matinee Batarday and Sun^^day at li.1'. Children, lit; adult*. Sa,^Meat weak TU iorTat; or a ltoni Liar.
T.TTT.i-e ,-' ' ^ ara'*e. T.- ^^. r-.i--t*^:
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*3TTaCtTT, RMjawjajb
Tranaiiet*.i G*a**ral Banklat Ba^tnnt. Tw^gkaage di ^ ' .i a . .. i. e. ^^ at Laro;*.
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Cjrrei,.an*iit'^ Weill : arpo S ro.. IMP^T. n. iTeia.r'arja a 'o. Ban Lake w.i i,^! - .^ '^.'niaii ^ Nat . j
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