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AnnualSession of the Baptist Youn;^People's Uoicn of Butt*.
SplendidAddresses by Several of^the Membera and fcncouraglng^Reports-Hev, Mr. Noftftlnger^Speaks tntartslnlng-ly.
Ofajoad quality ami pal fat I lit W. i ill^special attention to thin huh. an we^MMtftMsftf It a hum ^^r parthulai roerli^made of fancy Cheviot, ami a Jacket^lined with fam y silk. It i a cheap^Miit for II2.M, hut our price Is only ..
TinIlitptb i ^ oiiiir IN o|ili' s union 'I^Ilutlc. one of the largest BfajMlaattotM^Of Hi kind In the Northwest, met In rot^ular annual session at ^ ^/stack la^t^night In Ih^ First Itapllst i hun h^Tin ^ was a latite atti inliiiii I of hot!^olil .mil young The meeiiiiK was calhd^ti . i.lii t^^^ I'rof. L ^^ Kiaiie, MM|#MM^of the Hoiicty. ami a splendid |^m-^^IMM ^^s rendered, innslstliiK of I^mine m i in anil a question drill bv the^Juniois Tin drill, leil by Mrs. Nofl-^slnger. was very Interest lug, Is-lng ex- i^^ruteil In a manner which rellei teil^great credit on the Instrin tor anil class^The npOfi of the secretary showed I^general increase In at tendance iluriiiK^the year anil a Hteaily growth In all^Km of work. An excellent address^wan delivered by President Koote. He^drew a inntrast between the llvis ami^thai actern of Alexander the Ureal ami^mi- Christ. He said that man's Ideals^mere the extremes In character: that I^mediocre subjects do not attract our at^^tention. Ho showed that Alexander, af^^ter achieving his great successes,^thought himself a OMC though pnssess-^li,^ none of the attributes of dlvlnlly.^i in the other hand Christ gjgt Ian'I that^He was a dnd from the beginning of his^life, maintaining tIn- declaration dur^^ing life and proving It by his life, death^and resurrection The Hpeaker sadl^that the one was a human being, claim^^ing omnipotence; the other a Hod. yet^auhject to the ills of human iiatuio. The^me. tyrannical. Hellish and of the grcat-^eat egotism: the other, self-denying,^possessing not the least atom of egotism^and working for the good of others^There are. declared Mr. Finite, a great^many followers of those two extremes^In character, of the one because it is hu^^man, of the nihi l liecaiisc IIvine; of the^one because of the earthly glory, of the^other because of the heavenly reward.^There are Individuals here who art^Alexanders in a smaller way. yet Just as^accountable, who. for Ihelr ow n glory,^lacritlce friends, relatives, enemies and^all: whose firm and last thought Is self.^There are also others who are striving^to deny themselves for the sake of oth^^ers. What Alexander was a type of in j h..; Y i h. n. ' up^action, men are In character to-day. I trained to ait^Character is the only part of us that^.will Htand the lesi of death Then let^uh build characters, concluded the^speaker, that cannot be assailed: that^will remain pure and spotless through^^out all the ages of eternity.
PresidentKoote was followed by Hcv.^J. K. Noftslnger. who delivered an ox-^i client address mi the subject, ^Tralii-^Ing Kor Service ^ The speaker declared^that the age In which we are privileged^to h\^ Is an age of training and that^every vocation In life Is crowded with^men and women skilled In Ihelr unions^pmfcsslnns.
Progress.^said lie. 'has written Its^name upon every phase of life. Some^one has Hald. life is but a disorganized^flight from death.' but the advanced^thinker of to-day recognlxes life as an^i rganlied march against death, w ith | ,^hriat^Christ bin Lor*.
Thechurch. In thin age of progress,^has felt the heart of an advance move^^ment heat, to hymns we love to sing:^tinward. Christian suldler. marching as^to war,
'Likea mighty army, moves the church^of ^lod.'
Thearmy of Christ that la to lie vic^^torious, la one that has been drilled Into^arrvlce. Little, apunky Ureece to-day Is
Ladies'Serge Suits^Black or Navy^Braided.
Ladlea'Percale Wrapper* worth H.TI^each, stylishly made, Poulard pat-
Lawnand Dimity Wrappers, fancy^i.uterus, very bom, hand soma and^stylish, for wrapper or lea gown,^trimmed wIth lace
$4-5^. $5. and $5-75 ea
LawnWrappers, a bargain, made In^Mother Hubbard stile of fancy flg-^ured Lawn, worth i.'t..^J^ each, a lim^^ited quantity only, in all sizes
NottinghamI .ace Curtains, whit^. n am, i yards long
NottinghamIjice Curtains, white or^^ ream, 34 yards long, extra value
LaaUtg*Plain Colored Silk Parasols
FineParasols. great assortment and^every atyle
$175 to $15
$100 ea
SilkMittens for Ladies
Kv1 Mont quality at 4^c pair.
Clovesof black Taffeta Silk.
is white or
ip.white ^^r^Ira valur
NotllnghamLace Curtains, white or^' i' am. 3^, yards long, handsome pat^^terns
SpecialCurtains for bay or double win^^dow!, each curtain (Ml Inches wide,^worth UM pair. In white or cream In^, \e,Hi nt designs
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BrocadedBlack Brilliant-|^ine Alpaca and Mohair
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50cand 60;
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75cand $1.00
Plainrtrllliantlne. Alpaca and Mohair..
25,40 and 50c yd
Highquality of tin saim .11
75ctttd $1.00 yd
Children's Calico Dresses,^35c each
Children'sPercale Urease
65c,75c and $1.00
BlackBroe^4c4 IIrilllanllrn* Skirts, Jul.
width,v#Kt'itt*n In*und
KlackHi llliantlne Skirts, brocaded, bet.^tor quality
WashDress Goods
OrgandiesIn such styles and perfection^of colorings on tine cloth as to I ^ the,^hit of the season in tills class.
Organdiesand Dimities In artistic pat^^terns und tlrst-iaie cloth.
121and 15c yd
OrgandieLinings, the only correct lin^^ing for organdies, 110 inches wide, all^colors
10cand 12V: yd
retreating-because her army has not
aChristian, said. yes. but he never^worked at it now. I am sure ihat lo-^night I see in this vast army of young^nun and women an array of consecra^^tion nf heart and all that ere long will^bring the world to the feet of Jesus, oh.^blessed thought, of the triumph of the^gospel: the palm under which the^sacred sanctity of the homo ever lloui-^Ishes. The very garden of the Lo*A^Man. young woman, the age calls for^you to excel In righteousness
Third.This is the age in which the^world is to be taught the beauty of (^godly walk. Theae are the young nl^this day who are coming to know w hit^Paul meant when he said And ynur^feet shod with the preparation of the^gospel of peace.' Thus shod I he soldier^will take his stand with a great degiee^of assurance With pure thought aaMod^lo a righteous life, we have the assur^^ance when the feet will. Tell me the^cxiieriencc of the hand upon the wheel,^and I can tell with a degree of accuracy^where the boat will run I shall never^worry If I know that the feet are shod^with the gospel of Christ.
'Inthe fourth place, you will need^to lie trained to handle the shield.^Above all things take the shield of^faith, one of the beauties of the shield^Is the fact that It could be used to pro^^tect any part of the body. Made of^steel or brass, lo turn any dart falling^In any direction. Most fittingly Is failh^used as a shield. The fatty darts of the^wloktd' come from every point of van^^tage to take possession of young men^and women. How they need a shii I I^I protection, a never failing arm. to^Your faith must be^as a swivel. When he^has warded off an arrow from one di^^lution, quick as the lightning, comes a^dart from another direction: your failh^must shield you. All praise to M. the^shield has licon tried by many millions^who before me have used It. and no dart^fiont the arm of sin and darknesn can^penetrate it. Therefore lie strong In the^faith, with the assurance that he who^has kept will keep.'
'And lastly. You must know how to^wear the helmet. This training for^service is a wonderful feat of Christ^^ianity. I am glad that there ate a
RMtnaerof your societies, both Juniors
andseniors, who are taking the Christ^lun culture course of our union, which^means In the end a thoroughly trained^church in dm trine and practice, w ho^will ever remember Ihat they are^In truth and in deed.' When^discouragements und temptations come,^lei him say. I am a child of the King.'^a Christian, and to be a Christian^means to wear daily the marks of our^Lord, and to think, act and serve as^ChrlHt.' Young men anil young women,^the world asks to-day for men only to^live as Christ.' I would \01 I could^Impress your souls with the sweetness^of those words as Christ.' ^^I'pon the conclusion of the above ad
CHARGESOF FRAUD ^e clerk was right.
StonemasonsDeclare That the ^ choc 1^of Mines Eu lding Is No 600j.
TheySay That tho High School Is^a Palaca In Comparlson-A Com^^munication to tho ^standard^^-expressions cf Disgust.
beenproperly drilled. So many vlcto^ries may have lieen lost for Christ he-^1 auae men and women were not drilled^for the aervlre. Rut this movement of^young people- a mighty army - means^victory for the kingdom of dot. The^young soldier of Christ to-day must^lie trained to the use of the armor No^man goes tn battle without arum. These^arms may lie rude scythes like the Tab^^ulates or the pitchforks of the revolu^^tionary fathers, but no one will expect^lo fight without some weapon of war^It Is useless for you to hope to tear^down the walls with bine hands or^kick the gales off tin
thefrowning gunnery
i.ance.You must meet them wllh the^Krupp guns. Remington rules and I^luavy sabers It Is folly indeed for a^christian to go to nut lie against sin of^the world without equipment, since art^ate to fight for Cod aguinst satau we^inusl look to heaven's arsenal for our^aimor. You may load your gunnery^with h 11 kinds of other stuff, but you,^baa Just, as well nho.il egg shells ai tin^1 nemy No soldier is armed unless he^Is armed of Hod.
First.I would have you as soldiers^of Christ gird yourselves with truth If^)^it would take the front of the rank,^gird yourself. Truth must lay at the '^very foundation of manhood upon^which true, pure character Is lo lie^reared. The military girdle was the^belt or cincture with which the war^^rior braced himself around the waist,^to tighten and keep every part of hi*^armor In Its proper place, so he might^Is ready at any moment to meet the
dress,the congregation arose and sang.^^(Iral He With You Till We Meet^Again.1' and this closed the session.
Will( mitral No. ft.
SunFrancisco. May 1.^,.^A second eutiteit^lo-iliiv was tiled In the mutter of the cs-^tute of Jacob '/. DalVal of this ell\ who^died a few months ago. In PMtadetalltg,^b iiv big an estate valued at fc!.murium The^contestants alleged forgery and fraud.^Ills will, which w.is a brief holograph!)'^document, be,pie il lie.l all his est.lie to^two nieces of bis wife, residing here. The^ci.iiteslaiits are bis own blood relatives,^binges or look ''.itiieiiiie rtiiml. .1 niece. Jeaeatl P. Wil-^uut of i nutile- son. .1 m-phew. Bad Klix.ibelb Wilson gf^WiishtiiKtiiu. 1^. C , wife of a nephew of^liuvls
VrtnilaHim Another slou-l).
HelmXi'i May I.Y Scleral laveee^aarttoagaas shacks have i^ ,-u aggafssajeai^lure during the pusi 1:' hours, line this
afleraoearaaead the clarka ta Mag sag
d.im.iucdtga Interior dcroraimn* of dwel-
IlllKS 'tills Shllek WUS tollllWe.l l,\ Mill, l
eauetljserves, The rtfcsafjaaa were from
unithto south.
limp ttalra ami ( onienlent Ari-angr-^im o i - to spend 1'1,'o.inii Sundays.
Commentmgwith Sunday. May IS.^the Northern Pacific will pul Its sum^Mar cm ursion rates to short line points^Into effect anil will run a special Sun^^day train as far as Sappingtou. The^Sunday raten will be Pipestone, tl:^W hitehall, fl ;.u I,line Spur and tat Is'g^powerful attack of his enemy. So the I ranch, j.'. Sappingtou. 12.11 Tickets^Christian warrior must SO Strengthened I will bit OK sale OS Saturday and Sun-^at every point with his girdle of truth, day and will he good to return the fol-^rcsdy for the battle The truth must, lowing Monday. The llshlng along ihc^I^ km ^ii in eider foi it to bum an Jefferson ncai Sacn s iamb is ev op^^tionally gtsid this spring and Pipestone^Springs Is a more popular resort than^ever on account of the extensile Im-^pm\eineiits that have been made. The^excursion train will leave Hutte at ^ a.^m and will arrive returning at 9 p. in.
armoraf defense for the subjec t am^measure of offenslvetiess to the ^^ppo^bent. To lay aside our girdle is in In-^i a pat Hsie uurselves for the combat and^to expos*- ourselves to wounds ami utter^d. feat Conscious Integrity Inspires the^spiritual warrior with conndem c and^bravery Let this kg my hiaseii wall,^that no man i an reproach me with a^i rime, and that 1 am conscious of my^own Integrity. A man may have a re-^apectahlc breastplate, the finest of hel^^mets, and a gilded sword, but If his feet^and limbs are all tied up m falscfood^and error, you may watch for the re^^turn of a whipped soldier
Thestory Is told that Waterloo was^lost because a lioy JBkotn Napoleon,^questioned gave him the wiring answer^Thus the defeat of his heroic srmy l^believe that the records up yoadat will^^how a multitude of Christian defeats^because of a lack of the girdle of truth.^Be sure your girdle Is truth, or you^must meet a fearful Waterloo
Second1 admonish you to be trained^la righteousness. That is a broad piece^of armor that i otrrs many a vital or- I The constitutionality of the law which^gau of the Christian and of ih. -.ildb r, , organises a medical lioard in Montana^the heart, lungs and stoma h are all with defined Is.wers is ptflggigggad, by^supposed te be covered w ith thi breast-| many lawyers to 1h^ uneonstitutlonai.^plate. When we have commenced with ; and persons desiring to join in testing
rightthinking It Is well for us thin in it are requested trespond with ih.
follewup with right doing. Righteous- undersigned at Anaconda.
nssa Is an Impenetrable mail, from IF i; ATT AN M i
whlrhthe missiles of th. m fan ^
pointless.The reply of tin bo) of his IMwin Clapp s rtrl kid. ox-hlo,^d. pat-^father revealed a a^d fan of his life, j ent leather shoes. In all the latest bus^Tit easy, when atkcTJ IT Ma /Athct waa| John Tassel. ^ West Park.
1lo ..null Sri v lee.
TheNorthern Pacific Is the only line^Operating reattlMtted Pullman sleepers^between Hutte and St. Paul without
8haferHros.' stage for Silver Star.^Iron Rod. Twin Kridges and Sheridan,^leaves Southern hotel. Hutte. at 7:48^Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday^mornings, arriving at Sheridan at I^p. m.
Ryusing the Northern Pacific you^will save || hours In time to Spokane.^Wash.. Rossland. Trail. Nelson. Kaslo.^Handon. New Denver, lirand Forks and^all Hrltlsh Columbia pomis
Thestory about poor work being done^on the school of mines building, which^was first started almut a year ago and^resulted In an official Investigation by^Ihc governor and a practical exonera^^tion of the contrai tors. Is again being^circulated and with more vehemence^than ever. The matter was brought up^recently la'fore a meeting of the Stone^^masons' union and formal charges wen^drawn up and forwarded to tiovernor^Smith. The governor sent the letter to^the board of trustees In Hutte and^wrote a letter lo the stonemason! In^^forming them that he was powerless In^(he matter, the last legislature having^taken from the governor what right he^might huve had to interfere or order an^Investigation. After receiving the gov^^ernor's letter the stonemasons took the^matter up again at their meeting Fri^^day night and a committee, consisting^of David Mack, Peter McCulloch, m. j^Kitts. Joseph MHioney and Duncan Mi -^Rae. was appointed in draw up a com^^munication to the Standard regarding^the matter and yesterday they present^^ed the follow lug. containing charges of^a very general nature and rather strong^language:
Mr.Killtor- Will you kindly make^space in ynur paper for the following^coiniiiunlcatlon. which is of Interest lo^every i illxen in the state:
We.the stone cuttern of Hutte union,^believe It to lie (he duty of all good^citizens to expose Hands upon the peo^^ple, wherever found, regardless of^whom or where It may strike. The^school of mines building is one of the^rankest frauds in the stale St far. being^neither safe nor ornamental, tin ma^^terial and workmanship being simply^disgraceful, and would not be accepted^on the comnionest building In the I'nll-^ed Slates.
Wehave addressed tiovernor Smith^on the subject. He Informed us he was^powerless to do anything In the mat^^ter. We also Informed Mr. Lesson, one^of the board, last fall, of certain things^that were being done, and so far he has^tailed to do anything about It.
Wedemand an investigation by^pi actu al men and have no doubt^enough will la- learned to cause the^walls already built lo be town down^to (he funnilut ion. Wc will not allow^Mich work to be done on a state build^^ing without a protest. Our committee^is reaily to meet any delegation and^Is prepared to prove every assertion^made '
Thecommunication Is signed by Um^members of the committee mentioned^above. They salii In addition to the gen*^oral and swteplng charges, that in very^few particulars did the work come up^to the spi t IftcalIons. Tin y talked about^a ^death trap.^ cheap labor and cheap^material.' etc.. ami said Ihat IT tall^sawed stone was being used where^granite was called for and that there^were inch Joints In the cut-stone work,
Why.the high school building Is a^model, a palace, compared with the^school of mines building,^ said one of^the committeemen. He declared licit^all that tin grand Jury said about the^high school building applied to the
schoolof mined, only imue so.
J.H. l.eysow and C. W. fl Watts*, two^members of the hoard of liustees, are^t in of Iks city. John liillle. secretary,^of the board, was seen veslerday by a^Stamtaid reporter, hut he seemed un^^willing to talk about the matter lie^said they had received the 1st 1ST for-^warded by tin1 governor, but had sim^^ply ignored it. He said the board had^I supervisor on the building and was^satisfied with khn and the work being^done
JudgeW. W. Dixon, another member^of the hoard was seen by a Slandaid^i . porter, and he said he IhOMgjM Ihc^tb.iiges of the stiuicniasons u ^ re^groundless. In regard to tho letter^written to the governor and its refer-^tine to tin board Mr. Dixon said:^There was such a letter writ tag to^ibivernor Smith ami by hun referred to^us. but really I don't know much alsuit^the subject mallei contained therein^1 belleM'. though. Ihut then *ert some^i otnplalnts made by the stonemasons,^but what they were 1 cannot now re^^call. The letter. I think, is now In pos^^session of John Olltkt. set retary of the^board of trustees. As 1 recollect it SOW,^we Investigated the matter and cams^to the conclusion that the complaints^were unfounded. I am not im lined to^psy very much attention lo such letters,^anyhow. If anyone has a complaint to^make In regard to the affairs of the^school of mines or In relation to ihe^^instruction of the buildings, he should^make such complaints dim t to the^board. LgttSffg written either to Qov^^ernor Smith or anyone else me not lia^^ble to receive any parth ular i onsldera-^tlon at the hands of the board So far^as I know all complaint-- that I huve^heard of are groundless
Ialllag ft da.
Thecorrect visiting t ar.l is much^^mailer and thlck.r than those Istelv^used, and the script also smaller thai,^formerly. See samples at Hutte ^tn, ,.^of Standard- t
tlodroomsuit ^lib t^ ^ ;i^l tables^awful i-heap. Kurnitin all kinds^i heap. Chauv Hi-Kant Furniture Co.
fhefollowing conversation between ;i customer and a clerk In the While Front i^Ciocery was heard by a visitor, which resulted in the visitor giving an order for^the Casino Rrand of goods and Is now a regular patron of Ihe store:
CustomerThose are Ihe Casino Urund of goods, are they not^ Clerk^Yes these j^;ire the Casino Ooods on these shelves. Customer^I am told that all goods In that^luiind are good. Clerk-Yes. we bought them for the kttt, und wc have made no mls-^i ike. Thry are making frelnds for Ihe store every day. Customer-Hut they are ilenr,^nre they not^ Clerk^Why. no; we sell six cans of Casino Corn or Tomato-s for II.^customer^Hut you give more than six t uns of corn or tomutors for II. do you not^^Clerk^Oh. yes: we huve corn, pens, beans or tomatoes that we sell for 10 cents a^tun, hut these are not of the Casino Brand, 'Ihe Casino Hrand Is our best n'^^1^.Hid we believe It to lie the best line of goods in the market, anil, quality eonsld-^rrsd, the cheapest. In thlt case the best Is the cheapest, ami we prefer to sell them,^lor we know they will be called for again, and It Is cerialnly phasing for us to hear
Ifyou bay your ^jroc:ri:^ at COURTNEY'S th:y HI goal
Wherereputation counts for more
thanIt does In
Taleohons1 8 ^5
3083 I O, 3 I 2 N. Main S'reet, Eutte
CHANCEto ruiso tin' wind. In-^stirr comfort ami rid^your place of rtics
Hasfought a lifetime tn place him^^self at the head and front In his^line. He Is there, and the people^know it. His place Is IM North^Main street. Hutte.
I.'.'iulinnHusincss firm* nf Montana.
ElectricFans for Any System
MontanaElectric Co
51East Broadway, Butte. Phone 15.
tWee half a block north of l'.
Id North Main Ht.. Hutte.
gk/V^%/%^^%%%%%%%^r%%sv%%%%%^fygvav% cy^s
0Manufacture^ and Whol^Ml^ Denlrrs In
Allhinds of Minimi and bridrj: Timb:rs a Specialty. a
IjirgeDry Kilns In connection with the mill. 8nsh and Door Factory. Sash, 0^Doors. Mouldings, Cedar Shingles and IMiio Lath. Interior llardwcod or I'lin .
M.k. MA V Kit. aaaaftr Inntntss by^ajgU or express will receive prompt nnd^tarcful Mtsnllgn, Colli ami silver bullion^,i specially. No. ^i West Turk street,^liillle. P. 1'. Mux IM,
DR.U. A. CHBVIONY,^111: Nil ST.^Moved to Ttonm in, fourth floor Sllycr^How Hlock. Hutte.
mi.i. a. ORtoa
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iV A DliC* 0fflce8 and Yards, 400 Utah Aventte, South Butte.^t I AMI J s ^^ Cor. Birch and Front Sts., Anaconda
Themanagement has thoroughly renovated ths
Andfitted them up with new Cooling Rooms and Hat tan COtaafcSS,^making separate apartments for Ladles and (ienHemen. These Im^^provements make these Haths the finest in tin Northwest and the^only Springs that have RATTAN COt'CHM in connection with^their Vapor Baths. Those troubled with Rheumatism, NeuralKia.^Dyspepsia or Ucneral Debility r-hould try
PipestoneSprings c. r. Burkct, Proprietor
Wemeet all trains at depo'. with carriage. I'ipcstone Springs,^Montana.
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llittIn the World.
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HK1.TSssatCO, P., with privil^e^ nf uimi-^aatisn, spaarssstyt sf Oat imi^. t'irci**^l^r* ^*ut upon ayaotansn, anasttt
mm:, Montana
In;il! Br.iin, N'orvous. Private,^Blood and Chronic Diseases.
Dr.C. V. Norcross
Rooms9, 1 O a i 1 11
Both^Easle^ and ^Monarch^ Lines
Inslisul fsBtta nouns from |50 00 t^ ft 100 no
Woesa tell yon ^ OOOO OfsM for Btt no ^ BETTER akl hi **^ 00 | fStOl HIGHER f..r^07.VH0. ftft| the FINEST of ^:i for ftlUO Oil Ut n^ ^^*^ ymi s hut w. b^e b.fore fftg decide oa^your this year , aiouat. Catalogue sisil''U on mtinltratina.
BeginnersTaught Free of Chargs.
WsT4M^^- sWITflll^. stVITCHK.S.
iir.it sale of Imir ^.cods for one week^only. i,^^ switches will gS for BJO, t-' TJl^switehat rUa small b.itiR sums II. My^III llltllt^ creiim Is Ihe Blftfttest wrlnkln^n mover In th ^ world If your hnlr is fall.^Ing out mm I'urldan Tonli will stop It or^money rstSttsssa.
HftttAMMIsTllTf. ion WyanuaiOt., Nftftft
AGreat Bargain
Owingto my inability to successfully^conduct my store slid ranch at the^same time, 1 have concluded to offer^my ranch for sal* at a great sacrifice^It Is located five miles east of Anacon^^da and one mil* north of Warn.^Springs, contains 610 acres under fence^i waier rights, residence and sufficient^outbuildings. I will sell with Imple^^ments for tt.^OO. }3.0flo i ash. balance St^time. It is Just the place for the dalrj^business, gotd markets being near at^hand. The price Is a trifle less than ti^per acre and less than I paid for It.^Title unquestionable Apply or address^l^eter Lansing. Peer Lodge, Mont.
Telkphonk18J^P. W. MURRAY^201 S. Main Streot Butte, Mont
No.It North Main St.. Butt*. Mont.
dr.w. todd, pmvsi'rcq^nd
Kstabllih*dIn ISM 'cr the honorable nnd^scientific treatment of all diseases or ths^Oenlto-frlnary Organs. Skin ar.d Wood.^Syphilis and Venereal Diseases In every^form. Nervousness. we^kres^es and In-^dlscrstlsns of young, mlddle-sged and pre-^matur^ly old men and all private, chro iio^.^ .id speclsl iliseasrs of men and women.^Rupture. Stricture and rU*a.
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