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ThfSort hera Mnllul e ^(^^^^^ of ^ n^ Ktaadard^I* MM l^ tha Bafh Cory Hl.x k Unit Palis,^firmly ^Pp ^^^^ I'*rk Hot. AdTerlittai^rat*^ faraiaka* on apalleallaa
B.Percy CItrk Writes u Interesting^Letter to the '-Standard.
AllAbsorbing Toplo of Conversa^^tion In Public Place* of the Etit-^Hl^ Remarks Commented Upon^by the New York ^Herald.
OreatFall*, May 1^.-Percy Clark,^the well known wisd grower of Teton^county, who lsnow In the Ka*t lalmring^In the interest* ot a high tariff on wool,^write* to the (treat Fall* office of the^^Standard a* follows from New York^city:
Thetariff question I* now the all^armnrldng topic of conversation In the^public resort* of the Fast. I have just^returned from holding a conference with^the Merchant Tailor*'association, a pow-^erful organisation deeply interested in^the present tariff Mil before congress.^*nd have succeeded In getting the as^^sociation to combine with the wool^growers. They agree to support us In^the demands made by me In the coming^tariff bill. If wc wool growers In return^will assist the association in their de^^mand* that no one shall he allowed to^bring in from Europe: more than Jimi^worth of clothing per capita free of^duty. Thla clause, if Introduced, will^be very beneficial to the wool growers.^I hope through this combination with^the Merchant Tailors' tissue latlnn to^force the manufacturers Into line and^the leading members of the association^have agreed to do all In their power to^accomplish this result.
PresidentMcKlnley *ald to a friend^of mine the other day, that he was^iadirally opposed to the lowering of the^tariff on the first and second class of^wools, as proposed by the finance com^^mittee of the aenate. It looks now us^If the wool grower* of the t'nlted States^would get what they demand.
Domini.121). by the congregation.^Reading of scriptures by the peat^r.^Kyrle Moderato quasi Andanllnn: trio,^Misa Conner. Messrs. Craig and Wright.^Oloria In Eacelsis. Larghetto. Allegro.^Adagio; solos and trio*. Mr*. Myer*.^Mesars. Morrow and Craig Offertory^Address on ^Sacred Music,^ by Dr.^'iwynne. Samtus. Andante; solo by^Mrs. Myers. Denedlrtua. Adagio; solo^by Mrs. Myers. Agnus Dei. Andante^Moderato: solos. Mi- Conner and Mr.^Craig. Chorus. Misses Helen C. Parker.^Kathryn Miller. Josephine Trigg. Sarah^Conner, I.llllan Klngsburv. Mesdanies^Myers. K. P K. Oordnn. Wright. Mor^^row. I.add. Holmes, Atkinson; Messrs^Craig, Kelly, Bailey. Atkinson, Mor^^row. Chowen. Wright. Wilcox, Cole^^man and Stanley. Conductor. Miss^Kva B. Conner. Accompanist. Miss^Kose Kvelyn Miller. Benediction. V^r-^gan postlude.
Newscf the County, Virginia City^and SurroundtDg Country.
Korkedon the 1 rest of the Waves,
Thelandsman, tncirmt or own mere- i a i traveler^speedily drain*, anil nut only begin*. MM ***^^linuen, to feel the extreme of human misery,^^luring tho tranatt acroee* the ti tiipetctiioine At-^lantie. Hut if, with wiete prescience, he has^provided himxelf with a icnpply of Bsstsitsr'l^Stomach kitten, hit pangs are promptly miti^gated, and then eeaee* ere the good aliip again^drops her anehor. This in worth knowing, and^thouKanda of nnr yachtsmen, teiimtnc r ve.v libe l s^tourliu and hunine** men do know it.
HisRemarks the Subject of an Editorial^la the Mew York ^Pott.
OreatFalls, May 16.^A few days ago^B. P. Clark of Northern Montana, who^Is now In Washington, discussed the^wool tariff proposition through the col^^umns of the New York Herald, and the^Standard of Saturday published the^communication In full, because of in^^terest In the subject In this section. To^^day a marked copy of the New Y'ork^Post arrived at the Standard office with^the following editorial criticism of Mr.^Clark's views:
Thewool growers, a* we anticipated,^have opened tire on the senate tariff hill^In the deadliest manner. A letter from^B. Percy Clark, their Montana repre^^sentative at the recent conference called^by Judge Lawrence, says: 'We, the^wool growers, demand the schedule as^passed by the house^ on Hist and second^das* wool.^ etc They arc satisfied, of^course, with the marking U|^ of duties^an third class, or carpet, wools, but the^marking down of the other two ^ lasses^from U and 12 cents to 8 and 9 cents^they Intend to oppose, anil not merely^to oppose,, but to defeat, at the risk of^killing the whole bill and the repub^^lican party to boot. This I* the way to^win a fight, and it Is the only way. Wc^cannot withhold our admiration frflm^men who season their discourse In this^fashion, but wo must call attention to^tome fallacies In Mr. Clark'* communi^^cation. He gays that President M^ Kin-^ley owes hi* election to the wool grow^^er* of the country, and that all the^doubtful state* wore brought Into line^by them. That is certainly not true 'if^Montana, which he call* 'the largest^wool growing state In the 1'nlted^States.' This Is the state with which^Mr. Clark ought to he most familiar.^The official returns showed that Mc^^Klnley received only 10,494 votes, while^Bryan received 42,5:17. If Montana Is^the largest wool growing state in the^union, then, on the hypothesis that^President McKinley owes his election^to the wool growers. Montana ought to^have given him the largest proportional^vote, whereas it gave him about the^smallest.
Andwhat about the other 'doubtful^states' that Mr. Clark says were se^^cured to the republican party by the^votes of the wool grower*^ Wa^ Mich^^igan one of them^ The return* of the^tecent spring election show conclusive^^ly that Michigan was saved to McKln^^ley by the vote* of the gold democrats.^If the wool growers contributed any^^thing to the result, their influence was^not noticed at the time. Was Ohio one^of these doubtful states^ The less said^on this subject the better. Still we are^willing to admit that the wool growers^of Ohio, or at all events those of them^whom Judge Lawrence represents, are^capable of going over to the Bryanltes^at any time if they are not allowed to^have their way In tariff making. And^here we notice the direful part of Mr.^Clark's threat in these words:
^The wool growers demand of the^republican party to fulfill their pledge,^and If It doe* not, I will prophecy that^the party will sound the tocsin of their^defeat at the next presidential election,^and that a free-silver democratic pres^^ident will be elected^a thing to be de^^plored.'
Tobe deplored where'' Not in Mon^^tana, apparently. This threat of what^la to take place three or four years^hence Is hypothetical, and ought not to^shake the souls of fearful adversaries,^but the demand with which Mr. Clark's^letter concludes I* of a more practical^'urn. He say* that the wool growers^will not aocept any compromise, and^that they demand the restoration of the^dutla* on first and second class wools^to the figure* of the house bill, and my^that without this they will ask their^senators to vote against the whole bill.^There Is nothing hypothetical or con^^tingent about this. Nor is there any^doubt that these Rocky mountain sena^^tors ran kill the bill. Thus) the wool^schedule becomes, as we have often^said that It would be. the keystone of^the tariff arch It remains to be Men^what New England will say to this^latest threat of the wool growtra.
TheIMaagreeable Kapertenre nf thrrlra^It. Johnson in Honduras.
OreatFalls. May 16^T. J Well- of^Lewlstnwn has received an Interesting^letter from Charles 11. Johnson, who^left Fergus county in March last for^Honduras. He gives a detailed account^of his exciting experience* in that^country, says the Argus, and his re^^turn to New Orleans two weeks ago.
Mr.Johnson left Montana March S^and three week* later sailed from N. vv^Orleans on the steamship Clearwater,^the fastest vessely plying between that^JK^rt and Puerto Cot teg. on the north^^ern coast of Honduras. The passengers^sighted Honduras the second day out,^but the steamer sailed along the coast^for two days and landed her cargo on^the fourth day. Mr. Johnson dsMOV^harked at Puerto Cortex, a licaiillful^town. tli. loisincsi district of which is^limited to une street, hut which is real^^ly one of the most important ports of^that republic. There he met several^Americans, using the term as It applies^to cltixens of the I'nlted Stale* alone,^tind found the American consul willing^and anxious to assist In every way. He^learned also that his visit there was in^^opportune, an an Insurrection had been^started Just previous and the country^was In the throe* of a civil war. learn^^ing that the rebels were about to make^an attack upon the town, he left by^train for San Pedro Sola, a town dis^^tant Inland about 90 miles. His depart^^ure was very fortunate for the contem^^plated attack Ml made Immediately^after he left, and the train on which^he traveled was the last to go south.^At San Pedro he met other Americans,^but was left In peace but a short time,^the Insurrectionists attacking the town^and i apt oritur It after a desperate^struggle in which 20 per cent, of the^garrison was killed. .Mr. Johnson was^made a prisoner of war and while in^custody addressed a letter to Mr. Weir,^u hi' h was so delayed In transmission^that It did not reach Its destination un^^til the same day as one written some^time later from New Orleans. At the^time the letter was written Mr. John^^son says, ^very few people are left In^San Pedro, although a few day* before^the town had a population of about^4,MX), nearly everyone not captured hav^^ing escaped to the mountains e.r the^swamps.^ The Insurgents, so far as he^had Been, were gentlemen and not In^^clined to pillage, preferring to pay for^all they got. They are men who were^banished from Honduras at the time of^the last insurrection, about two and^one-half year* ago and are led by Ocn-^eral Soto, who has made his home In^New York and Is a great friend of^Americans, giving the latter assurances^that they will lie well treated and given^every opportunity for investment if his^party succeeds, which seems very prob^^able. The army Is advancing toward^the capital and contemplates placing^Soto in the president's chair and adopt^^ing reforms In all government matter*.^The government de facto has been very^Jealous of Americans.
Findinghimself In the midst of war^and circumstances altogether unfavor^^able for an Investigation of the agricul^^tural Interests of the country. Mr.^Johnson determined to return to Amer^^ica an soon as possible and await a^more opportune time, but this deter^^mination was not easy to carry out.^Securing his release he started for the^toast, but was ngnln captured and^only after much hardship did he get^aboard of a vessel bound for New Or^^leans and arrived there on April 29,^after about a month of exciting adven^^ture, during which, he says, he ^faced^300 cocked Winchesters, a Krupp and^a Catling gun.
Mr.Johnson write* that he is very^favorably impressed with the country^and its climate, notwithstanding his^unusual experiences, and contemplates^ri turning to Honduras. In the company^of hi* brother, from Dallas, as soon as^conditions are favorable for travel and^Investigation. Among persons he met^were Mr. and Mrs. Van Blarconi from^Neihart, Mont.
Death of Mrs Naughton The^Court Calendar-Doncaiter, an
OldTime Turf Campaigner,^i- Dead-Personal*.
FleaMnalral s^rv!re.
rireatFall*, May 16.^A large congre^^gation filled the Presbyterian church^to-night and a prominent feature of^the elaborate services w as the rendition^cf Oounod * Mans of St. Cec ilia by the^Musical club. The order of ^ervlce was^as folio*.*:
Organprelude, song of praise tLaudes
Mrs.Adams has gone to Belt to visit^her daughter. Mrs. Cisik. and will lie^absent from Neihart several weeks.
Neihartwill furnish a number of Ju^^ror* for the approaching term nf court^at Croat Falls.
MissKmc. who has been tli^ guest eef^her sister, Mrs. Carskaddon, for several^week*, ha* returned to her home In^licit.
Mrs.Clara Brow n has returned from^the Kast and Is the guest of Mr. and^Mrs. W. D. tlraham.
Fourteenladles were initiated in the^lodge of Maccabees Thursday treeing^and a banquet followed the ceremonies.
Mr.and Mrs. tieorge A. Cook of ltutte^were guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Shaw^for several days.
Theschools at Neihart are preparing^for a grand entertainment to ( lose the^term. The programme will be novel^and entertaining.
Conney'nIn the swim.
CroatFalls. May 16^The Neihart^Herald says that ^Col. K. H. Cooney.^a pioneer Journalist of Montana, now^circulation man for the Standard with^heail'iiiart' i s .it 1 ^ at Falls, paid N.i-^hatt a swift visit Wednesday. He got^a hundred m w subserllsMs. eeatwteg g^few thousand ^ii subscription, rode to^the top of OM Haldy. and left Thursday^morning in the ilreetlog pf White Sul^^phur Springs, weeping for more and
harderworlds tnquer. We take
pleasurein announcing that Mr Cooney^is still alive, and that he has never lest^a man.
SpecialCorree'iondence of the Standard.
VirginiaCity. May It.^The regular an^^nual street tl'anlug of the eity began on^Wi dm sday. Three teams and quite a num^^ber of men arc employed by th^ city 1^^this work.
W.W. Cheely left on Thursday's coach^for C.aylord. ltutte and probably Boi.'tnao.^on business In connection with his newspa^^per. He will return some time about the^' middle of next week.
J.sse Hull left Thursday morning f^f^i Summit, where he will spend the summer^in i nine.
MatAid. i -en wife and children of Red^llluff gad I'oieman. lire in Ike city Ihls^w.k. It i- understood that Mr. Alderson
'i here on mining business.
Thesad news of the death of Mr*.
jIhoma* Naughton of Melrose, and for-^tii. rly a n sclent of this city, will he read
Iwith deep regret. Mrs. Naughton had a^wide acquaintance and a Luge circle of
ifriends throughout this svetMM of the
Icountry. Mrs. Naughton was Isirn In Ire^^land In the town of Atlilone ,,l,nut mi yi -^ago. After her marriage to Mr Nsugtiton^they at once moveil to Atchison. Kan.,^and early In latit they again mover! and^sngM to Alder gulch and built I residence^and boarding house In the town of Ne^^vada. She leaves a husband and three
1cMMrea. Mrs in. k Daley of i-aurin is a
Isister to Mrs. Naughton.
Thefollowing If the court docket for the
ini xl term of court for Madison county,^which will open on Monday. May 17:
|Henry Klllng vs. M L. Kmigli et al.;
|Julian A. Knight, administrator of the es^^tate of Nahum Parker, vs Samuel Kauf^^man; C. X. I.araII al. \- Henry N.
Hlakeet all O. K. Lewis et al vs. John A.^Oordon et al.; ^icorgc M. Thompson et al.
|vs. Ike N Smith et al.; lliiuli o lionell^vs. K. J. C.alnan et a I.: W. A Clark, guar-
!dlan of Augustus Sweet, a mlnur. vs. H. A.^Am-.I.ii .1 al . i M. Parr vs. II A. Ams-^den et al.. William Detmllng vs. William^Knnls; c. W. Canfleld vs. Lima Reservoir^ft Irrigating company; John Reel \s.^Nicholas Hanks; A. I., and Ctarfc Ander^^sen vs. Thomas L. tlraham, I' A. Largy^vs. H. P. Bateman; A. K. B'lrlalgk vs.^.Madison county; Western Iron Works vs.^W. C. Hllnn et al.; Noah Armstrong et al.^vs. tieorge ^^. Earle et al.. tieorge F.^Ye ung vs. H. L. frank et al.; Frank Km-^ctsini vs. Kagle Hill Placer Mining .eilil-^pany; William II Thomas et al. vs. Henry^Filing; Lillian Mlerlng et al. vs. Henry^Filing; Gold Ilulllon M. ^ M. Co. vs. John^c. Feaster st al.: P. J. Mef'lenry vs. J. J.^Crowley et al.; Alexander NetrIs vs. Cen^^tennial Gold Mining company. Julian A.^Knight vs. Patrick Hums. Henry Filing^vs. W. I. Behorty et si.; Henry Filing vs.^Solomon Kiddle; 8. II. Crockett vs. w. A.^Clark: H. o. Itosslter ^^ H, A. Hull; I)a-^vid Murray vs. Little Kid Mining com^^pany. W. A. Clark vs. William A. Waller.^Eugene A. Ualley vs. John llalllgan; Peter^V. Jackson vs. Edward lllitsner; Fmmet^Mather et al. vs. Paid Mountain Con Min^^ing company; llrldget Martin vs. Patrick^Murtin; D. U Stanl y re, A. W. and C. C.^Tanner; Samuel Ayoite et a I. v s. Jesse T.^Itenson; II. L. Frank vs. James P.^Gordon; Henry Filing vs. Joseph I.^U nities: William Owsley et al. v*. W. A.^Clark: William Owsley et al. vs. William^A. Clark. William Owelty ^ i al. vs. Will^^iam A, Clark; Charles S. I'assmore et a I.^vs W. A. Clark: William Owsley et si vs^W. A. Clark; Henry Filing vs. James F^Callaway rt al.; Joseph It. Si.uk v- De^^ris' Hell and Julian A. Knight; N. P^chrlstenson vs. Thomas T. Taylor: Lillian^P. Grlffen vs. Frank II Hiiffen; Annie K^Pope vs. Gtsirgo W. Pope; Ib-nry FlliiiK^vs. Patrick J. Leonard: state of Molilalia^vs. Gerry Paine: state of Montana vs^William Lafoon and Adolph ljivander
Doncaster(43701. one of W. H Ray^^mond's tine horses, died on the 7th Inst,^from the rupturing of * blood vessel while^playing In his paddock on the ^.Hi Inst^Doncaster was one of the llrst Ileat*as^horses to make the then exceptionally fast^record of Z.'tm. Ills courage and endur-^ance were wonderful. He was the main^attraction at the races held In Helena In^and 1kss in the contests which he had^with Hen l.omand. Rani hero and others^His most noted races were the 2:2X trot^anil free-for-all which took place In !**.^.^at Helena. He was then ,'i years old and^met Tempest. Ranchero and Hen l.omand^the fastest horses In the territory at that^time. Nevertheless he won seven straight^heats out of the !:!. and in one heat finish^^ed a hundred yards ahead of the Held, but^be was set hack and both races Riven to^Banchero. He again met Ranchero. but^the strain upon him during the Helen,i^r.,i' s w is too much and he fell down. In^every heat or race that Doncaster tvl t^trotted lie was either first or second. Don^^caster was foaled III 1KK1. Ills site WSI^Cnranv'dore Halraont, dam Virginia, by^Mambrlno Champion, second dam Mis-^Gratz. the dam of Commodore Helmom.^third dam old Portia, nf Ulin kliuni s^Whip.
Oneof the Misses Rogers Of Idaho ^ITS*I^left on Friday morning's coach for Hutt'^F. A. Rivers and Frank Holmes left on^Thursday for ltutte. where they have^shipped some ore from their mine |a^Frown's gulch and from which they aft^expec ting some haiidaome eesiiHs.
Mrs.Maty H^JI I. 11 ^ll JflfcUbiJ' njornlnx'-^coach for Magdalene, win **, she has been^employed ... if u siinCini i*^Wlluul.
MissCofU fWlb. tt and MY*. MeNlllly^^ftadS I trig to Latirln on their bicycles^the first of the week.
Thecity Is having the street betfJNM^t lie court house and the city hall graded^in such a manner as to enable tti. w t^I to run off without ruining the hall.
Mrs.Dr. Tudor of floteman sgenl ^^ da)^I In the e lty this week. Mrs. Tudor at one^! time taught school in this city.
Thefollowing la the score made by lh^^Virginia. City Rifle team, using ^^1 American targe t at liaj yards off-hand mi^I May 9. 1*97:
Metiel.George Thexlon Thomas Thex-^i lea Mst W. Akleraon. wife and children,
*r Anderson. Dillon j H Bhllnger, '^^tingling Bros.' ehrrea w F Musser,^Fart i'.lies. Philtpahurg.
' K F Welch of Chie ago salesman for
helps, uedge 4 Palmer was In the city I^I Thursday on buslneaa for his rirm.
I is understood that there is a new |^hind house being ttected lose to Thex-^. leadask or In the Wigwam school dlstrl. I^l-e-t Wednesday night p.u Casey of^' Iidwood. and an old-time re sident ol j^| this eity, commlteed sud Id* Casey |s well^| known by the old-tlm. n ^I Aider gulch.
H made a fortune mining In the gul^ h^, ^^'^^I left here and weal In ltutte. and from^in Deadwood. Where i greater part I^^a the time he has been in the saloon husl-^'tni w.is ,ci ths tint, ^i ins death, ii^^I I' 11 the following peculiar let) i
Deadweicid.M iv :.. HJ7.^I Thai Is my last writ. Am without '^I friends, money and perse ui,-d no home j^eel. I don't want to lie burled, my^sad] la-longs to Dr. M. Rogers for n,..h ii^I I^ rposep*. No fear of a hell nor rare for a^^ ^' n.I'AI CAMsl
I 1 i-.'v was liom In Ire II ,n,| ,;im in
IAmerican when he was II )ear^ old. II*^Was M years of age.
MrsJudge Hack of tlulgley, acompi-^' I lev little Miss Kills. IllliVeel 111 Hie^eltv Wednesday evening .Mis gSMgj |H a^sl-i.r to Dr. Fred Fills and ilia little girl^Is a daughter of the doctor a.
Measuredless than thirty-seven inches^arountl the breast^he lost ten dollars in^the price paid for a Spring Suit, by not^knowing that our sale of Small Men's^Suits was still in progress. Men's suits^worth ^1j.OO, Jr-0.00 and ^2.).00^not a^fault with tho goods^not a fault with the^cut or make^the only trouble, the sizes^are all for small men. Three hundred to^choose from. $7.05 for your choice.
N l ^i In a Wrangle flyrr the lliler-^llisule Flrrtion- Other Notes.
OreadFall*. May II.^Neihart. which^Is now a part and panel of Cascade^c unty. I* in the throe* of a council^content over the legal or Illegal election^e.i ..nc- or more aldermen and as a re^^sult of the contrnvcr*y public b*jetne ss^i- liactlcally at a standstill pending^^ decision a* to who are entitled to^seats In the municipal parliament. The^Herald takes advantage of the muddle^t^ compliment the street iontmlsaloner^as follows:
Thestreet commissioner Is doing^well in his effort to clear the thorough^^fares about tow n. The annual deposit of^debris, tomato cans and exhausted gum^boots has la-en shoveled Into little heaps^and generally haul. .1 away. The main^street of Neihart I* be^uliful when^cleared of obstructions, salt barrels,^tulihlsh and dry giant* boxes. It af^^fords a Juh y per*pectlvo on a summer^evening to see the long and ribboned^l.r.e. e sslnn of bicycle girls glide silently,^yet loudly by, while the nieck pedestrl-
Ian stands with hands a-porket and pie
igash extended:
|Now fades the glimmering landscape^on my sight:^And all the village scarcely makes a^noise.
ISave where the damsel wheels her dron^^ing (light.^And dreams of angels lull the Willie^boys.'
'If the tity council doesn't soon gel^| out of Its present legal Jack|sit, the^i street commissioner may grow weary^I In well doing, and thus the dally bl-^I cyc le parade will be lost to our dream^fill gale.
Whilebusiness traffic crowds Main^street, and one cannot cross the higb-^I way without great danger to life. III.-^i erty and the pursuit of happiness, the^biking public proposes to build a sec ^^ond story on Main /trect. after which^| the same people will ask tlie tow n coun-^| ell to pass an ordinance to tuiulre each^I |ede*trlan to wear a liell, and after 4^01 lock each evening to wear a head-^! tlghl looking to each point of the emu^' pass, in order to avoid damage to^I vv heel*.
From75c to #1.50 lost on Kutv Stiff He in th^^the iiiiiiipnsp line of which we offer you the choice^for 'JV each.
LostAll Hope
Wehave lost all hope of Kettinp anywhere near^even on Men's full stock tap sole Boot*^ju^t th^^thiiif^ for Miners or Pronpeetors. We have them in^all size*^Kootl to think of^liettcr to buy at $1. Jo a^pair.
Nota Shirt to His Back
Nootitis where he bought it or who he is, that will^compare in quality with our Wool Negligee Tie to^match Overshirt at J1.00.
Thenthere are Kersev Pants; the strong-mad* kind.^We've sold lots of them for f^.OO and 50 a pair.
Theygo now for 51.00 a pair.
Gets30 Days and Cost
TheM days to buy them in. The ex^t^ Well,^read the figures. Long-leg, snag-proof, leather-^soled Rubber Hoots^fresh goods^not rotted with^l*p^fUu 01,00 value for 04,10 a pair.
.i0Men's long Kubbcr Coats; just right for work^^ing in a shaft with. Staple goods at $10.00. Now
Theseare only a few among the many bargains^offered to dose out
GreatWind-Up Sale
47Eut^t Broadway, Hutte.
ilreatenthusiasm is manifested 11v^many |iersons whose hnlr ha* lieen re^^stored to Its natural color ht using^Hall's llalr Kincvvcr. a preparation of^unsurpassed nielli.
Theconstitutionality of th^ law v ldch^organizes a medical hoard in Montana^with deHned powers. Is pronounce 1 by^many lawyer** t*^ gag uneons*'ttttionaI.^and persons desiring to Join it. testing^It are requested to c-ot respon 1 with the^undersigned nt Anaconda.
Ki; ATT AX. M !^.
KorSale Heul Kstale.
TIIKBEtT HI V IN 1MB CITY Vol,-^uiile.r addition lots and MlSsM Mg^, ,^, la*) Colli.an Loan *^ llealty To., 33^W flrsnltc. Hutte.
pullBALK - SltM'K ANH KIU IT^ranch. ai res, plenty of water, rem-^fortatde building-, hearing orchard '.MO^liees ilnilie i unci plenty of good range:^Inimeilliii.. po.'f -i-loti. pile ^^ T- Apply^to Bs*Ig* r. Itrooks. Ileal Kstate, MIs-^suiila. Mont.
inmiles from Missoula, on road to l.o I. .^Hot Springs, desirstile ^dimmer resort. IiSii^acres, liciirliijr orchard, plenty of small^fruit, good water right: must lie sold be^^fore season opens. Apply to tieorge K.^I,took*. Heal Kstate. MIssoiiIh, Mont.
onMain Street, Anaconda. Incjutre P. O.^Ho* lilt.
Advertisementsunder this head 2 cents^^ word for the llrst Insertion and I cent a^*ord for each subsequent insertion. No^advts. taken for less than Si cents.^Classified iwlvs. per line per month ^ fl 23^(Count ^ words to the Ban.)
.OTA BNAl' AT ^^.^Healty Co., 33 West
phoneLire. We make this business a con-^slant study. Ilguring who Is the most ex^^perienced for Ihls or that position. Peo^^ple's Office, owsley bloc k Untie.
llAltHKIt WANTBD Ml ST UK A^B**t I'las* workman unci solar Addreca^Jay Walke r, Neihart, Mont.
wahtkdCHKI* and KH'oxn cook^st one c. inaalra steward, Montana heteL
WANTKl^ MOY TO l.KARN PniNTINtl^business. Apply :'.ll Kast Commercial^avenue. Anaconda.^^ ^1
ihamla rwork. hotel or lodging house,^eity or country . Iloom I Holmes blea k, o'J^West Hroaclwiiy. Hull-
WANTKIi Wllltlv to |i I1KNKRAL^housework or cook ley nisid girl. Incpilte^W'.'st third street Anaconda.
IVANS OPKHA HUl Sl: FOR ItKN'T^for public meetings, dances, etc. KIU-^Patric k a Htrlckfadden.
FRONTBTRt-.KT^t'obbaii laain at
allunde r fenc e. 120 acres In cultivation:^plenty of water, three miles from town,^near range, goisl stock ranc h; price |1.30ii^Apply to tieorge V. Rrooks. Real Kstate,^Missoula. Mont.
CegtMs*lajan * Reslty Co.. 33 W, ^lr^n-^It. Hutte.
comfortablebuilding, good water right.^2lieii bearing fruit trees, live miles from^town and near school, a bsrsaln. price,^|j.i^^i. ti.orge F llrook*. Real Kstate. Mis^^soula. Mont.
rORHALK-A Ma 1 HAY RANCH Of^Jin ae res, tin lucling Implements, snd also^PI^ milch cows. sl^ work horses and a^, ^ini'l. te dairy outnt. and doing a bu*lne^s^of over tl.Hin a month within live miles of
AntIc Write or call for imrtlculars.
KH RKNT-Three furnished rooms.
A M WALK KR.^No. 6 gfcfteM* gnttdsngi Anaconda.^M A It Y LAN l^ AVF.NCK LOT ^^ i'oH-^haa la^an ft Realty Co.. 33 W. Uranlte.^Butte.
rORBALK ' IIKAP. TIIK Bl'ILUIN'l^known as the York bleak, on Weit^Park street, Hutte. J. J. York.
ATA HARtlAIN KHTAIII.IBHKK ORt'O^business, at either Belt, Mont., or Mattel^''oulee. Mont. Address Driver-Bradley^Drug Co., tlreut Falls. Mont.
HillBAI.K-CHKAP, TWO-CHAIR BAR^her shop. Address Charle* Klaue. N*.^13. Blith street, south, Oreat Falls. Mont.
HHKWKHYI IXTl'RKB l^nR BALTl^cheap^S barrel copper brew kettle,^hogsheads, vata. bottling machine* and all^apparatus necessary In first-class brewery:^3.0HO to r^.W0 barrel* capacity; easily shl*-^ped. Addresa Box TVt. Boaeman.
MRSanna K ARBTKDT. HERMAN^midwife. 3IT Bouth Alison* street, Butte.
LADIKfcVYOUR BLBT KNLARUKb^*lx Inches; failure impossihls. results^guaranteed. l.'MU testimonials; book and^full particulars asaled for 4 cents. Au-^tum Medicine Co , Dept. 2, state Bt .^Chicago.
'ATARRII i l'RKlV Moi.iiNF.Y. meta-^physlelan, Silver Bow bleek. Butt*.
Kors.ile Miscellaneous.
keepingrooms. 2I.^e Bouth Dakota street.^Hlltte.
FORRENT ri'RNIBHED ROOMB. HI^N. Jackson street. Butte
FORRKNT^1. i 'oii^:: KI RNIBHKD i
roomsfor hnajesh ''ping on ground floor^114 Bouth Idaho at rest, Hutte.
RENT I HRKF.-RiMIM little 'k^Ariaeoiiela.
house 113 West 1'ark nve
Notlreto Hor^e llsnfn of Teton t oiuilj.
AnInfectious disease of horse* I* d^n-^gerously prevalent among horse* of Te^^ton county, especially range horses. All^owner* of hor^ea in thi* county must^at once round ^hem up and make prep^^aration* to cure them. All diseased^one* must Initio .int' ly kg separated^from the healthy and detained in a lim^^ited area In which no sound animals^are allowed. All hor^e* of unknown^brand* remaining unc laimed by June^JO. 1*97. will be taken in charge ley the^^tate veterinarian 'f hi* deputy and^proper disposition made of *am^ . Ill th-^od^ of treatment and full directions far^management of Mm lisease will he fur^^nishes! by the state veterinarian or hi*^deputy In Teton . ounty. (Dr. J. K.^Wamsley of Choteaui No horses nan -^or mules will he permitted to enter the^limits of the above mentioned eonnt]^unles* accompanied by a written permit^from the state Veterinarian or his depu^^ty. (Signed) h|. K hTMOWLEH.
c.a. Mi Nully
JamesBummers .. .^W. a. Huttertnore
II K. Bteffens
SecondBcore^^C. A. McNulty ....^Ji me* Bummers ...^W. a. Buttermore ..
.. ^ a k % 3 ill .^. 3-44^.443344 lu 7 I I ^^.7 3 4 4 3341-'^,.1Cf gg11 7 ^^-^7^,.7 37Te^^44 ^-*
I'oR RKNT BT OEOROE HoTKI. I^furnished. Inquire room 2 Palace Hotel, j
SmRlTloR KENT AN IPfTkNITI RK^for sale. No. 120 Kast i'ommerclal ^n -^nue. Anaconda.
iM. Malland^II K Bteffens
.7 3 4 ^ ^ 10 T I 3~*
III11 h^4^ Ii^,114141111 3-4S^.^J7^5^^^^ IV^72^7 4S3542S3i-tt^Those who visited the city and r.^at the hotels during the week are: A. Up-^|i. tiheimer; 'Frisco; R. MclKiwell K. M.^Page T. V. Jenkins. O. J. Btandaher. II.^D. VVeenlck. Dillon; Lee Cehn. \v. I^Welch. J. H. Kaupfer, Butte; James^I h..in .s Ht. Louis. George Hork. Dille*^tieorge li Harbison. Iron Rod. Ike Boy**,^John Byrnes. Helena: Dr. \V II. Wine,^i' W. Rirehard *nd son, Twin Bridge*;^H. Ii Itosslter. Thomhs D^y.,iii.^ v.^K. Hood. C. K. Morrison. Sh'iiti'^e-tileries E. Baker. D. W. Thornton Ana-^^ nel.e Fr-el M Field. Pony: Wallace^'Jreen.'Nat Davis. Knnls, W. 11 Thomp-^scn Brown gulch; Mr*. Pope lied Bluff^C B. Prlnehll. C ma till*. Ore.: J ,\ HUte*.^' Irs. Mountain Home, Upper Madison B^r Welch. Chloage; Qus Oalllrk Bettt^.l.cmea Bishop. U A. Metsel. c Metsel. 11.^. II. Mitchell. Mrs. Tudor. Boaeman. K. S.
FOR RENT^BAI^IN ON MAIN 8T 1^and fixtures for sale; heat location In j^I beat citjr In Montana. For panic ulars ad^^dress Box :m Anaconila Mont.
I'oRKENT^Bl lTK OF Itoc'Ms .1' N^Montana. Butte
MoltltiAtlKBfor BALE^^I gg at M per cent.^| :w at l'^ i^er c ent,^f. '^ei at I per cent.^|l ,e^i at I per cent.
cobbanloan * REALTY co.
:aW. Oranlte. Butte.
FORBALE i'ol It-HoltSE I'nWKRRA.^win i;a*ollne engine; good as new; |gM
JejhnE. Cyr. Missoula.
FORBALK^ONK OT THE BEST pay-^ing saloons In Butte, rail soon If you^v. i i i bargain. Johnson eft Reel, Owsley
Ftin bale^t^ ^w^rr prickb on sk w
lugmac hines ,c Sherman s. 12f. K Patk^street, Butte.
ANKLEOANT nearly new MABON^A Hamlin piano for sale cheap at 120 K.^Ceemmerelal avenue. Anaconda
PTTr balk-fckniti re Tit- two
housekeepingrooms, rooms for rent. 10^Montana. Hutte.
FI'RNIBHKDHOL'SK FOR RKNT WITH^furniture for sale cheap 12*i West ^Jal^-na^street, Butte.
FORRENT^FOUR-R' ^^ iM MoDKKN 1m-^proved newly furnlshesi house, furniture^for sale cheap. 464 Colorado street, Butte.
alsotable board: private family It) South^Jackson street, Butte.
botavenue. Butte.
FtR RENT^EXCELLKN1 STAND FOR^^null drug atore and doctor's oOos.^Cobban Ixaxn 4k Realty Co . ^ West Gran^^ite street. Butte.
FURNISHEDROOMS IN MANTLE BLK^Steam heat. Baths. H W B tty, Butt*.
FullSAl l. UPRIGHT PIANO BUT LI '^Ht ^i^sl. cheap. Address P. O. Box W~,
[HiSTOBY OF BUTTE.^ ILLU81KA-^ted, In book form. ITS half-tone engrav^^ings; pioneers, pioneer days, pioneer tales,^history of the mine* and city to the pres^^ent time. For sal* by all Butt* book deal^^ers. Mailed on receipt of price, 30 cent*.^Quy X. PUtt, Butte, Meat.
RL'TTERBIMPROVED MINK Kir^whims. Best and cheapest, for *al* or^rent. Also spring wagona suitable for^esmplng parti** for rent It. Kutter,^South Butte.
FOR BALE^LODOINQ MOUSE. ^^looms, price mm: great bargain. Cigar^and candy atore. m00. Call or address A. C^Brlgmun, If Wtst Broadway, Butte.
Cora*atrvsasaits, Uat Ylttdlt^, I
~l*fc_ mu *m** er la-
Ufftuarttua. wkleV^~** aalu eaa ler^^tutty. bust**** oi
stagilew M ta*^sate clc**h* sag r*.
**^*l(tl*s. Us euratiet enVts kegta I
itni*Ituurtnf rstlorsdi^^ad seaMensss r
ofUfa sad take no^II 00
bex.or all for
Medhookjr^ Xilr^UtUI CglKICAl
'*rsale la Aaieonda kf tk*^^t Bait* City, Moat, by I. C. ^aUo^l; ft C*.
ithDrag Cat
Bitat li a bob^gggggsaft
{eatadjfor Uoaorraopa,^'^ ^I * P ' is ^l ' r c ten.^Whiter, aaaataral efcev
e-barfsei.,er ^:.^ ioltn^C
te irhtaiiua ue alcara-^ti i nt an cast ^**^*^tertne-e Nun ftatrioae.nl^a*m by Dteagfaa.
orssal is siais wraeetr.^t'j ^i^r^as. sr**av.vcl, (-r^ft V ot ] bottles, g^ -
Circularaaa: o* nqis*,
R ii slatlslsgi
armqalekty a*r* ran *f all BS***nj distaaaa,^a*^k aa Uat man io.,,1. paiaa la tk* back,^^^^leal ^^ balnea. acHreas daailitr,^aallniss* to aurry, eihaaatlat traiaa,^tmpotaatr aad all in korren, x^wrtttea gaaraalee ,;, moamy r*ra*l^d if^^is bottle* doe* tut affes-t a parataaaat *ar%^gl 00 par box. an fir BS. by *a(al. ^^*^^^^saalaa. Maaufartarad by V Aagaselr*,^Pan. Aadraaa all nail tu D M. HT*TBM^BBUvJ CO., Sol* Afsata, Ban*, yea*.

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