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TheWntni Montana OSW of tha Klaadtrd it^^t 213 Rlggini atenoe, oppoatu Potto Bra. Mia^^mi*. Ttleshoaa No. 11S. Advertising rtwj^fvirBlshaS oa applteatloe.
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ADark Hone Conies in First in the^10- Mile Road Race
rarethis afternoon and they handled^the crowd at the finish. They did all^they could to Insure the success! of the^race .and to them is due much of the^credit for the fact that the race passed^off without an accident.
WaterIs running; again la the canyon^ditch, the hreak at the Randmann^ranch having been repaired.
0 ^ r
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TheTime Good, Considering the^Wind and the Fact the Boya^Had to Dismount Sev^^eral 1 imes.
MissoulaOnlrsrs Wateklag Out for Arri^^vals of Hoboet.
Missoula.May SO.^The hohn Immi^^gration haa Bat yet assume,i any threat^^ening aspect, although the officers ex^^pect that there will lie numerous ar^^rivals during to-night. l.a*t evening^two large camps of Weary Willies were^Missoula. May 30 ^The first road race j broken up l^y the sheriffs' officers and^of the season in Missoula was run this ! Constable Hnutchens, and the holsjee
afternoonby the memliers of the liar-^den City Cycle club and was an un^^qualified success. The start was made^from the corner of Woody and Pine^atreets, at the county Jail, and from^there to Madison street. Third to Main,^on which street they rude mit of the^city cm the Frenchtow n road to the^Iceland lane, when they turned and^came into town mi th.- race track road^The full 10 miles from the city was^lengthened by taking the .nurse down.^Ralph Kddy. ('. (^. Mcl.eod ami C. A.^BocBWlth were judges: U L Hunt,^starter, It it. Iligglns, timer.
Tile fOHOWlng ellllios W|e nll-
nouncedEd. Mix. Wilbur^Ralph Moore. Roy Stevens. Hi
w.ie . ..mpellid to move on toward the^West. They went but they grumbled.^They have Bat shown up again, how^^ever, and It is thought that they will^not ci.me back. The police are keeping^a sharp watch ..f all trains that come^in and (he country roads lhat lead into^the city are watched closely. The plan^Is to give the first arrivals of the Unite^army such heavy neuter,. , s that they^will not want tn i omc a^ain and the^gang behind them will not slop here at^all. It is Isdleved lhat this strict ac^^tion will keep the . iiv free inmi an^^large inilux of this undesirable class.^The Standard's suggestion of a force
ofspecial oSBcen tin.is sBdoraveaent
Moore.| and if the Ind* atlofll ire thai there will^Kng- be more train:.s here than the ntthens
PITCHER'S CASTORIA,^ AS our trade Mark.
/,DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,^was the originator of - PITCHER'S CASTORIA,'' the same^that has borne and does now ^Jf ~ . ^ on every^bear the facsimile signature of wrapper.^This is the original ^ PITCHER'S CASTORIA ^^ which has been^used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty^years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it it^the kind you have always bought, ^nf*. ^* on the
andhas the stgnatu/e of ^^/ZJ^^^K wrap^^per. No one has authority from me to use my name except^The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is^President. *
March8, 1897. QA*
Advertisementsunder this head i renti^% word for the Srst Insertion and 1 coat e^aord for aech suaeequent insertion. Its^s.lms taken for Issa than % cents,^classified advs. per line per month .. tl ^^(Count ^ wards to the Una.)
phone30a. Wanted, woman rook Willi^reference, few boarders, wages ISO; girl^for Dear I ....in. bucket girl for Boatman.
people-. Offlre, owslcy block. Butte.
k for hotel; also woman vegstahla
cookInquire A. A . Standard office, An^^aconda
WANTED i.ahv AflENTS IN EVKIsV^town In Montana to handle a fsat-sell-^Ins apsrlalty, Apply 122 N. Main. Butte,^room v
Vtanted Sltuatloos.
WAX ' 1 ^ I'' ^S i f I. 'N \s (t niKK EKr-
erby reting neat ajg years' experience;^refer, n. rt. Address g. 8 , Standard,
land,Tom Hath, way Ralph Moure ' mn handle n is probable that there^did nor start, but all .if the others faced will be a snlli. lent number of special*^the starter at 3:tt o'cIih k and w ere 1 sworn In to assist the regular force. If^slatted dOWa Iho strict on their long' this Is done, there will h. no trouble
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runwith Kent and Clark on a tandem^to make a pace far them. The rondl-^tions w. ie favorable for the race ex. ept^that the rld.-rs had to face a head ^ in.I^for the first three miles ^if the ionise,^which lessened the time somewhat. In^addition to this It was necessui) for^the riders to dismount six times ^m ac^^count of Irrigating ditches which were^running full and were Mo( lnldg.il.^This tOOfe: some time, till! the loads^were 111 fair shai^e ami the riders did
notpom plain ahovi the course in an]
particular,aside inmi the distance.
Thestart was a pretty one, llathe-^way and Stevens taking the lead and^were close to the pacemakers, w ho shot^ahead on the tandem. Behind them^were England and Moore riding close^together and Mix rode easily In the
withthe hoboes In Hlstuils. for the
peopleare determined that the city^shall not be overrun with (he crowd^that is iK-ing driven out of llulle.
peclalofficer Roatooa tins morning
arresteda man who was trying to sell^a lot of s|M-clai les and (he fellow Is now^In the county Jail. He could not give^a good account of himself and was^locked up on suspicion.
VII he Hotels.
TheFlorence John K. Servo. C. M.^Hell. New York; Paul Joena. Minneap^^olis; John F. IIS I dw. Ht. Louis: George^M. Cramer. New York: K. Cioughnour.^St. Kegls; F. S. Wood. Spokane. H. W^Harrison. Honner; T. P. Kelly. Omaha.^J. M. Page. Helena; Alex Fromme.
DoNot Be Deceived.
Donot endanger the lift: of your child by accepting^a cheap .substitute which some dfUggltt may offer you^(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in^^gredients of which even he docs not know.
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uWill. II I.M.IKS AND HENTLK-^meii ..in it. it mandolin, guitar and^banjo pl.ivi r-. lo form club for local een-^,.ris. i'.ill .ii studio room 1. No. 77 E*^r,^Pi .k street Rutte I. T. Halle, director.
rear.This was the order in which they !York . John I. Haker. W. II. Press,
MailOri\m Soliritnl.
COODSHOOTINC.^Rodgera Maket the Deat Score, Missing^Two Hints Out of feft.
Missoula,May 30.^The shoot of the^Missoula, rtod and (Jun ^ luh this morn^^ing was the best tourney that the club^has had this year. The weather was^perfect with the execution of an occa-^tlonal gust of wind that made the^birds take queer courses anil the shoot^^ters were, as a rule, In good form. A^new set of late expert traps was in the^lilt and the clay birds flew well. The^change from the old slow traps made^the scores of some ..| the 1^,Vm look a^little wormy, but the old slugcrs like^Kogers and Menard were right In line.^In the medal shoot Rogers made the^lu st score of the year, missing but two^birds In H, He failed to hit the l.lth^and 24th birds, but all of ihe rest were^broken squarely and many of them^were extremely difficult, of the new^shooters. Mix and Flowers are making^M excellent showing this spring, and^their average promises to rank well up^in the list when the season closes.^Flowers is one of the prettiest shots in^the club and his work this morning^nith a strange gun was first-class.
Precedingthe medal shoot there were^two or three practice events. In whiih^the seines were good. When the medal^shoot came off there was a fair attend^^ance of spectators and the Isiys had be^^come better accustomed lo the new-^traps, so that the cent was an inter^^esting one. During the progress of the^shoot a gusty wind blew up from the^west nnd Interfered somewhat with the^shooting, but It was not bad. The p ,,.^for the medal shoot was:
Medalevent^:'.', bluerocks; known^hups, unknown angles:
Menard-1 1111100111111010
1a o l o 0 l 1^17.
Mlx-01011101010010111001^110 1 0^14.
Rogers-1111111111110111111^11110 1^271.
flrahani1 00001101010110001
0110 0 1-11.
Forbes1 1 0 1 10 1001001101101
10 0 1 1 0 0 1 1^14.
Flowers1 11100011111110011^1 1 1 0 0 0 I^16.
Kddy-00110001010011000111^10 10 1^12.
Thompson0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 01^0 10 110 0 1^12.
Someof the prettiest shots ever Ml n^here were made by Mix on swift rieht^quartering birds that s. emc.l impossible^to hit. He eojhorod in several of th. se^and reci hfed applause, as he deserved.^Following the medal shoot the gun fans^indulged in some sweepstake events^that were interesting and that show..I^some better work on the part of the^low -score men than the early i vents.^On the whole, the day's shooiiong was^the best of the year. The club has its^range in better shape than ii ha^ I . .n^for two years and with the new traps^and el.i trie upplian. es the shnoiing^should show steady inii.rov. m. nl.^Th'te are club matches in prOBpecl^with Wallace and St. v. ns\ill. before
thebit AnnooosM meeting and these
eventswill be watched with interest, as^they will show how the boya ptand un^^der fire.
passedout of the city, and bets were^made on Hatheway against the Held.^There were some knowing ones, how^^ever, who took all of this money that^they could get, and they were the lucky^ones, for the winner was a rider who^has not been heard of at all as a racer.^In taking the Meld the bettors did not^look to him to win the money for them.^Orelll England made the 111 miles be^^hind the tandem an easy winner In 116^minutes 4.^, seconds, and he will wear^the gold me.l.tl Stevens was second^and will receive the sliver medal.
Thetan dent kept up a good strong^pace Hnd the race followed with Hath^^eway In the lead till the flat beyond the^Chinese gardens, when he fell back,^the wind and heavy sand being tan^much for his high-geared wheel. On^the Hat England pulled away from him^and he was passed by Stevens and^Moore, while Stevens came close up be^^hind him. In this manner tin y passed^the lane and into the straight road Into^town. Here they had the wind at their^back and made good time. The tandem^pulled the riders along at a good gait^and when the racers entered the city^they w ere riding in nearly the sumo or^^der that they had maintained since en^^tering the lane. Kngland was riding^easily and did not seem distress..I^Slovens looked pale as a result of nau^^sea, while Moore was apparently fresh^and strung. In this order they turned^into the long smooth efletch on Bnpor^Main stru t for the last dash. Here the^tandem let out a bit and the yellow^wheel Sew dawn the street, but they^could not shake off young Kngland,^who rode a magnificent race and who | J^finished as (lose to the leaf wheel of^the tandem as he started. Ha estab^^lished a reputation as a rider of great^endurance and IQOd speed. His ride^was in ::ii inlmiti s and I.^, seconds for the^10 miles. Stevens came down the^stretch riding slowly, as there was no^one pushing him for second place, and^finished in :17 minutes and 20'jj seconds.^Moore was 20 seconds behind him in^third place and Hatheway was fourth.^Mix broke his saddle near the end of^Ihe inc. and did not finish. All of the 1
Chicago:Oeorge Hrlfgs, city
TheItankin -Charles A. ltailey. C.reat^Falls: Si, McLaughlin. Plains; Ceorgc^H. Cousley nnd wife, Bonner; Qaans^M. Noble, Centralla, Wash . W. F.^Catching. Mrs. J. P. Catching. Miss^Mirthel Catching. Itearmoulh; F. Hell.^Murray: Charles (louthe Missoula:^K. J. McCarey. city.
Insiston Having^The Kind That Never Failed You.
THttlDTSU* COMfftNt.
-m ittna* ^)T^ttr mtw von*.
FatherOlltvier't Sermon Oter Ihe Vle-^liuit of the Fire Causes a Mir.
Paris,May 2^.-ln the chamber of^deputies to-day. M. Valle. progressive.^! representing the district of Kpernay.
expressed astonishment that sucb a^| discourse as the one delivered by^I Father Olllvler at the obsequies In^I Notre Dame cathedral of the i harity^bazaar victims, shoulillltiive been al-^i lowed. The premier. If. Mellne, denied^' lhat the cabinet was clerical. He said^i the government always applied the^i laws with firmness and in the case of^j the ceremony at Notre Dame, followed^the example of M. (Joblet, after the tire^' at the Opera ComlqUe. M. Oolib t^thereupon twltte ' M. Meline with al^ways shielding himself behind preoc^I dents on the religious services. In tie^i present case, he added. Ihe governtO' in^i hud begged the nobility to send the^bodies of the victims lo Notre Dntue^| This remark was greeted with load^I protests, after which the order of tin^I day was demanded by the government^j and adopted by the cb^h))lMr, and I t^I erwanls the house approved the po^iet^^f the government by a vote of jm to^41. |
AtI.Bfayell, '. Tomb.
Palls,May nil 1o-du^ Ambassador Por-^d r. former VI. e Pr. si.lent Mevenson,^Senator Woleott. (ieln l.il Paine, r. tinei!^i Consul General Morse. Henry YlKiiainl^; and Theodore Stanton, honorary sc. retarjr
ofthe Ameriean University Dinner club,
witha number of numbers of the chlS^and embassy and consular officials, vent^to Ihe tomb of Lafayette and placed I! .^a magnlfccnt wreath and other tloril
THKYSP1.AK Vnl.I'MI'.S ron TIIK^good work that is I.. Iiik a. .-OmplkBhSd^by means of electricity rightly applied in^cases of wasting, lltiKerlng and chronic^weakness, decline, kidney troubles, rheu^^matism, varicocele, backache nnd loss of^vigor.
Dr.Sandai's Electric Belt
liasmade a record for eiirlnit these trou^^bles that Is unequ.iled by any other^known remedy, lis raMtattan h won and^It Is known the world car for Its euies.
ThaiIs Ihe reason for the w1, rful In-
creaseIn --ales. New cures are being re^^port. .1 .lolls .
'I like II first rale. gMSBtSM have en-^tirety ceased. Am going to heeg on wr^r-^Ing It until I wear It nut. and If not well^siheti will set another one from you, for I^know that (he Rett will . ore me.
MAIt'fINFn.I.EH, Knnls, Mont
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HANDFNFI.KCTRIC Co., -.'!V3 Washington Siren. Portltn.1. Ora.
forpublic meeiinss. dances, etc. Flt*^^Patrick * Btrlcbfadden.
I-I'ltNISIIKIi FRONT ROOMS. F3^stair* :'I2 Sfeat Park avenue Aniuondo,
A NI.'KI.Y I't 'RNISIIKH FRONTS^room for rent. Call No. 3 Chestnut ^t ,^Anaeunda.
rOH KKN1-FCBSI^HKI^ IHM BK-^k.. ping looms . Ii ik.it . ^ ^ ^ 1 Hlltte.
PrilNI.-'llin ROOMfl THK BEdT IM^iowi. o tj; North blah., street Hutte.
pttit ItKNT i nltKK-lton.MKI' HOt'ttpT.^with furniture for sale I-'H N\ ^ a( Hab na,
Foil lli;.\ . I l.l.tSANT I' ^tNlSMBD
rooms,ssedera sonwesslssMSS, ais Ease
Cranllestrict. Hutte^ROOM FOR RISN'T AT PARBOTT BI.K ^^I Park SVSSMe Ana.onda. Mrs. Kiln
DaUedgO, Proprietress.
POR ItKNT Pt'RNISHBO AND I'N-^nlahtd looms tor housekeeping piped,^for gas-buiiilng .oak stoves. M KasC
OeaaStestreet, iiutte.
FCHM8HKI)ItOoMS IN MANT1.K HI.K^St. am heat. Paths 14 W. H'wsy. Butte.
PORRENT I'.Xi'KI.I.KN I STANlfFOR^small drug store and doctor's oflti ^^.^CMhaa Loan *- Realty Co., S West Uran.
liesite. t. Hutte.
menHnished in better shape than was^expected nnd the time is considered^good, allowing for dismounting for^ditches five or six times.
ThereIs something of interest in the^relative gears of the wheels and th. ir^position In the mce. Hatheway and^Mix who linishcil last rode high-gented^wheels, theirs being BS; Moore and Ste^^vens rode 72 and T.'l'j. The winner had^but a 70. This shows that the low^gears are the l^est where the road Is at^all heavy or the wind strong. The club^will have another race in two weeks .^under the same conditions. There were | Slf,t^^no handicaps to-day, this being the^tlrst race of the year.
TheWcsttlcld (Ind.) News prints the^following In regard to an old resident^of that place: ^Frank McAvoy, for^many years in the employ of the I... N.^A. ^ C. Ry. here, says: 'I have used^Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and^Diarrhoea Remedy for 10 years or^longer^am never without It in my fam^^ily. I consider It the best remedy of Ihe^kind manufactured. I lake pleasure In^recommending It.' ^ It Is a specific for^all bowel disorders. For sale by drug-
ASure Itelltfirsnre.
Notinstantaneously. It Is true, hat In a short^space of time, persons of a bilious habit sre^ssveil from the tortures whieh a disordered liver^la capable el lailetlsg. by HeeteMar'a Stomach^Bilters. an antt-bttleaa medicine sn^l aperient of^the tirst rank. The pain* In the riirht side and^throiuch the rinht shoulder blade, the siek hciwl-^tche, nausea, const ipation and saffron hue of the^skin, lire entirely removed by (his estimable res-^lesettvg of tone to tha organs of secretion and^digestion.
KansasCUy, May :|0 ^ Klahorate prepa^^rations have been made by the local liusl-^ncss men for Ihe reception of the ton or^more delegates expected to he pres. tit it^the second annual convention of I he Na^^tional Association of Credit Men. to be^held here June 9. 10 and u. An urn-a d^Interest In the convention Is being man^^ifested by credit men all over the ( nit. I^States.
ToImprove and thicken the growth of^the hair and restore Its natural color.^Hall's Hair Rcnewer should be spaHed^and no other. Recommended by ph^s!-^cUus.
Noticeis hereby given that sealed bids
willi* received by jos^ph k wi -^.
rotaryof the building commission of the^t'nlvcrslty of Molilalia at his sSBOB, Mis^^soula. Mont., for Ihe manufacture of one^million good merchantable brick, hand^^made, sand moulded, two and one-half by^fear by eu-ht .nd on.-half inches, lo be^delivered at Ihe university grounds In^f^outh Missoula: mi.000 to he delivered not^later than Sept. 1 next, balance In p^^. ns^same may be needed for the i-onstructlon^of the university buildings. Bids will be^received up to and until Monday. May 31,^lsJJ, at 1 o'clock p. SBn when same will be^tqsencd. Commission reserves the right to^reject any and all bids.
JOSEPHK. W4^ 11 r. tary.
Missoula.May 20.^Prank Davles of^Bowman hi in the city, the guest of C.^\\. ^ Woo.lw orth.
State1-and Agent Page Is In the city^! on business.
II.W. Harrison came down from^Honner to spend Sunday.
K.(ioughnour came up from St. Regis ' ate of the m a.I. ni\^last night and remained in town over^Sunday.
Charbs A Haib y of Great Falls Is a ;^' guest at lite Itankin.
Thevictor) or sjcottlnh CMsftada in ;
tieII. linottt stakes yesterday was an- I^tioqneed here last night by the Stand-
Iard's bulb tins and was received with^general satisfaction. All of these vic^^tories signify that Montana horses are
Idemonstrating their worth and supe^^riority over the Kaslern animals, and I^this means lhat this part of the state J
V.ill be (;r. atlV Ic'tl. tit ^ d 1 hereby.
Themembers of the civic societies^that will take part in the parade to^^morrow will assemble at 2 o clock. The ;^Cycle club will rendezvous at the court^house.
Theannouncement is made that Hit^^ter Root berries will be in the market^in two or 111., days, the earliest date^on record. The crop will be much larger^than was at first expected and the out-^I.h.k for the season's business is excel-^S lit
Aclass of 2^ boys and _ ' - - w. re^confirmed at the college this morning.
Tin-n^w fire department had another^practice run this evening, the cause uf^the alarm that called It out was a fire^In one of the chimneys of the new ilib-^son block on Hlgglns avenue. A dense^volume of smoke pouring out of the^Hue attracted the attention of passers-^by and the alarm was given. But the^tire burned out without the aid at the^firemen.
CityMarshal Angevine and the sher- j^iff s officers lent their aid In protei ttng^the street crossings during the road j
WestPoint's Monument.
WestPoint. N. Y., May g^ Mat^linguistic.I officers of the t'ntted Stales^army and other invited guests have ur-^rlved to attend the dedication St temi.ni. s^of the Battle monument to-morrow^Among the numlier are Secretary of Vt .r^Alger. Adjutant GatafBl Bungles. Itrig.i-^dler (Jcneral John M. Wilson and c.eti' i i|^(ieorge 8. (ireen the oldi st living gradu-
i;tn mi t ii
Thatoperates lis iialns on Ihe famous^block system between the Twin^Cities. Milwaukee and Chicago;
Thatlights Its trains by electricity^throughout;
Thatuses the celebrated electric berth^reading lamp.
Thatruns four splendidly equipped pas^^senger trains every day from Ht. Paul^Hnd Minneapolis through to Chicago,^via Milwaukee;
Andthat road la Hie
Italso operates sleam-heated veillbuled^trains, carrying the latest private^compartment cars, library buffet^smoking Bars, and palace drawing-^room sleepers.^Parlor cars, free reclining chair cars and
thevery Is-st dining ear service.^For lowest ratesto any point In ihe I'nited^States. Canada or Mexico, apply to^ticket agents, or address
JT. eoNI.ky.^Aas't Oaa'l Pass. Agt.,^HI. Paul. Minn.^NOTE^Elegantly aqntBBad trains from^St. Paul and Minneapolis through to Pe^^oria Hi Louis and Kansas City dally.
NineKilled In a ^ liureb.
Pi-a. May Hi. - Th. nfth ii I r. port ..' t ^ ^^ilis,,^i. c at the cathedral yest.r.lay upon^the occasion of the unveiling of an Image^of Ihe virgin, when a candle r ^ -11. setting^fire to the building and SSSSgSSJ I Bene^shows that nine person* were killed and^-'1 St hen - lii.i-ly Injured. Most of the^vlcllms were women and all resd.b I^Pba
In.IVon Ever
TryElectric Hitters as a remedy for your^troubles^ If not. got a bottle now and g^ t^relief. Title medicine haa betyi found to^I*, peculiarly adopted to the rell-f in.I^cure of all Femule Complaints. . \ .^^a wonderful direct lntUiem-e in giving^strength and tone to the organs p pas^have Loos of Appetite. Cons:^Headache. Fainting Spells, or ar. N -^vous, Sleepleas, Excitable, Melars hoty or^troubled with I)!siy Hptdls. Rlatltl B .^tera Is the nvslletne ysu need. Hearth and^Strength are guaranteed by Its use. Fifty^tents ami II.SS at any drug store.
Bigtn |a a am poison no*^rtntasy fur (kiBorrbita,^Uleet. Saernalorrb.ea,^whites, aanataral li^-^cbargaa. or anr Inflamma-
Sjea,.er, or u. ^.
Sloeof surmi stem-^braaoa. Non-aatring* i.t.^gssSSl by Drasslsla.
orseat in Dis.u wrapper,^bt aspress. pre-vsM. i ^r
turn^ervoBiieta, Leat Vitality, Iapottaci,^sillily gala-^^leii.Lett Pewtr,^Pal Hag Mtaur r,
Wssl.lig I'.sfn-.s
amiallplTeeti ot^self abut,' or 1b-^dlscrttlea. which^uniis one (or^^tudt. buslneaa or^uiarflage.
tinswaslerfsi^serve toalc as^^bleal ba liter,^I.' li.iuig back Ihe^flsk flaw lo tbe^pal*cStek*andre-
eeasiatstlea.lis ruratlve effei ts liefla si nnee.^thus insursui realoreil viuUltt and renewed vigor^and confidence POtlTIvi GUAgAITgt OP^COMPLPTg CDBI. lii.i.t nu U Bat's Tiger^of Lift and take no otber. It eau he ^ arrl. d lu^vest porket 110) per bos, nr tlx for 15 uo^Medical ivonk l-e A.ldresa La ^0I CBtMICAl^It WPOITIBG CO., Claclssatl. Okie.
Ki.raals In Anaeenda lit the South Prug l'o. i^St Unite l it)', Mont., lit K. k. Uallogljr 4 Co.
T.U. T Kymaa
aa. Well
Surplusand Profits $15,000
lathe beautiful Bitter Root Valley.^An Ideal summer resort. Picturesque^drives. Orand scenery. Fishing and^and shooting unequalled 2.100 feet^lower than Anaconda or Butte. Servica^flrst claaa. Special terms for the sea^^son for families.
Sf.OU.bs 3 ts.ttles. |2
(Xnolarsent ua r-.ursL
Geo.f. kevnolk Manager.
NOTICKOF APPLICATION TO PI H^1 tias.. until r the acts of Man Ii :t. 1*0*7. and^uf March 2. lvai.
lulled States Land Office Helena. Mon-^tana. May t, IV17, Notice Is h.-reuy given^that the following-named settler has tiled^noil, e of his Intention to make final pnsof^In sup|m^rt of his right to purchase the H',^NW',, section T^. township .', north,^range tn west 11n.br .ind In pursuance of^the prr.t Islous of Ihe act of congress a p-^provnl May : lie.^, and of March 2.^and lhat said proof will l^' made before^K. J. Corcoran, clerk of the Third Judicial^district court of Ihe alale of Montana In^and for Deer Iaadge county, on the Uth^day of June. Is^i7. at Anaconda. Peer
ladginly. Mont, viz Jesse N Mill.r
whola a tstna fide purchaser from the^ci.inter of the Northern Pacific Railroad^company for said land, and whico land^w is erroneously certified to said railroad^lompauy. lb- names as witnesses to prove^his right and 1 lalm lo purchase -aid land^bSsdSff said acts of congress, vis: James^.l-t .a l^aii|e| James, William It James^and Prang Ihrt llkeld. all of Anaconda,^Mont.
WK. cox, Register.^J APKINSON. Attorney.
ForHale- Ileal Kstate.
liastha Ingest list of property in the^city end can make the best of terms.
Choicelot on Iron street t'.'sl
Marylandavenue Kin
Afew bargains In houses and lota nortti^of the city Choice lots south of Ihe city,^only teti l olihan Loan at It. alt \ Co , 33 W.
INKHKgfT BUT IN IHE CITT-VOI.-^unteer addition lots and Htevens addi^^tion loo. Cobban Loan a Realty Co., ^I^W (Iranlle. Itulte.
PutliUt-A N^^ 1 HAY RANCH OH^^Jin acres. 111. billing Implements, sml slso
lis milch caws, six work horses and a.
eSSJspJltadairy outlit. and doing a business
ofover II.its! a monlh. within five miles of
ASStends Writ^ or .all for particulars.
PORHAI.K At A bargain, two lota on^c.immcr. I d avenue, between Cedar and
Chestnut.A M WAI.KKR,
No.* Hbb lds Hull.ling Anaconda
MARYLANDAVP.Nl'K LOT. gPM. OOB^^ban Loan fc Really Co., 33 W. Ursnlte,
FRONTSTItl KT I 1 ^T V gNAP AT tpni.^Pshhsa Loan aV Really Co.. 33 Weal
CHOICKLOTg lOilrtltlfrisTRKsTT. MM.
Cobbantaain A Realty Co.. 3a W. (Iran-^He. Hutu
lor Sale- Miscellaneous.
bunIi business; g.Mjd reasons for selling.^Sddrtsa Mr- gfthslsr, ;,|ti Constitution
budding.Salt l-ake City. Ctah.
rraat the Sliver How Floral company s.^north of old Bell smelter, Butte. .
FORHACK -FI RNIII UK OF AN ^-^Mian t-i gonil is new II Cover!
street.Butte. Reason for selling, having^to leave town.
Folt HALF FINK CtKlKINll HT'iVrt.^cheap. .Mil Klin street. Anaconda.
FORBALK or ItKNT ONK I'. HoRHK-^power tstller and hoisting engine. A|^^ply to M. C l.lnd. Kennedy Furniture)^company. Itulte.
POR sVALK HI ^Ti 'II Kit SHOP ANli^good buslneaa al a bargain. A. C. Hrlg-
V.^ 1U ^ - ^ Iti.i nls n Hutte
leffBSPSand llolstelns. also 111 largo^draft bors.s. Inquire Brtcker'a stable*,^comer Aluminum and Washington, Hutte.
MiiNUOl.lA.N PIIKAHANT FllOH FOR^hatching eggs first-class; price on ap^^plication. H. U. Salisbury. IM Locust St ,
FORHALF A WKI.I. LOCAT^D ORO-^eery store, doing gooil business; cheati^rent Address It . Standard office. Butt. .
PARTI Eg WUHINO TO EIvTuAQg IN^go.sl paying saloon, can buy the stock;^no charge for uae of furniture; long lease.^Appl^ '. in. r. 1 \V..^| Broadway. Butte.
FtKSM.K liotKL IN tJOOII RKPAIRl^2U mtlea from Missoula, on road to Lo l*^^Hot Springs; desirable summer resort;^acres, tearing orchard, plenty of small^fruit, good water right: muat be sold be^^fore season opens. Apply to George F.^I,rooks. Real Estate, Missoula, Mont.
hiRPl.l'8 HAIR REMOVED FROM^any part of the face or body without^pain or Injuries: for ladles especially;^mall orders attended to. Call or address^Mrs. Sampaon, 331 e. Granite, Butte.
vsII.LI AM WHITE. ARCHITECT, Re). ^M^'. Sliver Bow block. Butte.
MR8.ANNA KAKHTEDT, HERMAN^^ ! .v '^ 2^ South Arlsooa street. Hi.ite
CATARRHCL'RsU^-MOLoNEYT3lE'rA-^phyikuui, SUvcr Bow block, Butte.
FoilHALF butchkr 8HOP dolmg^le.sin. ^g ui Whitehall und Uaylord. A^snap If taken al on. e Address W. M.
Ptrgua,Whitehall. Moot.
FOR SALE^cheap! pool TABI.H^with ei|Ulpmenl. II. I.. Shepard, Mis^^soula.
iiikSTORY OF HITTK. ll.l.l STRA-^led. In book form. 19 half-tone engras-^Ings pioneers pioneer days ploni er t a !es;^history of the mines and city to the pres^^ent time For sale by all Hutte book deal^^ers. Mailed on receipt of price, iS cents,^Guy X. I'latt. Butte. Mont
nearlynew PiTaKIo.\ and doc-^ble harm -s 1 ..Ison. Richardson h Ad^^ams. Anaconda.
shop,nne loi-atlon. 2 Ivath tubs; all com-^ie Address snap , ,.. St iMlud, Ana^^conda,
pmbTbale-lowkst PRICKS ON SEW-^Ing machlnea at Shermans, 125 E. Park,^street, Iiutte.
MORTGAGESFOR SAI.c-^I mo at 1^^ per cent.^I Ml at 11, per cent,^COOS at 1 per cent.^11,500 st 1 per cent.
SSW. Granite. Butte.
Rl'TTEH'SlMPRnVKD MINERS'^whims. Best and cheapest Por tale or^rent. Also spring wagons suitable for^ramping parties for rent K. Rutttr,^South Butte
A^Standard^ Classified^Adv. Dill supply your wis

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