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ABrand New Industry Enters Mon^^tana's Commercial Field.
Deputy Mine Inspector Hunter^Bring* Information From Madi^^son and Beaverhead Coun^^ties-At Old Hecla.
DeputyStat. MinhiK Inspector Frank^Hunler return..I wst.rday from a tour^of Inspection amnnK the mines of Ma.li-^son an.I It. a\. i h. a.l c ounties, and^am..iik other things he brings l^ark^^BgM interesting Inforinutlon cononi-
lilt;Madison nt^ s new Industry.
Thereare m^ \^ r.iI hoi^.. . aiming fa.^tones In tin ...iinty. tin jirodu. I af^which Is largely exported to Kurapa.^lilt .Madison ...iinty Ik piolwbh the^only plaee in the world when horses^are killed for tin |M|M of feeeUag^their rareasses to hogs. Such u state^of affairs el.Kiuently Illustrates the^tapid revolutions lhat ha\^^ gaag ae-^(^oiiiplish. il In the Idc-yi le and there are^few wheelmen who will not ixp.ileii..-^a feeling of regret at k^^ lnc the nohle^horse fed to the filthy and ignohle hi'i;
Whatis ..i pnilaiMj more importance.
lio. \er. Is the faet that ^hen the^plans thai are now under way are 0OBa I^^.unlimited Hulte people ^lm eat |^irk '^will not he sure ^ hi liter tin y an- oil-^lug plain pork or a combination of hog {^and horse meat.
Thehorse butchering and lion f.. .1^lug estalillshnteiil is I..^ iii. il in the Mr-^earthy mountalitK. ahout seven miles^from Melrose, and the building* that^are required In I In novel Industry have
Just bSMI eolllplet.il A. J. 1 leeches.
who has run lonelier shops at (Hernial.:^Hint Melrose for several years. Is the^proprietor of the CMHnV and Mr Hun^ler says thai he Is preparing lor an^aetlve season's work It Is his intcn-^that to huy horses of all ages and sizes |^and allow th.m to run on the range j^until they ae.|iiire the rei|tilslte degree^nf plumpness. Th.y will then I... killed^and their fat will he . ..in. it. .I into^lard. The hides will he salted away^and Hie hoofs and hones pres. i \ i d and^the remainder of their carcasses will he^fed to hogs The porkers, it is said, will^afterwards he shipped to I tali and fed^on corn for a couple of months and^they will then he shipped to Untie and^converted Into pork. The reason for^this Is said to he the f.ar that the^hutehers of Hulte would kick if the^hogs were shipped direct from their^supply of horse meal. It Is not consid^^ered likely, however, that all of the^hogs will he sent to 1 tah to cat corn^before helng sent to llutte. Mr. I)e-^cellea recently hough! a large hand of^horses for f.'l a head and they are now^helng fattened preparatory to being fed^to the hogs
Mr.Hunter reports that ahout lis)^men are working at the Hecla mine un- I^der Superintendent Sam llarher. Ho^says that there Is hut little doing In I^the way of mining aiound Km heater,^which Is largely due to the fad that !^the owners of pi.tp. riles In that dls- i^trlcl Insist on selling lliem outright In^^stead of giving leases and bonds for^them. A cyanide process has Just been^put In at the HufTalo mine, and if It j^proves successful in treating the ores,^as It Is thought It will, mining opera-^Hons In tTTat district will Is' carried on^with greatly Increased activity. There^are about W.ntHt Ions of ore on the dump,^which averages from }'j to |i . in gold^to the ton.
Mr.Hunter says that quite a large j^force of men Is at work on the new^smelter that is being built at Twin^Hrldges. The men an paid H.M per !^day In cash and U.M In stock In the^company. The miners In that section^have subscribed liberally toward the^construction of the smelter, which It is^thought will he a great benefit to that^country.
They Are Not Vet l i'iiiitly Separated -^There's a Hitch Somewhere.
Testimonywas offered yesterday by^the plaintiff in the divorce case of Jen-^tile Sanni. ls..11 against Hill., i t Saturn I-^son. hut Judge Lindsay did not KM^to he entirely satisfied with It and took^the oaae under consideration. Mrs^Snmuclsnn testified that she married^the defendant at lllasgow, Mont., Sept.
IKti., and the months after that he^unit supporting her, and on the 1st of^last February he left her for good. Mrs.^Satnuilson said her husband was ^not^what volt would call a drunkard, but^he srxnt all he got for drink.'1 Judge^Lindsay uuestlone.l the woman and^learned from her that Iht husband^start..I a restaurant in fihisgow and^put her In charge of It wlul. he went^i.. liteat Kails In search for work After^he got located In- sent for her. but she^i.'fused to come, because lie hud sent^her no money, although she admitted^thai she made the restaurant business^support hi r.
Ild you ever hav. any tlollble with^ynir husband^ ' asked Judge Lindsay'.' ,
No.1 never had any trouble because^1 would not let him trouble inc.'' she^replied. The defendant Is at present '^living In Anaconda.
RichardT lli. knell I est. t day tiled In 1^court a motion to strike from the tiles i^his wife's affidavit In which she ad^^mitted the charges made against In r^but asked that he be r. nip. II. .I to pro- I^vide for the support of her children He^says her affidavit Is not a pleading, is^not verlflwd according to law and |^raises M Issue, for which reason it |^ought to be stricken out.
toughest.looks that ever Infested the^^late of Montana
ChiefHawthorne learned this tin in^Ing that the advance guard of in
hois w.re walking In from Hau~
amiw. ie due to arrive about noon It-^engaged an express wagon ami i^sey. in 1 .tlb ers Ui go with the wagon to^th. ii it a x. crossing with laatriu
Honsto pick up each squad of h^i
asthey .un. in and I.rum them to ill-^police station. Here they will be^herded until the gang la all In. w In n^with a large detachment of police ofh-^. i s. the unwel. ..in. \ liltors w ill I., ei^carted to the limits of the ilty and or*^aavad la nn^\ i sa
l.i.otenant Law iv said this tin.ruing^that he had !^^ .ilixens from section IS^enlisted aa a vigilance commit^ ^ and^was drumming up more recruits Al^the head of ibis committee I . iii.-natit^Lavery will assist the police m round^ing up and driving the holioes from the^elty.^
TheKlalua of the Kanudell-^aod ^^. Mlii-^lug t'ase Changed.
Tinipliiatlnns In the Rimadrll
MaudS mining case were straightened^out and the Issues very much siuudi^lad yesterday morning by Judge Clan^cy when he decided to sustain Ike^plaintiff's objections to the testimony^offered by Ihe defendants as to lb^^Hatnsdell loeation while the Ma il S
receiver'!reoeaM was in ealatattce The
Judgesaid he found the current of au^^thorities to be that mining ground was^s. paraled from the public domain by^the issuance of the receiver's recetaa1^and that ii yyas not o|ien to relocation^as long as th*' receipt waa In existence^and remained urn ancclled. Tin Maud^S receipt was Issued on Del IT, latT.^and was canceled by the secretary of^the Interim on June 1, IS92, for the rea^^son that the proper amount of work^had in.I been done to entitle Hie loca^^tors to a receipt. The defendants, for^tin sain, nason. Jumped the uroiind on^Jan. I. Is^\ but Judge Clainys decis^^ion is thai they had no right to locate^the (Tumid while tin receipt was in ex-^laleajea. The decision knocked ifn de^fettdaata clear out of court. Mr. Flu^^ids, for tin defendants, made various
offersto prove, Which wete all objected
toand Hie objections sustained. Mr.^Mi Hi nli , one of Ihe attorneys for the^defense, also said that the evidence^showed that in November, Hie
plaintiffRaneadeil said the west hair of
theMaud S. to J. A Murray and he^argued that the defendants' location,^.ii Ii ast as i.. t Foil part of I hi claim,^was valid and offered testimony on^that point, but It was also ruled out.
Well,gentlemen, are you through ^'^asked the court when there was a lull^In the numerous offers to prove and ob-
.! n I lolls.
Iguess we are.'' said Mr. Forbls. 1^don't know what else we can do.
'Hoodbye,'' said Mr llaldoin as For^^bls and M. Undo picked up I lu ll' hooks^and left thiurt nsiin.
Thecase then proceeded to trial as^between the plaintiffs. Haiiisibll and^Murray, and tin- Intelvomits, William^r.urton ami others, who hjjaped the^Maud I in 1894, claiming lhat the^former locatrirs had not resumeil work^on the ground after their receipt was^cum eled and that the ground was^tli.r.fine ..pen to relocation. Judge lie^Witt, in making a statement to the Jury^said the Interveners would show that^the plaintiffs did not perform film^yyorth of ymrk I year on the mine in^IMI, and lhat they thereby forfeited^their claim and the ground becalm;^open to relocation.
Williamllniton. one of the Interven-^ors and locators of the Adverse claim,^was the first witness on the stand and^was on all day. When court adjourned^the case went over mill! Motulnv morn^^ing.
Attendlied Letter Sale at Prahmaii's,^in.^. North Main street, this week.
Familiartu Everybody, t'sed tiy Ihe l itlon^Thriller.
Thefollowing telegram explains It^^self:
ToLouis James. F.sip. orange. N. J.:^In aonsci|llelice of your pictures as^^ Mhelln and Spni tieus in the ^ (iladlator^^being egblbtted all over llutte by the^manager of tin I'nion theater, fiainlu-^li lit Iy supposed to represent Ingomar^next week at that theater. I consider^you much damaged both In reputation^ami business and cannot, under this^fraud upon the pi ldlc. afford the terms^originally agreed upon for your appear^^ance here In October until this i,im^^munity is appriied. under your own^signature. In the public papers of th..^imposition so impudently placed upon^them.JOHN M A^ ill UK.
4Couple of Prowlers Make Attempts^on the East Side.
HadMr. Snow's Gun Been Loaded^That Gentleman Would Have^Had a Dish for the King of^the Cannibal islands.
Atour low prices and we are sometimes asked if our ooods are reliable. We warrant^every piece of goods we sell. A largo business on a basis of small profit is our motto.^This is our established method of business. It pays us. It will pay you to deal with us.
TheW illow's III oiPer I II. . Petition fur^l etters ol Administration.
.I.i.ol. Oseiibrug yesterday filed In
courta petition for letters of adminis^^tration on the estaie of Paul Frederick
WilliamKroger, who was murdered by^highwaymen a few weeks ago. The es^^tate ei insists of a half Int. rest in the,^Northwestern Mottling company, val- '^lied at * l.i^H^; the east hull' of lot t, block I^4. of the RSCelstor addition, valued at^$7110. and pm In cash. The heirs are Hie ,^widow ami her a-ycar-ohl liny. The pc^tHtoaer for letters is the brother of Mrs.^Kroger.
Itepnrtof the Anaconda Mining Company I^for the tear I sun
TheAnaconda Copper Mining com- |^pany has made a reiairt of Its gross^and net earnings to the county asses-^sor for the pun*.so* of taxation. The^net earnings for lMai were H,37.^,00n, as^against tl.iiso.oOO the year before, The^gross earnings were $iT,37a,OOD and the
workingexpenses };, Only the
netearnings are assessable. The Hus^^ton * Montana and other large mining^iiutipaiiles have not yet made their re-^turns.
TheKilled llokoet Leave the Mnoky lllj^Hint liifval Spokane.
Someof the holmes who left llutte^on Invitation, It appeal- leaded lor^the Sound country and a bum h of then^have struck Spokane, when the is-ople^followed the example of the i Itlaeaa Of^Hutte and organised s commltti ^^ to as^^sist the jMillce In keeping Hi. undesir^^able element moving The Spokane^Chronicle of Thursday mo-
Thereport that an aimy of bakaai^and criH.ks driven oatl of Montana^cities, were making for S| . s.n,. |.y the^I.lake |team mute, was \. 11ti., 1 t.,-,lay .^Al Hope yesterday a gang of about fiO^boarded Northern Pa. Hi. fn igbt No, :^i,^but after a stubborn fight the train^crew suoei-eded In driving the gang off^before starting and left WitaoW Hnni.^Later In the day a portion ol tc. gaaa^boarded a local freight and succeeded^in rea^ hlng Hauser JutKtioii H,,, u,e^train crew drove them off again, and^backing up the trsm. pulled through^Hauser at such a speed that the bobaaa^were unable to board It
Proma young ninn wh.. caaM hj^from Hope last night, having evaded^ahe vigilant eyes of the train crew, and^pvho waa hooked at the station at mid^^night as a sleeper. It was learned that^there was from *0 to lOu In the gang^making for Spokane II. ^^,,| ,hat^among the outfit were several u{ ine
HnmeI nun a Mail Mlsalun.
Mrs.John and Mrs. Frank Curran^have returned from laadlllll. Col.,^where they were called by the Illness^and death of their mother. Mrs. Shea.^A l,eadvllle paper has Ihe following^notice of her death
The news of the death of Mrs Mar^^garet Shea was a slunk to In r wide^circle of friends Mrs Sh. a had la-en a^resident of Leadvillc since Ivmi. and of^Johnny Hill far tara y.ars Thenews.d^In r Illness has brought her son and^daughters here from llutte City, tn^\y hlch place she was a memts'r of Free^Silver lodge So. It Degree of Honor.^The follow ing inetnbcrs of her family^were present when she breathed her^last: Her son, Han Shea ami her two^daughters. Mrs Norah and Annie Cur^^ran of llutte; Mrs. I'uflrcj of Asucn.^Mrs. Patrick Marker. Mrs. Thomas Car^^roll and Josie and Celia Shea of this^city.^ _
I.O. O. V. Mrmorlal Serirlee
WMbe held at Fidelity hall. West^HroadMsy. Butte, Sunday evening.^June *, commencing at 7 .in oVl.a-k. All^neighboring lodges of Odd Fellows will^participate and all lodges of the I laugh^^ters of Kebckah ate especially Invited^to lie present, also all visiting members^of the order. (Signed)^CoMMITTKK ^^F A It It A Nil KM FONTS.
ForSale^ 1^S^ Kamhlcr bicycle, al^^most new; 160 cash. Inquire Phil Ham-^Ill, Combination, tl North Main street.
Abold, hut unsuccessful attempt yvas^mad. al j o'clock y. st. i lay morning^to biirglarixe William Snow's residence^at No. ism Kast Park street. At that^hour Mr. Snow was awakened by a^noise at the front door The tnxt In^^stant there was a crash and Mr. Snow^sprang out of bed aft#ru*hed into the^parlor The outsld^ door was wide^open ihe look having been forced and^the glass broken Tin- Imrglars. In^^stead of retreating to a safe distance^to await the result prod need by the^noise, ncrvlly stood their grouad and^w.re standing on the step yvheti Mr.^Snow reached the oaea door. As he ap^^peared the two housebreakers stepped^around the corner of tin house and^disappeared throiiKh the doorway of an^adloinlng roslilene. mat is in ^ ourse of^erection. Though Mr Si ^^^^ had two^| guns In the house mith. i eaw of them^I was loaded, and It Is agtreaMl) loi'tu-^! nate for the robbers that the sriapaag
w.re not iii shooting trial, for Mi aaaa
saidlie could easily hav. popped over^one or both of the burglars if he had^been possess..! of a shooting lion, and^that he would surely have had a man^for breakfast yesterday mora lag if he^Ii i 1 had any cartridgi s in tic house.
Ashort time prior to this occurrence^two uti-ii were seen prowling around J.^\\ Harris' resldenee, i los. by. Mr. Har-^| lis was on night shift and his wife was^alone in the house. Hearing a noise^at the I..ok door she grabbed Hie gun^^ fiom under her pillow and hastened to^, the window. She \va^v warded by see-^i lug two forms in the shadow of the^\ building and without a seoond'l hesita^^tion took aim and fired a shot through^Hi., window at the Bjldnbjhl marauders.^t The men liislanlly darted around the^^ orin r and disappeai. .1 under cover of^the darkness. The people living in lhat^section ot the city stale that hoboes^tumble off the Mart hern Pacific train^i by the doxen every night.
Attendred letter sal. at I'mlnnans.^i |M North Main street, this week.
Mr.svaadaaaaaal nm r^eaaM* r ugate
tilItiiHine-- ill llutte.
Postmaster.1. I: Sw null, hurst ar^^rived in Hie eitv from Livingston rag*^terdkty. His tarn expired last April and^as soon as hla successor is i outlrmed^Mr. Bwlndlehursl will doubtless remove^to llutte to lisate and engage in busi^^ness. The Beat teat for the place was^between Qaoiga AMeraon, proprlatat of^the Livingston Post, and Charles A.^Ilurgh. The latter gentleman, however,^appears to have had the strongest pull^vvjth Senator Carter, th. distributor of^federal patronage In Montana, and was^endorsed by him. Aa a n sul|. Mr.^Burgh has been named by Preside*!^McKlnley, and his coaflrmatloa by ihe
senateis expected to follow In a few^days. The appoint... was a Blether of^the pie counter brigade under President^Harrison and served four yeari as reg^^ister of the Ugated States land olllce ut^Lcwlstow ii.
Tomlie was a piper's son.^lie learned lo play when he was young,
Hutall the tune that he could play-^Was over lln Hills and Far Away.
NowTom. with his pipe, mail, such^a noise
That he pleased both the girls and^boys
Andthey all stopped to hear him play^^0*er the Hills and Far Away.''
SoonTom of bis pipe very tired got^And a Crown ' piano for himself he^bought
Thengr. at crowdg came to hear him^play
Overthe Hills and Far Away.
Thegnat Crown piano sold only by^the Steward Music house, 223 North^Main street.
AttendRed Letter Sale at I'raliman's,^M North Main street, this week.
ANew ttnute lo the ^gal^via
Itln^;rande Western Ity.
Themtn li talked of^opening of the I Igden^gateway has finally^been accomplished.
Heretoforetickets to
the Fast hav. been^btainabie only via the Northern routes
orvia Che yea aa Iteoa June 1st. how^^ever, arrangements have been perfected^wli. rel.y all classes of tickets can be se^^cured via Ogttea, Sail Uike City lilen-^yyood Springs, Leudv llle. Degree, etc.^and the far-famed Mo Qlgygjda YV. stern^Railway, at the lowest rates that apply^v ia other routes. The trip from Ogdeti^to Denver is the grandest to he had^over the American continent. Nn i;u-^lop.an trip of ^ ^iual length can com-^pare with it In grandeur of scenery and^wealth of novel interest. The Hlo^drami.' aYeaterg lias one advantage^over all other lines Isasmtich as It is^able to offer choice of three distinct^scenu roups through Ihe Rockies and^on round trip tickets It offers diverse^routes all the way from OggaM to Chi^^cago.
Teachersand others intending to^avail themselves of the reduced rates to^Milwaukee and other Kastern points^during the sumnn r months, should see^that their tickets are routed via the^Hlo l'.rand.' Western Railway.
Thatline operates two fast tgpragg^trains daily, carrying all classes of^eqelpeaent, in. biding Pullman Double^Drawing Room Sleeping Cars. Pullman^Family or Tourist Sleeping Cars and^free Reclining Chair Cars.^The Rio Qraadc w iters is noted f,,r
theelegance of its ei|uipineni and for^the perfection ii has attained in Its^passenger serv lee.
OurStock is Very^Complete and^Prices Low
Containstwo Flour Bins,^two Drawers, two Bread^Boards^very useful Table^for Kitchen. Price
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anderFurniture and Carpet Company,
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Jlaguire'sOpera House
JohnMa'ii ike,
Proprietorami Manager.
Monday,June 7
AndEvery Evening During the Week, the World^Faiwmi^. Aetor
DonCaesar de Bazan
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P.J. Brophy ^ Co.
WholesaleGrocers and Importers
Oneof the Oldest, Largest, Most Progressive and ^^Enterprising Grocery Houses in the State.
importersof teas
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ewUnion Theater -
Cornir Park Ami Mout;ins StrseU, Duus
Imn1' St rrns. Mausssr.
Re-eli(5.ii;enielit of the ProieetoseOrM1.
withfiie siasiie gnliaatal jectutaa of tho^ntgatajgaaaj aritl Carkett figiit aatara 11
rounds. A Krcat bill.
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TheBells^of Shandon
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TheStandard's Want Advs. Pay.
NOTICEOF APPLICATION TO PUR-^chase under the acts of March 3, 1887, and^of March 2, 1S9S.
United8tates I.and Office. Helena, Mon^^tana. May K. l^97.-Notlce Is hereby given^that the following-named settler has nlc.t^notice of his Intention to make final proof^In support of his right to purchase the S1*^NWVi. section T. township 5 north,^range 10 west under and In pursuance of^the provisions of the act of congress ap^^proved May 3, IW7. and of Marrh i. 1K^,^snd that said proof will be mnde before^E. J. Corcoran, clerk.of the Third Judicial^district court of the state of Montana In^and for Deer Lodge county, on the llth^dnv of June, ls*7. at Anaconda, Deer^Lodge county. Mont., vis: Jesse N. Miller,^who Is a bona fide purchaser from th.i^grantee of the Northern Pacific Railroad^company for said land, and which land^^ crri.ncousK certified to said railroad^company. He name- as witnesses to prove^his right and claim to purchase said land^under said acts of congress, vis: Jame.^Jensen. Daniel James. William R. Jam. i^and Krank Threllkeld. all of Anaconda,^Mont.
W.E. COX. Register.^J. ADKINSON. Attorney.
Laitl.-.Appreciate^A food reaedy. sad thrre la not asTthlnr aa tat^market that equali Freseh Tsn.y Tablets fgfl the^reli*f sad cure of painful or Irregular nfnaes,^Tti. -^ tanlrts renew all ohatnirttona, so marue^what tic rsuss Mas if ^.lured or A. Angsndrs^^Paris Prases, sad for ^*)^ oaly by D at. Nee/,^bro Drag Co.. Kstte. Most., 8ole stasia,^gU par box; .^Bt by mail aeesrely assise.
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