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roraifaeaoa apvhealiai:
TheInquest Over the Remains of^^ Speck,^ the Jockey.
AnotherSurprise Is^the Great
Thattr have Inaugurated this month^Wf huvi- dosed out from a manufai -^tur.r over ^'!^^ Mfn s SpriiiR Suit* pur^^chased at a price less than cost to man^^ufacturer This. Milt! ere strictly all^Wool ami first-class In every reaauef^perfect In Ml ami excellent |^a11^ 1 ns^enough for anymic ami ^ li- i^i^-,^than the cheatst.
Itla Probable That the Perpetrator Will^^io Unpunished for Ula Awful^Crime of Firing Hig-glns Bros.'^Stable.
Willpur. hase one of these suits This^In the lowest price ever named on reli^^able clothing.
Hememher.the Merit Corduroy PmU^al II !i. Over Ml pairs MM Ike Brat day^on tale.
Wiant Ili riltTMKNr
l'oifOnier* Folieiltd.
Jacob Andrnschko, a Brewery^Employe, Badly Injured.
AcIce Machine. Out of Whack. Im Re^^sponsible The County Commission^^ers Do a Lot of All Kinds^of Business.
Missoula.June 15-The Inquest ui^^r^the icmauis of Sp.. k St rn unlit, i^Kyan. us he was known here v^^Mai this afternoon. The eoronel .iii.l^the Jurors made c areful laqulr) Into the^facts eeaaocted with Ik* karalng of^the MIkkIiis barn, which resulted in t'.^trapli- death of the j.m key. and for a^time It looked ns If thrv might ar^^rive at some detinite ciniluslnii as lo^the cause. The only fad. boweverr,^thai the- wire aide to cslaldisli ^ I '-It^nit.lv was thai the tire uus of In i Mili^^ary origin, and that the lad met his^death while trylni ta NVI II- hntOOO^in the harn. This whk ccm-rally l^-^lleved before. The verdict id tin- jury^is as follows:
'We, the undersigned. Ihe Jurors^NMUeoued to mwi before John Hays,^the coroner of Missoula ^ ouui v. state of^Moeiiana. ut Missoula. Montana, on ihe^r.th day iif June, imiT. to Inquire Into^the cause of the death Of Prank^Btraaaaar, found burned to death In
theMIkkIiis harn akoUi twe nii'.-s nil^of Ihe (Stl of Missoula, in the county^^I .Missniiiu. stai^ of Montana, having^been duly sworn acciitdlnu to In* . and
havingmade suck inqulrj after In^^pecttng the body ami bearing Ihe t^tlmony adduced, anon our uatbs, each
andall. do say that vv. tin.I Hint . 1.^ -^-cased was named Prank Sire llterr.^aged al.iiut 16 or 17 years. tli.it became^to his death on the night of the IStk^^lay of June, ikj^t. by being baraed to^.hath lii ihe IIIkkIus stank about two^miles west of ihe elf of Mlnaoula ill^Missoula county. Montana. ail in^havliiK been started b) a party Off pat-^ties unknown with Incendiary Intent.
V. A. ci.AUK. Fori man,^M B. WARD,
M. I.. SCoTT.
W.V M'CORMICK,^^('. II. MOMHISii.V^^PRANK MHAI'I'IK^There Is. II develops to-dsy. In town^a hgy who used to live in New low n.^Mo., the home of the dead bOV, and he^says that he went to school wilh^Speck^ and Knew him will The jury^made an error in regard In the inline of^the bey, which was IB 1*0 lighter, and not
Mrnaeatr, roang Roll*, tin- hoy who
knewIhe lad hack In Missouri, says^that the Jockey was always .ailed^^Speck^ oil account of his freckled fare,^and Ihnt he was a Jolly. COW panto nal^M^fellow In those davs. lie hail on d-ler^brother who was n Jockey, and he ran^away from honte when he was guKo^young, ami Molls did not know what^had become of him ill! th ^ newg of this^accldenl was piihllshe.l
Th.nis much Indignation here oyer^the dastardly work of the im imiliary in^this case, bill II bids fair to end in talk^It ought to be possible to tin.I sum- . lue
tothe pnpotraior of Ihki outrage, ami^it is to I., hoped tiiai then win i^ ...in.^organlx .1 effort thai will at least result
Inpreventing any n polite n ..t ,-m h an^affair.
llalilu.ssaag tie averted, ami many^times heads thai are alrc.ul^. b^M can Is^mode to krow line, healthy hair, ol a gat-^ural Im. . by Halls I loir P.eii.wcr. .
Miss.mia.June if.. Jacob Andrea h-^ko. engineer at ihe Harden City brew-^cry. was frightfully Injur. .1 ' at the^brewiry this morning by the bursting^of a valve in the lee machine, which
letloose H It.mil of amiiia. seriously
burningAndraarkko aboul the face and^shoulders. It was thought at the time^tin- injuries would Ore** fatal, as the^Injured mini ^ ^ ^m plu i ncd of gala in Ids^threat and lungs and II was believed^that h. bad inhaled a quantity of the
gassunvient to predui i d. atli \- nag
spossible Dr. Uin kley was summoned^and the man. after preliminary treat^^ment, was taken to the Northern Pa^^cini hospital ll.i,. bis Injures re-^celvid canful attention and lo-nlght^they think lhat lie w ill rtcovi i
Theaertdtnt i- said to have been^' auscd by the victim s carelessness in^thaw Ing out certain valves ami pin ... ,,f^the Ice machine l.f^re he inn,,,I on^the same. He bi a roaag man and un^^married He has had aWnty of expe-
rnncewith machines ,,f thin sort a^d^nj^(^artleasness Is not easily , xplaln-
Thecounty rnainihaaigiii adjournad
thnrJim. session ihis afternoon after^completing the .mariHiiy wttlement^with In* treasurer ami othel otti .is^The most Importaai knelniij ..f ihe
sessionwas In regard t^ roads and road^work and the new lyiteni by win, h the^roanty surveyor la I be head .., all road
workin ih. , aunt) |i bet lei and., -iI
thanit was last quarter. M,.Samara^and Cunningham were ardrrei to niak.'^certain reiwirs t., u^^U( Mnot
bndg.at thi Mi Namara crossing The^commissioners had ^rnildmLI. i -u^meni over th^ etgeaai bHai ..f the^.ouniy surveyor and the assessor and
bothaccounts van . ui aagaMi iabiy.
Hleyelrg .... Knlerr.l k, haeghjea,^Missoula. June U The pea tie l.urg- I^lar burgled again last night and Bishop^* K-rn ^h- victims. Then bicycle^etore was entei.d^^^. durtng
thonight and a new Vlrloi tandem^stolen. Th. abeel v A, ^n,. ,haI^received ...ilv yesterday and t|^ burg^^lars touched m.thin. els. The . nuance^was effei-teil thmagfe the real .l.x.r of^the r.-palr shop and the thieves made^no fuss in the more gl n..tiling is dis^^turbed. Th. tan ^. ,,, however^and there at as yet aa . iu. t,, aba baa^It. As aoun aa th. loss was discovered^this morning Mi Bfahea rtarted out^after the wheel Me succeeded in trac^^ing it as far a- Me Kandmaim toll road^and at once returned and Informed tin^shertfr s ..rli. . .,f his w.nk I i.-ciit v^Sheriff Corbet! left at once and li now^out gftei tie thieves.
.i^o^.i ^ laahaj gaafeiaai^Missoula Jun. i:, The dosing exer-^decs of th. A cad eat) of the Sa. red^H^art will b.- given at tie Bennett^^t^r^ ^^'^'^^^' 'r' uradai evaalag Jars II^An extenslv. and Meeting programme^has been art pared and the gwnlM may^hj , visited to maintain th. reputation
thatartrliae -mtnahimsiiig ul this
classhave given the academy
I'igeoii,ITamed.^Ulve pigeons suitable for sh.siting^tournament wanted immediately Send^c ^i 1). any time l^ fore Tuesday t^A. Tuttlc, Anaconda.
Heal,Pure. I mleiiliilile l ilel, Itelaliil by^Plahermeii.
Missoula.June i.v Tim IghlBg record ;^for Western Montana has been rudely
andSeverely broken Ibis week I.v leal
Wallonllaa,who have broaghl in rati ii^ta ib.it tcllgae all previous exhibitions^thai hare been Made here, Tin good^arorh start..1 on Sunday, a-tyen P. /^Prince landed two troul Hint weighed^together ph.. pounds Alderman John ,^MrBrtde came bach from Lou Uuu Hun1 ^^day night with g catch thai was a^hammer Tin- lisii acre got as large aa
thoseof Mi. I'll bill there was a1
lotof them. The total catch was In the
neighborb1 of t^ pounds. Some of'
th.-ti^h .ii.ss.ii at three-quarters of a^pound, and all ol them were prime in .^.iuaiitv. Mr M. Hi eh vmis thoughtful
ofhis friends ami tin Standard ntll. e
forcehad iroiii for breakfasl Monday^morning thai were all right Teeterday
wasgal sii. h a no...I day lor I be IIy ,
casiers.Inn the] del ^onse ^I work
JustIhe same To day- how.v.r. was^a koaey and the tah have ns. 11 at nil^the libs cast MDOB their wat^ ta lill the^fishermen have had nil tin stunt lhat^they want, line big troul was honked^at the mouth of He Kattleanake tins^morning thai neighed II pounds.
Inthe Hitler Root Ihe wi.|. n of Ihe^^treeing are in mm condition and Ihooe
whohave 111 up the valley report ex^^cellent sport. Tin n is one good feat-^tlsh stork . i this sec-^Th. y are marl: all he-^the aacaaaari evldenci
irtruth ami M OtM . an^I arc al! i Kill.
son;Ike N'evv. Chicago; H. V. Fuller.^Portland. A 0. Kerns, Wallace; J. R.^Mrsdlev. Seattle; F W. Fenwlck. Bon^^ner; E. B. Clark. Hlg Timber; K F.^Kraft. Chicago. Joseph Kraus. N. r,^York; Frederl. k i^ l.eary Huck. Den^^ver; .! D Meyer, Pert kind; it. a Luke.^Helena fjeorge H Moore, Chicago;^Peter Wlaae Helena^Th. 1;.111 km c M, Kegier. Hamilton;
Wi: Piiutx. Hamilton; T. K K|i|^ i lv^Wglltfrc Allien Mav. Slevensvill. . T.
S Itae. lleorge leoi. . White Cloud^John Cooaey, F. Hotirdew, F I !^^^monds. Bonner: tk-nnla Heard in.^Quartl; l,^uls RocheleaiSa Prenchtown:^s W, Towaaead, St. lamls, W. C.^Fwod, Dan Uataa,
HaaMHaaJune i;.^Hitter Root Ten!^No. IS. K. O. T. M . celebrated Ihe Hilh^nnnivirsary ..f ihe founding of the or^^der on Saturday evening After an In-^teraatlag prograaMM ^ deHrlous lunch-
on was served al which He I.nights^were J.iine.l by the lady Mm eab.'s and^u few htvlted rriemls.
The11.1.1 I'Miows' njaagkarlal service^was held at the llaptist church Sun^^day mocnlng. itev. Mr Kick man
pelaching i be s. 1111011
Itev.(leorge Stewart at Mlaa 'Ubt heM^KpWropal sei vie s lii llamlltoa Sun^^day
HamiltonH asaaaahag metroholltag^I airs. The ktten acejalaltlou is a bakery^vvairnii.
111.hard M.t ann. agent for Mnna-
K 1 Magain i-^ billing ih. town for Ihe^Magvrre Stock eempany, wha will aa
pearat lb. laien;- ..|..ia I;^^ Im Ihe
areehbegrlantng June 21.
.MissDovvtlle, who held the poslllon of
aaalataniin c-e hs ai schools last rear,
has bat II oil' led tile pine,- of |llllld|IUl
oiope of the Hull, wai.l at li.sds.^Sam 1.11. as left on Monday fcr 11^1 business trip 10 Anaconda. Before re^^turning be win vi-it Bwaamaa and^( Tin 11 Fork'.
Tin-111n11nil1.es having 1 bar^.' of the^' 1111 ang' 111. tits for Hie Fourth of July^celebration have in rang..I lo have a^basket ph nie ami pSgtfoi 111 daace in the^forenoon in the grove south of town.
At:: p in the reeeo win caanmenct al^the haif-miie I rack leading to ihe Han
addition,There will le llll.e horse^1 a es, Ihe lirst. n i|iiaiier-mlle dash, the
^cull.1 a Me.yard daah. tie Ihlrd a Sa^^yard daah, from all of whk h thorough-^arede ^ III be barred. Tim third race^will he opts t.. borees gel winning^Money in a previous rac Tin re villi
.be two half-mile bicycle racee, Ihe wl^-^nen in the Srei race being barred frem
theMtllWd. There will also lie a fat^tun 11 m race, sack 11 ml loot races, greased^1 Big and other s|Hirts. In the evening a^grand ball will i.e gtveg at the LMOM^iipcra house.
Missoula.June i,'.. \v C. Fl1 of
DeerLodes is at tin Rankin to-day,^a o, Kerns of Wallace came over the
dividelast night and apt nt to-day In^Missoula vvitiling for a train to Hulle.
thebranch train last night having beta
toolate tak- the conn. . lion.
E.II. Clark of Mm Timber is in Ihe
1it y on business.
.1M. reungflaaa, the SI Paul wheel^^man, had but bicycle repair^.i here lo-
dayami coatlnaed bis long ride to the
I1 nasi.
Report!from ihe Bitter Root are to
theecflil that the finals of Inst week
havereduced Ihe berry crop materially^and thai ihe balk of Ihe crop will be
illI his ,\ 1 . k
Th.-Mleanule ball playere ami wheel-^nun who an- to lake pari In the ooen-
Ingif ih.- atbtjetk park ai Anaconda^win itnye here BMurda^ hhtlK, The^aeieclloa of meg for the racing team^has mil been made Jrei but will be an-^goaaci.I In a day or 1 w o.
I11.1.'i vi lii els iii Tow 11.
Missoula. June My tlcotgc ||
Moore,aaalatani general manager of^tin- ijverpool miti London ami Qlobe^Iri: 1111111. e company, was one of a parly^of prominent underwriter! in town to^^day. 1 it In is in Ihe party vv. re Freder^^ick O* Leery Back at Denver, Peter^Wlnne of Helena, R, B, Luke of Helena
and II. B. iivveii of Hullo. Some of
Mas.gentle men are here on general^business, while other! are la lown in^connection with Ihe adjuetmenl of the^numerous Are kaaaa thai have occurred^in re receni iy.
AI'roiiiiitenl ^lan.
MleenuMJun M w ii Daven^^port, the veteran theatrical man. v ho^was pronounced a nuisance here last
won.1 b) 1 yary, lefl this morning far^Wallace, ^ here he win resatnc he vo^ 1
Hon.not as a gUbUMtee, but as a theat^^rical man.
Hrownpapet was sometimes used for bottom. pie
crust.pVrea to day, when inferior flour is us.-tl, it3^is a question to tell whether it is paper or cm it.
EffectiveFriday, May |^7, 1W7
DEPAR1 FHOM VNACONDA^No 2. Unite Kxtn. ... for II. I-
na dally ^ 30 a m
No.i. Unite Express, for Hel^^ena. f,t^ at I'ulls. HI. Paul, Chi^^cago and all points Sail and
Want,dally .,J:0D p m
Noo, Copper city yiyei dally ...Idjl p ^^ARRIVE IN AM ICOKDA.^: No. l, Anaeeadg Baprcss, dally , m .v. a m^' No. ^. Ani.cvndo Expr. dally i:M p m^I No. 5, Copper City Fly r dally.p m
No.7, Anaconda Expres dally .H'M p
DEPARTFROM BUTTE.^No. I, Anaconda Exprej dally 10.00 I m^No. S. Anaconda Express, dally . 1:11 p m^No Copper CHy Flyer, dally.. r.:00 p m^Nu. 7, Anaconda Rxpresn dally,, lltt P m^ARRIVE IN RUTTE.
Nr.^. Ignite I'llgftil, daily9:Vt n m
No.i. Untie Express, dully*:no P m
No.(. Copper city Flyer, dally^ ^:25 p m
I Hi p m
Mgp at
7:3j a m
r.utteExpress^:W a m
HiitleExpress2:tX) p ni
Ian i^ K\ pressS:0U p in
*ibirris.ni KxpreasS:U0am
Coniie.;s al Stu nt '.a Harrison and
pointseast an the Kertbeia Paeeaei at
SilverHow with DnhM Pai Irte Fast Mall.^^^Connects al Garrison wilh Northern
PaeiaeIrala for west.
Anacondag Harrison Kxpresai0;.^.il p m
HarrisonAccommodation3:10 p m
AnacondaExpressI0;05a ni
AaaeeadaSxpramfenop n
liilou PaclBc Fast Mall 12::!jpni
TRAINSLEAVE ill TIE.^^Anaconda ^ Garrison Express.... 7:0n.i ml
^OarrisonAccommodation^.:0^. pin
AnacondaExpress12an p at |
AnacondaExpress...,r,:a^,pni :
AnacondaExpr. tadap m |
ColonPaclllc Fast Mall imipni
'Connectsat Garrison with Northern^Pa cine train lor the west.
Connectsul Harris, a with the North- [^em Pacific train for the east.
ureabout no^^tion Ibis n.n^compunle.l by
tosatabilah tie
doubtthat Ihe
The I uncial ^.l '^pe. U.^ I be* I..Hie
.io.u. y. \t in. ayae lim ned i^ Bea*a^^Missoula. June IV The funeral of^Spi. k lligghm Hrolhi i - !^ . In ^ who^was burned to death Moudnv nlghi.^was bel.l this aeseabag from ih.- under^^taking raarna of J M. Lacy. Rev. c^H, Llnley nnVHatlag. The servlceo ^ re^atteadad b| lha frieada of Ihe Stik^fellow and wcie iiniisiuiiiy Impressive.
Thename of the lad v, as not. W (M^aupptawd. Evan, inn Stroughter, and^his home wo* in Newtown, Mo This^informal ion was obtained by F. 0.^Hlggiiis from Hilly Randall, ihe for^mil employer ^f Stack \o id.-^Kiam has aaag BBSi hi lii- i' ens. as^it was necessary Hint Ihe tun, i.il lie^hjaM at ^ta A letter has been writ^^ten to them, hour ever, advising them
fullyof ihe i it. iimstances ..f Ihe boy s^death. The funeral to-day was paid^for by ihe easaaayura of the Is.y, foi^whoni he Inst his life. All tlnii could^In .Inn. wa.- done and 'In ^ i ^i-^ol genuine sorrow shed al lh^ huiial^s. ivices this forenoon
KII Howard ll'c.v. i n.
Missoula.June 13. Hill Howard,^lilggins Hioiheis' crack -i i int. i has
inni lv r. ^ ov ^ i. d from ''^^' i . :
hisex|s*rleni e al the burning of his^^lHld' Mm day nlghl in 1 v til be
shlptied10 Anaconda Ii ta In is
incondition lo K^ He ^!
bruisedIn gelling him out i ^ in blast
andIs lame in some of Ins Joints, as a
resultof Ihe i hill re. en..I ld^ lungs.
loo are affected, probably b^ n
smokeinhgled. M Is not Ihougl
heis iierpianeiitly Injured and he will
lieready for the fast rut r a; Anacou-
dan-xt week.
aithe Baaaav
TheFl- i. in ^ J M. V^^Paul W. J- Pfelffer. Hel. i i^C W. Millar. Mrs. J. O. Conratty, llu-
O^ooocoocooo Jo-aaaooocyo-o-co
x Aucoida*i Knees
Ii qin .lunc ti
oFr:i Admi^:iion l irit Dty^0
ooooooooooooo^0O^XX oooooo i
BitterRoot Berry
Will Ht P^-I at th.- I'nii ol ThU
Allsbe ^i-li ll-rrir* heC inning or^Preserv iuu -houi.l or.l. r lit oar,-.
A.fl. Stevens
hMaaaej^^ Real nt Bsuexai Piaii
i-'V--f..-i,i ion. Ml-.,, i1.,. Men:
No.It from St. Paul, arrives at^N. P. ii-pol daily at t;20 a ra
M.I' . No. from Portland, ar^^rives al M. I', depot dally IQ.ZO p m
MI No. 1. for Portland, leaves
M I' depot dnlly 7:00 a m
NoH, far Ht. Paul, leaves N P.
localdepot dully^ :3 p m
Mixed,to Whitehall, leaves N. P.
lo,,,| depot dally at 7;0^ a. m.
OnThursday! thli tram wui
runIkraugk to Pony and Norris.^TrabM Nrs. II and IS through
haveBtaadard Pvllmaa lax
lagCars lo and from St. Paul^without change.
Tliiouglitickets tn Japan ar.d China vi.y^Taoaeaa and Nan hers gaciftc Meaghwug^Company.
ForInforniailon. lime cards, mapc anil^tlckms, call on or write to
W.M. Tl-'OHY.
geaeaMAgeat, El Rasi Breaiwu. kaMSi ej^CMARLRs a PBEtUsaaaJ Paiaeaiti Atrst,
8l.Paul. Minn.
runKjak i And.
Itis a first=
T.H. T. Hymaa.^Q. A Wolf
Vie* President
Surplusand Profits $15,000
writ-- a Montana man^who receatiy look Ihe Itur-^llngtou Route from Mil^her- to Kansas City He^adds ^I shall return Ihe^sano way.
Itl^ an easy matter, com-^paratlvely. to Induce a man^lo try your line OXCR
Hutthe ajaauence of i^rjemoathahaa will fall to^mak. h|m do so .^ second^time if your service is not^what i* ought lo be.
W*ire trying t i run this^rood of ours 111 such a way^that .- opl. who lake It^cm.' take It agata, And wi^^ are succeeding.
iimahu. Kalis..s i liy ^5i^lawn-. Chicago ^-all indnta^Fast and Soul'^''ul Manlfls Pass r Agent. Hint, viou-
Thisline runs thi- finest trains from^Minneapolis and St. Paul and oilers the^best service at lowest rales, with It^TRAINS DAILY TO CHICAGO, Ike^Norih-Western Limited being the FINEST^tka1n IM THE WORLD.
TwoTrains Daily Minneapolis an.l St.^Paul lo Sioux City, Otrnha, St. Joseph^and Kansas City, with through Sleeping^Car to California every Thursday.^Trains of the Northern Pacific and Great^Northern connect with these trains via^North-Western Line in St. Paul Union^Depot.
Yourhome agents will sell you tickets^via Ihe North-Western Line, and illustrated^folder and further information vvil! be fur^^nished on application to
GeneralPUaMaasi .Vct-nt.
st.PAI l, minn
TnSt Paul. Minneapolis. DulUth and
Fargn.Qraad Parks and Winnipeg, Peru|^land. Seattle, Taroma, Spak.iiu, i'aitte and^Helena.
Pullmansleeping ealg, elegant dining^ars. tourist sleeping cars.
Thatoperates Its tralni on the famous^block system beiween the Twin^Cities. Milwaukee and Chicago;
Thatlights Its trains by fleet rteJty^throughout;
Thatuses the celebrated eh . trie berth^reading lamp;
Thatruns four splendidly equipped pa.,^senger trains every day from Hi. Paul^and Minneapolis through to CMeegOj^via Milwaukee;
Andthat road Is the
Hii Ai.ii. MM.WAI in a
!T. PA I 1.
Italso opcrntcs steam-heated vcstlbulcd^trains', currying Ihe l.u.^t nrlvate^compartment cars, library buffet^smoking cars, and palace drawing-^room sleepers.
Parlorears, free reclining . hair cars and^the very best dining car s. rvlce.
Forlaarest rateste any point in the 1'nHed^siat..-. Caaada oi Mexico, apply to^tivket igaali or tiddresa
Ass'tQen'l Paea Aut..
Bi,Paul. Minn.^NOTE- Elegantly aglilpinul Iralna from^St. Paul end Minneapolis through to Pe^^oria, St Leuii and hTaaaai city daily.
HESTANDARD with pleasure announces that^having made special arrangements with the pub^^lishers, it is able to be first in o'le ring its readers^th* great portfolio oc half-tones, ^The Fight of the^Century.^ Lovers o! the manly art of sell defense,^th: fri:nds of the men, and thos: interested, will find this the^best publication yet issjsd coicerning th: great Corbett-Fitz-^simmons battle on March 17th. The portfolio is mad: up of^81 hal^-ton:s made from photographs taken at th: ringside and^training quarters ol the principals. It is printed on heavy cal^^endared paper, with a tull-page pxture of th: ending of the^famous fight. Life-like photographs of all the national celeb^^rities of the ring, with (al-pag: pictures of the training quarters^of Jim and Bob are the features oc the work. The history o':^the match, with records oc both men, and special articles by^eminent writers, imk: this work the b:st of its class.
Toobtain a copy, cut out this coupon, send or bring i:^with 25 cents to our of ic: in Anaconda or Butte.
MontanaCentral Railway,
Jnr Ceils an I thl i Cvjpon secures^j tij onfc- copy ihs
Throughseivlce between St. I SBl Min^^neapolis, Helena, lluttr. Spokane. Seattle^and Portland. Connections at western ter-^niiruls for Kootenai Country. Oregon and^California points, Alaska, Japan and^China Connections at Twin Cities for all^points East and South. Single and round^nip tickets to all points and kafajagt^checked lo d stinalloii.^Leaves^At la idle Express, dally.. .I:^ p m^Leaves^laical for Helena, daily.. .9:10 a m
ArrivesPaclllc Express, dally110 p m
Arrives-Local from Helena, daily. 1:41 p m
CityTicket Office. No il North Main 3t .^nunc. I. E. Dawson. General .^gent.
C At Carton, Ne\., .larch 17, 1N97.
r-The Fight of the Century
SecureI Copy To-Day It th: buttc or Anaconda Office ol^the Anaconda Standard.
0.R. ^ N. CO.
MlST direct LINE TO
t-'ast'rnWa.h;.nTton and All Foints^ii Oregon and Oal forcit
OaggBsieiimcrii leave rcrllsnd every^See days for San Eiaiiclsco and Soutfcern
Cahrerni!jh mta.
Forfull Information and rates apply to^W K. COM AN Hen I Ageat, Daita, Mont. '^Or Address
XV 11. HtTW IH'ltT. Hen I Piss. Aeent,
l'ortluml.or son.
E.M M ;i '^Preeidcai and l4..naaer.
TheStoamer Kali-p.M
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EveryIs-vday. WtJneiJiy anil Prklay. Ltsv.
injBaaereeSai at ^ a. as..
sisee.onnei tlon with N. P. train Pas-^Mngers 1'iniiini into the Flathead val-^shouM arrive nt Ravalli Monday,
Wednesdaym Si Ida y.
BUOBMBH^D^:'.: Maaaaar.
Inthe hcautlful Bitter Bool Valley.^An Ideal summer re.-.-rt. Pi. titresq-.i.-^drives. Hr.ind sc. W ry Plafehaj and^and shrsitlnir unenualled :.600 feet^lower than Ar.ai.inda or Hulte. Service^f.rst class. Special terms for ihe gags^gag for families.
GeoiYY. KeyinlJs, Mltlpgrf
TheFight of the Century

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