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Osteopathythe Name of a New^Healing Science.
SenatorForalcer a Convert - Rev. Mason^W. Preseley Explain* tla^ Principles^of the New Cure boe^ the^Work the Master Did.
Lot1^Suits, former price^4s 10.00, now
Lot2^Suils, former price^+15.00, Dow
Lot3^Suits, former urices^. fl8.00 and $20.00, now
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TheGreatest VaJues for the Honey^Ever Offered.
YourBOOd IMMIUN ami yum com^^fort when tlii' twtll thai MUM ague^you art' pine, depend upon I hi- ^!^ ti -^list's i^kill In niakinir for ymi an arti-^(trial IMC, know TnKly ami iMifcrtly^^tied, comfortable ^^^ -i natural in an^^Bearanct and action At Tm Dollan^1 naki the haul Ml af Ai tnii iai Plate,^thai knowing ^kiii cm naka Taw^UOOl y buck H you. say to.
Dr.W. H. Wix,
nailway :iik1 Maui, Butte.
Miners'Cash Grocery
Cor.Main ; nd Oalena Sts., Butte
TheGreat Bargain Housi of Montana
Wenog lH'it^l^|Unit^'t^ for fruits^c.f h11 kinds, also jars to preserve^tliotn in.
Masonlam, quarts, per doirnt TO
MasonJars, pints. p^r dozen ^
pound*l.l' ii ^^r Arbucklo ciiffce.. 2.1
Quartcelery soui*.. M
:'pound can Itrx brand corned be. f 20^1 i^'tin^l cans Hex brand corned
beML2 f^r *
\\ At(| MM ^ HifCRlns' import -
'1 l-lvi-rpool salt, the only .alt lot
Miners Cash Grocery
(.or.Mail and iJaleun, Uuttc
TheintlHcl.H of healmc |.^ ifuttllrd by^t'hrlm and the wonders In the same
Um^ irdite.i 10 iii,- ^OtviM Heah r
Schlatterami mints that have appeared '^upon the Meat* of the world fn^fh time^to nine have at lam beta Mtj plate^ami according to the teaching* of t new^science in healluK. it is possible tor^every one of ordinary Intelligence o i l^understanding to perform the same^vvond.rs. The new science |h . tiled^^ ^-teoputhy. taking its name Imai l|M 1^great supt 1 ^trui ture of UM hod/, and |^for thai l^asoll its devoieea lie MM^ i^UnieH derisively referred lo as In,he 1^heal, lie'' The science in so new flat^its name tinds no place in any of the^diet ionai i^^, but it Is gathering lo it- 1^self many follower! and riithusMsis^and Iri accomplishing Mich vviuntofa ib.u^during the past few month* .Via^the conservative press associut ions'^throughout the country have been tell- ;^Ing of dome of thrtn.
Oneof the most euilnent ininvr'n la^Ihe new scit nee Ih I'nited Htale* Sena^^tor Korakci of Ohio, whose son is Mint,^. 11 red by it and of whose experience^the press dispatches had much P s.iv 1^tew days ago. Another eiiilinsiartl in 1^the Itev. Mason W. I'ressly. an nni- |^11. ill divine of Ihe I'nited Prtebyti 1'.in^chilli II. who occupied |iulpils Ik msh-^ionalde churches in Philadelphia, New |^v01 k and oiher large cities. Mr I'ressly^is at prt seal In Bvtte on his w ay lu Ihe^National park, and having heard of^the wonders of the city he iletetrailed I^to u inain for a few days Mr. Pie-iv^was a classmate a: I'rinceton of is-v.^K. J. ^ireene\eld ^ ^t^ I his city and has^a wide lepuiation In the Kast m 11^1 V oo' ''I preat Mr and a man of leafB^^ing. He was IndUCad to deliver 4 |ec-
1nr.- ai the 1 tn 1 it- Auditorium Tueedgy
nightand he spoke on the new ^. 1 met^of healing.
Idon't Irani to be understI as !
sayiimihal I'hrlsl was an n*teii|^alhi^^lie said during Ihe eOUTM of his lecture,
Innthe osteopath do, s much of the^vv.tk tin Master did.
Mi.i'ressly 's wife had for .'.'ears been^a great sufferer and many of ihe tics'^eminent physicians of the ^regular^.-^eheol i^ it,,. gnal dragged her with^medicine and Hath d her with the I^l.nife. but she gtew no heller until tin'^m ^ Rclence iraa appll- d and shf soon
i*a.e.'li. Then the young preacher '.f
ih.aoaatl Mflaa to take latere^ la the^seii nee and he rtateaed his last caafaa
atHamilton. Ohio, thai he mig'ul al^^ien. I t he 1 College of 1 (meoputliy a I Kirlt-^ville. Ma . whore be also tills a pulpit.^He Is now so lmptesv.-d with Its bene-^l.cial OUalltlee, not only from n tn.'dl-^cul. but from a religious stamlpoiat as^well, thai he bar made a VOW .0 matter^lis methods and apply its treatment in^the sbk and suffering with who.11 be^COMlea in oonlael in his ministerial^work. He bail 11 good audience at his^ItctUM and he talked interestingly [of^m ai ly t wo hoarse.
His remarks would baldly M ap^^proved by members of Hie ^regular^ 1^eahoel of medhdnc MeauM It^ Efnub.^plainly of Hie faHure. of the old school.^He aaM II wai wroiuj In diagnosis and !
wrongin Iralmont. and such a sw. o-
Inadeclaration is a shocking thing to^the ^regulars.^ They try to ear. nil^ills, lie said, by potaoOnW* drugs^Ihtouaja the atemarh and 11 on,, poi^^son llees 11.a kill or cure h^ in. - an-^nlher. He spoke of the fail ihut doc^^tors seldom know 1i1. nature of the^dmgH they prescribe and therefore ran-^not be aware of their , liens on the^humaa haa^. Moat drug., ate were I^cnnipouneat and are prfUtrtlied on the^recommetcHlaUon of the rhutntal w ho^BMtnufaciuraa them and the druggist
who has them for sale.^Til., osleopalh .'lalnis-thi.t the rreattr
BUmlMr of human diseases ar1 a
aainadby smne unnatural pressure up
ona nerve or IdI vesaef, or the dis-
placemiill of some muscle or bone of
etheratruetuft, By a parfMl kaowt-
.I::e of anatomy le . an locate the MUM i^point of the pressure of disolacenn nt^causing the disease and thai cause he^remove, by certain proceaaea of manip^^ulations. He looks noon man as a liv^^ing engine, and adjusts 1 vcrv part of^his nnehanlsm, nerves, muscles, lioties.^ligaments, arti lies. ttC., with the sane^care that Is bestow id by an engineer^upon his engine. When all obstructions^are removed and all Ihe organs ot this^human machine are made I ^ work^Without friction nature is ready lo step
inami brtaa Malta and strength, ah
a\ ioiiuist knows what notes to totu ii
inorder to produee harfaony. so an oa*^ten pa 1)1 unaVrataada what pari of the^human frame to p ay upon to produce
Mr.i'ressly deeiand thai osteopathy
wasas 1 .1 tain ie its diacie ds el dis^^ease as the assayer was as to the run-^^titax nl parts nf tin- rock M assays. He
pokeof the fact Hun through nature's
proii. Ions the lower animals heal th^ m-^uefvaa of dJasBM i 1 lumt the aid of^iinms. and sai.1 thai man in that reip* 1^was certainly net Iowm Ikaa the ani-
MbIb. I1 a man iias a fetref the aM^s. liu. I i-hysician roam in and feels tht^pinlse. links wise ami takes the tein^perature and then puts powder and pill-^in the patient's storaach and psrhapa
theman gels well ami peiiiaps ht don t.^The oateopatk puis liis hand right on^the :., at ..I the tioiible ami in la ami IS
minutestin- fever wlH have abated. Mr.
PreUBlj OjUOted Ihe New Testament's p -
portof the fever that a'tacki il Pep r'x ,^mother-in-law and how Christ lock her^by the hand, whereupon the favor Im-^im .palely left her. ^I don't say that^Christ was an osteopath, but I say^that the osteonatk can cure a fever al^^most as ipuekly as He did and docs^much of the work the Mastci did. Th'^ostinpath ministers to the IsNlles as^well as the souls of mm.^ said Mr^PrenUhr. ^Uha Christianity usteopathy^is the greattsl fraud ever |srpetraPd^or it Is the grandest truth ever prmnul-^gatid and should be studied and lines- ;
Natdteis nUfod hp natural nn-ans^and ospopalhy lures disease througii^nature's lalmrslory of the Ixsly and^QoSl'l siorehouw i.f drugs, whack is the^brain, and by which all fum lions of^the body am controlled.
Thenew curative agency i^ a draajeaa^one and claims lo do all thai 111 dlelne^eaii and more. It even invades the^realms of surgery and ebstetrtru and^promises to attain with lb^ ringer* re^^sults that ha\o heretofmc been roueld-
ii.d impossible ^au by iii use of Ih'
Ins|s'sklng of his drvotMa to the^Ben rcteisc* peatcrday in ^' interview.,^Mr. Preaaty said that he 1 nMdefodhti^curse |ierfeetly consistent. . on^iderale^sml C hristian. ^But I exp^et to !^^ mls-^undi i^|o,mI even by my fri nds; and. sv.^I am glad In tell yon lorn of the real*^sons which led me as I hsvr Is^n. The^^audi ^ ss and guidam ^ ^^! ^5^d is plain ,
InIt all. and I am moat happy In the^prospect ami 1 mrlhllUhir ooro tie me^ami have th, heartM*. fyropatrif an 1
sup!..rt fr, in my vrlfs in inv piass.
1)f course, n,, IntefMt was en-^liste^l from the first inr|iro^eifi. nl in m\^wir. s rondltkm and I said: 'If osteo^^pathy curiae my wif ^ I shall study and^practice it in miction with my gos^|hI ministry Now that she Is rest.mil
Ihave decided In keep the SOU I regis-
teredwhen almost overwh lined with^anxiety and despondency And 111 Bros^major, of my Intent I vhated last week^the orlaiaai inflrmary at Klrkavllle,^M11 and Inveathuated tie' new healing^Mien,, Mis Koraker. wife of tke Ohio^senator, was the Hist person I talked^to. and sin- -non iniparltd sotnethnm ..f^I ' nab inli-l enthusiasm to Rae. she^haM me her exfs'iience m aateopnthy,
andshe has had an unusual ooportlH^nit \ tor testing It In the case ..! her^llttfs hap, who is fast r coverin|L^though an eminent specialist had said^he would live only to his seventh y, ar.
Iheljcve osteopathy to be t h..i ..ugh*^ly scientific, rational and natural II Is^hack.il by a philosophy, a Ionic and a^constructive basis thai challeng ^ in-
Mstigalloti.li has ahead. M'ori I .1^record of triumphs s-i signal over the^whole category of diseases that ,t must^rntniand the thought of tin- pton*na^^slve mind of the im-dnal world As a^th^rapeutlr agi ney I belli- m- it is des^^tined to work u farolntkm. it is one of
Hiephenomena of the IhVleS.
Theoriginator of ihe si lenre is Dr.^A T Still. I consider him one of the^greatest men of the agi He is a pow^^erful Iklnktr. original in his ineihods^and iMlenondenl of the con vent Innurl-
llenofprof, aslonallrm He Is mora like^Christ than any man I pvel m t Mrs^Koraker said to me: 'He is Ihe purest^and most spiritual man I ever Haw ' His^whole soul, mind and body. Mem SOU-^serrated to the red f of suffering hu^^manity
Th.Still family, in which osteopa^^thy originated, was a family of clergy^^men. And If the new science is trm to^the spirit end Hie ami longing of Its^great Plunder, It will be one of the^greatest agenci-ys,in ibv world pw real^^izing tin mission and - ^mmission of^Christianity
Ihaye blwuyn wished lo be aide lo^get into closer touch with suffering^mankind. The ministry of Josus yvas^largtly to tin- body. I believe ill hoaq
10Iii Ihe.shiin. of the Spirit. Thellle.
rapoutkuof chrisi is senaathkag \ye
haveneglected. The church ^h shorn of^much of h* r pristine glory and sin 1 ^ s*
becanni she has neglected the bodies of
mankind.And the sighs, sickness, suf^^fering and slnniiiL'. of this world yy ill
never!^^ aauaug d until Chrlnta minis-^1 ry is watoi. d.
Ithink that osteopathy is ih.- Bear*^. si nnnroach to tin- fulrlllmenl of the
humanside of Christ. We ale weary
ofthe monopoly of medicine and the
.luminal1.hi of drugs, httdlclna at best
islargely spei alntkm. surgery is large^^ly sxnsrunental. Oateonntny is the tre^^mendous proteal of science and nature^ngalnsl them both. The dissection of a^cadaver is legitimate, but the aurglcal^dlaacetkNi ^l a living body is often cruel^and death-dealing. Neither 1 ^edlotne^nor surgery is a jlnal scleiic -. The god^^dess of Hygeta haa luougiit forth a^pfogony in osteopathy that is destined
toyy in triumphs over theni bolii. 1 Inti
opathyis chiistiike.
Thecredential: of Christ's ministry,^as expressed by Himself, yveie. The^sick are healed, tin blind see tin- lam -^yvalk tin- dumb speak, and the poor^have the gospel preach il lo them.' Ami^Ihe new healing science of osteopathy^makes all this pi an*hie and oven mate,^in connection yy ith the biers d ministry
oftile glorious gospel nf I loll.
VanCamp s Maearonl ami elm so.
SundayKleumloa lo Oreg*on.
TheI!.. A. ^ P. yvili make a rata Of^$1.00 for round trip, from BUttt to^Qregnon and return, every Saturday^and Sunday until furthuf iiotne. Tick-^! gi ml going on any passengi r train^leaving Unit between 5:0(1 p. m. Sat^^urday and CUM p. 111. Sumlav Retum-^iag leave Qragnon between x:i^ p. m.^Baturdny and l.:00 o'clock Sunday^night.
IfI'once ih- I. on hud struck Qregnon^aprlnga, b anuht not have monkeyed
awayso much lime in Florida looking
forthe ^foeatari nf Tenth.
fireatTreat for tin 4'lithlren.
Prof,0entry*, school of ptifaiiuuig
igsand ponies yvhicti are to fahlbH^limb 1 a lent, in this eiiy. on W' tt I'ark^slit-1. mar Montana, six nights. I^^(Inning .Monday night. July 19lh.^Matinees Tuesday. Thursday arid Sat-^arday, WlM he a great treat for the^little folks. The exhibition, while It^is especially attractive to Hie children.
is1 1 nelly enjoyed by the older 1pie,
theacts In Ing so arranged that v. hlle^the older onaj reaita. the enormous^amount of time, labor and path m^that it must nan required to educate^the animals to thai d |iee of Intelli^^gence, the younger ones enjoy llu- g in^^tra! icsuli. The sboyy is decidedly the^best of its kind in tin- world, an I 11 n r^falls to give the best of satisfin i 11.
Theenttretlnnitnl ktttrtotly moral ami
enjoysthe distinction nf being the only^shoyy traVi ling under canvass that lo-^terferea In no way with any belief,
11^ i'd or religion, and is embused by^the clergy and school superintendents^w hefl '^ r it exhibits.
ButBuitn ie Determined to Down^Anaconda Yet.
WeakSpots Are to be Doctored and^Then to.' a re. ^^ e 1 tuuupio.ieh i
Uamoo-V.'illClean Up the^Rest of the tltate Plrst.
Thatwas s might^ bard wot kepi at^which tlb Itngtt Haseh.il rhah ret Ived^in Anacomhi last Sunds) and It Mat^seviral ilayt for Mi local baseball^cranks to . .ttt h I hell breath, but tie y^have caught it at last They readily^admit thi --up. 1 no h y nl |M AngnandM^team, but they are going lo beat II.^and beat II htd. loo, before tin season^is over. The Butte learn will !^^ still^fujihnr ai 11 ngrthrni d its cracha will i
pluggedup and w In n n n as gI as
Itcan be node II will play the Ana^^conda li un a Una I - in - tor ih. . ham-^pionship '^^ ujnntnna
Oneof III.* moat sen..us boles ill the
Intl'idwa- a' the posiimn of slnni
stop.Thai is no. nihil \ ahatl stop^from Texa- lias botu secured. Ills^name is I'-.tuthue and h| all report!^he is Jusi Ihs man in till I hat tnat. Ne^notlntdoaa ani also pendlna (or the oth^^er new players, and If they are atrnred^il is belli y. - I the Bntte team will hay 1^the material for the states champion
'ship ball . I
Unitewill not. how.yci endeavor to^! lower the i-ajara of Anaconda until it^has ofnctlsed well together, However^strong the lesm Individually 11 must^practise w^ il together before 11 can at-^tain Us full strength A green learn^I of crack plavers will often berOHM rat*^lltd merely from lack of liillilllai llv^I with each ulhpr^l play Tin Unite loan^1 will COnqUol in - rest of Molilalia be-^fore it vein ops to contend In a thai^I series with Ann. inula for ihe state^: championship.
Missoulahas uli.a.H be 11 cO'i ^ I iy ^^!^^disposed of. It is 1 gpectad that a fame^will he play i between Butts and Mcl-
eiianext Sunday A rrang^ im nts are
banalmad. 101 ^ucccaalve gamm fltu^Boaemnn, ItlBlngs, Idvlngaton, Miles^city, threat Kails and butt. If these
learnsare all dlspos.d of. Hull* Will
th.n enallengt Anseonda la .1 sorita^of tiye games for the championship ...^! the stati'. TWO gain, s will be played
'in Bntte, 1^o m Anaconda, ami if au
teamwins thn ol Iheet four, IMa ill^llfth game will I.^ ilayd mi BtUjtral^tronnd, probably 111 lb I- .1.1
'I'begieai baseball enthusiast ^^!^Hun. is Mi Bachli tnanager of the
iocsI learn.
We w ill isd suntnil^ r.^ said .Mr.^Ms. hi^ yi inlay ^We are going lo^Mai th.- Anaaaadaa, ami heal them to^thoroughly iltsi I here will be to dkt^, pule aln.ni It. \\'..ks of hard work^1 will be mi asaiy I,. I.ling a bMUM ^^^the slan.laid necessary .11 older to le-^j foal Anaconda the majority in a atrial^' of games, byt y,c are going lo do It.^I We will keel on trying until OUI leant^- is strong 1 oiiiigli. W'e will inn fail.
Thereis nametbing queer about^baaeball. Anaconda bad hard sort 1..
breakeven with Missoula. Tin Mis^. s 111 l.i Item Ihal faced us was strong r
thanUn one which faced Anaconda,^1 but yve heat it twice yyitli ease. Then
AnacondasaUontd the life ..111 of ns.^, Kill we will hav. pur lum and ihe Aua-
lOtldttwill be ilanciiig to our mush in^I a feu weeha. Just match our smoke.
vttasiup^. xhibHIon uf the tlx-mund^I'urts-ti cunney flght la run off very^nicely The nime am pert eel and 1 h.^plctur. - ,, nlain ami disun t H
th.nglo f,,ur or five oilier \ lews ar-
Showii i,y , |^ v .ta-e J-
Prlmmlnsand Gore, ihe favorite com^^edy 1 ^ 1 .1 putting 111 ih-ii 1 tin^leenih . ,-k it the ttl-'ater. and are as^strong . Ith ihe public as ever. Th- .^have .. ^nedy this week entitled
TheTwins and are making a gr a;^hll wilh 11 \l Call and King, a very^clever skd h loam, nuni give a very^strong turn and have made a g.ssl in -^presskm Howard am'. Burdock, the^leal, imp- 1 ^.--.,^.,re. haves taking M^sketch thi^ n ami there are man.^..lb. 1 excelleip r.alurea on 'he pro-
aranini.Th show enncludea each^night will, 1 iiiendly set-to between^Uoae lav Knnt.f and KM Parker, and
ii V leM II |.rt. ke.l to th^ doom
forjo inn.111. s
NextM. 11.lay tM world celebrated^oriental 1I1 ...t ami conjurer. Omen-',^will op. .. at .in casino. Sh ^ Is naard-^tsl as urn ,,f the greittt st vaudevtll ^^Mrformeni In ihe business.
IGreat July Clearance Sale I
anTerrific Priee KauriAee in All Dtpiaftwra4i -3
1Percale Waists
At3 dc, 50c and 75c
One|..i of beautiful organdn
Vo Itali rNraan Hhlrts ami
Iira a era. worth 'A cents, sale
MillI.like .lublilee.
iMi July IH the on g e.i Short Line
railwaywill run apeciel train to Bait
Iak. ''iiy. leaving Butte 7::iu a. m.. ar^^riving Salt Lake !':4.'. p. m. This train^will consist of the best chair cars ami^I c l.i st-clust In ' very say. Far* round^trip, $1...
HerMmhuadi she Mrs, Hat Nada hot^l.it,* it Pes li et Butdattt^Mrs. Kmnia Oih-s rahtted a Ml 1 I^Marttal w. ^ in a divorce r snplalnt Med^in th - di-irici marl yemtedna after^^noon, dh^ says she was niirrl.-d toll.^II. illbsi at X irginia City on July !!^.^isi^.-i. and iluit at frequeni toitervaki
sincehe scolded and abused In r and^falsely tic. used bet of um liastlty. Mrs.^lilies complains that Mr husband Is of^a very J alouv dtoposltlon and often ac^^cused her of hnptontr eon.lint with^oth^r mi n. mi June |s%. whil- they^j were living at Sheridan, lie called bar
1v II ^ names, accused her of h.iv ing
unfaithfullo him and threat*I in
strikeIn r. He locked h.i ill 'ii koUM^for several days and would hat allow^her to rinft her friends or go any w i ere
onun llthof last month, at ih M rrt-
!mac bouse, n Alaska sue t. in this city.
Ihe pevaMentfj aoruaed her of nnehante^acts and mid be Intended to kdl her.^He became so viol nt nni] made such^defnonatratIons that sin- feared h^ was j
.ain|ut to carry bis throat mi^ execu-1
iHon. and she ran away to heap OUi af^' his reach. Shosuce.od .1 la k s ping o il^I ol his am) unlil the Kourth of July.^' vvlu n he sin , o 'lb d In lm atlng her. ami^when ho ftngkl Inr he again lhafgtll^i her with lathnac) with other men, and^I said he v MM Mil her. Bat again ran^j away, and this time she kepi hidden^until she made up her mind (hat It was '^time to appeal i^ 'In court, so the c ^^^anltcd Attorney Chart s Untlkam, ami
Ihesuit fordlvop -was Instituted. Mrs^lilies says in her I omnlBlal Hull she al^^ways acteil with pttftei propriety t..
wardail men ami nonet ta t hat haa-
bead.-ails, lo b bafcam Sh^ was nl-^wsys a dutiful wife, but he made bet^life Intnti ruble mill nnsa'c. and bl e^Hons M arTeeted Mr that die Is now In^poet henlih an t hi reault of I hem Bh^asks hi he i. stored to her maiden a an*^of Kmma Puller.
s.i ur- a portfolio to-day ^f tlm^i'orbett-Kitzsiminons tight. The PTghl^of the Century.
Ill I'otlee I eUtti
iiipolice court yaMerda) gd. Bpwen,
JohnBewetl and John Itnen, pleaded^guilty to lighting am! were lined SI^^,aeh. linen paid the line and the oth^^ers w ere Kent lo the county Jail to pen e^thetf tin .' .1 II Cunningham paid SI^for being drunk AC. Bnkal charged^with assault in the third degree on Mrs^Mar) Vlneenl pleaded not guilty, and^will Is- tried at '1 o'clock this afternisin.
Herman Winters, thrn dm lor
pleadednnt guilty to the charge of col^^lecting* a erov il and olist i acting tratllc,^and will he Hi d on Krlday.
TheFurlong tire takes the bun.
phmdiBot anahg.^Barley r. Wilnoa, the sg.-m ^f th-^singe, s. lai Maihim company, m-
cus.ilof grand lai '.-ny. was arraigned^Mfort Judge Trapp yesterday He^^traded imt Built) and will Is- tried at^III o'clock this morning.
ForInfant! and Chilar3n.
-4^ iwny
Vant'aiap's Macaroni ami i'll'^I heap t ares.
HereIs your ehaiwa V ia Oraal^I Nni In in rall.vay, enmineei ing July^| nth t^ Aiirust 'Uh. M.M Brsl raw lo^Chicago, St Isiiils, Milwaukee, I'eorin^i III.- mlngi. ^ Sioux iCM) Con in ||^1 Bluffa, Omaha, Kansas CH) Atrhkmi^I Bsmvtnumrth ami all Intermediate^points. City tb ket cfll. c 11 N Main S:
ratBeam t byat^^Ai MnRuire'a anayg human, tunny ^v.|^Blag during the con ing vwek. one of^the r.i^ st ma rrt lout Inven kma nf ih^^j ctatury, ih viritcone, win give a ji r-^fe. t repr tu tlon of th- gt'-ir spirting^ceattat which look place a; Carson City^I on ihe 17th f last March, t- tween Cor-^Pelt and Kilts Immune. This machine^j makes a picture fniiy-foni feel high^and th am. nu'uhcr of lee! aid-.
aherr.'ia .i.t. ittsanarraugxd low-^i .-v. thst it . an !^^ given on a nni 11 r^scale, and even then the Rgu ea ai^largrr raan Ufa, T'j^ fert op I iru^only ^ne in MoNUtna griins ^'^ ''^
andKlt7.-oninons flgnt. All others a.^giving fnVi imitations. Th. sal. idVn^i sen i d scats begins on KOda. mora tig
Atlh^ t rvi ^.
Tin Ca in,.. Hi aici |^ bte; s.ng all^rei.Tis ibis v.eck M far as bualm si, is^ceneerned. 'or 'h^- pngnt -l^nightly from I o'clock in th^ rvrnl^until llM O'l l.h'k In Mat in ' nine, .hlch^-i . .1 i f. ^ the tatnfai lion given by the^how The program me ^ pens with n i^j fosl corredy -ict, and from that time on ;^j until ih. eli.ee of the .'how. iher^1 ha^dl^ ^' slu., i.uuj1j_.- ou Ih- bill. 'I'
ih.-si i -! gnuj hanaannhtn Now ttans|
lllllgs^Mil,I hi, .
Th.BBvei King^ at Maguire's is^aeu ranulna smoothly, and in Its an-^lliety. will lion part favorably with any
production evir seen on the hnardai of^ih apetn houoe. The play with us big^s.. n. s. its Intricate bum haalrtl tgut it
itsmas.: .,f prop, 11 i^-s, on Moinla v night^did not work smoothly, but Mat nigh,^il moved along like clockwork Tin-^dark changes w.re made rapidly and^Without hiti I' The story is one of ab^^sorbing laltreat, ami last night the
mullein were wrought up lo a high
pii.h of tntjubamma. No more eotnual
asticrecall was ever given 11, re than^that w hn h greeted Miss Truax and M.^Hatch at the conclusion of tht ^ ^ and^scene in the fourth a. t The applause^stopp. d the action of the piece, drove^Mi Henderson from the stage, and .^would not subside until tht two aetata^^ ann* from lb. lr dressing rooms and^bowed their acknowledgments. This^Wtkldraata, with Its groups of stok^^ing characters, its v irile and character^^istic story, and its scenic tinMHIth^tin nt should play to Hie capacity of th -^house for the rest of the week. The^uiatiagcini nt promise a Mower matinee^for Saturday afternoon A big i ensign
unin of Bow era win he beeaghi from
SaltLake, ami ever) ladv and . hild at-
lendingwill nartlvt a benutlfnJ touve-^ajt haajanat. I
$.^^^ to St. Louis, via HurllngaM^route, iHllcc. :i.^, Kast llioa.lway.
11il lit i li u i tins Ite-latgllKed.
Th.-Huntington Broadway company^which is giving such universal ...nistac-^tion in lluitc will, under Idhu Ma^^guire's nuxnagomoai next vaeu antsti r^lor two nights in Helena and the ^^ - ;^maimler of the week in Ur - it Ktflta^This win Ik- ii neat r a- bath tlthm, tor 1
therehas certalnlv been no coV.i|.iiii *^here i.inside of ihe higher! dinmntlr
oil aiii/nl Inns w hi-:., chargca ^ un , .1^from ,^^o cents lo that has mi.ie^favorable nil impression.
ManagerMagulrt has the a. iiumu |g
grabon to a good ibltn; when he tool^II. and has UN refute i e-eiigu:^d Ihe^Haatmgtona, ami ih. y will make Ihelr .
ifapnttiamem Batta on the !Hh af^this month, ontniag in ^Toang Mra^Wlnthron,
MrMaginie has now Hie Ureal I'sIIh
oneruhouse in bis rircarl ami win ,er
likelyhave lloicenuiii also, ami to- ;^Btthtr with all Ihe west side towns he^is placed iii the isislllon of being, out-^side ,if Hi. y ii.In it. i i i |ioratiou. Ihe^!^ ailing manager of lb.- . nllre West. In^consi.picnce of his Interest in ill. at '^Kalis. Hdena w III now hav e a . ban. 1^to s. c a good company once bjt a I nib .^It Is a fact that since he 1.1 no nf^Ming's thai house has had a most d -
ploTUMtaper*net from the met that^HeleM has lor the last seven yean so ,
maniol the ^^ig attraethma which^Ratla ami Aaaeonda were favon d ^ Uh.^It is now iiud.islo.nl Ihal a hum.^iiiiuis ailBllgtUWUl is prevailing with
the Owned nf Ihe Mlllg nplo.1 hOUM,
amiManagtf magulre, ihroagk tin
laltcr'sInterest In On at Falls, and^on e again will Helena ' Hie be m
itBuueara in Batte. Tin Huntington^comnnuy win a Ian appear in Hamilton
amiMissoula ThtOt tOWM will Is' 'he^Mrs! lo s.e the verlsoo|^. after DMtt^and Anacnda.
Hun.'-. Hood II. nl b.
County|'hy^iclan Wbllfonl was be^^fore th.. boar, of Bounty totnmMwionert^yeati rdn^ and report, d th*. general
Inallh of thn people to be good, till' sa d^that wMk 111 approach of I In typhoid
s.aaoa he eapecttd a graal deal cf nick-
nesHagain. Iiining Hi^ |.tist month
therewas ronorted la ktm aady oneenat
ofdiphtheria, and that was within th^cily limits.
titBmneeMery Kahlhltlen,
AiiKntsndasri Bxhlaitlea m M s-i. n .-it tat^Hull, ll.ii.-l. We.hi.-.|^v nml Tleir.,'i,v. J.ly 11^toil IS Tin-a, |ii^v nf bnatlftl Mndl.oib h^ti.tin BH Bt. I'nn! Bseletf ^.f llteeinar. Art.
kv.-rvmii*-iH thewa I*, ^aaotlt ^ii* i.daa^, nuay
i,..vvI'lmv iii nmterlnb mnli- vi .-i. n.n Im^Iii| ^htwt^fur tin- Or^t .laic Kr.-i- inor.i.'ii ^'i w' ^.^^ i^ ih..^..^t. cli.-i.iiiL' intt'i i i..l- Mi hell -, iic r-.rih-illy^luvit.'.l t.i in-tH,'t until tin.I m.'I'i.sl..
nejtarbtdim Panne,
MikeUiughliu was arrested v Bter-^^ lay mi a . hai a^ of ill- iiirliam ^ of the
ia - M West Copper street. He la ac-^rartd ay Mrs. si.. h i r bn tklng In Mr
doorand making all not-: of troubl
S.. nt^ a BartJhdJhl to-da.. of the^Corbetl I'lUsiinnn ii:: light. The Fight^^ r th^ Century.
tlis i nrtrj l^. i ^^^!
I'rnni'Ih. I'l velaml I., .,,1..
Mi-.iJatMagtnu i haven't .a) nn Ih
theman who I- iinal.l. to In.1.1 ... his ,c.vn
Mr.Btrllngtou '' hui Ul nn ^. It.
R1) dear but Ihe trouble with many a
manis that h. is tuaud tnot to haM m
Ihei nds that un varimi- flteaihtfa of gat
wlfi'sfamily ought in m tuppatthaa,
Itthen reel lain lb. in., of a Ban^gown lu Miimre matters.
a*^We boil the Best
gn our )i.a Wrapper Is a wori I
'^ .ty!e nernmtntaii^e* in . unalderad
JJ* Tii. half pile, cut lias -..Id .
| -lie
as. started We h.iv.- a g.....i aa-
tB^ left.
All w.^.i suns, wont 'MH
tfg.^ at
JJb^ WorHvd S. 1 So
Btk 111 ^^. sal. pi lo
Ladiescloth suits. Jacket Bilk^iiind, wanh HaM
g~Sale $10.00
3gceach *M
Ki.ti.hItalbriggan I'nderwear.
$1.00per suit
J.rseyHibbcd fnd-n^Weigh I, pfli
Si..SOper suit
ELadies' Separate Jackets
AtHalf Fnce
AllWool Ladles' Jacket, w.iith^ta.flO; price
Si..011Serge Jacket. Silk lined,^value 110.00
Buy Prahman't Cnderwear^^nr
andki nji
'I'll.-....-I June weather has^^JJ^- oh conniderantt Woj^h
Kabriit; ve must sell th-.n ate^dj,
n'n'i..I., prices ^ill lo it.^-nn
and urganditam
goai I -IS
I'..Dimities 10 ^,11 Is for, I ',0
in.h p. 1. an-. 1 orthoa
IBe,goan aiit
tSyard- BoM Calko for, I I^^-d
WOMSKi'TloN.^A lew of those ^^^,. Foulard Silks
left. |,rt, ^ tO i loS-JJJB
I5 cents^^n
:..Printed Foulard Silks, rkr.r-^^Z
.prn 1_-^np
IIM Foulard Silks, beautiful-^X
pattern.-,clearance price
BPrahman Dry Goods Co. 3
Q^I05 North Main Stroot. Bi.ttn.
TtM^^m1.\ m hool In ^u- 7*ui*' imlnic ^'^' r.im^ni-* M.:iI1^t rt\^(t^m i f u ^ hinic bcok-^k*^'|^)'iK l^y iii'luiil hurtln^f*n from (h^- Hatri, ^ni|itovinK two prof*f-'itin;il penmen,^two ^^x|^^*rt*-infti ^-liotth.iii'l tt'iii ht rai nttl ofT- rinkt eo'ir.'**-* ^^r ^tu^ly fmlorvt* I bjr^Ihe leiiillnK l iiHhh-iii* m^ 11 of Hutt*-. Ht hotil in (^^'im.oii tiny jnd nlffht the year n^un4,
Ar*|i^-rln I
nowIn session and Is attended by a large number of public s. hoot .Indents. R,a-^teuahh : .u s i .ill and Investigate Is for.- attending . Is. * her. K i.d. lsh.'d l^e.
r'ollegeJournal free.a. f. mo. Proprietor.
IqWest 11 road way. Butte,
Fifty^li^/.cn. in all colors, 3x7^feet, inoiuitfil on ginnl spritu; roll-^iTs. S|ici'iul prices Vk, 'Joe, \ioc^and BOdt ''unipletf.
# i
Pritchard-Harrison Carpet Co. J
Coiner I'ark Mhn Main, Butte, Mont. f
4V- u--*- a^a.a^a^ v%-^a^a^a^ ava,a^a,a^% a a,a^ vava^a^ a^^v%a^^a^'a^a^ ^ral
She'sjust ^ pe^ll ngrmting.^^T^^crc'j uo prettinc^s in pllav,^tareut on ti^c h^aarjrnl Mnrrtty^is that p-ctty doc^.^ In tlut^cars she's ri^jUt.
docure liiliousncis, cosstipaaioa,^and all liver troubaaa
RapidSelling j
Only;i tow of our new silk Capei renutia unsold,^iiiui at least one-half ^^!' out' Jackets sold the last
iwoH'i ly\ and nu aronder.
SalePr ce Only $3.0J
fm:in\ |8 00, 110.00 ^i-112.00 Jaektl La tin- hum a.
Ladies'Suits Only $5.00
Afew i. ti. in size* !4 ami ^'^'^. Ijttlres' All Wool Suits that
formerly^^^!i| for 5lJ 00. now ^o.0J.
Ladies'Silk Waists $2.98
BeautifulWaists. W ^r:li ^4 00. now$:!.i^*
1 l.i Waist-, vror.ii S7.^)0. now.t.OO
Lapp-tMull Waists, worth $4.00, now Lit)
Gentlemen's Ties 15c
A window tail, worth ^'^^^^^^ now15e
Boys' Suits. 4 to 14 years. Half Price

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