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CaseAgainst the Chartt te Broth^^ers and Webster in Court.
WebsterIs Discharged, the Others are^Fined but They Entered No De^^fence They Will Appeal on^a Point Not Disclosed.
Charles;at least lit- think* It la hi*^do*. Charles think* he Is mistaken,^and says the do* lawfully belong* ^^^^him. For this reason he has repeatedly^refused to (five up possession of the^coveted canine.
Thenuestioii of Identity and owner^^ship will kWWM I^' di i hied la iudgo^Donoghue'* court, for yesterday Mr.^Karich had his attorney l.ejtin replevin^Beat .-.-dings The papers a. re iaeaM^and served last night by Constable^John I. Walsh. The case uill come up^to-day.
TheFight of the Century. A tortfdUo^of half lones, on calendered paper^!5^cents and one Standard coupon.
Theonly cx^ lusive slim dealer In An^^aconda. Fred tlamer. llii Main St.
Whenin Butle lunch at Sherman'*
TheJuly sale of Hauler s shoe store^should he taken advantage ,,f Tan^shoes have taken a decided slump.
Thecase of Hemetrovich against^Adolph and Kddie Charette and J.^Wi lister came up lor hearing before tin^police court yesterday afternoon. Al^^though testimony was railed on behalf^of the prosecution only, liie evident ^^showeil that hoih sides wire (i|iiailv^responsible for the row which look plane^last Tuesday am Clnstiuu strati near^the French hall.
Colonel^ i'l.eary aiyiarad (or I he^state and Attorney \\;'lsh acted as^counsel fur the three def-ndants. Be-^fnri the trial begun tin re was consid^^erable diftli ulty in ( hoosiiiK an
Interpreter Mr. shebat was named
byColonel o'la-ury. but this^gentleman was promptly object^^ed to by Attorney Walsh, who In^^timated that Hie bat knew in advance^what the evidence of the prosecution^would he. Colonel o l.cary said he^would be lh'' first one to ask for a dis^^charge of the prisr tiers If the evidence^should not warrant a conviction, and^Mr. Shebat seemed to be the only avail^^able man.^judce ntagaraM aald thai Mr, Mattel
was| trustworthy and reliable man.^but he wanted al! part its to b^ satisfied^In the matter. So far as he was con^^cerned he had no an ferenoa swept with
regardto expeejiting Hat business of the^court. It was dee ^^I^ .1 to send for I b orne^nurlch, but OfllCtr I^iihb|Ulsl being un^^able to llnd him. Mr. Shebat was sworn^over the objection of Attorney Walsh.
PeterIVmetrovleh was the tlrst wit^^ness called, he said that ha and an^^other man named Meinbecker were
...mlngup from the city. When passing j ^^ji'TvesT. in ^railway.'Vnd MM
Forreliable plumbing, go to J. A.^Hasley. ttl Oak street.
Anothersplendid I'enf .ernmnt c in t he tt i K^Trill on Main siree*.
Professortlentry's dog and pony^show was again greeted with a crow ti^^ed house last night. Tin seals were^all laken as on the first night of the^pi i in: inance. ami both \ouiik and t.ltl^sum. it highly delighted with MM show^fi imi beginning to end.
Itabyhoodwas Dure for at the en-^tianee of the Id,; lent ^^n a large^number of carriages ami a glanee over^the audience was sutlit .t'lH t^t observe^I hal aged lien and women Mere en^^joying the performance as much as^the Utile ones.
Therewas not u dull inoinen^ in the^show from the opening act to the for^^mation of the pyramid when the^horse: ami dogs lake their position^above each other ill every cone, ivable^manner and indulge in a little merry-^go-round to the tune of ^Auld Lain^Syne.''
ProfaaaorGentry has a show which
richlymerits Ihe liberal patronage in -
c.idad it In this ^ ii
Openingof Ogdeu t.ttteway.
Ticketscan now be purchased at^Montana I'nion depot ticket offices, in^Hutle. Anaconda. Deer Lodge and liar-^1 ison. ;:s wed as at ;:ll points on ltutte.^Anaconda ^ t'acific Ky., via Hio
OutHow era daily at tlrelg's.^Com I . ollege. new Davidson bio. \
PaMclataartam soda^ McCaffery's.
Cutprices on shoes. Pe^^p!es' store.
Halfand half. 1c. Daly * Matron'-.
BathsMontana hotel barber shop. lie
Thepietllesi designs Inplctur - frames^at Mahan Bros.'
Mrs II J Church and Miss Su-i.^Sum..id went to Buite yesterday.
Twosecond-hand wheels will be :,. M^for a aorta; at Wright's.
Icecream freeaers at llrelg*.
The^Mm Flame^ Is the best oil^stove for summer cookjng. Young ft^Heme 11 _
Capt.W. M. Kelly is enlarging and^relltiing i is house on West Third^street.
K.C. Jones of the McLellund I'aper^company ..r Minneapolis was in town^yesterday.
MissMolllc I'.oolh or MissouU is vis^^iting Mrs. He nry .M. Donald d Fast^Fourth street.
WilliamMeyers of Mussulman is In^town for a few days visiting his broth^^er ami friends.
KdHelmbach of Ihc Boston ^ Mon^^tana Mining fMpaay of Hutie was in^the cily yesterday.
Yesterdaymorning a .ciov slrl was^horn to Mr. and Mrs. K. II. faWMJ of ,^\\ est I'ai k avenue.
K.A. Law and Harry Kay c ame to ]
thecity yesterday from Bulll t heir
wheelsto attend the races.
Bidswanted at W. W. Hyslop's cfT.c \^opposite the Molilalia, for the . r. -'tlon^of a tw i-sicry business buildi iu'.
rth league meets at ; o'clock s^b-^\.nlng. The general Draper. M 1^i'- omes Thursday ctenina In the^I t'-l yurlan churc h The Junior^;ue meets Frnia al lei ikuiiis In the^Auditorium at 3 ^'. ^ k The Sunday^sc h.iol meats In the Auditorium at l.'^ce'e lock- Tka chorus rhoir meat* every^Tu sday and Saturday evenlnga in the^Auditorium. The sp^ ial edition dexote.l^Aiiacondn ..f II M.-ntana Christian^Advis-ate will he on hand far dUtribu-^i.ei Sunday, flpeclal music and sing^^ing have heea prepari-d bv the chorus^holr under Ihe dim lion of |^rof.-^^or^Kiefer.
SmXtpMat Ana. oada Park.
Thepeople- of Anaconda are ha ha^I treated to soma ran sport at Ana^^conda park tu-night In ihc shape of a^blood wresllmg mad h fat $250 a side^hatWMB 'In- Hauler of lUltle, lal.n-^, ant of I he- c ttch-SH-t atch. an Iwtni-^pi.it.ship of hjoatana. ami Frank s^I l.ewis. middleweight c h.ioiMoJn of the^Northwest. This mulch was oriciniillv^! made to com* off *u Spokane, hut^Lewis, who agreed to come, to Unite tic^wrestle, presiding expeaar* were al^^lowed him. Sot antic ipaiing a fair^deal In Bull- whan Haider's H ie lids^i are aunietoiis. agie.-l to iciund ihe^| e xpense num. y. pn^\ idlng Ihe match
(MM^^ff her Hear) WIHaaaa, kepe
iing of the dirlctilty. secured the sig-^' nateiies fecr here. Insuring both men a^sciuare deal, la w Is was III tow n lo-^day and Migtiithr Ins w illingness to 1s t^tJ.'crt more on ihe result. The malch is
tec lee leest three out of live. Catch-aS-
ciiiili-ean. Pol^* 'laic tie rules refer. ^^ice a* HpaaVTt tl tin ringside In con-^iiociiou there cam be scvet J gcHul an -^llinlnarlts he local athlc i s. Siiee't^ears will in . | .m Montana hotel to
Fridayand Saturday
OurEntire Stock of
parke very M minul Fare ,\ i c uts.
TheBimoui Minneapolis .larhss Lug^g. s.ii l-'aga it I .upe ns . :l I K I'ark.
Duringraces ir.. a. ^ r. train hav^^ing Anacon ' . |l ii. ni . arriving ltutte^at noon, wi'l airy passengers.
JamesCollider was lintel flu and ^^^^^^= Muv )(iur ||,.^.^ ^f ^^ ,.x, lusive^for being drunk and using phtlnvaFred iIfi ier. 11* Main,
language,ut polltotirt ^esterday.
repliedthat he^!! ^ said that Dr.^tip the wound
harette'splace he. sue!: ^See. th.^haven't moved out of my house yet, and '^they w.ic anlH*^ la^t Simday.^ One!
ofthe cimrcttc girls, overhearing the
renir.rk.said to :inolhe r: ^Shut that |^door, sci we can't haar what lhaaa Mt^^|Oa arc. i.ill ing about ' liitiietrnvlch^HM he then went to the door and told^thorn that he wait no dago, when they^c alled him the same maM again. Liz^^zie' Charette then threw a pail at water^on one of his children. Ha sturted fen*^the daw again and she shut the door In^his face. The Charette boys asked him^uhat kind af a row he was making.^Then the attetc ation started and blows^were struck. Demetrovich stateel that^all ihree ^af*lMlanl* struck him. knock^^ing him down, cutting his eye and^jumping on^rim. out of
herhusband with a club. Twice they^were all down In a hune h.
On^ rnss-examlnatlon he was asked^^Is It not true that you were inside the^house of the Chsreites abusing Lizzie^Chnrette and calling her vile names,^ami that was th* re ason Kd c ame- and^put a head cm rati^
Tothis quaatlon h^was not In the houw .^St. Jen-i bed seed^above his rye.
LucySi hut. -.li.i |ha| sbe we nt to
th*Scene elf the e-Xe it. Ille-tl t tff^ |MT lit^^tle girl, where she sa^, them all In aj^hunch, hui sh^ e eiuld noi 1*4] w ho was i^doing the Bounding. She said the houses j^of I leniei ro\ ich and CtMrcttS Here-'
about**v*a feet apart.
Joe StelnlH'ck. A lio ,'H'fnmpnni. d
Daaactravijchwhen lh* roar began, gave'
lcstiniony iTOrrtoboratln* the evidence of I^Dt nietrovie h. Mrs. De inetrovie h gave i^li. r icslimony in a fall' and open man- \^^jar, but th'- row was in progcess when^she tit si saw II ami ah* admitted using^n i hib to protl .1 h. r husband. She said^she hit ial Charatt* with a rock, hut I^she could not say who she hit with the^st ick.
Thiswas the case lor the e ity. Attor- j
nayWatah) atatad that he woaM offer
AOex i.leiicc in defense, and Colonel I^tl Lcary aakad that the tines be livd.^Judge Fitzgerald thought his course!
wasmm to Unci Ih* CharatM hrothiri
guilty,inasmuch us I hey a I re not put^^ting in an) evidence. If thc^ bn.l cf-^fe red a defense1 his mind u.lght chang
enUiat cHicstion. ib thought, howavar,
thatWebster held acted RMN as a^pcHccmukcr than in any oilie r canac'tv.^and that he was entitled to a dischaigi
TheCharette brotlitis were aacB lined^Jl1' and ceists.
AttorneyWalsh iMMadhttaiy gave no-^tlce.of appeal, and the be nd was llxed^at ^100.
Honsto all points Fast. F. A. Wad-^lelgh. general passenger and iick.t^agent. Hio tlrande Western railway.^Salt Lake City.
TheCrystal saloon, corner Cedar and^I'ark. puts up a splendid fre-e lunch.^(Ihc this place u trial
Forsanitary plumbing, steam and hot^water heating, see Young ^ Dezcll.
VanCamp's Fork and Beans.
Finestline of imported and domes^^tic cigars In the West, retail by Ihe^box at wholesale1 prices for a few days^him. Mis DemetrovVc h ! ^**f at the Oxford. Ill Main street,^the house and nrotecteel
hoifor SALT LAKE.^eKel Veeur Ticket! Tee-liny.
. Age nt Beebe of I he Montana I'nion^I railway requests those who intend to^i take the Sunday morning train to roii-^BaM at Silver Bow with Salt Lake^special excursion train, to get tht Ir^liekelH after '2 p. m. Saturday. Ofiice^will be open until In p. Me Do not^. wait until morning or you are liable^to get left; as each ticket must lie de-^i scriplive and signed by person il is^| for. The special Montana I'nion train^will leave' not later than 7 a. m. Those^who Intend to take regular 1' p. in.^Haiti can get tickets Sunday after fl
Ticket*will^to IN at Ml^mining Mike
dayof arrival M th^will lie worthless:^Ited one day from^positing ticket th^landed to :'Bth.
where,Hi- * I ail N
fill ^holt .-oi.l
Weret ut Laaajt
Brersince the Fourth of July. lsS*.^^ e'*orgo Barich has been w ondering^w here his brown spaniel dog could he,^He value d the' animal at I.Mi. It'ce nt ly^he discovered that the' dog was in the^possession of a man named John
Isofiener saved ttian made; lay^the foundation by Ijuyiti^, oue of^our W atolics at
NickelWatches from - $ 2M^Hteri'g Silver Watches from X 0i^^Filled Wat^-lies from - IIM^S-lid Gold VVfltehes from - N.60^Complete lin^ of riirono^irtph-^aud Timers. \\e sell ouly tjoods^that we can trnarantee.
KepplerJewelry Co.,
U2Main Street,
There'was a very llniltcel nunils r of^i Itize ns to discuss the license ordinance
atahtemiaa PltaPatrtrk'a Mat a*ght
DanBegan anil Miss Annie Sullivan^both of Bulte. were' married yostt i clay
byfather Altaayi of st. i*aui s ekaweh.
.1.C Di rks telegrapli operator of Ihe^Standard's private' wire left yesterday^for his old lionn in Missouri tec sp. ml a^month's holidays
JohnKeagan. for lighting on Main^street and resisting the oflker who ar^^rested him. was lined flu and costs be^^fore Judge Fitzgerald.
Thefuneral of Lottie, the daughter al^J. V. and Mlaade Forrester, will be held^this afti rnoon at 2 e'eheeh from th^ resi^^dence on Birch street. I.eiveci Thirl^and Fourth streets.
WilliamKeiUher, atf the trusted '
employesof the Anaconda company, is^confined to his house as the result of^an op; ration in which he reejaired to^have part of his foot amputate.!
TheKpworlh League of the M. F.^Church will hold a meeting Monday^night in the M. k. parsonage' for the
purpose of electing delegates to till'
Staleconvention al Missoula Ball^month
Ijistnight a message was art iwd
fromJim Conley, who has liecn in^Missoula for the past few days arlth^his brother. Mayor Con ley, of Dear^Lodge, saying that bis brother had^passed t lie- critical stage and was do^^ing well. Jim will be home to-.la ..
Aparty of visitors from Boz.m.i;^came to the c ity \.slcr.la^ to sp. nil a^few days at the races. Among Hiein^are Sheriff and Mrs William Fr.in-^sliam. CkBtalll and .Mrs'. Jama* F.^Keovvn. Mr. and Mrs. W A Stobs-^hury and Mr. ami Mis. M. .1. John^^son.
TheAnaconda nioldcrs accepted ihe^challenge from Ihc Hut* Btoldera in^play a game of ball next Kundpty at the^park. Tin y have beaten . e. rything in
Unite,inn they win iimi their hands
fullwhen they COM* over lc the Cop^^per City.
Theforgery case against ialward ;;^Stone for raising th^ number BP a^mutual .vas tried a*for* Judge Don-^oghue last night ami clee ision was rt -^served to be give n at 11 o'clock ceil^Monday There seemed to be- Insufii-^ChrPjt irHeaca to warrant a conv ic tion.
Xotidings have v ^ I heap heard at^the young son of QaOTfJI \V lli usman.^who left his home on Wednesday^1 morning last. The rather gave up the^search for him and resumed his aMh^yesterdav-. What hus become of him^is only g matter of spe. ulall^li. Inn tic^police ai-nil lookii
B.McCloud. Wlllliim Ityan and Dan^is the only e'Xelusive aJaM Hiirns. who are' accused of holding up^W S. Harbor In the rear of Daraef^I Mcfiinle y's saloon, and w hose trial was^fixed for x o'etach last night. ' vera^tak n before the police court at that^hour, but the conns. I in Up c ase bring^unable to pro. . I'd. the Hint was laid^over until Mnndav , veiling at the same^hour.
beon sale from the Uth^round trip, limited re-^All ticket! must be de-^agellt al Salt Lake cm
retainport ton
stickets are Uni^^te of sale . By .1. -^limit will be ix-
TheKplscopul Sunday school of^, Anaconda will Join with the' Sunday^I school of Unite and picnic at Deer^Lodge on Wednesday, the Mat, The'^i train will leave Anaconda al H a. m^I and returning leave Deer Lodge at ^e^p. m. Fare for the round trip $1. All^1 friends of the Sunday schooi are in-^I vlted to Join them.
VanCamps Peril and Beans.
I.F Verbcrckmoes. a Belgian opti^^cal specialist unci practical Jeweler,^will open a store at the Bee Hive,^Coml. next Monday. Walt for nils suc^^cessful specialist for watch repairing^or glasses. Satisfaction guarunp et-d.
SPtRM WHALES ARE FIGHTERS-^t he) Ii . Neil submit lamely M Capture
Fiointhe Curiilill Magazine.
Two^kUhtra^ ami a huge aaror4flph^txiphlas). dcsperaic wnli huiigcr. had^COMblned theii force's aaet vt'iiturtsi to^attack a halfcferown bull cachalot.^Nothing. I am persuaded, but the dire, t
aeceaattyami araaaair* of want cavM
havepfaMPted IheM lo ninb rtake so^grave a oanfiicl although li must needs^be confessed fiat their combination was^a powerful one It fell to the swordllsh^to lead off an.I he launched himself al^the whale like n Whibhead lorpeaTo,^pointe d dire e l 141 Hp most v ital part.^Hut a gentle - .'..'l i. of the wary cac ha^^lot presented to the attack, instead al^the vulnerable broadside ihc o'llleiiii^ImpenetnkMo mass of his head. The^awful blow of Ihc sword Impelled by^ihe- furious sp* ^d of lie mass behind It^struck jilsl be telle the ^ hall 's eye, rip
pinga while awash diagonally upward
throughthe grlstlv substance covering^the skull, but spetnling its fore, in the^air above, while the great hotly follow^^ing glided Mfpcntiik* right over th'
whale'shead ami tell helplessly upon^Ihe other side.
WithIn. 1 -edible agility lor so vast a^bulk Ihe cachalot turn**), settling^slightly wlihal. then rising, lower Jaw^uppermost he ^ aught tin- xlphlaa in lh*^center between theae mighty shears an^deft him 111 iwo halves. A sbleway^shake of lap freal head, a scarce par-^cepttbir gulp ami Ihe tail of the swoiil-^ttsh slid down lip v hale s cavernous^throat with as much ease ami rapidity^as if it had been an oysler. Meanwhile^the arena had not hoen re-miss 111 sup^^porting the spirited attach of their di^^lated coadjutor. One hung upon each^Hank of their giaui foe ami aretrled
blmas dogs a hoar. But their lime^had c ome, After v alnlv rndeavorlnp^by rolling and writhing la free hlmaetf^from th.-ni he stubb nlv change el bis^tactic* Rearing himse lf Majestically^out of the aarthlni t^^Idles like a iiughlv
colamr..f black rock, he feii backward
Hilling hims. If a', ay from the ^ linglng^monsters. I'p ros^ lus enormous tall
from the lloilillg eoltex allel clesceliebel
Ilk--a --'lam scvlhc literally c rushed one^of his aggrcstors lie-math II. Ihe sound^of the blow reverie rating like thundc 1.
Thesurvivor Bad, hoi ihe infinlated
Titaapiirsut.l, leaping like a dolphin,
hair. ut of the se a at 1 very aoand. ami
allluugh we could not see the end of
theehnaa ^^ and little doobt that the.
gladial.o paJd lie lull penalty of his
raahneaaunder the lei hal sweep al thaw^tenth*) Jaws
TheFight of the C ntui v. A portfolio^^ef half tones, on calendered paper^'-'^^^cents and one Standard ccmp.iti.
Othershancllc e ve rylhlng. make s| e.^e ialties of n. thing Fid tiaiu. r is the^onlv c KClaalTl shI. ab r.
VanCamp's Vnrh and iicans.
Willbi (livitlcd into two lots. Those form^^rly^sold at from #1.00 to 12.00 each will he all of^^fered at $1.00
Thosesold at from tf.00 to $4.00 will be of^^fered at$2.00
Weare showing an imint'use stock in ages^from 4 to 14 years, all the
VeryLatest Styles
Theymust he closed out at once^prices^from .^)0 cents up.
OnyxFast Black Hose|
Youwill secure the best tfoods in every possi-|jj
hieway, at prices as low as you usually pay=
lorthe common goods.=
1The Copper City
...FOR ...
25 Cts. 3;
!!!9 Cts. I
..a.... ^ ...
i'UCMUiNa,^^team and Hot Wat^^IlfalliiK MatPPaataa rurnUhrd on applica^^tion. Addrcaa J. A. HASLET, Zli Uak
ttrrct.Anaconda. Mont.
Youwill find nil kinds of Meivhandise on this Talile worth^mf to |10.00, for Si.00. To (lny's Sin-finis.
ii....Usiiiol K^es. Suf.lv Plaa, Hut
Plna,Braaa Plna, Puraee, Blndlnp,^Table Necdlea, Crochei 11^ ^^^!^^*. Tlnm-^l.l, - ,,:i.| I ii - llutic.iis. all lor
Fors^- .
AGreat Bargain
Owineto my inability to aaiecaaalyDy
conductmy *tor* ami iani h at tlM^aain* time, I have concluded to offt:^my ranch for sale at a *r*at *ac rifle.^It Is locatrd five miles *ast ^ ' Anacor-^da tnd one mil* north of Warn^Spring*, contain* fcliO acres under fem^water right*, residence and iui!i^ ^^-1. ^^outteuildlngs. I will sell with Imple^^ment* for SO00. tC.MO cash, balcnc* an^time. It I* Just the place for tht daii^^bii*in*^s, gno;1 market* heinr n^*r at^hand. The price la a trifle less than Ij^per acre and less than I paid for It.^Title unquestionable. Apply or add res*^J ^ : Lansing-. Deer Leodge, Mont
IPafJii Haaaa aucl saddle ami Tih d tit^lii-petM' nl Them,
W.H Williams was iirraittneil he-^fure JllilKe Kennedy yesterday unci his
preitailnarrexamination on ^ ohajfga
ofurancl larceny llxeil for Monday, at^.' |e in He hud In en arrested the duv^before- by Ottlrer Ke lly and '' matable^Jack t'onley at the race track.^It is ejapjjed 'hat he stole a horse' and
.allelic tram the pacidoek of Ctartte
Jonesat the race track, ancl havini;^sold the saddle for $7 was endeavoring^to sell the horse when he was cauKtit^This is likely to prove a surlous matter^for Mr. Williams.
Ilnh*B riotieepr Jubilee.
1'lHh'smeat jubilee, comme morative^of the arrival af the pioneers in the^valley of the (ireat Salt Lake on July^.4. IM7. wi'l take place In the city^eounded by them (Salt Lake) on July^^:^^^^. Over MOie.iioei tti|| |^, expended by^Use commission having the celebrale 11^in charife and by the people of the^state In pi ivlding entertainments and^paxeanlry for the edification of the^thousands of visitors whom It is known^will attend. Thfr.' will be live (trand^street parades: Uaree hTund ovascerts m^the famous Tabernacie; band and vocal
lite-us. In which the leest music ians^111 I sinsers in th^ country will parte 1-^,-at' athlc ti' sanies of every .!^ se rip-^lion: balloon ase ensions daily, the^grandest firework* display ever wit-^aaaa**] in 'he West: last, but not |ea*t,^I'resielc nt McKlnley and his official^family will b^ present In time to wit-^nen* th^ 1 ^^prei'lut ti'.n ,ei th- .11 -.\ .el of^the piotiec 1 train. It will be the ereat-^kerattaw in the histccry ei the
Forfurther particulars, lallroad^rate*, etc., Inciuire of s. D B tbf. Mon^^tana I'nion railway agent.
Lottie Forester, the little .^i \ e-al -ol l 1^diiUKhti r of Mr. uiol Mrs. Join. |*orester^of Hireh street, w|e., was *o badly^burncci last Wt dnes'lay evening by j^falling into 11 heap e.r luirniiiK sawdiist.^expired ut 6 e'cleca reetardny aaornlng^a* a result of her Injuries. It was^thought on Thursday that th'- '.lnfortii- 1^nate little' girl might rtvor. hut dur^^ing Um night ana took a mm aai ike
worseand toward (ho morning all hope^cef saving her lite- *ra* lost. She arm an
-\ce-ptionally hripht little ::iii and i.
Messeda PPaPl prVtaaj an-l unse-ltish dis-^position. The sympHthy oi the stand^^ard Is extended to the grief-strlcken pa^^rents who are thus bereaved.
Althe Montana. K. ^'. Jnnaa. Min- I^neapedi*: Ludvig Bruc k. New V.rk.^8ewell Unvl*. liutt.-: W. A Iiamons .^Denver. K. A. Stlefcl, Hatenn: Frank
EverySuit in^Our Stock
J.iuihII'll Ml.
1T^ be given under It ^ auspices of the^: Scandlnav'ans at Salle's cub h. Sun-^| day. July Is. Bent music in attend-^1 ani-e. I'rce dancing in the aftafMavj^land iMiiing. KveryUedy tnvitetl.
Haiks .11 leave the cty . very :^ min-^| utes.
Durand.PkiUpeburpT; K. H. Law. san^Francisco: Mrs Kllnn. Hutf Mr a.icl^Mis. at J. Johnson, chestnut: Mr. and^Mi^. W J. I'r.Hisham. Il.u!^man. ;^Jam s K Heeweii and wife., W. A^Ktott'slitirg and wife. Iloscman: Fred^J. Rptfnn, Salt Luke; ^^ M. Theemas^and wife Chicag'c S. W. IjtiiKham.
Helena:.1. w. Toting, salt Lava^ ; jas. 1^a. .lohimtoii. Bamanaai; k. m. Tpaanna,^DMaai: B. J. KlrbJsara, si. Paul: u C
lleive^. i hie ago. i L Nolan ancl wife-.^San rnua a*M{ Kd Kergumin. t'lncin-^natl. a. J Khodes. i-hlcago. H. |^Owen. Huttc. J. it Dalian, Miss Katie
Dullan.Mis* Millie Dullan. Sllvi M.n^George K. Rockwond. Butle: I^. J.^liuircl L-w is ^'.uird. ^i i^. He.mlgh und
wife.J. K. Oppenbelpaer, wni'ani s.^Synions. ltutte; K. W Haggard Haiu-
Thesubje ct f.ir the st rvice In th^ Au^^ditorium Sabbath n.oining wit] be^^ What !^^^^ the World ^ tw^ to the^t'hurrh^^ In the arcssHsp the past, i^will siienk in the- pre In b to Hie rer-^mon at.. .1 the Nati' mil iCrtwoitsi league-^i .invention in Toronto. Canada. The '^^ia*^ ireetiits conn ^ at JO, a'ctoi k Sab- j^, bath mornliig m tht Audit^^riut.i. The)
AllGoods Marked
inPlain Figures
220Comm:rcial Avenue,^ANACONDA.
BrentedRuapa, Silk Vella, Black^ii,.-, . j. v . k 'i lc at i Plna, .^.-inc h Km-^broidery, Red Val*nct*nn*a, Laeea Toi-^hi Combs. ILPI Draaa Bnttona, silk^Ribbon. :'-ln^-h. Knitting Silk, s.-wina^silk. Kaiibs' Rnauaser Vaata, arartli up
tecJ.'cc- for
SilkRIWs. l.u.lie-s KaaStyle
cuffsand CoUnra, Toilet Combs,sin-ii
Comba,Hair Ortinmeals. ScarfPlna,
laicsand Embroideries, Windsor^i'.. - Knibroldeml Handkerchief*, etc..^we,rib up to lor
CWMren*! Wmtm Drx wm 1 nat ly
Irimmed In hi'1' and embroidery, up to^size 11 Shirt Waists. Fancy Kane. La^^dles' Corsets. Kiel. Leather and Mm^root o He It . Silk Holts, with plate-el^buckles. Silk Mitts. Corset Covers.^Co.w 11s Italbriggan Vests. Silk tin -^isliecl. 40-Inch ttotitie ing, worth Up In^l: ^^' for
NightHolies. CmWta. Skills. 1 ipera^Fan*. Lawn Shirt WaMs. Silk I'ndor-^shlrts. Luclics' Wrappers. Silk llanel-^keieliiefs. Mens Laundered Shirt*.^I...i S|.i..nls. Shoes, all kinds, worth^up Ice %:.:,^. for
Nowfor th: Fjbms $I.W Table.
Kighl-yardI^re^s Pattern*. In Silk^ti .1 Wool. lJ-yard Patlerns of ^ Ugan^^da Mull c.mgliaiii. 4-yard Tabb- C..\ .^cis. Ill led. 1 ivuin and White, lols of^Napkins, bunc hes of Fine Towel*. Silk^Waisl Putlerns. In black ancl fancy.^IL' Fine Handkerchief*, every pair of^Kid ttloves In the house. lto\ s Wash^Suit*. Ladle*' Wrapper*. QfrTl Reef*^ers. up to I:'. Shin Waists. Skirts and^:,m othe r article*. The cheapest artl-^e |e on the table Is worth K'.V) and on^up to tin im. ^ last call^$i.oo.
OurFine |0i*^ Shirt Waist* go for^$150-
WeFill Mail Orders Promptly.
Atrial nnier is atll wt a.ik t ^ t^ni1rm ^ur utat^ment that our njivtlally select-
Cannotb' beaten anywhere Traln^r* nre Invited to .all aid
Woare Agents for the Crown Mowor antl Thomas Hay Rako
Kveryperson Intrrestecl In the hay bu*lne*s will gain much valuabl^ In-^fo'malliii by culling at our warehouse and carefully examining th*j
Wee^rry a full lln^ ef Carriages. It icge'S. V. agon*, ('art*, Hoad be rapers^and HPWPL llaine- s and Whit e
lilt N S. SNVUKK.
riiyieUnand Surgeon of St. Ann'a
(iffleeNext to Montana Hotel.^ ySjasfaniia atant.
F.L ST. JEAN. M. D.. C. M.
1irtlc e- .iv. r Sc.ii.l ird drug Co. Residenrw^^M lliekon -tie. 1 (MRea hours. WM) to IS^11. m l:*i to I and 7 to ^ p. m. Hospital
hours.I'JP to ia. m dally.
J M SLiOH, it D..
PHTIICIAMAND SI ROEON'.^n*M K. I'ark avenue. Office hours:^9 to 11 a. m , 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m.^Residence. 401 W. st Third street.
StlM^.I.I.A^*.Ut H.
Room11 Shields Building. Anaconda,
1t7Main street. Anacor.da. Collectlona
nromotlyattended to.
EastPark Av-nue, Anaconda.
TeleD'one 1 9
Buynothing but the
Guaranteedto be absolutely
MontanaMeat Co.'s Markets^Anaconda Livery Stable
i. ti. BKOWNELL. ProprletOT.
Bucr.ie.1.Hor.-tes ani .-aJJI (or Hire
i:e|r.ghappiness to all who trade with us. Even If you buy elsewhere.
e,.t ..in prices: It* a consolation to knowr you are not iiaying too^Mth. Honesty of goods, honesty c:f purpoae where dollars pet the most.
AllOur Stock Is New and of the Highest Grad
;i8Esst Park Avenus,AnicoaJJ. Moot
\.r.e... i. ;-r B.(J^i ^ld Ej'
|.r.' Line t'eeoae'liteo, B,*4e^wOS sll traiM.
lPVe ^^^ aistW Wsst sm^i. iaaeoaJa
Trya Standard Want Adv.
Noller eef Meet Ing of Kqualiaaliva
NoticeIs hereby glvten that the^nieni tiook of Ivvr Lodge county, slam^of Montana I. i^ beefl completed by the^ .-t'nel Ma* been de^^livered to the vdniLljf clerk of *ald coun-^^^I e.1 county onin.u-^sloners of said county wilt meet a* a^.1 el -i lixaiton *o ssjuaHa* assess^^ments on the third M .iiday cf July. IfAT,^and coMmaa in se^lon Mor.ita^ - ( el^Tuesdays of each week until H eir labors^are completed unless thapr ouslne^* re-^qsdie It ^hen th. y mil meet In . ontlnu-^l.iis *.-ssion.^Dated this Ulli -Ley ul Ju.) -
MMAKTIN^Clerk of Foard of Commisvioner*.

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