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ITAXPAHP riBI.ISIHNa rOMI'anv^Pwbtiihera one Proprtetora.^Printed Everr Dry In the Year.^Entered at the po-tomce at Anaconda a^^arcond-eiaaa mail matter
sbacrlptlonRatfi Payable In Advance
Postagefree for the Putted States. Can.^ad^ and Mexl.-c. KUcwhere^postage added.
flBllyend Sunday, one year 110 w
Isallyand Sunday si* moniha .1... o.0
Dallyand Sunday, three montha I.M
Dallyand 8unda^. one mon'S 1.BJ
lamia), one year 1M
VCelnOffice^Standard^eenda. lelephomt No. 1.
wasIn mi h conspicuous contrast wilh
tanor three of the preotding races In^^ hlch In- i'..11 h I'Hlrd that 11 ^ mild nut^fall In atlrai t universal cnminent. ami^It did. Tin- reeoH of ^ hois, from day^to day la uhoiil th^ only Index of what^he is capable of doing, and judged lay^this teal It ^an not supposed that Th^MM had much of a chance In ihe^realisation rate.
Altrule.'' amy* the Bro -k't a Itagal^editorially. ^li'm ,1 tlmr..ue,hi.i .^ 1 . .(|,.^lures a rich make hla victory la hailed^.^ith no lilt I. . nlhuidasm. Hut such^was m^i 1 In 1 use on Saturday. It la^^ 1 in unliable w hi ill'r tin re tins BBSS a^similar arenc in the mrf. at le^*t In^fajl in years. It ean scarcely he de-^scrllxd i:a other than sensational. It^i xpressetl the 0 mil lion on the par) of^those familiar with what huil occurred^ilurniK the i ree.vllns week that th-re^had lieen 111 ^ 11111 il allnir of the ranki-sl^, typi'. a eonyletion for which, we are^aorr.v to buy. there was amide Justlfics-^' lion.
Theexplanation cffered In thin In^^stance In that The Friar was in rvoua^In the prroedlllK luces In which he
limitedtr farm. The Brooklyn KukI
any*:^It r-a vnrs of conspirucv rather^than 1 ^^!in iil- ii. ^^ that he n h o t. 1.1 not^hate allown a trace of nervousness In^a race the prize of which amounted m^a -m ill fortune.
Writingfor the New V0tkJ0.11n.1l.^Francis Trevelyan says Unit. apuii
Irotn the onVlal aspect of HiI
nothing; lhat has haj^|^^ 11 - ^ I on the^III h^ paid for thai orreat nnd conviction I American turf In any rocoi-t years, If
Ionof the Issue will range these cttl-^icons mi one nidi ^i 'he other. Ile-^aaarctlaaaj the tariff lesna, they are root^^ed Uil ai'iiiimled They have studied^It all th ir lives tlu-ir father* Sefeaa^them discussed It. To moat of then-^people thi silt ^ , !^ st ion |^ ,
m-iynam . oafeeseaNp they harbor, si
tiitaat, ^ atroag prejudice. Th-y
havenot Studied the question. These
areIntelliai nt 1pie; I* It not u reu-
taaaMa11 ^ rm 111! it Ion that ajajaaj . r^tin in. however llxed they now are In^the MttaS lhal they will take high^tariff every time rather than silver,^will come al length Into the clearer^light and from under the shadow of^prejudice^
TheStandard has branch offices at^Bene Miaaoala and (treat Fall*, where^advertising ratca will l-e furnished on ap^^plication.
Allgeneral aSBStneaa letter^ and ccrre-^apordence should he ad.llrssed to TIIK^PTAM)\RI^ PUBUIH1K0 i'dUI'AM,^Anaconda Mont
TheAnaconda ItaRSsN rmrnctees Its^advertisers a, bona tlda paid dretlaalUS,^Dally and Sunday, three times greater^than that of any oHicr newspaper pub-^hahed In the stati of Montana Advertl'-^Inr contracta win be madi auhjacl to thl^^^1. .niee
fany nenon eauirht ateallng the Stand^^ard from subsTlher*.
Alltrain newt aeenta In Monlnna lira^tapplled ^lih mlllclnii aaaJSM ^^' ^The
Anarnnil-iStandard^ lo Inert Ibe ile-^aa.liel. II 0111 cannot get a niidnrd
alasat I rata, MasMf tepurt the run,^aeadittg aaaaWr of 1 rata atui ratlpaaaS, la^rtiriilalluc liinarliii. nl, ^ rtie Anacmda 1^Manilaril,^ Ainirimita, VI1111I.
SATI'ltBAY.JCI.Y 17. 1S^;
Michiuiilland Molll 11 mi.
.ACK In the alxtlea^It wa* (hiring^l*Ct and t*N or thne year*^11 , r, after^lh( re w eie phnty of^men iounginc aliout the copper 1 amps^of Michigan who deetnltii; IkSMMlVW^oracles In their lino, pp'dii ltd that tin^t'alumet and Hula mim 1 mild never^be u Rood BSPpSf piopi ity Tin mound^was iiulte too hard. Iliev said, c.ppir^couldn't ooHsjldy live in It.
Theirarc men In tills nail of the^M(1 I e ho haaN this pari of mlk thirty^odd year* ago. Thty were on the^ground, too. ^hen shares In the t'alu^^met and Heclu were ofTired at one or^two dollars .1.ni went l^ s^ins at thai^There is a gn at deal of romance In cir^^culation respecting the early txparl^MStt of this famous Mil hl^an nilm ami^n-|.itini. some of the nun v.ho. ul^one time or ammli 1 laSVi baas oattaajpt-^ed with II: liul II II not easy lo decide^how much of I'lis la'k Is wUh'n lhe^realm of Iruih. The -ijlisiiint .ul, plain^prime fad that sui\n..-. Iiomomi, js^that tin- ahaicN that Weill ul a luggar's^flauies in lM^r. ate 1 in li worth *:r.'i 10-^day. All that a man in did was a lit^^tle hunch of them- there an those who
nerclucky enough to :.. 1 .1 1 nun n
Thismorning the Standard prints In^special correspondence a letter that |^five* Interesting figures iv^|n cling cop^^per operations in Miclngun. The tlgure* I^for la*l year s output aie 1 spe^ inlly at^^tractive for the Slandards nudeis.^first. Iici aviso llM) mark s|i|endi'l totals^In mining aihieviment and. In the SB^end place, hvcaus- Hatl Mini.est a com^parlaon v |;h that whhh our own tertl-^tnry apcompliahes. It uppiar.s that Btl^of the copper prop* nies in Mn higan^Including the falunni and Heclu.
which sonn excellent |pie are
*till styling the grandest cop- 1^per propeity in the world ^ pro^^duced for the IwsivaaBjoaHJa, |aj raaaaj^numbers. 1 :^ 000 ihki p..i,n^|s ,,( , iiined^1 oppi f,,1 1 w 1 l\ 1 month a/Met
pracllcalhcovers tin- same months, the^Anaconda aaaipany produced l.'l.iHai.iaai^and a little betler Thus the copper^produi t of the Anaoinda 1 on.pany was^six million pound* less than the total^product of all the coppi r properties In^Michisati
(ifcourae. the other capfMr propcrtlca^In Montana *end this state far nln ni^of Mii hUan -we are now comparing one^rompany here with Michigan s ai;^i.-^gate. As there weio ihos*' who knew^that the ('aiuunt ami ll.ela araaM^prove a failuie. so in Mi. iilgan. in ! 11 r^year*, then w.i. th.we who aTara n y^positive that the attempt to 1.1.1 k .1^aucco** of 1 op;.1 r mining in Montana^would never do. These prophets of fail^^ure are a good deal wiser than tiny^used to be; whether they are re her or^not may be a question
Theyear's produi t for the Baataa^and Montana and tin Unit, ami Eas^^tern propertle* was aleaii ..ii.oiki.isi.i.^Other* properties in the slat, added^eaaily *(i OOO.ono pi.un.ls Tin IMaSMM^In Montana's favor Is so ^i.at s to^preclude the |siaailillit\ ..f the lata Hal-^Ins cueealng respecting the future that^will lie the feature at tin- ABSCOaaSS^driving paik to-day when Senator^Bland and Ostler Joe settle a thing or^two concerning, not months of tin year^and millions of pounds, but ounces of^weight and aeconds of time.
a I a
TheKrlar'a Keall/utlon.
FORonce the New York newspa^^per* are practically at an a^r. 1 -^ment regarding the molt* of a^turf event -they unite in denoun- ng^Tha Friar'* ruanlag of tha rasUsstiaa^slake* last Saturday. The result of^that performam e sho,i..t ^,. Th^Friar, at a certain distance and with^certain weight. Is eaalb the liest horse^of hla age on th Annrlcan turf Hi^waa In company whhh included some^of the faatest horses In Amern a and^waa able to dispose oi |hem with no^dUBctilty whatever. This perk rn.ance 1
fvor,ha* aroused ihe universal crltl-^eistn and 1 omleinnal Ion thai have I.e. 11^engendi 11 d l.y Tim Trlar affair. Mi^i r v. Ivan add*;
Aslrlkltia Indication of the universal^^ity of feelltlK w.is given by Hie newspa^^pers. 1 Is often claimed, nnd doubtless^wllh sonic trath, lhal in w.ipat.er 1 rltl-^. ism of riiclna. as nf oilier BMttSfa, U liw^iinliatupered In this country, lint whin^e\.r\ ir.etropolil.in dally vleas sr^ h a^mi ller In tin -..m. HgBt. wIn 1 the ajpajal^1 nnsi rvatlve wllti rr take the I.lend al^view of ihe most radi.-il Baffsts In 11^ajiofa mo.lie..! form. I bars iiiust ba tire,^atui 1 -I, tily of It. Is'hlnd sueli smoke. TI.e^racias paMtr's ataaanaatratioa, the hisses.
Ins.isami villn Hi it itrieied. not The^KrlHr. lull the Marral 'mket. ^trttrli ev-^1 cry one with a ke.-n i-ciitlmct:! that ii.tr-^tiHik mure of hoirur than anything else^It was. Is-yond 11 shadow of iloulu, tin-^1 most lameulnhle occurrence thm has ta^^ken place since the t'irf spramc Into new^life under the Jockey chili, and li will ilu^more to set back Ihe sport .11 popular^eateer.l 111.Hi ' .iii lie wlaeil out in months.
Hutthe whole affair seem.; Ilk ly In^end in 1 ill lilt-111. The inietlng of Ihe^C n ^ Maafl clul' 1 mli d. and Ihe^Hi win da did nothing In the case. Til ^^Filar will run i.lher races, prokil.l;.^this year, lull II i.t mil like!.' that lie^rSaMsatiaa affair will lie luought up l:i^an oil.1 ml way.
liiuI\^ ill Do It.
DINOIaaaTItariff hill was^posed 111' 11 nn asurc ^fur iv-^The sponsors fot this hill^have BHPSBjaaW*] tlnniseK.s lhat they^M SM aSMM on the continued favor nf
thosewin. ealjias laafaaaarrM demo^^crat* SU|i|olted the laildl.lar;, Wt Mi.^McKlnl. ^ . MTn theory wan thm, slum^these people eonsld. red themselves, re-^sp ilr il.le lor the election of the gnl.i-^liug |.ioti eiion tick.i they STOaM deem^themselves hound to put their larlff^oplnh ns ssMI and sustain the admin^^istration. Holding this view, the inan-^agns of the tariff measute went to^I-anths iinli'i'id ol in Huir willlnvness^to phase the forpnrutioiis and th.^ti n: in,
Il Is StSre tli 1111 Hi. Koldliilg-ilemn-
etatsaaraaaaafi bm patiently Madare,^inn in,tin maatlaaaaT-aaad tai bssmi
.1twaaty of them that eiinnoi SS*tw
1licit ooaraaa sp to Um aolal af inais-
1tig the ii.lmiiiisiriillon s tariff MIL ob^tin- c.iiir.'iiry. those lourn.il.'i now tie.^i hue ihnt the McKiaftey admiiustra-^tlaS has not k |.t fulth. that it wsi^sltcted ^ti the proposition thai II would^sei the . BITMtC] t^ lights sad BUD tin-
sUvtrltaaku 111inn; that it la daallacUy
ignoringtin- i|ticstlon wlih h il ajraSt-
Isadpromptly to deal wltk, ami thai,
as1 iln ilemoi rati.' organs that
helpedto i. t McKlasty m rapMMtpA M
isthe -ai.:. ..Li and very-had rapPh
lban party.*'
lllusira'm .0 ihe feeiing with which
ih.se demo, ratie aawapapae raayard lha
situationis Hi' pointed 1, tinn 1; of the^New leal\tii Itcglslcr which says, re^^specting the long talUed-of ^relief,^^thai ^imniediutf relief will lie felt by^th country he, a use Ihe tariff debate la
aarer.M Maahly the Raariatei ad.is thai
II*^tariff views are too wall known to^nuulre comment.^ The New Haven^journal cannot refrain from lemark-^ing. howt'Vi 1. lhat it is itsi less 10 deny^that in Ihe hill the cn-at aRgrcgatlnn*^of capital In th- country have Ihvii^g.nerously looked after. ' and thut It^remains to lie seen wh.ih.l tin hill^wlnn made law will prove aii fMPBT'^et,emint to the revival of industry.^^The recent mails have I roi'iht dosena^of d.-moerstlc t xi hangi s- all excellent^pew spapers- in which I* found dlssul-^MM lala - f this sort. There Is sim^^ply Ihl* In he said: Ihcse liews| iim-im^are getting exintly a hnt ihey bar^^gained for. Tht y did not fly lo evila^they wot not of^ wtuii they permitted^tin- elet th n of those w ho an now in^power.
Wehe:..-v.- that Ihe wiiPspnui feel^^ing to which ^e have i.lVrretl and^winch is - xi inputted constantly m the^comment of certain democratic newa-^pa|m-rs of high stand.il,;. will n. ar use^^ful fruit. Thi v speak for theunanda nf^^ Itlaena who are In an did place Three^clllien*. are BBS for HcKlaley ^,. thisJa
notat all; nor do they like the eauae^which van stands lor, Y.t theso^two men represent-d. aid.- f^i side, all^Ihirc wa* in tit- piesnlcMial cam^^paign last year and. man., stly, thla^Issue i^ all then- wiii ha In the presi^^dential election ;h e. ...^ hence.^Those who cannot array Ihrnisi lias on^one side or the other of s wHI.d,fined^national Isaue are nut in normal con^^dition.
Itmust be that Hate and the discui-
llolt II II a pin 111 d .
mWashington eorres|ioiidi nt^^ i ihe IT.ilud.lphla I'l'.ss .ays^It I* demon.-,! rated that so 1.^Uivv dage anil others who have urged^il I'lisident lo semi a eurreney.com-^mission message to eongnss an- not^as wis* as the reptildlcau hatlera In^congrens who have advised against^such a course.
So.11 tnry QpSJi is I MP of charm^^ingly hop.iui teiaparaaatat. lie fan-^1 n s 11 in 1 .\. . v tlnin; ihe adiiiliiislni-^II1111 hapiiiiis lo want or proposes to^spring goes euro he I* a novice in th ^^luisliiens of governing Ihe country.^Sicniary (luge wanted Hie commis^^sion mailer taken up right off. It^li.nl been supposed lhal tin- prealdoiil s^scheme had been checked when, be.^hold. Ihe warning words got out that^his message was to he si lit al once to^lonuriKs ' there Is reason for li. Mov^^ing. ' says the Philadelphia Pro*^,^that Ihe president did make up IPs^mind to send It.^ A liv ly hustle^toward Die while house ensued. Mr.^Dlngley. Mr. Allison. Mr. Quay and^oihir* hastened lo insure the presi^^dent that It would 110' do. They^ill Ki I 1 hSl, 1 veil If t ho lion 1 ;aji ^^itv could he held, the senate is in the^liar.ils of the sllverllc*. and that tiny^have I lie majority on Ihe ilmuut mm-
Ilis not at all piolmlile 1h.1t the^pn shit nl's plan could have held the^rt publicans In the house but. in any
treat,there would as re hssn plenty
oftroul.il in the senate had the presi^^dent persisted. Senator Jones, of Ar^^kansas, remiiikcd that il would prob^^ably lake several months 10 secure a^rati BP Ihe pipfjopsa] BatasaPa Sena-^lor Tt Her expressed the opinion lhal^the hill would nut reach a roti hafSTS
ii. 01 nataer.
Theiidminlstralion cannot
M .'tailed out wlih
tothe opposition^Hon will Undel'tHke^111.its through tariff^you just stand aside,^hill lo puss and give^thut la nil we ask^nunlmity thai has seldom been i how n^In BBtftaaaJ polilUs. the opposition tad^this. It pirn.iilid lo lie passi d in ihe^s. Hate a hill which it could have
stiangied. it s. 1 up n 1 harrier!
IhepPBSSPt di lay lii Ihl progress of^th- triilil hill is not tl'.e work of the^sllveritcs hut i f ihe sugar trust as^^sist, d hf repuliHi tins w ho w ant SSSi -^thing inure for favoriil corporations,^thnn they have yet secured.
TheNew Yolk 101 n s|n^!i.I. nt of the^Philadelphia Press reporls I Tom lh.it^end In these words; ^Almost every^one of our hankers who ha* la-en con^^sulted .-ems to he of the opinion thai^any good results whhh may lie oh^1 rill' * I from Ihe appointment of a^monetary eoinmlrsioii will be batter^set tired if thul commission l^o orgau-^iii.l aaPI winler than If it In- epaatas'^BBS ^ W hy next winter should he a^Better lure than now fur the inaugu^^ration of the president's pollt ^. OPM^not appear. It may be. ihougli. thai^lie' republican manager* and the New^York bunkers expect to he engross. I^until holiday time iralUhlBg the^heulih-giving opcrullous of tin I Him -^ley attempt lo tax the country Into^ptospci My,
Theudininistta-^to restore good^h'Kislat inn. Now^I^ 1 mil this tariff^us a fair show^Willi a niaK-
,l.l|.1 o
choosingBMt Hut:
displaysprett;^Spain as h 1
boot taste 111
artBar Far the
Thereport .hat General Weyler has^lieen wounded would be more siitisfae-^toit 11 it placl him In Ihe killed eol-
Si.am1 xtemls the glad hand to the^mikado and -III thank him to extend^her a palls ale leg.
^ i
Thethvation of the negro Is pro-^Kt.sslng rapidly m Alabama. t^o af^him having teen sIiuiik 11)1 within the^hist IS hour*.
Hisub s I 1 hip on I'^appears to have a b,
miher hui:dn.
rshoulder, Japan
idcuse of osacerl
Thefact thai M1lw.1uk.es city hall^hHs been robl.nl w .u!.l null, ate that^the Milwaukee aldermen have found^the city contruil business so depressed^that tluy are driten to . \l 1. 1.1111. s^ii ^ 11
ihesilver cup lhal Salt l^ike pi.^s.-nte.l I'.t s.ni will in \it (pap his silver^!^ i c.li-
TheAtlanla merchaiit who with^great dlmiultv committed suicide by^cutting his throat with a fruit knlf..^four.tl ares that khid of businea* very^Ml.
^ 1
Inlb. ,] laii.-' assays of M, Kiult .^ore. Kxpelts Dun and Hrads!ii-et are^unal-le la find SI good a time of pi .im^^peril y as they riportrd thre- weeks^ago.
Itla announced that A111 ^lie Klve*^has a new novel up he. sleceve. Pre-^pare t. r ar.olher hot wave.
lieK. V Smallcy scenia to have^made Hi. mistake nt tin Trans Mis-^alssi|i|tl eoagr. ^s of thinking that he^was ajomehodv
TenKyi k. Ihe American oarsman^appears to Is- BPBMPjBBMJ of a ten^sttoa
1 ^ a
III1 nne.queniv of the coniniued fail^^ure of the tariff conferees to agree on^the senate schedule, ihe sugar niar'ut^In W all street yesterday was 11 nous
amiuneasy. It may again be BJBBBs-^| sary for the trust stagnate* at Wash^^ington lo BBRM dow n b 1 ^^ - u-ar will^go Ul., t
Mr.Iteed feels that It h lid get at^; thai tariff 1 nlinm p cona few
minutesan asreenniit .id so^through on sugar achnlule tune
iaai t m
WeIruat lhat BapStlM In Toronto^will remove all d- ulu ml r ialnty^I as to what club la lead ig the Bpwoftp^league
ThaitaVeyaai tubing trust will htala^late before taking a new tack in any
Thel omincrclal ag. r.cy rapaartf thla^niornim: again indb ai that so far as^prosperity is concerned, thi* ^unity is
strictlyout of it
Diningthe lull In i n . .on, 1..- 0 ,11
iiehaieon the subje. 1 Baveral million
Hiesare allghliug on M Kinl ^ - Cuban
pathy with isith feet
JohnSherman setiu^ to b Mi,ii-iii'^^for a return of Int-ileiuallty.^^ ^ aa
WhileIhey are about It. the Japs ami^Spaniards might as uell invite Eng^^land to 1 heir little antl-Amerlcan mu-^1 aliale.
1 Still, as secretary of stale John Sher^^man In not so bad Hut I'm I luiu'.at^Austin lias written ,1 imeni about him.^1 ^
It.O Dun ^ i ^ , pio.p. iny bluff^appear* to have retirel from politics.
AfterMr. Snnilli v of St. Putil had^championed goldbugiatn ul Salt l.ak ^^yesli rday. the vote in favor of that^doetrln- lost 110 time in gelling In line^{ with th^ gentleman's name^^ ^ -
IfIt I* true tha' (iencral Weyler is^wounded, he is BPly partially paeiiled^and the Cubans V ill hardh leel satis^^fied until they have mad a cninplPtS^Job of it.
Asfor ^The March of Hi.- Tea Vir^^gins^ produced at lht Halvnlion Amy^' bin 1111 ks In thla i lly lust evening.^Anaconda lm^ siin| ly lo say th p are^others.
^ 1
MrIv V. Sniallev thdocted to the^Trans-Mississippi congress taking a.
1lion In favor of free BBiaapa on the^ground that silver w is. a partaSSS is^^sue. Had there BBSS Hm poaalhllty of^lite passuge of a gildbug resolution,^Mr. B. V. SniiUh y. with a grout efloti,^mUht have suceenbd In llHIOlaSalSI^his (nns.ientloDs scrupl. s on that
.. 1
TheMcKlnhry aawapaperi lhal re-
eenllyhat In ell DOlTttlnC w ith pride^lo Ihe Dun and Hradstre.t mparts,^will view with aiarn the later re^^turn*.
^^ *
Slingsand Arrows.
BerlhiiWho 1 Is Hie Inlght of your am-^l.lllon. dear',' Malic (blasbingl 1 ^1 sat^iMat ls lwr.il live and a iaBM BBtl six^(Bet, Pun.
lllKRlngiiniCBPM u|. :.nd see us rome^lime. Ptapperb) -AfrfSltl sorry, but I
shallhe eiiRui',id on thai aoesaian,^Boa-
tonTrans. H. t^Mr. Ilunum Is It .1 fun that you can
Baither read nor amUsI illiterate Don't^know. Hirer triad is do aWher,^aaSstss^t maai ript.
Hasthe iiii|iaidon.ible sin ev. r 111
discovered^ 'Tes. Il Is Ihe in t of^^prhakMap ladu on a htryrla path.^-^Pkltadalphla Nonh Ain. 'n
Capital,yon know. Is universally tim^^id.^ ^How pgaer! I laSMaflhl it was the^man who was vvHiiout tin I 111. ;. who^was shy.^ ^Tvpocr.iphii il Journal.
Mr.Crlmsonlaak^What type nf girl^would you call that re Willi bloomers^^Mrs, Crimson beak^A bold face type.^^ifsshsri si ,!^ tavn.
lira!Sum tin t Qlri^N iwlnn many ..ff. r
Si'.oaii PaaaSBer GMrl v. s. i v. had to^limit proposal ipeochea to tree tiunut.^0.1. h.^New Vork Journal
JamesTin- lain falls alia- SB the just^and the sajaat, JSSjSS^ True, hut the 1111-
,iiit man is generally pis*Med with the
justman's umbrella. - Kun.
Archie1 sHnps thing evealag traae
musthe trying 10 a lady of hUSMT. Ber^^tie ^ Why* Archie -Because she e.ini^hiiilh In her si eve -Plok-Mo-Fp.^^The tourist has hit the town iiaiiln. '
saidsing Isvea, that fellow is a type,
Isn'the^^ ^Tt|i,^^^ rsspsaard Slug Seven.^^He Is a ens. . ' - TypOKraplll. al Joillillll.
lion.Hot-How did Wall street git Us^name' There is 110 wall ihete. Slock^uud
Yesthere 1 1 went 10 11 shaal a Bswth
alterI lit'^an lo BpseaatlSe l'P*lo-Dale.
TrajahNasmw sir, i eaaaal live
withoutyour ilallth'ii. Cru-I.v Kathet -^Nonsense' 'I here are pi. nty of iree lunch^Joints if ton waul Is hijut tlu-m up ^^IT, veland l.i oler.
Be-What Is a crank^ Slie Why. a per^^son w Ith on. IC 1. He Would you call me^a crank^ Sin Why. no I never uiv* you^credit for In vlnii en. I.h ...- llaltlmore^Sun
Therewns .. strange man here to see^you to-dat papa.^ said little Kthel. us she^tan to meet her father in tie hall. ^Bid^he have h Mil^^ ^No. he had just a plain^nose.' -House!, ild Words.
Husband.itroanhiKi-The th. uni.itIsm^In mt leg is coming again Wife . v in pa^^thetically ^ (Hi. I ni so son.. John! t^wauled 10 d-i sonn- shopnlng ttt da) and^thai Is 11 sure slK-i of rain. iid-Pits,
TeacherHow many dlvlshuia ol man^^kind are there^ Bobby^My paw say It Is
ilbldedInto Hie people who . urn il living
withoutpatting it and tho-. who set a^living without earning li.-Clnclrn.itl^Km- ilrcr.
HobI doni ^ ^ much use 1.1 my slndy-^luar Qeask, Ill Fat hi - Why not my -on^^Hob^Aeeordlng lo all acoiinls there^Mini agoln |o Is- ant Hreeks ..iter awhile.
1 think 1 11 stud) TastUah. Harper's
Twonder.^ .ill the fair lu.lr.-d mall.^If Ihere wilt Im- atiy more lave w!.. 11^woman 1^ iln- .0 kn.-w letliied peer of Baa a^In Inlelln t.^ ^What.^ asked ihe rln nn. n-^I' ba. ht-lor. ^has love got la do with In^^tellect ^^^Cincinnati Knqulrer.
Ahumorist h-ips g.tyly BpBS the step^of an omnibus ami . rles cheerfully to the^londintur ^is |h| ark full'.^ ^No sir.^^^'piles th.- ,iov I I . onductor. ^we have^kept a ^iat for ^ou What ho' within^tin re^ Kocm for iln monkey Tld-tllts.
'My t hllil do yaa think he has ihe fori e^of pemev. ram . to raise MBSaM lo your^level^^ ^I um -ure he has. mamma. Why.^time you forKolt.il Ml. tin-..- the ebvn-^lor was hrok. 11 how in- , iimb- I ihe whole^aSjM storie- ^^ Da I rail Journal.
'I have obsenrit.^ said Ihe sw. i^young thing. ^IB*I it l^ the BaSS who ha-^nrvtr marrletl who knowa nil about wo^^men.^ ^Certainly ^ sattl Hit unhappy^^ ^achelor. ^It la the man who knows all^about women who never Banrrles.^^Cin^^cinnati Knnulrrr
jn-ww .^ . 1 w waaa.
Fninitin- Del ^ it Free Press
Wevi rly. wham da yap go for the^sum nit r^
Well.II d/iean'i really make an^^dir-^ferewce. w herever we fa Mrs. 11. vtrly^will wish w had gone s-mewherc else.
The t iirloiia T) p. it riling Machtaa That^Una .1 Keen liitertetl.
Thetypewriter girl will be saved a^htap of trouble If the invention of^ileoige K. Anderson of Brooklyn, who^has Just patented a new typewriting^machine proves a ^uc. ess.
Inihe past numerous attempts have^been made by Inventors to devlae a^practical mat hint- which would write^words at one stroke Instead of single^ItttSfl Much clever work has been^done In Hi. . direction, hut up to this^time there has been no machine in^the market which will accomplish the^work.
KarlyIn the hiatory of the typewriter^1 h.:. w . re also many schemes for mak^^ing machines which w ould do steno-^aTraphle work. Some of these were em^^bodied In metal, and others got only ae^far as drawins*. which may or may^not have reached the patent ottlce.^'ilher* still never get outside of the^heads of the inventors. That there I*^a field open for each of these classes of^machine* Ihere can be no doubt. The^machine Invented by Anderson is meant
10take the place of ordinary shorthand^wilting;, at the rame time making a^record which can be read by any one.
Mr.Anderson says that in his studies.^BIBBS In preparation for devising this^mac Bias, he found the speed of operat^^ing the ordinary typewriter was clearly^limited by ths fait that but one key^01 aid In- touched at a time, and but
onecharacter prtoiad at a tiara, while
witheach of these operation* the feed^^ing ami shifting mechanism had to be^moved. By a lingering system which^would bring all the fingers into play^tln sc operations might he hastened, but^not enough. On the other hand. If all^Hie tlngirs could be made available at^nin e to si leet the letters for a word^and then ihe word hs printed with a^aJaagte stroke of the hand, he Inlaw I^mat the necessary speed would be ob^^tained to take speeches, testimony . r^1 01 respondr tu e from dictation Instesal^of having to use pen or pencil und^ihorthaad characters. This whole af^^fair occupies a space only six Inches^^qtamm and goes Into a case which is^only two Inches deep, after the roll of^papsr Is removed and Its holder folded^dow n. The machine and Its case weigh^about two and a half pounds.
Allthe letters and charai lets that are^to he printed are to be found marked^Upon the K! kiey*. which lie next to one^tltothsr sTKfcta the four outer key*. If^ysh picks upon any of these keys with^^out touching either of the outer keys,^you will lind thai you have printed the
11tter or charm tor which Is marked on^the end nearest the operator. Now. if^you w anl to print any of, the letters In^the S eond line, you can do It by press^^ing ut the BBSM time upon one of the^outer keys. v. hlch ure marked ^con's^line -^ nr ^low's line 2.^ which bring^fi rwsrd 1 ilher Ihe consonants or voweis^as thsy may PS wanted. So. also, with^line ft Plgures me printed by using^the fingers of the right hnnd while
prsaatapa h rat at the left or the head^of the machine.
Itv III ba noticed, also, thai the 16^hays are SB arranged that Ihey (an he^reached and SpSfStSd In pairs, so lhat^SMS linear can press down either otic or
bothhaps af each pair.
Atwork the palm of each hand rSSM^upon the cuter shifting keys, lbs little^Hi ^' ra upon the next sniping ki ys, liie^third, second und first fir.gi rs ill oril. r^upon Ihi BSXl keys, and the thumb^upon thoso which ure clustered at the^front of the center of the machine.
IIIs no; Contended that accurate^spoiling can always be done, or that
writtup ran i,(. produced which would
dofor cirri spoiulomc; but It l.-i al^^ways possible to do phnn.'te spelling,^and al inch stroke to print either the^whole of a word or a great part of It.^The printing apparatus Is cast on^clients Of a circle, like those used In
the Hammond typewriter, inn very
muchsmall r. Tin so segments lie Just^over the bach ends of the keys. With
on.-line of letters arer east key. The
shiftingki ys merely turn those seg^^ments to expaaa the prapar Has of type.
andthen when the keys are pressed^they bring the paper and ink ribbon^up against Ihe type and malic tin- im^^print. With cash movement Ihe paper^is fed forward the width of u line.^^ ^ 1
laseStaWill V I Attnili 11 Man MiH ring^I'roni Malignant l-Vver.
In11 town In the Interior of Asia^V..ma where I resided some years and^Sham malarial fever was at ail times^vi r^ common, 1 freouer.tly noticed that^w hen the w ind blew from the direction^Of s ^ amps in the vicinitv, bringing^numbers of BaOBQUltOB, there would bo^I an Inert use in th^ number of nu n. both^SatlVS and Kuinpean. down with BrVSt^about a week later. Had the wind
bronchithe ma atrial, or dust contain^^ing fevir psrSM from the swamps, the^Incnase in number nf fever cases^might have been expected within two^or thre. days but us generally a week^elapsed some .ess direct cause was lo^be asMMfcti and I always thought the
]mosipiltos were the culprits.
Thosewho have suffered much from^f. ver are generally Immune from the^usual pain of mosquito bites, nnd I have^h ard BStives ray that they have suf-^fl 1 d so mini- from li ver that strap the^mos'iuit is will mi bite tin 111. During^the summer months. In certain localities^In the Interior, laborers are exposed to^the bid and stings 1 f luranlulas and^orpkMta. I have frequently seen men^titling sevi nil linns In the same season.
iand found that invariably the; suffer^|, as ft 0111 ^ .. 1 h sueces u ve si int. 01 bile.
Thetost liook printed by machinery^was Blenienhach's Physiology. POT.
Gatsup Rested in the Mornings, With^a Good Appetite.^^ I have used Hood's Saritaparilla and^thinfc very highly ol it. I Drat took two^bottles ol it which helped me very much.^Since then I have kept it In the house and^whenever I feel weary and do not know^whst is wrong ebout me, I resort to^Hood's Horsaporiiia. It enables mc to^sle.-p soundly and I get up mornings mti'li^rested nnd with a good appetite.^ Mary^A. Doyle. 1513 Walnut 8t., Helena, Mont.
Hood'sPills cure all Liver Ills. X cents.
WilliamU Hoge. M B. Brownlee. It. C.^Chamber.t. Marcus Daly. F. IS.^Szrgeani. W M. Thornton.
ROGE,DALY ^ CO., Bankers
ANACONDA,MONTANA,^d sell Pcm.'fti. and :'. ^ Ki-^.. .^f and transact a Oenerul Hanking^EJStneee. Collections promptly atter^ed^to Kachango drawn on London. Bill^burgh. Cileagow. Dahlia, MCSSI Parta,^Hamburg. Berlin and all the leading^of Kurope.
NatlcrslPark Bank
Oirah..National Bank^First N.ntena! Rank ...
Wells.Fargo * Co
UtahNational l ank^Hoge. Brownlee ^ Co^Lsrable Bros. A Co ...
at P-'H
8r.nPr.'.ae:*r 1
..Ueer Lodga
WeAre -^Thinking
Ofmaking radical changes in the arrangement of our
Millineryand Cloak
ParisHats and Aronson's Costumes do not mix^well with sawdust, hence the desire to eliminate tho^former beforo the advent of the latter.
MillineryDept. ^ Cloak and Suit Dept,
Tosi-l ltlu- Trimmed Hats. \^Tu sell Ihe Trimmed Hat*, \vs
Lot1, Price $3.00.
ThishtivH any Hat that has lurc-^tofore sold from $5.00 tu JT.jO.
Lot2, Price $5.00.
Thisl.uys any Hat lhat was^marked from JK.tIO lo $l^r,'i.
Lot3, Price $10.00.
Thisgives MP any of our Finis'
iiomcsticor Ira ported Hats or Kssn-^ncts. no matter if they srero Paris'^Patterns that sold for $:io,00 or^tiO.OO.
LefjlioruHuts .... 'J
Wemake two lots of Women's^Keaily-Ui-W car Dresses.
'Lot1. Price $5.00.
TheseSuits were made to sell for^^8.;.^.. ^I0.0O and HSJaV Kvery one^strictly up tu date and can he worn^in Ihe fall as well us now. Take
yourpick for
Oeaatataol Bliganl Cloth Serge and
NarrSttySuits, made hy the be.st^t'nmmercial Tailms and atrlctly^OOrrSSl In ntylc. \'ulucs In this lot^up to ^::..no.
-MCmo Mackintoshes forIj.o'i
li.:. shin Walata tarN
IllJfBlcrcl* Suits for5.00
n.MPrim PTrappsrv far
M.J. Connell Co.
ElectricHoists Save Money * Small Operators
Weare furnlshlnc electric pawer for '.he fnlluv. it;,',- Indsls: urijslnal No. *,^Old (Nsry, Silver Hill. Silver Kinit. OasMa, B. !{. OravSS .Hid Hoist and Sink-^ItiK Pump for Aaa sb mine, one mile west Colorado conceniralnr.
51Fast firoaJwa-, Butt:, flontana.
Oneof the hon.laomesl and mont elefSSt-^ly nppolnled hstds In thai I'nited PtS let^Thoroughly flrcaroof mio provided with j^^^levator* electric iiella. tire iilnrr.i*. run-^nlna; water, bsihs, ste.tm heat, open tir. -^places and .-ill modern ioiiv,-*nl^nci-^.^Rooms en suite and Hlra;le. I'ulslne and^service Mrlelly llr^t-.lna^. Rules from^tt.'*) per day upwards sesSlSaPI to si-c i^BSi tharacter of rooms | eupleil
:a ^jiaroaassss^essspasspssp
:U0East Patrk Sttr-et. Hiutf, US
NowIs the time to put up fruit for win^^ter MS Iluy your fruit Jars now licfere^Ulc |.ri. en advance.
L'-iJuarl Maasa JHt's. dosenII.H
1-yii.irt Mason Jars, doxeu el
Pint Mason Jar.-, doscn
Peaches, box s*i
.'lbs Hood Apples
liestBr ed Flour, sark
1Ih Plui: I'l^. RflMMag Tohncco^C Bars Umts' Washlns Soap -
IBerry 1)1 Ins
(iWater Otusses
J ('nils Peaches
3Cans Corn
:iBnrs Perfect Soap
yuanBottle C. 6 B. Chow ....^1 lb ijoc l K. B. Tea
V\hen you hrave^u house for reat.
Wl!n you havo^a hous^ for sale.
I . vou hiivo^rooms for rent.
IFbe Insurance I^s \
at)Berir. .^i tla I.saU.j; i\rri^a cad at^fi(-.a.. r f
ise. e\MA ^* os
Thor^orft;ir^^ of Violots
TanI jr.ty of tho IPy, the f(low cf the rose,^.ind tha fiqah of Hebj combine roexoMi's

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