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Hn.M. R Rmnnt.e an.I familv will^leave Tu- mljjy foi KlMTniclr ranch to^*pend nomr linn as tin- guest, ..| Mi^^Marrua Daly.
Mr*.E. A. Upton and children *c-^companv Me. Tipton next week In at^Ml the race meeting In Butli Theii^hcadquarii r* will t. th* Butte hotel
Thrpuni. ^I Si Marks Sun^la^^*^ haul al IV-er L.stge on W^ dnanda)^^u in ever} reapecl a highly ^ njoyabli^affair
Mr.and Mrs I. 0 Smith will vlalt^lliwrsidc ranch during the week.
Mra.R. F laggat. with.her daugh^ter. Mum Kuth Ltggnt. apenl the da)^In Anaconda ye*lerday the mi^Mi** Rlanrhe Kins. Thi v attended the^race* during ihi afternoon.
IIW Murphy nf Haniilli.il wan an^Anaconda visitor during the week
('.E. Rio. whom- father and mother
have ben visiting thi- ^'rtlif.nn
pointsof Interest enjoyed ^ f- ^ .lav-^of their oonipanv h. fore thi-y proceed-^ed on their homeward Journey via the^National park
MlMOraiv Winner ^ ntertalned a few^friend* Informally Friday evening I*--^fore the departure -if soMM of thi- vis^^iting young ladle*
Ml**Teresa o'Doiunl has In. ti^*pi 11.ling I tu past \ii-i k at St. Ann ^^ho*pltal nursing a disabl-d nun
MissMaty CI'M ami Miss Ida
Mar.hl.ui went t.i Dillon yesterday,^where they will *iiend a in. nth visiting^Mine Lucy tSramtiH and attending th^^^umnii-r Normal school held In that^eft) .
M.T Piste* and Mr tTPonaho* of^the Copper *'^^ companv li-ft Tues-^day for New York and other Kaal m^cities. Th-v will be gon. six w ^ k-
JamesT Hanford of tju-at Kails in^at the Montana
Ml**Agne* Hyrne left for her home^in Seattle Friday and Srtil intnd her^vaeation on th . I'm itli-t oast.
Ks. Harhaugh visltod Anaconda^Tuesday
Thefsmllv ..f Leon Kataenatrln will^remove to Had Rack th* tunning w*eh
toopen uii u promising liUHiiir- ,n^that thriving town. Mrs Katg nsi.in^th daughter of David Cohen of thin^etty. Is really one of the pioneer* of^I^-. i 1. ^.ig. county, and will lie sort I \^missed bv a large i in le ol frit-ndl and^aeiiualntanees. who wish tin in Mftcoaug^in their urn aotr*
E.D. Matis. th^- silver-tongu d org*^tor.^ retui tied In.in Salt Lake Thurs-^day.
Mr*.B. A. Horely and sister. Mi^s^firenn. were Itutte visitors Wedneeda)
MissHelen M I'latl of MaiulowcN.^Wis., who has In i n making the Imir of^California and the Pacific roast, i* the^guest of Mr*. I. Q Smith at the Mon^^tana and will visit hi mule. J. ^^^Vila* of Livingston before making.th,^trip through the Yellowstone park.
Iti.hard Jladdow of Unite arrived In^Anaconda yesterday to Join hi* wife,^who has been visiting Mrs. F. K Sar-^geant fur several days during the past^Week.
JudgeHorace R. Bin k of Helena Is^visiting Judge DtWItl al the Montana^during thi absence of Mrs DeWItt,^w ho. w ith her son. Runili y DeWItt, I*^visiting her father in Helena.
M.P. ijleeson of Mlddletown. Ohio.'^visited his sister, w ho IN sides on upper^Locust street, during the pasi week,^returning to the East Thursdav
W. 1. Huge is a Salt Lake visitor
whocombines the pesasare of grailing^hi* old friends with the nereaetly of^looking after business Interests in thai^beautiful c ity.
Mis Agms Belle Katie, who ipenl^the past two weeks in Ana. inula, the^guest i f hu ailiil. Mis. M. II. Brown-^lee, returned to Helena Monday, leav^^ing a ho^t of friends |g mourn her de^^parture.
MarkMeKlHtr m and wife have se^cured a house and will reside In Ana^^conda during the summer months.
Superintend-ni\V. II lliiriis and^family leave during the week for their^tour of the Pacific i oast.
TheYoung Peseta'* QuUd of St^Mark s church, under th. angel vision^of Mrs. Kinnle.it and Mrs. Salisbury,^are doing agcetleal work and will n,^cept i on l nl.ii 11. .ns of inalerial. which^may la- left at the r**ld^nre of Mrs^Salisbury, on LocU*t Street, near Ihe^t-orner of Sixth They will I.. p|I
to 1 ^ , civ e \ im s hi l ieuds , \ , i I
Fridayatn-i n, T, ^ ., n ,d
Mrs.John u Fan.-ll reiurned from^Salt Lake Wednesdav in a spc ia| ear^Mr*. O'Farrelt is Mill sererel) ill Her^many friends hope gar racoi ry may^be speedy now that aha is In In r own^home.
Oahnariand Mrs Johnston left Twee-^dsy for St Paul and will vlsii Chicago^and Cincinnati before returning to^their home in Lexington, Ky
Thomaslaivell of Itutte rp.ni Sev ^^eral days during the wii k attending lo^business matters in Anaconda and see
lnga f- *J taies for recreation
Stat.Treasurer T. K. Collins of ^ |ri at^Kalis Is an Anaconda guest.
J.V. Andrews and wife are visiting^friends in ilozeman
Complaintis aftea made of the lack^of flowers in Hutt.. tiut Us Usaal whs^attendid SORH ol the v.iilous social^^^vents in Hut;, the past two weeks^Butte s aairiumsa In regard in Bowers^and verdure was easilv forgotteg It^is doubtful tf anywhere at private par^^ties more beautiful displays of liowert^could la- found ihan those which hiavt^rendered some .,f Hun - bom, ^^laral) i. ^. nil).
Mr*.C. F. Lloyd la-t Saluiday gav.^an example of what Itutte can show in^the way of wild tinner*, and thi i.xult^Was as surprising as the oft., i was . v^qulsiti Tie wonderful variety of^Montana w.ld dowers were airangul^vita the taste so rharaeteristi. . ^ \ti-^Lloyd. The party took place at the^Lloyd ranch, and in spite ,,f the threat^enlng gsaglgMt Ik n w .is a rery tall^attendance of the ladles, and the part)^was the m rii.-st Hull, has bad in^many a da^ Tie tu- i- \..i. M. -^dames Preund. Dickinson. Emerson,
MrBrldt,H ilbrook, Ith, yuinn. Mc
Hatton.New lire. Busch, Thornton^Rueger. Siapleton. Clark, Blackford,^Jack, Kenyon, Brophy Uaylord. Con-^Hell. Ke. ni Lavelle, Cory. Rockwoud,^Tuoliy. Largey, Murray Forbi* |iH. ..u^J. A. Murray. J. W. White. W McC
White.N. vi s. Slsley, R.-^l. (ItllM-rt.^Calkins Bordeaua, and Bhultg, and^Mis* s Maiks. Rool. Hum b. Illacklnton,^Hausei. Con Sherwood. Foster^Thornton, Young, Hall, Rk-karda,^Naraa, Boner. Wauen. gThkaalik k.
Wilcoxand Ihi M!**^^* Kenyon. For^the married Ladles the first prise at^euchre was won by Mrs Shaw and th.^second by Mr* Hoiaeaak. Eor the ua-^married ladi - tin- nisi prise was gran^by Miss Noyes and the mi on.I by Miss^Young.
(inTuesday .-M-nlng Miss Doili.^,\o^es gav. a very Jolly dancing patty^at the Noyes nsuli tier in honor or Miss^Mauser. Then wen nearly 60 guests^The pralor rti^.t^ were canvaaed and^tin house was beautifully decorated^w it h How ers and palms.
tinWednes.lHV ^ \ening Mrs. Clllis^and Mrs Hamilton gav. a .bllghtfui^card party al l.vndab The llrst prise^al euchre was won by Miss i'lisliiki
Keayoa.tin- *n.l by Mr*. Ilolbrook.
thethird bv Miss Shervv.sul and the^fourth bv Mrs White.
OnFriday evening Mr and Mrs M^J Con in II gave a beautiful dancing^parly. Tie elaborate ui decorations
madeth- house a dream of loveliness,^and altogethti il was one of the pi. t^llevt private .lain lng parties Itutte b.is^had.
Theraces start on Tuesday and from^all in.Iii alioiis thr) will be generall)^attended by Itutte s ms l.lv |m-o|ib . The^race nakaag is I he gala tlggg of the^year In Butte, and It hi Is fair lo Ihi^gayer than i ver this y.-ar Small par^^lies for the race* are already b lng or*^ganlzed and the grand stand at the^track is bound lo be bright with the.^.Ires*, ^ of Itutte * lovely ladies.
Ml-CfclMg and dggghllll l tinned^to Helena Ft'ldav all r two weeks in^Battl as the guests ol Mi- William
Thompsonand Mrs. Qillla,^Mis Htcksaan gad Miss Hickman
Bt a^ the Until- hotel.
Jaik Leggat. mother and Bister, n^tin in d front tin- park on Thursday.
J.M ijuiiin I'etuiii ^l Mlav from
anUtendsd trip Fast
Mr.and Mrs. Hoot catertgkstd at
IInin i Thursdav evening Mi. and Mis.
M.J. Conaell and Mkm Hauaer.
Mrs.J.din W. Cotter gave a merry
chlidren'ipart) yeaterday afternoon.
Mi-John .Ma. Naught and son. Don^^ald, hav. i turned Irom the Raat. They^are living at No. -II North Idaho^street
.Mis Wllilir Piiikliain returned v.-^tel.lav from Indianapolis and Mllwau-^k'e. where she has bean visiilnn re|-^allv es fat t kfte w ecks.
Misliugli Wilson gav. | ver\ pretty^htnekson on Monday ill mm af th^Misses Child of Helena
Invitationsate out for a musical.' to^be given by M. H. I Mrs. bll. Id on Tues-^da.v evening.
Dr.M o Nov in left last weak for New^York, and will in- absent about six^vv.. ks.
Abouttil of iii, voiim; frlsndS of Miss^Ida Jolly gave ln-r a surprise pally^Monday evening at her hoWtf, No M^I'tab avenue, in honor of her fotir-^lei nth birthda)
Avery pIcHsunl Wedding look phi. e
Tuesdaynil in at the home ol Mra,
ThompaoMi No, I CM Talbot avenue,
William H, W.-ed and Man K. Lln-
duskywen- the ronirnotlng part lea.
BartMiddlewolt supported tin groom^and .Miss Anna Liadusky did Ilk hon^^ors for Hie bride. After the ill^nv.
whichwas p rfornted by Rev. I New^^ton Roberta a wedding dlnngt was^given, al which the following friend*^sat down Mr. and Mrs. Oeorg* R.^Davi.s. Mr*. J. F M Bvoy, Mrs. Will-^lam Kvans. Mrs. Ttsunini Brown, Mrs^T. Adams. Miss oiiie Adams, Meaara.^John Love. Johnny Unyd, Robert^^hart, Bdward Bataey, And) McEvoy.
Thebride was the recipient of many^beautiful and ...siiv presents, THs^In lib and gr.Him bit mi tin ' :n irain^fur Salt Lake, whet, the) ,n spending^a few days.
!iurge Day and family have return*^w4 from OaaglsBi
JudgeWilliam Plane) has returned^from a visit to his old home in Mis^^souri.
J.Hi Letrang an.i John B. i: ad hgvs
nI UI'lied ft inn Sa It I ,ake
MrsJam s A Talbott and Miss ,lo-^m- Tallinn hav, gone to California,^where Mi-.- Jooia grill be placed at^si haai
LWlntei halt, i has I. It t.e a v i-n t,,^his old bom.' in ilertnany
It.vand Mrs S It Tab,,:. Mr Hn.l^Mrs K o Moms and R II Morris
hav.-gum- to Mrrh crash lahag on a
Mi- Dr Clrigg i nti rtalned ^ sunt bet^of friends at vv hist on Wedneaday even^^ing in honor of Professor S. idlemayei
Thahosssrs ware rarrlad oh* by Jaskga^^herwood and Mis j, McLeaggan.
Themembers ..r Batte ksagr of wi
menof the World entertained their^friends very pl.nsantly at their bulge^loom on Thursday evening. There^wiie song*, recitations, instrumental^music ami oilier Int.Testing feature*,
losing with refreshment*. .
WA Clark has ret inn..I from g^business trip to Arizona.
Mr.and .Mrs. F, I!. Fair gig visiting^In Salt Lak.
Mr.and Mrs J,inn s II Lynch will^arrive home from Salt I .K^ this after^^noon
FlankM. Louard returned to bis^home in l.ihhy We.In. -sdav after
Spendingtwo Weeks ill this city.
PratJ I' H^drlrhi has rilmnad
fromMilwaukee, where he attended^the meeting of the National Teachers'^assoi latioii
O,It. Ilarnard and I'd llaiuai.l of^Wis. onsin are the guests of A W. liai -^Hard of this , itv
Mrsi ^ F rmnaal of Salt Uik. is^the guest of Mr and Mrs F .' Flavin.
MrsFrank Shaw entertained a num^^ber of her friends at Inn. h.-on on^Tin sday.
Mrand Mis Howaid l'as.hal have^return, d from the Fast.
InDeer Lodge. .
De.r Liilge. July :4. Tile s... ial Side^of Ih-r Lodge has been for a fortnight^In the midst of a ggrgnM gvahMS hi of^pleasures which has shnghMsag i.e. r^ oc^^casioned ly the BjfaasSJCt in Deer^L.slge at this season of an unusual^number of socktl lights both greM and^small, from outside . ..miniinu i. * The^de|ianuii .,r a numb, i af social favor^^ites during the past few days, boweeer,^lM S|.eak- foi u* a lull hi aoctal a tivlty.^affording an BSJSJSMtaari) tigun.tlvely
sp,skins-for the yrigsriirr lining to^catch ihfir br.ath Among the de-^iwitures which will . lui,. | rani in^the s.s Ial n alm Is noted the passing^to other m ine* ..f Mis^ |.. ,,,,^ |i,^iner^of Missoula M-ss |i.I:-),,.,, and^Miss Hndsive -.1 Avo-i rhs ha.| been^guests of Miss Alma Hte|. nU-rg for a^time and who ksfl for theli hanin yea-^terda^. Th^- return to her home In^Itutte of Miss Helen Kng I, who waa^a guest of Mr and Mrs .' .. Hurntse.^and the departun for th-ir native^h-aih of tin Mis- i:,,^| [.;ila
Klelnsc-hmldtof Helena who had been^visiting w ith Miss Lin la i.sno Will^^iams on the west sld- A thinning In^the rank* of the m^|. contingent Is^noticeable in the .1 partu^ for his
homeIn Klrksvllle. Mo . last Wednes^^day of the llev llowsrd M Pressly. a^stinleni In th-- Siill sanitarium of os^t.opalhv Mi I'ressl) while here de-^liv.' .1 a nuniber of eloquent sermons^ami gave our p. ..pie a great deal of^enlightenment on Osteopathy In his^lecture on the 1 nee h^- has chosen^for a lif. work, Fred Hinls v.- a na^tive of N.va.la. Mo. who is *|ien^ling^the summer in the mountains und who^was enjoying the hospitality of the^Hi. I inand James Whlti hill
ofAnaconda, an erstwhile gu st of^Don Laral i. have likewise left us for^other ni linns. Mr. Illrdseye going to^Avon and Mr Whitehlll to his home^In thi- Copper City. While we note^many exits In the shifting of scenes^on our s... ial stage, thi- play dis s by no^tin-aiiH become monotonou*. as a nnatl-^b. i ..f n.w faci s are brought v, nil ^ ai li
siding .hang.. In stage selling.
Amongtin- 1st^ arrivals to grace the^. . .miuuiut) we record the presence of^Miss Hammer of Itutte, Mis* Delate of^Philadelphia ami Mr*. Bicker and Miss^Richer of wuinr.v. III., who are hero^for the suinim i season. Miss Hammer^being a guest of Miss Edna Reed al the^Ibid villa on Itauihow avenue Miss^Dcisir helm; domiciled at the home of^Mr and Mrs Qeorge, W. Uagsaoa, while^Mrs. Richer and daughti r v. ill spend^six weeks wllb Dr. Kicker and family.
Whatacoved one of the most pleas^^urable of tin- sis Ial hap|H-iimgs ..f the^pu s nl si a.sou ui ihe Valle) t*lty was^the lawn dancing party given by Mr^and Mrs II S Heed at their ptetlv^home on Fast Itaiulsiw avinue last^Monday .veiling. The ^VaM was eoni-
piinsentaryto their daaghter, Mis- Bd
naRead, a m.-t beautiful and aoi.un-^plished v oiing lady, and was in eom-^meinnration of the Itiih auiiiversary af^Miss i:d nas birth. The beautiful^Queen ARM bom- was profusely dec^orated with natural flow a rs. their fra
graneepermeating ^vary nook ami al^^cove of the collage, whilst Irom the^walls, ceilings and mantels liicaiidis-
renlbulbs profartad their soft radi^^ance mi th.. happy gathering, produc^^ing an effect most ph aslne. to the on-^looker. On Ihe spacious grounds to^tin- east of Ihe home a platform of^suitable iliinenNions to ni'c.immodale^Hi.' lam ^ is had b. n . reeled beneath^the foliage of the shade irei s. and tin re
tin-enraptured habitu ^ of the gttiri
dancegav' Ihems.-lves over to the^pleasures afforded by Hi- waltz and^stately minuet Dainty refreshments^constating of salads, sandwich t, cof^^fee, i. es. sherbets and cake v. pre ^ rvi ^\
dilllug the evening.
I'll.-mint bars of tin- nig Four t
ballaggregation and ladles ass. mbled^in social gignloH for tin- Brat tiin this^season al tin- home of Miss Alma Kiel^i nberg last Tuesday evening, the func^^tion being in the nature of a lawn par-
tv.th.. ground* being prettily Illumined
byJapan sc lain. i ns. Which sin .1 their
softliieter on the scene nont the foli^^age of the shade trees. Light refresh-^men is were served on th.. lawn .luring
the. veiling, after which tin- guests . ;i-^Joye.l an exhaustive after-dinner^speech on Soul Affinity.^ d livend by^Ihe full bat k of the team, the discourse
beingvoted one of tic most pleasing^feutnr. s of the delightful entertain^^ment
MissAlmf Hi lenb.rg was the pro^^moter of a vct v gMCCeagful lishing par^^ty last Monday which camped on tin-^banks ot th,' picturesque Dagenasy^rl'SSk. who-, sparkling water* foster
Innumerable hosts af the gnei kled
blull..- Cantn WgS ssads in a shady^nook mi the Pie higher! ranch, who-.'^eon fines know not the ravishing hand^of Ihe poacher all angler's paradise^whin- the day wa- sp--it in binding^ihe game) trout and enjoying geegs ;
pastoral Thi^ ^ who ntnoi up t he pa r
tv were: Miss Eva Wiailfolk, Miss
UenltnBonner of Missoula. Miss Birds-
iye of Nevada. Jt^ . MiSS Alms Itiolen-
aerg,Miss iuguste BleJenberg, it- v.^Howard M Pressly of Klrksvllle, Mo.,
amiFled Blrdeeye of Nev ada. Mo.
Mrs.i II I ia ui *^ I hi in Btttte tor a^sl.iv i if : .v o W el ks II ^ t lie gm st of m iss
Mrs.J A Kobltison and children gn^visiting in Klllstou as guegta of Mrs.
m.11 natner,
I S. ^hired, who has been employed
astelegraph operator at die railroad^station in this place for the past three^^. ai -. iia- n t entl) been pn tnoti d to a^rlerksblp in the general offices of the^Montana ITnton in Butte ami this wei k^look up hi- new duties, Mr Mdred'i^famlh win ransnin far tha artaani in
Ii. it I .oilge.
DrH, i b. i t Holloway of C.r. at Falls^was a visitor tu Dei r Lodge the early^pan of tin- week ai.d while here was a^gu st of S. K. Larabl and family
HerbertHarden brook has returned^from a two months' stay with roktttves.^in Philips burg ami vicinity,
Mi-w H, Qherttsag ami children of^Anaconda me rlailon to the country
mans,,of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kohra,^mar the city.
Mis.harle, i meniher of thi faculty
ofthe riilvetsllv of Chicago, is a re^^el ,ii arrival and will spend Ihe remain
.leiof her vncatien with Dear Lodge
friends. Mis. EaHs is bv no noans a
grangerin the Valle) City, as with her^family she for main yean rerognbi .1^this a* the placI of her pciinancnl
abode,and a renewal of grnaalnlanci^with ,.ut populace win doubtlees be^hast y.
Mis.Mary I.. Kellcv* has returned^from a visit to bef kinsfolk in Philips-^bill g
Th.v..ung gi ntii men of Deer Uadgi^v, ry handsoeael) entertained their^friends in the Wist Side .lub rooms^ThUIsdaj evening, the event being a^dancing and .aid patty and was as a
farewellfunction in honor of Miss Km^gel of Butte, Mi-s it,.en i ... Missoula,^Miss Hii.lscyeot Avon, and the Misses^Kb ins. hmi.it ..I H I. in. w ho had I^ i ll
enjoyinglife in Deer Lodge for a time.
Daniel McKem-.ic. wif- and daugh^I. r. and guest, Mrs Alex M. Ki nr.ie of^Falrhawn. Wash, wen- visitors In^town Wedmsduy from their nMUMtgtlg^home on Dag deck.
JoeColeman and W. It Wiles hav ^^returned from their whiehng expedi^inui through the sec lion west of us and^are exhibiting th cyclometer us-.1 eg^the trip lo their friends, which credits^a little aver three cel.tin ii s to the Ixiys'^|saseveraiu e on a six days' ml^ over^ungem runs natural Msadwgfg
MissNell LsaVRt, wlio has bun^t aching the /a^sel district school ful^^some month* past, has finished her la^^bor* In ihe m hisd room far a term and^will lake her departure in a few day*^for |Miir.is in Maim and Massai bus.'Its.^where sh. will visit with relatives far^two months
Amongihe Ibvr Lodge residents who^sr.. on pleasure bent In the Mormon^City during the pioneer feMtVtttgg BM^in prog is* w,. n.de Mr and Mrs^Chaibs H Williams of the lower val^^ley. Mr ami Mrs Joseph Fitrpatrlck.^Mr* I'bil H. Miller and Mis* Voiinle^^ iw hag*.
Mr*Traah of lasMpeastOnc^^ ^iows.^and daugnt-r. Mis William M Iti. h-^srdson of Salmon Sit) Idaho, both l^-^dii* at on.- time resident* of this ell),^wore gir sts of thenf son and brother.^Marx.- Tra.sk. in tins cilx m-vctal days^this wii-k Mrs Itii hardson via* en^route to her horn, from a \i^ii to rela^^tives in Iowa and wa* being accom^^panied by Mr*. Trask. who will make^an Indefinite slay In the home of her^daughter at Salmon City
Fr.s;|Zhender a brother of Mr*^Jacob Hill of thi* city, who ha* ln^^n^enjoying life 111 California for the past
twnvears. has return..I lo Deer Lodge
totake up a permain nt r. -idence.
Eli Bechwlth, a promising young^aunt my of lluiic wa* ^ . e-' in the^h. ii,- of Mi and Mrs. X I Uleloiege,^-, reral days this week.
InHie death ..r Mrs I la^nnln,^who passed from tins llf. 'he rip*^old ag. of - i v i ..i - at I.. ' home in^It. ai mouth last Tbursdu. Montana
I.,ne of her ino-i j.i. i lo-'tue and
likewisenoble character* and whose
d.nils, w ill be noted will. 1 ^ ^ ^v by
herlegion of friends throughout the^^ i.ii. Th* funeral occurred from the^Catholic church In this , It) l nday. the^funeral rites of thut deiion malum be^^ing rt nl by ihe iti v Fat in 1 D.- Ityck-^cr^\
lohnF, ciugue ot th. prggptrngg^firm of ciague Bros., was ^ bu-iiuss^v Isitoi to Hut!^^ ta-i Tweed*)
JP i.assi. th. hustling merchant of
ih.Big Hole basin, aei oiapanled bp^Ins ^ ii. - and brothei Qserge Lassl, was^in Ii.it Lidge TTllllnaatlS) lielng en^route Irom Ptom . i. win .^^ business^called him, to hat banal at Wisdom.
Miss Linda Cam. Willi.mis Ml i^lamed a number of friends ^ lun. boon
Fridn)afternooft in hei pretty home
ontil. west sub . lb. S| i ^d be ing ill^honor of he. guest- t lv Misse* Kleln-
sihini.itof Helena, wha departed for^their li.-me over the Meet hem Pacini^that evening. Covers wen laid for In.
l:.v. K. (i. Proui is spending ten^days at Oreat Falls. ik'cuI'.v mg th- |iul-^pit while there for the resident rector,^w ho is enjoying all Otgtigg
MiI K 1^ I wire of the Methodist
mlnlatir atatloned at tin- plac. ami
childrenarc spending - v eral weeks^with rilallves in Townseinl
JohnTrlHherger has niurned from^his outing near Cable and has taken^up Ins duties in ihe apothecary shop.
Mr, ami Mra, Ahrfr d Waltwortk
pa-sil througn De. r I., dg ^ Sunday^evening last from their Western tour^cu route to Halt latke. w In re they will^b. guests for a time in the home of
Miwhitworths parents
SuperintendentPearson of the Rocky^Mountain division of the Northern Pa-^CHk vvas a guest for a day this week^with Mi and Mrs. J. f Handle) in^t his clt)
Mr.and Mrs. II. A. Smurr are enjoy^^ing a visit from Mr*. Smurr's atater,^Mi- .1. I, Hrlght of Columbus, Ohio.
Agent R, J. Dee was a visitor hu*t
Slay p. the bedside Ol nil suffering
mayor,Frank Donley, at Missoula^Mr Conl. y * condition is such that a^complete reogvery i*. now assured by^im- attendant physician*
Mis*Li.la Matson. who in the tonr-^.si'* parlance, has been doing^ Cali^^fornia and the Sound nations in aggga^pMy with her brother. John W. Mat-^son, ami party of Louisiana, Mo., is a^guist in Di er Lodge in the home* of^J. II. Meyers and family and Nat Y^Hogg and family, being a childhood's^frii (ol of our tow nspeople mentioned.
\D. Iloss, the effervescent news-^pap' r man of I'hllipHbuig. is spending^a few .lavs 'mid scenes of hi* early^triumphs in Ihe realm of newspaper-^dont. Mr Hnss i^ sheltered ill the
countrybougg of in* hTothnr, Nat Y.
Iloss,on the west side.
Mis.ii o, Valltoa ami children win^leave in a lew day* for Ciloma. where^they will spend SonSS vv ^- k* a* guests^ill the mountain home of Mr. and Mrs.^Arthur It. Ilrownr.
Mrs.Qeorge C DonghtS of Anaconda^was a gu st of Mr. and Mis. S. E. Lat-
abicWtdnagilay last.
Mis-Augusta Blclenhtrg Is n guest^for a week in Anaconda.
Itotildei.July -Tin- Alaska f ver^hasn't stnn U hhSgldW vei v hard yet.^Some of the hoy* think they might^scrape up I nOggjk inoliey lo go there,^but they dr. ad the long, mid, MM glial^walk back
Theladies of Boulder gr* beginning !^i.i gehhe their regular trips to the ber-^ry palch's in the mountains northeast^of low art Raw hide gulch so gut to be^th* favorite spot and It I* said that the^yield of red raspberries promises to^In as large this season as last, and i^then thev wire gathered 111 great abun^^dant-^ by hundreds of pickers They i^an- tun y. t unite ripe, but will be in a I^week or Iwo.
Thevicinity of BovJjder offers many^Age camping plans In Well timbered^gulches besid. beautiful mountain
streams,although the opportunity far
good tislilng is not llrst class. One i
part)has spent the gnat wash up the
LittleBoulder in a Bhaics spot. The^i'ompany Is composed of llev. and Mrs.^Qrubr, Mr*. William Wi. kes. Misses^llessb- and Maty Wiekes. Mis* Tor-^rence and Frank Hope. The rains,^which are extending farther into the^^Ummer season than usual, have made^it somewhat pleasant for both camper* |^and berry pickers,
Aparty of what they .all In tkt Yel- j^low stone park ^sage brush tourists^^passed lliniugh Boulder Tuesday bound^for that wonderland. They cam* from,^Helena and there wen ID In the party^It looks as though Boulder would fur- '^high no travelers to the park this s a-^son.
Qeorgehanbor* start, d Wednesday^evening for Hoi Springs. Ark . ^gpect-^ktg to ftinnlg in ihut vicinity s-viral
Missliillie ami daugbler of Itutte ar.^among the visitors at the spring*.
Hit Warner and wife and two chil^^dren an' back in Itoulder after an ah- j^s.-uce of soine rear*. They travel d^through Idaho and Washington and
nnnll)located in Oregon, wner* they i^staved three or four years Then they
droveserosal country to Wyoming, bat
havenow return al lo lln Itoulder val^^ley with the conclusion that it is as^good or a little better than most of^thr country they have seen.
J.C. Man IW ban, manager of the busl-^... -- ..I haven, Corey ^ Co al Wi. kes,^had business al Ihe county rent Mon^^day. He w as sccueannnted by his w ife. 1
MrsJhili 11 Cook, who is in gutte poor^health, Is stopping with tin- family of !^H \ Mi BtramMe, hoping that an alii-^tude lower than that of Klkhorn may^be of kgaadH.
ThomasHolt and family have re-^tnmed from a Hip looking over ihe^...-bin purl of the state Thev Mtpect^to l^* ate on a ranch on the Stillwater
llnt v Kan,.os, ,.f Helena and Mis*
ImogensKamen of this valley were
unitedin mainagc by It-v. Mr. I'.ram-^Ms on Tuesdav lln- Jllli
II.In r CI iv ton has been in town this^w. k. but win return lo Elkhnm to^look aft. i lb business of the i'l iff'ney^Mercantile company.
ThePr sbyterlan society is ai ranging^for an entertainment by the Nashville^Students on the ex . nlng of the ,11st. i
Mr, Blener has return..1 from i!av^lorn. Where be bad employment several^months with I lie i la v lord I ompanv Hs^11 i . 11- t h n .. . st .-f ihe carpenler* and^b '. kla)hUd off. but eX|^s t*
thatit will only he teinporarily.
MtssCat. v -u|s rint. ndent of srhools^visit, d the s.hiHls st Hernlce and^Mitchell gulch ihi* week. She was ac-^.iimpaiiied on the latter Irip by Mtss^Annie Smith Most of Ihe country !^*i hiMil* are now , l.,s d
l- T T l.i.in and children have^retnegad from Clancy.
Therhlldrea of Judge Parker are!^v - nng with their grandparent* ft(^Itad.-rsburg
HarryIjike and wife were over from ]^Klkhorn the first of the week.
Mlihael Hall is greeting his old |
friendsIn this vicinity. He is sn old^soldier who came out to Montana^shortly after the war, and was a stag,^driver In thi* part of the state sen ral^years, lie has recently been In th^Soldiers' Home in Minnesota.
Mrand Mr*. II. Cow den of Clancy^were here during the week. They are^old resnl nis of the northern part of^the county and have many ai(|Uaint-^an. t'S hel ea bouts
ThomasSimpkin* and family have^moved from Boulder to Klkhorn.
JohnMcCrimmcn was out ff m Butte^the first id the week looking after his^mining Interests In this vicinity, lie^reports the Mould- r colony In Butte,^consisting of Brush Heckw lth. Jam, s^Small. Josh llalbraith. John Steele and^others, all at work and doing well.
MissWinnie Mitchell has boon hero^most of the week v isiting, w ith Mrs.^A. aillism.
CaptainSheehan vvas h- re Monday^and report* the Kva May mine to be^running along in good shape.
Mrs.Con Meeker of Helena and In r^two little dnughter* are visiting with^Mr*. M. A. Warren
CharlesHopkins of Klkhorn had bus^^iness here during th week.
MissRdna Taylor Is with her ^i*ter,^Mr*. Kllis of Clancy.
Mis*Buth Kellogg i aim- here from^Wakes Saturday and wa* met by W.^M Fergus and reiurned with him to^Whitehall I., visit witli her slater, Mr*.^Fergus.
PeterMill* of this vailsy and Mr.^Stuart of Comet are among those to go^lo Salt Lake to see the slKhts ill COU-^nectioa with the Pioneer Jubilee,
Thew ife and son of Lotil* Plans.m, a^placer miner w ho has be. n In very poor^health for ggaag lime, are here from^Illinois to aee him.
Mr.Wright, who spent several week*^in thi* part of the state nrganilng^lodge* of Maceabe. es. lias now returned^to his horn, at Salt (Lake, The new^lodge bete ha* U member*.
onWednesday a daughter was born^to Mrs E. McLain of Itutte. who Is^stopping at the home of her father,^Samuel Myhr *.
MissKva Murphy is li. ie limn Itau-^dolph, Iowa. In spend the summer at^th. home of her brother. J. H Murphy.
Mrs.M. Donovan vvas a visitor to^Itutte this week.
Mr.Oppeiihrimer and Fred Kessler of^Hek na were among the business visit^^ors to Boulder (luting the week.
J.W. Monahan. county commission^^er-tied, was over from Wiekes Mon^^day.
HarryMi Cullough of the livery firm^of Quinn ^ McCullough was very seri^^ously Injured Thursday evening by a^fractious horse. II is not stated wheth^^er he was thrown from the animal or^knocked dow n, hut w hile down he wa*^struck in the back by the hoofs of the^animal. He was taken to the hotel and^ia at prem-nt under medical care and is^evidently in a pre. niiniis condition.
Aninngthe visitors at the Itoulder^Springs within Ihe past few days from^Hutt.- are l^ee Cohen, H. Itlank.^Chai l. s Peti raon, N. Lund. John T.^Baldwin John Alexander, D. K Heller^and wife. William llartel. Miss Ella E.
swift,a. Pntteraon, L Dnggan ami
wife;from H^ lena. Fred Kessler. F.^Opponhelmer. R. R. Furoeit, Miss Ftn-^ma Sailing, from Klkhorn. William^Davey. J. P. Itodda, Walt, r S. Kelley,^Mrs. McFaiiand, Mrs. S. D. Lcmleux:^also W II Weed and wife. Bozeman;^Pink W ilson. Basin: C. A. Fair. New-^York: C. P. Holmes. BOOtOUI Thomas^M. Young. Ores) Falls; A. W. Peter^^son. B rnlce; Thomas Davey. Del.a-^mar. Idaho; A. Wainser and wife,^Wamser City: Jos ph Jacobson. Iron^Bcft, Mi. h.
Atthe Windsor the register shows^the following Butte visitors during the^week: William Clark. W. II. DeWItt,^J. J. Hanley. k. Peels, C. S. Hanscom.^C, N. Snnford and Janm* Williamson^The latter gMthnMgg wa* on hi* way^to hi* milling property which he is de^^veloping in the Blgfoot district *outh of^town.
MiltonS Hunn and gng were here^from Helena on court business Tues^^day.
InGreat Falls.
C.n-at Falls, July 21.-At this season^social functions ate entirely mil of the^fashion and hav given away to Ihe^hum of business connected with tin-^wool market ami other avocations of^life. Those who have already found it^r.mviiiient are at present enjoying a^cool retreat at the foot of the nnnm^tains or oth r interesting n treat. Sev^^eral are preparing the same programme^for the coming week, while other* have^set vacation for the month of August^Occasionally an evening darning parly^serves to relieve the monotony of the^evening, hut otherwise the city is ex^^ceedingly dull socially. No unan^^nounced wedding* or oilier engage^^ments have be n given out during the^past vv . ek There is .some talk of the^Wool men dosing the season with a^bull and banipiet, but a* yet nothing^definite ha* been decided upon and^probably will not bt for a week or^more yet.
Oneof Ihe most pleasant weddings^of tile season occurred Wednesday
eveninglast at the Kplnoopal Church^of the Incarnation, when William P.^Henson of th- II. ^ M. smelter was^United in marriage to Mis* Charlotte^M. Dors, a popular north side lady^who has resided here Several years,^llev. Dr. Prout onViatad In the ab-^seiie. of the pastor. Dr k a Wassoti.^At the conclusion of the c remony the^wedding party and a few friends ad^^journed to tlv home of the brdie, Ninth^street and Ninth avenue north, where^an 'lahornto dinner was served, The^Hlack Kagle band -^ renndod tin- couple^and partook of Ihe hospitality. Tin-^young couple were the recipient* of^many handsome and valuable presents.^Thev will it'sid- on Ninth avenue^north.
MrsMasseua Billiard of Helena, who^has been visiting her mother. Mrs. M.
k.By water of sand Pooftoo, relnrnsd
Mr.and Mrs. C. K Schnader. popu^^lar residents of the west siib , have n-^niovcd to Anaconda.
TheFirst M. K. church will give an^excursion in the near future.
Thoina*Leftingwell. inanag, r of Iyi^^iV Frederick s ranch at Itox Fldcr.^Beaut several day* in the city thi*
sister,e na.
D.W. Caaahty of Ihe Fori Shsvv In^^dian school was a visitor during the
VVI ek
MissD l.inphad of St Paul arrived^Thursday morning mi a visit to friends
Theopera season Just op ned ptoni-^ises to finnish an unusual number of ,^tirst-.ia** attraction* during the next ,^two month*.
St.phen Prise of Nelhart spent two^day* in the etty thi* week.
Di W II Pit Wand has gone to Chi^^cago for lit days
HenryBurrell. manager of Ihe coal i^ndW I at Horr. is spending the week I^111 the . it y
Dan Condon the Nelhart banker,^*l^*nt Thursdav In Ureal Falls
W. R. i.lasscock of Belt, who ha* i^In n spending several w.eks in th.-^East, returned Tuesday and will remain^hire during the summer
Alarge nuniber of persons will avail^themselves of ihe ,'x. ur-i..'i .ai. act^to-morrow pay a visit to the mining^camp of Nelhart.
Miss Telfer of limi Third avenue
nrnthleft Tu -day for a two months'^visit to her former home In Ontario
WQ. Conrad left on Tuesday for his^winter home at Whli- Feat, Va. He^will return in about thr. weeks, a^oompanled by his family.
Mrs.H. B. Mn, h. ll has gone to Wls-^, onaln on a visit to her old home.
Lastweek Miss I^^ona T Voetl . . I.-^i,i,it^.I her fifth birthday by .ntertain-^Ing a mimlier of her little friends at^^,.ni - and other aniiis imnts. The^day was brought to a lose by a party^dinner at which lie following little^folks were presnl: Ksther I^ase.^Pearl Iterg. Ktta and Millie Brown,^Richard and Chatie* Flint. Kdllh Mc^^Donald, John Kenkel, Willie and Alex^^ander Kllott. Laura Waym . o. J. John^^son. Ella tiregor, ran ma. Aggie and^Sarah Woseaek. otto Byersdorf and^H. C. Prentiss. Mrs. Voell . .^ed ill attending to the pleasures of the^llltle folk* by Mesdatnes W II. Staf^^ford. John Kenkel. John Itrown. A. F.^Johnson. C.regor Klllott. W McDonneH.^C. M. Byersdorf. Jamea Flint. Henry^Prentiss, Richard McKenzie. John Karl^and Frank Wocasek.
J.II. Bundy Is ^ tiiei taining In r^Miss Flora lleijeiiralh of H-1-
Hozeman.July 2:1.^Among the social^ev nls that have happened in Hozeman^during the past week none have been^more enjoyable than the party given^by Mrs. i: II I.amine to a numbiT of^Ipr lady friends on Thursdav after^^noon The Invitation* sent to Ih sev^^eral guests were In rhyme, written to^cornspond with the lady's name and^addri ss. no two being alike, of cours^making it UHttS a tax on III resources^of tin- rhymer. Many of the ladles re^^plied in like manner, showing that^there I* quite a poetical vein in the^members of Ilozeman'* snohTy. The^chlsf entertainment of Ihe afternoon^was a game called 'Wedding Break^^fast.^ many unique and original ques^^tions on material* that usually form^the component part* of a wadding^breakfast being written on a prettily^decorated .aid, for each of which ques^^tions there was an approprint answer^to bo solved. The llr^t prize for the^greatest number of questions nnsweiiil^waa won by Mrs. Lntter Ituffner. and^the booby prize by Mis Charles Hill'-^man. Choice and dainty r fre*hmetit*^were served al the clo*e of the guess^^ing contest. Th. follow ing Is a list of^the guests: Mesdames Charles S. Hart-^man. John a. Luce, VV. a. Tudor, W.^M. Alwanl. Ii. L. itngan. Doane.^Charles and Lister Ituffner. Boy Mar^^tin. Joaeph Baker. II. It. McCay, J. W.^Kirsi liner, .1. F. Keovv n. A. Martln.^*K.^\'. Wilcox. F K. Armstrong. ^i. Dier.^F. Fielding. W. Cooper. Welch. May,^H. a. Fielding, and Misses ^wing,^Miixey. May Maxey. BaMChe Macken-^lie. Alice C.age. Hill. Luce, flat Until^Luce, Oila Buft'ii t. Alice Lewi*. Davl*.^Alice Welch, P. ii Schmalhauaen. Josie^Tan Tassel. Maud Martin, Alice Mar^^tin. Blanche Pirnrilnnd. rnltifgon.
AlicePatterson, Stella Flowers.^Blanche Flovvets. Prout. Bogerl and^Alice Hlakcley.
Inspite of the wit weather a small^party composed of Messrs. Ilolni s,^Wagner and Dr. (i L. Hogan went up^to Hell Roaring creek to catch some^gah. The gentlemen spent most of the^time on the road on account of various^mishaps and did not catch but few^fish.
TinRebecca Bl*t rs Installed their^officers for the coming term of *lx^months on Tuesday night, as follows:^Miss V. Lanz. N. ^!.: K. Slieridan. V.^(!.; Miss Welse, secretary: Mrs. M.^Carovv, treasurer: Mrs. Bessey, conduc^^tor: Mr*. Dod^on. warden. Mrs. II.^Bluel, captain; J. S. Edwards. I II.:^K. Murray, o. O.: A. B. I'ai'inv, It. S.^N. C,.; Mr*. Fowler. L. S. N. Q.; It.
Mast,it. s. v. ^; ; Add it Congdoa, L.
H.V. li. The installig oflncer was^Mrs. Fowbr. D. tl^ Normal lodge No.^!i. B. F. It.
MissPorterrield has returned to^Ilozeman for a few day*.
AnImpromptu dance was given at^the Armory hall last Tuesday night^w hen a general rimkI tlni. vvas enjoyed^bv the following ladies and gcntlenitii:^Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Mci'av. Mr. and^Mr*, li. L. Kamscy. Mr. and Mr*. Hlel-^man, Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Dr. and^Mrs. McComh. Mrs. Met'iirlhy. Misses^Anabel. Itlanche and Stella Flowers,^Carroll. K. Ferris. V an Taswel. Kunlne.^Ililworth and Hi nslev. and Messrs.^John Walsh. John Luce. K. Hensley, It.^Story. L. Martin. II. Kniory. (i. Van^Fliet, il. Putteti. a. M. Maxeiner and^D. Tale.
ThomasBrady spent Sunday and^Monday in the city visiting bis sister.
MissHatha Brady. Mr. Brady was mi
Illsway from Bismarck, N. D., to Hel^^ena.
MissF. Dana of Big Timber and^Miss (leneva Cook out nd the Normal^this vv i ek.
KS. Adkin vvas over from Pony th^^early part of the vvi-ek.
hnSlow... proprietor of the Hoz. man,^returned home Wednesday morning^from Minn sola, where he lias been^paying a visit of several weeks to his^pat cuts.
Mr.and Mrs. Host wick returned^home from CMen Springs Monday,^where Mr Host nick has been Healing^for rheumatism, of which complaint he^is completely cured.
M.D. LeoiM.v. state organizer of the^Young Men's Institute, was in Boze-^,i.n Wednesday, and. with the co-op^^eration of Father a. It. Coopnian.^formed a brunch of the society In thi*^town which Is named the '*Qellatin^Council, Young Men's institute.^^Aleml 17 young men Joined, from w hom^the following olllcirs were chosen:
Martina. fJary, praaMent; w. a. Ar^^nold, first viie president: C. D. Davis,^second vice president; F. A. Hlegel,^corresponding and recording sei rotary.^John tlary. financial secretary; Key.^a II. Coopnian. treasur r; ii. Morgan-^sb-in. marshal: A. Hezalre, inside senti^^nel; J. Put tie U, outside sentinel: Hatty^It. Qtrtgy, past president; H Topel.^chairman executive eonMttttoe, John^P. llary and K. McDonnell vv fa select^^ed a* delegates to the grand council to^be held at Tacoma. Wash.
Thirty-liveof the Iowa delegate* of^the Christian Kndeavor stopped off In^Ilozeman Thursday, many of whom^will go through the park If SOOUgfh^conveyam s can lie had to accommo^^date them.
Mr.and Mrs. T. J. Lynd ^ ar,- over^from Itutte for a few days visiting^their old friend* and enjoying ihe pure^air of the QahUtia valley.
PresidentSanders of the State Not-^mul. Dillon, was In the elly Monday^looking after the interests of iii. N^l -^in a I school for Hi. coming year.
MissWi yland of Mlli s City has be. n^Viettkng her father. Conductor Wey-
I.cinl. for a few davs this week.
ITofessorand Mrs I'helps xitut Mis-^I'helps who is visiting h-r brother, left^Wednesday for a month's camping Irip^to the park and other point* of Inter^^est in Montana and Wyoming.
MattA. AMeraon stopped in Boze^^man Wednesday on his return from^Butte and logeth. r with Mis Alde'soa^started foi hotiu at Red Bluff Thurs^^day.
Prof*sor Wil.ox and Mrs. Wilcox re^^turned from their mp (,, in,, mast last^Monda).
TheMaverick club took advantage^of the visit of Catoaei Vest to employ^hi* colored band. ..imposed of three^little boys and their uncle, to play for^a dance. The -, entur w a* a success,^although the people of Bozeman do not^generally dance so early In the week^Bctwe.n the dances the troup^ played
andsang quite a nuniber of songs as^well as darned clog dances, eliciting^much applause from Ihe audience. It^is somewhat of a novelty to combine^a concert and a dance In one entertain^^ment, but it I* to be hoped there will^be more combinations of a like nature^in tin- near future.
Ililies of Helena was In ilozeman^Wedneaday.
HitsSi iti us was up from Manhattan^on a huslnta* trip Tue*day.
Mi*sKerthle Bergstrom of Butle Is^visiting with Miss Stow e at the Boze^^man foi a few days.
Messrs.F. J. Sevigne, H. Oakland.^A I n i. Km,ii. A. J. Thode and C. F.^Wright arrived in Bozeman Wednes^^day night from llreat Falls, which^place th y left on Monday, having^mad* the Journey on their bicycle* In^three days.
MissJennie and Mis* Flonnie ('..wan^tiHve returned from their park trip.
Mrs.Blanche Sears and Mis* Maggie^Scar*, mother and sister of Henry and^Charles Sears of Salesville, arrived^from Canada Thursday morning and^were accompanied by Mis* Itosa Hid-^derford of Chicago. They Intend mak^^ing a trip through the park and^-l^ illing .-. n-ral months in the Galla^tin valley before returning to their^s. veral hom-s.
L.C. licrcie of Ligan nglstered at^the Bozeman Wednesday.
W.B. Catharin of Bed Lodge was In^the eily on Wednesday.
ItWortelsly and L. Price were ov^r^from Ilutit* Wednesday.
.Mi-sJosephln- Searing and Miss Jen^^nie Smith of Chicago are visiting Mr.^and Mrs ii, Anderson of Ihe Valley
MissDaisy Ilia, kstone Is over from^Helena on u visit to her friends. Mr.^and Mrs. A. Sale*.
Theparty of U w ho went to the Mys^^tic lake last Saturday encountered^some very damp weather for camping^; out. In spite of the rough road* ami^cold, wet weather, a very enjoyable^i time was spent, except the young la-^) dies complained of having to gather^too much hie Wood In order to keep^warm while in camp The following^compos..I tlie party: Mr. and Mis, Q,^And rson. Mi*. C, Anderson, A. Sales,^Mrs. Kichardson. Misse* Josephine^Seating. Jennie Smith. Delay Black-^stone. Z. I^-w-is and Marie Sales, and
Meaarab. Mehnrdhon ami Rom Sale*.
QeorgeJames of Livingston was in^Ihe dty Tuesday.
FrankO. Wind, man arrived from^Washington, l^. C, on Monday and^w ill stay ill Hoi'man for several days^att. tiding to business.
k.Walrnth. brother of Prof. A. J.^U/alrath, died at Manhattan on Tues^^day of consumption. The funeral took^I place Thursduy.
J.F. Summers und wife of Big Tim-^! her n gistered at the Ilozeman Thurs^^day, t
H.F. Hugi r. traveling passenger^, agint of the Burlington Railroad com^^pany, was ill Hozeman Wi-dne^day^looking after the interests of his com^^pany.
Billings,July 2:1.^Mrs. Oldaker of^Helena, formerly of this city, is the,^guest of Mr*. L\ S. Holmes.
Dr.and Mrs. FealheiMtim of Bnze-^Bsgn, who have been viHltlng .Mr. und^Mrs. C. M. Chaffee, left for home on^Til sday evening.
MissesLouise and olive Diltmar of^Van Wert, Ohm, are the guests of their^sister, Mr*, (ieorge Soule, and will re^^main for eeUM month*.
Mr*.C. M. Child is sojourning at^Hunter's Hot Springs. Mr. Child re^^turned from there on Monday morning.
Mr.and M's. C. A. McDonald of^Flatvvillow are In the city.
MS*.M. S. Mei-ks of Pascoe. Wash .^accompanied by her Iwo children, is^visiting her hrothers. the Messrs. Bon-^ninghoff of the Crand hotel.
MissKosiilla Hoe of Rapid City. S.^D., who has been xislting her aunt.^Mis. H. P. Nelson, left for horn- last^Tuesday.
FledWest was a visitor from Park^City this week. C. S. McFarlin of that^place was also in town.
J.1). Losekamp, H. F. Clement. Tom^Chappie and Will Jennizen enjoyed a^tishlng trip to the head of the Kowebud^riv r ami killed a large number of^trout.
BillySmith or Miles City, the stock^detective, who was reported as killed^in an engagement with cattle rustlers,^pass.-d through on Tuesday's train,^looking very healthy for a corpae.
Ason was born on Sunday night to^Mr. and Mr*. S. li. Reynold* of this^city.
onMonday a daughter vvas born lo^Mr and Mrs. C. Y gen of Billing*.
l'.iry .1. Wilson started Wednesday^for the Big Horn basin to round up a^few hundred horses which are ranging^in that country, and which were re^^nin I.v given to him by his aunt.
Mrs.Oliver Vess of Lafayette. Ind ,^accompanied by her two inti resting^children. Kva and (leorge, arrived on^last nighi's Burlington train and is th*^guest of her sister, Mrs. William Jef-^fray of this city.
Twotroop* of the Sixlh United States^cavalry, under the command of Cap^^tain Anderson, with Lieutenant* Nance^and lloff. camped here Sund-iy snd^Monday. They have been on duly In^the Yellow stone park for five or six^years, and are now inarching overland^to Fort Robinson. Neb. They are^marching leisurely ami consumed a^vv. k in coming from Livingston. The^b. ys ^ njoyec! their short stay In a live^city after their seclusion in Wonder^^land.
SuperintendentNutt was over front^Sheridan. Wyo.. Monday.
lii-sldcniMoss of the First National^bank was up to Park City Monday.
K.U lioardman left on Saturday for^Juliet. whei-M he will run the Carbon^Count) Seninel for a few weeks pre^^paratory to moving it to It* new- loca^^tion at ilebo.
JeromeWilliams, stenographer of^Judge Henry's court, was In tow n Sun^^day en route lo Red Lodge.
K.H Klcharrlsnn of the Crow agency^vv as in low n Sunday
CountyAttorney Fox of Big Timber^was In town Monday, and went on^TliaadgJ to I! cl Lodge to attend dis^^trict court.
T.B. Hill ha* accepted a position^w Ith Spear ^fe Co., Junction, and went^theft on Tuesday.
MisW. A .lulus of Spokane was a^passenger on Wednesday morning's^. istbound train en route to Minneapo^^lis to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Joboa were^among the earliest settlers In Rilling*.
Mr.and Mrs. A. C. Brown of Kush-^vllle, Ind.. who were on their return^from the Pacific coast. ^penl Sunday^w ith Professor and Mr*. Johnston. Mr.^Brown is a banker in Indiana, but has^serious thought* of locating in Mon^^tana, and was decidedly impressed^with Billings.
Train*from the West loaded with re^^turning members of the Christian Kn^^deavor society have been passing^through for a week The Missouri con^^tingent wen transferred to the Bur^^lington
TM. Shane, iepresenllng the Omaha^stock yard*, is in the c itv
Atishing party ^ .imposed o' I'rofet-^sor Burla, Charles chapnlo II.,occrn^ggt Pet- r Newmiit aid Fred Rlxon^left Thursdsy morning for Pryor Hap.^and expert to remain out In camp for a^euajnfle of week*.
Mr-c, W Fish and Miss Ruth Fl*h^of Wavtrly. N. Y^ ar\ visiting Mr. and

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