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CoMtPrioas of Miners' Bupplina^Are Being Iocraaaad.
act-aitstor the Oold Fields Drawn^Trom All Classes Both Pit and Un-^flt-Bufi.-nng and Death Will^Result
ShtiiftRegan return.-d yesterday^from hi* trip tvi the Sound country^and San Franclsi ^. II say* iliHt from^Keattle to 'Frlmo e w-ryhody has gone^rralv over Kl.mdyke At Seattle t tu^^rrit, of ^hiu.,^ Im- I'f. ii i.n-.l : .1^hits and other miner s supplies tn 1 ^ 1.^ -^portion. Old men unit young men.^weak and strong, clerk*, laborers, doc-^tors, lawyers and all ^ la**.-* .u.^sign 111K their pnai-t inns and Jiinlng in^the mad rush fur the new gold Held*.^The sheriff saw a lot of the gold^brought down from tlx Klondyke and^says the sight of It is almost enough^to turn any man s head It Is as lame^aa gravel and the nicest-looking stuff^frsr taken out of a placer It In.II^eates that ther.' 1^ IM* of It where ll^lime from. The sheriff is convinced,^from what he haa learned, that hun^^dreds are going bo Alaska iintttb-d and^unprepared for \h^* hardships they^must encounter and that there will^be a great deal of suffering and dealh^among the adventurer*.
80far about 60 men have left Unit,^for the Yukon country and a number^more will go. but few will att/'iupl to^go farther this season than Ju.ieau.^where they will pass Us* winter. The^Klondyke excitement has served to^draw attention to the Alaska iiuarti^mines, and several Hutte patties have^become Interested In the mines around^Juneau and Berner** Hay.
Onthe American side In Alaska min^^ing operations are subject to the I'nlt-^ed States mining law a ami the gen^^eral law* of the state of Oregon as^they existed In HUM. when lite law pro^^viding a civil government for Alaska^was paased. On the wild frontiers of^that country, however, little attention^has ever been paid to the literal pro^^visions of law* of any kind. an.I min^^ing has been carired on In a primitive^and independent manner.
Inthe Klondyke country mining op^^erations are not. as pnpularlv sup^^posed subject to the regulstions of^the province of British Columbia, hut^to the general law* of the Dominion of^Canada.
Thefollowing comprehensive digest^of the Dominion laws relating to min^^ing, published by the Chicago Times^Herald, will be valuable tii all pros-^pectlve traveler* to the Yukon Bold^fields:
Atthe close of the second sitting^ft the Canadian cabinet last Tu.n.l ly.^It was announced that the government^had diclded to impose a royalty on^all placer digging* on the Yukon In^addition to |1*^ registration fee and^$100 annual assessment. The royally^wilt an 10 per cent each on claims^with an output of 1500 or less monthly,^and 20 per cent on every claim yield-^Ing above that amount monthly. He-^side* this royalty H has lieen decldesi.^in regard to all future claims staked^out on other streams or rivers, that^every alternate claim should be the^property of the government an.I^shc/uld he reserved for public, pur^^poses and sold or worked by the gov^^ernment for the benefit of the revenus^of the Dominion.
For^Bar Diggings.^- A strip of land^^M feet wide at high-water mark, and^thence extending Into the river at its^lowest-water level.
For^Dry Diggings.^^One hundred^feet square.
For^Creek and River Claims.^^Five^hundred feet along the direction of^the stream extending in width from^base to base of the hill or bench on^either aide. The width of such claims,^however, is limited to 600 feet, when^the benches are a greater distance^apart than that. In such a case^i'hltni are laid out In area* of 10^aires, with laiundarles running north^add south, east and west.
for ^Bench Claims -one hundred^fart square.
Sizeof Claims to Discoverers or Par^^tita of Discoverers.-^To ^ ^^. discoverer,^^.is) feet In length, to a party of two.^Ml feet in length: to a party of three,^MB feet in length to a pane of four.^l.dM feet in length; to a party of more^than four, ordinary siaed claim*^oily.
N.wstrata of ^dttj-ifcrotil gravel In^a locality where .-'alms are abandoned,^or dry diggings discovers-*. In the vi^^cinity of bar diggings .or vice versa,^shall be deemed new mines.
Kntriesof grants for placer mining^must be renewed .111.1 entry fee paid^every year.
1No miner shall reeeivv more than one^^ laini In the same locality, but may^hold any number of . 'minis bv pur^^chase, snd any numN-r of miners may
uniteto work their claims In common^provided an agreement be duly regis-^tered and a regtstrattou fee of to be^duly paid therefor.
Claimsmay l^ mortgaged or dis^^pose,! of. provided such disposal be^registered and a registration fee of 12^be paid therefor
Althoughminers shall have exclusive^right of entry upon their claims for^the ''miner liki working of them,^holders ,.f od.l.n ^ M claims shall l^^granted such right of entry there,,n^a* may seem reasonable to the super^^intendent of mines
Karhminer shall be ^milled to so^much of the w .^1 ^ 1 11 .1 previously ap-^proprlat.-d Sowing through or past his^claim as the supcrinl. n.lriit of mines^shall deem swetssar) to work It. and^shall be entitled to drain his own claim^free of charge
Claimsremaining una .rk.-d on ...oL-^Ing day* for 72 hours are deemed aban^^doned, unless sickness or other reason^^able cause is show n 1 11:11^ ss the gian^^sa! Is absent on tag 11
Forthe rah v^ ate nee of miner* on^bark claims on ben. in s or slopes, |ier-^tnlssloii may lie granted by the an par*^int. n.I. nt 4 mines to lunnel through^^ lalms fronting on water courses.
Incase of the death of a miner, the^pi..\ isi-.ns of abandonment do not op-^ply during his last illness or after hi* |
|o.t ar-e
Markingof l.icati 01s Wi o.l. 11 posts^t Inches squat). lift vii 1H inches Int.) ^^the grounil ami nrojnctliui IK in. hea^above it. must mark the four cornet* |
ofa location. In rocky grounil st
up.1111.Isn feet in diameter may be piled^about the post In umbered land v.. I!^biased llni's must join the posts. In^lolling ..r line.. 11 localltlaa Rattened
postsmust lie plae.il at intervals along^the lines to mark them, so thai subse^^quent explorers shall have 11.1 I rouble |^In trai Ing such UaX
Whenlocalities are liiuinbil l.v Mips '^running north ami south, east and^west, the stake at the nnitlpasi 1 r^^ner shall be marked by a cutting in^^strument or by calosan ih.ilk. ^M L^No. I^ (mining location, stake number^ll. Likewise the southeasterly stake^shall be marked ^M. u No i,^ the^southwesterly ,M. L, No. and the^northwesterly ^M. L.. X1. I.^ W in li^^the boundary lines do iMt rutl north^and south, east and west, the northerly^stake shall l^e marked 1. the easterly 2,^the southerly :i anil the westerly 4. On^each post shall be marked also the^claimant's Initials ami tin- distance to^the next post.
Applicantsami affidavit of disc iv.r. 1
Within tfl days after marking his lo^^cation the claimant ahajl lib' hi the^office of the dominion land office ''or the^district a f ^ iimI declaration, sworn to^liefnre the hind agent, describing as^nearly as may la- the localitv and di^^mensions of the location. With such^declaration hi' must pay the agent an^entry fas of
Heciiptissued to dlscnverer 1'pon^such pavnn ill the ag.nl shall mailt
hisdeposit and be absolutely debarrsd^from obtaining another location.^Rival applicants-Where there are
t^ m ire applicant* for a mining
locationneither of whom Is the orig^^inal discoverer, the iniiusl. r of the In^^terior may Invite competitive tenders^.r put it up for public auction, aa he
reis III
Assignmentof right to purchase^An^assignment of ih. right to purchase a^location shall l^ imbrsed on the back^r^f the receipt or '' itlttcate of assign^^ment, ami execution there-of witnessed^by two .hslni. 1 ^ ^^^ I ^ 11 in sses I 'pon^th. deposit of su. h receipt In the office^of the land agent. accom|^anled by a^registration fee of $2. the agent shall^give the assignee a certificate entitling^him to all the rights of the original di^-^roverer. By complying with the pre-^serih.il legulations such assignee be-^com^s entitled to purchase the location.
li.giilationsIn 1. sp.i t to plac. r min^^ing, so far as I hey relate to entries, cu^^lt v fiss. assignments, marking of lo^^cations, agents' receipts, etc.. except
Itherwtse prov ided, apply also to
Natureami size of claims A |.^u^ti .11 shall not ascaod the following di^^ne nM .lis Length. I.JIN) feet: breadth,^^:^^^^ fast TtM surface boundaries shall^ka 111.111 siraighl parallel lines, and Its^I. .inula. 1. s beneath the surface the^j planes of these lines.
Limiti^ nuaxbsr Of locations Not^BJ M than one mining location shall bo^I granted to any one individual claimant^ll| .11 I hi sa BM lode gf v ^in
Millfiles Land used for milling pur^^poses may tie applied for and patented,^eiih.i 111 connection with or separate^from a mining |... .1I1.11. mid may be^In Id in addition Id a mining location,^provlihil such additional land shall in^no case exceed live ui'l'.s.
4i.-l.erall'i .vl-oo.-.
11.isioii of disputes^The sup. lin-^tendenl of mines shnll have pivot to^hear uinl ditcrinlne all dispute* In re^^gard to mining property arising within^hi* district, subject to appeal by either^^.f the parties t 1 the commissioner of^dominion lands.
Leaveof absence Knob holder of a^mining location shall be entitled to be^absent ami suspend work on his dig^^gings during th^' ^close^ season, which^^ I season shall be declared by the^agent In each district, under Instruc^^tions from the minister of the interim.
Theagent may grant a leave of ab^^sence pending th)' decision of any dis^^pute before him.
Anyminer is entitled to a year's^h ave of al.si m .^ up .11 proving expendl-^tam of not less than $200 without any^reasonable return of gold.
Thelime occupied by a locator In^going to and returning from the office.^^^f the' agent or of tin su|^eriiitend^ nt^pf minis shall not count against him.
Additionall.K'atlons^The minister of^the Interior may grant to a la'rs m ac^^tually developing a l uatlon an ad-
ItWas ft Hot Affair Won by^Charles Ooertt.
AldermanPsaooa's Proposition Meats^With ravor Money Would Have to^Be Raised by Voluntary Svbscrip-^t unit) Tax Unconstitutlsnal.
receiptauthorising the claimant, or his | joining I s'atl m equal in size, provlde'd^legal reprrsentativI-. 1.. enter Into p is- 1 |^, ghown to the minister's satisfai -^^e*^lon. subject to renewal every year 1 t\ ,^ |ha| |fcc vein being worked will
forfive years, provided that l)i these^Ave years $100 shall be expionlcl on the^claim in actual mining operations. A^detailed ststement of each 1 xpe'inllture^must also be filed with the agent of ,^elominlon lauds. In thi'-form of an affi^^davit ceimib. rated lyy two r^ liable- ami ,^dlslnteresti'd w itni'ssi-s.
Annualrenewel of lacaUos rertiScats^- l^(Min paymenl of the J.'i fe e there for a |^receipt shall be issunl entitling Hn^. hum,nit to hold the' BMa.ilM toi an- .^other ye-ar.
WorkingIn partmrship -Any party^of four or h'ss ui ighlHirlng miin i^.^^within three months after entering,^may, upon being authorized by the j^agent, make apsfl any on. ,.f su. h I .^eatiotis, elurlng the first and Bacoasf^years, but not siilmi'eiue'nll.v. the ex-
peiuiitureothafwlas fa*jMlrad on each!^of the leicathins. An agre'e iin nt. how - I^ever, accompanied b^ a ff $r.. must
hatiled w Ith the agent I'rov bled, how - {^ever, that the expeililuiv made' upon^any one loialloti shall 11 N ha appli^^cable in any manner or for any pur- ,^|sisc to any other I.m ati .11
f'utehase ^if location At any lltne 1^before the expilntion of tlvi' ^)iils from ;^elate of entry a claimant may purchase^a lo. at ion upon tiling with the agenl^proof that In' has expended ^.'.iki in a.^tual mining operations on the claim .^and cvompHsd w ith all other pres. 1II...I^re-gulatloiis. The pi 1.. .if a mini tik I ^^inlloii shall be pee Mm 1 ash.^, on making un application to pur^^chase the claimant must di posit w ith^the agent IJ0. to be de-emed as payuieiil '^to the government for the siirve v of^his location On re-olpt of plans and^fleh' notes ami approval bv the- sur-^v ^ vol general a patent shull Issue t .^the 1 h inn, nit
Reversionof title Failure of a claim- 1^ant te^ prove within each year the ex^^penditure- pre-scrlbe-.l. or failure t 1 pay^the agent the full cash price, shall^cause- the claimant's right to lapse and^th.- local ion to ri-veit to the crown. !^along with tin- Improvements upon It.
probablyextend beyond the boundaries^if the original location.
ForfeitureIn event of the- bre-ach of^tin- Dgulatlons. a right Of grant shall^he absolutely forfeited, and the offend^^ing party shall be im apabh- of subse^^quently acquiring slnillur rights, ex^^cept by special pel -mission by the min^^ister of the inlet lor.
spro in I ^aeanlun to Buffalo and Upturn
Viathe lathi Hhoro ft Michigan^Soul hern Itv August flat, Uhal and^gfrd. JIOMi for the round trip from^Chicago. A porta** Of th* trip may^be made by boat if desired in either^direction without additional oaati r.^tiirii limit may be extended to Sept.^20th Full information will be fur^^nished mi application to .1. at Hull. T.^P. A.. Ill S. Sixth St . St. I'anl. or C^K. W'llber, A. I!. I'. A.. Chicago.
First-classBSsNcS* to^block. Inquire nt ofllc
rentIn Owsley^of buil.ling
speakerItepel In a Nrw Bute.
Fromtin- Washington I'osi.
Kveiybodyknows Speaker lte. il as a^tight, r. W11I1.1111 being lllspln il by^mallei', his ready wit is often sharp^ciioimh to giv - pa 111 and in a light^In is the most dri'aded of adversaries.^If there Is one- thing hi is ...nimonly^supposed to rejoin- over it Is the fac^^tional bickerings he-tvve^en members of^the opposition When tin- ib-moeiats^on the tOBf of tip' bouse gel. Into a^disagree ine-iit among themse-lvca he^looks down upon thein from th^^speiiK. 1 s desk. ^ cynical smile on his^face, which Is often irritating 11 never^occurs to anyone to ihluk of him In^the rob' of ii peacemaker Hut In such^a role he has appeared 1st -ly. An in^^cident occurred some time ago. In^which 11 certain deinoeiat In th* house^Thought or it was sup|sise-d he^thought he had be. n plaoeil at. a dis^^advantage at the' Instigation of one
ofhis own party Friends of the^ltlval claimants When two ..1 iips-c I m,,m|M,r tvhc
personsclaim the same location, the^right to acquire it shall be to hitn who^1 an prove he- was the tlrst to dlse .v.r^the mineral deposit involve.I. ami to^take iHtssesslon In the pre se ribe-d man
Bar,Ptiotity of dlacovery htoaa, how ^^ever, shall not give the- right to ac^^quire. A subsequent dlsi ivei-er. who^has isoniplleil ^ ith other prescrlliOil ^-^^!^-^ilitlons. sliall taki pn oasV in'i' ov er a^aftOV dlscoviier who has faih-el so to^.-..niply.
Whena claimant has In bad faith^use-el the- |sior ilisce.vi ry of an ither ami^has fradub-ntly affirmed that he' made^lnde|iendent dlse-overy and de-ma'tea-^tlon. he shall, apart fi un athjfl RSgal^enseque-nces, havi- no claim, forf*ii
TheButte Races |
wassupposed to regard^hlmsilf as having bun slighted whls-^: pered It around among lhi ms^lv)'s^that the million,.' of a not bar ilcmocrtit^hail been exerted with the speaker^against him. and a feeling of personal^11111.11 loll was I 'ing intlaino.l to adit^p. Hi. factional dlsagr.s-mcnts as lo^I policy.
Tin-^|aakcr bcinine aware of what^was being said and of the- friction It^j was causing in the camp of the- op-^poi-.tion.
A...oilingto all ai-e-ipte-d UstssTsta^with roaptct to the dlapoatUoa of Mr
llee-d.this situation should have been^extremely giatfying to him. Hut he^did a thing entirely subv. rslve to these.^Ihi'ories. lie sought th^ man who had^received thi- slight at his bun.Is, ami^told him that In- had heard whut was^being said
iwant ^ou to know,' he saul. ^that^, there Is no truth In the statement that^1 Mr. 1 tin 11 k million, o.l no against yotn^' int-risls. On the ixtilraiv. hi- did^what h* OOttld for you Th. opposition^t.. you came from me illicitly and^front nu n of inv party, not fTOBt .bin-^01 rats.
Theili'inoci.ii assured lis kpealter^that In had m v or bib v..| that his^coil igip had -ought hi- lajatry, ami^I that if he- had the speaker's ib.iara-^^ I Uoa vvoiihi bavi fitStOVed the suspl-^! t ion.
Thespiak. 1 - dasjsaaltloa to preveal^a |s rsonal Injuatica .oil w . igln d his^Inclination to Had pleasun- in the bhk-^erlngs in the enemy's camp.
The -Furloiifr, 7-Furlong, G-Furlong ami^Half-Mile Running Races.
lg-Mile Hurdle.
ToOmaha. I28.M. via Hurllngton^route.
laI lot, peiol, lit VI.in.
Fromtin Cleveland 1-eade-r^^Does vniir wife' Is'long i.^ .inv- iliibs*:'^^No. but *hi has Ju*t joined an assoe la-
tlon^What Is It
'The- Amalgamated Association of^Wives w ho., Husband* *)tay out at^Nights an.I H.m'1 Care W'he^ Knows It.'^The asembershlp is Msalted to one.'
EDA. TIPTON, Manager.
Idfcafcsjliavv.Aasx^a sfj ^ aav, aa. aa. say asx aav a% ^fc aav. Sss j
'WWWWwwwwa WwWWwwWWWf I
ForInfanta and Children.
Therew as a blcyc le rac ^ yesterday^such a* never occurred before In Hutte^and few races have excited more Inter^^est. The race was from th.- Ci ntennial^blew ry to (iregson Mpr^.|*, There
,were nine contestsnts and their aver^^age weight was 206 pounds. All were^btewirs. and there was mi^h rivalry^betvvnii the brewer* freun ihe Silvo-r^How brewery and those fmn the Cen^^tennial brewery. All made strenuou*^effort*, and a* a consequence the per^^spiration formed streams wUch, enter^^ing Sliver Bow creek, rdhstd that^stream to sue h unwonted rroportlon*^a* thnatened to wash out ite .Montana^I 'lib n tracks.
Therate was won by ^.'lii^les tloertl^of tlM I'entennlal biewcrv lb weighed^.'in pounds at the start, but lipped the
Ise ale ut 193 at the finish The first^prlxe was a pair of elegant ^eer mugs.^Th. blcyc Is rac was In connection^w ith the very enjoyable Oman picnic^held at Uri-gsmi Springs yetterday.
Alderman Pascoe has liul a hard
tilvcr an Item which vva,i published
in.me of the papers th. oiier day to^the e-ffect that he waa gnltU to Intro^^duce an ordinance taxing every bicycle^tl Mr year. Mr. Pascoe foind that he^hail ttirTid U|i a liornet's rvst and he^rush, d to the Standard ofle'e to get^things set right.
Myplan Is.^ said Mr. 'a*^-is^, ^to^have bicyilists taxed 11 am the en-^tin- amount raised to be u^-d for the^ions!ruction of a bicycle path, and for^no other reason, t'ertainl; the bicy^^ilists cannot object lo this and those^whom I have talk-.d with ur very will^^ing to contribute a dollar a year to^^ward the track. I propose o have the^track constructed down Wyoming^stre e-t or some other stree't t^ the limits^eif the city. The city ha* no fund avail^^able for this purpose, and therefore if^a path Is to be built dcvvi to South^I Hutte it must lie elone by tie contribu^^tion* of the bicyclists. Tfc city will^gladly do the work, but lacks the^I funds, and my plan Is to lave the hl-^i cycle* taxed $1 cae h. the rioney to be^, ut^d solely for a bicycle path.^^I Mayor Harrington sale yesterday^that If this plan was de hied on he^would pledge himself that the money^raise-el by the bicycle tax vv lUld be used^j e xclusively for making the ile-ycle path^and keeping It In simp.
Ifanything is done In thb line It will^have in In- done vi luntarilv, a* It has^1 been established iii the eiurts again^anil again that such a sp'Cial tax is^not legal. A ellspatch frun Chicago^' printed in yesterday's Standard, reads:^^Judge Tub y to-day decided that the^new city ordinaac* establishing a bh y-^1 cle tax was void. The ord name pcr-^I milled the- city to collect II i^er year II-^c-.-nse from each bicycle owner and for^other vehicles proportionately. The^j court held that Ihe illy had no right^t,. gooOxM bicycles, but only an occupa-^! Hon. and could not impose a license^I upon Spaciftc propTty when not used^I In busituss or an ih cupallon.
Nlnete-enout of twmly bicyclists In^Hutte w ould most gladly pay $1 or even^pi r year if thi money would lie use-d^exclusively tor a bicycle path.
The*tench from the slaughter hous *^is awful and pin-Hat's almost every^1 part eif the Hat. e ven reaching to resi^^dents In the' southern part of the city.^Sunn-thing should he done by the au^^thorities to stop the stench.
Tin-probabiliiles are that thtn will^I..- some t^^ and some 1100 bicycle* put^an the marked ne xt stasnn. but most of
!the w heels w ill In s. Ill at J n or $60^w ilh no guarantee At presi-nt wheels
1are guaranteed for the entire season
,against I vrrythlng e xcept puncture*.^There I* really no more Nana for^guaranteeing a bicycle than a buggy^or a sewing machine-, and this will be^done away with next season In all
Wilhfi-vv exceqilions the gre^at army^| e^f cye iists ranaxarr the toe clip or sole^clamp as Intended principally fcr pre^^venting the foot from slipping or Jar^^ring off the pedal during fast ur rough^riding; ami ladles, as a rule'. ^ee no^reason for using them. As a matter^of fact, the device was undoubtedly or^^iginated with this safety of th^ foot^^hold In vi. vv. and also with the idea In^mind that a rider might adil to hi*^spied by pulling upward on his to- clip^with one foi t while pressing down on^the p.-.lal with the other. This view^has still many defenders, but the Im^^portance- of the Im- clip for tusking^st^'. i ing quickly responsive to th* Im^^pulse of the rider Is much underrated,^and Its value' tei make leisurely tiding^OOnsfDrtahl* and hamls-off riding at^any spe-ed easy and safe Is barely un^^derstood. It accomplishes these thing*^by giving free play to muscular swot I^In either le-g of the rider. Without the^clip he- must dipt ml odj shifting hi*^center of gravity slightly from one side^la the other, and this he can do only^so rapidly as the laws of gravitation^permit The tall r he Is the shiver^must be his motions, unless he use^lhc 1^lowest |M.sit|on of the pedal as jt take- |^! off rot quickly bringing his boily- (
weight over on the other side to tsar^! down on the other pedal. Hut In doing
thisth- re Is a vast quantity of levst en- I^' i-rgy. besides wrenching of the frame^and erank-shafi h.rings. Moat rider*^who ileslre spavtd .house a benl-over^position, with low handle-bars, beta use^ii enables ih m t. use the mun h'f of^the arms for shifting the body weight ,^I eiver wilh Ibi required rapidity, hut^: th. toe ellps contribute to this effect a*^much as th. position and distribution |^of weight, and ii.bis who prefer the '^^ ree-t posttion of the Issly depeml on^thi laa clips for any speed In ex e-ss of^; that which the gear of the machine In^conjunction with the natural pressure^on the pedals bv gravitation would^pre nl in.-. Hut th.s. advantages for^-p. d are general!) acknowledged. F^r^the rest ami com fort that may be ob^^tained bv i hanging one's position, the^majority of riders now depend on hands^off riding at a ^h.w gait, and the oppo^^sition whoh has I.e. n raised against^| this style of ruling seems to be nnnee-^I essary so f^r as ih- safety of the n l r^and others are concerned when a ^ low^gait is really combined with a straight I^tsar OS and *n abee-n.-e of iffort. Thi*^[ the toe clip makes possible through ihe
simpl.f*. i ihat it gives the rider the ,^j ctintrol of tsith feet.
AHns.klvn wosasn who has for *ome
tin*)lectured to la.lies upon the ait of
.v ling snd dre-ss b.i riding, ha* taken
upleaching of hi, v, I, mechanics. She
.has formed rlaaasa, where the con*
istruction of tin principal models of In-
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$25.00Suits for $17.50
Wileand |t!^ck Serge Suits. Kton^Jacket, with facing of Moll^, neat^and effective- with plain skirt.
$18.00Suits for $13.50
KngllshTweed Suits, long jacket^with lly front, silk lined, plain^skirts.
Ladies'Broadcloth Jackets^Separate Skirts and^Dainty Petticoats
$75.00Suit for $50.00
llrownllroadcloth Suit, trimmed^w ith Ian, hroadt'loth and applique^v.lvei Plain skirt lined with^handsome striped silk.
$75.00Suit for $37.50
FancySilk and Wool Mixed^Etamine Hi*it. Won Jacket,^trimmed wlfh Orcen Silk and gold^braid. Plain Skirt lined with Silk.
$30.00Suit for $20.00
Hlueand Purple Serge Suit*.^Jacket with coat back trimmed^with braid and faced with silk.^Skirt wide- and plain.
$12.00Suits for $9.00
StylishHussar Suit, In purple^green and blue, plain skirt.
$10.00Suits for $7.50^$15.00 Suits for $12.00
LongJaeket with fly front lined^with silk, plain sklrtH. These two^epjalltiis are of fine serge, blue,^black and purple.
INj^Shirt Waists
MailOrders to HENNESSY'S, Butte, Moot
LanderFurniture ^ Carpet W
HardwoodSideboard, 14x24^bevel plate glass in top.^Trice
KitchenQueen, oontttins two flour bins,^two drtiwers, two bread boards ; very^useful table for kitchen. Price
SolidOak. finely polished Folding^lied, l'Jx'iH bevel French plate^mirror. Prico
19e. Quartz St., Tuttle Bldg., Butte, Hont.
cycle*I* explained to her sinter rider*^for a oonslderathin. and is said to be^ih'i'iv Ing considerable n v enue from her^vv ork.
laatsajat.^Pram Hm Washington Star.
1msii 1 aaaM tt-ii aaM ika m.m who^bo.1 bi.iii at la* side ^f ins aaaa law
mmiwith l^oth hands and was twisting^blmself tie ge l ;e gislel look at It.
WhatIs tb.lt vein wish vnU could tell^^^usked bis wife
Whethertas gaps lliat are- mi|s .n in^^In this giK.ds are natural gniwth* or^^aaasjnlto pun. tures.
TI.e-irWtrt I aaalmou*.
Aseh.H.I Inspector, rinding a class hes|.^fating ..vcr answering the S^asatSSa
Willisnot weapon etld Samson ^lay the^PMHathMaT' and wishing to prnmnt them^sIcnIHeantty tspped hi* own cheek, and^isMl ^What I* lhi^r-
Th. whole I'liin ln*tantly answered:
TheJaw-bone of an ass.
Iln.ll.-.l.lr Karl*.
I'romthe Cleveland t^-.i.c r
^Theysay thst lister rell In love with^hi* wife at ^r^t *lght
fgue^^ he did Thev met Jn^t after he^had hnlsheel serving hs memls-r ^^t .in^Hiidttlng committee that had lieen ^n-^IHiinted lo examine her father* ac^^counts.
Healthand Pleasure Resort
LargePlunge Baths, Small Plunge Bnths, Private Baths^and Natural Vapor Baths can be had at all hours.
Good1^. m Saturdar. i-i'turning Moti'taj*
C.R. BURKET, Proprietor.
LivingMakers of American History
Thepublishers of Mr. Bryan'* book have mnnufactiiri-d for the yearly subsrrllv^er* of The Standard ^ valuable book entitled. ^Living Maker* of Ame rican Ml*,^lory ^ It 1* a book of portrait* of America ^ moet celebrated men and women.^Each one of th. J.^ portrait* I* enclosed In ^ s.ilmon tinted border, and the blogr...^phy of each one Is the foot-note of en Ii pug.- Th. ot the Invok is llxio ine lie-,^ana pk-ture to the page. Tbe Wheliag I* a iiiperb pie^e of the bookbinder ^ art, with^embossed bevel .-over*. gUt edges. goM and drab end ^heet^. and l^und la fgah-^l.-nable shades, tar, or se* green^you may have your choice. The frontispiece is tl\o^latest and best portrait of William Jennings Bryan. Hi* biography follow*.
Weurge a personal examination of thi* wonderful book. No newspaper an^^nouncement can do It justle-e. ^IJving Maker* of American History t- dlstiihut. |^free to lbs reader* ot Tbe Anaconda Standard who pay one year is advance^U10.a^) for the dally.

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